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I'll update my post. Didn't see it till now.

And it is updated.
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The Nikolaev Sisters were identical triplets kidnapped to study the differences in mutations in those with seemingly identical DNA. They loved to mess with their captors pretending to be one of the others.

Nadusha didn't agree with her sisters about not using their powers for personal gain. She wanted to make this Dr. Gallitard hurt, but they were right if they didn't know what their powers were the easier it would be to escape once they were free they would burn this place to the ground.

Nikita she always found it odd that as identical triplets one of them had the ability to replicate herself. She's used her ability on multiple occasions. She's filled in for her sisters at their jobs when they wanted an extra day off. She even had one replicant go to work while she went to college.

Natascha wasn't really interested in her power the constructs never lasted so she never really saw the use. Literally the only time she found a good use for it was when some drunk moron decided he was going to force himself on her, she used her power to create a knife to threaten his jewels with it.

Dr. Galliard walked into, truthfully he didn't know which one of the sisters. "Miss Nikolaev...." Nikita interrupted him. "I'm Natascha Dr....Dr. Gallitard, Dr. Galliturd, I know it's something like that. What sick perverse pleasure will you inflict on me today in a vain attempt to convince me to do what you want? I must ask you one question. Did you ever hear of Einstein's definition of insanity? I am thinking you haven't you keep torturing us to make us do what you want but we keep refusing. So I must question your sanity. Clearly you need to see a psychotherapist. I recommend seeing a psychiatrist instead of a psychologist, because the former can prescribe the good stuff, while the latter just talks and gives you bullshit tests like the Rorschach test."
In Unmissed 20 hrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
I don't think Dr. Galliard wants Nadusha to demonstrate her powers, she'll make him experience pain like he's never felt before.

Dr. Galliard is spelled wrong by mistake at first. Decided to make a thing out of it.
If it is casual, I'd be interested

@FalkiThomas you need to read it again. Zack and the other guy fell through because one of those link heads sword damaged the ceiling above which caused it to collapse which caused the floor to collapse into the shower area.
Granted except your cabinet is now encased in cement.

I wish for toast made from fresh soda bread.

"You didn't mean any harm? You just nearly dropped all that on both our heads. If I hadn't pushed the both of us out of the way you could have killed us both. Whatever you two meat heads were doing up there you better quit it. A real man unlike you cucco brains would have apologized for nearly killing us. A real man unlike you cucco brains would have realized that you interrupted something special and would have excused yourselves immediately." She put her hand on her sword. "Now get out!"
Never done it. Seen it around for as long as I can remember. Don't really have an opinion on it.

Can't say I never done it, cause I don't remember. But the rest is spot on for me.
@Lightning @Burning Kitty If you peeps are planning to have Cloud wake Raven up, I'll just move this along after a response from Zack.

I can have Cloud do it, not sure what @Lightning is planning.
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