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Let's see what else? I usually go by Love or Dove. I have been writing off and on, for at least twelve years. I'm a gamer, so feel free to talk to me about games. If I know them we can talk eachother's ears off. Especially Dragon Age. Or really anything, However, have issues playin fandoms sorry. I can be a bit of a chatty Cathy. I write for what I would call low to middle advanced. Post length is 3-6 paragraphs on average, but I've been known to post more though. It really depends on my level of interest. I usually stay to 1x1's because I like the level of connection, and can play both males and females.

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Thanks to watching Lilo and Stitch, I learned how to touch the tip of my nose with my tongue. I often send a random picture of it to my cousin because it freaks her out.
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Wynne sighed softly as she read through the file for the fourth time. For such a big folder she expected there to be more useful information. Sure there were victim pictures. Victims that somehow made it out alive reports and graphic details of their friends murder. But nothing was the same, the attacker's appearance was described differently every time. Which made absolutely no sense. Hell in the one it was a woman saying she ran from her son eating her abusive husband. Not that Wynne could even question the witnesses because they already had their mind wiped. Sitting back in her chair she placed her hands on her head trying to clear her head for a minute before deciding she would definitely need help with this. Glancing at her watch she gathered the folder in her bag and headed towards the elevator.

"Hey Wynne, hold up a second." Someone called from behind her and she saw Susan catching up with her. "Just wanted to give you your bag back." She said, Wynne smiled a bit, taking it and giving a simple "Thanks" before continuing to the elevator. As she turned to push the buttons she noticed that Susan had followed her into the elevator. After the doors closed there was a moment of silence before she side glanced at Susan who was staring at her. "What's up Susan?"

"I just wanted to check in on you. I heard you might have to deal with the Assassins watching what you're doing." Susan noticed the deep frown on Wynne's face though she wasn't looking at her. "And after everything that happened with your dear father…."

"I'm fine Susan." Wynne said not looking at the short older woman, her voice coming out a little bit rougher despite her words. "Besides they aren't watching me, they're watching my assignment." She added, thankfully Susan seemed to get the point that this wasn't a conversation she didn't want to have because there was another bit of silence before she spoke again.

"Well, what we were looking for wasn't in the bag sadly." Susan said after a moment while watching Wynne as the doors opened.

Wynne sighed, she was already tired before coming back to office and Susan had managed to throw her mood even more to shit. "I mean I tried Susan, you won't even tell me what I'm looking for." She said with Susan following her towards the parking garage.

"I just wanted to make sure that you didn't forget to give us anything you gathered." That caused Wynne to stop in her tracks.

"Honestly Susan? I gave you everything I found to gather for you." Wynne said sincerely, because it wasn't a lie she had given them everything that she had gathered for them. This seemed to pass Susan's little human lie detector test. Because she apologized and soon Wynne was left alone to walk to her car. Once she got driving Wynne took a few extra turns just to make sure that Susan didn't follow her. This wasn't something she had to worry about on a normal day but there was sometimes like this that good information was bought and right now the ring she had taken from the cave was burning a metaphorical hole in her pocket.

Once she was sure she was simply being paranoid she made her way to Onyx Tea and Wonder Shop. The small building was on the edge of town, flowers and vines adorning the windows to give the whole place the look that it had somehow been retaken by nature. If I wasn't for the open neon sign you would think it long abandoned. Though at the moment the light was off and the figure standing in the doorway was in the middle of flipping the closed sign as Wynne approached. The tall woman on the other side of the door frowned at Wynne, her different colored eyes looking the agent over. From the first glance she looked like nothing more than a harmless hippie. Long wavy hair then reached to her waist with a few strands tied around a light blue string, her clothing looking straight out of the seventies. After a moment an identical woman with green string tied around her braided wavy hair peeked out the window and smiled giving Wynne a little wave before speaking to the other one who rolled her eyes and opened the door. "Wynne! Come in, come in. We have been waiting." The one with the green string said in greek gesturing for Wynne to come in and Wynne smiled entering the shop.

Wynne smiled at her as she entered the shop, the rich earthy smell of loose leaf tea filling her senses. "Thank you M." She said before the last of the beings commonly known as The Triplets came into the room and held her hand out to Wynne, digging in her pocket she placed the ring in the woman's hand and watched them all three gather around the ring and chatter in a language she didn't even know before the one with the blue took the ring and left the shop.

