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I hate when people want to say they're your friend, but don't act like it unless it's convenient.
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I feel so wounded...
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Going on an actual date with the husband for the first time since the baby was born. *Le gasp!*


My name is Siren, I've been a role player now for 10+ years, but I have a crazy, crazy life. I tend to disappear a lot, I can take a while to reply, and sometimes I do just forget to reply. Forgive me, I'm human. I tend to write high casual to advanced, and CANNOT STAND one liners. Also, I prefer to double or play multiple charactera. I think it adds more necessary drama.

So umm... Hi! And welcome to my page!


@Love DoveShe and I started role playing together a little over a year ago, but I love her to death. She's always there for me, on and off site. I couldn't ask for a better partner and friend. She and I are like peas in pod, and I love how she challenges me in our role plays and makes me laugh in our chats.

@El Taco Taco we may not talk all the time, but I love her. She gives me my necessary doses of Harry Potter goodness!! Love ya girl!

@paragloan She was one of my favorite people ever. She and I had been friends for a pretty good amount of time off the guild, and I will always remember her fondly. She was my psychotic soulmate, and I miss her a lot. Rest in Peace, one day we'll meet again.

I know there's more of you, but only doing a top three for now.



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Clary couldn't help the excited bouncing, but she had managed to calm herself a little when Heather pointed it out. "Yeah, but honestly, Morgan is a really awesome teacher. He finds me wandering the halls at night sometimes and has tea with me. We did coffee one time, and he regretted that for two days." she laughed a little, but soon it was time for them to head to gym. When Heather brought up Cole, Clary blushed a little and looked to the ground. "Thanks, I mean... We just really met, but I really like her. She's so... calm." she smiled a little. "You know, not typically what I go for. Remember the last girl was more high strung than even me."

Once they got ready for class, Clary frowned a little when she noticed that Logan wasn't in the gym. She missed out on all of his high! She knew he was probably passed out back in their dorm and she would just go bring him some lunch after class. However, her attention turned towards Devin, and she stood a bit closer to Heather when she saw what was going on. "That girl knows how to put a point across." she whispered to her. It wasn't long before Long assigned partners, and while Clary was a little sad that she wasn't with Cole or Heather, her face immediately lit up when she saw her partner. Ryan came over, pulling her long locks of brunette hair up into a ponytail and she smiled to Clary. Clary hugged her a bit and squealed. "Ryan! I didn't know you were coming back!"

"Well, yeah, I got in late last night. Was supposed to have been in two days ago, but flights got delayed, you know." she smiled. Ryan waved a little to Heather. "Heya! I'm Ryan. Nice to meet you."

Clary bounced a little bit. "This was my partner in Realms last year." she told Heather. "Oh! We have to catch up! We just have to!"

"Then let's do the laps. Stretch first and then we'll do the laps." Ryan said with a laugh.

Clary smiled. "Okay! Let's stretch!"


Miles kind of shrugged when she brought up Sunday. "I wish I could have, but this was sort of an abrupt turn of events, you know? Would have loved to have been here for that though. But I really appreciate you offering to show me around. That will help so much, I can't thank you enough." he told her, and he sort of chuckled when she said she hadn't been to Buckingham Palace. "It's beautiful. You should make time to go and see it. I'd offer to go with you, but that might sound weird." he said.

Three and a half years. That stuck with him. So she would know a lot of the ropes around here, even the ones that the teachers wouldn't, so she would be a good person to stick around. Then when she asked him if he was transferring, he blinked a minute. That took him off guard. "It's my first time in a school like this. I've been to school, sure, but in Heaven things are way different."

IT wasn't long after that when Professor Kane came in. He waved to Iris as she left and he listened to Kane for a moment, nodding when she asked if he was the angel student. So she would be his adviser, he was pretty sure Aren had that in some of his paperwork so he wouldn't forget it, but he was glad she said it to him because it would make it easier to remember. She asked him if he had any questions, and his mind went blank. "I do have one right off the top of my head. How many other angels, or angel breeds are in the school?"

He had a feeling that if there were others, there weren't many if at all, but there was also a part of him that wanted to know that he wasn't alone. When this assignment came to him, he had to admit he was a little confused by it, but Michael wanted eyes here for some reason. Reasons he could guess at, considering there had been a lot of talks about Hell lately, but why he would put him here... That was what he wanted to understand. "What questions do you have for me?"


Randa and Billie both sort of snickered at the display TIffany gave. They would definitely need to talk to her, but it could wait until after they stretched. "So, we sparring?" Randa asked, and Billie nodded.

"Yeah. We do good sparring together." Billie said, and she began helping Randa stretch out. She could see Maggie coming over to them, but a red head stopped her and was talking to her. She raised a brow a little.

Maggie smiled to Willow and nodded. "Sure. My partner isn't back in school yet." she said, "I'm Maggie by the way, what's your name?" she asked. Her eyes had followed the gesture up to Jo and she nodded. "So, what did you want to do? I know my sister and Billie are going to end up sparring. They always do." she motioned her head over to Randa and Billie. "And that's generally where me and Erin would end up too."

