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12 days ago
Current I’m especially fond of horror games where the ‘fighting back’ mechanics are more based on escaping or outthinking to survive. Like Little Nightmares, for example
12 days ago
Depends what you mean by ‘fight back.’ If it’s a horror game without any real mechanics? Sure. It’s not really a game anymore. But a major aspect of horror is that feeling of helplessness.
12 days ago
I've gotten a few great pick-up lines from ladies in my day. My favorites were "What are you doing in my house?" and "Please don't hurt me." Classics, I tell ya
16 days ago
That period where you've caught up on all of your posts is the worst. I feel invincible. Like I could take on three more RPs. But I'd probably die if I tried that foolishness
1 mo ago
We live in a SOCIETY.





Comic Books- Superman, Captain America and Spider-Man in particular, because I'm generic and tacky. Sue me.

Movies - I'm not particularly picky with what I watch, so long as it's good. My favorite being- big surprise- the Dark Knight.

Books - I'll admit that I don't read as much as I used to, but Gaunt's Ghosts still holds a special place in my heart.

Writing - Never been able to sit down and write out an actual novel, so Roleplaying is the next best outlet for what little creativity I have.

Cartoons - The Last Airbender is a masterpiece of fiction, I'm currently watching Darling in the FRANXX, and Young Justice (obviously) is one of my favorite things...ever, really. I love that show to pieces.

Video Games - I'm stuck on League of Legends like crack. I just hit Gold 5 and I gotta say, kinda proud. My Overwatch addiction has subsided somewhat, but I still get the occasional itch to play Reinhardt, the objectively best character in any Shooter. Fight me.

I'll probably update this as I think of more things that I like, I dunno.


Time RPing: Almost 8 years now
Level: High Casual to Advanced

Preferences: Flat is justice Science Fiction, Science Fantasy, Superheroes
Availability: Entirely dependent on how good it is and how much sleep I need to survive

Current RPs:

No Turning Back - Surviving The Abyss by @Sep

Battletech: Anabasis by @HeySeuss

Pariah Online: A Voyage into the Intangible Aether by @Inkarnate

Sticks and Stones by me!

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<Snipped quote by Byrd Man>

Thank you. The only response to anyone bringing up Missouri

I've always been a fan of letting Kansas annex it.

Give us back our city God damn it.
I don't think Canada or Neptune would want to get anywhere near Missouri, really. Not that I blame them.
@Lord Wraith Excellent. Think I'm already starting to cook something up, then.
Ahhh. Galactus. That's cheating. No other word for it.

I haven't gotten the chance to go through everything, but I haven't seen any mention of the Blue Beetle yet. Anybody got plans for Jaime and the gang, or are they open for business?
@Asura LilyGasm
<Snipped quote by Sep>


S...Sure. No kryptonite here.

Well I'm convinced. The man said there's no kryptonite, so's there's no kryptonite- that's how this works, right?

There's a hell of a lot of posts to read here- not that I'm not looking forward to it- but I don't know if I'll be able to commit without getting a full grasp on what's going on. Whole lot of moving parts here it looks like, and finding my own lil' place might be difficult. Lot of the characters I'd normally gravitate towards are already being used too. But, y'know, I'll keep an eye out.
Nice. Lemme know if there's any extra tidbits you need to know.

We are officially open for business.

Gobonauts: Invisible Invasion

"W-what do you mean you don't see them?! They're RIGHT in front of you, mom!"
Young denizen of Bison, Ohio moments before his demise

Summer break has dawned for the you and the other kids of sleepy little Bison, Ohio. It brings with it freedom from the crushing anxiety of school, endless relaxation in the town's (only) public pool, half-off sodas at the gas station and...


Unseen things, lurking just in the corner of your vision. You'd swear you saw something, yet when you turned to look, nothing was truly amiss. But you knew.

You knew something was there.

The adults don't see it. Your parents look at you like you're out of your mind. So you tried to shake it off- tried to keep it to yourself.

It kept happening. In fact, the sightings were getting worse and worse. You caught sight of more than just shapes. Full limbs, sickly green skin, and those horrific, beady eyes...

You're going crazy. Hallucinating. There was no other explanation for it, right? That was what you thought, until you finally let it slip to a friend-

And they told you they were seeing the same things as you.

The Setting

Inspired by such works as Stranger Things, Stephen King's IT, and Super 8.

OOC Information

Da Rules:

Listen. I know that we're all busy people here, and that we've all got a lot to do and that this whole website's just a hobby. I fully understand when people drop out, or when they can't make time to post for whatever reason. I do all that same stuff too. However.

I've found that a lot of feet dragging and time wasting kills RPs, to put it plainly. So I'll be experimenting with a little more stringent a posting schedule than I tend to see kicked around. I'd like everyone to make time for at the very least a single post per week. It doesn't have to be long. If you shoot for two paragraphs and show me that you're putting in an effort, than that's more than enough. But I would very much like to see an RP that doesn't stutter out and die because of inactivity.

On top of that, I'd ask that your posts contain high school level spelling, grammar and structure. I don't need (or even necessarily want) essays, but there needs to be enough in your posts for other people to work off of. Like I said, two paragraphs or more is just fine.

Finally, I would ask that, above all else, you're respectful to everyone involved. It shouldn't have to be said that this is a game. It's meant to be fun! But being an asshat isn't fun; especially for everyone else. If your behavior is found to be grossly rude, then I apologize, but I don't want you here.

If you're committed to the above clauses, welcome aboard! I'm looking for as many recruits for the cause as I can get. The more the merrier. If you have any questions, fill free to ask, though I'm going to try and shy away from revealing too much about the fantasy aspects of the story. Hopefully you'll be diving in with roughly the same amount of information as your characters.

The Character Sheet:

Character Name

Character Quote

Full Name: First, middle, last.
Nickname: If applicable.
Age: Between twelve and seventeen is preferred, may allow under twelve if your CS is very convincing.

Gender: Self explanatory.
Place of Birth: Were you born right here in Bison? Or did some poor soul get dragged here by the cuff of their shirt?

Strengths: Personal skills, physical attributes, or inherent traits. List what's important.

Weaknesses: Fears, physical drawbacks, vices. A perfect character is a boring one.

Belongings: Things they own that are, again, important in some way. Could be anything from a good luck charm to their new car.

Relationships: Bison is a small town, and most of you almost certainly go to the same school. It wouldn't be a stretch for everyone to know each other. I encourage prospective players to reach out to one another. Rivalries, friendships, potential crushes- you can't have a good story without 'em!

Fun Fact: When the teacher tells everyone to give one 'fun fact' about themselves, what fun fact does your character give?

Introduction: Let us meet your character. Outline either an important event in their life or simply a day in the life that let's us get to know them. Think of it like an IC post meant to give your fellow players an idea of who this person is, what their personality is like, and what their place in Bison is. A sample post. Length should be adequate for me to get a good idea of what your usual 'level' is.
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