"Aww Wynne, it's so nice to know you are as capable as we saw." The last woman called K spoke, as she gave Wynne a big friendly hug. "Come come child, let's get tea and speak of Aurora, yes." She spoke before heading into the backroom leaving Wynne behind to follow.
Wynne let out an exhausted sigh as she parked her car in the parking garage. Part of her was surprised she didn't just sleep in this parking garage. As soon as she got done with one assignment, she was called in for a new one. She used a few wet wipes to wipe what blood she had gotten on her and fixed her hair and clothes before heading into the office building. She gave Sam a slight wave once inside, but he was on the phone at the moment and simply gave a wave back as she entered the elevator and entered the passcode.

The large office space was always so busy, hundreds of people talking once. Someone was always walking around trying to get attention, today it was David and his shotgun. Wynne makes a mental note to avoid that area if possible, she and David hadn't really got along during her linguistics period. Now she avoided him like the plague as an actual agent.

Her eyes snapped towards Sergeant Daniels' door hearing it slam, before seeing who came out and rolling her eyes. Another person on her personal avoid list. Someone waving at her caught her attention out of the corner of her eye and she smiled a little heading over to Susan. "Hey, Susan." She greeted before handing her the bag full of stuff she had gathered from the cave. Only frowning a bit as it was almost snatched from her hand. "Hopefully it has what you guys needed, no one really told me what you were looking for."

"Oh I'm sure you did, it's one of those you would know if you saw it type of deals." Susan said, giving a little wave with her hand as she started laying the bag out and the people on her team came over to look at it too.

Wynne frowned at the dismissal of her point, because it was in fact not something she would know when she found. Or else she would have actually found it. After standing there awkwardly for a moment she sighed and started towards Daniels' office. "I'm going to want that bag back." She said loudly as she walked away. At least once she got to the office he wasn't yelling at anyone. It seemed like everything she was sent to the office to get an assistant that man was yelling at someone, or the phone, she wouldn't be surprised if he screamed at himself in the mirror when he was alone. She gave a knock at the door before opening it a bit. "You wanted to see me sir?"

"Took you long enough, sit." Daniels said not even looking away from his window and Wynne frowned a bit at the unwarranted anger and sat down. "Susan tells me you took care of the hograven for us."

Wynne smiled and nodded "Yes sir."

"Don't get cocky…Smith." He scolded "any other agent would have taken less than a week to get that job done."

Wynne sat there quietly frowning at him. Not really sure, rather to be more insulted that he was undermining the fact it had only taken her a week to get information, track the cave down, wait until the witches to leave the creature alone, climb in. Which she had gotten stuck the first time. Kill the thing and get whatever Susan needed to fuck around with. Or the fact he couldn't even get her name right, which she thought he kept doing on purpose. A large file was pushed towards her and she took it looking through the pages as he talked.

"I expect better on this assignment, it might even prove you're worthy of the agent title."

"Fuck, what even is this sir?" Wynne said as she looked over the picture of the victim.

"They're saying it's a Lycan, a particularly nasty one at that." Daniels said before shaking his head and taking a long drag from his cigarette. "Everyone is watching us right now. The Assassins, Vatican, Templar, Shogun, the Vatican are getting themselves involved."

Wynne frowned a little at the mention of the Assassins as she flipped through the file once more, skipping the victims picture this time. "I put Archer on this mission too." She looked up at him as he said that and opened her mouth to argue that she didn't want to work with that arrogant asshole, but he cut her off before she could. "He is going to fuck this up, undoubtedly and I need you there to fix it." She nodded understanding why this high of an assignment was given to her now, so she would probably be the one this fell on if something went wrong instead of the golden boy.

As soon as Wynne left the office she finally felt that she could breathe normally again and went back to her desk and started thumbing through the file. Able to escape into routine reading and background research.
The musky smell that filled the cave, now mixed itself with blood and whatever types of herbs had been burning. Bloody fathers covered the floor as dim light filtered it's way through the cracks and holes above. Giving just enough light for the short brunette to search for what Lightening Co wanted her to look for after this kill. Though it might have been a little bit easier if they had actually told Wynne what she was looking for. Maybe then she wouldn't be standing in a cave with her shirt ripped up and bleeding while she looked for anything suspicious before the witches came back. It hadn't been as easy of a kill as usual, but it had been a fun hunt for sure, plus she still had her heart intact, so that was a big plus. She would sigh to herself if this cave didn't stink so badly she would likely taste it for a year afterwards.

