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Current Got in the mail, late last night a letter from a girl who found the time to write..
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It has been a long week of Honey-do’s and Honey-Donts
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The only thing I hate more than Christmas movies before Black Friday is dealing with home owners insurance...
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Ugh, the Christmas movies have started even earlier.
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Ugh, the Christmas movies have started even earlier.
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Day of talks - 15th day of Anais
Location: Harrows Tower


Abbi being an early riser woke as bright and cheerful as her birds. Morning had begun and she had a full day of… Sitting, waiting for Lord Drakus to call on her. So she could answer questions with limited detail having to make assumptions about motive, ability, and technical competency. She sighed; all she could do was her best. It was much better than being homeless and Lord Drakus had given her very liberal restrictions. There was the restriction against making explosives in the keep. It was only one window in the lab that was blown out, thanks to the doors being about two inches thick and the chimney flue really did get a good cleaning from it. There was also the sulfur experiment that made the southwest wing smell like rotting eggs for a week. And she couldn’t forget the time that one of the cats went after her birds only to find that birds could breathe fire, which hurts.. It nearly burned the fur off the entire cat and darn near caught the west wing of the keep on fire in the process. Accidents happen in her line of work. She tried very hard to contain them.

She headed she headed to a lower storage room to find her bird. They were constantly chirping and flittering in their cages. Freshwater and seed were placed. Next she headed down the Library. A monk taught her the basics of using the teleporter for a later return trip.

Breakfast was a delight. The serving staff had done well. She ate in the servants dining hall to hear the gossip of who was sleeping with whom, which noble the maids wanted to bed, and any gossip that might be of technical use. She also told a couple white lies that would help Lord Drakus negotiate with the other northern houses. Mainly that he would have to side with the southern houses if he couldn’t get something that he people would value from them. She pushed for teachers for the university and technology for manufacturing and processing. She made a note of who was acting aggressively towards the creation of House Solaris and who wanted to entertain Lord Drakus, for manipulative purposes.

After breakfast, she headed to the Library to look for books to look at while she was waiting. Her first selection was on ornithology to learn more about birds, their flight, illnesses and cures, and breeding for stronger gates. The second selection was on the development of simple mechanical devices like gearing, pulleys, and things like that. Her final book was a book of poetry that the monk recommended. She quickly penned a note about what she had learned and saw at breakfast on to pass on to her employer and Rendyl, she sent this with a scribe in one of her message tubes.

Leaving the Library, she used the teleporter herself. True to Abbi’s nature, there was a slight detail that the monks did not impress on her. They told her to focus on herself moving to the place she wanted. They forgot to include the idea that she also needed to include the dress she was wearing in that thought process. So, Abbi appeared at the end of the hall to her bedroom with the books in her arms, with barely a stitch of clothing on. It took her a moment to realize the problem. The cold draft indicated to her brain that something was not right. Her hang over did not help her thought process either. She let out a little shriek and streaked for her room. She had done house Solaris proud, she had entertained a small crowd of servants and heirs. A few moments after making it to the room, the Librarian brought her the dress and garments left behind in the process.

Abbi sat in a stuffed chair wearing a simpler cotton dress with roses and she had perfumed herself with a little bit of rose water. Now she spent time reading making notes in a couple blank books she had made and bound herself. Lord Drakus had sent a messenger a couple times to ask her questions, she thought more for show and reputation than need. They had been over the issues and the arguments many times and Drakus had is calculus down to a tee.

After blast.

The first thing that happened when the blast happened was a sudden sickness hit Abbi. It really hit her maid and guard harder as they did not have strong gates. She would have to help them learn to use their power. Then the world seemed to come crashing in. Walls floors and ceilings were in places that they did not belong. She in her chair was in a place she didn’t belong. One of the stewards, a well fed, formerly nice looking man, collapsed on her and the chair she was sitting on. He was dead. Abbi screamed at the sudden weight and attack. As she tried to push him off, she grabbed his keyring from his belt. Then with her force gate, she pushed him off of her. With use of magic, that the world started to clear. Mana explosion of some form, she thought. The power surged in her more than normal and it felt better than the peppermint tea. She would have to really watch her magic as the power was calling her to push her abilities.

She found her guard and maid, both alive but with mana sickness. She set off to search for survivors. At times like these, Rendyl had told her always carry a knife. But she would have to search for one or better yet, find a nice person who has one and knows how to use it. She had some bearings and class marbles that she could use her force gate to “fire” them like a bullet. But she had limited speed and power.

Abbi made her way through the remains of buildings, rooms, and halls. Squashed and twisted. She had to use her force gate a few times to push parts of walls away from her. As she worked her way searching for people she came across a man looting the dead bodies of their posessions.

Abbi screamed at the sight hoping that others would hear her and come to her aid. Fighting was not in her normal skill set, at least not with weapons.

After dinner Cilia went up to her room. The room was small but warm with a wood fire in the corner. She could hear the crowd from downstairs whooping and hollering, drinking and telling stories. It was the sound of life. The windows had simple drapes that could be pulled. She had requested hot water for a bath and planned to soak in the tub till she was clean. Two candles sat on a table in holders lit with a third on the table. The glow of the candles light was the color of honey that had been warmed and flickered as it danced in a little draft caused by the heat of the fire. Hanging on a hook above the fire was a large pot with water warming.

