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Imperial personnel files

Name: Nimm Deenia
Species: Imperial Human
Pureblood percentage: 11%
Homeworld: Dromund Kaas
Age: 62 (looks 25)
Gender: Female
Rank: Sith Apprentice (Archaeologist)
Master: Darth Nyiss
Former master(s): Lord Arkanus
Sphere of influence: Ancient Knowledge, Mysteries

Imperial Intelligence Reports
Detailed appearance. Imagery insufficient.

The Subject, one of Darth Nyiss’ apprentices, is outwardly 100% imperial human. She stands 171 cm tall and weighs around 66.7 kgs, all within normal parameters. Further investigation has revealed something odd. Old recordings and images from many years ago showing her looking exactly the same, when she should only have been an infant. The truth of this has proven impossible to find out. There is no evidence of physical degradation from overuse of the Force.

An in-depth investigation into recordings as well as a field study has revealed that the subject is fairly predictable in her preferences for clothing. She almost universally wears black, knee-length sith robes while in the empire, or practical more neutral clothes if she is outside imperial borders for some reason or other and needs to obscure her imperial ties.

She has a preference for the practical clothes suitable for whatever climate she finds herself in. Though simple in appearance, investigation revealed that the quality is top-notch. Any appearance of being tattered or worn is by design. She generally has a wide black leather belt with her lightsaber and tools on it, as well as combined half-gloves/bracers on both arms that appear technological in origin, but whose functionality is undetermined. Rumors persist that her hands are covered in hairline scars that stem from traps, but as she always wears those gloves, that has not been possible to verify.

Report on natural ability with the Force, as well as all known Force Techniques and the skill levels.

Covert field study has revealed that the subject is particularly proficient with the Force, but appears to limit herself to certain techniques, in spite of the fact that evidence implies she has both the raw power and experience to use far more advanced techniques. No amount of investigation has brought to light why. Below is an estimate of the subject’s skill levels with most techniques of the Force.

Basic Techniques
  • Force Speed - Intermediate Training
  • Telekinesis - Master Talent
  • Force Throw - Expert Training
  • Force Choke - Expert Talent
  • Telekinetic Defense - Expert Talent
  • Telepathic Defense - Intermediate Training
  • Force Sight (basic) - Intermediate Training
  • Force Sense - Intermediate Talent
  • Precognition - Intermediate Training
  • Mind trick - Intermediate Training
  • Force Jump - Expert Training

Intermediate Techniques
  • Force lightning - Expert Talent
  • Detoxify Poison - Basic Training
  • Droid Disable - Basic Talent
  • Breath control - Basic Training
  • Force Stasis - Intermediate Talent

Advanced Techniques
  • Force Cloak - Basic Training
  • Force Stealth - Intermediate Training
  • Sith Alchemy - Basic Training or Intermediate Training (investigation failed to uncover facts)

Report on known skills and combat experience, training and lightsaber training.

The subject has proven herself an apt pilot with a variety of smaller ships and vehicles, but does not appear to be overfond of piloting fighters. She is also reasonably skilled at slicing her way through computer systems (sometimes literally), and has claimed to be familiar with the layout of most ship models in the imperial fleet as well as the common types of ships used by the so-called Galactic Republic. For obvious reasons, the latter has proven difficult to verify.

As Darth Nyiss’ personal archaeologist, the subject is an expert at dealing with traps such as those found in the tombs of ancient Sith. Tales of her Force-roasted Nexu rise occasionally, but they seem to be dual-natured in that it is either delicious or lethal. No significant deaths have been verified as tied to it, but a number of people who got on her wrong side have died from unknown causes.

While the subject has basic knowledge of all forms of lightsaber combat, analysis has revealed that she herself primarily uses a variant of the fifth form, with parts from the others mixed in as she deems it necessary. She is fond of using whatever is at her disposal in combat to win. Mostly redacted reports indicate that she is not above running from a fight if it is unwinnable. Such cases have at times been followed up by orbital bombardment. Whatever means necessary. She does not hold to antiquitated concepts such as “honor” in battle.

As befits any Sith her age, she has considerable combat experience, but it is more in smaller engagements than it is front line combat. Most notable of her military experience was her participation in the Sacking of Coruscant under the command of her master, Darth Nyiss. There a significant number of Jedi fell, as well as a significant number of artifacts acquired, including numerous Sith holocrons stolen by the Jedi Order over the years.

Names and pertinent details for all political and social associates. Including allies, enemies, rivals, underlings, apprentices and more.

