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Current @Penny: Honestly though, a lot of us girls do the same to 'nice guys'.
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Dear morning shift. You suck. I hate you. Go back to bed.
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No, that was horrible haha. Get out
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Three days off in a row? Think the wine is calling my name guys.
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@HaleyTheRandom: Now see, you would likely get whole list if I did that.


About The Dove:


Let's see what else? I usually go by Love or Dove. I have been writing off and on, for at least nine years. I'm a gamer, so feel free to talk to me about games. If I know them we can talk eachother's ears off. Especially Dragon Age. Or really anything, I can be a bit of a chatty Cathy. I write for what I would call low to middle advanced. Post length is 3-6 paragraphs on average, but I've been known to post more though. It really depends on my level of interest. I usually stay to 1x1's because I like the level of connection, and can play both males and females.

Want to know something else about me? Pm me and ask, my darlings.

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This Fire Burns, Always

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These people are awesome and I love them so much. I would write with them anyday.

@SirensCall: This girl right here is so freaking awesome! Someone who I have written with for years, and has really became a true bff. She a wonderful writer. She always has a way to keep me on my toes with her twists and her characters witty come backs. Sometimes I don't know which I look forward to more, our chats or her replies to our roleplays. I love all of you, but if anyone deserves to be first, it's her

@ravenhuffle: Another wonderful writer, even if she sometimes doubts herself. Even if it's been awhile since I've talked to her. And even longer since we have gotten an rp off the ground. I've known her for a long time now.

@POOHEAD189: Aww my sweet Poo. This man right here is a sweetheart ladies and gentlemen ❤. I really enjoy talking to him. He is funny, has awesome tastes in games, and likes talking to me even when I poof for a little while when busy. He always makes me happy. I'm lucky to have him as a friend, and that a stupid pun joke got us talking.

@Ataraxia: Adding this guy here cause he's pretty awesome. Though sure you already know that ;)

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Kat smiled a bit to herself as she sat beside Atty. As weird as it might sound to people, she knew that Lia wasn’t near as hard as she acted. It was one of those things that you actually had to live with her to pick up on. Also she gave really good hugs actually. Then Atty said that he would tell her the story again from the beginning, and smiled a little bit more. “That would be really great. Just from what I heard it was going to be a good story.” She said before she started picking at her muffin. Kat was trying really hard not to let on that she was feeling off, but it was making her less hungry than usual. She was really glad that it most not have been noticeable.

Kat was in her own little world has she ate it, barely noticing that Atty had gotten up to make himself some tea. Though her thoughts were pulled back to the room when Lia said the seamstresswas coming later, and she smiled a bit. “Oh okay….oh this is going to take some thought!” She said feeling herself get a bit excited, her first time going to a ball with a dress made just for her. It would definitely have to be pretty, and lots of color. Well maybe not lots of color, then it would look tacky. Oh maybe blues and greens….wait did she have any green or blue heels?

Once again she found herself staring off in thought. She frowned to herself a bit before shaking her head as if it would help. Then Edger wobbled his cute little butt over to her, and she started feeding him bits of muffin before Mitch finally came in. The half asleep train wreck he was. She nodded a bit to what Atticus said before whispering back. “If she does, I'm gonna stay in the castle for a few days.”

When Mitch reacted to her good morning she couldn't help but giggle, and it didn't help that Atty almost shot tea out if his nose beside her, before burning himself. It was turning into a fun morning all around. “Thanks Atty.” She said before pulling it apart and letting it cool as she picked at the bit from her last one.

Kat was really looking forward to not having a lesson today. It would be fun to have the whole day to herself. To relax and hang out with Atty. “That sounds really good. I wanna try a piece of the pie.” She said when Lia talked about making s'mores pie. Because who wouldn't want a pie with chocolate and marshmallows.


He really didn't want to be awake right now. If Edger hadn't woke him up, he would have probably slept until Lia woke him up. Because he was extremely tired. At the moment he was barely functioning, and didn't care how he looked. He heard the three of him laugh at his reaction to Kat. Mitch couldn't help it though, she was extremely loud first thing in the morning. And then seeing the kitchen filled with muffins. Last time it had been cupcakes.

Mitch smiled a bit and nodded when Lia said she was going to make cookies soon, and he looked at Atty and nodded To him. “Thanks man.” He said before looking back to Lia. “I can get it down for you in a minute.” He added before he started drinking his coffee. It still surprised him that Lia could make some of the best coffee, and he sighed a bit happily as he drank his.

Mitch's eyes followed Lia as she headed out of the door with Edgar, before looking at the others. “So, if you don't have lessons today. What you guys going to get into?”

“Well I might try to practice some from yesterday but not sure yet. And Atty was going to tell the story he started last night. Other than that, I don't really know.” Kat answered.

Mitch chuckled a bit. “The one about the hunters?” When Atty shot him a look and told him which one she was talking about he nodded a bit before drinking on his coffee.

“What hunter one? I want to hear about the hunter one too.” She said and when Atty replied she nodded a bit and started picking at her muffin again.

Mitch watched her pick at her muffin for a moment. “You alright?”

Kat sighed a bit looking at what was left. “Yeah, I'm just not that hungry this morning.” Mitch raised a brow and gave Atticus a look as she wrapped up her over half a muffin and said she would just take it with her, because Kat was probably the biggest breakfast person that he knew. “I'm gonna go get dressed so we can go.” She said before heading back upstairs.
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Autumn Anderson

105|Witch - Werewolf Hybrid|Against The War|The Dead

"Call me a coward, but maybe its better for my family to think I'm gone."