Gathering up a few more things that maybe they were looking for, as she thought they were interesting at least, Wynne put them in the bag she carried with her. The screen of her phone lit up and she squinted her grey eyes looking at the new brightness lighting the dim area around her before answering it with a hushed tone. "Wynne….oh hi Susan." She spoke as she gathered some bloody fathers from her kill as proof of completion. "Um…it's probably going to take a few to get back in town." She threw the bag out of the hole she had crawled through to get into the cave. It was probably a good thing Susan wasn't there in person as she rolled her eyes so hard it could've hurt.

"Mhmm….right……right. Okay Susan I'll be there as soon as possible…..mhmm…mhmm okay bye." She quickly hung up before Susan had a chance to go on more. How was she supposed to get out of this cave if the woman wouldn't shut the fuck up. Putting the phone back in her bag, she looked over the place one more time, only finding a ring among the feathers that she stuck in her pocket before tipping the stand burning herbs on top of the feathers to send the creature she killed up in flames.

Climbing out of the hole into the fresh air again she took a deep breath before she made her way back to her car and changed her shirt before heading back into town. What they had for her had better be important if she didn't even have time to change clothes or get herself checked out.

Wynne Scottson

29|Human|Lighting Co. Agent

Hand to hand combat
Hand weapons

Wynne has been working for Lighting Co for almost ten years now, and is technically considered a legacy in the company as both parents worked for the company at some point. Wynne has worked her way up from the linguistics department to becoming a field agent through the years. As takes great pride and enjoyment out of being an assassin.
Hello everyone I’m Love Dove as you can clearly see. As you probably guessed I am looking for some new partners, it's been a little while since I've got to role play with someone new. That being said below is a few things you should know about before roleplaying with me. Yes I know it’s boring but it’s kind of need to know stuff.

♦ I personally can write 3-6 paragraphs, maybe more, if you give me something to work with. Think my longest was around 30 but it was a lot of characters. I won’t give a word count but please be able to write at least three solid paragraphs. You get what you give, and I cannot stress that enough.

♣ I am a female, though I can play both genders. That's not required of my partners, but a big plus.

♥ I LOVE to double, because that not only gives us both more to play with but no one gets stuck with one gender if they really wanted the other. However, I do single pairings as well, so not required.

♠ I do ALL gender pairings (I missed changing this if you saw before edit)

♦ OOC chat is a must for me, rather it is on the thread or through PM. If you don’t feel like talking to me other than my character than it will not work out. I want help making, shaping, and in some cases changing the plot that is our rp. Do not come to me expecting me to make the whole plot line or carry the story. Also I want you to be my friend, I like my friends, they like me.

♣ Mature themes are perfectly fine with me. Blood doesn’t bother me, in fact most of my vampire roleplays have blood play in them because that is the largest part of being a vampire. Sexual parts will be taken to PM unless you want to fade to black, which is perfectly okay. However with that said I don’t want pure smut, whatever plot we use should be the main focus not the intimate parts.

♥ As you can tell by my name Romance is kind of my favorite,I don’t believe in love at first sight so it will happen slowly.

♠ If you read all this please let me know what your repeat song is atm :)

♦ I will not be able to post every day, sorry I can't do it. I have to have time to think it through and I am mostly writing on my phone. Also I work 40hrs a week and it drains a lot out of me. (You might work more, it's not a contest hon.) However, I am almost always around to talk.

♣ Do us both a favor and don't be impatient, nothing is more annoying than someone who only PMs me or yells in the ooc because I haven't replied to them yet. If someone else I'm roleplaying with replied before you did, chances are you will have to wait just like they would vise versa.

♥ I do not play fandoms. Sorry I just am not able to write fandoms.

For those that haven’t done running for the hills yet. Feel free to talk to me, my dears! I’m sure you will come to enjoy my weirdness, everyone does, just ask. Now onto the fun stuff, pairings!