She saw Randa looking over and waved at her, only to see her wave back. It was a minute later that she felt a hand on her shoulder and she jumped a bit. "Shit! Joe! Don't do that!" Maggie said to see him chuckle.

"Sorry Mags, just figured I'd say hi." he said, and he moved close to her ear. "And to tell you if you don't put a leash on that thing you're shacking up with, I'm going to knock him out."

"Oh come on! Nathan is better than most of the guys I've dated." Maggie said a bit loudly and covered her mouth after she did. "But what's he doing?"

"He keeps looking at me funny." Joe said, patting her should. "But I'll catch up with you later."

"Okay." Maggie said with a small wave, and she looked to Willow. "Sorry about that."


Colten sighed a bit as he got into gym class, barely paying attention to anything going on around him. He ran his fingers through his hair and heard a few girls giggle as he walked passed them. He shrugged a bit and when he finally caught eyes with someone he knew, he smiled and waved to her. Randa. They had dated for a while, and while they broke up, they were still good friends. She took care of him and he did the same for her when she needed it. It wasn't long after Kajun came up to him and he smiled. "Hey. Man, you wanna lift weights?" he asked him. It wasn't long after that, the guy near them asked to join them.

Considering his alternative, Colten just nodded. "By all means, man. I wouldn't wish that on anyone." Colten said, a small growl in the back of his throat. It quickly left and he rolled his eyes at what Kajun said. When Zach asked him how much he benched, he just chuckled, "About 450 for reps. I can do more in single lifts though." Colten was taken a little off guard by Kajun's purring and he turned to see the girls. When Cole caught sight she waved and Colten waved back. They were talking to Drake and Sal now, and he decided he wouldn't call them over. But when they got over to the weights, and he sat on the bench he about jumped out of his skin when he saw Randa there. "Damnit Miranda!"

She chuckled and leaned on the bar before he laid back. "Hey. Good to see you too." she said. "Just wanted to ask a favor, if your buddies don't mind." she said, waving a little to Zach and Kajun. "If Maggie and her partner end up over here, will you make sure Maggie doesn't hurt herself like she did the last time... and..." Randa's eyes were watching somewhere else, and she patted his shoulder when she looked back at him. "Sorry, Beatrice was hardcore eyeballing you, so I figured I'd get her off your back before she wanted you to get her on hers."

Colten rolled his eyes a little and nodded. "Thanks Randa. You and Billie aren't going to lift?"

"Nah, we're going to spar. But I would more than happily sit pretty on the bar for you." she winked, and soon Billie walked over.

"Baaaabbbee..." she whined. "Let's go."

Randa rolled her eyes a bit. "In her defense, Billie, Beatrice was hardcore staring over here, and you know how Randa gets with that one." Ez's voice came with a chuckle.

"Hey." Billie said, and she waved to Cole a bit. "Nice to see you back." Billie said.

"It's good to be back." Ez said. Her eyes flicked over to Kajun and she smiled a bit when she heard the purring. "But I figured I'd come over and say hi. I haven't seen you in a while."

Randa sighed a bit, watching Billie and Ez just stand there talking for a minute and once Colten started lifting the weight on his bar, Randa hopped up on it and looked down at him. "Too heavy for you yet?"

"I'm not maxed out, Randa. Plus you're light anyway. Get tired of standing?" he asked her and she nodded.


Alex came out of Long's office after their talk. He was to completely avoid Devin while in class, and he rolled his eyes a little and met up with Justin who was also in need of a partner. "Hey man, ready to go?" Alex asked, and he looked over to where the weights were and saw a crowd of girls around a few of them. He recognized the one as Colten. He had dated Randa for a while, and he saw her sitting on his weight bar at the moment. He rolled his eyes and shook his head. "Come on, let's go run laps."

"Sounds good to me." Justin said. He heard the whistle blow.

"Ladies! Get to your activities!" Long shouted. "Lively! Office now!"

Alex's eyes watched as Devin went into Long's office and he rolled his eyes. "I swear I'm going to kill him one day." he said, and Justin shrugged.

"As long as you let Billie record it, I don't think anyone will care." Justin said.


It wasn't long after Long blew the whistle and told everyone to get to it a second time that Billie and Randa finally made their way over to the mats set up for sparring. Billie was stretching a little more when Randa tapped her arm. "There's Tiffany. Why don't we go over and say hi?"

Billie nodded and soon she and Randa walked over to Tiffany. Billie was quiet for a moment, but Randa broke the ice. "So, I'm Randa and this is Billie, and I just have to say, I'm sorry that you had to stop. Watching that piece of shit get a taste of his own medicine was nice."

Billie nodded. "Yeah. It really was." she agreed. "You guys want to spar with us? Its usually easier to do in bigger groups."
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"Yeah... What she said." Ryan gave a faint sort of chuckle when Katie spoke to Charlie. However, it wasn't long before they were all at the Cauldron and holy shit was it crowded. Ryan had known it to be crowded on Friday nights, but tonight was... there was no comparison to how busy it was with all of Falmouth there. As she followed behind Katie, Charlie not far behind her, she carefully avoided the people Katie had elbowed. When they got to Hannah, Ryan could only shake her head and chuckle lightly at Katie.

