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Current Coruscant Sacked: Aftermath — Feena plotline is now live after a long wait. Oh, and its incidentally open for new players.
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The Force is with us.
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Peace is a lie, there is only passion. Through passion, we gain strength. Through strength, we gain power. Through power, we will win. Through victory, our chains are broken. The Force shall free us.
12 mos ago
Coruscant Sacked: Aftermath. Its back!
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Stabbing is a perfectly acceptable form of greeting.


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Lurking lurkers?
In Mahz's Dev Journal 29 days ago Forum: News
PMs utilize a different template for posts. But only @mahz can say if that element is readily transferable.
Oh you mean like rebooting/re-imagining? Its a new continuity but yeah its a way to not waste good ideas.

It is also a way to fix an idea that didn't work exactly right.

if making revised versions of RPs, with some degree of character overlap then yes. If not, then not yet.

from what we can see, you do not have an avatar, @Anaeia.
'twas a good thing to bring up, @71452K.
we'd like to think that having two accounts like the OP example can by many be interpreted as dishonest to the players. But we can also see a reason someone might do it, simply to make it look like their RP has gathered interest than it technically does. But that is more of a false cushion than a true benefit, as it gives false safety to the GM.

If the GM also favors his (or her) alternate account character in the story, then it is first and foremost poor GMing. If the players have to discover that the two accounts belong to the same individual, then that will feel like a betrayal when they do. That the GM lied to them, an act which could break the RP.

However, having multiple accounts that are labeled as such with unique purposes can work, like in the example by @Lady Amalthea. That's one way to do multi-accounting right. For most people its unnecessary, but still valid.
Gonna read through the clanbook before we start proper work on a sheet. We want to do this Malkavian right.

such a nice passage we found therein concerning Malkav:
"He chose a number for his new children. We don't know which it was. It was eight, or 12, or 20, or 36. It was one of those. And his own childer did not exceed that number, for they were chosen one at a time and all together.
I fear — and you fear, as well, for you must — I fear when the time comes that one of his childer is destroyed utterly. For numbers are sacred, and he may awake then to rectify the count."
we've always wanted to do a proper Malkavian.
RL should always come first.

We will look into the sort of Malkavian to craft. The generation decision should after all be fitted to the character, not the other way around. Its not fun to be overpowered compared to everyone else.
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