*= Pre-made plot ideas
☆= Possibly darker plot ideas
Bold = Craving
Striked = In use or not in the mood for. (If you have an idea for them. Might be able to talk me into it.)
All plots and pairings can be made mature just ask when PMing me

Pairings Fantasy:
Rival Kingdoms/Covens/Packs/Ect
Royal X Supernatural Being ☆
Royal X Noble/Knight
Normal Human X Witch/Warlock
Witch/Warlock X Werewolf
Witch/Warlock X Dragon
Dragon X Priest/Priestess
Dragon X Human
Werewolf X Werewolf Hunter
Werewolf X Werewolf
Vampire X Werewolf *
Vampire X Vampire
Vampire X Vampire Hunter
Vampire X Human/Slave
Demon X Human/Slave
Demon x Werewolf/Hellhound ☆
Demon X Angel
Demon X Witch/Warlock/Wizard
Demon X Priest/Priestess
Super Hero X Villain ☆
Villains * ☆
Harem/Reverse Harem
Fairy Tales
Yin & Yang
Stuck In A Game **
Apocalyptic (Never did this one before.)
Dark Circus

Pairings Realistic:
Kidnapped X Kidnapper
Assassin X Target
Assassin X Assassin
Slave X Master

If you don't see something you would like or would like to mix and match. Ask I just might not have thought about it.

Few Plot Ideas

Kiara gave a small hopeful smile toward Arik as he came over, she had seen the other two alphas leave. One had given her a kind look, while the other gave her the stink eye. Then the only two she had actually met before had taken longer and she was starting to get nervous. The fact they were in such an attack-able area was starting to make Dawn nervous as well. As soon as he told them to follow him they did, though the fact he sent them in first raised her alarms again before she saw Beau actually smiling at them.

When he declared that they were still going to offer their support both of the girls let out the breath they weren't even aware they were holding. This was amazing news, they were making so much headway despite what had happened. Kiara kind of side-eye glanced towards Arik quickly, to gauge a reaction, before nodding to Beau as he said they were going with them. Which she absolutely had no problem with, the more help she could get the better honestly. "Thank you, I appreciate such a large gesture."

Dawn wasn't so subtle about looking at Arik when he was offered in such a manner. She had only meant him at the party, he was tense then and seemed more relaxed now. It was easier to see his aura now. She let her eyes wash over him before giving him a small smile and turning her attention back to Beau. Too bad he wasn't going with them, he was cuter. The request for a full guest list made her frown though. That was a huge request even if he possibly didn't realize.

"Oh…" Kiara said, blinking in surprise before a thoughtfully look crossed her face.

Dawn knew this look, it was the same look she had gotten when she was sent to Kiara. "If anyone gets hurt cause you give them that list. It will be seen as your fault." Dawn warned Kiara in angelic. She wasn't against it pre say, but she knew Michael would one hundred percent put Kiara to blame so he wasn't the one doing wrong.

Kiara side eyed Dawn before sighing. "I'm sure you realize how big of a request this is. The reason I called for masks was to protect the innocent people in packs, etc, from if something happened. Even if it didn't go as planned." She explained to Beau. "However, I do want to know who all was part of this. I need your word one no innocent will get hurt." She added. Once he gave his word, she nodded a bit. "Alright, I do have a copy of the list on me at the moment because I wasn't expecting this. Do you have a phone I can send a picture to? I can send pictures when I get home. Or I can bring you a copy once I get out of the rest of my meetings."

Once the meeting was over, Kiara and Dawn waited for Arik to gather whatever he needed just outside the entrance to the wolf pack's ground. After a moment of silence Kiara frowned at Dawn. "If you can't trust me to handle things without someone getting hurt you shouldn't have come to me." She said, though her voice was low so that there wouldn't be eavesdroppers on their conversation.

Dawn frowned. "I ne'er said that I didn't trust you. I was just' letting' you know that Michael will use you as a scapegoat. What with what you are."

Kiara sighed, pinching the bridge of her nose. "I'm well aware that I'm a scapegoat, I don't need to be reminded while I'm trying my best to get everything to work."