"I'll take-" she began and Charlie took to ordering for them both.

"Firewhiskey. Please. Both of us." he said, and when she shot him a look, he just grinned. "You know you wanted it."

"I expect this from Katie." she said. When they got their drinks, she looked at the Firewhiskey. Luckily, one of Katie's teammates had come up and she had introduced them. She could only chuckle at their antics, and she nodded. "I am. Thank you, I do try with him."

Charlie's laugh roared when he and Pucey were talking. "Someone had to kick your asses then. Dragons been kicking mine ever since. Been taking a bit of break though. Had some things to help with." he said. It wasn't long after that the doors opened again and in came Marcus Flint. No one really looked over, but Ryan had out of habit. Charlie's head turned too and he nudged Katie's shoulder. "Look, the cat dragged in your favorite person." He teased.

Ryan rolled her eyes and finally took a sip of her drink and she blinked her eyes a bit and looked at it again. "That's stronger than I remember." she muttered to herself. It did help take the edge off of being around so many people. She truly wasn't used to it. Even when she was younger she tended to avoid crowds... But Katie had always had a knack of dragging her right into them. It was all good and well for now. However, Ryan knew she needed to keep herself level-headed. She didn't drink often, and she couldn't remember what she got like if she were to get properly trashed.

She spoke, "Katie, is this supposed to be this strong?" she chuckled a little. She motioned her drink at Katie, and she sighed. She had to remember to have a good time, Katie might kick her ass if she didn't.
Kyp looked to Tara and nodded when she said Tali would appreciate it. Hell, if all he had to do was check some traffic cameras to give someone some solace, he'd take that little bit of time out of his day anytime. "Well, Serg is fingerprinting. I'm going to gather what valuables I can and label them so when we contact next of kin, we can at least return some of their stuff. As hard as it can get, at least they can have something of theirs." he said, running his hand over his face and he went over to the car and grabbed out some gloves and ziploc bags.

"And be sure you let someone know you made it home tonight." Kyp said, "All of us who hunt with Rhi are at her house tonight, but just tell Eli or someone to tell Rhi so we know." he leaned down a little and whispered by her ear. "Serg is a huge worry wart after shit like this goes sideways." he chuckled and handed her some gloves and he began at the body whose head had been exploded and he shook his head. "So unnecessary...


Wes couldn't help the small chuckle that came when Eli asked what he did when it came to Chester. "I waited until after Serg came to pick up Rhi, followed him out, had his head almost inside the fan motor of the piece of shit he drives. Told him he tries anything again, he's going to end up with a wrench in a place he wouldn't appreciate. Then wake up in the wrong part of a demolition derby." He shook his head. "Still waiting to see Rhi shove the .22 she always carries down his throat and threaten to make him shit bullets."

Wes raised a brow at the small conversation between Eli and Taylor and he just looked confused. "I don't even want to ask, I guess." He said, and when Rhi came back, she just chuckled at Taylor's comment.

"I also half expected the meeting to be at the office." she said, and she covered Wes's ears very poorly, "He doesn't do so well in doctor's offices." she whispered loudly.

Wes shook his head when Rhi moved her hands. "Wrong. I don't do well with hospitals." he shuddered involuntarily. "Regular doctor's offices aren't so... I don't even know."

Rhi shook her head a little. She leaned over and whispered something to Wes who just turned a faint shade of pink. "That's what I thought." she said, and Wes rolled his eyes.

"Anyway, you want to stay a little longer or you ready to head out?" Wes asked.

"If you're ready, I am. I know you just got back into town and probably want to crash." Rhi said, and she looked to Eli and Taylor. "See you tomorrow. Might not be there as early as usual. Got to tune up Serg's bike and help Wes tune up his truck too."

"She can get to the back spark plugs. Smaller hands and all." Wes said with a laugh. "Nice meeting you guys."

With that Wes waved and Rhi did too as they went to head out.


Sal woke up to the bed empty, and he sat up and rubbed his eyes a little bit. He turned a bit and blinked before he turned his head from side to side before he noticed the faint aura of the symbol Willow had put on the inside of her door for him so he could see it when he needed to leave the room and she wasn't in there with him or he just didn't want to wake her. He carefully stood and walked to the door. It took him a moment to find the door knob before he got the door opened and he started following the scent of breakfast. He felt a hand on his should and he heard Drake chuckle. "Morning." he said.

"Morning Drake." he said, and when they got into the kitchen, Drake made sure Sal got to sitting down before he got some water and sat down himself. He looked at the clock and shook his head. "Shit, I missed the morning run. Oh well, I'll go later this afternoon." he said.

Sal spoke. "I don't think Billie will say anything. It was a long night." he said, and Drake nodded a bit.

