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Kat smiled as Atty started back on his story as they started walking. Though the fact this guy was the only demon he had come across was a little surprising to her. Then again there were a few demon witch hybrids in her coven. So maybe that's why it was so weird to her. One of her best friends had been one. She caught herself losing herself and focused on his story more. She laughed so hard she snorted a bit when he said the guy knocked himself out by jumping on the bar to get away from the little mouse. That was just a hilarious image to have in her head. She laughed out an "Oh no" when he said that they followed them outside. The ending was almost the best for the story and she laughed when he added the part about Lia getting rid of the mice.

"I'm kind of glad you did. I'm gonna think of this story everytime I see a mouse now." She chuckled as she opened the gate to the arboretum for them. The temperature dropped a bit as the trees blocked the little bit of gloomy sun that was out. Kat frowned, or maybe she was running a fever. She wasn't quite sure, but she definitely felt colder. Didn't mean she was going to admit it though. "So where is Snowcrest? I don't think I have heard of that place. I thought the North was the only place that got snow." She asked as they walked through a few of the trees.

Honestly she spent so much time here it seemed like she knew what all the trees were. Her favorites were always the white willows they had. It was just finding the right one to climb in. Though today she wasn't sure if she felt like climbing. A cold chill coming over her. "Actually, I think I will take that extra coat." She said with a frown as she got to the willow trees, she didn't want it but she could even feel herself shivering as she put it on and knew it was only so long until he would be able to see it too. After a few minutes they came upon one of the few beaches and sat down. "Why did you decide to leave the West? I hear that it's so prettier there. And warmer."

Mitch smiled a little bit when Lia talked about being so young, because even though he didn't know Lia's age. He knew that she was much younger than him. Hell most of the regular vampires in the coven were younger than him. He decided against saying his thoughts though. "It's still a nice gesture. People appreciate you remembering days that are special for them like that." He said, before asking if she needed anything from the castle. He honestly didn't think about it yesterday, he should likely get her a present himself. He nodded a bit when she said she thought she had everything. Then she coughed and he asked if she was alright.

He shot a look at her back when she answered, Lia was so stubborn. They both knew she was starting to get sick. Her weather changing cough and actually sick cough sounded different. After so many years by her side he could hear the difference. But rather than argue with her, he would simply get some stuff for it at the castle. Just the sort of stuff she would ask for that she didn't have here. "I might see if they have something I can get her as a present." He said as she sat his plate down. "Thank you." He said, smiling a bit at the bacon she had added, before she sighed and said she might be getting a cold.

He nodded a bit as she spoke. "That's probably a good idea, if you are getting sick you shouldn't waste your energy." He said, he actually didn't see her saying she might be sick until she couldn't deny it, but it was actually a little nice for once. "I'll go to the castle and get some of the extra stuff you usually want when sick, when Atty gets back. We won't worry about telling them you might be sick until we know for sure." Mitch said, before giving her a soft smile. He knew she likely didn't want to worry the others. He picked up his book as the folk in his other hand cut into the omelet. "Oh by the way, I'm pretty sure Kat is getting sick herself. She barely ate anything for breakfast and was shivering a bit." He said before letting himself get lost in his book again as he ate.
Bri was super happy for Saul when his mom said she was going to stay around for awhile. From everything that she had heard, Temp was so great. Plus Saul looked so happy, after worrying about it. Temp said that they were going to get baby stories and she was happy for that too. They so rarely got baby stories about Saul other then when he was a baby baby when their dad was still around him.

Evan asked if Temp got pickpocketed too and her reaction was funny and she laughed a little, though it was a little disappointing that they didn't get to tell the story. Not really surprised because the girl had been really pretty, he still didn't seem to believe, and it was likely against some manner somewhere. The fact that Temp had ran into her dad was a little bit of a surprise. But also a little surprised that their dad hadn't said anything in the group chat that they had going. She glanced at Evan at the news but didn't say anything about it.

She saw Evan pull out her phone and frown at it, and though she wasn't sure why. She pulled her phone out since Saul and his mom were talking, and shot Evan a quick text. Hey, we should leave them to catch up.

Bri smiled when Saul brought up that she was helping him. "Yeah, I'm so excited about it. I've always wanted to help him with his inventions." She said happily. When Temp asked about what the two of them did, she kind of smiled a little. "I'm a pathologist assistant." She answered

"So we are going to walk around a bit so you guys can catch up." Bri said, gesturing to Evan too. "It was so nice to finally meet you though. Hopefully we'll get to see you more since you're hanging around." She said before her and Evan started wandering around. "I sooo see what dad sees in her, she is kind of hot and so sweet." She chuckled

Naomi laughed a little at the response Sierra gave. "Only psychopaths and people without taste." She joked. Sybil's people coming through took her off guard though, she didn't expect that Sybil had anything to even do with this area. She really wanted to know what the hell her people were doing this far west. She wanted to follow them and figure out who they were looking for. She didn't want to rudely take off from the person that just helped her out, just like that. So she made up a reason to meet back up with her after having time to snoop a little. Before disappearing and doubling back to follow the group that just had walked through.

Luckily the skill to pick pockets was really useful when following someone without being noticed. Her hearing being better for being a vampire made it a little easier to hear what they were saying to each other. The issue was that they weren't talking about what they were looking for. Down talking the humans that got in their way while walking. Mumbling to each other about people they sort of recognized. They were definitely looking for something important that they were ignoring all of these other people.

Naomi was about to give up and head back to meet with Sierra, when the one male of the group mentioned something about having the pee and finding them after and went off to a little alleyway out of the way. She waited a few minutes before heading down the alleyway herself, and attacking him when he turned back towards her. She was quick, it wasn't the first time that she had drained a warlock's energy to need them from fighting her back. He was pretty weak by the time his brain seemed to click to fight bad, trying to push her away. She waited until he seemed weak at the knees to let him go, and watched him kind of fall to the ground, still fully awake though.

"What the fuck is your problem bitch?"

Naomi sighed and slapped him across the face. "Shut up. I'm the one asking the questions. Why are you here?"

He laughed loudly at her. "Do you think I'm going to answer your questions? My friends will be back you stupid bitch."

Naomi laughed darkly. "Oh trust me you'll be dead by the time they come back. Now answer the question."

Zay chuckled a bit slightly because he knew Mila wasn't trying to cause Val to get nervous. "Don't mind Mila, she is a bit of a foodie. You definitely have to try one some time." He said before her friend came back. The mood had shifted when Sybil's people had gone through, and all of them were clearly glad when the mood shifted back to calm. Mila suggested going to the shalls, she had a friend that sold the necklaces Mila made. Plus the fact this was a supernatural meeting ground meant that there was a good kind of stuff to buy. It made her kind of happy, they both seemed to like her idea, and as they walked she told Zay she wanted to stay a little bit due to the reaction their new friend had to her piece of shit mothers people showing up. Zay of course agreed and texted his uncle. Though with the way he kept checking out Siddiq, she wasn't surprised that he didn't even seem to care if they stayed longer.

Mila smiled a little nodding when Val said that she had lived. It sounded a lot like the tribe that they had grown up in. It was sweet that she was going to move in with Siddiq and he was going to get her a job. Not even knowing them well, she could tell it was a big thing for her. "I hope you find your siblings. I get that though, about it feeling weird to be away from society after hearing about it. After Zay got kicked out of our dragon tribe, I couldn't stand staying there and knowing about what I was missing." She said smiling towards him, only to see that he was frowning at his phone. She knew he was still listening but it did look like his uncle was arguing with him a bit.

"So…" Mila looked back to Siddiq "what do you do at your spa?" She asked and when he said that his job was a masseur she smiled a bit. "Oh? Which place? Zay could probably use a massage."

Zay had been half listening to the conversation, half arguing with his uncle. Who of course had to be more stubborn than he was old. Though he heard what Mila said, and the quick thought of Siddiq giving him a massage, caused a soft quiet growl to come from him. He quickly covered it by clearing his throat and putting his phone away. Even he could feel how darkly he was blushing though.

Mila smiled a bit at the reaction her suggestion got before looking at Val when she asked what it was she did. "Oh I'm a dance teacher, some adults but mostly teaching little girls ballet." She said proudly. "Actually some of my girls are riding rides with a coworker. Kind of a treat for nailing their first performance last night." Mila couldn't help the need to boost on how good the girls had done when given the chance. "Zayden is a photographer and he took good photos for us."

Zay smiled, nodding a little bit. "Not normally what I take pictures of, but they turned out good. I usually take nature pictures and sell them to travel magazines and travel agencies." He explained.

