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You never get a new console at release date. Wait for them to find the bugs and fix them.
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How is it, that in a store full of women. Every male that starts at my store ends up being more of a whiny bitch than all of us?


About The Dove:


Let's see what else? I usually go by Love or Dove. I have been writing off and on, for at least nine years. I'm a gamer, so feel free to talk to me about games. If I know them we can talk eachother's ears off. Especially Dragon Age. Or really anything, I can be a bit of a chatty Cathy. I write for what I would call low to middle advanced. Post length is 3-6 paragraphs on average, but I've been known to post more though. It really depends on my level of interest. I usually stay to 1x1's because I like the level of connection, and can play both males and females.

Want to know something else about me? Pm me and ask, my darlings.

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These people are awesome and I love them so much. I would write with them anyday.

@SirensCall: This girl right here is so freaking awesome! Someone who I have written with for years, and has really became a true bff. She a wonderful writer. She always has a way to keep me on my toes with her twists and her characters witty come backs. Sometimes I don't know which I look forward to more, our chats or her replies to our roleplays. I love all of you, but if anyone deserves to be first, it's her

@ravenhuffle: Another wonderful writer, even if she sometimes doubts herself. Even if it's been awhile since I've talked to her. And even longer since we have gotten an rp off the ground. I've known her for a long time now.

@POOHEAD189: Aww my sweet Poo. This man right here is a sweetheart ladies and gentlemen ❤. I really enjoy talking to him. He is funny, has awesome tastes in games, and likes talking to me even when I poof for a little while when busy. He always makes me happy. I'm lucky to have him as a friend, and that a stupid pun joke got us talking.

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Hello everyone I’m Love Dove as you can clearly see. As you probably guessed I am looking for some new partners, it's been a little while since I've had this role played with someone new. That being said below is a few things you should know about before roleplaying with me. Yes I know it’s boring but it’s kind of need to know stuff.

-I am a high casual to advanced writer. I personally can write 3-6 paragraphs, maybe more, if you give me something to work with. I won’t give a word count but please be able to write at least three solid paragraphs. You get what you give, and I cannot stress that enough.

-I am a female, though I can play both genders. I prefer that my partners can play both genders as well.

-I LOVE to double, because that not only gives us both more to play with but no one gets stuck with one gender if they really wanted the other, however I do single pairings as well.

-I do mxf and fxf however I don’t know much about mxm so bear with me.

-OOC chat is a must for me, rather it is on the thread or through PM. If you don’t feel like talking to me other than my character than it will not work out. I want help making, shaping, and in some cases changing the plot that is our rp. Do not come to me expecting me to make the whole plot line or carry the story. Also I want you to be my friend, I like my friends, they like me.

-Mature themes are perfectly fine with me. Blood doesn’t bother me, in fact most of my vampire roleplays have blood play in them because that is the largest part of being a vampire. Sexual parts will be taken to PM unless you want to fade to black. However with that said I don’t want pure smut, whatever plot we use should be the main focus not the intimate parts.

-As you can tell by my name Romance is kind of a most however, I don’t believe in love at first sight so it will happen slowly. That being said, if there is a character you make whom you don't see having romantic interactions, like a side character. Let me know, so I know he/she is off limits.

-I will not be able to post every day, sorry I can't do it. I have to have time to think it through and I am mostly writing on my phone. Also I work 40hrs a week and it drains a lot out of me. (You might work more, it's not a contest hon.) However, I am almost always around to talk.

-Do us both a favor and don't be impatient, nothing is more annoying than someone who only PMs me or yells in the ooc because I haven't replied to them yet. If someone else I'm roleplaying with replied before you did, chances are you will have to wait just like they would vise versa.

For those that haven’t done running for the hills yet. Feel free to talk to me, my dears! I’m sure you will come to enjoy my weirdness, everyone does, just ask. Now onto the fun stuff, pairings!