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean for it to seem like that. I'm trying to look out for you." Dawn said before Arik started back and Kiara lowered her hand at the sight of him headed towards them too. But even still Dawn felt kind of bad, she wasn't the best at the social parts of her job. She kind of wished that Miles would have been sent with her but Michael insisted he had a different job for him.

"Are you all set?" Kiara asked Arik as he got to them and when he answered she smiled. "Good, you're welcome to stay in my house. I have plenty of room." She offered as they turned to the woods and started back towards town.

"Just mind her little ghost friend." Dawn said with a chuckle.

"Oh yeah…Ruth came with the house." Kiara said with a slight sigh. "Feels rather rude to make her leave. Plus she cleans." She shook her head before looking at Arik. "I just wanted to let you know that my next meeting is with one of the vampire covens."

"Zephaniah is a nice name though." Emily said with a smile, she could see why people would call him Z though. It was a long name, she had heard longer and weird but still. He began wrapping her shoulder for her and she asked if he usually killed people and commented about his aura. The chuckle about such a question was a little concerning, but it was about the aura not the killing. What he said made sense though. "Ah okay that makes sense, I've met both races but not together." She couldn't help but nod a bit when he said the hunters were a necessary kill, even if she didn't want to admit it, they were going to kill her. This shoulder wound was meant to be a death shot not a flesh wound. She looked at him when he talked about the angels hunting him. "I mean that sounds necessary too." She said with a frown.

"Killing isn't really acceptable to most people here at all….but I won't judge you for it. Please just don't do it when I can see. I'm not really used to seeing it outside of dreams." She said softly, looking at her shoulder. She couldn't help but to feel kind of drained, even if it wasn't a bad wound. Between running and shifting, she had lost a good bit of blood and now her adrenaline started to go away. "Thank you for helping me, Z." Emily said.

After a moment of quiet he said he needed to take care of the hunters body and she started to move to follow him, but instantly felt dizzy. "Um…I actually think I am gonna stay here. I'm sorry. I'm kind of super dizzy now." She said with a frown sitting down to wait for him. "If you go towards the clearing that way." she pointed back the way she came "please be careful, though he's dead it still might not be safe. There might be another hunter by the downed tree." She said, and once he took the body she sighed against the tree closing her eyes to try and get the dizziness to stop.

It didn't seem to take long before she heard a twig snap and her eyes opened quickly as she quickly stood. It was starting to get darker, and there was a possibility that she had drifted off a bit. Emily was kind of thankful that it was dreamless. She looked at where she heard another snap to see Z coming back. He kind of smelt like fire, and she started to ask why before deciding against it. "Hi…." She greeted him with a small wave. "Um…I was thinking and I have a rental just outside of town. If you want, I can make you something to eat. If you are still cool with me coming with you though, I would like that."

When Dylan brought up his side still being his side still healing, Tabitha reached into her pocket and pulled out a little vile. "I brought you this for that t'is a healing cream they gave the ones that got hurt. Should help speed it up." She said, before sitting down and taking the drink he offered. This had seemed a bit weird to her the first time but she guessed he just liked playing host. "Thank you darling." She said with a little smile before he asked if things had gone as expected on her end. "No…" she answered with annoyance, clear in her tone.

"It did not, now I'm surrounded by idiots mourning Selma. Which can I just point out is the only one they are mourning. Hated her." She ranted before taking a drink of what he had given her. "Now the coven is split between the war and no war because" her voice turned mocking "what would Selma want." Tabby shook her head a little trying to calm herself, Dylan likely hadn't asked just to hear her rant angrily. But honestly she just wanted to hit something or someone. "Selma's brother is supposed to be coming back and will act as both of their votes. I hear he took her death pretty hard."

Chris swore under his breath as he looked at the GPS of his phone trying to figure it out. He was still pretty new to this phone and though he knew how to work it, it was so rare he used it or even came into town. Usually Shela was the one that brought him stuff from town, she had kind of adopted him as a brother in the short while he tried to be in Beau's pack. However, she didn't stop by today and he assumed that she must have stayed with the dragon she was talking to last night. So now he was trying to find the grocery store.

As he walked down the street looking down he wasn't keeping an eye on where he was going until he heard his name. He looked up and looked around until he saw Fredric, one of the bird shifters that he often ran into in the woods. He sighed, putting his phone in his pocket and gave a wave. "Hey Fred, you wouldn't happen to know where they moved the grocery store? Been five years since I've been in town during the day. Damn humans keep moving things."

