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Saw the Space Opera advert and started singing, "and these dreams, they all seem empty, like my concious seem to be. I've spent hours, Only lonely..."
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People confess to me all the time. I’m a faith leader. There is very little the surprises me any more.
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Was just called a Boomer. Just remember I will retire before you and my music did not have Beber in it.
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Was just called a Boomer. Just remember I will retire before you and my music did not have Beyer in it!


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Father Thomas

Thomas spent his first night as a security guard finding out that it was a job of mostly sitting around and letting the dogs chase thing around. In the morning he let two tow trucks in with wrecks to be crushed. The second driver warned him of eating at the Mexican restaurant and pointed him to a “club” where the food was good and they didn’t ask questions. When lunchtime came Thomas headed to Detira a little dive that did not have many cars in the parking lot. Inside he quickly learned the the place was more than it appeared. There was a stage and a pit for a band. Poles went from the floor to the ceiling, dark booths and a bar. There was not much going on the bartender did not look up as he was stocking the bar and spoke Spanish at Thomas in a tone that was fairly universal.
“Hi, I was told the food was good here,” he said making it clear that he did not speak Spanish.

Two women dressed in jeans and tee shirts walked in one with a child in her arms. They were taking Spanglish, mixing both English and Spanish. The smaller woman recognized Thomas and gave him a weird look.
“Father?” She asked setting it clear they Thomas wasn’t just some John hoping to start his day early.
He smiled at her and picked up the pacifier and diaper bag that fell to the floor.
“You said you were a dancer...” Thomas said, leaving the elephant in the room hanging.
He picked up the stuff that fell and smiled at the child.
It didn’t take long till they had Thomas in a corner booth with two plates of food. The food was better than he expected and the company was nice. He ended up holding the child as he ate and the woman talked. Six of them ended up in the booth “confessing” and talking with Thomas. He was amazed to find out that these ladies talked mostly about normal things. The boss is a jerk, trying to pay bills, who had sick children. They also talked about the John's that came here and who had done what with whom. In this line of work he found that not many people are there to have your back. They were commodities to be bought, sold, and traded. The women also seemed to enjoy talking to someone who did not want to get into their pants or see them naked. Not that most minded the second part much having done this for a while.

Adrian was running for his dear life, the gravity of the situation he was in was starting to overwhelm him. I don't care this isn't right, not in any way...McAlister must be exposed he must be stopped. This isn't about me anymore, this is about everyone the whole world....I have to call him...before I'm out of time. Gasping for breath but relieved that he'd found some place to stop running he exhaled siting down on a bench in the subway. Taking a quick but careful glance around the subway to make sure nobody he was trying to evade was after him he then produced his cell phone. Scrolling through his contacts until he found who he was looking for he then pressed the green button to call the priest. "Come on Thomas please pick up."

Thomas picked answered his phone grateful that it deflected the girl trying to seduce him.
“Father,” he said in a tone that was well practiced to let the other side know that he was a priest.

"Hello Father Thomas, it's Adrian we need to speak it's a matter of upmost urgency. Forgive me for i have sinned, a grave sin" Adrian spoke with fear in his voice

Thomas waved the girls away with the help of the bartender telling them they needed to get ready that the early shift was about to get their lunch break. This sent the women scrambling to prepare to entertain.

“My son, I can hear your confession over the phone, but I can only absolve you in person,” the young priest said. The Sacraments needed to be give in person. He tried to put a $20 down on the table but the bar tended waved him off as one of the woman started giving the bar tender some heavy attitude in Spanish.

Adrian gulped hearing the reality of what Thomas was explaining to him, but with the reality of what was going on he felt he had little to no time to waste. "Then we can arrange a meeting Father, I pray to our heavenly father I make it but there is a high chance I will not. I have participated and played an integral role in the tragedy that befall the world five months ago, The Incident if you will....and..I am trying to tell the world the truth at..all costs." He spoke with a grave tone in his voice the latter words that emanated from his voice would allow Thomas to hear the depths of the grave danger he was in by continuing this conversation any further.

"Wait to make confession till I am there. I will meet you at the Marta Five Points station, in about 45 minutes,” the priest said with concerned tone in his voice. What Adrian was serious stuff. If he was actively involved in this he would have to go to the authorities.