Fergus knocked on the door offering her candy which she delighted in receiving. She put one piece of the candy into her mouth after she thanked him. Trying not spit on him, excitedly told him about the fact that the room had a bed and they brought a tub with hot water and real soaps that smelled like flowers. The smell of which also scented the room.

After Fergus left, Cilia enjoyed the bath till it was cool. She soaked in the tub for almost an hour. Then she washed her clothing and hung it to dry by the heat of the fire.

Then like a princess, she climbed into the bed with its down comforters and pillows. The heaviness weighted her down, like her dog had when the cuddled in. Sleep came upon her and she was so tired from the running and the tub that she did not dream that night.

In the morning she woke to a light tap on the door then a key turned in the lock. It was the maid coming to empty the tub. She turned Cilia’s clothing so that the other side would be completely dry. She offered to bring her breakfast, figuring that Cilia only had a single set of clothes. This also delighted Cilia and she snuggled back down into the warmth of the bed as the maid poured the dirty wash water from the tub out the window. The fire was relit and oak logs stacked to burn.

Breakfast was a feast for a girl that was use to savaging for food. Ham, eggs, bread, and other items were on a tray. Cilia ate carefully in the bed not wanting to spill anything or waste it and then she nodded back off to sleep.

She finally woke again and headed down to the main room, dressed with her hair freshly braided and smelling of rose pedals. She sat in a corner talking with a young lady doing embroidery as she waited. She greeted her friends and headed out with them to meet they mayor. Hoping that it would do some good.
Abbi, Christina Young, and Alexander Reason

in the Minor Library

15th Anais, Afternoon

Abbi appeared out the other end of the transport circle, disoriented. The tea cup dress was still in place which she worried about. A bit of hair floated in the air and she brushed it back in place. It would take a bit to get used to the whole sensation of instantaneous movement. The monk had brought her across with barely a word while scornfully eyeing her dress. Abbi blushed thinking that the monk was eyeing her, which made her uncomfortable.

She found herself in the Minor Library. Shelves covered every centimeter of the walls. Every space not occupied by the books was instead a study table or reading station. Only a nook in the corner fitted with some comfy chairs gave pause to the cramped space of knowledge.

In front of her, Abbi could see Reina Young engaged in discussion with Melodia Lapseus. The two small women were murmuring to each other quietly. It wouldn’t be a good idea to disturb them. However, Abbi could spot Alexander Reason and Christina Young just sitting and reading.

When Abbi’s wits were in place with her equilibrium, she looked at the monk and nodded thanks. She realized it wasn’t her that he was displeased with, but the dress. She agreed, but she was representing Solaris, so she needed to dress the part. She made her way over to the young couple and using the customs she grew up, she bowed gently as was the custom in Young.

“My Lady and my Lord, might I talk with you?” she asked trying not to have the entire conversation in a single breath. She wanted to make a good impression as she was also representing her university and advisors back in Young. She breathed in the smell of aging leather and paper and it brought her peace.

Christina looked up from her book, On the Basis of Language. “Of course! Sit down, please. Who might you be?” The shorter woman smiled and patted Reason’s hand. “Reason. We have a guest.”

Her fiance nodded and turned in Abbi’s general direction. “Alexander Reason. Pleasure.” He didn’t quite meet Abbi’s eyes, instead seemingly staring off at a point somewhere over her right shoulder.

Abbi smiled to them and sat down.

“I am Ms. Abbi Smith and I recently graduated from the University in Young. My advisor suggested that I take the position as the Technical Advisor for House Solaris. So, I have. One of my tasks that I am assigned with is helping to find instructors to help teach at the university there and to try to help introduce new technology. I was thinking we have two things we can offer. The first is that we are centrally located so we would make a good distribution hub that does not require going over the mountains. The second is that we can use some of our entertainment and media resources to help promote your products and help increase your profits giving you resources for other projects,” she said with enthusiasm and in a single breath.

Christina leaned back, surprised. “Okay. That was a lot. Uh, let’s go through this piece by piece. You’re from Solaris, yeah? And you’re offering advertising and distribution opportunities? What exactly does Solaris want from Young? It won’t exactly put you in the good books of the other mage houses.”

“My lady, I’m one of yours from Young, working for Solaris. My parents were killed in a fire years ago. I am looking for instructors from both your lands for the university in Solaris. As you Lords and Ladies would need to finalize any arrangements, I can only propose what we might be able to do to help. I am just looking at what Solaris does well and how it might be useful to you,” she said smiling an honest smile. “As for the other houses, my Lord let me know that is above my station to worry about.”

“She might want your new music technology,” said Reason. “Gave it a listen, myself. Excellent quality. Take it from a man who only has his ears now.”

“Well, yes, it’s quite nice, but something like that isn’t important enough to facilitate a trade discussion, is it? And when did you get a hold of my player?”

“I found in your drawer.”

“My- Reason, that’s my- don’t ever look in that drawer again!”
Christina blushed.

