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Current Peace is a Lie, there is only Passion. Through Passion, I gain Strength. Through Strength, I gain Power. Through Power, I gain Victory. Through Victory, My Chains are Broken. The Force Shall Free Me.
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"Never was, never will be."
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We find that our favorite damage type is collateral.
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We do not corrupt mortals. We teach them enlightened self-interest.
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Peace is a lie. There is only passion (for cookies).


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We'll not start a back-and-forth discussion with another GM here.
Power growth in the Empire is a slow process, even with the assistance of those more powerful. It is quicker than in the Jedi Order, but it is still a slow process.

If you have any questions about our criticism, @Jorick, don't hesitate to ask us. We're more than willing to help. There were, as mentioned, many parts of your sheet we liked and we see great potential in it.
Here's an initial review.

Unusual to see a Mirialan high-level Sith. Interesting.

We had to look up some comparative materials to give a proper review of the section on the Force. The initial impression, however, was “that’s a lot of known techniques.

The description for mastery of a talent reads as follows:
There is little more to be known about the technique. Not only does the user have intimate knowledge and understanding of this, but he or she knows practically every use and exactly how to teach most others.
There are hardly any who reach this level of skill.
Guide to the Force, on talent mastery

Additionally, the relevant part of the description for a regular master (no innate talent) reads as follows:
This level of skill is such that few ever reach it, as it requires several decades of dedicated study and practice to attain, as well as study of more esoteric and rare sources of knowledge.
Guide to the Force, on Learned Mastery

With that in mind, we can continue. Your character hasn’t only mastered an innate talent, which would be impressive on its own for someone of his age, but he has mastered five innate talents. And he has reached the well-trained talent level for another five, and advanced training on five more.
Usually takes at least a decade with a teacher who has mastered it to reach this level, if it is ever reached.
Guide to the Force, on advanced talents

So, even ignoring the other abilities, he has spent five decades studying the advanced techniques, at least as much again studying to become well-trained with five talents, and he’s spent the equivalent of a century or more to master five talents. All before reaching the age of fifty.
Considering that he is part of the Sphere of Military Offense, his level of studies doesn’t make sense. If he spent every waking moment of his life, both in his academy years and afterwards, he would not reach these levels of skill in that many fields. Innately talented masters are extremely rare individuals. The difference between a “regular” mastery and an “innate” mastery is that the latter goes several steps further, studying every single nuance of it. It is highly unlikely that there is anything that can be done with a technique that an innate master cannot do.
For comparison, Darth Theya Katherion, who has spent decades in exploring the nuances of the Force and the Dark Side, has mastered telekinesis and one or two closely linked sub-branches. While we haven’t defined whether it was an innate talent or not (we should fix things like that), the feeling we have of her is that it is not an innate talent. Darth Theya has about 120 years of life more than Darth Embrus, yet she is clearly vastly less powerful in the Force than you’ve made Embrus. See the issue.
We also compared with another character built in the same era and using much of the same material (Sundered Echo’s Darth Nyiss), and she was, with her lower age (59-65) even weaker, even though she too is older than Embrus.
By the age he is at, if he’s spent especially much of his time using that, perhaps in battle considering his Primary Sphere of Influence, he could perhaps have reached mastery in one technique, with near-mastery in something closely related.

Remember, creating a Darth is not just about pumping in power and skill in all sorts of fields until you have something that can defeat pretty much anything else. It is creating a character with a complete story, with everything built around it. While darths generally do have a “favorite” field, in order to deserve the rank the Sith in question has to have a wide-reaching power base, so that they can be sure that others will not easily outmaneuver them.
As described in the Sith Guide, there are a number of requirements for the Dark Council to grant someone the rank of Darth. While not all must be present, some are mandatory and most must be present.
  • The Dark Council must see the need for a new Darth.
  • The prospective Darth must have a vast power base, with influence at the highest levels of the Empire.
  • Good relations with at least one member of the Dark Council
  • No enemies on the Dark Council
  • The Sith’s numerous underlings should include some that help balance out most of the prospective Darth’s major flaws
  • He or she must have sufficient prominence in the Empire to be of use to the Dark Council as a Darth.
  • His or her grasp of the Force must be vast, significant enough to stand out from the rest, though it need not cover all aspects possible. A warrior won’t need to delve deeply into alchemy, the field of telepathy or such
  • He or she must, in addition to a power base and underlings, have significant resources at his or her disposal.
  • The Dark Council will not promote someone who cannot keep his/her enemies in check, either through careful manipulation, or elimination.

We think you have a good start on this sheet, but there are many gears that aren’t connected to any other gears in what should have been a well-working machinery.
Later parts of the sheet describe him as a Sith with interests primarily in two fields:
Everything to do with lightsabers and their use, especially in combat.
Tinkering with technology and improving it.
We’re not counting the hedonistic hobbies, as those are just casual entertainment.

