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Current Got Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition today
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I will never join you on Discord. That shit belongs in the OOC.

If a RP goes 7 days without an IC post, I drop it without notice.

If a RP without an IC goes 7 days without an OOC post, I drop it without notice.

I create my CS in Word, so I don't use code in my CS. If your CS template does I will ignore it. If you tell me I have to use it or I can't participate then I won't participate.

I will never use [img] for pics. If you want to see it click the link, there is absolutely no reason it has to load every single time.

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@Mystery Bard Please see your PM
I am somewhat interested, maybe with a more defined plot.

I concur.
I'd be down.

No clue who/what I might play. Not real familiar with the cosmic side beyond the Guardians move and tv show.
Useful? Yes. Life saviors? Yes. Cool? Nah.
"Your wife thought the Sith defended the people?" Harma breaks out in laughter. "I haven't had much experience with Sith, my time with the Order dealt mostly with Mando & slaver scum. What little experience I had with Sith showed absolutely no inclination for defending anything unless you count doing whatever it takes to maintain whatever power they hold. As for people, they are nothing more than pawns, chattel, and cannon fodder to the Sith. Your wife is either the most convincing conartist or the least Sith Sith to ever exist. Either way I'm going to make you one promise if I see any sign of Sith activity no matter how small I am going to look at the two of you as the source." She sent Tee off to familiarize itself with the ship.
They are evil after all.
Also me:


Harma wasn't really interested in what the recruiter was saying. She was to busy checking out her new toy. The droid started beeping. "Sith?" She looked up at him. "What the fuck was that about Sith? I am so not getting into bed with those goddessless bastards." She gripped her lightsabers tighter.


Harma had Tee pilot the ship to the salvage site. "Tee keep an optic out for Kath, Kinrath, possibly the Iriaz, and anything else, basically if isn't a sapient creature kill it. If you see one shoot. No warning shots. I want those things dead." She changed into the Mandalorian armor she stole when she escaped from her captors. She had it repainted to suit her style. She hooked her lightsabers to her belt. She exited the ship.
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