“Oh, don’t worry. I won’t,” said Reason. “Bit hard to see anything there anyways.”

Abbi got excited at the music player topic, “Oh, that technology would go over really well in Solaris and I bet with some of the artists using it, we could increase the demand for the players throughout the kingdom. Maybe we could even send a couple instructors to train some of your people too or maybe performers for your wedding?”

“Oh, that would be delightful,” said Christina. “But.. what is Solaris looking for in return?”

Abbi made a mental note to make arrangements. With any luck she might even get to be part of the delegation to the wedding. Who didn’t like a beautiful royal wedding?

Abbi smiled again and said, “I think knowledge and access to new technology is what we gain.”
She leaned forward a little to show her sincerity, “My Lady, I am going to guess that you are wondering if I have an ulterior motive.” she blushed because her other motive was to get into normal clothing and out of the tea cup dress. “As you can see, with my red hair and pale complexion, I can’t lie because I blush easily and I am not use to courtly politics. I find most game-playing like that to be a waste of people's time and does not help people reach their goals.”

She took a gentle breath then continued, “My Lady and Lord, I am looking for solutions where all sides benefit. I need Reason’s knowledge of History so the people can learn from the past and make better choices. I need Young’s knowledge of Technology and Science so that my people can learn that not all technology needs to be feared. You can benefit from the creativity of the people of Solaris. We all need each other for economic prosperity for all of us. ”

She paused for a moment then said, “I believe that Lord Drakus is not opposed to technological development, but he is worried that adopting new technologies too quickly might disturb the order of things. I think if I can help broker a beneficial deal with the northern houses, he would be more inclined to side with them at the vote.” She was going out on a limb and stretching her authority a bit. But with the help of Lady Christina Young and Lord Reason, other doors could be opened and she could improve the university from a party school to a place to be proud of.

Christina looked Abbi up and down. “Well, you’ve certainly gotten my attention. I think Mother would be willing to recognize Solaris as a full house as well, provided the terms were good enough.” She leaned back, lost in thought. “I think we could definitely come to a deal. I’m willing to offer specific support in the name of House Young to Solaris. Maybe, say, several prototype music players for testing and review? We could also start meeting with some of your entertainers and discussing distribution methods. A good way to reduce the general populace’s distrust of technology would be...” Christina began to mumble incoherently to herself.

“Don’t worry about her,” said Reason. “She gets like this sometimes. Don’t try to talk to her while she’s thinking, either. She gets crabby about it. Not sure if Tina can hear what’s going on, anyway. What a perfect pair! A man who cannot see and a woman who cannot listen! Whatever could go wrong?” He laughed.

Abbi smiled, “Ah, but a couple that learns to work together and makes use of each partner’s strengths to build each other up can overcome almost any obstacle.” She then said pleadingly to Lord Alexander, “I really need instructors too!” This was her task.

He raised his eyebrows. “Me? Oh, I don’t know about that. Not sure if you want a man who can’t write to teach people history. Or any other subject, for that matter. But… I’ll help you talk to the South about it, if need be.”

Abbi giggled and said, “Don’t sell yourself short. I would love to hear both of your histories some time, I enjoy a good love story. As to the university instructors, it doesn’t need to be you. I am sure that house Reason has many wonderful historians that might like to teach. I would appreciate any help with the southern houses for my project.”

Christina nodded. “I’m glad that Solaris is extending such an invitation as this one. I look forward to working with you.”

It seemed like Abbi had won the duo over.
How is this looking now?
Yeah, just got hit with life.
Abbi is mostly concerned with complete img her task and thinking like an engineer, she would go talk with houses young and reason in the afternoon. Then in the evening she will go where her lord would like her to go.

Cilia at a bit of this and that, not wanting to over eat. She stayed away from drinking alcohol rather drinking cider. For the most part Cilia stayed quiet through dinner and kind of kept to herself. She kept to the wall to shield herself from the eyes and hands that might roam. The anger and hurt bubbled inside her. Like a dog, she wanted to snap and growl. She had put herself out there as a woman and was rejected in front of her friends. It was emotionally dangerous ground that she threaded on. Wanting to be noticed, wanting to contribute, and wanting to be safe. If one of the men said something about it, she would probably explode.

So she leaned back on the bench against the wall and closed her eyes, pretending to be drifting off to sleep. She listed to the music and the conversations around her. Men talked about the fishing and the weather. Sailors talked about the sea and home. She did not hear word about the Imperial Ruins or refugees. Fergus would be letting the Mayor know of what was going on. So tonight, she had the luxury and burden of doing nothing.

After Fergus went off to shop, one of the drunks from the counter attempted to come make another attempt at a roll in the hay. As he stood across the table trying to catch her attention, she remained quiet and calm. She knew well enough that starting a fight was not going to help her attitude. So she just did not respond. When he threw a coin at her, she let it hit her. She started to rise knowing that someone else would probably intervene before she could. But in her mood and knowing that drunks were easier to fight, as long as they did not fall on you, and good knee to the genitalia would dramatically reduce his interest in her, she bent over to pick up the coin from the floor to return it to him. Then started to move.

Should be good to go.

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