Fred laughed a bit. "What happened, Shela get tired of running for you."

"Actually, I haven't seen her since I checked out of that lame party last night." Chris said with a laugh, before Fred got a weird look on his face and started telling him what had happened at the party last night after he left. Apparently there were a good bit of wolf casualties. "I'm sure she is fine, she's a good fighter, I'll have to go to the pack and check on her later." He said, as he followed Fred to the store. He was sure that Shela was fine. She wasn't the type to go down with a fight.
Samantha smiled softly when Julian saw she had been watching him. Well not in a creepy way, she had just come to a stop when he turned. "You're welcome." She said, the curtness in his tone not going unnoticed. She was about to ask if he was Alright when he said something about her bringing Arens to him too. "Yeah, I figured he was. I hate to leave it with DeAndouche, but at least he will get it that way." She said with a small laugh before she headed out of the gym with him following her. "Figured you would be the harder one to find. Are you okay?" She asked.

It wasn't the easiest to piss Julian off, and if this was something she should be worried about she would want to know. Hell, the last thing they needed was another feud to keep an eye on. And honestly shifters would be a hard race to keep an eye on. She sighed at her own thoughts she was lost in. Luckily Julian was lost in his own, so at least he didn't notice she was as well. She looked at him when she was asked if DeAndro had given her the newest new student file and she stopped just outside of the door. "No, he usually avoids talking to me unless I'm with another teacher." She said with a small shrug. "I'll get it while we are here." She added

When they went inside the office it was almost no surprise that DeAndro was sitting at his desk and looked almost surprised to see them. "Ah, Professor Kane. I left the newest student sheet at your office." He said and she put a fake smile on her face because there was a little blonde new girl sitting there waiting for her meeting. "Yeah Julian told me." She said, before the door opened and Tamika came out. Samantha looked at Julian as she walked out of the office and whispered. "Holy fuck, did Randa get ahold of her already?"

Smiling a bit to Aren as he came to the door she gave a little wave. "I grabbed your lunch for you so you could have time to eat."

Iris smiled as Miles said she could join him and took a seat. "Thanks, my table was already filled up before I got here and you're friendly." She said as she got her lunch sat up the way she liked to eat it. She couldn't help but chuckle at the question he asked. "Honestly this is calm compared to yesterday when the feuding groups went at it. Almost all of the group leaders got detention." She answered before shaking her head a bit. "It will get calmer, right now it's a lot of people that hate each other seeing each other again. And newbies that don't know group rules." Iris said reassuringly.

No sooner did she answer did Jackie piss off Kajun, and she couldn't help but watch because that was a rare thing. She shook her head a bit as Jackie walked off, looking towards her table for a moment to see Molly watching everything intently. She sighed softly and smiled a bit at him. "I mean do you?" She asked, before smiling at his answer. "Kajun losing his shit is a rare thing, so unless you're a vamp or shifter I wouldn't worry about it."

"So which classes are you planning on taking?" She asked, trying to change the subject from the drama going on around them.

Tiffany chuckled a bit at the response she got to her comment about decorating. "Now that you mention it. It smells really nice though." She said, before uncomfortably asking for the alliance. It felt a lot more pathetic to ask then it seemed like it would be in her head. Then when Billie agreed so fast once she went on her little speech in her head Tiff couldn't help but blink a bit. Part of her assumed it would take more talking with as small as her group was and as little as they had to offer. Her agreeing definitely calmed her discomfort though and she started to eat her food as Billie set hers aside and smoke. She shook her head. "I smoke too so it's fine."

She raised a brow at the apology Billie gave, because none of this was her fault if anyone was at fault it was the vampires. "I don't understand why would you be sorry?" She said confused before Billie started talking about how she had tried to reason with the vampire leader but she would not have it. This was honestly something she was familiar with herself, it was how the wars with the fae always started. But the difference was, and maybe Billie didn't really realize because she was in the thick of it. "You know, it was my first year when your….feud I think is the word, started. A lot of us can see who pushes it, and who is just protecting their people. Especially the races raised in war." Tiff said softly as Billie blew her smoke out of the window.