"This is true." Drake said, and he smiled to Willow when breakfast was served. "Thanks Will."

They had all been eating when Jo came down, and he looked her over. She seemed hungover, but then again she had a rougher night than most of them did. She spoke to him, and he nodded. "Of course. You don't mind if we stop by the gym while we're out though, do you? I've got to see if any of the potential clients I had actually decided to sign up. That and I told Joe I would look at the sign ups for the boxing classes Billie coaches. Since he helps her out."

Sal tilted his head. "And can you see if I left my other walking stick there? I think I did yesterday when I went with you."

"Sure, no problem." Drake said. He then looked over to Tiffany and placed a kiss to the top of her head when he went to put his plate in the sink.


The alarm going off made Billie open her eyes and slap her hand against it. Run time was coming too early today, and when Logan pulled her closer to him, she let herself get comfortable for a little longer. About fifteen minutes later, Billie heard the alarm go off again and groaned, but she sighed. If she started getting lazy about it now, it would become a habit, and she was sure Randa wasn't going to be available later for a run. This had been the first day in weeks she and Garret had been off together, and she could only imagine how long they'd be lazing around in bed. She carefully slipped out of bed and pulled on her track pants and pulled on her sports bra. She pulled a hoody on over it and pulled her hair up into a ponytail before she put on her shoes and looked over to Logan. She smiled and kissed his cheek before she grabbed her phone and earbuds.

The air was crisp this morning and she was instantly glad she opted for a hoody. She turned and locked the door behind her and began stretching on the front porch. Drake nor Cole was up and outside yet, and she looked around. Alex would probably pitch a fit that she was going running alone again, but it wasn't too long after that she saw Joe coming out of the house in his shorts, hoody, and running shoes. She waved him over and he rubbed his side a little. "Didn't think anyone else would be up for the run this morning."

Joe chuckled, sleepily. "I rolled off my bed this morning. Figure since I was up, I'd go for a run. Probably try to catch a little more sleep when I get back, considering I work the later shift tonight."

Billie nodded. "One of these days we need to get you some bouncers that can actually do their job. Bring them to the boxing classes. That will thin out the weak ones quick." she chuckled, and he nodded. When they finished stretching they started on their run. It was quite a route, they headed up a few blocks and ran around the huge park nearby. After lapping it a few times, Billie looked to Joe. "Want to get some breakfast?"

Joe nodded. "Please. I'm going to bring something back for Hoyt and Rose too."

"Don't worry, I'm going to bring back the hangover breakfast for Alex too." Billie said, and Joe shook his head.

"That bad?" he asked, and Billie nodded as they headed across the street to a small diner that had just barely opened.


Ding dong! The noise was faint, but it assaulted Randa's ears. She groaned and turned over before she heard it again. "Go away." she mumbled before the third time it rang. Her eyes opened and she got herself out of bed. She looked on the floor and grabbed her underwear and bra before she pulled on her robe and shuffled to the door. The doorbell rang again. "For fuck's sake, keep your panties on! I'm coming!" She growled when she left the bedroom. She looked at the clock on the stove and groaned again. It was just barely eight! She heard the doorbell one more time, and she opened the door and her left hand covered the doorbell and when she moved it, she saw it melted.

After she melted the door bell, she looked up and saw Alex standing there and she shook her head. "You know Garret's gonna bitch you out something fierce when he decides to get out of bed right? I did all the proper steps to reschedule my appointment." Randa whined, and she saw he had a box of doughnuts in one hand with two cups of coffee balanced on it and his legal pad in the other.

"I brought you breakfast, and coffee. Plus this isn't a you session, this is a me session. I could barely sleep last night, and I need to talk it out..." Alex said, and Randa motioned for him to come in.

"It couldn't have waited until at least 10?" she asked, motioning to the couch for him to sit down. He handed her a coffee and set down the doughnuts. "Garret and I haven't had a day off together in weeks, Al, we didn't plan on getting up until noon."

"I'm sorry..." he said, and he watched as she reached her hand out and he placed his glasses in her hand. She put them on and then he handed her his legal pad.

"And you're going to have to deal with a robe because I plan on going back to bed after this, and you freak out anytime I'm in just my underwear around you." Randa said, and she clicked the pen and looked to the legal pad before she looked to Alex. "So, I'm guessing this has something to do with you and Jo?"

He nodded. "Good guess."

"We could hear you two arguing last night. You'd have had to be deaf to not hear that shit." Randa said. "You ever think that maybe, just maybe you are smothering her with how protective you can be?"

"I can't help that, Randa." he said, and Randa shot him a look.

"And I'm the virgin Mary. You can give me a better reason than that." Randa said, and Alex groaned. "Hey, you woke me up. You're getting absolutely no filter this morning, Al. Not to mention, I'm not stopping Garret when he bitches you out either."

Alex sighed and he watched her sip on her coffee and he got up and turned on their coffee pot and he saw her get a doughnut. "I just... she's so important to me, and..."

"Does she know how you feel?" Randa asked.

