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Current Going to be snowed in at work. I hope someone will post something so I can play. I might need to write for the challenge.
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Sad, my last partner dropped my game. Life is rough sometimes.
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I like it when I get a gentle critique that improves my writing on the games and at work! Thanks
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Ah what a week. Funeral for a murder/suicide, meeting that I have to go to 1/4 the way across the state, while being at work for 80 hrs.
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I got to be on the radio today!!! Pigeon Spit is open for more players.


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Damon and Ivy

"I told you what I want from you Ma'am. The world is in danger and I need it saved. So the future I'm from never exists, there's a company called The Genesis Corporation there a biochemical & pharmaceutical company. They were established a few months ago, coincidentally two months before "The Incident". There going to unveil a cure for people with abilities, let's just say the side effects are horrific at all costs I need you to work on getting them shut down once they premier to the public, no matter what it takes. Also I need you to find me in this timeline and gave me this" He reached in his pocket and pulled out a syringe with a strange purple liquid in it and handed it to the Governor. "I need you to inject me with it, this will allow me to gain my time powers in this timeline rather then in the dystopian future I've come for in return if you help me gain my powers six years earlier you can have him. "Damon waved his hand and a shimmering noise was heard and Tyler waltzed forward confused. "MOM HELP IM" Then with a wave he vanished. "I can control space and time, basically I've allowed him to escape the murder but trapped him in a temporal spatial loop. You find present me, mold me and use me to help you stop the Genesis Corporation, you can also help me learn how to use my powers to free your son from the loop and have him back here take this it's a flash drive of instructions on how to use my powers." He also handed her the flash drive marked "Damon". "You know what to do Ma'am."

She slid the injectable and the thumb drive into her pocket then ran to her son. The good part about being governor is that you have access to a lot of personal data on people. She would start looking into both of these things early tomorrow. John had taught her not to talk to the people in charge for something like this. A low level clerk could pull up an address and a phone number from his tax forms. But she would try the phone book at the internet before getting into anything that could be questionable use of power.

She ran to Tyler, grabbing him in a hug and dragged him to the couch to try to explain all that was going on and the why’s. She failed as such things are not rational. He did notice the newspaper article about her becoming president. But he did not ask.

He looked at her and said, “I noticed the wing when I picked you up.” He paused to let her understand. “Many of my neighbors would have done you in or have done worse than that to you. I am not my neighbors and I mean you and yours no harm,” he said calmly. “I am,” he thought for a moment,” a scholar. I’ve learned a little medicine, a little engineering, a little about languages and lore, and a bit tinker. From my grandmother, I’ve learned a little healing magic that her grandparents learned in the Forbidden Kingdom and passed on.” He down played how much he actually knew about medicine and engineering.
“I used a bit of the magic on you to help your bite wound and then bandaged you,” he said proudly.

“You are an enigma. Someone who holds a key to other knowledge,” he said like this was the answer to everything.

Cilia rubbed legs to try to get them to relax. Sleep had helped but, she was still not use to running that much. Now her mind was racing like a three-year-old on sugar.

At the call and response occurred with the stranger as they prepared for the day's journey, Cilia was ready to quail. This was becoming a more natural response to the world. Then Axley's comments were not purely glowing in a positive way did not help. Because of the circles that Axley worked in, this one could be anyone from a womanizer, a conman, a cheat. or a crappy tipper. Heck! It could be even worse a former boyfriend. If that was the case, Cilia would take Axley's side and give him the cold shoulder too. Men do not understand and had a different view of these things.

On the other hand, she was excited to have another warrior for their group. Maybe he could teach her something or even better he might have a book on him. If he had a book and was Axley's ex, she would have to think about the situation.

As she got closer to the stranger, she looked at him intently, trying to judge what she thought. She liked the pockets, lots of places to put stuff. Women's clothing doesn't have enough pockets she thought. It also made her think that he had a lot of secrets he was trying to hide or maybe he had poison in one of those pockets. She wanted to get closer to see his stuff. Maybe, he would have a bow or a crossbow. She could learn to shoot that.
They really needed one as the Jerky wasn't going to last. She would have to ask if he knew how to tie a rabbit snare, she was going to ask Snow and forgot. The fresh meat would lift their spirits. The new comer had his hand near his sword meaning he was ready from trouble and he wasn't sure if he trusted them. It was okay, she wasn't sure if she trusted him yet either.