Adrian said, "Alright we can make that happen, but listen I'm trying to deliver something and I'm very low on time." He said making sure to take note of where Thomas wanted to meet, he was familar with 5 points. It was in a more seedier part of the town but at least the Marta station would be crowded. Getting off the phone he made sure to move quickly, prefering to take the streets on foot not wanting to risk getting stuck in a vehicle trying to avoid McAlister's goons at all cost.

Like the ladies, Thomas changed into his work clothes. His black cassock and polished black shoes with extra cushioning. He pulled his gold cross that had been blessed by the Pope. The young priest was read and headed out the door. He grabbing a small hand full of washers in case of emergency. He had learned that he could "shoot" them and make them do different things when he had used his powers. Mainly he had managed to repair broken items at the church and in the thrift shop when no one was around.

Half a block walk brought him to the bus stop. A five minute ride brought him to the train. His pass still worked which made him happy. He rode in relative peace, he was the minority here but he was also dressed as a priest. Most people at this time of day left priests alone. As he arrived at the train station and he made a point of blending in. A priest was not out of his element here, some did not drive having mass transit to ride. Thomas did have a license but did not not drive often. Traffic in Atlanta could rival Chicago and New York at times. He made his way through the crowd waiting to be approached by Adrian.

By the grace of God almighty Adrian managed to evade death moving through the crowd until he saw the Father. Rushing over to him he embraced the father in a hug and placed a flashdrive in his hand. "Listen we must talk, I didn't know who else I could trust, but the fate of the world rests on this conversation"

Thomas hugged the man back, it made it look like a family meeting. He let the Adrian lead him through the station to one of those tattooed coffee shops where most of the staff had nose rings and other piercings, most Thomas did not want to see or know about. A few Graduate students made the clientele a mix. It let everyone but him blend in. He ordered two large black coffees with none of the extras to pollute the Sacrament of caffeine. Then followed to table in a back corner. It did not take much for the priest to get the two that were overly enjoying each others anatomy to feel discomforted enough to let them have the booth. To put it nicely, he did not want to touch the table for fear of what he could catch. When the coffee arrived he had the waitress, a redhead with a nose ring, tongue stud, and seven ear rings in each ear. He thought her the black lipstick was a bit much but the tight white top was nice. Thomas had her bleach the table top as they held their coffee. Thomas sat with his back to the door as the other man acted like someone was after him. He pulled out his traveling stole, said a prayer kissed his Crucifix, and the stole and put it on “I am ready,” he said.

It was here Adrian could begin to divulge the information regarding the grave sin he'd participated in. He started, "To be blunt I have blood on my hands, possibly upwards of 400,000 people died as a result." Adrian's voice grew weak almost hoarse at what he was saying. "There is a man you must look into, Nathan McAlsiter the CEO of Nova Consolidated, the pharmaceutical company. His real name as in the on on his birth certificate is Nathan Cassanova, you probably recognize the Cassanova Family they were on the news for multiple law suits regarding their reckless behavior and disregard for human lives for their unethical approach and involvement in the opioid crisis two years ago.

Adrian stopped speaking briefly feeling as though there was an invisible lump in his throat. "Anyway back to where I work or well use to now..we have been contracted by the United States Military & by extension the United States Government to uncover a way to both suppress the abilities for lack of a better word for individuals with these newfound powers & the opposite Father Thomas. give anyone." He slowed his roll to allow what he was saying to sink in wondering if the father would react with horror & perhaps turn him in to the authorities on the spot maybe even saying he was far beyond saving.

Thomas listed and rolled the thumb drive in his fingers.
“Go on,” he said calmly taking the information in. He did not react. The training him had allowed him to suppress the "Oh shit" he was thinking. Adrian did not know that Thomas was one of those that disappeared and the Bishop must have covered that information up from the public. The deaths were now in the past and seemed accidental, well Thomas did no get the feeling that Adrian intended to kill the people. His time indicated that he was most likely contrite.