"Yeah. Last night, despite it all, was the first time we told each other we loved each other." he said, and Randa shook her head.

"Then why the fuck are you stressing?" Randa asked. It was at that moment she quieted a little, hearing movement from the bedroom. "Hold that thought, Al."


Dahl felt a nudge against her foot, and she opened her eyes slightly and saw Poppy gently nudging her foot. "Oh hey, Pop. You need to go out girl?" she yawned, and she heard the hound whine quietly. She blinked a bit and looked at saw she and Zach had fallen asleep on the couch last night. She saw the TV was off, and she grabbed Poppy's leash and put it on her before she walked her a bit outside. Once Poppy was done, they went back into Zach's house and Poppy laid back down. Dahl smiled a little and covered Zach up a little more with the blanket they had been using. She kissed his temple and began cleaning up what was left from last night. When she was done she looked through the cabinets and started making some coffee and breakfast for them.

She was hoping it would be a nice surprise for him when he woke up, considering they didn't get to eat breakfast together a lot. She had an early shift, and she was usually leaving when he was just waking up. She filled the sink with water so she could wash dishes as she went, and soon she heard Poppy softly bark, and she moved to check on her. She chuckled. She was having a puppy dream. "That still scares me." she mumbled to herself.


Cole woke up fairly early, and she smiled to see Clary still sleeping when she got up. She stretched a bit and turned off the TV and pulled the blanket over Clary a bit better so she wouldn't get too cold. After she washed her face and hands, she headed back down into the kitchen and began making some breakfast and coffee. Omelets, hashbrowns, bacon, and sausage. She heard the door open and close before she heard Logan's voice and she smiled to him. "Morning." she greeted. "I've got omelets, hashbrowns, bacon and sausage. If you don't like omelets I can make you something else, but if you do, just gotta know what you want in it. I don't think I've made omelets here in a while."

Cole placed a cup of coffee in front of Logan and took a sip of her own. She took a pouch out of her pocket and emptied it into her coffee and took another sip. "Morning Glory coffee goes hard in the morning." she smiled.





Atticus had to admit he was glad for a quieter day, lately, everything seemed tense. Not to mention even he wanted to know what was going on with the East coven because they had been there way more than usual, even in the last two decades. He was glad that it wouldn't be a main thought. That wouldn't even have to go to the castle if they didn't want to today. His eyes shifted over to look at Kat who was picking at her breakfast. It was odd, he was used to her eating in the morning. She loved breakfast, as he had learned about her very quickly. He wouldn't bring it up now, but he'd ask her later.

Mitch was a trip in the morning, he thought, but he saw how carefully Mitch watched Lia when she headed out onto the porch with Edgar. He knew it was because of last night though. He vaguely remembered him talking about how Lia got with her nightmares years ago, and now seeing how it was he could understand. That was scary, and he could almost feel how it unsettled things. Maybe it was because she was a witch. Magic could do that, couldn't it?

He shook his head a bit when Mitch asked them about what they were doing and when Kat brought up the story, Atticus shot a look to Mitch when he brought up the hunter story. "Nah, I was telling her about Snowcrest. Technically a hunter story, but not the one you're talking about." When Kat showed interest in it, he nodded a bit. "Sure, Kitty. If you really want to hear that one too, I'll tell you it."

He watched Kat a moment as she talked to Mitch and watched her form retreat upstairs for a moment. "Been a weird morning, man. I don't think I've ever seen the girls hug before, but they sure did this morning. Not to mention they're both acting a little weird."

His ears perked a bit at the door when the knob was grabbed. He wasn't sure if he was imagining it or not, but he was almost certain he heard a cough from the other side. He saw it open and he watched as Edgar waddled in and got over to his basket in the living room. He heard Lia's voice after a moment too. "Here." she said, pulling a brown paper bag from underneath the sink and she wrapped up some muffins. "In case you guys get hungry a little later."

He nodded. "Thanks." he said and he blinked a bit as she headed up the stairs. "Least it's not storming." he mumbled.


Lia nodded when Kat said something about wanting to try the pie. "Alright, once I'm done with cookies I'll work on it. It only needs about an hour to set after I actually get it put together." she said. She then took Edgar outside and let him take care of his business. The cold air was a little bothersome and she shivered, drawing her robe closer to herself. She knew she'd need to pack up some muffins for Kat and Atticus, especially since she could already tell they'd head out for the day. She shivered again and sighed, seeing Edgar waddle over to the porch. She scooped him up and placed him on the porch. She went to head to the door, but she saw him wandering about. She went to take in a deep breath and she coughed lightly.

Her eyes rolled a bit. That was the last thing she needed. To be sick at a time like this, especially when she was dealing with her nightmares too. When Edgar finally got to the door, she grabbed hold of the door knob and coughed lightly again. She shook her head and opened the door, watching as Edgar walked in. She spoke to Atticus after she made him and Kat a bag of muffins to go and she headed up to her room to get dressed. She definitely needed something a bit warmer, and she would need to get into her herbs too anyway.

