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Current Do worry because things seem to be getting better, girls and guys. Life will still find a way to fuck you over.
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When the place I work at, has a add on the home screen of RPG. Can't escape that hell anywhere.
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"Get a life!" Haha what is a life and how does one get one?
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To everyone on here that keeps asking if I forgot about you. I promise I haven't, just been busy with rl
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Dear morning shift. You suck. I hate you. Go back to bed.


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Let's see what else? I usually go by Love or Dove. I have been writing off and on, for at least nine years. I'm a gamer, so feel free to talk to me about games. If I know them we can talk eachother's ears off. Especially Dragon Age. Or really anything, I can be a bit of a chatty Cathy. I write for what I would call low to middle advanced. Post length is 3-6 paragraphs on average, but I've been known to post more though. It really depends on my level of interest. I usually stay to 1x1's because I like the level of connection, and can play both males and females.

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@SirensCall: This girl right here is so freaking awesome! Someone who I have written with for years, and has really became a true bff. She a wonderful writer. She always has a way to keep me on my toes with her twists and her characters witty come backs. Sometimes I don't know which I look forward to more, our chats or her replies to our roleplays. I love all of you, but if anyone deserves to be first, it's her

@ravenhuffle: Another wonderful writer, even if she sometimes doubts herself. Even if it's been awhile since I've talked to her. And even longer since we have gotten an rp off the ground. I've known her for a long time now.

@POOHEAD189: Aww my sweet Poo. This man right here is a sweetheart ladies and gentlemen ❤. I really enjoy talking to him. He is funny, has awesome tastes in games, and likes talking to me even when I poof for a little while when busy. He always makes me happy. I'm lucky to have him as a friend, and that a stupid pun joke got us talking.

@Ataraxia: Adding this guy here cause he's pretty awesome. Though sure you already know that ;)

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Heather was glad that Clary said she wouldn't tell anyone that she was the one that asked about Cain. Normally she wasn't worried about flirting with some guy, if they were with someone or not. However, this was...weirdly different. Then Clary got on the subject of a girls day.

It was so adorable how excited Clary got over the fact she was down with it. For a second she thought she was going to go through both the bench and the floor again with all the bouncing. And Heather chuckled a bit and her words once she stopped bouncing. "No, I really doubt he would. But I mean you are one of his favorite students. So you never know." When Clary said that she found her hair curlers, Heather smile grew a bit. "Oh we totally should, that looked so good the one time! Just don't let me fall asleep with them like last time. That really hurt to get out." She couldn't help but get excited a bit, but Clary was really good with doing hair. She put Billie to shame even.

Heather looked at her watch as she finished her lunch listening to Clary planning their girls night. Somehow she get talked into agreeing to bringing her makeup bag too just in case. Though she knew Clary just wanted to play make up artist, once everyone was too drunk to argue. After Clary was done with her lunch, and they threw everything away, Heather smiled to Clary as they walked towards the gym. "So…..Cole hmm?" She couldn't help her smile from growing a bit at Clary's reaction. "I think you two are cute together." She added as they got to the gym.


Iris couldn't help the smile as Miles face turned bright red, before sitting where she gestured. It was adorable. She nodded slightly. "It's a shame you didn't come Sunday morning when they were showing new years around and stuff." She said with a small chuckle, before offering to show him around after classes. After all, she couldn't just leave the poor guy to wander around lost. Well she could, but it would be mean. The fact he was up for her showing him around made Iris happy. Plus it gave her something to do after her classes. Though his comparison made her look away from the books and look at him. "Really? I've never been to Buckingham Palace."

Iris went back to working on Kane's books, her mind drawn back to getting them sorted, before Miles asked how long she had been here. "Um…" She said having to think for a moment, while she finished up what she was doing. "Three...three and a half years. Yeah it's been about three and a half years now. Because when Samantha got me in here, it was half way through the school year." She said before nodding to herself a bit, and giving a soft chuckle as she came over and leaned on the other chair a bit. "It took a bit of thought because for now I stay here all year."

She couldn't help her curiosity getting the better of her as she tilted her head looking at him. "Are you transferring or is this your first time in the schools?"


Samantha gave a slightly tight nod when he said that hopefully she would be able to get through the demon race quickly. Yes, she probably could. But that wasn't the issue. The issue was that even class that dealt with things involving other races. We're focused to deal with them as the most important, that wasn't what her class was about. "Yes, hopefully so."