*= Pre-made plots
Bold = Craving
Striked = In use or not in the mood for. (If you have an idea for them. Might be able to talk me into it.)
All plots and pairings can be made mature just ask when PMing me

Pairings Fantasy:
Rival Kingdoms (Arranged Marriage or otherwise}
Queen/Princess/Prince X Warlock/Witch
Princess/Prince X Vampire King/Queen
Witch X Warlock/Wizard
Normal Human X Witch/Warlock
Witch/Warlock X Werewolf
Witch X Hunter
Witch/Warlock X Phoenix
Witch/Warlock X Dragon
Dragon X Priest/Priestess
Dragon X Human
Werewolf X Werewolf Hunter
Werewolf X Royal
Werewolf X Werewolf
Vampire X Werewolf
Vampire X Vampire
Vampire X Vampire Hunter
Vampire X Human
Vampire X Slave
Demon X Human/Slave
Demon X Vampire
Demon x Werewolf/Hellhound
Demon X Angel
Demon X Witch/Warlock/Wizard
Siren X Human
Siren X Pirate
Siren X Other Supernatural Creature

Shape Shiftier X Human
Shape Shiftier X Other Supernatural Creature
Genie X Master
Fairy Tales
Yin & Yang
Apocalyptic (Never did this one before.)

Pairings Realistic:
Kidnapped X Kidnapper
Assassin X Target
Slave X Master
Unwilling Female X Willing Male (Arranged Marriage)
Spoiled Girl x Stubborn Boy

If you don't see something you would like or would like to mix and match. Ask I just might not have thought about it.
One of the best things about James, was the fact he actually took his job seriously. Most of the hitmen that Daniel had met other the years were the complete opposite. It had gained them a lot of respect in the family. Even if the fact he wouldn't take out small gangs did damage it a bit, Dan understood. They didn't get much time to talk business though before Nichole yelled for James to take her place at the pool table. Dan raised a brow when James said his friend was a hit woman that would take care of gangs. And a good one at that, if she filled up so quickly.

Though the problem was the fact she was clearly Italian. Despite the fact that he was trying to get his way in with the Italians. This was actually a job, not a cover story. His reason was kind of a spin on the truth, be the hit was needed. His eyes checked Nicole out once more when she was following the Russian into the booth. Dan gave Cass a weird look as they got close to the table though. "Hey. Más mian leat dul abhaile, is féidir linn." He offered before James pulled their attention to the game. His mind was soon preoccupied by the pool game that he was pulled into.

He laughed at the reaction to what he referred to Cass as shark bait. But that really was what she kind of was. Ever since they were teens. Though the accent and reaction it got from her was even better. Getting to watch her beat James ass was almost as satisfying. Soon Nichole rejoined them and they got into doubles, him with Nichole. He had been trying to stay out of the game, though he wasn't James level bad at pool it was definitely not Dan's type of game. He chuckled when Cass said she wasn't going to take it easy on him. Another reason they were best friends. They were both competitive as hell. The saying they were going to lose after he hit his shots was more of a force of habit. When Nichole answered him, Dan nodded a bit listening to her talk.

He hadn't played many games with James, he didn't expect him to be such a sore loser. When he said something about a card table Dan couldn't help but chuckle though. "At this point, I'd feel bad taking your money at cards man." The mood changed a bit when the Russian Nichole had been talking to came over and and they spoke. Dan's whole body tensed a little and he was quiet. He and his family hadn't fucked with the Russians for years, they made him extremely uncomfortable. Cass went up to get them some more drinks. And Dan watched a bit quietly as James made a few more shots before knocking one of Nichole and his balls in for them. Chuckling a bit as James bitched a bit. Which intensified when Dan sunk the rest of their balls. Calling the eight ball and making the clearly easy shot.

James left the table grumbling something about Skylar as he answered a phone call and Dan looked at Nichole. "Damn, I've never played games with him. Didn't expect him to be such a sore loser." He said with a chuckle. His eyes going to the bar. Cass still hadn't come back with her and Nicole's drink, and now he saw why. Victor Moretti. He couldn't help the slightly protective look that crossed his face momentarily before he shook his head. Cass was a grown up and she was helping him get in the Italians. That didn't make his big brother protectiveness over her any better though. "Well since Cass got distracted, can I get you a drink?" He asked Nichole with a smile.


Victor had been watching their little game the whole time, thought it was partly out of boredom. The bar really was dead when the rain was picking up like this. Part of it was because the little redheaded cop was pretty good actually. If she didn't scream cop, he would mistake her for a shark. Finishing his drink, Vic sighed a bit and before getting the bartender's attention to get his glass filled. Before seeing the redhead headed towards the bar.