When she got into her room, she looked to the unmade bed and she started making it up before she sat down a moment. She took the pillow that Mitch had used and hugged it to her and leaned her head against it a moment. She could smell him and it silenced her worries for a brief moment. She shook her head and fluffed it up a bit before she placed it back on the bed and got up. She stripped out of her pajamas and pulled her hair up into a ponytail. She pulled on a long sleeved shirt and a pair of dark pants. She put on some warmer socks and she headed into the bathroom when it was opened and washed her face a bit and opened a cabinet. She had become quite good with making her own remedies, and she took a rub she had made and rubbed a little on her chest. She washed her hands after, and she went back into her room a moment. She got into her personal stash of herbs and pulled out some eucalyptus, mint, and a small bit of thyme.

She headed back down the stairs and she couldn't help the smirk that came over her face at the flour sitting on the counter. She quickly wiped it off her face and started making herself some more tea before she got out some bowls and a few other things. She finally took the half apron that she had folded next to her drying towels and tied it around her waist as she started getting into her rhythm. She finally spoke, not knowing if anyone was even around her at that point, she tended to completely zone out when she got into baking. "What kind of jelly am I using this time?"

Sierra Tearstone


"Always keep tabs on those who want to find you. You stay one step ahead that way."


-Sierra is the eldest daughter to Sybil and Zain Tearstone, but due to her father dying when she was young, she was raised by her aunt and uncle.

-Sierra's specialty is in dream magic, and she has a talent for illusion magic as well. It has helped keep her under the radar and out of the eyes of those who would come after her.

-Sierra is a cunning and intelligent woman. She tends to be a little reckless and impulsive as well as self-sacrificing, especially for those she loves.
Ive missed you too boo!! And of course! You have the same patience with me.

Thats great! Im so happy for you!!!
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Another year. Another food festival. Another way to cover up the many council meetings. Evangeline sighed a bit, running her fingers through her tresses of brunette hair. She rolled her head a little as she walked with her twin sister, Bristol, towards the taco truck that they visited every year. They couldn't help it though! It had the best tacos, and even the tortillas were made by hand. "So, Saul said he would meet us where?" Evan asked, fanning herself with the map they got at the front gate as she looked past all the food trucks to the rides. "Humans are so stupid to put rides in at a food festival." she rolled her eyes at the thought.

A small yawn escaped her, having worked late the night before at the bar. Not only that, she had to take the long way home when she felt herself being followed. She knew that this was a time of meeting for a lot of different groups in the area, but didn't they know that hunters would eventually catch on? Even if it wasn't exactly a problem around here, she had seen a few. Or at least caught onto a few of their tells. She sighed, and she could feel Bristol look at her. "What? It was a really late night last night."

They finally got to the taco truck and stood in the line that was already about five people long, and Evan heard her phone going off. "You've got to be kidding me." She groaned, but when she looked at it, she laughed. "Oh, well this is okay then."

She answered the phone. "Hey! Where are you, Bri said that we were supposed to be meeting you over by that one cart with the amazing funnel cakes from last year."

"I changed my mind on that. I got here earlier than I expected to. Where are you two?" Saul's voice came from the other end and Evan nudged Bri and smiled.

"We're by that Taco Truck we go to every year. Want us to get you one if you don't get here before we get to the window?" she asked, and she heard a chuckle from the other end.

"Sure, but let Bri order for me. I don't know how you can eat things as spicy as you do." Saul said, and Evan laughed.

"Alright, alright. See you soon!" she hung up and she looked to Bri. "If we get up to the window before Saul finds us, he asked to let you order for him because he doesn't know how I eat things as spicy as I do."

After a laugh, they stood in line for the taco truck, moving up when the people in front of them before they were joined by a man with dark brunette hair and dark eyes that matched their own. "Saul!" Evan smiled as she gave him a hug. Bri greeted him as well and he chuckled.

"Well it looks like I caught up to you two just in time." Saul said, motioning to the line as they were next. "Have Dad and Denise come through yet?"

"Not yet, but you know they have that meeting." Evan sighed. "Not to mention mom has been blowing up both our phones all day. She's going to flip her lid when I have to leave to get ready for work."

"I thought you worked at the diner." Saul said, and Evan shook her head. "What happened?"

"Me and Ian had a disagreement. I took my check and I left. Now I'm working at that little dive bar across from the coffee shop me and Bri get all of our coffee from." she answered and Saul sighed and shook his head.

"How have things been with you Bri? " Saul asked, "And yes, I got those things from Kiara you asked for when I went and visited. They're back in my apartment."

Evan walked up to the window when it was their turn and ordered her taco. "I've got theirs too." She told the man at the window who nodded and took Saul and Bri's orders. She paid the guy and they stood off to the side and waited for their food. Evan felt her phone going off again, and she saw it was a text from her boss asking if she could come in about a half an hour early. She looked over to Bri and Saul. "Hey, Saul, what are you doing tonight anyway?"

"Nothing really." he said.