Her primary political influence can be summed up into a single name: Darth Nyiss. Being one of the Darth’s personal apprentices, the subject has significant influence to draw on, provided it does not go against her master’s goals. Exactly where her master’s influence ends and her own starts has proven impossible to identify, as their goals appear to be perfectly in line with each other.

No specific rivals have been identified, but it is well-known that she bears particularly strong hatred for the Jedi Order, especially for those known as “Jedi Shadows”.

Curiously enough, the subject has no apprentices of her own yet, in spite of her long life. She has had a few captive Jedi that she toyed with before breaking, but none that truly became worth calling Sith. She assisted her master and her master’s other apprentices in dealing with a significant number of captured Jedi in the months after the Sacking of Coruscant.

Personality analysis of candidate.

The subject appears to be mentally sound. She is stubborn, but not to a fault. A good word to describe her is pragmatic, as one who looks for solutions rather than focusing upon the problems. Rushing things is not her style, unless it is necessary, of course. Her determined nature indicates, from acquired medical reports, that she has kept going with missions even with multiple broken bones. Evaluation indicated that she viewed such merely as added obstacles.

Her hatred of Jedi is second to none. In her eyes, Jedi are either potential Sith or—preferably—prey. Making them suffer before they die is something she has shown time and again to take joy in.

It can be concluded that getting her as an ally would be a significant asset, but also that it would be very hard to get her away from her master.

List and description of known and suspected flaws, obligations, vices and weaknesses.

The flaws of the subject, as is the case with the flaws of most Sith, are hard to identify on account of them being kept secret. However, some theories can be noted about probable and possible flaws for this particular subject. They are as follows:
  • Faulty connection to the Force? She doesn’t appear to use abilities she should easily be able to use given her experience and access to knowledge.
  • Excessive maltreatment of captive Jedi - Many captive Jedi that might have become productive Sith have been reduced to bestial wrecks at her hand. Her hatred of the Jedi is such that it can at times inconvenience the Empire.
  • Socially uncaring - The opinions of others do not matter as much to her as they perhaps should.
  • Reduced mobility in right arm - And old medical report indicated her arm is reduced to 87% of its original functionality. There may be other reductions elsewhere, but no other medical reports were uncovered. Evidence indicates she has intentionally had them removed.
  • off-handed combat - Though originally right-handed, the subject has been forced to primarily use her left arm for wielding her lightsaber in battle due to aforementioned injuries.
  • Sub-par duelist - The subject can hold her own in a duel, but anyone talented at dueling is likely to beat her in a pure duel. She is known to use any means at her disposal to balance this, though. She has been known to flee such battles.
  • In the subject’s eyes, cybernetics are a sign of weakness and failure. She is scornful towards those with artificial limbs, treating them as lesser individuals.
  • Peace is a lie - If it had not been ordered from the Emperor himself, the subject would have continued fighting the Jedi after the Sacking of Coruscant. Following her master’s secret project on Feena she was clearly anxious to go back into the thick of things. Enough so that her master publically instructed her to go to Korriban for studies.

Known interests of the candidate.
  • Hurting Jedi.
  • Sith tombs and artifacts.

Major achievements on record.
  • Archeology - Uncovered numerous artifacts of ancient Sith.
  • Participant - Sacking of Coruscant.
  • Pilfered Jedi Temple on Coruscant.

Major failures on record. Confidential.
  • Killed/broke several Jedi that could have been turned.
  • Chastised for stepping out of line in relation to the Emperor’s Peace Treaty with the Republic.

Owned equipment of note.

As befits a Sith that keeps herself somewhat isolated from imperial society, it is difficult to uncover much details about her ownerships. While none have been identified, it is assumed that she has a significant number of Sith Artifacts. It is also taken for granted that she has access to multiple ships, albeit none of these larger than small freighters, some made by imperial shipyards, others made elsewhere. How many of her master’s assets she can utilize is also unknown.

Crew of the Aruk:

Week 7, Day 1, in the darkness of evening

Low over the ground, barely above the canopy, the missile flew forwards at great velocity, weaving between the hills. Where it originated would be impossible to pinpoint without orbital tracking, but to the few ships in orbit who might have turned their sensors in the right direction, it would be clear that the missile had not passed down through the atmosphere.