Other than in the Force Power section, there is nothing in the sheet to explain his extreme level of study of the Force. He would make a powerful combat/war-focused Sith Lord, but without heavy modifications, he doesn’t even remotely have the background to work out as a Darth. His climb through the ranks is a bit too meteoric. Remember, a Sith Lord is equivalent in power to a Jedi Master, but has political power and resources far beyond those of a Jedi Master. As stated in the Jedi Guide, a most Knights undergoing Master trials are at least 45 years of age.
As such, we would recommend you adjust the character to a Sith Lord, cut heavily down upon the Force knowledge, adjusting it to fit better in with his specialization as a warrior with a bit of technological tinkering as flavor.
There is nothing in the sheet that we could see justifying his deep-delve into telepathy.
You could either have his master adjusted to a Sith Lord and keep the inheritance stuff (adjusted to lord levels, of course), or you could designate that his master is still alive and that he is the favored heir, possibly with his elderly master already preparing him to eventually take over.
There’s a lot of great stuff in your sheet, but it is not a functional Darth.

In any case you should expand considerably upon his flaws and failures, as well as include creative punishments for failures. When punishing an underling, a Sith Lord or Darth will generally pick something he or she knows will feel as punishment to the underling, even as it educates them and is generally related to the failure.
Plain torture, for example, wouldn’t be the “wise” punishment for military or diplomatic mistakes. It would, however, be the sort of punishment a sadistic Sith might use to teach how to properly interrogate a prisoner without killing it.

If you don't know where to fit him in @Blitzy, you can drop by the PG discord and ask people there. In recent days people have submitted a number of new sheets for Imperial-aligned characters, which should give you more places that might fit him. It is generally easier to reach the various players and GMs on the discord if you want to plot out possibilities.

You can also discuss stories you might want to explore there.

There are plans for several empire-oriented stories soon.

Also, if you can't find a spot you like for him, you can always work on a different character. There's no shame in abandoning a character concept.
@The Elvenqueen
Review of Sith apprentice Aria “Ari” Saal

Personnel Files:
Interesting choice of master. How far down the chain of command from the Darth is she? Given her age, she is presumably fairly low on the food chain.

Is it critical for her father to have been a Darth, or could he have been one of Acheron’s Sith Lords? There’s not really anything in the bio that gives the feel of her father having had the power to be a Darth. Such people are rare powerhouses in the Empire. Generally, when a Darth dies unexpectedly, there is an upheaval as power shifts hands.

At her age, she would most likely be mistaken for being an acolyte rather than a Neophyte.

Mask could feasibly be equipped with external visual sensors and screens on the inside, which could allow for those glowing panels all the time.

Pretty certain “most Sith” don’t use respirators except when it is absolutely necessary.

Force skills:
As yoda said “size matters not”. Within reason of course, It doesn’t really matter whether it is a lightsaber or half a starfighter you telekinetically lift. Though you could, of course, have a mental barrier in play as a flaw.

Beyond the basics, known talents are often taught better than techniques without any talent, but of course circumstances can change such too. Force Lightning may often be of use in interrogation, if your character has practice at that.

The level you described for Force Sight is sounds closer to being part of Force Sense than Sight.

Don’t forget that choking isn’t just used for killing (though being able to do that is often considered a milestone), but also for basic interrogation and teaching lessons.

How good is she at breaking through defenses? Is that something she’s studied?

Nice to see you left skills that are of interest but unlearned.

Note: Force Healing is more about helping the body accelerate its own healing than it is magical healing. See the Guide to the Force.

Non-Force skills:
What can she fly from A to B? Fighters? Transports? Small Freighters?

Selling snow to a Wampa would require her to be able to communicate with one, just sayin’.

Combat skills:
Presuming that you mean that she can hold her own/outsmart/evade opponents of similar or lesser skill level, right?
What is she likely to do if faced with an opponent that is clearly superior in skill?

Political Influence:
The Empire doesn’t have a senate. Sith, Moffs and the like fill the kind of roles that senators hold in the Republic.

What would she do if faced with an incapacitated Jedi?

Generally, the Sith don’t react too much to parents training their children. Some choose to do that, others choose to have the Academy take care of it. The only thing the Empire considers important is for them to be trained. Many Sith tend to prefer their heir to be a descendant.
What happened to her father’s power base when he died?

While most likely not close, she might at least have encountered Darth Theya once or twice, as one of Theya’s secondary spheres of influence is Biotic Science.

Most Sith holocrons tend to be fairly extensive in the knowledge they contain. They are rarely so narrow as to cover just a single Force technique. We would suggest that you have her have only one holocron, but that she has not yet wrested much from it beyond the knowledge that it can teach her about handling animals and the raw power of Force Lightning. It could have a very stubborn gatekeeper that prevents her from easily accessing things.

Psychological Evaluation:
People stupid enough to call a Sith something like “shorty” deserve what’s coming to them.

What is the goal of her drinking? Is it the intoxication? Forgetting? Outdrinking those who are larger? Something else?

Generally, no Sith wants to have on record any kills of other Sith at the academy (or anywhere else), on account of that being a crime. But of course, no witnesses to a death clearly means it was entirely accidental and all that.

Generally, an acolyte that doesn’t succeed “properly” on a test will be given further tests until he or she is deemed worthy, either by the overseers or by a Sith in need of an apprentice that matches the acolyte’s skills or aptitudes.