Billie went over her rule for her group, it was a good rule. Very honorable, and actually eased the last of any worry that she had that it might be a bad idea. Though her group were ready to fight at the drop of the hat, even Tiff preferred to not start unworthy fights. After all they were one of the first of their race a lot of people would meet. She wouldn't do their queen the dishonor of looking like they were the version of fae the Seelie told them they were. Billie was staring at her and she blinked realizing she had wandered off in her head. "I'm sorry, I was thinking about your rule and my brain…….paitkich." She said making a hand gesture of walking off because she couldn't remember how to translate the words she wanted. Billie continued and Tiffany nodded at her request. "Honestly, we prefer to not fight unless needed if possible as well. Even if we jump in as soon as the opportunity comes. Your rule is similar to mine for races other than Seelie. You will have us at your back also." She said after Billie made her request. "I don't understand what "fight dirty" means though. Why do they throw dirt at you? Does dirt hurt your race?" Power over the earth was the element new souls had, before plants. She didn't want to worry about harmful friendly fire.

"As for the vampires, if you have some in particular in mind, please point them out to me. I know Logan is probably one of them, yes?" She said with a small smile. "Um…one of my friends is in your realms class…..I hope it doesn't seem unacceptable to me guessing or bringing up. I think you two are cute, and it seemed untrustworthy to pretend I didn't know." She added with a small laugh, not sure how far was pushing the waters but she wouldn't lie and pretend she didn't know about it either. "I hope we can become friends." Tiff said smiling honestly because she honestly did. "If all of the black eyes are cool as you and Randa, this alliance will be an easy one." She said before looking at the door as someone started knocking at it.

Erin couldn't help feeling a little bad that she had been so busy handling Garret that she hadn't kept up with everything while in Ireland and she frowned hearing how bad it had been while she was gone. Not that they would have been to keep it from happening but maybe they could have helped somewhat. She was surprised to hear that Billie didn't have a body count though. "Damn impressive even I have a body count." She mattered before they all say down.

Erin smiled a bit when Ez agreed with her about being back. She loved Ez's siblings, they were so adorable. "How the lit'le brats doin'? Did yer sister like the present I sent her?" She asked before Randa joined them, and bitchpire got the nerve up to start shit. Honestly she had no idea who Kajun was but he definitely had a way to put people in their place. She smiled when Randa said hello. "Well hel'o gergeous." She said, before chuckling a bit and sighing. "Please do, swear I'm gonna kil' him if he doesn't off himself at this point." She couldn't help but laugh when Randa said she had been watching fights like they didn't all know she had probably started it.

She shook her head groaning. "Ugh he does everythin' like a child. Worst feckin' ex ever." She said laughing. He had always been too big of a bitch to hit her though. "Please tel' me you least beat the shit out him."

Kajun kind of nodded when Drake said who Ez was, why was that not surprising at all. She clearly was beautiful and intelligent. Why wouldn't she be a leader too. When he offered to introduce them Kajun managed to catch himself so the purr he let out was really quiet. "Yeah that would be awesome if you could." He answered before Drake left.

Then Jackie had to come over and be an utter bitch. Once he managed to calm down a touch, even he knew that he could have handled that better. A part of him felt a little bad for causing a scene. Though the alpha louder part was still a little angry about the fucking audacity that she had to talk to him the way she did. Not to mention that she didn't even care that Brooke got hurt for no reason. Not only was he mad but now his hands, mouth, and eyes hurt from almost rage shifting. Though the fact he didn't rage often was a good thing, it was also a bad thing because he couldn't learn how to handle it well when it happened. Colten said he would be back and Kajun simply nodded, but he kind of watched him when he walked away for a moment. More or less to watch his back, though when he saw him talking to someone with a teacher his mind wandered back to the banter at the table.

When he came back and said he was going to find Brooke, Kajun smiled a bit. "No problem man, she usually eats around the lake." He said before Colten took off, he looked at one of the other shifters when they asked if he wanted them to follow Colten. "No, but I might have you follow if any of the vampires get up though."

Brooke was so glad that she had managed to get into the lunch room pretty quickly after everything that had happened. She had been quick enough to get in and out before the vampires from the gym had even gotten there. So by the time she had got her food they were in the different lines for food and though there was whispering about what happened, she had slipped out without being bothered at all. Well other than the woman at the stand looking over her worriedly.