She moved off a little in a flanking motion still a ways away looking like she was checking for rabbit tracks, which she was. But she also watche watched Fergus, Snow, Axley, and Sasuke Stormwind. Interested in how this interaction was going to go.
Bella and Father Thomas

When Thomas got done at the shop, he got on the phone to the only person he could think of that might be able to help him convert hard assets into cash. So he dialed the number for a second time, knowing this one was probably going to cost him.

Bella Nova was being driven to the steel mill for her upcoming meeting with a guy that wouldn’t die and possibly a hitman that wouldn’t kill. She was already not in the best of moods, so when her phone rang, she couldn’t help but suck her teeth. Upon looking at the caller ID, she sighed. Her father would haunt her if she ignored a Catholic priest, so she did what the old man would want her to.

“Hey Father Thomas, how’s it going?” She started with the pleasantries. This was a man she may have to use in the future, and she didn’t want to ruin that.
“I hate to bother you, again,” he said. “I came into a couple items that I need help converting into cash and I am not sure how to do that.” He said. “Can I meet you some place?” He asked. “I have a couple gold bars,” he said.

Bella raised an eyebrow at the request. Not just because it involved cashing in gold, but because it was coming from a priest. Maybe a donation? Who the fuck donates in gold bars? She pursed her lips and went on to tackle this not as a kingpin, but as a face of the community.

”A couple of gold bars? Wait what? Thomas, um just meet me… Just drop a pin on your location and I’ll pick you up. If you have gold you need to trade in for cash, I can take for you, but I’m going to need someone to make sure it’s the real deal. Then I can forward you the cash. I can probably give you a rough estimate of what you’ll get back, but no exact numbers.”

“Okay, give me a minute,” he said fumbling with his phone. “Grrrrr,” he said as the phone beeped in Bella’s ear. Then he managed to send the message with his position. A Starbucks not far from the cemetery. “I think that worked,” he said. Thomas was fairly sure cellular phones were of the Devil.

Thomas had done only a quick search of the internet to find the standard size of a gold bar, 7" by 3 5/8" by 1 3/4" which was 400 ounces and it weighed 25 pounds. Carrying them in his back pack was kind of rough. But he needed money to survive and he needed a discrete electrician.

"Okay it went through. See you there." Bella said quickly before hanging up and texting an appraiser she knew to expect a visit. Bella assumed that this favor would be simple to fulfill. Boy was she wrong. A black Cadillac Escalade with tinted windows pulled up to Thomas. Bella opened the door and looked down at the priest wearing a backpack. "Come on get in." She unintentionally barked the order but didn't raise her voice to do so.

Thomas was sort of use to taking orders. The image of the church that people had was one loving family where everyone got along. They also had their moments of disagreement and power struggles. Now with the “war” on enhanced people, he was on the bottom of the pile. Thomas climbed in to the back and closed the door.
He was glad not to be carrying his package through the streets of Atlanta. Though most people left priests alone, but fifty pounds of gold clacking together makes an impressive sound.

Bella watched Thomas enter the SUV with his backpack that clanked as he shuffled into his seat. She didn't even want to ask.

"Vincent... Take us around some. Bella said before raising her eyebrows twice at Thomas. "Gonna open the bag or what?" Color said playfully.

He nodded then pulled out one of the bars to show her. Nice and shiny. He handed it to her to examine while he kept a serious look on his face.
“It is not stolen,” the priest said. “But I was asked to keep the one who gave it to me secret,” he said, “You understand what attention having assets like this can bring on a person.” He was sure she did, since he had called her before because she had wealth and influence. He wanted to say hello to Vincent, but he knew that would be bad form, so he waved like a school child on the bus. It was much more classy.

Bella was speechless. The week had been very eventful, but this was just out of the norm. A priest had just handed her a solid gold bar instead of a pocket bible. By the sound and look of Thomas, she knew he wasn't messing around at the moment. Vincent noticed Thomas' wave and just nodded his head in the rearview mirror.

"So someone is just handing out this much gold... Thomas do you even know how much one of these is worth? You could... You could open up a mega church with this and someone just... Someone just gave this to you like it was five dollar bill?"

Thomas said, “I sworn not to tell who gave it. They swore it wasn’t stolen. “Thomas thought this was a time that less was more. He did not want to lie, more did he want to tell her, he created it out of nothing.... He dodged the worth question as he had no real clue.

"Fine. It's not like I can force you tell me." Vincent looked warily into the rearview mirror. He knew firsthand that Bella had her ways, but was just playing her businesswoman role. "Just leave it with me and I'll see what I can do... And you need to be careful. This one bar is basically a whole milli in the palm of my hand. And you happen to have two." Bella sighed. Thomas was a very lucky man. Someone else of her calibre might have scammed the man or disposed of him. "Is this a donation to the church? Do not lie to me."

