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Sorry, I have been out of town for the long weekend! I will get my character up tomorrow at some point for sure!
Hi! Welcome! I hope you have loads of fun!
Ohhh this definitely seems very interested! I would love to join... now to think of a character idea.
Excitement and panic.
Oh gosh... okay, thanks for the information.
Thank you!
Hi I'm sorry if I'm too late to the party, I just joined, but I love this idea and would love to take part if there is still room. If not that is perfectly fine!
Hey everyone!

It has been a decent while since I have spent any time on a forum or roleplaying regularly so I am looking to shake off the rust off my writing ability and have fun experiences stories with others. I used to write and RP pretty regularly when I was younger but the distractions of being and adult and the attraction of video games have always made me feel like I lack the time to write anymore. On top of the never-ending abyss of self-consciousness about my writing ability... but that's neither here nor there.

I hope to get back into the swing of things have some fun!
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