He handed the bartender a couples hundred when he filled his glass. "If keep me and the redheads drinks coming you can have whatever is left." He said getting a nod in response has his glass get filled. This was something he had done a couple of times and the bartender made out better when he wasn't able to pick up whoever he was trying to flirt with. He glanced up at the redhead and winked as the bartender said that he had paid for her drink. When she come over to him and spoke he smiled a little. "Well I hate to see a pretty woman like yourself paying for drinks."

Nikolai "Niko" Enderman

500|Vampire-Werewolf Hybrid|The Southern Alpha|The Cautious One

Don't mistake my unspoken alliance with our vampires. Or civil tone. My pack comes first, come close and I'll rip your throat out.
Kathleen was extremely happy when Atty said that he would tell her both stories. Even if he didn't seem very happy about the other story being brought up. She didn't care honestly if it was a bad or maybe dark story though. She just wanted to hear some of his stories. Hell, she could even tell her the hunter story she had at that rate. It was a little short, but the hunters turning on each other had been fun to watch.

After she lied and told Mitch she was fine, she went upstairs to get dressed. She wasn't really sure what was up with her. She didn't have a cough or anything. Just cold and kind of nauseous. Shaking her head to herself she started getting dressed. The really cute blue sweater that Lia had got her for her birthday last year and a pair of simple black jeans. Getting the rest of the way ready in the bathroom, before heading downstairs.

When she came back into the kitchen the guys were talking about how it might snow today, and she frowned a little. "I hope it doesn't snow, it's already cold enough as it is."

"If it does it's only supposed to be a little bit. More like hail." Mitch answered and Kathleen nodded a little before turning to Atty.

"If it starts hailing I say we just get under a tree or something. Cause it looks super nice outside and it would be kind of nice to spend the day outside.” She said with a slight laugh before grabbing her coat out of the closet. When he said that Lia bagged them up some muffins for later she smiled around the corner at him. “Oh awesome, did she put blueberry ones in it too?” She asked before they made their way outside. It looked a lot warmer outside than it actually was and Kathleen pulled her coat a little tighter around her. “We should go to Checkov’s arboretum.”


Mitch was still exhausted, and exactly happy that Lia knew how he liked his coffee and thought to make it for him. Though even now as she was making muffins he couldn't help but watch her a little more. He was glad her field worked last night, but he never could get used to her baking thing after the dreams. He watched her carefully as she went outside also. Mitch couldn't help himself, he didn't know what her dreams were about completely. From the things he had heard her scream during them, they were something traumatic, and he understood that.

After Lia went outside he turned his attention more to Atty and Kat. He shrugged slightly at the look he got when he brought up the hunter story. Honestly, he was confused because he had heard a lot of Atty's stories. Kat was acting weird for herself and he couldn't help but go into guard mode and ask if she was alright. Even though she said that she was, something about her was off. Yet he nodded when she said she was fine and went upstairs.

He kind of chuckled when Atty seemed weirded about the girls hugging. "They just wait until we leave for all the cute bounding stuff, I mean they are around twenty four seven. Of course they are going to actually get along." To him the idea of them hugging wasn't to off the wall, though to be fair he had grown up in a house full of women. Though when Atty said they were both acting weird, he didn't have a chance to reply before the cough at the door caught his attention. Mitch frowned a bit to himself. "I have a theory why but I'm not sure yet. If I'm right things are about to get weirder." He said before Lia came in with Edgar.

Mitch watched the interaction between Atty and Lia with a bit of a smile sipping his coffee. It was amusing still how much Atty didn't know how to take Lia being nice to him. His eyes watched Lia's form head up the stairs, though he couldn't lie, only half of it was him being watchful. He blinked a bit when Atty mumbled something about it storming. "Yeah the snow storm today isn't supposed to be that bad though. And a few hours away." He said before Kat came back downstairs and he chuckled at the two of them. "Just remember to come back if it gets too cold."

