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10 days ago
Current You remember that movie Monster House? That shit was scary, dog. I've had homophobia ever since.
15 days ago
"I'm definitely going to post today, guys, I swear" And other hilarious jokes you can tell yourself.
17 days ago
Shout out to whoever keeps dropping condoms on the way home from the corner store. My sidewalk has never seen this must action before.
18 days ago
Do you ever just see a person so God damn beautiful that you have to stop for a moment and appreciate evolution for creating this specimen?
19 days ago
My greatest aspiration is to get @'d on someone's profile. That's the peak, really.



'Cos I'm only human, after all, you're only human, after all...

Don't put the blame on me

Personal Info:

Name: Josiah, prefers almost anything else
Aliases: Maxx, Joe, Joey, whatever variant of my Username you prefer- I'm not picky

D.O.B: 4/29/1998
Gender: Male

Demographic: Caucasian Middle American
Education: A High School diploma I coasted through and a masters degree in Googling the shit I don't know, which is most things

Occupation: I'm working on it, Dad.

WARNING: Ugly mug inside, enter at your own peril!

Height: 5'9, ish



Comic Books- Superman, Captain America and Spider-Man in particular, because I'm generic and tacky. Sue me.

Movies - I'm not particularly picky with what I watch, so long as it's good. My favorite being- big surprise- the Dark Knight.

Books - I'll admit that I don't read as much as I used to, but Gaunt's Ghosts still holds a special place in my heart.

Writing - Never been able to sit down and write out an actual novel, so Roleplaying is the next best outlet for what little creativity I have.

Cartoons - The Last Airbender is a masterpiece of fiction, I'm currently watching Darling in the FRANXX, and Young Justice (obviously) is one of my favorite things...ever, really. I love that show to pieces.

Video Games - I'm stuck on League of Legends like crack. I just hit Gold 5 and I gotta say, kinda proud. My Overwatch addiction has subsided somewhat, but I still get the occasional itch to play Reinhardt, the objectively best character in any Shooter. Fight me.

I'll probably update this as I think of more things that I like, I dunno.


Finally, on to the important part!

Time RPing: Almost 8 years now
Level: High Casual to Advanced

Preferences: Flat is justice Science Fiction, Science Fantasy, Superheroes
Availability: Entirely dependent on how good it is and how much sleep I need to survive

Current RPs:

No Turning Back - Surviving The Abyss by @Sep

Battletech: Anabasis by @HeySeuss

Pariah Online: A Voyage into the Intangible Aether by @Inkarnate

Lethe: The Inalienable Dreamless by @Inkarnate

And what matters ain't the, who's baddest but

The ones who stop you fallin' from your ladder, baby

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@PrettyWings Yeup, looks good! Feel free to move Daphne over to the Character Tab.
@PrettyWings Aight, sounds neato.

Speaking of CSes, @Rebirth's character was accepted through PMs earlier after a bit of discussion.
@PrettyWings I like it, but there's a small issue: You stated she's from the Delphian Empire, which is fine; however, the call to action is coming from the King of Dall. So for her to leave the Delphian military to go on an expedition for a rival kingdom is a little strange.
@ShwiggityShwah That's perfectly alright. I've seen your other work, so I wasn't worried at all that you wouldn't be up to snuff or anything like that. You're fine.

Yeah, her being so attuned to nature should make her quite good at scouting ahead.
@ShwiggityShwah I'd be alright with that, yeah. Make that change and you can move her over to the character tabbity-tab.

@PrettyWings I know what cha mean, it can be a pain sometimes lol. If you need any help formatting it you can just PM the sheet to me.

Love the character. However, I would ask for a small amendment to be made. She has a few too many spells at her disposal. Embrace the Earth and Listen to Her Ire in particularly seem a little too strong.
@mercenarius Dialects would be different, but everyone effectively speaks the same tongue. The 'original' reborn humans essentially rebuilt their tongues based on rediscovered artifacts and texts, so the continent was working with the same baseline from the beginning, effectively. There would be some divergence, of course, from region to region.
I think we've got a full enough roster to lock it in, for now. Once we have these last few character sheets in from @ShwiggityShwah@Rebirth and @PrettyWings, we'll kick things off. My goal is to get us started sometime this week.
Just so that everyone’s aware, Athol has chosen to step away before we begin due to personal reasons.
Room for one more? I was thinking about a mage that uses wildly chaotic temporal magic, wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff like that. Limited in that his magic can cause rips in space time or have undesired effects. If that's too crazy I can always make a more generic character, let me know what you think.

While it does sound fun, I’m...afraid that sort of magic might be too powerful for the setting. If you have any other ideas I’d be glad to hear them, however.
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