Though the stalls were still a little crowded once they got there, it wasn't nearly as crowded as the food trucks. Busy, but you were able to walk and breathe a little. The first one Mila wondered up to was her friends of course. "Hey Hilda, how are the sales going so far?"

Hilda, the chubby black haired woman who was running the jewelry stall sighed a little bit at the question. "You would think being in the middle would help me out. But it's biting me in the ass." She grumbled before opening her thing of money and handing it to Mila. "Here's what you've made from your charms so far." She said before looking at Val. "Anything you like sweetie? Half off if you're a friend of Mila's"

Nireen smiled a little when Warren said that he didn't want payment to help her. It was so nice that she even relaxed slightly. It had been so long since someone said that to her and seemed to mean it. The dealers Sybil dealt with were so nasty that she foolishly thought all of them were that way. Soon the other two left them, and though she was slightly unnerved by it, she was still hungry so she wouldn't turn food down. Hesitantly she took a seat when he gestured for her to. Nodding a bit when he said he had ran with both of Sybil's sons. "Oh that's actually impressive, I've met them both. But it wasn't the best thing." She said as he got up to check the outside again.

"The other groups are at both exits or probably searching the crowd thinking I'll come out of hiding." She said as he came back to her. This wasn't the first time she had been cornered, just the first time she had actually found someone to help her. He asked how valuable she was to Sybil and Nireen chewed on the inside of her lip at the question. Her nervousness rising again, it was just the question she had to remind herself. He was going to help her, his reason made sense.

"I believe it's been a year or almost a year, it's hard to keep track of honestly. I managed to get away when that Lia witch scared off half of Sybil's followers. Her daughter helped me." She answered before frowning. "As for how valuable, unfortunately very." She sighed a little. "I don't know if you know of Adria? But she is my creator. So…" Her voice went quieter watching him closely as she finished. "I've been basically forcibly by Sybil's side, for over one hundred years."

"But I'm not with her, or like them I swear." She said quickly, almost rambling in panic, that maybe he would change his mind because she had technically worked for Sybil. "I just did things for Adira because I had no choice and am technically bound to her, but never directly for Sybil. I would even sneak away and unlock her cages if it was safe to. Hell I even ruined what plans I could without being noticed." She shook her head absolutely annoyed with just how desperate she must sound. "I just have to hide out for another month and then the bind Adira holds will break off completely, then I can join the small group of other Mimics hiding here."

Becca was glad that Warren was helping the girl and she nodded a bit. "Oh definitely. But I get the sense that she doesn't really have anything." She said with a slight head shake. She laughed at his notion that Warren's spite for Sybil was unmatched. "Oh without a doubt it is." The offer to get her something made her smile. While that wasn't what she had thought of when he owed her lunch, she wasn't going to turn down the good food on the food stalls. "Sure that sounds great. Want to get something from the noodle stall?" She asked, gesturing to one of the more popular stalls that had started to die down and was easy to eat on the go.

He seemed in his own head as they walked to the stall but she was very distracted by the smells of the food in the area mixed together and the sounds of the people around her. Becca definitely didn't realize how hungry she was until they were around the actual food area. She looked around when Tobias pointed out that people were starting to thin out. "Yeah they are, what time is it? Maybe they are all in the meetings or on rides. Either way, it's nice to not have to worry about people running into me." Becca said with a small laugh.

When they finally got to order their food she looked at Tobias. "Well since you're getting mine I'll pay for our friend's food." She said buying Nireens food and waiting for him to order theirs. Smiling as he handed her the vegetable lo mein that he had bought her. "We really should have asked what she ate. I'm hoping she eats alfredo." She said looking at the bowl of noodles that she had gotten the girl. Some of it was because it was cheap but also it felt like the safest option.
Willow was glad that the medicine seemed to help him feel better. She hated so much to see him in such pain. "You're welcome." She said softly, before kissing his temple. She asked him if there was anything that he would want to do today before their lunch in the park with Clary and Cole. The fact that he said that his headache was starting to ease up. "Well maybe once you can move again, can we maybe listen to that auto book you have some more?" She suggested.

Jo really loved the idea of joining Billie's class, not that she didn't know how to fight. Hell she was raised learning how to battle, that was something that fae kids started learning at six. However, the whole thing sounded really fun, plus the idea to show Alex she could handle herself made it a winning win. Drake said he could join her in the classes Alex couldn't make and she smiled at him. "I'm surprised that Tiff hasn't joined this class with you." She said, knowing Tiff was always at the gym for the hoop things she liked. A class where you got to fight sounded right up her alley.

The gym was definitely interesting, the machines definitely were interesting and intimidating. Other than the one that looked like the sex machine Randa had talked about before. On the way to the record store Drake explained the other machines and some of the other things about the gym. It was kind of nice that he was so passionate about it. Of course the record store was always a fun place to visit and she enjoyed getting to see her friend Frankie. Even if the fact she had a crush on Drake was a little awkward. She definitely gave Drake a good discount on the posters even if he didn't seem to notice. When she pointed out the fact that Frankie had a crush on him, she whacked him in the arm at the reaction it got, stopping. "Don't say that. You are a very handsome man, Drake. Of course a lot of people have a crush on you." She said, frowning at him. "I mean, you're not my type and are more like a brother now. But still! Very handsome."

It was probably a good thing that they got to the liquor store when they did, because the guy working looked like he was about to start dropping things. Though the news of the missing employee wasn't lost on her and she frowned a little. Without everything that happened yesterday, she couldn't help but wonder or worry. Maybe the reason he didn't show up was because he had died or something at the mall. She smiled, waving back at the guy when he spoke to her. "Hi. Oh I was?" She asked, not really remembering the guy, but also not wanting to be rude enough to say it. "My head forgets to attach itself sometimes." She said laughing slightly. "I need to pick up some rum for my brother. Um, I know he sometimes drinks Caribbean." She answered what he asked what she was looking for.

The guy was really nice helping her find the rum that Alex liked and she made a mental note to brag to Billie about how good her experience with him was. Something that her job had recently taught her that humans did, and that you had to be named Karen to get to do the opposite. Which seemed confusing but still. While she was waiting for Drake to finish, she looked over the small case of random fancy drinking accessories. Once Drake was done Jo waved to the store clerk as they left. "It was nice seeing you again. If you see Alex, I wasn't here okay." The trip home seemed a little longer than the one there, maybe it wasn't just because she was in her own head. After a few minutes of quiet she looked up at Drake.

"Do you think the person that didn't show up is alright?" She asked, hoping that his answer would make her feel a little less of the weird vibe she felt right now. "Maybe he just got called off to a family emergency and didn't have time to call?" She said frowning. She wasn't even sure, maybe the guy was a human, which meant he was totally safe.

Once they got back to their neighborhood Jo couldn't help but feel a little bit safer. Maybe she didn't realize just how much last night had freaked her out. Even if Alex didn't let her be part of the fighting. It was a little too close for comfort, not to mention that everytime she thought about it she thought of the crying place. She couldn't stop the cold chills the thought brought out. But at least here, she knew everything here, no surprises…..even if hunters had wondered in before. These were her tribe and she was safe here. Drake let her into their house, before saying he was going to check on Sal. "Okay, heads up Tiff had to help Zach with stuff so she probably won't be home." She let him know before going in. The house was so quiet, and she checked the rooms in the house to confirm that no one was home. She sighed a little. Part of her was glad she had time to set up, part of her was sad that Alex wasn't home. He was off today she was sure because they had plans before everything happened.

She checked her phone for the first time that day. No missed calls or text messages, she sighed sadly. Hey, heads up. Drake let me in your house. Since no one is home, I didn't want you to freak out. :) She shot Billie a quick text. If she was home she wouldn't freak out about the noise downstairs, or if she came home to someone clearly been there. She frowned at her phone sending a text to Alex. We seriously need to talk. Message me when you get home. I'll come over. Putting the phone back in her pocket she grabbed a few glasses and went up to his room to get stuff set up.

Logan blinked a bit in surprise at the answer he got from Alex. "Wait, what?" He frowned, seriously those hunters were starting to piss him off. Where the fuck did they get the audacity to think they could put Billie on the wanted list? At least Garret was going to pull some strings, that somehow made it a little better. But even still, the audacity of those fucking want to me more humans. Honestly, he was trying really hard not to show just how pissed he was as they started talking about Billie's plan to turn herself in, but he couldn't help his eyes reddening a little. This whole fucking thing was ridiculous.