Soon he was left alone in the kitchen and yawned a bit, rubbing his eyes. He hoped he was wrong that both of the girls were about to or were getting sick. He didn't know how Kat acted when she was sick, but he knew how clingy Lia could get. While he didn't mind, he knew it would freak Atty out. Finishing his coffee he stretched, and washed his coffee cup, he was about to go and actually get dressed when he heard the bathroom door shut. Shrugging a bit he got the floor down for Lia before gathering his clothes and heading into the small mudroom room to change since he knew no one was in the garden. Holding the door open so Edgar, who was waddling towards him, could follow him.

After getting dressed and finally brushing his hair to look neat, he patted his leg to get Edgar to come to him and picked the little duck up. Lia was back in the kitchen working on cookies, humming as she worked and Mitch just left her be and he put Edgar back on his bed. Grabbing a book he came back into the kitchen and started reading before she spoke. He was quiet for a moment. "Well Kat like the strawberry ones, I like both."
Christian groaned a bit as he finally woke up. It wasn't as if he was an early riser by any means, though being out drinking with his new little friend until almost sunrise was making him get a late start even for him. Not to mention a massive hangover. Though the fact he ate half of a pizza cake before getting drunk should have stopped that. Shaking his slowly as he sat up, thankful that he was actually in his bed this morning, he felt something smack softly against his chest.

"No, no that's funny. You should have done it. It would have matched your mask!" The girl slurred slightly before laughing, Chris laughing along with her.

"I know, that's what I said. My friend didn't find it funny." Chris replied before the girl got up and started walking off. "Wait, where are you going?"

"We're going to get you a Lassie collar."

Chris reached up and found the clasp and took the collar off to look at it. It was a bright pink collar with a copper tag on it, that in bold letters said Lessery. He couldn't help but close his eyes and laugh at it. Well it was still pretty close for drunk people. He would just put this with his….

"The two of them walked down the road, or well stumbled. Her more leading him than him walking her home. To be fair though he never went into the city. Usually his friend brought him anything he couldn't get from the woods. "Alright, if you had to choose between never getting to get cake again. Or…" He laughed a little when she said she wanted cake. "..yeah but I didn't even finish." He protested watching as she took the mask he had in his other hand. Before she put it on saying that she was taking it. "Alright, I guess I don't really need it anymore." He said with a laugh, he might be an asshole but he was still a gentleman. And as they stopped at her house he smiled at her. "This was fun, we'll have to do it again sometime." When she agreed and hesitated, hand on the knob, he smiled once more and kissed her cheek before leaving.

…..mask. Well hell, he really liked that mask. Christian shook his head a bit, he would just see if he could find another one. If she really wanted it then… Fuck did he even catch the vampires name? Damn it, he really was an asshole. With a bit of a groan he got up and walked around his house a little bit, getting some food and popping some headache pills. When that didn't seem to help, he did the next best thing. Turning and going for a run.


Her home was a total wreck, and yet she couldn't find it in her to clean it at this moment. Everything had started out so well! Everyone had been getting along. Dancing together. Though the discussions hadn't been….the best. It had been a huge improvement. There only being hash words thrown, instead of fists and spells. All to be ruined by that redheaded witch. Kiara sighed and shook her head slightly as she leaned on the banister. She was lucky that she hadn't lost support of all the races. The largest wolf group had agreed to see her on their own turf. As well as two of the vampire covens. The dragon and the shifter meetings had gone extremely well at least. Maybe there still was some hope. Kiara sighed once more looking at Dawn, she was definitely more at peace in her normal clothes now.

"Ay, are we going to go do this meeting or no? Cause I would like to get back before Michael makes up his mind." Dawn spoke as she leaned against the banister as well. She had only been given the two days before reporting in. Though she would like to say that what happened last night wouldn't get back to him. Even she knew that was useless to hope for. Her best bet was to prove there was still a chance for peace. Giving Kiara a small nudge with a soft smile. "Come on, I'm sure you'll be able to figure somethin' out. The first two meetings went well."

Kiara nodded her head a bit straightening herself up a bit. Before she started her way down the stairs. "Did you hear anything about the hunter that got hurt?" She asked, it had been a bit of a surprise to find a small puddle of blood outside this morning. Especially seeing the magic didn't affect anyone that was outside. There was a small stifled laugh to her side, and she glanced at Dawn.