Had too looks on his face utter shock at the value and sad that she would think that he would lie and with a bit of despair. He wouldn’t lie not when he was asking for a favor. “No, it was given to me. A donation that size would go right to Rome. The bishop sent me out, so no. I did not steal it from the church. I am still a priest.” he said. The priests that Vincent and he visited with were all dead plus a couple others in Atlanta. That had been in the news. He would let her draw her own conclusion. He figured that a couple phone calls and she would know that too and that they did not know where he was residing. “Special Assignment” is what the diocese would call it. There was more going on. A woman of her power and with her networking probably knew more than he did anyway. “If it were stolen, I would have refused it,” he said. He guessed that was really the issue. The fact that he was the one that gave it to him was a detail he did not want to give out. He had not really worked out his relationship with Bella.

"Then I'll take it... I won't ask about anything else, except that you tell no one about this. You don't know about these bars. You didn't give them to me. They don't exist. Oh and I'm taking a cut of it. It's the price for the service and your secret. Okay?" Bella said this sternly.

Thomas agreed with a nod. What was going was more than this. Her words had some stress to them. It was almost like... He wasn't sure. But she was almost losing her cool...

"Good. Here, put this one back in the backpack." Bella handed Thomas the gold bar. "Vincent, drop me off first. I can't be late to this meeting. Besides, I think you and Thomas should spend some more time together." Bella chuckled, but she also wanted Vincent to keep tabs on Thomas while she was not present.

Thomas noted what he thought was a protective tone to Bella. In a way he thought she might be worried that he might be getting into the wrong crowd or putting himself in danger. Like walking around Atlanta with twenty-five pounds of gold would put him in danger. So far they were the only three that knew.

He sat back in the vehicle after she got out. He would move up when he got far enough away that it wouldn’t cause a scene. But Thomas was not prepare for the night that he and Vincent were going to have…
The motion caught Robert’s eye so he turned to see her wings. He looked a bit surprised as he thought they were white. He said, “You might as well stretch them out as your secret is out now.” He nodded to her as he said this. The sweat ran down his forehead from the heat of the furnace. He took this a sign of her getting more comfortable. “I’m guessing you are a long way from home,” he said pointing toward the Forbidden Kingdom. He made another adjustment to the waterwheel feed and wiped his face with a cloth.

He came back to a chair across fro her and sat down. “Would you like to tell me the rest of your story now? As you can see I did not draw a blade or run in terror. I’ve know for a while, since I used some of the magic to heal you on the road. That is why I did not take you to one of the share cropper’s homes that were near there,” he said gently. He did not feel the need to include the fact that the farmer would have probably put a pitchfork through her. She had not turned him into a dog, changed shapes, or had fire coming out of her mouth and eyes.

He was hoping for something. Adventure, knowledge, purpose, Magic,... He did not know, but Wren had brought with her the possibility of all sorts of things.

He waited patiently to see what would happen.

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I was in the wrong game.
"Well, Wren. I should let you rest a bit. I need to work on trying my machine out for processing ore," he said proudly. He pointed to a contraption from the water wheel shaft hooked to two billows to a blast furnace.
He laughed, "If they don't see smoke, they might think I brought a mysterious woman into my shop from town." It sounded funnier in his head than it did when he said it. He let her rest for a bit as he changed into work clothes with a leather apron and gloves. He shoveled a large amount of coal into the furnace. Then from the fire he shoveled two scoops of coals. He released the wheel and the billows started to turn. He pulled a lever slightly in and they started to move faster. In the top he shoveled crushed ore, a broken plow and a gold coin for good luck. He sang a song that was calling up magic to the metal, but he did not know the words. It was the song that the miners sang in the mine and had for many years. It was a language he did not know, but it made him feel better. When the furnace got going he would attend to his guest some more after putting a bit of oil on the wheel and gears to take care of the squeaking.

Father Thomas and Damon

Thomas had been pushing himself and his power for hours. All of the anger and frustration he was feeling towards the sin in the world pushed at him. He was taught to practice indifference, but that is more easily done when people are not trying to kill you. In his struggling for meaning, he created a masterpiece. The church he created was beautiful. The altar was 6' long by three feet of solid gold. Marble covered the rest of the place. The Crucifix was also gold with silver accents to make Jesus' body really come alive. The eyes were gems that were so blue, it looked like Jesus was truly alive on the cross. Around the altar was a rail of marble, along with the floors, ceiling, pews, and walls. There were no seams anywhere. Behind the crucifix near the back walls were murals depicting holy Scenes in Jesus' life all made out of gems. On the altar sat a Patten and Cup made out of simple materials. Thomas near exhaustion kneeling at the rail in prayer.