"My boss just asked if I could come in a little earlier. Since we'll be getting the over flow from here. I don't like walking there alone, especially after everything last night." Evan said, and she looked to Bri who nodded. She had told Bri about the guy who had been following her when she got up this morning, and Evan really didn't want to uproot them for accidentally showing what she was too soon. Otherwise she'd have handled the whole thing herself, but being discovered as a phoenix, especially in a place where word traveled quick could be disastrous.

"Don't worry, I'll walk you to work, and I'll walk Bri home. You know whenever you need me, all you have to do is ask." Saul said, and he chuckled a bit. "Although, I don't always expect you to ask since you have become good at taking care of your own problems, Evan."

"If I wasn't almost 100% sure this one was a hunter, I would." Evan laughed.


"There is a lot of people here." the blonde covered in tattoos spoke as she looked around. The man with darker skin beside her just gave a chuckle and he rubbed her shoulder.

"The cities tend to be worse," he said to her. "It's alright, Val. I'm here."

"I know, Siddy, but there are so many people." Val reiterated and he stopped them to the side of the main path.

"Close your eyes, Val." Siddiq told her, and Val nodded and did so. "Now breathe deep and smell all the different food. And then open your eyes. The smell of the food usually helps me keep calm at this festival."

Val followed his instructions, and she had to admit the aroma of just food in general definitely helped her calm a bit. "That's crazy how well that works."

Siddiq nodded to her and just smiled. "I'm still surprised that Darius let you come this time. He's usually so afraid you-know-who will be able to find you here that he won't let you come."

Val rolled her eyes a little. "Yeah, well, after the fiasco eight years ago where she found me, once again, with the tribes, he couldn't exactly use that being with the tribe was safer. Hell, the first time she found me was with the tribe too. He's just afraid that he'll lose me if I'm out here too long."

"Well, that's his own problem. You are old enough to make your own choices, and I get he's your father, but enough crazy is enough. You need to be able to live your life. Plus, I know you still want to go looking for your siblings, at least a little bit." he said to her as they stopped and they each got a corn dog.

"Yeah, but I don't know where to begin looking at all. It's not so simple, and plus I have to be careful as it is. Dad tells Amal everything. Which is a little creepy." she said, "And I know Amal is looking for a reason to keep me in the tribes. Not sure why, but even Aetulia has told me to watch myself around him."

"She wouldn't be the only one telling you that. Delonna would say the same thing." Siddiq said, taking a bite of his corndog. "And I've told you the same thing. That guy doesn't even smell right."

"I know, and I avoid him. It just doesn't help that dad and him seem to be so close." she said. She sighed a bit and looked to Siddiq. "So, what is there to do around here?"

"Food." Siddiq laughed. "They have some games too, and rides. After this me and you are going to sneak off and get drinks. I want to see what effect alcohol has on you considering coffee puts you to sleep." he chuckled.

Val laughed a little and nodded. "Sounds like fun, but we have to sneak out before their meeting is over otherwise I'll get stuck."

"Not necessarily. My aunt knows my plans, she'll find a way to help us out." he said, and Val smiled.

"Great!" she said. "Oh! Siddy! What's that thing?" she asked, point to someone's plate as they walked past.

"That's a funnel cake." Siddiq answered. "Come on, I know where they make the best ones."

"Awesome." She smiled as they headed off, still eating their corn dogs.


Tobias sighed as he leaned against the gate to the festival. He was supposed to meet up with Warren here before they headed into the meeting with Malachi, seeing as Malachi had reached out to the other dealers. "Dude, why is it always a food festival?" the dark haired man asked as he approached Tobias. Tobias chuckled and patted his shoulder before running his hand through his own black hair.

"Because, they don't want to go far for food." Tobias answered, and Warren chuckled.

"I don't blame them, but it is literally always a food festival." Warren said. They headed into the festival and off to the side where a tent was set up. They headed inside, and saw a man with sandy blond hair at the head of the table with a younger guy with identical hair sitting there.

"Alright, this appears to be all of us." he said, and Tobias nodded his head to the woman in the room with dark hair and eyes. He and Warren both took their seats before Tobias spoke up.

"I swear there were more of us last meeting." He said, and Malachi, the man at the head of the table nodded.

"There used to be. A lot of them couldn't come or couldn't be reached." he said. "But all of us who are in this area are here and we can begin. I suppose we should go around with introductions, I will begin. My name is Malachi Martin, but I do prefer to be addressed as Kai. I am the officiating entity here seeing as I am the oldest, and Lucifer himself has asked I conduct this meeting."

"My name is Azariah, but you can call me Az." the guy next to him said.

"I'm Warren."


And when the woman introduced herself as Becca, Malachi nodded and started. "I would normally hold a longer meeting, but I have another thing to do in a little while. So, we're going to hit the high points, and I will leave all of you with a way to contact me if it is necessary."

Tobias began, "So, what's changed?"