She could tell that a lot was on Aren's mind from the way he simply walked off. She nodded a bit as he called back about the other angel. The hallways were starting to crowd up again, and Sam sighed softly as she started back towards her office. As she got closer she could hear Iris talking to someone else. Taking a deep breath she readied herself a bit before headed in. Iris smiled a bit towards the door as she came in. "Cormac, you're going to be late for gym."

"Oh motherfuckballs!" Iris said and grabbed her things. "Nice meeting you, see you later." She said to Miles before heading towards the door. "I'll finish the separators later, bye Sam." She called heading out the door.

Samantha sighed sitting them down and muttered before looking at Miles. The markers started labeling the dividers and they started placing themselves. "I assume you're our new angel student?" She said making her way over to the desk, and offering her hand with a smile. "Professor Kane." She introduced herself, before taking the papers he handed her. "Now Mr. Hughes, seeing that we don't have an angel advisor, I'm going to be your advisor. If you have any issues with other teachers, classes, ect. You are welcome to come talk to me and we can figure it out. Also if you get in major trouble with other teachers they will come to me." She sighed

"And blah blah, other things I would hope are common sense." She finished, by now glancing through the papers before sitting them aside. "I'll read those here in a moment. Is there any questions about the school, your subjects, or in general? I know I have a few of my own."


Jo was able to relax a little bit after her sisters and Alex seemed to get along pretty well. Even Tiff. She smiled a bit when Long said that she could sit out of gym class and work on homework. Which she was thankful for. Because honestly, she wasn't sure how well Alex would take her getting hurt again. Not to mention, she really couldn't do much physically at the moment. She smiled a bit and relaxed a bit as Alex rubbed her shoulders. "Not going to lie, I could get used to these." She said looking back at Alex. Though she felt his body tense behind her, and when she saw who he was looking at, her whole body tensed. "I think I'm gonna go sit down." She said before going to sit in the stands. Though….she had to admit seeing Tiff force Devin against the wall made her feel better.

Tiffany knew she was going to get in trouble for kicking Devin's ass, but she didn't care. It was worth it. Though it was nice that Long let her get it out of her system. Once the whistle was blown, Tiff stopped the water and lined up with the rest of the class.

Willow was both glad that she had Jo for a gym partner. And a bit annoyed before she got her, while she had to sit out. Looking at the others, she saw that there was another girl without a partner, Maggie she thought the name was. "Hi, would you like to partner with me? Mine is sitting out." She said gesturing to Jo who had started working on her homework.

Zach signed a bit as people started heading for with their gym partners. It hadn't been until just now that he had noticed, that of course Logan wasn't here. He was probably still high out of his mind somewhere. He glanced to the guys standing next to him, still talking about what they were going to do. Though he hadn't really hung out with either of them, he had class with both of them at least once before. "Hey, you guys mind if I tag along with you? My alternative is…" He glanced towards Devin and his partner.

Kajun's eyes followed Zach for a moment, before looking at Colten. "Yeah sure, we are going to lift weights. It will be nice not to be the only one looking like a weakling." He chuckled a bit before they started towards the weights.

"At the chance of embarrassing myself, how much can you bench man?" Zach asked Colten as they started towards the weights, passing a couple girls. The loud purring on the other side of him caught him a bit off guard, and he looked towards Kajun before smiling. The purring kind of echoed, as they got closer to where Ez and Cole was.

Norah Quinn

200|Seer Witch Hybrid|Restless Soul|The Fateweaver

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Adira Malette

135|Witch|Balanced Soul|The Follower

Ciara rolled her eyes at his words as she moved past him. “Shakiness, the want to hit you. Whatever you want to call it.” Soon her attention was drawn more to the darkness around her though, or what was darkness. Now it was a beautiful lush meadow. Was she doing this? Adam had seemed to think so. He kept asking her if this was her power, it wasn’t, she had never done anything like this before. Adam’s next words made her look up at him and frown despite the fact her face turned a deep red. “You started kissing me first. And you're getting married. It's not going to happen again.” She said before she patted his arm. The shock that came from it was likely the worst one yet, and she shook her hand. ”I don't know, I'm sorry.”