He stood kind of quietly leaning on the door frame as they all talked. Honestly, Logan really wanted to agree with Alex here. She wasn't healed all the way, however, they couldn't just let this sit. It needed to be handled. Even humans that were close to you, they could happily turn you in if the human law said so. And Billie dealt with a lot of people. When she turned and said she wouldn't do it if he didn't want her to, he sighed. "I want to tell you not to do it. But humans and their laws, it's only so long until someone turns you in. Then if someone else was with you, they would be in danger too." He said, pinching the bridge of his nose roughly.

"Maybe you're right and meeting on your own terms will be the safest for you. I know some people at the police station, they aren't higher ups but they can at least hopefully stop you from being surprised while in there." He offered. Even if that wasn't a logical worry, it still was better to have that type of safety net. Why did it make it both a little and worse that Billie wasn't too worried about this?

When she came over and started rubbing his shudder Logan sighed finally able to get the red in his eyes to go away. He softly put his forehead against hers. "I know, don't keep me from wanting to rip out the throat of whoever made you wanted." He said, his voice much softer so that only Billie could hear him.

Logan kind of nodded when Alex said that they still had stuff to do. "Still be careful being out in public. You don't want the cops storming your liquor store or gym." He said.

Garret nodded a bit when Randa asked if Billie was having him pull strings. He might not have had as much as Randa, but he still had some. "Yeah, I have a few contacts at the police department. So if something happens and the police get hold of her, she'll have people looking out for her at least." He answered. The fact that she smiled when he said he was taking cooking lessons, made him happy. Mostly because he was half taking the classes to learn to cook for her. "I'm learning from Dahl, I'm sure that she wouldn't mind." Garret said with a smile.

When Randa said she is pissed off about it too. "Honestly, I'm not pissed about it. I just think it proves how stupid the hunters are. Clearly they don't know who they are starting shit with." He said with a small shrug. He smiled when she liked his idea and nodded a bit when she had to drop off stuff at the post office for Day. "How is he doing?" He asked, though he wasn't close enough to bother trying to reach out to Day the two of them were still friends. He gave her a kiss back and took his plate to the kitchen. "Okay sounds good to me. We have plenty of time."

He picked up the clothes from last night, so that he could do the laundry after her shower while she did the dishes. Before sitting on the couch and watching a little bit of the tv. The next thing he knew the sound of the dishes woke him up and he rubbed his eyes and sat up. "Shit I didn't even mean to dooze back off." He said, before sighing and getting up and going into the kitchen. "By the way, I'm making you dinner tomorrow."

Eli chuckled a bit at the reaction that offering coffee caused between the two of them. "How have you had three cups already?" He said. Though he totally had to agree that the computer screens would fucking kill his eyes. Between the screens and energy drinks, he didn't have migraines all the time. He smiled a little at Rhi. "Thanks, I'm proud of how well they are doing."

Eli nodded at her notion of wishing that they knew more about whose wedding it was. "How did he even know about the wedding and not know who it was for?" He asked because honestly, how did his intell not get a hold of the most important part of it. Eli nodded, taking the papers that Kyp handed him, before nodding again as Kyp said that the last venue needed an extra person or two as long as someone that speaks Spanish. "Alright sounds good, I'll send Emma, she speaks Spanish pretty well."

Then Rhi brought up the fact that the idiots at the holding cells had been too rough. Of course then lying to her about having got a hold of him too. How fucking hard was it to not kill people who couldn't really fight you back anymore? He sighed a little bit. "At least. I don't know if we aren't switching the right people out or what. I'm about to let Tara just shoot them in the leg or something." Kyp said that he was going to look through the footage of the holding cells. Maybe that was a good thing to be honest, because clearly something was going on there that they were missing. "Awesome, thank you." He said before smiling and nodding to Rhi. "It is, not going to lie, I didn't think that we would have this much of a turn out. Not to the point of people contacting us."

Eli laughed a little at the reaction to Ashley getting here early. "Tell her, I said hi." He said before she took off. He looked at Kyp when he brought the South Council member up. He had a good point, the council members were always a huge deal and protected. It was almost impossible to actually get to them. "That's a good point. Do you think they maybe whoever killed them had something with the bombs? Use the bombing to cover their tracks?"

The redhead looked around the little lobby that she had been told to wait in. Which she guessed made sense. Couldn't just have random people looking around. But still, like she was surprised no one seemed to be expecting her. The little room was pretty comfy though at least. Clicking her tongue a little bit, Ashley took an actual seat awkwardly waiting for either Eli or Rhi to get their ass down here. Her green eyes saw the cameras and made a face sticking her tongue out knowing there was likely a chance Kyp was looking at the cameras before the door opened.

Her eyes lit up as she saw Rhi come and she stood up and hugged her. "Hey Rhi, it's been so long!" How have you been? You totally have to update me and stuff." Ashley said happily, after all Rhi was one of her best friends. "So do I actually get to go inside now?" She asked before laughing.

Adira couldn't help the small smile as Sybil opened the door, even with the annoyed look on her face when she did. She had been off for the last week doing the errands she had been sent on. Sybil was a sight for her sore eyes. She wanted to ask which idiots Sybil was having to entertain but knew better and chuckled softly at her words. "While I have my own things to report." She sorted of side eyed Violet. "She was looking for you too. Already." She said not bothering to hide the dislike in her own voice.

Violet frowned a touch before smiling as Sybil gave her her attention. Bowing her head a little bit in a show of respect. "Good morning Sybil. While I know I was just sent out yesterday, I didn't know how I could get a hold of you secretly without causing more suspicion then just leaving." She explained herself quickly, glancing at Adria slightly as she finished. "I might not have to infiltrate one of the groups you wanted me to. After the bombs went off, I guess the school group and the Ophelia's group met up and started talking about getting together."

Adrian's eyes widened a bit. "Are you fucking kidding me? Why didn't you step in?"

"I'm supposed to be part of one of the group already. How am I supposed to step in without people thinking I'm not who I'm acting like I am Adira?"

Adira frowned glaring at Violet, this was one of the fucking reasons she was useless among the hundreds of probably others.

Violet looked back at Sybil half expected to get yelled at by her too. "I'm still hidden as one of the group as you told me too. I'm working on a way into the hunters as well to find you new hunters."
Sam couldn't help but laugh a little bit at his question. "Actually, quite a lot. We tried to have maps in certain areas at one point. However, people kept destroying them. You should have a map with your papers though." She answered. The amount of times she had been asked that question is what made it funny to her though. There were second years that didn't even know their way around certain parts of the school. There were people that were in their last year here that had never even seen one of the enchanted rooms.

The chatter about the shifters getting into a fight in the gym made her frown and she sighed loudly. Miles said something to her and Sam shook her head. This was a possible annoying thing seeing that Shifters were a race group she was over. Not to mention the fact it had to do with the vampires, whom with the demons had been a thorn in all of the teachers' side. Once Miles left her side, Sam made her way to one of the stands and was handed food that she had ordered ahead of time. "Thanks Jessy." She said, taking it.

"No problem Sam, just so you know Julian and Aren haven't gotten theirs yet." She informed her and Sam shook her head a bit. Usually the two of them would have been here before she got here for sure, as she was usually the one with meetings between classes. The three of them usually tried to make sure they didn't get too overwhelmed to actually eat. "Do you know where they ordered from this morning?" She asked, before chuckling as Jessy gave her two to go trays with their names on each of them. "Thanks." She said before taking them and heading out of the cafeteria. At least she was sure that she knew where Aren was at, seeing that he was probably still in his meetings. Julian was probably going to be a little harder to find. Or maybe not as she glanced in the gym while passing it, she saw Cian talking to some small woman, and Julian hitting the punching bags further in. Of course. Shaking her head she headed toward Juilan.


Iris smiled a little as she got her lunch. One of the perks of being really nice to the staff in the school was the fact she got a little extra thrown in her lunch from time to time. Which was really nice since she had worked up a bit of an appetite after sparring in the gym with Tiff. Looking around the cafeteria she saw that the usual witch table was full up, and Molly wasn't even there yet.

Looking around to find another table instead of fusing with that table just to likely have to move. She saw the new boy from Samantha's office sitting by himself and smiled a little as she came up to the table. "Do you mind if I join you?"

Zaddie wasn't sure what exactly was going on when she left the locker room to one of the shifters clearly beating the shit out of Devin. But she definitely wasn't going to get involved in this. She worked hard out to get involved in the fights of others that didn't involve her. Because then there were sides that had to be picked and friendships lost. So she made her way through the gym and looked for Clary and Ryan so they could have lunch. Once she realized that neither of them were in the gym or hallway, she waited for them to come out.

