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I'm still here, lurking like a creature in the shadows. ;)

RUN!!!!!! SHADOW CREATURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Johnny Twelvedicks, Master of Reality
I want to know the story behind that.


You must be over 18!
How do you plan to enforce that?

Want to use this, but can't for the life of me think of anything.
Lol at least the drinks are diet? :)
I prefer the taste of diet. Don't care about them being diet.
I was interested until the dice. If I wanted to play with dice I play craps.

Also if it is a year into the zombie apocalypse no character should have just their fists as weapons. Any character that survived that long has a weapon.

A year in anyone stuck in the middle of a city as big as DC is not very intelligent, Cities=Death.
Name: Callie Khatri

Age: 36

Gender: Female

Personality: She is a tough, tomboyish woman known for being strong-willed, stubborn and rebellious. She is not afraid to speak her mind and often displays a no-nonsense attitude. Because of this, she tends to come off as opinionated, brash, and quick-tempered; regardless, she keeps a level-headed demeanor in the presence of superior officers and is a highly disciplined model soldier.

Despite her prickly and aggressive nature, she does have a softer, playful, more compassionate side and is a generally nurturing and protective person. She cares deeply about her family name, ever since she was a child she wanted to honor her father and grandfather by carrying over the tradition by joining the military to uphold her family's legacy.

She at first does not seem to trust aliens as Earth's allies and believes that humanity should trust their own. Because of this, she tends to play the cynic role, naturally distrusting politicians and their compromises.

History: Callie was born & raised on a military ship. She spent her entire life in the military. She never saw the Earth, she doubts it ever existed. Earth sounds way too good to be true and as she was always told if it sounds too good to be true it isn’t true. She officially joined the military when she was legally allowed to but she was serving unofficially long before that. She was leading her squad of marines on an expedition on an alien planet looking for whatever eggheads told command they needed or wanted. They came under attack by some massive alien fauna. Her body was mutilated beyond medical help. She would have died but some egghead mad scientist downloaded her consciousness into a robot body he designed.

When she woke up, she couldn’t feel anything at all. The mad scientist thought by putting a person’s consciousness into a robot he could purge everything that made them imperfect creating the perfect specimen, the next evolutionary leap. He was wrong, oh so very disastrously wrong. She became enraged, she unleashed her rage. Her rampage destroyed the ship she was on. It wasn’t until she was floating in space fighting and getting nowhere she drained her battery. When she woke again the mad scientist was on trial and she was awaiting trial and a psych evaluation.

After months of psychological evaluation she was deemed competent to stand trial. She was found guilty and placed in a special cell. Eventually a special restraining device was affixed to her chassis to restrict her movements to a limited set preprogrammed and forced her to respond to anyone with the remote.

Skills: Expert marksman, Black Belt in Marine Corps Martial Arts Program

Weaknesses: Cannot feel damage taken

Call Sign: Kali

Rank Before Discharge: Lieutenant Commander



Works in Chrome.

Might be one of the latest Firefox update or one of the many extensions, addons, whatever they are called.

Seems to be working fine now in Firefox.
The dropbox with the options to move PMs doesn't work.
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