Not even Ciara expected the flowers, sure she had thought the meadow would be prettier with flowers. Even still, she didn't expect to make them grow. Pulling her hand from the ground, she sat Indian style enjoying the flowers as Adam tried something. Sticking his hand into the dirt as she did. Ciara looked around waiting for something to happen. Only to roll her eyes when he said it must be her doing because he got nothing. ”I already told you it isn't.”

When he turned to look at her there was a flash of light that even had her shielding her eyes. When she unshielded her eyes, Adam was spinning around looking at the sky. It was kind of adorable really, and she smiled before looking up at the stars and taking them in, as well as the way it made the flowers itself glow with it. It was so beautiful, as surprising as it was this would be something he did.

Still looking at the stars, Ciara slowly stood and moved slowly to where she was a little closer to Adam. ”Okay, yours is prettier.” She said softly once she was a little closer, her eyes still on the stars as they started making what she guessed was their own constellations. Then suddenly the stars disappeared, she flashed Adam a confused look. Why did he take the stars away? It was then that she realized the grass and and flowers were gone too. ”What the hell?”

Ciara couldn't really explain it, there was a slight tingly feeling throughout her body. Almost like when they fought the first time. ”Cover your eyes.” She said reaching out and taking the hem of his shirt before the whole area was covered in light. It only took her a few moments for her eyes to adjust, but as she started to pull Adam closer it was like she was hit by a ton of bricks as darkness overwhelmed everything. Hitting Ciara enough to kick the wind out of her. She felt the bricks against her back as she struggled to catch her breath. The whole world spinning back to her, Adam's arm around her waist. There was a different light lighting up the alley as she opened her eyes and the sound of voices came to her stopping her from speaking.

”It isn't a solution! Its being lazy and pretending this isn't real. But news flash its real, you die and I die or the other way around! What do you think will happen to not only me if your coven takes over mine, but you when I'm dead?" The fire lighting the alleyway spread along the walls flickering from her anger, the light it was putting off fading just feet from where they were now standing. Adam standing perfectly still as Ciara walked towards him shaking it anger. ”Lastly I know you aren't my black knight, what you are is a egotistical bipolar mistreated insanely unfairly handsome prick!"

The flames died out as Adam let out a cruel laugh. “What the fuck did you expect me to say?” Then he started walking towards her and forcing her back. “Did you think I would join you in this fantasy world you are painting for yourself? Did you think I would come willingly participate in some secret training? You naïve pathetic little girl!” His fists hit the side of the walls on either side of Ciara’s head. You live in a fantasy world where everyone is good and perfect! I do not fit into you rainbow picture, bitch! I am evil, I am darkness, and I am death! I tried to kill you, and I would try again if it did not mean killing myself! So, yes! I will come meet you once every three days to shake your fucking hand to stay alive. And yes, that is my solid plan. And when, not if, my coven takes over yours, I will save your pathetic worm of a life and throw you in the dungeon where I will continue to visit you every three days to stay alive.” The soft, actually scared whisper of Ciara. ”Please don't put me in the dungeon, Adam."

Then Adam started kissing her, and as Ciara clearly started to getting into the kissing too. The alley was pulled into darkness. Before a flash of bright light filled it.

Ciara was forced to cover her eyes, and once the light stopped blinding her. She looked and they were just…..gone. ”What the FUCK just happened?!” She said looking at Adam.
Tara listened to the guys as they started trying to figure out what creature the other two had with them. It felt like they were overlooking a few and when Serg said something about Reapers she sighed thinking a bit. “I mean he never said if the other creature actually attacked or not. Guys you are overlooking the fact we are in the middle of the woods. If the other thing was a simply a get away it could have been a fae or nymph some go through trees.” She said looking at both of them.

Tara smiled a bit when Kyp said they weren't good at talking to people like that and nodded. “No problem, I have to for Eli all the time.” She glanced back at where he had been sitting and shrugged a bit. “Sure, I'm sure Tali would appreciate it.” When he asked if she wanted to help them some more she smiled and nodded again. “Sure what can I do?”