"I..I just can't participate any longer, enough is enough it comes a time that you have to stand up for what's right. That information on that drive it's..enough to open up the rabbit hole to start explaining what's going." Adrian paused and stood up shaking his head as he took a sip of his black coffee, just like the father he preferred his caffeine with little to not additives. "But all-" Before he could speak any further of all things a quarter and then penny burst through the window and lodged into Adrian's chest sending him flying across the room and into a table of the booth where the two girls were sitting. "No.."He spoke weakly before the penny and the man exploded taking his life, the two girls at the booth, anyone else nearby and half of the coffee restaurant.

The sound of the projectile, the glass breaking, the impact with the body, and the explosion was not like the movies. It was much more violent. Shrapnel flew through the air after the explosion. metal shards bits of objects bounced and rebounded off things. The compression wave was enough to deadened the ability to hear leaving Thomas and any survivors unable to hear. The blasts blew Thomas backwards under the next table as bodies fell on him. He had a cut across his forehead and his left arm and both his legs. He had multiple cuts and scratches but they were minor. Thomas dragged himself out from under the bodies to the screaming and chaos. He found two girls bleeding, he tore his sash and wrapped the wound the picked the one up and the other grabbed his arm as he lead them out with the survivors. When they got to the shelter of a us stop, he laid the girl down and blessed her. With the sounds sirens, police cars fire trucks, and ambulances drawing closer. He headed down the street. He grabbed a taxi to take him to the campus a few blocks away. There was a former parishioner that was a nurse in a walk in clinic that would make sure he did not need serious medical attention. The broken glass and fragments of hot metal hurt when he walked. But he pushed on.

Nathan McAlister looked onward with a devious grin on his face rubbing his two fingers together without a care in the world. "Adrian what a pity...when will they learn that I just will not be stopped. A Man with drive like my own will not be exposed by the likes of simpletons..hmm I wonder in the end if he appreciated my penny for a thought" The dark and cruel businessman let out a boisterous laugh at his evil act of murder not caring that not only Adrian but other innocent lives were taken in the crossfire. In his eyes there were too many people on the planet anyway, and he was just speeding up the process for the Grand Finale of his plans. "You know what the say, if you need a job done right do it yourself." With those final words confirming his dark thoughts he made his way from the edge of the rooftop. Retreating into the elevator full of satisfaction that he'd taken care of the final loose end trying to expose the truth about Nova Consolidated, unaware of the fact that in his final moments Adrian had delivered the truth to one last man, Father Thomas

Thomas said a prayer as he had received Adrian’s confession. It was his calling to pronounce absolution for the dead man. Thomas then did what came naturally, he started to help the injured getting them outside. He himself was also injured in the blast and explosion. His face was cut and his arms and body had small cuts where bits of hot metal, glass, coffee, and people went flying. In the corner, untouched a television droned the news. A lot of hatred. People wanting to hunt down the enhanced, conspiracy theories that Trump had created these monsters, people doing violence and blaming the enhanced for the destruction of property and loss of life. The video feed showed a group of men beating in the skull of someone thought to be an enhanced. A skinhead espousing his cause and letting lose a fire ball into a crowd of African Americans who were opposing his group.

A little girl came over to Thomas and raised her hands wanting to be picked up. He looked to the mother who was seriously injured, she nodded. So the priest did the humane thing he could do and picked up the child and hugged her as tears ran down his cheeks. As the fire and police department arrived and started their bloody work.

In the end Thomas blessed fourteen people that had been killed and prayed for eight more going to the hospital. He tried to say out of the camera and out of people's way as best he could. Most of what any news crew got would have been his back and his butt with him bending over to pray for people. When the paramedics finally got him to a rig an started tending to his wounds, an officer started asking him questions. His statement was less than helpful. He did talk about the couple being personal, the redhead with the jewelry who had died as well, and being invited to hear confession. He stuck to the details of what happened and not the conversation he was involved in. His ringing ears did not help him understand the officers. If they wanted him to break the seal of the confessional, they would need to go to the Bishop, and deal with the powers all the way to Rome to compel him to disclose the confession. He knew that he had information that might lead them to the killer, but would most likely lead the killer to kill more people including himself, to cover this up. Without thinking he gave his address as the Cathedral.

