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Current The Force has Awoken The Last Jedi. They were not sleeping. Excellent movie.
6 mos ago
Coruscant Sacked: Aftermath — Feena plotline is now live after a long wait. Oh, and its incidentally open for new players.
8 mos ago
The Force is with us.
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Peace is a lie, there is only passion. Through passion, we gain strength. Through strength, we gain power. Through power, we will win. Through victory, our chains are broken. The Force shall free us.
1 yr ago
Coruscant Sacked: Aftermath. Its back!


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quite a lot of difference between fudging rolls and changing stats on the fly to "balance" out a single player. Sounds quite a lot like the guy misunderstood the role of the DM. The fact that he kept using the same stuff after agreeing not to do it, proves that he wasn't (at least at the time) capable of being a good DM.

so, do any of you have any good stories with cursed items?

We've distributed a few... Not that the players have truly noticed them all yet.
- a helm that grants +1 AC vs. nonmagical piercing/slashing/bludgeoning, and darth-vader style breathing.
- a set of monkish handwraps that replaced gender and race
- a tunic that grants +9 max HP and a bardic die, but makes one always hear own heartbeat.
- a Loadstone. A small, really heavy stone that people don't willingly want to put down.
- a Mantle that lets the wearer hear Myrkul at times. (one of the numerous gods of death over the years)
Not all players are interested in going beyond diablo-style monster slaughter for their roleplaying. We suggest finding out whether they actually want to go more in character before you force it on them, @Crowvette.
We didn't even have to use the 1/day suggestion spell to convince him. Or to roll anything for that matter.
ah yes. Our rogue, a Yuan-ti Pureblood, was somewhat lacking in funds to buy rations. She suggested to one of the others (who had plenty of gold) to buy extra rations. Then she'll be regularly "borrowing" rations from him. Why bother carrying the foodstuffs herself, when another can do it for her?

Gotta love rogues, right?
If we had had time to spare, we would've followed up on an idea from a few months back when someone contacted us about establishing a Star Wars persistent world. But alas we don't have the spare time to plan anything like that.

If such were to be started, we at least would've wanted it to be locked to star wars only. Initially locked to only one time period in that universe. We'd suggest something long before the movies, as that means one can avoid all the pesky issues that come together with canon characters.
at least once when she rolled with disadvantage:
die #1: 20.
die #2: 1.

even worse for her luck? As a fighter, she's got improved critical, so she should get critical hits on 19 and 20.

In the campaign that character is in, we're not DM, so it is not our decision.

We do hope the DM lets her get transformed at least mostly back to human, though.
one of our fellow players in an evil campaign has had really terrible luck with her dice...

the only times she's rolled 20 on any die is on disadvantage (where it is negated) or when it is not a good thing to roll a 20, like a constitution save vs. drinking large amounts of feywild magical alcohol.


Now you've met ones who do like them. and use them.
That's what the Zeroth posts are for, @SmileyJaws.

GMs and CoGMs can edit those.
Our impression of it, is that it is trying (and failing) to bite off too much at once. That it would be better to start up a single persistent world in a single setting and RP type, be it sci-fi, fantasy or whatever, rather than trying to establish a persistent world for all settings at once.

that opinion was in part formed before it even got started, but unfortunately it hasn't been disproven.

Rather than having "fantasy planet" "superhero planet" "sci-fi planet" "tentacle love planet" and so on, we'd suggest going for just one of those, let that grow up properly before even considering to add anything else.

Which setting to start it with should be decided by the community to a certain degree.

Even with such, there's a major consideration to make... Should it be in a setting with vast amounts of pre-established lore (like Star Wars or Lord of the Rings) or should it be original?

The former comes with baggage of varying lore quality, but the latter comes with the cost of having to define everything.

You need to put in a lot of work for any level of persistent worlds, and you need to let it decompose a bit in the making before you refurbish it to make it work. We certainly needed that for our star wars RP (it's on its third iteration, with more lore for each successive iteration.). And that RP doesn't even count as truly being a persistent world.
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