No ground-based system would be able detect its presence until it was too close to matter. One moment the missile was airborne, the next it slammed into the hull of the Defender-class Light Corvette. Powered down as the ship was, it had no protection to speak of. At first there was a blinding flash of light as the fireball lit up the night. At the same time the shockwave moved through the ground several times faster than the sound passed through the air. With each passing kilometer the discrepancy between the three grew. By the time it would reach the location of the Twi’lek village, the three were far enough apart that there was first a bright flash of light, then a shockwave not unlike a small earthquake, and finally a thundering boom.

Almost at the same time as it reached the members of the twi’lek community who were on watch, Nimm saw the explosion down on the surface. She smiled. “Exactly as I planned it.” she whispered to herself. The hutt was easily manipulated and had far too much pride for his own good. If someone were to question him, he would never reveal her—or the Empire’s—hands being involved. Besides, it was not as if the treaty was openly advertised. She was reasonably sure neither the twi’leks nor the Republic knew about it.

There was one thing that she found curious about all of this… Why would a Jedi park one of their signature ships so brazenly near imperial-controlled space? Was he overconfident, or did he have more allies than she had seen? Whatever the reason, she decided she had to approach it with care. She had no intention of dying. Ever.

After a few more moments of thinking she decided on a course of action. A pragmatic one, of course. She sent a few messages out, one to any Sith in the area—encrypted, of course—another to a nearby Imperial Intelligence buoy—there was no telling if they had any available agents, but it never hurt to check—and the final to the nearest sizeable Imperial garrison at Christophsis. All informing them about what she had observed here, including the Jedi infestation. Perhaps some would come, perhaps they wouldn’t.

Whatever happened, she would deal with it. She did not inform her master. This was not enough to be worth disturbing Darth Nyiss over. Even sending out a call like this could be considered excessive, but it did not hurt to see how well the machinery of the Empire worked on this day. Besides, it would be rather fun if the garrison arranged for a small fleet to come for a visit. No doubt the now-shipless Jedi would be panicking if that happened, however unlikely it was.

She did not take the ship down to land on the planet again. Not yet. It was better to wait for any response to her messages up here.

Cheese for everyone!!!!yes, approved...
Week 7, Day 1, afternoon

It had taken Nimm all of one minute to figure out that the hutt supposedly in charge here on Ryloth—one who called himself ‘Ippo the Hutt’—was a useless idiot. She had quickly made her excuses in ways that would not excessively offend him, then decided to use her own resources to get what she needed. Fortunately, while he was an imbecile, the rest of the people here were somewhat more talented. It had taken a few hours, but she had eventually found a way to slice into the databanks and get the intel she desired.

It was immediately apparent that things were worse than she had thought. Entire villages had been taken out under the noses of the operatives employed by the hutts by what a mercenary identified as Zygerrians. The fact that the hutts hadn’t suppressed this attack immediately after its discovery proved just how foolish Ippo was. Groups like the Zygerrians needed to be met with a firm hand when they misbehave. Rudimentary psychology, really. After downloading the surveillance videos and other potentially pertinent intel, Nimm returned to her ship to look over it properly.

~| an hour later, give or take |~

“What’s this?” she muttered, looking more closely at one of the numerous surveillance feed recordings, “Jedi? Here? Oh, this will be fun...”

“Ship. Display location this feed is from.”

There was no vocal response, but the holographic projector lit up, displaying the planet with a pair of glowing points. One represented her, the other the feed origin.

“Display all other feed sources. Use symbology number six.”

Innumerable other points lit up, displaying the hutts’ surprisingly wide network of surveillance on this world. There were three other feeds near the one that she had seen the Jedi on. Looking closer, she noted their identifying tags and keyed them into the control panel. On the monitors on one of the walls the three feeds appeared, the playback running at twenty-seven times normal pace. For the most part, nothing happened beyond some wildlife moving past. After a bit over three quarters of an hour however, the middle feed showed figures moving past. She immediately paused and rewound it, replaying that segment.

Her eyes saw what was clearly some twi’lek civilians moving past. “Irrelevant.” she muttered to herself, resuming the playback.

Twelve minutes later, the left feed revealed more movement. When she rewatched that, she smiled. “There you are…”

“Ship. Analysis of route. Prognosticate possible destinations.”

It didn’t take long. Within minutes, the computer had identified a half-dozen possible routes. Two led to villages intel indicated had been purged. Clearly irrelevant. Another led into the wasteland, which clearly was also irrelevant for now. The fourth led directly to what the Huttese data identified as an outpost used by their mercenaries at times. Seeing how information made it clear that the outpost was offline and had been for weeks, it was not relevant. Unlike the second-to-last one, the last led straight into a sinkhole. The second-to-last one led straight into a section of the surface covered by a jungle. It was the obvious candidate for further investigation. She didn’t hesitate to take to the air, flying high enough to be nigh unnoticeable.