Eli chuckled a bit and shook his head. “Sure, because I don't remember you almost blowing up a coffee shop before getting the people out.” He couldn't help but make a face at her next words. “So someone used the bombs to cover up killing one of their elders to blame it on us.” He shook his head. “I mean, I don't care but grow a pair.” The subject changed again to this wedding and he nodded a bit. He had no doubt Kyp would look into it. Hell, he had a habit of looking into details that he didn't even think of. But still that didn't mean there wasn't some risk. “That's true, but doesn't mean they won't have the witches helping them set it up during the day.”

Once Wes joined them and Rhi left the table, the conversation switched to Chester. He dealt with quite a few scam of the earth, but it took a lot to make his skin crawl like that guy. He shook his head a little when Wes said that Chester had good information. “I would hope so, he makes the assholes I get information from look like saints.” Eli just shaked his head a little bit at what Wes said about him trying things when Serg wasn’t around. He fully intended to keep his promise about having his balls cut off. He chuckled slightly. “Oh yeah? What did you do when you met him?”

“Nice to meet you Wes.” Taylor said as he sat down, before nodding a bit about Rhi knowing the owner and bartenders. “You need to start having meetings here too Eli.”

Eli chuckled “I think my meeting place is pretty nice, considering.”

“Yeah, no, it's not.” Taylor said giving Eli a look, to which he just shrugged off. Taylor gave a sad look when Wes said that Rhi’s brother knew the hunting group that was killed. “How is she taking it?” When Rhi came back to the table Taylor smiled at her and nodded a bit. “Hey Rhi. Yeah, and he didn’t run away like you said he might.” He said with a slight laugh.


Willow smiled and stretched her body the best she could, despite the fact she couldn’t really move very well. Looking down she softly put her hand on the top of Sal’s head, who was half cuddling, half laying on top of her. It took her a few minutes to get out of bed, but it was something she both loved and was used to so she couldn’t complain. Walking into the the kitchen she sighed to herself, cleaning her dishes from the night before and started maybe breakfast for everyone. Some leftover steak, eggs, hashbrowns, and coffee.

Off in her own little world she barely even noticed other people coming into the kitchen until Tiff peeked over her shoulder and asked what she was doing. “Well, I didn’t get to make you dinner last night so I thought I would make breakfast.” She answered with a smile before she started making plates as the others came in.


The whole world sucked! The light sucked! She never hated the sound of birds outside of her window so freaking much. With a groan Jo turned away from the light from the window, cursing the fact that she had drunk the whole rest of the half of a bottle left over from Alex. Now she had a hangover, a boyfriend that was mad at her, and her sisters were waiting to bitch her out too. All she wanted was to cuddle Alex, he made things better.

Finally after laying there for a few hours she got out of bed and went into the kitchen to find everyone already there eating breakfast. Willow was nice enough to make her plate, and smiled a bit thanking her, before eating. After a few moments of silence eating she looked over to Drake. “Do you think you would have time to go to town with me later? I need to get something for Alex.”


It wasn’t very often when he stayed over that her alarm woke him, but the night before had been such a eventful one that he had actually had trouble sleeping. Feeling the movement on the bed, Logan groaned his arms wrapping around Billie’s body and pulled him closer to him cuddling her against him. “No, you aren’t allowed to go for your run yet.” He mumbled in her ear sleepily, feeling her chuckle a little against him.

He didn’t after falling asleep again but woke up alone an hour later and sighed to himself as he got up and got dressed again. If nothing else at least he would have time to get a shower and relax a little bit for his day off. He made sure to lock the door behind him as he left and headed to his house. As soon as he opened the door, he found himself smiling at the fact Clary was curled up still on the couch. Following the smell of food cooking, Logan headed into the kitchen to find Cole. “Hey, what you making?” He asked leaning against the door frame.
Kat smiled a bit to herself as she sat beside Atty. As weird as it might sound to people, she knew that Lia wasn’t near as hard as she acted. It was one of those things that you actually had to live with her to pick up on. Also she gave really good hugs actually. Then Atty said that he would tell her the story again from the beginning, and smiled a little bit more. “That would be really great. Just from what I heard it was going to be a good story.” She said before she started picking at her muffin. Kat was trying really hard not to let on that she was feeling off, but it was making her less hungry than usual. She was really glad that it most not have been noticeable.

Kat was in her own little world has she ate it, barely noticing that Atty had gotten up to make himself some tea. Though her thoughts were pulled back to the room when Lia said the seamstresswas coming later, and she smiled a bit. “Oh okay….oh this is going to take some thought!” She said feeling herself get a bit excited, her first time going to a ball with a dress made just for her. It would definitely have to be pretty, and lots of color. Well maybe not lots of color, then it would look tacky. Oh maybe blues and greens….wait did she have any green or blue heels?

