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2 mos ago
Current Fuck you Amazon. You just lost my money. Gamestop found it.
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2 mos ago
That poor brachio in Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom.
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2 mos ago
9/11 Never forget
2 mos ago
Justice is like an orgasm. It can never come to late.
4 mos ago
A super powered individual who doesn't fight against super villains is a super villain.
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Updated my sheet.

Powers, appearance, and answers that were based on powers.
@RumikoOhara What does Api mean by deflect Temperance?
<Snipped quote by Burning Kitty>

Angie would steal your eyes if you weren't looking and she thought they had value

They donโ€™t have value. They are crap like the rest of my human body.
<Snipped quote by ShieldsOfWar>

Got bored with nothing to do and wondered what kind of female I could make so I made a Bad girl in reform

Its what I do to amuse myself

Bad girl ๐Ÿ‘…
@Draven playing with ๐Ÿ”ฅ inside? I thought he was better than that. Looks like his momma needs a call.

@webboysurf No table is worth it. Unless it is made of gold and you are selling it to pay for (insert someone super important to your life) medical treatments to save their life.
<Snipped quote by Burning Kitty>

"Wow, the left one is noticeably bigger than the right one."

~Joseph's final words.

"I did get special implant in that one." Gun comes out and shoots Joseph.
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