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@ClocktowerEchos Good thing the Creed has replicators or your ship might have to wait a while to get that many holocrew members up and running.
The Creed picked up the strange message from the Oath of Sal-something or another. They couldn't quite unscramble the gobbledygook that came through their side, they got the gist. They attempted to send a message back.

I am Captain Frye of the USS Creed from the United Federation of Planets. We can attempt to help and provide any assistance. If any of your people are in need of emergency medical attention we will be glad to have our doctors take care of them. If you will transmit your exact location and a list of damaged systems I will be glad to transport over a engineers, doctors, & any supplies necessary.

While waiting for the reply from the Oath. "Auditore you said you could rig up a portable holoemitter to a Hazard suit, correct?" Auditore responded affirmatively. "Get busy. I want at least ten engineers & ten doctors ready to go over at a moments notice." Auditore grumbled and got to work. "Computer have you ever heard of a God-Imp?"
Could go with New Breed Police Department (or whatever they call it in Jolly ole England)
Haven't finished reading it yet, will just had to make one observation.

London Hero Alliance (LHA) is worded wrong imo. It should be called Hero Alliance of London (HAL).

Just my
I'm interested. Characters that currently can't appear in the MCU, (i.e. Deadpool, X-23, Wolverine, Legion) are they allowed?
Also, @Burning Kitty, you can't really say that when you haven't even posted either
With absolute certainty I know I can say that. With absolute certainty I know I have more of a right to say that than you do.

For 8 days I was the only one who wasn't the GM to post.
For 8 days I waited for the GM to approve my character.
For 8 days I was the only person who showed any interest in this.

You and the GM completely ignored it. I've been busy at times but I always manage to find at least five minutes every day to at least look to see if there is replies, doesn't mean I actually look at the replies. Toilet + phone = time to check. Lunch/Break at work + phone = time to check. Stuck in traffic + phone = time to check.

If you can legitimately show me what I could have posted that would have made this thing not be DOA and made you & the GM post, I'll be glad to take your advice. I seriously doubt it but I am open to the super remote possibility that you might the snowball that survives the heat of hell.
Leomon knew that if he dodged Lightning Spear it might hit the Kudamon. He also knew that his flesh, tempered well by daily training, can endure any attack. So he rushed into the attack, he stumbled but kept going. Once he was close enough he raised his sword to strike the Maildramon’s neck.
The crew of the Creed were scanning every vessel and breaking them down from the least to most threatening to complete unknown. They were watching the interactions of the various ships and picking up transmissions. Captain Frye was not happy. “Just frakkin great. Looks like time travel is involved. Now I am going to have to deal with an investigation.” She opens her internal coms to the others on the ship. “You heard the same conversations we picked up. We clearly have two ships from the same place but not the same time. No telling how many other ships out there are from the same place so be prepared for hostile actions because two enemies found themselves together and are not intelligent enough to put their differences aside long enough to get back home. Just in case someone is advanced enough to get past our shields I am increasing the security holograms on the ship. They will be armed with enhanced compression rifles and assault rifles. For the non-holographic crew put on your Hazard suit. Consider it mandatory at all times now.” She switched to speaking with the reporters. “Until further notice you can go anywhere on the ship that you could before this, certain areas are still off limits for safety and security, the bridges of the Alpha, Beta, & Gamma have been added as off limits for the time being. As you know we find ourselves in...” She stops to think for a moment. “To be perfectly honest, we have no clue where we are, possibly even when. There are a lot of ships out there the Federation has no records of. We do know that at least two of the ships are from the same location but not the same time period. As a result of that we do not know if anyone out there has the ability to get through our shields. So I have increased the number of security holograms. They all know you are to be protected they will not bother you. I will keep you informed as time and circumstances allow.”
@Flamelord Don’t ask my starfleet chars they will fight you for being oppressive.
Don’t ask my dead space characters they will unitolgy (or whatever it is called I know it is similar to that) then they will stop nothing short of absolute dismemberment, saving the head for last.
I don’t do turn orders. Every game I been that had that was murdered by that. IF this game has it I will destroy the Creed with a warp core explosion.
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