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Current Damn you Arrow writers. Damn you all to Hell.
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First H.R. now Barry. Damn you Flash writers.
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Today had an uncle die of a heart attack & a cousin hang himself.


If a RP goes 7 days without an IC post, I drop it without notice.

If a RP without an IC goes 7 days without an OOC post, I drop it without notice.

I create my CS in Word, so I don't use code in my CS. If your CS template does I will ignore it. If you tell me I have to use it or I can't participate then I won't participate.

I will never use [img] for pics. I you want to see it click the link, there is absolutely no reason it has to load every single time.

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@Burning Kitty Will we be using the skill kyutama as well?
Not all of them. Like the one that summons a very large fish for Yellow to cook, that won't be used. Unless someone can figure out a better use for it.

Forgot to mention this:

Anyone who has access to a set of Powers when they are recruited by Billy retain their powers but they are not as strong as the ones they are getting.

In my post introducing Tom when he gives Kat some of his power, he means like this this but on the Pink Ranger.

The Machine Empire Generals are the ones from Forever Red.

I'm looking into a cloud based storage system where I can upload files that list all the Megazord combos, list of equipment/gear, and other stuff, it will be in excel format. Any suggestions. I have a One Drive for my personal stuff but I only know how to access that from my the apps on my phone, tablet, and PC. I don't know how to give you guys access or how to limit it so you can't see the other stuff there.
The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers were on a distant planet securing an ancient mystical artifact Zordon wasn't to clear on the specifics all they knew was that it held the power to defeat the Machine Empire.

Jason, Billy, Zack, Trini, Kat, & Tom were neck deep in Cogs. Tom with the power of the Green and White Ranger was doing the most damage, but he couldn't do it alone he siphoned off some of the power to Kat to give her Power Bow more strength and give her more protection.

They were about to be overrun by the Cogs and their five bug themed generals, when suddenly several blasts massive fire balls significantly thinned them out. Tom was leery about the new comer because whoever it was riding on something that looked an awful lot like Serpentera. "Jason take everyone and get the Zeo. I will handle this with our new ally." Tom took back the power from Kat. The five original Rangers ran to the abandoned citadel.

A purple Power Ranger leapt from the belly of the beast and joined Tom. "Interesting." Was all the new Ranger said. They fought and defeated the Machine Empire generals.

"Tom I know you want to stay and help your friends, but you are needed to defend not only your Earth, this universe, but the every possible universe in existence from a threat far greater than any Power Ranger in the entire multiverse has ever seen. You will become the Orange Ranger." Before Tom could respond to the Purple Ranger his friends came back as the Zeo Rangers. "Tom we came back as...." Kat stopped when they realized they weren't needed. "Tom we scoured the place but there were only five crystals." Tom knew what that meant his powers were not strong enough to fight against the Machine Empire. "I am going with our friend" Before Tom could finish his sentence Wes interrupted. "He has been selected to join an elite team of Rangers fighting a threat greater than your Machine Empire." Wes opened up the dragon mouth on his staff and placed his transformation globe into it. He walked up to Tom and closed the mouth. The globe expanded to surround them both and they were taken back to their base.
Tatiana snickered ever so slightly at the loud mouth who was silenced by the announcement. Sometimes it was good to be on a team, a team that might get her killed but not everything is perfect, just as long as her death came after that traitor Blade's. In the halls she was walking ahead of Shawn. His suggested name for the team was absolutely atrocious, so atrocious she was afraid his blood might be tainted with some god awful curse that would turn her into the kind of idiot who suggested X-tras. "No." She flatly stated and kept on going. "I wonder if this has anything to do with that lady I saw in Xavier's study earlier." She wasn't talking to Shawn she was thinking out loud. She was trying to forget Mister X-Tra was near her.

Rosemary was still asleep she rolled over on to her side wrapping her arm right arm around a tree root like it was a stuffed sleeping companion.
Shawn has a new nickname now, Tatiana doesn't consider it flattering. He just doesn't know it yet.
I think I know who the Prince is now. It seems kinda obvious now with the hint KL/492 gave.

You have to tell us now. *Pokes & prods*
Guardian had just begun the scale the warehouse he set on fire to get to his car when the Venom started to wear off. He thought it would have lasted longer, he figured it was due to the Guardian Serum, it prevents him from getting drunk and other poisons are rendered virtually useless. Then he began to lose feelings in his legs. "Oh shit." The Guardian Serum must burn out faster when fighting the likes of Venom. He dropped the Guardian Suit then himself to the ground while he still had control of his legs. The Guardian Suit he dropped first he opened it up and lined up his forearm with the injector built into the suit. He didn't know why but it was very important he not inject himself to early, something to do with total organ failure or something he didn't really listen he just knew it would kill him. They tested it down to the millisecond, he learned to time it based on the way his body felt.

A discarded gun was laying nearby he grabbed it with his free hand just in case one of Bane's goons came by. He didn't need the gun, he injected himself as soon as he could no longer feel his legs at all. Once the Guardian Serum took full effect he put the Guardian Suit back on. "OW tell the boss lady that while Venom has its uses for Guardian, that the Guardian Serum wears off faster because of the Venom. It is one of those open in case of extreme emergency type of situations. How has your research into possible Bane locations coming? To many active criminal elements to narrow it down? Fucking Gotham. He is luchadore, or at least the pictures of his mask makes him look like one. Luchadores are wrestlers, research the history of each one and find any with a wrestling background."
@pyroman They are not on the Lightspeed Aquabase. They are a branch of Time Force for the universe my Wes comes from. Dana the Commander of the Lightspeed Aquabase demanded all multiverse travel be cut off permanently. Billy would not sit by and let the multiverse get destroyed waiting for their time. He left taking the ability to travel through the multiverse with him. He set up shop at a version of Time Force and is using their resources to start the Multiverse War.

Everyone there is no posting order, the names listed in the opening post are just the names of all the people in order of how they are listed on the character tab except for Wes sense he was the first "recruit".
@Burning Kitty I could use some help, yeah

Your version of TJ doesn't have to be gay FYI. Write up your post and shoot it to me via PM and I'll add to it as necessary. Start off with whatever your character would be doing when Billy drops in.
Now I feel like i should post my CS too...

From what I understand the GM is deciding this weekend who joins the Titans before the main thread starts. So to be considered you have to post your CS.
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