One detectives was on the phone talking with someone about tracking down all of the cell phones that were active with the towers. Thomas realized two things. The first was that the phone needed to go away and the second was that he needed to find out what was on the flashdrive. He understood at this moment that most of the Government would be after him, Nova and their resources would be after him, the anti-enhancers would be after him, and the brown eyed black haired woman from the club with a body that you couldn't miss was after him. As he started to walk back to the train station figuring out what to do. As the train approached, he accidentally dropped his phone and with a little will it landed on the track as the train wheels crushed it.

Thomas felt that in the next couple of days he would have his picture up in every post office in America. He needed to go underground, work on his powers and find people that he could trust.
We are still looking for players. No Mary Jane’s (characters with out flaws and don’t need others). Enhanced are killable by regular people. One enhanced power, no power replications with out a major cost. There is a physical/mental cost for using your powers. Nothing is free.

No demonic possession, no aliens...

Your character should have flaws..
I am not sure about a mutant dragon character...

In Ivy's office three screens were on with the news, National news, local news, and state new were being fed to the screens. The computer monitor to the left of her desk brought data in from the departments under her control. Right now the State Police feeds were a buzz with activity about the attack at the CNN towers. The reports were more about the forces being pulled to deal with the terrorist attack. Ivy knew a couple of the journalists that were attacked and her heart went out to them.

Her secretary and the man behind her power, her chief-of-staff entered the room. He said to her, "We need you in the press breifing room now."
Ivy quickly fixed her makeup and pulled her jacket on. She still looked like the fresh young twenty something blond reported that was going to change the world by her work. She had exposed corruption in both state parties and took down a federal judge. The work was hard but she had a nose to dig into minute details critical to getting to the truth. But now she was a mother of two children and a wife to a doctor. Her chief of staff had talked her into politics. Like many southern democrats she was financially conservative and a social moderate. The reporter in her was trained to deal with facts, though reporting became more about entertainment.

The truth right now was to get on the television and calm down Georgia and the nation. The President had four months of the best researchers and scientist at his disposal to deal with this stuff. Even a few of the gifted or enhanced scientists had tried to advise the president. Now the registration bill was more about military spending, pork for his buddies, and power play to put the democratic face on these "Empowered" human criminals.

Ivy walked down the hall as her chief of staff briefed her. Four large State Troopers took position as body guards. The State Police expected a state of emergency power declaration.

After a brief introduction, Ivy stepped out to the podium. She had her serious game face on.

"Ladies and gentleman, Georgians, Americans, and citizens of the world. For the last four months the leadership in Washington has failed you," she said the accent clearly Georgian though she did not draw the you out.
"Today we see what their failure of leadership has brought. Citizens of Georgia killed because of the arrogance, game playing, and power grabs of a few people in high office. US House Bill 236, sponsored by the President and his party, does not get us where we need to go. There is more spending for special projects, benefits for the friends of the President, and it takes away your civil rights. It is 5126 pages of items that have nothing to do with the problem at hand. What we need are laws that makes sense...." she paused for a moment working the camera and the emotions of those in the room.

[color=#8df542]"As the Governer of Georgia I am authorizing the agencies in my administration to start preparing for registering those with powers and to determine what type of powers. I am not going to the point of allowing them to use excessive force on all those with powers or to jail them. We are still a state and a country that follows the law and gives people due process. But we need to know who and what we are dealing with. I am also calling the Georgia House and Senate back into session to bring me a bill that would allow for the registration and funding to carry it out, support the victims, and incarcerate and rehabilitate those who misuse their powers," [\color] she said in a tone that meant that she meant business. Her chief of staff was a man who knew this would play well and take the wind out of the President's sail and put him on the defensive.

"As a mother that's son was killed by an enhanced person, I know the pain and fear they can cause. I know that there are both good and bad enhanced people. Like a child learning to drive, some of learning to control them and need help. I have heard reports of enhanced people, saving children from flood waters and fires. Not all of the enhanced are bad people. But like all of the other things we register, we need to have them register their abilities. I also call for the enhanced to help us police and protect the citizens of this great state and nation. Don't start acting as vigilantes and taking the law into your own hands." She said with a maternal plea and tone.