She smiled a little bit as Ryan found her, giving a little wave. She said that Clary had gone ahead and headed into the cafeteria before them to avoid the fighting in the gym, and Zaddie nodded a bit. "I don't blame her though, I avoided the fight too." Zaddie said, before heading off to the cafeteria with her. It wasn't long before the hallways filled with people talking about the fight and Zaddie kind of sighed. "I feel bad for whoever that shifter was. I don't really know the shifter leader, but I've been friends with Jackie for years. And she can be such an utter bitch about things."


Tiffany was a little glad to see that Randa had broken up the fight. Not that she didn't think the girl could but she totally saw her probably getting hit by accident too. When Billie agreed to lunch Tiff nodded and headed to the oddly still empty cafeteria. Of course the fight had been all the gossip throughout the hallways and was now all of the cafeteria too. Clearly some of the people didn't know much about the shifters. They could be really aggressive between themselves if they needed to be, just like dragons. But also some of them were talking about how much trouble the shifter was going to get in. Why would he get in trouble with Kajun for defending once of their members?

She blinked a little bit when Billie snapped a bit at the girls behind them for gossiping. Looking behind her at the girls too. They must have been in her group or something because they knew her, and were quiet after apologizing. She was very tempted to ask Billie if she was alright, however she didn't know Billie at all other than their time in the gym. So it seemed almost too personal. Luckily the hallways were pretty quiet once they left the cafeteria and when Billie let her into the dorm, Tiff couldn't help but look around the room quickly.

"I always thought you were the type to decorate more." Tiff said, curiosity clearly in her voice before Billie sat on the bed and asked where they wanted to start. Honestly, that was a question she wasn't sure of either. Sitting her lunch down on Billies desk she sat in the chair and sighed softly. "I would like to offer an alliance between our races. While I've tried to stay away from any feuds, it just seems logical for my group to join with yours." She said, before shaking her head and chuckling. "I'm not the best at being able to beat bushes." She made a slight face because that didn't quite sound here to her either.

"I'm aware that we are an extremely small group. But we don't have to follow a lot of the rules I understand your race does, and are very loyal. Not to mention we already have an alliance with the Shifter group. Even if they won't get involved in your feud, they can be extremely useful." Tiff said, trying to state her case. This was one of the first times that she had even tried to make an alliance, as the Shifters had started their alliance because of Jo.


After the Brook girl and whoever the hippie angel was left Erin kind of turned to Ez. "So, who is the hippie girl?" She asked, before they started talking about what craziness she had missed while she and Garret were gone. When Maggie said that Billie dated Devin she couldn't help but make a gagging noise. "What the fuck? Yeah why?"

Though the fact Glenn was gone was a definite good thing. She fucking hated his guys and he pretty much was up there with Devin himself. "Honestly Alex should have just killed him though. Like how dare he hurt Billie." She said, shaking her head. Wow, things really went to hell with her and Garret gone, it was ridiculous. Though the sucky thing was also the fact Randa must have been still handling the Colten situation when they got to the cafeteria.

She kind of gently nudged Maggie a little with a smile. "At least the three of us can start going on drunk adventures again though. I'm not going to lie, I fucking missed that last year." She said, trying to get Maggie's mind off the worrying that she just knew her enough, she could tell she was. Erin sighed a bit, clearly being dramatic after they got their food and sat down. "You guys would not believe how boring Ireland was without you guys. I swear, I'm kidnapping you two if we go back this year instead of staying in the states." She ranted on slightly, before grinning a bit. "I did totally bring you guys gifts back though."

She missed Randa coming in as the three of them sat and talked while eating their lunch. Though when she saw her wave to them and smiled a little waving back.


Kajun sighed a little at the amount of gossip that filled the rooms and cafeteria. This was the reason he had strong rules about starting random fights. This wasn't random, this was deserved, and honestly, he couldn't say he wouldn't do the same. Yet still it wasn't the fact that Devin popped Brooke's shoulder out of place that was talked about. No, it was the shifter that started a fight and they couldn't believe it. After getting his food he noticed a few other people were staring at him, only a few of them weren't shifters. Shaking his head a bit he took a seat avoiding the people clearly trying to gauge the emotion that he wasn't openly showing.

It wasn't a surprise that the other shifters didn't join him right away. He had been a little rough on random fights, but this was different and no one knew how things were going to go. He was a few bites into his sandwich when Colten came over and started apologizing to him. Though he didn't get a chance to answer before Randa sat with them too. He smiled a bit purring softly because the fact someone cared that much about his friend made him happy. "Of course, you're welcome to join us." He said, before looking at Colten.

"Honestly, I'm not even mad about this man. You're not the type to get in trouble. This wasn't some random fight, you were in the right, taking up for someone getting hurt. Not to mention, Devin harassed her last year and I wasn't able to prove and do anything about it. You probably helped her." He tried to reassure Colten. Soon Drake joined them and Kajun kind of laughed at the interaction between Colten and Randa.

When Randa started talking to Colten again and Drake started to leave, he kind of stopped him. "Hey man, what can you tell me about the new dragon girl in your group? I think her name was Ezra." He asked, trying to find out about the pretty girl that kept making him purr all day.

Once Drake and Randa left he looked at Colten when he offered to talk to Jackie when she came over. Kind of laughing at the name he had used. Because of course she would. He wasn't sure if the woman was that wrapped around Devins thump or just that fucking stupid. But of course she would. "No, I'll handle Jackie if she is stupid enough to come over here." He answered. It wasn't very long before a few other shifters moved to join their table, they had clearly been waiting to see if shit blew up. A few of them asked Colten if he was alright, a few of the new students commented on how badass it was once he answered. The general view of the table was that Colten had done the right thing though, before finally the talk turned into the normal banner.

It seemed like Colten was finally starting to feel better when Jackie made it to the cafeteria, and decided to make her way over to the table. The talking dying down at the unwelcome visitor. "Kajun, we need to have a talk." Jackie said, her tone very almost demanding.

Kajun frowned a little bit at her. "No, this isn't a conversation that we need to have." He answered, his voice soft despite the slight anger at being spoken to in such a tone.

"Yes we do, your little friend needs to apologize to Devin. There was no reason for this to go so far that he beat him half to death."

Kajun clicked his teeth a little before sighing. "Colten doesn't have to apologize, unless he wants to because this is a case of Devin getting what he deserved." He said flatly. "Not to mention you have no right to demand anyone in my pack to do anything. How about you go and just enjoy your lunch and let us do the same." He finished, getting a glare from her.

"Listen.." Jackie said, her tone getting slightly louder in annoyance. She was trying to work this out as civilly as possible but Kajun wasn't even giving her the time of day. Her next words came out louder and in a growl. "This isn't something that can't be lazily ignored by you. HE.."She pointed a finger at Colten "needs to be held accountable for what HE…."

Kajun stood up roughly before he could think to stop himself, hands slamming on the table, a deep growl coming from him. Which was followed by not only the growls of the others at the table, but also a chain reaction from almost every other table in the room, as well as one person still getting their lunch. Though Kajun wasn't the leader of all of the shifters in the school, due to their hybrid status, he had their respect.

"How dare you come to my table uninvited, growl at me, and demand an apology for Colten protecting another shifter!" He said feeling his eyes shift and he put his hands into fists to control himself as Jackie took a slight step down in surprise. "If anyone deserves an apology it's Brooke, the girl who had her shoulder popped out by the piece of shit that tournamented her all last year while you lazily sat with your thumb up your ass. Let's have his apology." He said, getting no response.

"No? Then shut the fuck up! We've stayed out of your stupid feud, but keep hurting our group and you'll see what how unlazy I can fucking be. Now fuck off!" The whole cafeteria had gone quiet by the time he had stopped talking, and Jackie stood there shocked at the fact Kajun had blown up all her. Before a lot of quiet whispering, took place of the quiet before Jackie huffed and turned away. Walking back to her table. Sighing, Kajun pinched the bridge of his nose trying to calm himself. That probably wasn't the best thing to do, though the fact his ears picked up whispering from the next table made him feel a bit better.

"Really? Poor girl...I cant believe Devin has been bugging her this long."

"Oh I can, he's so creepy. No wonder he got his ass kicked."

Kajun sighed a bit, even if this started a feud itself, at this point he doubted it would, but if it did then it did. He was tired from always having to tiptoe around the vampires and demons. After taking a bite of his sandwich he started the normal banner up again.


Cian smiled a bit when he came out of Long's office to see Azura, he actually wasn't too surprised to see her. After all, who else could pull both Julian and Robert's rage at once. Though he was a little surprised that she had taken the time not to scare him. "Honestly, with the way today uh is going so far I'm glad that you decided not to." He said with a bit of a clearly stressed chuckle. Cian sighed slightly when she said something about pulling rage from three people. "And this is only the second day, like I told you. This hasn't been the calmest school the last two years." He admitted.