" 'Kay so I guess one of the hunters shot the other in the leg last night." She shook her head. "He limped away, from what the other angels told me. Humans are so petty."

"True, but we still need them on our side Dawn." Kiara said which got a small huff and eye roll, but she couldn't even argue.

It took a little bit longer than to get to the set of woods outside of town. Of course Kiara had only been here once before. The light through the trees was starting to dim but not enough that it was quite dark yet. It was still enough to make Dawn slightly on edge, though she had yet to even meet with this Alpha that Kiara respected so dearly. Not to mention that though it had healed, that bitten spot in her leg was still a little sore. She had bashed that wolf pretty hard. There was a slight movement ahead of them that pulled her attention. Kiara had stopped ahead of her, a wolf blocking their way. "Is that one from the pack?" She whispered.

The wolf answered her question though, not seeming to take the question very kindly. Showing its teeth as it growled at them. Dawn slowly put her hand on the hilt of one of her blades. Only making the situation worse as the wolf's ears flattened, growl getting louder as it took a step towards them. "We're deeply sorry." Kiara said calmly as she stepped between Dawn and the wolf, making the wolf stop. "We were looking for the large pack around here. They are waiting for us." The wolf's ears slowly went back to normal, rolling his eyes the wolf huffed before pointing its nose to the right. Turning to the left, he looked at them and growled again. Kiara nodded a bit before taking Dawn's hand, pulling her towards the right path. "Thank you."


She wasn't familiar with these woods, she wasn't even sure if she was running the right way. Normally she took the wolves woods. However, she had taken this wood thinking it was the routine that was going to get her killed. She was wrong. Thus Emily had tried to stay in human form, this vision she had been in monkey form, and she hoped it would be enough to help. Though as the third bullet had flown past her, close enough to graze her shoulder and cause a flesh wound. She questioned if this choice of path was really the best. So as soon as she had the chance to get far enough away from the hunter, she had climbed into a tree.

Now she was trying to get her heart rate down, just enough. She just needed to get it down enough that she could get herself to shift without it being extremely painful. Taking a slow calm breath, she closed her eyes and started the change. "Where the fuck did you go bitch?!" The loud man called out, him and his friend got closer. Stupid hunters. Always announcing themselves. Still it was enough to make her body jerk and shift violently, the flesh wound not making it any better. Emily bit her tongue to keep herself quiet as she finished shifting. They were right under her, thank god they didn't have as good of ears as her. Now in monkey form she stayed still and quiet. They would pass, they would pass, they….Emily's eyes wiped a bit, as a drip of blood dropped on the hunters hand and they both stopped. Looking up slowly at her and their eyes locked for a moment before Emily took off again, hearing a gunshot behind her. Up ahead of her she saw the downed tree and almost fell out of the tree as she took a sharp turn. She knew that marker.

She heard one of the hunters trip over the down tree as she kept running. It was a good thing, that meant there was only one left after her. She could hear him cursing the other for not helping him. She didn't know exactly how far she had continued to run before she ran out of close trees. She could jump to the next one, but it left an opening. With nowhere to go, and the hunter not in sight, she took the jump.

It seemed to happen in slow motion, it always did. She was almost to the tree when the noise echoed and the pain in her stomach took her breath. She missed the tree falling to the ground. Body jerking and shifting until she was curled in a naked ball. Hand on her bleeding stomach. The footsteps of the hunter getting closer, before feeling his boot kick her on her back. A twisted smile on his face as he put the gun to her head, and…..she woke up."

The monkey took a swallow breath as she continued running. She wanted nothing but to shake that vision from her head. They were always so real. She was so in her own head so much she almost missed the man that was walking beneath her. Glancing down she saw his eyes watching her pass. Oh...oh no. This poor guy. He had no idea that she was being chased by hunters. She was going to cause someone else to die because of her. Coming to a stop, her climbed down the tree sitting on a low branch a few feet in front of him.

"You need to run. There are hunters chasing me and you're going to get hurt." Of course her words came out as loud squeaky chittering. When he spoke, Emily stopped for a moment tilting her head looking at him. No, you have to have to..they have guns damn it!" More chittering, though this time there were hand motions and she placed her hand on her wet bloody fur showing it to him. Getting even more annoyed she grabbed his face with the nonbloody hand and forced him to look at the hunter who was pointing his gun at them.