There were a few questions that were directed to the podium about details. Her chief of staff fielded them with the normal, we are still waiting for information and more will be provided when the administration had it.

Towards the end of the press conference, Ivy was getting ready to make her good-byes.
A reporter called out, "Governor Ivy, Are you planning to run for president?"
Ivy blushed a genuine blush.
"I do declare! The thought hasn't even crossed my mind. I've only been Governor for a short period of time and right now," she said then paused for effect.
"My focus is on keeping the good people of Georgia safe. That is why we need to pass a simpler Empowered Registration Bill, it is sad to see that this President and congress are making this a partisan issue. Putting politics in front of children like my Tyler and allowing the empowered criminals to be above the law like some others think they are."
She let that hang, letting people associate it with whoever they felt fit that bit.
"Let me be clear, there are good honest Empowered people and I want to protect their rights too," Ivy said.

Again the voice called out. "Are you going to run?"
She waved.
Running for the presidency she knew that would take a lot of money. She have yet to have a big political machines to help her. Over her years as a report she had made both republicans and democrats mad at her. There would need to be a ground swell of support.

Name: Ivy Alexandra Smoth
Age: 32
Gender: Female
Height: 5’6”
Weight: (Honey,you don’t ask a woman that)
Ethnicity: French, English, and African
Sexual Orientation: (Honey,you don’t ask a woman that either. Keep it up you’ll get on my bad side.)
Religion: Christian
Occupation: Politician

Ability: (N/A if Human)


On the walls of Ivy’s office sits pictures of the last two presidents, the last five governors, along with pictures of the Queen of England and other foreign leaders that she has met as a journalist. With pure southern grace, trained in Journalism and law, Ivy is a force to be dealt with.

For ten years, Ivy has been a local reporter for CBS Atlanta. Starting on special assignments, she worked her way up to being a news anchor. She had been requested by CBS to travel with the past couple presidents to trade talks, her soft southern charms and personality, hiding a pit-bull of a reporter that cares more about the truth than about political agendas. More than once, Ivy’s has been asked to be the press secretary, which she declined for the sake of the good people of Georgia, and her babies of course.

When the mayor had to fill vacancies, Ivy’s name kept coming to the list of people capable of filling a position. Even when she had gone after some corruption in the mayor’s office, she still had a good relationship. Ivy is an independent voice, not swearing allegiances to any party.

When the attack on the school happened and her oldest son was killed, she became a spokesperson for a movement capturing national attention. Advocating for the registration of theses new “super” humans.

“Not all of these invincible are evil, some are trying to help us. But, we register baby’s, our cars, we register out teenagers, we have drivers licenses, and we register our guns. We should register those with special powers so lives like Tylers," Holding up a picture of her son,"aren’t taken and people like his murder can get help before something like this happens. We need the registration law and the resources to protect our children and those that are vulnerably.”

Her face and plea made every news channel across the country and things started to happen.


Steve Smoth - Pediatric Cardiologist (Electrophysiology)
Grace May Smoth - ten year old daughter
Father Thomas

Location: Atlanta

In the Bishops private Conference room at the Diocese in Atlanta a group was gathered to discuss the fate of one priest. It wasn't for sexual misconduct or for any grievous sin. It was that the young priest had accidentally dropped the Host and instead of it falling to the ground it floated in the air.

"It was a miracle," The elderly woman had told the Bishop. Only a few had seen it and the Bishop quickly explained it away as Father Thomas liked to use magic tricks in his children's sermons. This too was one of those tricks He assured her, one the young priest would be punished for. Thomas' magic abilities were poor compared to the professional street performers. But he could pull a stick of gum from an ear, or make a wrapped life saver appear in his hands. But making something float was beyond his ability and not during the Sacraments.

On his trip back from Rome, he was one of the ones that disappeared. Over the last four months things have been happening around Thomas, mostly out of his control. But this was in his control.

The official position from the church was that those with powers were to be sanctioned in line with the government orders. Unofficially, the church had been working to help those with powers as long as they were not hurting others. Thomas was now a problem to be dealt with.

