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I hate when people want to say they're your friend, but don't act like it unless it's convenient.
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I feel so wounded...
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Going on an actual date with the husband for the first time since the baby was born. *Le gasp!*


"It wasn't something that she had ever expected to happen. All her life, she had to be the strongest she could be, but then she met him..."

My name is Siren, I've been a role player now for 10+ years, but I have a crazy, crazy life. I tend to disappear a lot, I can take a while to reply, and sometimes I do just forget to reply. Forgive me, I'm human. I tend to write high casual to advanced, and CANNOT STAND one liners. Also, I prefer to double or play multiple charactera. I think it adds more necessary drama.

So umm... Hi! And welcome to my page!


"With him, she let her walls down and let someone see her for everything she truly was. She didn't have to put on a brave face anymore because she knew he would be there for her."

@Love DoveShe and I started role playing together a little over a year ago, but I love her to death. She's always there for me, on and off site. I couldn't ask for a better partner and friend. She and I are like peas in pod, and I love how she challenges me in our role plays and makes me laugh in our chats.

@El Taco Taco we may not talk all the time, but I love her. She gives me my necessary doses of Harry Potter goodness!! Love ya girl!

@paragloan She is one of my favorite people ever. She and I can be psychos together on site and off... enough said. Seriously tho, we have fun in our own psychotic way.

I know there's more of you, but only doing a top three for now.


"But it was also through him that she learned that to be vulnerable... to love... could be the biggest mistake ever. But he gave her the courage to open herself up to someone... even if they were always meant to leave."


The Siren's Call

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Once Chester had left, Rhi felt slightly better, but given the circumstances of the whole thing... She didn't feel the greatest. She had to call Lucien still and tell him about Gio's group, and hope to hell that he didn't fly off the handle. He and Jax had almost been with them tonight, but Lucien had just got back into town a week ago, having moved back, and was still getting settled in. What Eli said to her apology made her chuckle softly, and she nodded. "Most of the time, I always have to send the info to Kyp to make sure it's not stuff we already have or that he's trying to pull a fast one on me. He's tried." She smirked into her glass at that thought. "I shoved my gun down his throat and told him he tried it again he'd be shitting bullets for a week. I think he likes when women are rough with him though." The thought caused an involuntary shudder to run over her.

When he said Tara had texted him, she gave a gentle nod and she looked at him when he said he was sorry for their loss. "Thanks. I mean, I didn't know them as well as I know others, but I have hunted with them before. Lucien and Jax were almost with them, I think that's what's got me a little shaken about it." she admitted, and she sighed. "Just makes me wonder which ones got hold of them. I'm sure Kyp will give me the analysis once they get there."

She rolled her eyes and when he spoke again she gave a nod. Oh, she understood about it being a bad weekend. Between the whole bomb thing and then having to deal with this, she had also gotten a call from her dad saying he would be in town sometime within the next month. He hadn't told her when, but it would not be a fun time when he showed up. When he started talking about bullets though, she nodded and smiled a bit. "Pfft... I make bombs, dangerous is in my genetics." she giggled a bit, setting down her glass of wine, seeing she was almost done with it. She was really beginning to flirt with another glass though. She knew she shouldn't, but this was kind of nice.

When he answered her question about the wedding, she nodded a bit. "The only succinct information is the date, but there are a couple of venue points and a partial of a guest list. All of the known vampire coven leaders are supposed to be there, and it's not often that they would all gather in one place like that, so when we start the planning, we'll have to put the better foot forward and hope we can find more information between now and then. It's supposed to be happening in a few weeks."

Then Eli showed her his phone and when she was warned that Taylor would go to houses, she took up her phone and started adding the name into a group message before she saw the next message and smiled. "I forgot to give him my number didn't I?" she chuckled a bit, and once she got all the names and started the message she said, "Tell him I said hi too. I'll give him my number tomorrow so you don't have to play middle man."

He had asked her if she was going home after this and she nodded, but before she could answer about Taylor she saw an arm reach over her and place another glass of wine on the table in front of her before a hand pinched at her side and shot up and squeaked. The laugh that followed caused Rhi to stand up and smack the guy's arm. He was still laughing, and soon took the seat that was on her other side. "Shit, Rhi. Act like you didn't know I'd be here." he said, and Rhi gave him a look.