Once outside she couldn't help but smile to herself at the fresh air. Half way through last year she found out she could eat outside, and hadn't eaten inside ever since. There was even a perfect little spot in the wood line right behind the lake. The trees were thin enough to see if anyone was coming to bug her, but thick enough no one could see her until they got close. Looking around she made sure no one was watching as she slipped into the woods. She put her food on the little pulley tray system she made last year before struggling to climb in the tree. Brooke growled at herself before it was either climbing one handed or hurt her shoulder. The pain was worth it. Though it took her a little longer than she wanted she got up in her tree, pulled the food up and got to enjoy her lunch in wonderful peace.

Brooke had almost finished her lunch when she heard movement around the lake next to her, and saw the guy from the gym walking by it looking around. She watched him from the trees for a moment until he got closer to the trees. "Hi." She said kind of loudly before chuckling a bit at the reaction it got. "Up here in the tree." She said before waving a bit when he looked at her.

He nodded a bit when she said that it was better than Hell, and from what she had told him through their letters it definitely sounded like it. Though the fact that the drama had gotten bad enough to be noticed in Hell wasn't ideal, after all being noticed by the witches got them DeAndro. "Well, I'm very glad to have you back even if under rough circumstances. You were one of my favorite students and hopefully with you around it will be better this year." He said before offering to buy her lunch.

Azura brought up her roommate being a giant and Cian smiled. "Oh, must be Eskil, he's a pretty good guy. I think he said something being sent out by his tribe or something to see if they were ready to start coming out……a little hard to understand still." He said ending with a small laugh because he was pretty good at understanding most of them. Once they got to the cafeteria Cian frowned, he might not have been able to feel the tension, but seeing Jackie was walking to her table and Kajun was slowly sitting down. It wasn't hard to figure out. "Yeah, I guess the one vampire I had told you about, hurt a shifter girl and there was a fight in the gym." He said before shaking his head and quietly added "Honestly, half of the vampires in this school would get their ass kicked if I wasn't a teacher." He didn't notice Colten was behind them until he got Azura's attention.

Cian chuckled as he watched the interaction between Azura and Colten, and what she said to him. Once Colten left Cian shook his head giving a slight laugh. "To be fair I think you're the first creature I've met even." Once they got their lunch he nodded a bit about going back to his office. "Sounds good to me."

Things were a lot calmer in the halls since most of the others were in the lunch room or in classes. It definitely was a lot quieter too. "Have you thought about what classes you plan on taking? A lot of the teachers have traded out since you were here last." Cian said as they headed towards his office before chuckling a bit. "Gloria never came back after you sent her out crying in the middle of her class. Aren hasn't been about to get a mermaid to come back since." He unlocked the door and gestured for her to go first before following her in and putting the papers he was going over in his desk. "Hell, I think that was the last primal Primal history class that was held."

Knox laughed a little looking at the big stack of papers that Reg said he was ignoring until the end of the day. "I mean that seems pretty legit though." Kingsley started wanting attention and he chuckled trying to give him some before he went and shifted. "I'm glad I'm not the only one that thought so." He said in response to King, before nodding to Reg. "You know I'm not the best with faces, but he definitely smells familiar."

Knox laughed when Reg said he still was getting lost here and relied on King not to get lost. "Well that's not surprising though, one of those familiar things, being good at directions. You might as well take some classes since you're here anyway." He said before nodding to Reg and sitting down. Knox shrugged a little bit. "Sure, if you don't mind, I was just going to wander around and get lost anyway. Been a bit since I've seen you teach." He before pulled a little ruin out of his pocket. "Yeah, I guess I'm supposed to watch for this to light up to know when he's ready for the meeting." He said looking at the ruin before putting it back in his pocket.

He smiled at the little banter between the two of them. Oddly having missed it while he was out of country the last couple years. "Feud?" He chuckled a bit before nodding to King. "Yes please, do you pay actual money here? If so, I'll pay you back." He said, he then looked at Reg once Kingsley left. "It's good to see he is doing better than the last time I saw you guys. How are you doing? Enjoying being a teacher?"
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