He sat in a small library praying and waiting. For the first time that his powers worked the way they should have. His confessor had forbidden him from using his powers. He had done his best to follow the rule. This, like most of his use of his powers, this had been done on accident. The difference was this was a public display. He knew that dropping the host would have been a forgivable sin.

From the conference room he could hear the yelling back and forth. The Conference of Bishops was involved. It meant that this was eventually going to make its way to the Pope who would rule on what to do with him, if the Cardinal deemed it needed to go that far. The politics being what it was, those with powers were considered public enemies. The church would protest the policy and laws as inhumane but she would go along. This would be a right-hand and left-hand problem. At the national level the church would declare those with powers outside the church, but she would also protect those they could.

After about an hour, one man came walking down the hall to the room.

It was Msgr. Flanery, his confessor. He looked like a man who was beat down and carrying the weight of the world.
"My boy," he said in a tone that said it all.

"The decision has been made to remove you from your call," the older priest said. He grabbed Thomas' arm and held it.
"It has nothing to do with you, my son," Msgr. Flanery said with a paternal tone and continued, "The Bishops are worried that if the authorities learn that you have the gift they will come after you and others under our protection."

Thomas might be young but, he understood that he was being thrown to the wolves. The priest handed Thomas a packet. It included a money to take care of him for a while.
"You are officially being placed on special assignment," the priest said.

"As your Father, I tell you that you need to go into hiding," he said. "There are those that will help you," He continued.

Within half an hour, All of Thomas' possessions that fit in two duffel bags were with him and he was loaded into a car and driven to an old junk yard in the slums of Atlanta. The Spanish speaking owner took him to a shack that sat in the yard and gave him a uniform to wear. A young girl came into the little office and translated for him. "Night watchman," she ended up telling him.

Night watchman in a junk yard in the Spanish speaking part of the slums of Atlanta. At least the Mexican restaurant next door to the sleazy hotel smelled like it had good food.
Character Profile

Name: Father Thomas Alexander
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 130
Ethnicity: English and Italian
Sexual Orientation: heterosexual
Religion: Roman Catholic
Occupation: Priest

Ability: object manipulation (Primary- Object repair, moderate- Object manipulation, minor- object creation, animation)

Background: Thomas was born to a working class family in Indiana. His parents were devout Roman Catholics and he was raised in a good Catholic home. He went to mass and attended Catholic School till he graduated High School. As far as trouble, Thomas had some but nothing serious. His senior year his parents were in a car accident, his father was killed instantly and his mother was critically injured. Thomas promised to become a priest if his mother survived. So he dropped from engineering at Norte Dame to Divinity. He was ordained to the priesthood and started as an associate priest in a parish.

When the event happened, he disappeared. When the second event happened, his mother died when he showed up, the Church needed to figure out what to do with what happened. He and many others disappeared then came back. As the church investigates the spiritual source, if it was demonic, the start of the Second Coming, or something else. So, he is kind of lost in the system, unable to preside at mass or function as a priest except for emergency situations.

As Thomas was growing up, he loved to read about magic users. His power first manifested when he knocked a coffee cup from his desk that was given to him by his mother. The handle broke and he magically put it back together. He has been playing with three little drones, adding functionality, repairing, and modifying them.
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Alexandra Eileen Scott

Alex made them breakfast, sort of. Granola bars and hot, hot coffee and fresh fruit is what she had. Her phone beeped a message, which she read then gave it to Rohaan on paper. It was the address of where the drop was to take place. He did not give her his apartment address. He knew her apartment from previous jobs they had done together. With her luck the bastards had taken her stuff and burned the place down by now or worse.

She plugged a phone charger into the wall to find there was no electricity. There was water, which was good. Someone, probably Rohaan had opened the valve in the street to let that flow. Sewage, she did not think about. It went down, that was all she wanted to know. Basements were not her thing. She did not like places where you could get trapped.

She looked at him and asked, "Anywhere I should stay away from?" She wasn't one to sit around without a lab to work in. So, she would take her staff with her to explore the place. She wasn't planning to find out how many subbasements this place had with out Rohaan. They tended to have a few levels below ground that were attached to service tunnels to move coal and items. Some times the subways now used the tunnels now, other times they were just forgotten. But it would allow them a different way in and out, if there was light.

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