"You know better than to pinch my side, Wes." she said, smacking his arm again. After a minute she laughed and took up the glass of wine he placed down. "Thank you for the drink though."

"You're welcome. Kyp called me a bit ago, said something about you probably needing a ride since you took Serg's bike and were likely drinking." he said, and he looked over to Eli. "Sorry, sorry man. I'm Wesley Ward, I've been out of town."

Rhi nodded. "Yeah. This is mechanic Wes." She said. "So, Kyp sent you to be my ride?"

"I'd have done it regardless." he said, "I need your help giving my truck a tune up, so I was just going to stay the night if you didn't care."

Rhi gave Wes a look and sighed. "It'll have to wait until tomorrow. I've got to do a few things to Serg's bike tomorrow." She said, "Plus, we've got other things to worry about."

Wes nodded. "Yeah, Kyp told me about Gio's group. How are Lu and Jax taking it?"

"Haven't called yet." she said, and she looked to her phone when it went off and she groaned. "Though it looks like it can't wait until the morning. Kyp said there was a fire demon there from how one of the bodies look. Could be the one Jax lost." She said, and Rhi started calling Lucien and walked from the table for a moment and Wes looked to Eli.

"Sorry if I freaked you out too, I've got to pick on her. She's so easy to pick on." he said, "You need a ride home? I've got room in my truck if need be."


When Tara had asked Kyp if he'd teach her some hacker stuff, he only thought for a moment. It would be great to have someone else to hack, so he nodded. "Sure, I'll teach you. Just once everything gets settled and you have time, the next few days I'll be really busy." he told her. Now the thing about knives made his face turn sort of impressed. "That usually takes years to learn, you are quick." he said.

It wasn't long after that Serg came up and once it was decided that Tara would be coming with them, Kyp headed towards his wagon and he looked to Serg as they headed out. "What was that about?" he asked, and Serg gave him a look.

"You no do good with people, people no understand me a lot of time. She do good." Serg said, and once they were on their way to the location, Kyp and Serg both headed over and started inspecting the bodies. Kyp couldn't help but to frown at some of them. This wasn't just them being killed, it was a massacre. It was needlessly violent, and Kyp took his camera out of his pocket and began taking pictures. He knew they would need this information to determine what demons did this because they all had different targets and this group didn't like to keep paper documentation from what Rhi had said. Which was annoying.

Serg had walked over to one body that was already covered with a sheet and when he saw it, he sighed. "Thought I see all." he mumbled to himself, seeing that the head was very roughly removed, but upon further inspection he saw that it had been exploded. Another body near it had been heavily burnt and Serg looked to Kyp. "Fire demon. Jax hunt one while back right?"

Kyp nodded, walking over to the bodies and looked them over. "That one is damn near identical to a body he had come across. Could be the same one he lost. It's been a few years, so it could be very possible." Kyp said, sending a message to Rhi and then going back to his documentation. He came up to the last one. The body had had something done to it he'd never seen, and he took a few extra pictures of it to see if they could figure it out later. This was a lot of damage done too, but luckily it was far enough into the forest that not many people would be able to see it.

He took a bit of a walk to where he could see the road and made a note of the street camera and nearby buildings that he could check footage on so they could figure out which targets did this exactly. For the most part, it wasn't hard to know the others from the mall and around town. This group was demon hunters, but there was a large population of demons on their list too, and if not just pure demons, demon hybrids too. A few Hell Knights even.

"It not the one is it?" Serg asked Kyp when he got back over to him and Kyp shook his head.

"It appears to have been a fire demon and another kind. It wasn't the one Rhi went loopy over years ago." he said, quietly, and soon they met back up with Tara, Kyp still documenting things in his phone and looking through the photos.




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Micah is a very talented and driven person, but because of this he isn't exactly the most careful or cautious person. In fact, most things he does are extremely reckless and will put people in danger just to achieve his goals. He was raised in heaven by his angel mother, being kept from his father because the Archangel Michael didn't think it wise for an angel to learn magic of the magnitude that Micah could. This all changed when his mother fell and he went with her. He, however, left his mother to live her life alone and went on to find his father who was a very well known dark warlock. Once he found him, and his father started teaching him magic, Micah found that his talents in magic made him a force to reckon with.