It didn’t take long to get above the path predicated by the computer, nor did it take long to identify what was clearly the landing location of a spaceship. Sure, it was somewhat hidden beneath foliage… But metal still shows up on scanners, and starships have a lot of metal in them.

More focused scans proved to Nimm that this was definitely the ship used by these Jedi: A Defender-class Light Corvette. Not even trying to be subtle, were they? While it was tempting to just “accidentally” blast it into scrap, she did not feel like having to deal with the potential diplomatic fallout should these Jedi have another means for long-range communications.

She smiled viciously as an idea came to her. With a few quick commands, she opened a channel down to that imbecile of a hutt. He would provide just the cover she needed. It took a good minute before there was a response. No doubt intended as a means for ‘proving’ himself superior. He was—of course—wrong, but Nimm wouldn’t waste effort correcting his mistake. He wasn’t worth it.

“I have a question for you, hutt.”

“Speak, Sith.” the hutt answered with a hint of aloofness to it.

“Why have you invited Jedi to land on your planet, in violation of the agreement between your clan and the Empire?” She kept her voice almost neutral, with just a hint of being offended.

“I have not!” the image on the screen showed a momentary lapse in his controlled expression and he made a gesture with one of his pudgy arms. No doubt signaling for one of his advisors to do something. “There are no Jedi here!” he almost shouted adamantly.

“So there is no Republic Light Corvette parked in the jungle, two kilometers east and six hundred and seventy-four meters south of outpost Senth Usk Orenth? That is good to hear. I am sure Darth Ravage will be pleased to hear that when I inform him in my regular report.”

“What-” he started to say, but Nimm terminated the link. She had no doubt that even an idiot like Ippo would take care of that ship for her, without implicating the Empire at all. He wasn’t smart enough to realize that there was no way one of the Dark Lords of the Sith would care about a single misplaced republic vessel on an unimportant world like Ryloth. Nor did he have any way to figure out how utterly ridiculous it was for her to be regularly reporting to Darth Ravage for that matter.

“Now to find those Jedi…” she muttered to herself, reactivating the sensors on her ship.
Nimm Deenia is involved.

Deep space, somewhere along the Corellian Run.
week 4, day 3, late evening.

The visit to the beautifully ruined Jedi had not been at all productive. The information stored in the system had proven worthless. Not even the so-called guards had proven any challenge to bypass. To be honest, Nimm had found the entire trip dreadfully boring. Even if the odds of it being productive had been low from the start, she had at least hoped that something would turn out interesting there. Alas, it had not, so she had to depart without even that meager satisfaction. Even so, she had spent considerable time on that world, working behind the scenes to arrange events to her satisfaction.

The fact that the travel from Coruscant to her next destination had already taken ten days did not make it more fun. It was fortunate that she had only a short distance further to go. As it was, she had diverted from her original destination following the report that some merchants had run into some trouble with their deliveries. Normally, such would never be the business of a Sith like her, but she was bored and the merchandise had particular value to one of her projects. Thus, she had decided to go deal with it herself.

She had a feeling that the Jedi were meddling again. If they were, she would almost certainly get some enjoyment out of it. There was unfinished business with them that needed dealing with. Violently. She smiled to herself at that thought. Any Jedi would be foolish to go this far out from their precious Republic. Such a short jump away from an Imperial sector. So easy for someone to get lost. And if there is no body and no recording to link to it, did it really happen?

A few hours later.

The ship floated down, no longer moving at the velocity it had needed to pass through the atmosphere. Slowly it moved onto the landing pad. Though with similar capabilities, it did not look like an Imperial Fury-class interceptor. There might be a so-called peace treaty with the Republic, but that did not mean they let imperial vessels move around their territory freely without being watched. Preferring not to be observed during her work, Nimm had commissioned multiple vessels that would blend more in whenever she traveled outside imperial space. She had made a short stop at a base in the Denon system to switch from one such vessel to another, just in case someone had actually observed her on Coruscant.

With a dull but loud thunk, the ship came to a stop. Nimm rose from the pilot’s chair, walking to the aft where the landing ramp was located. No doubt the merchants were sending a representative out to meet her. An ugly species these Hutts, but many of them were reliable enough when it came to delivering the ordered merchandise.

She was already on the way down the ramp as it lowered, doing nothing to hide her identity as a Sith. At this point, she wanted them to know exactly what they were dealing with.
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