She asked if he had some free time and said that her stuff was stuck in her room, and he chuckled. "Yeah, come on, I'll buy you some lunch and we can catch up." He offered before gesturing for her to join him before he waved to Robert and headed out of the gym. "Honestly, I'm surprised you opted for a roommate this year." Cian said, it was really nice to see Azura again, though they talked often, Cian, like some other teachers and students, pretty much lived at the school during off time.


Knox smiled as he entered the class room, Kingsley of course being the first one to greet him. Reaching down he scratched behind the cat's ear and under its chin. "Hey King." He chuckled, before looking at Reg and shaking his head. "Shit, I don't know if you would get through that pile before I showed up, man." He joked.

"Well you sent me the letters about how I should check this place out a few months ago," Knox shrugged "and you usually pick good places when you actually suggest them. So I looked into it, and it turns out I've met Aren before and he suggested I join as a student." He answered, before chuckling at King clearly not having got enough attention and meowing to get more.

"It's good to see you too, King." Knox chuckled before he reached over and ruffled Kingsley's hair a little bit. "Anyway, I'm not sure what classes I'm taking yet. I was supposed to meet with Aren, but some skinny weird smelling dude told me that our meeting was moved. And Aren would find me when he wasn't busy." Knox rolled his eyes. "So I've walked around this whole damn castle trying to find you guys."
Samantha nodded a little when he said that he would go look at the tutor list when it came up. "Just remember that the tutors are students too. They have homework also. So if you don't need them, please don't waste their time." She said, her tone taking that of a mother reminding a child to remember their coat in the winter. Not condescending. When he took her up on her offer to show him to Janet's class she smiled and gathered her things. "Of course not, I wouldn't want you to get lost." She said before they headed out of the office. He thanked her again after a moment and she looked at him. "You're very welcome. I actually needed to stop by her class anyway." Truthly she wasn't planning on going to see her until near the end of the day, but this worked too.

When Miles mentioned being in her end class she nodded a bit. "I believe so. My class, like gym class, is something that the whole school is required to take at one point." She answered, it was a bit of a pain in the ass sometimes but Sam took it more as a vote of confidence from Aren. "It doesn't look like you have any of the classes that I help with between my periods." She added glancing at the schedule he was looking at. "I will give you fair warning that I plan on seating you with a demon though."

Janet glanced up from the paperwork she was grading while she ate her lunch when the knock came at the door. Smiling a bit when she saw Sam, before glancing at the person beside her.

"Hey Janet, this is Miles. He's in your next class." Samantha said

Janet looked him over for a moment before smiling a bit. "Oh good, I thought you were bringing me someone else for lunch detention." She said, nodding towards a few girls that one of the teachers had dropped off for her to watch. "You must be one of the new students Aren warned me about. I hope you have gotten all of your books. I don't loan mine out anymore."

"How did you end up watching students that aren't even in your class?" Samantha asked with a small laugh.

Janet growled a little and rolled her eyes. "Don't even get me started Samantha. I'll tell you after classes." She answered, sort of side glancing at Miles.

Samantha nodded a little bit before looking at Miles. "Come on, I'll show you to the cafeteria so you have time to get lunch."


Zaddie chuckled at Ryan's notion that it was nice to actually meet her. "It's nice to actually meet you too." She said before glancing where Ryan was staring off at. Honestly she wasn't really one for watching people work out. Sure they worked out with the right machines. But they probably never did if left to their own devices. That was when it was hot for her. She glanced back in front of them just in time to see Clary phase through. She laughed looking back at the face that it got. The person she went through looked a mixture of confused and terrified. While their partner clearly missed all of what had happened.

Zaddie laughed at what she said about forgetting doors were a thing. "Oh yeah that would be so bad if you didn't notice the tie." Now she knew where she had seen Clary before. Last year before Logan was dating Jackie. She was almost in their room every night. She had seen Clary a few times in passing when she was leaving the room. "If you need someone to make sure she stops bitching I'm available. She avoids me like the plague." Zaddie offered with a laugh. She had beat the shit out of Beatrice the first year she was here.

Heather sighed a bit. "I sadly have to go visit one of my guys and get my homework." She said when Ryan asked what they were planning to do after this period.

Zaddie shook her head slightly. "I usually eat outside, because I don't really fit in with either of my races." She told Ryan, and when the offer to join her and Clary was given, she couldn't help but wiggle a bit. "I would love to."

Tiff would be lying if she said she didn't feel as tense after gym. Billie was more friendly than she had heard for sure. Plus sparring was always a stress relief for her. That little witch she had as a partner was a lot better of a fighter than she looked too. As she left the locker room with Billie and Randa, they discussed what the plan was for lunch. She agreed that the idea of going to Billie's room and having lunch was probably a good idea. That way they could actually talk without being bugged as much. She looked where Randa waved, she was going to go talk to her friend before the loud pop came from one of the want to be animal girls.

Tiff made a slight face, she definitely knew the sound and the way the girl's arm looked all too well. That was going to hurt like a bitch to pop back in. One of the other want to be animals didn't take it that well either. Because he started beating the shit out of Devin for it. "No shit, shifters never fight." Tiff said when she said Billie said she wasn't expecting it. She couldn't help a small snort when the other guy got punched before covering her mouth. She didn't mean to laugh, but it was kind of funny.

Billie asked if she wanted to see how the fight played out, and honestly she didn't really care for this fight that much. But also…."Hmm, we should at least stay long enough that your Randa doesn't get hurt too." she said, watching the fight play out a bit. Once Randa got the guy to calm down, and Long came over to them she looked to Billie. "Alright, lunch?"


Brooke smiled when she got invited to go to the greenhouse with Cole. Ez was right that it was even more beautiful than some of the enchanted rooms of the school. She had seen the one the shifters were allowed in even. The greenhouse bet it out. "Oh totally. The flowers and your violin are totally what I need today." Brooke said with a laugh. She looked to Ez when Cole said something about her having to still get settled in. "Hey, if you need any help moving things, I'm up for helping." She offered.

Once class was over, Brooke was feeling better because of Cole finally. Then Devin had to come over bugging her, but she hadn't actually expected him to pull her shoulder out of place. It hurt like a motherfucker too. Granted she had had her shoulder stuck popped out after shifting once or twice. Never pulled out though.

It took her a second to register what was happening when one of the guys pulled him loose from her and started punching him. The motion of him dropping her arm hurt it more but her attention was on the one taking up for her. He was clearly another shifter. She looked at Cole and the other girl when she told to take her towards the other group.


Erin smiled as she got her grounding as Maggie ran towards her, knowing that if she didn't Maggie would knock her over. She hugged her back laughing. "I missed you so fucking much too Mags." She said before smiling and hugging Ez too. "I missed you both so fucking much." She said, not really getting to do anything but smile at Ez's notion of the three of them being together again before the fight started.

"Holy shit, I've never seen Colten go after anyone before." She said, before looking at Maggie and raising a brow. "Why do I feel like I missed a lot? I didn't even know they knew each other." One of the girls brought another over to them that looked like they had really gotten hurt, and Erin could only guess she was the reason for the fight.

Brooke shook her head when Ez's friend asked if she needed to go to the nurse. She looked at Cole when she asked what happened. "I told Devin to fuck off, and when I tried to walk off he grabbed me and pulled my shoulder out of socket." She answered. "And then whoever that was pulled him away from me and beat his ass." She looked towards the guy that stepped in as he was followed into the office. "I hope he doesn't get into too much trouble."

Cole asked if she needed her to heal her and after a moment she nodded. 'I can shift it back. I get my joints stuck all the time. If you will make sure that it sets right." When Cole agreed Brooke forced her arm to shift just enough for there to be a sort of sick pop and she whimpered a little.

Erin watched the girl shift her arm back in place and once the other girl started healing her, Erin kind of smiled. "That was kind of badass. I'm Erin."

Brooke smiled a little. "Thanks, I'm Brooke." Once Cole was done healing her. Erin invited her and Cole to join them for lunch and Brooke shook her head a little bit. "I appreciate the offer, but after the day I've had. I think I'm going to get my lunch and eat it outside." She said her eyes catching the last glimpse for whoever was taking Devin to the nurses office. At least that meant she wouldn't have to deal with him following her out now. Her eyes caught Kajun finally heading out of the gym. "It was nice to meet all of you but I have to catch the Shifter leader real quick. Thanks again Cole." Brooke said before heading after him.