A sudden "pop" noise was heard, and a man with a scar on his upper right forehead appeared a few feet away from Thomas behind the priest hard at working using his powers to build his church sanctuary for empowered individuals. "Hello Thomas, I always had my own picture in my head of this place you built. Although, I myself never got to see it." He looked around truly in awe of what he was building even it's current state, especially coming from an era where most of the world was dilapidated and torn apart.

The priest nearly jumped out of his skin at the man's voice. "I thought the doors were locked!" he said.

Getting a grip on himself. "What can I do for you?" he asked. He wondered if the droning of the generator had muffled the footsteps. "Please help me to the pew," Thomas asked the man. He had over extended his powers to the point of hurting himself.

Damon smirked at Thomas's reaction, although he grew to appreciate the priest in his own timeline before his own demise it was interesting to see a more idealistic Thomas not yet completely stained by the eradication of humanity & society. "The door was locked but I didn't walk in here Thomas, that's not my mode of transportation." He waltzed over to the priest to assist him to the pew as he'd asked. "Well what I've come to ask for is a-lot, really more then I've asked anyone ever well besides this one lady but that's aside the point." He'd made a minor reference to Governor Ivy but he knew that Thomas especially in this point in history didn't know her personally. "May I ask you a question?"

Thomas looked him in the eyes in a very pastoral way, looking for something deeper as the stranger spoke. "Ask," is all he said.

"Alright I don't have much time, really. It's quite simple, and I'm willing to do anything to provide proof. My name is Damon, I'm from six years in the future, and the human race is nearly extinct, I came back to get your help to quite literally save all of humanity." He sighed knowing that was a mouthful and even with everything going on figured he'd have to do some convincing to sway Thomas of both the authenticity of what he was saying, and the urgency to act on it

Thomas looked at him and smiled, "I don't need your proof," he said that is not how Thomas was. "What is it you need and if I can give it, I will?"

He's listening to Damon's story before deciding he is a nut job.
His prayer book that he lost would work.
I would with behavioral health people. People tell you all sort of things, doesn't mean it is true. Thomas sees the world going to hell in a hand basket.

Damon was taken back and shocked, he hadn't expected Thomas to simply believe him regarding his statement about the end of the world especially the part about him being a time traveler." Hmm well there are a couple people that you could kill, more then a couple if they were to die right now in 2019 it could quite possibly fix my future. But things have a funny way of happening one way or another from what I've seen first hand." He thought about his own attempts to alter time himself. "Honestly I find it hard to believe that you accept what I'm saying as truth, I certainly wouldn't. But your a strong man and you played a major role in helping people with powers, and building positive human & empowered relations, like the mutant MLK had the world survived you'd have gone down in history as one of the great influencers to make a true change on earth."

Thomas wrinkled his brow and asked, "Who is it that I am supposed to kill?" Fame, glory, pride was not things that were going to motivate Thomas to do something. There was more to the story and he needed to listen before judging Damon. Even if he was crazy, there might be some truth to his story.

"The telepath Kalep Jackson, President of the American Legion Division Malik Henderson, a girl named Ally Olson, political advisor John Brown, just to name a few but like I said I know you probably won't. You were one of my mentors before you died, and one of the most genuine men I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. Hence why I've sought out your help to change the past, to create a better future in whatever way you see fit based off the intel I supply you." He didn't want to give Thomas too many specifics, although he'd done so with Ivy he had specific leverage over her, not to mention Thomas himself played a big role in his life and progression as an empowered so he had personal stake in not altering Thomas's history too much.

Thomas now thought he was crazy. "You do know that Priests do go around killing people," he said with the implication that it was against the job description.

"Yes I'm well aware, you do know that I only traveled from six years in the future, and everyone is dead, the world is a smoldering boulder of mass death. Forgive me for my insensitivity about a few assholes who literally play major roles in this happening." Damon sighed hopefully Ivy would come through on the more cold hearted tasks/ideas to fix time.

Thomas looked at him and did not see any indication of a lie in Damon. He sighed then said, "If you were one of the people I mentored, you know how I operate. " He would need proof about the moral evil that would necessitate murder. Then he would need to see for himself. Then he would need to see if there was any other way to handle this.
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