Anais Thomas

530|Phoniex (Water)|The Adventurer

"I know they say Not all who wonder are lost but getting lost is part of the wonder."

- Anais is a very kind, and calm person. Who believes that a person's happiness should matter more than what other people think. She lives her own life by this.

- Unlike her brother Chris, Anais isn't the bookworm type. She is more the street smart type, satisfying her wonderlust and love for languages. She has been all over the world, and due to her ability to survive camouflaged underwater, places most people have never been before.

-She is well known in her family as being the cool aunt that spoils her nieces and nephews. Furthermore she is the reason that all of them know eachother. One of the few reasons her and Denise hate eachother.
Willow gave a smile as Drake thanked her for breakfast and nodded a bit. "You're welcome." She answered before sitting Saul's down with a kiss on the cheek before getting her own breakfast. Only to end up giving it to Jo has she stumbled in looking like, well shit. She nodded a bit before remaking her plate and finally starting to eat herself. She was partly glad that Tiff just ignored Jo instead of starting a fight straight out with the guys here. She had no doubt that it wouldn't last long after the guys left. Just like she couldn't deny the fact she was a little angry with Jo herself. But last night had been a rough night for half of the group, and the fight she and Alex had was so loud, she wouldn't have been surprised if their new friends heard it.

Jo smiled a bit when Drake said that he would go to town with her. At least he didn't seem angry with her, and it was nice. Tiffany was lucky in that way, her boyfriend was overprotective but not to the extreme of Alex. "Yeah, that totally fine." She answered quietly as she finished up her breakfast, and going to get dressed.

Tiffany was still trying to wake up honestly and that was one of the reasons she wasn't laying into her sister at this moment. That and the fact she was hungry from not eating dinner the night before, so she was busy stuffing her face. When Drake kissed the top of her head, she glanced at him and smiled.

Once Drake and Jo left, Willow looked at Tiffany. "So Tiff, me and Sal had planned to go to the park because it's supposed to be a nice day. Do you want to tag along?"

Tiff frowned a bit to herself. "I would Will, but I'm right in the middle of a project. And I only have until the end of the week. But please find someone to go with you."


Jo was really was thankful that Drake agreed to go with her to town, and when he met up with her outside she smiled at him. "Thanks agree for coming with me Drake." She said softly as they towards town. "I mostly just need to go to the record store and to swing by a liquor store somewhere."


Logan couldn't help but smile at how cheerful Cole was this early in the morning. "I would love one with bacon and cheese please." He said before walking over to the table, and he took a seat before looking at the cup Cole put in front of him. "Thank you, you didn't have to do that though." He said still with a smile. When she said something about the Morning Glory he chuckled a bit and took a sip of his own coffee. "So what do you and Clar Bear have planned for today? It's your day off right?"


It wasn't the noise of the doorbell that woke Garret, but the motion of her leaving the bed and moving around the room. For a moment he laid there and waited for her to come back to bed, before he heard the doorbell and knew why she had gotten up. With a groan he rolled over, only to groan a little again when his stab wound touched the mattress. Though it was healed, it was still sore as hell due to how deep it was. It would definitely scar that version of his form, which was a shame because that was the last one that wasn't. The doorbell rang two more times before it was shorted out. Which was probably a good thing, he would really hate to beat Alex's ass naked.

Garret laid there for a little while trying to get back to sleep, seeing that Randa had cancelled her appointment he assumed it was probably around 10 or 11. However, it was his night off and he wasn't going to get up before noon if he could help it. It didn't help though that with the quietness of the house, their talking was just loud enough for him to hear through the walls. Even if he couldn't make out all of the words. With a sigh he reached up and checked his phone, to see that it was only 8am. "Are you fucking kidding me?" He muttered to himself. What the fuck was Alex's problem with letting people sleep until normal fucking hours.