Kajun turned as he heard his name called, unable to help the annoyed look on his face. He was trying to keep his group out of this vampire shit again this year. Devin was making it really fucking hard already though. Not only had he hurt his friend, but he had hurt one of the girls that went back and forth in their group. He wasn't even upset about what Colt had done. Though once he saw it was Brooke he gave a soft smile. "Hey, are you alright?"

Brooke nodded a bit. "Yeah I was able to pop my arm back in and Cole was able to heal it." She said.

"That's good, I was going to check on you but you were with your friends." Kajun said.

"I just wanted to apologize, for a fight getting started over it. I know you have that thing about fighting."

Kajun blinked a bit before sighing. "You don't have anything to apologize for Brooke. You were the one that got hurt. Starting a fight and taking up for someone hurt are two different things." He said before giving her a soft pat on the head. She seemed happy with that answer since she headed off towards the lunch room. Kajun sighed slightly seeing the girl that had followed Colten into Long's office come back. His eyes caught Ezra, and he couldn't help but purr loudly. Blushing slightly he turned and headed towards the lunch room.


Jo nodded a bit when Alex told her what pepper spray was. "Erin told me that I should get some because it hurts every race." She explained. Jo looked at the fight when it started and sighed a bit. "While I'm glad to see him getting his ass kicked. There is no honor in an unfair fight." She said before shaking her head. "Do you want to watch this? Or can we go ahead and get lunch?" She asked, taking his hand.


Cian sighed as he looked over the papers from his first class. While Logan clearly high out of his mind was amusing. He was slightly worried about the challenge he planned on starting tomorrow. While he did it almost every year, he didn't feel confident that many of them would pass this year. Not to mention it was going to overlap with this test Aren wanted to do. He pinched the bridge of his nose and closed his eyes, before hearing someone talking to him.

He didn't get to answer Julian before his niece said he should make a minute if he didn't have one. He raised a brow at her before getting up. Julian said something about being stressed enough and he sighed locking his classroom since there was blood inside. "And here I hoped that he didn't need me for drama." Cian said with a head shake before he followed Julian.

Cian nodded a bit. "I did, I'm surprised you got your nephew to agree to become a student finally." He said with a chuckle, before looking at Julian. "Yeah, I guess the Scottson's are adopted siblings of hers. Plus she wanted to get out of Hell for a while." He answered. "I'm glad that she's coming back. I'm thinking of asking her to be my TA."

He couldn't help the surprised look on his face when he saw Colten coming out of Long's office. Colten was the only student last year that Cian argued that didn't really need his class, and he passed him half way in the beginning of the year. Once they were in Robert's office he sat down and frowned about this being about Lively. Of fucking course it was. The boy was the bane of his existence. He had spent more time with Lively last year than any other student last year.

"Well since letting the boy get killed is off the table. First of all I'll take him for your detention today because I don't want him getting off scot free either." Cian said, frowning. Fuck that, tiffany one was against letting someone get off free for hurting a woman it was him. "I don't really know what to do outside of classes. I could try and try to get him a chaperone to follow him around like you do newly turned." He wasn't really sure who would be willing to do that though, hell even the other vampires hated Lively. He was just spitballing at this point.

"I can speak to Smith about it. Who was the girl he attacked?" He asked, and when Robert told him who, his eyes reddened. "Of course, she made multiple complaints about him last year but Aren couldn't get any proof."


This place was fucking confusing, if they were going to make a school out of a castle. You would think they would put up maps so you didn't get lost. Especially for the new students. Knox had made at least four rounds around the school he felt, before giving up and going by smell. Thankfully finding the plank that said History 501. He gave a little knock before heading into the classroom.
Samantha gave a soft smile when Mile let out a sigh of relief when she said he wasn't the only angel in the school. Granted almost none of them were full angels, but still she got it. No one wanted to be alone in a place like this. "Honestly a lot of people have that misconception. The few angels we have are definitely the more tolerant. Though we are known to have a lot of demons they follow the rules of hell." She said, hoping that it would be at least reassuring. His answer to her question definitely was. The last thing that she needed was a newly lowered angel coming in and getting themselves hurt or worse corrupted. Definitely not what the school needed either. "I do, yes." She answered when he mentioned factions. Before nodding a touch when he told her what would actually make him corrupt and said it wasn't a subject they needed to talk about.

"Well you've already met Iris, who is one of the tutors for my class. I know some of the other teachers would be able to suggest good tutors for their class. But if you would rather, there should be a list up in the library either today or tomorrow. The library is right off from your dorm area B." She answered his question, usually the library would wait two or three days. It kept nervous new students from grabbing up tutors time, when they did perfectly fine in the classes. After all, the tutors were often students too, they didn't have time to waste helping people who needed it "just in case". Samantha looked at her watch and stood gathering her papers. "It seems your gym period is almost over. I think this is your lunch period but would you like me to show you, your way to Ms. Wilson's class?"


Zaddie had to admit that as pretty as her new gym partner was. She was slow as fuck for such a skinny little thing. You would think she had never taken a gym class before in her life. Zaddie slowed down, to what felt like a speed walking pace for her. It wasn't too long before another set of girls slowed down to catch up with them, she let her eyes wash over the one that introduced herself first. Not getting the chance to reply back before the other one said something about her going through the floor.

"Hello lovely, I'm Zaddie." She finally said before looking at Ryan and smiling. "Hi, I think I had a few classes with you before." She added with a small wiggle, before looking back at Heather as Clary talked to her. Oh so they were friends with her. That made much more sense. For a moment she thought they were just super friendly or something.

Heather nodded a bit when Clary said something about joining them. She was kind of glad for the extra company. "Sounds great." She said trying to control her breath. Running was definitely not in her regular wheelhouse. Not to mention she could kind of see that her partner was getting annoyed with having to slow down more. At least with Clary there it wouldn't make keeping the pace as hard.

Zaddie chuckled a little when she was warned about Clary phasing off. The two of them were such a cute couple. "I'm glad I don't have that ability. I would get into so much more trouble than I already do."


Brooke smiled a little and waved at Ezria when Cole introduced them. "Hey, nice to meet you too." She said, before following them towards the bikes. She looked at Cole when she asked if she was okay and said she looked like she had a headache. "Yeah, I had a fit in Lit. That's why I wasn't in the second period. I was at the nurses office, because I couldn't shift back until a few minutes ago, it was so bad." She told her. Cole offered to take the edge off, and she smiled a little bit at her. "If you really don't mind, after class, that would be nice. I have ALD next class and I don't think I can deal with that shit right now."

She pulled her hair up as they headed towards the bikes. Usually when she came down to the gym after classes. She would be dressed a bit more comfortable and have her music blaring. But at least in class she knew everyone else was too busy to notice her still. She looked at Cole when she spoke again, before following her eyes to Davin and sighed.

"Yeah, I thought he would leave me alone because he didn't bug me at the beginning of the year party. I guess he got his room moved this year though. So he is in the same hallway as me this year." She shook her head. "I tried to complain to Aren but he had a guest all day yesterday." Brooke finished as she got on her bike beside Ezria before shaking her head. "He really does. I don't have a roommate this year so if he gets in my room this year he can't claim it's for my roommate." Last year he had weaseled his way into her room while she was in the shower. Because her roommate had a crush on him though, they said it was to hang out with him. Then made fun of him until he left the school when he came out.

"Still feel bad for Tommy." She added with a sad sigh. At least she knew that she was always safe around Cole though if need be. It wasn't why she was friends with her of course, but he did seem terrified of Cole. "Can we talk about something else though. I heard Chambliss kept up with your greenhouse during break."


Willow smiled when Maggie said her name was pretty. "Thank you." Then her friend came over and Will commented that they were cute together. She smiled when Maggie said that Joe had been one of her best friends since they started at the school. It must have been so great to have friends that were that close. "Oh that's so nice. I'm not really the closest with my friends here." She said kind of nodding to one of the group of girls that were moving away from the crowd watching some guys work out.

She smiled a bit when Maggie spoke about sparring. "I'm guessing that is your sister? I mean she's kind of right. I'm not one for fighting, but it's good to know how just in case." Will said before kind of chuckling. "Though I live in the forest, I'm sure it's different outside of it." She added before they got to the pats.


Iris smiled a little as she was reassured that they would be easy. Honestly Iris would be lying if she said she had any physical fighting skills. Let alone enough to fight a fae of any sort. She nodded a bit at the two other girls chuckling a bit, Tiff chuckling as well.

Her request wasn't the only thing she planned to talk to Billie about over lunch. However, she didn't know Iris very well. So she wasn't sure if she wanted to bring up the rest in front of her. She did clearly relax a bit when she said that she would watch Jo's back. It was a huge weight of worry off her back. Tiff looked towards Jackie when Billie spoke of her and frowned a bit. "Right, that's one of the reasons I want to talk to you later." She said before looking at Randa when she said she had Jo's back too and she nodded to her. "Thank you."

