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Current 9/11 Never forget
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Justice is like an orgasm. It can never come to late.
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A super powered individual who doesn't fight against super villains is a super villain.
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I think I was in this one last time it was tried

I was right. Found the old thread and my old character.

I think I was in this one last time it was tried
Updated the Parris Security picture…

Also I doubt I need to say it, but buildings are not to scale. Buildings maybe bigger or smaller than they appear.
So pretty much a person who acted negligently and got someone infected would be guilty of manslaughter in this case.

Also if a person were to be stabbed to death in the chest, would they turn like in The Walking Dead or would they have to be infected by a zombie?
My plan is random security contractor gets bitten because of someone’s negligence so the negligent one must face Parris Justice.
If a person is bitten on the hand would chopping it off save their life?
<Snipped quote by Burning Kitty>

I love it :)

You can guess from the lab's name what others say about Kate behind her back. The old bitchy entitled pricks who used to be rich started it is my guess.

In an upcoming post I plan on showcasing Parris Security's justice system.
@Raylah Kate's Mad Science Lab is some people's nickname for it.

Like Skyscrapper is the nickname for Parris Securities, LLC company headquarters.
Created a layout for Parris Security in MS Paint. Whether or not it's geographically accurate is another story.…

If a building is not colored in it has no set use at the moment. If that changes it will be updated.
Found this semi-relevant
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