-Autumn is believed dead by all of her family. Surely you know the story about the girl that caused the last Werewolf and Vampire war, in the far West. That would be Autumn. She ran to the vampires hoping to be protected from her father because she was a witch, but they tried to use her against him. Afraid for her mother she ran instead.

-Autumn is a very powerful witch, product of both a strong magical family and a family of Alpha wolves. She specializes in a type of magic that is close to Natural magic that effects sound waves. She is also a Alpha wolf.

-At the moment she is hiding in the same pack as Arik, she has held the rank of beta or The Omega tightly for the last five years. Thankfully so even, she doesn't care about titles in the least. She craves friendship and safety after the time she spent alone.
1. Pride - American Authors
2. She's So Mean - Matchbox 20
3. Oh Lord - In This Moment
4. Monster - Meg Myers
5. Dark Horse - Katy Perry
6. Bad Religion - Godsmack
7. Thunder - Imagine Dragons
8. My Demons - Starset
9. I Write Sins Not Tragedies - Panic At The Disco
10. Victorious - Panic At The Disco

Vera Palash

Both Terms Unknown|UnSeelie Fae|Wings|UnSeelie Queen

"I'm not heartless, I have a heart....oh. Well excuse the fuck out of my not wanting my people insulted. Fucking Da'lamra"


-Vera has been the Queen of the UnSeelie for hundreds of years. Not because no one has tried to take her place, but because no one has beating her yet. That said, not to many have tried. Compared to the last queen, she is a Mothersent.

-Being a royal she has some special advantages. She has met Mother Nature and often gets to speak with her. She also mentally knows where each of her people are. As well as were they are reborn. Which can get to be a headache at times.

-While having more contact with the other races then some of her people. Vera still takes words quite literal.
1. Beth Crowley - Battle Cry
2. Jennifer Nettles - That Girl
3. Maroon 5 - Misery
4. Jo Dee Messia - My Give A Damns Busted
5. The Chainsmokers - Paris
6. Fall Out Boy - I Don't Care
7. Jon Bellion - All Time Low
8. Lorde - Royals
9. Selena Gomez - Fetish
10. Eric Church - Creepin
1. Halestorm - Mz Hyde
2. Melanie Martinez - Nightcore Version - Dollhouse
3. Theory Of A Deadman - Stright Jacket
4. Maroon 5 - This Love
5. Pan!c At The Disco - This Is Gospel
6. Pan!c At The Disco - Miss Jackson
7. Carter's Chord - Different Breed
8. Alanis Morrisette - You Oughta Know
9. Nicki Minaj - Stupid Hoe
10. Shinedown - Asking For It

Ryder Parker

Fae Terms 28, Human Terms 196|Seelie Fae|Wings|The Provider

"I really don't care for politics. I'm to busy actually getting my hands dirty for my people to give a shit who is right or wrong."


-While not the most important in his tribe, Ryder does play an important role. He is a farmer, mostly because his element is nature. He also takes care of the Halla, and leads one of the hunting parties for his tribe.

-Ryder is more likely to be in the woods in or around his tribe. He finds it much more soothing. It helps the fact that he tends to get more uncomfortable and frustrated around a lot of people.

-He has a long time on and off boyfriend, Swayer. Honestly, he is well aware that he is often the reason for the brake ups. Unlike his boyfriend, he isn't as content with his sexuality and it causes him to be self damaging. Which can cause him to sometimes be a little harsh.

Swayer Finley

Fae Terms 23, Human Terms 161|UnSeelie Fae|Wings|The Easygoing

"I've come to terms with myself, I wish others could say the same. Not hide behind their lies and pride."


-Swayer has been in an off and on "relationship" for at least six years. While he is open about his sexuality, his breed of Fae are more understanding than his boyfriends.

-Swayer might not look like much, but he is stronger than he looks. Which is why he is actually the only male to be part of the Queen's court. He is the one that deals with the sometimes hostile messages between his queen and the Seelie King.

-Swayer's element is air, due to this he is much faster than most Fae. A talent that comes in handy while fighting. It also explains his personality. Swayer is the type of person to just go with the flow of things. He is usually up for any thing. And if he gets into trouble, he'll deal with it later.

Raelynn Dumat

402|Djinn|Delonna's Tribe|The Protective Sister

"It's sad that when everything starts going wrong. That's when you find out who your friends are."


-Raelynn once belonged to Amal's group of Djinn though she and her younger brothers ran to Delonna’s group after her mother was killed for sleeping with a vampire and having her youngest brother. It was only her first offense, and it had happened years before Amal took over, yet no one cared.

-Though she has never been able to go into the Abyss. Rae is very talented at realty bending. To the point she is able to bend people’s perspective into seeing things the way she does. Though it isn't how she likes to get her point across.

-Raelynn is a very protective person, something that comes from having two younger siblings. And she is still reeling from the fact their mother is gone. Though she tries to hide it.
1. Jessie J - Do It Like A Dude
2. AJR - Weak
3. Fall Out Boy - I Don't Care
4. Imagine Dragons - Radioactive
5. Imagine Dragons - Believer
6. Hozier - Take Me To Church
7. Counting Crows - Mr. Jones
8. Simon Curtis - Diablo
9. Three Days Grace - Pain
10. Emilie Autumn - Fight Like A Girl
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