Tiff and Will both laughed as Randa talked about the note that she passed him in history class. "I mean I have to agree, I already drowned him twice." Tiff said laughing.

Will laughed a little too. "I'm sure Jo is loving the reactions for what she did too." She said before nodding at Maggie when she asked if she wanted to stretch first.

The short brunette smiled a bit as she left Long's office after him. He was one of her favorite teachers, even if he was friends with her brother. He was probably the most chill teacher in the whole school. He even put Maggie as her partner without her having to ask. The other students were still in the locker rooms and her brown eyes looked at the door for a moment before deciding to wait on the bleachers. Glancing at the red head waiting as well for a moment. She frowned a bit to herself seeing the bruise on the girl's neck. Hopefully that shit wasn't going to be a sign of how this year was going to go.

"I like your ear thingies." The redhead said kind of awkwardly after a moment, gesturing to her ears pierced multiple times.

"Thank you, my friends gave them to me." She said with a soft smile. "So I have to ask, sex or attack?" She asked, the girl looking confused before getting what she had meant.

"Um, attack because I said no."

"Get you some pepper spray. I don't care what race you are, that shit hurts." The brunette said, and the other girl smiled and nodded. "Then come and get me if you want. I'll kick their ass for you. I'm Erin."

"I'm Jordyn." Jo said, shaking the girl's hand when it was offered to her. She saw Alex come out of the locker room and she gathered her stuff as he headed towards.

Erin smiled a bit and waved a bit when she saw Alex coming towards them. The girl she had been talking to must have been his new girlfriend. Maggie had let her know in the letters that he wasn't with Ez anymore. "Hey Alex, Garret told me to tell you, if I saw you first, that he is gonna stop by tonight. He has to deal with Aren and shit first." She told him.

Once they finished talking, she heard Jordyn asking Alex what pepper spray was. It wasn't that much longer before she saw Ez and Maggie come out of the locker room and started towards them.


Brooke sighed a little bit as she left the locker room. Glad to be finally over the headache she was battling thanks to Cole. She didn't even really notice Davin coming up beside her until he spoke to her.

"You know, you can ride me like you did that bike any time." He spoke smirking at the fact that he made her jump ever so slightly at first.

Brooke signed as she kept walking trying to ignore him. Until she felt him try to pull on her arm a bit and she growled. She wasn't completely sure what he said, but what she caught was along the lines of him making sure she growled louder for him. "What part of leave me alone have you not fucking understood?! Fuck off and don't touch me!" She said, pulling her arm away. However, he had tightened his grasp, and pulled the other way causing a loud pop that seemed to almost echoed through the gym, or maybe it was just her ears. Honestly she couldnt tell, but the pain was definitely very real.

Knox Warten

301|Warlock/Dragon/Skin Walker Tribrid|The Scholar

December 6th, Sagittarius

A very smart, passionate, and talented man. Knox isn't really the type to stand out in a crowded room. A fact which he actually likes, he tends to prefer to stay under the radar. Of course that could also be because he has few friends and finds observant people far more interesting. Despite what some might think about fire dragons, Knox has a very gentle soul, even if he isn't one to admit it. Often playing aloof and sarcastic, to protect himself. He has a few mental challenges from being a tribrid as well, his warlock often tries to corrupt him, while his dragon is the strongest of the three races and is able to fight it off. Very often he will walk away from a conversion to regain himself, though at that point he might have stopped listening.

Born to a hybrid mother and dragon father. Despite his mother unfortunately falling to corruption, and leaving him and his father when he was only ten. He did have a rather nice life growing up. It was the group of dragons he lived with, the Warwick clan, that he gained his love for history and lore from other countries. It was very fortunate for him that he was with the small group when the witches from the south came to wipe out the clan. Them only arriving at the end of the battles. They helped fight off the remaining witches and help the injured of the clan still alive. However, his father had died fighting alongside the leader. After helping rebuild, Knox couldn't stay there anymore. For the last hundred and some years he has spent traveling, often to ruins where he could practice his Retrocognition and Conjuring magic to see the different parts of the history. As well as hunt without humans seeing him. Only coming into cities when he ran out of supplies or got lonely.

He most recently was in the ruins of the old Eastern werewolf, turned witch village before getting a call from one of his best friend Reginald that he had started teaching at the school. And despite the discomforting thought of being around a lot of people, the idea to come to the school to learn more and get a better handle of his warlock third was tempting enough to bring him the school.


Controlling Your Dark Magic
Ancient Literature
Ancient Languages and Dialects
Coexistence with other Supernaturals

Eskil Aune

Age Unknown|Giant|The Carefully Calm


Coexistence with Humans
Botany and Alchemy IV
Ancient Literature
Coexistence with other Supernaturals

Still In The Works
If you're going to be anything in the forest…
Don't be the prey.

Normally Earie would have had a better escape plan. She would have been gone long before the Hierarchy sent their hunters. Clearly they were getting smarter now, which meant that she would have to as well. Though now was not the time to think of such silly things as the future, right now was the time to get through the forest and disappear. She had just gotten to the edge of the forest as the hair on the back of her neck stood, causing a shudder to come over her. A sign that her current threshold had been entered. Though if it was the hair standing or the fact this hunter was so close that caused the shudder, she couldn't be sure.

This forest was quite the large one, full to the brim of animals which the villages around hunted for food. Yet the longer Earie herself was running through it, the quieter it seemed to get around her. An odd side effect of having a being with magic within it. Though at the moment, running for her life, the deafening quietness was unnerving. As if her footsteps echoed, though she knew they would not. After a while of running she had to stop to catch her breath, she knew that whomever had to be far enough behind. Between her head start and the denseness of the forest itself for someone who hadn't been in it. Looking around she saw a slight indent of a path someone had made, there was likely a hunters post around somewhere. This was where it looked like they pulled the wagons of their kill through. Taking the bottom of her dress she pulled the dress until a piece ripped from it. Sticking it on the lower thorn bush muttering a spell as a clear set of footprints headed down the open trail. Before heading through the rougher part of the woods the other way. If she was lucky this one would fall for the simple trick as many had before him. After all, what person would rather fight their way through the rougher patch when the path could lead to help? An idiot that was who. As if they wouldn't turn her over to a hunter of the Hierarchy, if they were even there.

By the time she was able to see the edge of the forest, her feet were killing her. Her chest hurt from running, arms and legs cut up slightly from the thorns and thick woods she had run through. However, she knew this would be a straight shot once she got out of the woods. Just over the field between villages she could catch a trolley to get farther away. Of course she wouldn't stop at the next town ahead, maybe a few…...the sight of a plate sized disc caught the corner of her eye. Well fuck. She cussed under her breath before twisting her fingers and muttering a spell. The plate sized disc caught fire before it blew up. Had she the time to enjoy the effect of her brand new spell she might have. However, the explosion was rather loud in the quiet forest. Pushing her way through the opening into the clearing she took a deep breath before starting her way through the open field.
Tiff smiled when Sal said he wouldn't tell and asked what color she was going to use. "Mostly different shades of blues and black. It's going to be hard to get the exact color of blue I need so Zach is gonna try to get as close as he can." She answered cheerfully. What Sal said made her feel better and she smiled at him. This is one of the reasons she loved Sal so much. He always knew how to make people feel better. "Thanks Sal." She said before reaching over and playing with his hair a bit. She added her dishes to the ones Will put in the sink for later before heading into the living room and grabbing her sketchbook.

Will looked to Sal when he spoke after Tiffany left and went into the living room. "Um….I think." She answered before going through the pantry looking for the stash she kept of Sal's medicine. As quietly as possible. "Do you want it mixed in something or straight?" She asked as she finally found it. Giving it to him however he answered. "I also have some of those weeds you like to smoke, since Jo isn't here it won't bug her." She offered.

After being sure that he had everything he needed she sat back across the table from him and sighed a bit relaxing herself. "So, it's gonna be a few hours before we meet up with the girls. Is there anything you want to do?"


"Sounds good to me." Jo answered with a nod before they headed off to the gym. She couldn't help but vent to him a little bit as they walked. While she knew that he kind of tried to keep out of it as much as possible. Drake really was easy to talk to, she knew that he got whatever thought process Alex had his mind set in. However, he knew enough about Fae just from dating her sister that he almost could pass as one at this point. He understood her. She smiled up at him when he called her a badass. "I hope so, I'd like to think I'm bad in the ass. Thanks Drake."