Micah is very skilled in binding magic, but while he is very good at it, he likes illusion magic better. After he learned all he could from his father, he left him and returned to Heaven and sought out a place as a guardian. However, Michael did not find that he would make a good guardian and cast him as a soldier. He was often not allowed in the field and he was more or less used when things were dire. In Heaven, he met Dahlia, and at one point used her to sneak out of Heaven so he could see some real action. He stayed with her on earth for a while, but his reckless nature put them both in a lot of danger and they parted ways.

Micah has issues with giving his loyalty to someone, but he will if he feels they deserve it. He is often seen as fickle, as he doesn't always stay with one thing very long unless it is worth his while. He does, however, suffer from some of his decisions as he is half angel and often times it goes against the morals he was raised with. He is close to falling, but hasn't made the fall yet because he knows it could send him on a dark spiral and mess with the control he has.
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Ryan sighed a bit at the look Katie got on her face. It was apparent that there was no budging her on this one. She was going out with Katie tonight, so she may as well swerve into the skid, she supposed. However, when Katie took her arm it became even more apparent that she wasn't getting out of this one. "Well, you are right, I suppose that I do owe you a drink and vice versa." she said, a small chuckle coming from her. As they headed towards her room, she shot Katie a look at her final statement.

"Our hot girl disguises? Katie, I don't know if we should go too far on that if we're going to get properly trashed. Maybe our semi-hot girl disguises." she said, and she sighed a bit finally managing to get her arm out of Katie's grasp as she went to the closet. Something told her that her plain Jane appearance wouldn't cut it as a "hot girl" disguise. She flipped through her hangers and selected a simple, fitted, long sleeved black shirt. She sighed and pulled off her sweater and changed into her other shirt before she looked at her jeans. They would be alright, being fitted themselves, and she pulled on a pair of boots and looked at Katie.

"This hot girl enough?" she asked with a small chuckle. She hoped it was. She really, really, really hoped it was. However, she had to admit, that as she was getting ready for their night out, she was getting more excited for it. It had been a long time, and she almost hadn't realized how long until she had tried to recall the last time that they had done something like this. But it was due. Katie was a first string chaser for the Falcons now, and Ryan was putting in as much hardwork as she could to get things to a sense of normalcy.

It didn't stop her mind from turning though. Nothing would ever shut that nagging bit of worry off in her mind, but for one night she supposed she could set it aside. She sat on her bed and sighed a bit. "So, I'm guessing we're heading the the Cauldron?"
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It's okay darling. I understand. :)

Hi! Love and miss you too! I am doing well and you?
Billie couldn't help but to wonder two things as Logan sat with her. One was what the fuck did Cole give him, and two was how the hell did he make it to class this high? Her second question was answered quickly and she rose a brow. "Ez is back?" she asked more rhetorically than not. That was a good thing though. That just meant that the dragon crowd would definitely not be a problem this year. Drake tried, he really did, but no one really had control over the dragons like she did. Billie just shook her head, "You know, she wasn't exactly wrong. You shouldn't be late to Morgan's class. I think the only student in the school he hasn't given detention to is Clary."

Probably an exaggeration, but it certainly seemed like it. She also knew how much sympathy Morgan held towards Clary after finding out how she died. Morgan had died in the plague or something from what she had heard, and he had just decided to stay on earth rather than go off and find peace... Clary's situation had been a lot more fucked up and she never had the chance to choose. She shook the the thought from her mind when Logan said something about it being hard to pay attention in sixth period. She chuckled at the homework thing, "Sorry, Lo. Harlow wouldn't like it if I didn't assign the homework. Would help you with it, but I promised Randa she could have me tonight." she said to him, quietly.

When Morgan started class, Billie had to try not to laugh at what Logan was saying. He needed to be high more often, she was enjoying it. But then he said something else and all she could do was turn and look at him. He did remember last night... Well, obviously, they weren't smashed the entire night, but still... maybe he had forgotten about their kiss. She tried not to show that something was on her mind, and allowed her face to turn quickly into a small smile. "I enjoyed it too. I'm really glad we don't have to go this year without each other." she whispered, and she took down a few notes as Morgan talked some more. "Kinda wish I wouldn't have had to get up this morning, it was nice not freezing half to death." she chuckled.

