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6 days ago
Current Work, moving, dealing with flooding, and trying to keep my family happy. Plus gaming. Posting rates may not be very fast for a while.
9 days ago
Sitting with my brother-in-law in the ICU. He had a stroke in his eary 40's.
10 days ago
One game only, I promised myself. Work, family... Oh, that looks interesting...
13 days ago
At work on a holiday, good thing I like my job!


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Post flooding = after affect of real water flooding! Not the fund type.
With Finnish heritage, I might need to apply.
Orin did what all halfings would do hearing the rage of Elias, he moved to the other side of Sir and the half-orc. He gently placed a hand on each of their legs, so they knew he was there. Orin did not care for angry lizard-folk. They tended to hit things till the problem went away, not very civil. Some things really were best worked out of a big meal, a hot cup of tea, and a good nights sleep.

Orin made a little smile at the few guards that were still watching him like a hawk.

"Sirs, might I recommend that we move our introductions elsewhere, like a lunchen table." He gently drew their attention to one of Elias' men still watching Vergu intently. "I don't think we are safe here," Orin said. By which he meant, He didn't feel safe here.
Atana grabbed a blade from one of the dead sailors and started to run down the deck of the multi-mast ship moving cannons. She started to help move cannons. We need to take out their boarding party so load the breach with things that will create shrapnel. She grabbed the small cannon balls and stuffed them in her bag. She started up the riggings of the formast. This is the dumbest thing I've ever done, she taught to herself. Let the sailors fight fair with each other, she was going to fight dirty.

She settled herself and started watching for any magic users and watching to determine where the power was. Her plan was simple, take out the leaders and by settled, if someone cut the rigging she would probably fall to her death. Her plan was simple, kill the leaders and sink their ship if possible. Let the sailors fight fair. She was going to fight dirty.
Around but still moving and dealing with post flooding
The twitch does not mean that itch needs to be scratched. The word friend and a little affection would keep Orin from acting, but not looking or thinking.

I got a new insight into Orin as well and it came out in my backstory.. Halflings tend not to be literate...

No, it was just a dark creepy thing that came out of my son..
Doesn’t have to be that lizard man.
My son’s scary one from a couple years ago was the Joker in the Care Bears universe. He was 6 at the time...
Twitching to pick a pocket(of a lizard man) while the bidding war goes on....
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