Once again she found herself staring off in thought. She frowned to herself a bit before shaking her head as if it would help. Then Edger wobbled his cute little butt over to her, and she started feeding him bits of muffin before Mitch finally came in. The half asleep train wreck he was. She nodded a bit to what Atticus said before whispering back. “If she does, I'm gonna stay in the castle for a few days.”

When Mitch reacted to her good morning she couldn't help but giggle, and it didn't help that Atty almost shot tea out if his nose beside her, before burning himself. It was turning into a fun morning all around. “Thanks Atty.” She said before pulling it apart and letting it cool as she picked at the bit from her last one.

Kat was really looking forward to not having a lesson today. It would be fun to have the whole day to herself. To relax and hang out with Atty. “That sounds really good. I wanna try a piece of the pie.” She said when Lia talked about making s'mores pie. Because who wouldn't want a pie with chocolate and marshmallows.


He really didn't want to be awake right now. If Edger hadn't woke him up, he would have probably slept until Lia woke him up. Because he was extremely tired. At the moment he was barely functioning, and didn't care how he looked. He heard the three of him laugh at his reaction to Kat. Mitch couldn't help it though, she was extremely loud first thing in the morning. And then seeing the kitchen filled with muffins. Last time it had been cupcakes.

Mitch smiled a bit and nodded when Lia said she was going to make cookies soon, and he looked at Atty and nodded To him. “Thanks man.” He said before looking back to Lia. “I can get it down for you in a minute.” He added before he started drinking his coffee. It still surprised him that Lia could make some of the best coffee, and he sighed a bit happily as he drank his.

Mitch's eyes followed Lia as she headed out of the door with Edgar, before looking at the others. “So, if you don't have lessons today. What you guys going to get into?”

“Well I might try to practice some from yesterday but not sure yet. And Atty was going to tell the story he started last night. Other than that, I don't really know.” Kat answered.

Mitch chuckled a bit. “The one about the hunters?” When Atty shot him a look and told him which one she was talking about he nodded a bit before drinking on his coffee.

“What hunter one? I want to hear about the hunter one too.” She said and when Atty replied she nodded a bit and started picking at her muffin again.

Mitch watched her pick at her muffin for a moment. “You alright?”

Kat sighed a bit looking at what was left. “Yeah, I'm just not that hungry this morning.” Mitch raised a brow and gave Atticus a look as she wrapped up her over half a muffin and said she would just take it with her, because Kat was probably the biggest breakfast person that he knew. “I'm gonna go get dressed so we can go.” She said before heading back upstairs.

Autumn Anderson

105|Witch - Werewolf Hybrid|Against The War|The Dead

"Call me a coward, but maybe its better for my family to think I'm gone."


-Autumn is believed dead by all of her family. Surely you know the story about the girl that caused the last Werewolf and Vampire war, in the far West. That would be Autumn. She ran to the vampires hoping to be protected from her father because she was a witch, but they tried to use her against him. Afraid for her mother she ran instead.

-Autumn is a very powerful witch, product of both a strong magical family and a family of Alpha wolves. She specializes in a type of magic that is close to Natural magic that effects sound waves. She is also a Alpha wolf.

-At the moment she is hiding in the same pack as Arik, she has held the rank of beta or The Omega tightly for the last five years. Thankfully so even, she doesn't care about titles in the least. She craves friendship and safety after the time she spent alone.
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Vera Palash

Both Terms Unknown|UnSeelie Fae|Wings|UnSeelie Queen

"I'm not heartless, I have a heart....oh. Well excuse the fuck out of my not wanting my people insulted. Fucking Da'lamra"


-Vera has been the Queen of the UnSeelie for hundreds of years. Not because no one has tried to take her place, but because no one has beating her yet. That said, not to many have tried. Compared to the last queen, she is a Mothersent.

-Being a royal she has some special advantages. She has met Mother Nature and often gets to speak with her. She also mentally knows where each of her people are. As well as were they are reborn. Which can get to be a headache at times.

-While having more contact with the other races then some of her people. Vera still takes words quite literal.
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