He cursed under his breath as he got out of bed looking for his boxers. He wasn't going to get fucked dressed for this bullshit, if Alex was going to him up this early, he was lucky he was wearing boxers. The bedroom door opened quickly, as he glared at Alex. Though it might have been a little more intimidating if he wasn't sporting a bedhead, or a hickey on his chest and collar. "What the fuck is your problem dude? Your girlfriend being pissed at you ain't good enough? You fucking hate sleep? I'm start stopping by your house on my way home and fucking wake you up at 3am." Garret said, before moving closer and taking the cup of coffee from Alex's hand.

"You don't deserve this cup of coffee, you deserve your fucking ass beat." He added before taking a drink of the coffee. "Also you shouldn't have walked away like a jackass, just made it worse." He added before walking over to Randa and kissed her lips and neck before whispering in her ear. "You need to get you some of those glasses." Before taking a couple doughnuts and heading back into their bedroom. Sitting the coffee and doughnuts on the side table, he took a quick shower.


The delicious smell of bacon woke Zach up from a death sleep. It took a few moments for him to gather his bearings. Groaning a bit as he stretched a bit, before at the fact Dahl must have covered him up when she woke up before him. They must have fallen asleep during the movie last night. The fact that his back was killing him was as much of a give away as the fact he was on the couch.

After laying there for a moment he made his way into the kitchen, to see Dahl cooking franch toast. Wrapping his arms around her waist from behind pulling her gently closer to him. "This explains why I was dreaming about food." He chuckled before kissing her cheek and telling her good morning before letting her go. "Do you want any help?"


Her hands hurt from digging in the rumble, chucks of cement laid everywhere around her. Some thrown to the side that she dug through, some still left from the explosion. Everything around her was in slow motion, the rest of the building in an echo. Other than the sobs of Aless who dug through on the other side of the room. She needed to keep her sobs quiet. She needed to be strong for both of them.

"We haven't been able to find her! She has to be here." Kat glanced up for a moment at Aless, tears silently running down her face. "We have to find her before the hunters break though Kat!" She didn't answer, she couldn't, she looked back to the large pile of rubble that only seemed to be getting bigger. They wouldn't…..they wouldn't be able to get through this before they broke through! It was right then that she saw the blonde hair through the cracks of some of the rubble a bit farther up. She choked out a sob as she grabbed the large slab of cement…."

Kathleen woke herself up crying, the feel of a panic attack tight on her chest. Sitting up she pulled her knees to her chest as she gathered her bearings, loud breathless sobs making their way out of her throat. She needed to take a breath...she needed to take a breath...Kathleen closed her eyes taking a slow breath in...and out. Calming herself. Opening her eyes, she looked around the room. She was home, and her body relaxed a bit. She was home, everyone had made it out alive. She glanced to her side to see that Aless wasn't asleep beside her, she must have gotten up already. Though that had been a rough night and she wouldn't have been surprised if she kept Aless awake talking in her sleep, because she kept waking herself up.

Getting out of bed slowly, her head hurt slightly and she felt like she hadn't slept at all. She didn't even want to get dressed this morning and so she didn't even bother, just walking out in her pajamas. The house was always quiet down this hallway and that was the reason she wanted her room here, because she could blare her music without bugging Aless. However, this morning it was more erie than relaxing. She rubbed her arm down the other one as she walked down the hall, but as she got close to the living room she could hear the faint voices coming from the kitchen. She made her way a bit more quickly into the kitchen.

Mal, Aless, and Lia were gathered around in the kitchen talking quietly. Though Kat was more laser focused to care about what they were talking about. Heading straight for her mother, and when Lia turned to ask what was wrong, she hugged her without saying a word. Eyes watering as she hugged her tightly.

Mal looked at Aless with a confused look on her face as Kat hugged on Lia sobbing against her. "Is she okay?" She whispered before Lia calmed Kat down enough find out while she was crying. When she told Lia that she had dreamt that Lia had died in the explosion, then she and Aless had to find the body before the hunters did. The whole light conversation changed. Once Lia was able calm Kat down enough, and get her to sit down to eat some breakfast, Mal put a hand on Kat shoulder as she sat by her. "Kat, would you like me to turn you into a cat again?"

Kat nodded a bit to Mal, as ridiculous as it might have sounded, the last time she was this far out of whack, it did help. Her body did feel a little less tense after Mal had turned her in a calico, glancing at Lia she hopped up on the table so she could eat her breakfast.
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