She kind of chuckled at his joke to kick Alex's ass. "No, that wouldn't work. He would let me win over fighting me." She said with a head shake, before looking up at Drake as he went from zero to deep. Also one hundred percent right. She needed to show him that she didn't need to be coddled, she knew he did it because he loved her. She was afraid it would lead to losing him because she couldn't handle it at some point. "Actually…..that isn't a bad idea. I mean the fact there would be other people there is kind of scary. But maybe if Alex saw I could handle myself he would stop freaking out about everything. I think I will sign up."

Once they got to the gym she waited for Drake to unlock it, kind of surprised it was locked. Tiff had said before it was 24hours. She nodded a little bit as Drake seemed to read her mind and explained why it was closed. "Oh okay, I've never been here before, so I'm not sure what equipment they get. But that's nice." She said with a small smile before sitting where he motioned for her too and waiting. He was gone for a good little bit and after a few minutes curiosity got the better of her and she looked around a bit. First at the plants by the doors, which were fake, and such a shame because fake plants were stupid. She knew better than to go behind any counters.

When Drake came back to her, Jo was looking at a few of the machines. Namely the Leg Curl machine, she looked at when he said he was ready to go. "Oh okay…...hey um, Drake. What is this machine for?" She asked before giggling when he answered. " looks like one of those sex machines Randa jokes about." She said, giggling a bit again before following him out of the gym.

The walk to the record store she asked about the other machines at the gym. Glad to have something to focus on other than her and Alex for a bit. At least she knew a lot about the record store, she really liked the owner of this one. After Alex had taken her here a few times, she started making this a stop when on this side of town. The owner was a half breed fae, which Alex hadn't known before bringing her here.

It was really modern looking to attract customers, but you could see some of the touch of personalization of someone born in the 70s and trying to keep the vibe alive still. In a lot of ways the owner reminded her of Cole. A bell jiggled as they opened the door to the low lit small store and the head of a tiny blonde woman with braided hair peeked over the counter at the noise. "Oh hi!" She greeted Drake, seeing him first. "Did you come for more posters? We just got some new ones on track last night." She asked before seeing Jo peek around him and wave. The owner did a quick peek around to make sure that they were the only ones in the store before greeting Jo in fae.

"Hey Frankie, you're looking well." Jo answered brightly before going up to the counter. "Did you happen to get any of the records from Alex's list yet?" She asked sweetly.

Frankie smiled a bit. "I think I do in the back." She answered, gesturing for Jo to follow her, and they left Drake in the front of the store. "You had me worried you left Alex for muscles." She said before looking through her boxes.

"Oh Drake?" Jo laughed a little. "No, he is dating my older sister." She said, seeing a slight look of disappointment at the news. When Frankie found what she had gotten in, they went back up to the front and Jo checked out. If Drake brought any posters, Frankie half prized them since he knew Jo. And once they left the store Jo smiled up at Drake. "So….Frankie has a huge crush on you."


Logan shook his head a bit when they described the fight that Alex and Jo had last night. "It sounds bad but I'm glad that I missed the argument. I still remember the last one at school. Pretty sure Jo could beat Alex's ass if she wanted." He said with a small chuckle.

Logan nodded a bit smiling when Clary said she was going to make him breakfast just cause. Before chuckling as she went into a rant about having to sleep again. "Because it's part of being alive sis. One of the worst parts." He answered this was one of his favorite new rants of hers. Even he had to sleep still, granted only two hours were really needed but he kind of loved to sleep. The girls invited him to go to have a picnic in the park with Sal and Will and he smiled. "Yeah that sounds like fun." He said before nodding at Cole saying that they didn't want them to go on their own. "Right. Plus it's important to keep our eyes on eachother. Better safe than sorry right now. What time are we going?" He said before getting up to take a shower.

Kissing Clary's cheek on his way out before she said he would have to tell them how the restaurant was. "Of course, I'll bring you girls something so you can try the food." He answered before giving Cole a head pat and going to take a shower. Turning his music up and water on scolding. He probably took a bit longer of a shower than he needed but he was enjoying it. It wasn't long after he went to get dressed that he smelt Billie, he glanced at his clock a bit surprised that she wasn't at the gym.

Grabbing a towel he headed out of the room drying his hair. He heard talking from the living room and headed in. "Why is it going to be a day?" He asked before seeing the worried look on Clary's face and he looked back at Billie. "What's up?"


Garret smiled a bit when Randa got up and came into the living room, he was still on the phone though. "A little more than slightly, how the fuck did they even get your name?" He answered Billie over the phone. This was enough to piss him off. This was just a consequence, this was targeted. "Want me to call and pull strings?" He asked. He would find out what newscaster was paid off, for this going on without being questioned. Before making a face and nodding at what Randa said about it being because they didn't go too.

"You're welcome." He said before hunting up the phone. He gave Randa a kiss back and smiled a bit. "I've been taking classes." He said proudly. Before shaking his head at what she said. "Logan is going to be pissed that they made her wanted." He said before making his own plate and sitting with her. He shook his head a bit. "I didn't really have anything planned to do. I know they have that park you were doing before and after pictures of, was finished and opened yesterday. If you want to go there and take pictures." He suggested with a smile. "I mostly want to spend the day with you since it's been a week since our days off matched up. Was there anything you wanted to do?"


Eli sighed and nodded a bit when they said they saw the news. "I know it's not the best excuse, but if anyone looked it up they would see it has delayed four malls being built this year alone. It looks like they just missed the signs when they brought in new equipment last week." He explained before nodding a bit at her saying they did radio broadcasting too, offering them both a coffee. "Yeah, I co-founded the channel for one of Tara's friends." He said with a small smile, not trying to be braggy, as much as proud it was doing so well.

He frowned at the news that Kyp was having trouble getting the videos cleaned up because of the old system. Well fuck, that was annoying. At least the wedding info was legit, though if it was as big of an event it seemed, it could also be a suicide mission. "That would make sense, Axel has said that he has noticed a few guys around her and her daughter since she came back on the radar." He said before chuckling at the thing Kyp called him. "Alright Kyp could you get us a list of the possible venues? If this isn't a vampire wedding there isn't a safe way to send a group in without it being noticed. So maybe we could send a couple hunters in to try to register for the week. They could send you the venues that have something booked that week, would that make your search easier?"

When Rhi said that they had an issue with one of their captives not being able to get up, he was a little pissed. This wasn't a new issue but Taylor had told him it seemed like it was getting bad again. "Seriously, this is the reason they got babysitting duty." He said with a sigh before checking his phone to see they hadn't tried to call him. "No they didn't. Want to take a trip with me in a bit to see the damage?" He asked. He planned to go over whether she went or not either way.

"Oh Kyp if you have the time, do you think you can do a background check on a hunter named Camilla Lusion?" Eli asked before looking at Rhi. "She is from Oliver's area. She called this weekend and asked to join us. I guess the group she leads is headed this way, tracking a group of witches." He explained. Honestly they seemed to get more hunters interested in joining everyday, and though the explosion looked kind of bad. The names added to the database of the ones they had caught and killed said a lot for his and Rhi's plan, it wasn't as wasteful as the others claimed it was.

There was a small knock on the door and once Kyp told whoever it was to enter a skinny blonde woman opened the door the best she could with an arm full of files. Nodding a bit at Eli when he helped her get the door. "The older files from the South just came in." She said, sitting the three boxes of files down before looking at Rhi. "Also there is some woman named Ashley in the main lobby asking for you, Rhi."

-- The tall blonde's heels clicked loudly on the hard concrete floor as she ignored the mindless drones that looked at her as she passed them. Damn things always freaked her out, she wished that Sybil would just kill them. Even if she said they were useful, they were a waste of breath when they had a damn brain. Violent sighed a bit trying not to focus on it or how shitty her night had been, as she got close to the room one of the drones said Sybil was in. "What are you doing here Vi?" She stopped rolling her eyes so hard Adria could probably see them in the back of her head for a moment. They hated each other but she had to remember to show respect though.

Violet turned and offered a sweet smile that wasn't really returned with anything. "Adria, darling, it's so good to see you again. I'm glad to see you are back. Missed you before you left."

"Yeah I know." Adria answered back. "That's part of an urgent call, Vi." She added as she finally caught up to her. "Should you be here this quickly, after last night?"

Violet nodded a bit and started walking again. "I was told to report to Sybil if anything interesting happened." She said with a head shake. "Don't worry no one noticed anything weird about me leaving." She added when Adria gave her an annoyed look.

"It better be good, she's in a meeting and going to be pissed if it's not. Wait here." She said before giving the door a sharp knock and heading inside.
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