Generally, unimpressive physique only means much of anything to the less intelligent warrior-type Sith. The smarter ones tend to know better than to be deceived by appearance. Still, this doesn’t mean the overseers as a whole wouldn’t try to use her diminutive size against her. They would definitely do that, just as they would use the bigger acolytes’ size against them.

Review of Caixal

Suggestion for formatting: put the [/b] tags before the entries in the Personnel files section.

Rank should be this: Apprentice (Warrior)

Question: Has he ever taken on any apprentice(s)? If yes, are any of them still alive?

Perhaps add in some of the images you chose to compliment the description?

Force skills:
In addition to the list, we suggest you write a sort of report to give people a feel of how he uses the Force. Perhaps written by another Sith or an imperial officer?

How is he on playing with the more esoteric elements of the Force?

Non-Force skills:
The listed skill levels says very little about his skills outside the Force. Perhaps you could describe what it means for others?
Is he experienced as well as well-trained? Does he have the patience for politics? What would he do if someone tried to frame him for something?

He’s a decent pilot, but is it with fighters? Transports? Capital ships? Is it in combat or outside it?

Combat experience:
Not altogether sure that a personalized form can/should truly be named like that. While some Jedi/Sith use a single, pure form, most tend to have a personalized form that is mixed together from many.
The bit about controlling the area falls somewhat under the Principle of Sokan, of using the terrain to your advantage.
Does he use Dun Möch? The art of deceit and taunting in combat, pointing out their mistakes and such?
Would he seek to inspire terror in enemies while fighting multiple foes through intentionally disarming and/or dismemberment of foes, potentially up to complete delimbing? (the arts of Sun Djem, Cho Mai, Cho Mok, Cho Sun and Mou Kei)

Rather than name it as something like “total area control”, describe that he fights with the intent to control the battlefield, using all tools at his disposal, the environment, etc.

Minor grammar tweak: Well trained → Well-trained

Question: you’ve delved into six of the seven forms, but not Juyo. Why? (not saying you should, but we’re curious.

Political Influence:
In the Empire, political influence is not just about the backstabby, backtalking stuff. It is just as much about having associates and contacts elsewhere in the Empire. Having people who might warn him about an unfriendly rival planning a trap for him.
Does he have any contacts in Imperial Intelligence? Any people he really doesn’t respect?
It is also worth noting that being an apprentice of Darth Theya brings with it a good bit of political influence. Mind you, it might be that he doesn’t use it much, but it does exist. As does the influence that comes with him being a Pureblooded Sith.

Rivals and Enemies:
Does he have any other rivals in the Empire, perhaps non-Sith who have offended him somehow, but who are still alive? People who don’t like him?

Does he have any particular foes in the Republic or Jedi Order, people he’s had problems with before?
Perhaps Heat’s Battlemaster could be one to explore for such?

Perhaps flesh out a little on what these associates are like? Are they important in the imperial war machine? Do they deal mostly with offense or defense?

Does he have any apprentices? Any “pet” officers? Any troops he usually brings along, or does he take whatever is available?

Guessing you meant Balmorra there?
Any details on the slaves?
Does he perhaps have an underling or two to deal with the day-to-day activities that slaves cannot be trusted with?

When traveling apart from the imperial Army/Navy, what sort of ship does he use, since the Bloodmark is not outfitted with a hyperdrive?
As an apprentice of Darth Theya, he would have access to requisitioning small vessels when he needs to travel.

Psychological Evaluation:
Phrasing: rather than “having unlocked”, use “expressed a natural talent for”.
The blood rage bit, we believe that it is not so that most warriors are consumed by it, but still something that many do.

We suggest expanding this into two sections, one for his behavior in battle, another for elsewhere.

Details would be wonderful on the flaws.

While some of this will overlap with earlier sections, but sometimes it is better to cover elements twice, with slightly varying perspectives of it.

Might be an idea to note that he has little interest in politics.
You’ve got Balmoora again instead of Balmorra.
Formatting. Perhaps add [i][/i] tags around “Exotic Encounters”, so that it is even clearer that it is the proper name of the place?

What sort of personal training? Combat? Physical fitness? Pazaak? Force? Erotic Dancing? Something else?

Major achievements:
Details would be wonderful. Especially since some of these achievements are not really covered in the interview section.

Any other failures? Perhaps something related to politics?

Was he perhaps involved in the Sacking of Coruscant, but not at the Jedi Temple?
Wild suggestion: Perhaps the attack on the Senate, where Darth Angral slew the Supreme Chancellor?

While not a requirement, it would also be nice to have some more parts to the interview. If you want, you can have them done from other perspectives, such as reports from other people. (Perhaps a report acquired by agents from republic files, to show how terrifying he is to them?)
How's the sheet coming along, @Scarescrow?

Do you need any help? Have you got any questions?
How's the sheet coming along, @Blitzy? Is your schedule still too full?

Do you need any help? Have you got any questions?

has your schedule opened up to permit finishing this, @Danelaw?
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