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We find that our favorite damage type is collateral.
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We do not corrupt mortals. We teach them enlightened self-interest.
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Peace is a lie. There is only passion (for cookies).
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"It's like grandma used to say... If at first you don't succeed, try a larger thermonuclear detonation."


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At launch, Sith Lords and above are unavailable, as are Jedi Masters and others of comparable or higher power levels. Characters will need to grow into such ranks over time.

You might be worried that the Guild Persistent Galaxy is dead just because it is silent here. Well, that's because almost all the discussion is being done on discord, and your (more or less) friendly GM team is busy building the frameworks in (relative) peace and quiet.

If you want in on the action, come to the discord.

The GMs of the Persistent Galaxy
for launch date, we'll pull a card we got from CDproject RED:
We at least prefer to spend the time available to work on this with working on it, rather than throwing out updates in four different channels about progress.

If you want to get ideas about progress, come to the discord and ask, don't assume that there's nothing because you can't see it.
We don't mind sharing the level of progression on things, even if we're not releasing any components until all the components are ready.

@Bea Did you just join the guild discord or the discord for the Persistent Galaxy too? We can't see you on the user list for the latter.
link to the second is found here:
Excellent. Feel free to just jump into any discussion you see there, or start your own.

The key functionality difference between a lightsaber and a "regular" sword, other than the blade cutting omnidirectionally and such, is that a lightsaber's weight is all in the hilt. the blade has no mass, meaning that it can be spun around far more rapidly.

Force-users typically have a very slight sense of precognition, so normal people going up against a trained force-user will generally be at a significant disadvantage in a lightsaber duel. Not always, but generally. A wielder doesn't have to be Jedi/Sith, but not being one would generally mean constantly fighting an uphill battle.

As for definitely or not saying when they were invented, we'll put a quote of the article about these weapons below.
A lightsaber pistol was a type of lightsaber hilt designed by Force-sensitives seeking to conceal their Jedi heritage during the early rebellion against the Galactic Empire.

While the Jedi Order generally had no use for blasters, Force-users during the reign of the Galactic Empire often needed to conceal their relationship with the Force, and could not rely on using their lightsabers openly. Through customization, a second emitter could be added to the hilt that would release the weapon's energy as a projectile similar to a blaster bolt. Because the energy released was not encased within the focusing field that shaped the blade of a lightsaber, the bolts fired from the pistol hilt weakened rapidly as its coherence declined. These short-range stun bolts still caused some shock, but were not as effective as a blaster or lightsaber blade.
Wookieepedia, on Lightsaber pistols

It doesn't say that they've never been invented before, but it implies it. Which is why anyone desiring one needs to explain really well why their character has one (rule of cool won't suffice), rather than it outright being banned.

Anyways, we think most everything about this has been stated. A lot of the same arguments appear to bounce back and forth.
The tech ain't banned, but it is restricted (requiring justification to the GMs to be allowed).

Much of the same can be said about other highly unusual pieces of technology. If you know or think it is something that is anything but mainstream and might/will affect power level of characters, as the GMs.

Oh, this sparked more discussion than we expected.

We're not banning lightsaber/blaster hybrids outright (though we personally dislike the idea in this era).

We are however, as some interpreted above, requiring anyone who desired it to thoroughly explain how their character's invention of it came to pass, with good reasoning for why in a way that fits the Pseudo-Canon period.
Because Jedi are not in hiding currently, the excuse that fit for Ezra in Rebels Will not work here. Another might, but it needs to be well thought out and explained. Including how it will fit into the character's tactics.

Feel free to drop by the discord at any time for discussion.
we're saying that the design was developed in the early years of the Galactic Empire, designed for the express purpose of allowing Jedi to conceal their lightsabers from notice by imperial forces. It was designed by a Jedi padawan who had no traditional training, leaving him to invent his own solutions.

While it is technically possible for someone to have thought of a similar idea in the past, the design in Rebels was an inferior blaster attached to a lightsaber, in an era where weapons in general had far more advanced designs than in this era.
Among lightsaber designs, 99.99% of users used either standard hilt, curved hilt or a saberstaff. Variant hilts that were not one of those three were extremely rare occurrences. Even Jedi (or Sith) who used both lightsabers and ranged weapons of some form were exceedingly rare. Jedi (or Sith) using non-standard lightsaber with a built-in blaster of some sort would be even rarer than that.
Such weapon would typically have very few shots or low effective output, increased weight of the lightsaber significantly and reduce its versatility significantly.

Thus the odds of anyone having such a specific variant of their primary weapon in this era are astronomical. Anyone applying with such would have extremely good reasoning for it to be approved.
Considering that the setting is not centered around the early years of palpatines galactic empire, such weapons are not relevant or even seen as concepts. Sorry, @Phlegm.

Jedi in the era this persistent Galaxy starts are not in hiding.
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