That wasn't the only reason she didn't want to get up. She enjoyed being cuddled up to him. She had enjoyed everything about the night before, even if there was that small awkward moment after Clary had caught them kissing. She had honestly been surprised that Clary hadn't brought it up to her yet, and she was almost certain she hadn't said anything to Logan either. But that was good. They could save the lectures for another day. If only they could do that with Morgan too.


Adrian was very curious suddenly as to the odd relationship between the familiar and the skin walker at the front of the class. He watched as the cat hissed at him before Molly seemed to take attention to him. He seemed to lower his head down and he laid back on the desk, curled up like he was going to go back to sleep. Molly's answer made Adrian wonder even further. He knew a lot about witches and familiars, for the most part anyway, he had come across plenty of settlements for them. He had seen a place called Sanctuary when it was built, and the old man who had built it had told him this tragic story about his wife and her familiar. They had been killed, and he had decided to settle after that. Do what he could to help others on the run. He didn't stay there long, and when he had heard about the destruction of it and New Salem, he had went to see the ruins. Mostly to pay his respects.

He nodded a bit to Molly and whispered. "I guess it's just odd to see." He turned his attention back to the board when he saw that DuPage had written a few things. They were briefly going to cover the night before's assignment, but then they were moving on to the angel and demon wars.

"As you can see class, we aren't spending a lot of time on the vampire-werewolf wars at the moment. I had to move a few things around in my curriculum last night and we will be circling back and covering them in a couple of weeks. For the time up to that, we will be covering the Angel-Demon wars." he said, and Adrian found it odd.

Sure, the Angel-Demon wars had been running much longer and the times between them were shorter and each were getting more violent as it went on, but he wondered why the shift in gears. There was a lot to cover with those wars, and it would be easy to get details confused. DuPage didn't seem too pleased with the change either, so perhaps it was a change he was forced to make. Still, Adrian shrugged. He hadn't fought in them directly, but he did know that there had to be people here who had. Plus, he had known so much about them through Azrael that it would be easy for him anyway.



"What's the point in all this talk when the action is just going to dictate our lives anyway?"


-Laena has a half brother named Ivory who is always getting into some kind of trouble. She tries her hardest to keep him in line, but it doesn't usually work.

-Laena took her mother's maiden name since she refuses to associate with her father after a falling out they had when she turned 18.

-She tries to keep her nose out of trouble, but with the talks of war, and the ones of peace, coming up, she has made it very clear that she will stand by the coven's original decision of peace.

-She is a very talented and crafty witch, and she knows how to get by without being noticed for extended periods.





-Arik fell from grace a long time ago, and has since taken to pack life. He became the Beta in his pack, and while they know about his angel half, they also know, that while they don't know why exactly he fell, he fell for a good reason.

-Arik is taking the alpha's place at the ball, since the alpha had a matter come up that required his attention more than the ball

-Arik is strongly against war of any form, having almost been forced into one of the angel-demon wars before he fell. He finds the whole thing of it stupid, even if he knows peace will never actually be obtainable.

-Arik has an older half brother running around, and he is part of the reason he fell.




"Now that I'm out, let's have some real fun."


-Zephaniah was born into a set of twins, but his sister was able to get out before the other archangels found out about her. He, on the other hand, was taken by the Archangel, Michael, and sentenced to his own prison cell in heaven. He has lived there his entire life, and his existence has been kept a secret from everyone... Only Grace, his mother, knows he is even alive other than Michael.

-While in his prison, Michael tried to train him to work for heaven, but his efforts were futile, as the demon half of Zephaniah has always been his more dominant half and it caused his angel half to warp itself. Because of this, he has no real sense of moral right and wrong, and will do anything if it suits him... Anything.

-Zephaniah escaped from his prison when Lilith was brought to her prison in heaven, and he went to earth where he has found a way to keep himself well hidden, having studied humans most of his life. This was only because of how Michael had wanted to utilize him.

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