"Nothing really, we've been doing very well with getting a good flow of souls into Hell, but that's not exactly what this meeting is about. We're here to more talk about personal deals. A few have been slipping through the regulation cracks, and while it isn't anyone in this room, there are a few dealers that we need to be on the look out for for what they've done. Sean Howell is one, and so is Craig Sandrige. And, again, if anyone hears from Prudence Flint, we have only been looking for her because she has gone into radio silence, but there have been a few deals made under her name as of recently."

"What did Sean do now?" Warren asked, and Malachi sighed.

"He's made more than one deal that pisses off the Horsemen and the Ascended, from what I have been told. Lucifer didn't give me many details in the brief call we had before this meeting, but he said that he wants him brought in. I'm assuming he's helping bring people back from the dead again." Kai answered, and Warren shook his head.

"And what about Craig? No one has seen or heard from him for a long time." Tobias said, "At least no one I know."

"He is in for a deal that broke laws of three different groups. No sure which three, but I know one of them was the our demon laws." Kai said, and he shook his head, "Like I said, Lucifer didn't say much. Just wanted me to touch base with everyone, and if I find out more, I will let you all know."

"Who is Prudence Flint?" Azariah asked, and Kai sighed.

"Well, she is one of the greatest dealers there has ever been, but about 12 years ago she mysteriously fell off the grid. She was believed to be dead for a while, but over the last couple of years some deals have come through with her seal. We only want to find her to make sure nothing went awry. The only time, other than death, that a dealer falls off the grid is when they are bound."

Az nodded and soon Warren spoke. "So, Sean, Craig, and Pru. Anything else?"

"Be wary." Kai said, "There is something going on in the world and no one knows exactly what is going to happen when it comes to head. It could bring anything, but there are races moving into defensive maneuvers, and the witches I stay near have been talking about how Sybil is back at her old tricks. We've gone a long time without hearing her name be brought up, but she is setting up for something, and it is why I tell you to be wary. She is a very talented binding witch."

Warren's face immediately soured at her name. "I've seen what she can do first hand. She's not good news."

Kai sighed and nodded. "I have too. But are there any other questions?"


Aetulia found herself rubbing her temples from her place at the table with Darius, Amal, and Delonna. She hated these meetings with a passion, especially with her husband and son so close and in a meeting of their own. She wanted very desperately to see them, but she knew how hard it would be with Amal and Darius here. They would be the first to try and burn her at the stake, so to speak, but it had been a very long time since she had seen either one of them. Almost five years now. Still she had arranged a meeting with Malachi at least, and she was hoping she could at least see Azariah, even if they couldn't really visit.

"Can we just get this meeting going instead of arguing over who sits where?" Aetulia finally snapped, watching as Darius took a seat and she rolled her eyes.

"Thank you, Aetulia." Amal said, no matter how reluctant she could tell it was. "So, I call the annual meeting of the Djinn elders to order. First item on the agenda brings us to Aetulia."

Aetulia sighed a little and nodded. "First item on our agenda is the betrothal meetings between Amal and Darius's tribes coming up in a few weeks. Shortly thereafter will be the betrothal meeting between my tribe and Delonna's, and from there we have the one between Darius's tribe and my own starting off in the winter, and seeing as though I will be taking the only available one to be betrothed from Delonna's tribe, Amal's tribe and my own will have a meeting after that." she said. "Now, we need to make sure everything goes off without a hitch, so remember, those visiting the other tribe, arrive at least a day early and allow the candidates to do their meet and greet. The day after will be the selection, and the day after that will be the wedding and celebration.

"And remember, after the weddings each couple will be allowed one week to decide which tribe they will live with and an additional week to get settled once it is decided." Aetulia said, "I believe that brings us to Darius."

Darius nodded. "There have been talks in the South about conflicts coming to an uneasy head with other races. So we all need to be prepared to know the signs to move our tribes, as these conflicts could lead to war. We will likely be sought out in the war times, but do not engage no matter what they threaten you with. I have seen enough of what can happen in the times of war to know the risk is not worth the reward. Our numbers are so small, and they could easily wipe us off the map. I will be laying out new escape protocols and sending them with Aetulia's advocate, as he will see all of the tribes before the end of the year."

Aetulia watched as Amal pulled up a list and she leaned her head against her hand. She knew what this was, and she knew that this was likely where Amal and Delonna would start bickering at each other. It was the list for trials, and Aetulia had asked it not be brought up at this meeting because it just wasn't worth it.

"Now, next order of business. We have three members between the tribes that need to be reminded that they are approaching a third trial with another slip up. Valkyrie Michels," Amal said and he looked to Darius, "I'm sure you can handle telling her."

"I can." Darius sighed, and Aetulia shook her head as the last two names were called off, and she looked to Delonna. At least this wasn't the list that had everyone who was up for trial, or a second trial even, it was just the third trial one. Still, she couldn't help the sour look that crossed her face at how Darius nonchalantly said he could tell his own daughter about her own third trial status. There was something up there, Aetulia and Delonna had had more than one discussion on the matter, and both knew it couldn't be good.

Amal looked to Delonna. "Go on, it's your turn for the floor before we begin the open discussions." he told her.
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