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Miles nodded. "I'll be sure to give the classes a good run before trying to use a tutor. It'll just be good to know who to go to if I need to." He said. He nodded again. "I appreciate that."

When he asked about her class, he nodded a bit. He remembered Aren saying that when they had talked before, but what caught his attention moreso was the fact that Kane told him he would be paired with a demon. That had potential to be problematic, but it also could be good too. He nodded. "Okay. Thanks for letting me know."

When they got to the classroom, he noticed a few girls already in there and he raised a brow. It wasn't until the other woman spoke that it was revealed that these were lunch detention kids. When Wilson spoke to him, he nodded. "I did. Do you mind if I set my books in here for now?" He asked her. When she said she didn't, he just set them on the shelf nearest the door so they weren't in the way. The interaction between Kane and Wilson made him raise a brow, but when Kane said she would show him to the cafeteria he smiled a little. "Nice meeting you, Ms. Wilson. See you in class." He said.

Truthfully, he hadn't realized he was hungry until Kane mentioned lunch. "How often do new students get lost here? This place is huge." He kind of laughed at the end, but there was truth in what he said. The school was huge, and had he not ran into that Clary girl, he may have never found her office at all. He noticed students filtering into the hallways not too long after and they were talking about something that had happened in gym from what he could tell.

"I know. The shifters tend to stay to themselves. For one to have started a fight is a big thing."

"It was Devin… he always has it coming. I mean… he did almost get killed last year. Had Billie not-"

The name made everything go amiss to him. It had to be coincidence. There was no way Michael would knowingly send him here if Billie Sanders were here. Especially given the failed assignment that had him out on duty in Heaven for so long… He wouldn't do that… right? He shook his head, and he noticed they were at the cafeteria. He thought Kane may have said something to him and he looked at her. "Huh? Sorry. Thanks for showing me here. See you in class later." He said. He got in a line to get something to eat, and after he did, he sat a table in the corner, but everything stopped for a minute when he saw her come in with another girl with dark hair. Billie was here.

"Fucking sick joke, Michael." He mumbled to himself as he tried to make sure he didn't get seen. As much as he wanted to talk to her, now wasn't the time nor the place.


Ryan had been zoned out, but when she looked back to see the look on the person's face she couldn't help but laugh. "She phased through me once. It was a very interesting experience." She laughed.

Clary nodded. "Yeah… I've done that more than once. Apologized profusely after, but Harriet always laughed it off. She might have always had someone over, but she was so understanding of things." She laughed. Clary frowned. "What is she bitching about already?"

"Not getting any?" Ryan guessed. "Honestly, I left last night when she got too bad and I ended up sleeping on that big rock by the lake."

Clary made a face. "Don't do that! Come find me next time, you can use my bed if that happens again, or we can find a place for you to sleep. You'll get sick that way."

Ryan smiled a little. "Thanks Clar." She looked at Zaddie. "Really? That would be awesome. I can normally deal with it, but since my brother isn't here anymore and I said I'd do a double room, it's an adjustment."

Ryan nodded to Heather. "Oh. That doesn't sound like fun."

Clary bounced a little. "I had lunch early, but I'll come hang out."

Ryan heard Zaddie's answer and smiled. "Well, you want to join us? We could still eat outside, it is a pretty day out, and I love being outside anyway."

Clary bounced more when Zaddie said she would. "Yay! New friend lunchtime is always fun!"

Ryan chuckled. When the class was over, she and Clary had taken a little longer in the locker room than usual, but that might have been a good thing. When Ryan went to leave, she saw a fight breaking out and she quickly ushered Clary back in the locker room. "Let's wait a minute. Someone is getting their ass kicked out there, and I know you don't like being around that stuff." She said.

Clary frowned a little. She looked around for Zaddie. "Did Zaddie already get out of the locker room?"

"I think so. I'll go find her. Meet us by the cafeteria, okay?" Ryan said. Clary nodded and phased through the walls to get out. Ryan left the locker room and she found Zaddie pretty quickly and let out a sigh of relief as the fight got broken up. "Hey!" She smiled. "I sent Clary ahead since she can go through walls and doesn't like fighting. She's going to meet us at the cafeteria."


Billie was glad that sparring was a bit more relieving than stressful, especially having Randa as her gym partner. However, the scene that unfolded was one she had definitely not expected. Especially Colten rearing back and hitting Drake, who took the punch about as well as one could. She noticed Tiff laugh a little at it, and she couldn't help the small laugh she let out either.

Randa has mentioned that Colten hated Devin, but never really gave a reason, she just knew it came about after their double date last year. She nodded. "Yeah. Randa knows how to calm Colten down, but I know how that fucking parasite he's beating down is." She said. Once things diffused, she nodded to Tiff.

"Lunch." She said. It was obvious to Billie that Randa would no longer be joining them, but she'd fill her in later. When they got to the cafeteria, Billie was surprised at how… empty it was, but she could hear everyone talking about what happened. She rolled her eyes a little. Yes what happened was shocking, but she was sure it was well deserved. The people behind them wouldn't shut up about it, and she turned.

"Hey. If you're going to talk, how about talking quietly. Some of us can't even think with how loud you're talking." She said. The girls nodded. It took her a minute to realize that they were both demons, and she sighed.

"Sorry, Billie." One said.

"Yeah, yeah. Just be quieter about it, okay?" She said. The girls nodded. Billie was only getting so irritated with it because this was how shit got started, and she didn't want that to happen. Once she and Tiff got their lunches, she sighed noticing how empty the hallways were. It was nice, and once they got to her dorm, Billie opened the door and motioned for Tiff to go in.

She sat on her bed and sighed. "So, where do we start?"


Maggie was so glad that Erin was back but before much longer the fight broke out and Maggie sighed. "You missed a hell of a lot." She said. "Yeah. They've… encountered each other. I'll tell you more later, it's a fucking shit storm."

Ez looked at Brooke, now kind of glad she had told her it wasn't so much moving stuff as it was just organizing it, but she still felt bad. And seeing how Colten had just punched Drake when he tried to break them up was just as crazy. When Brooke explained what happened, Ez's eyes reddened. "He is getting to be worse than Tony was." She mumbled.

Maggie smiles to the girl. "I don't think he will. Long knows Colten pretty well and knows he wouldn't have done something like this without reason." She said. "I'm Maggie, by the way."

Cole nodded. "Yeah, sis. It'll be alright." She helped her heal her arm, and when she declined the invitation to lunch, she nodded a bit. "You're still coming by the greenhouse later, right?" She asked before Brooke took off. Cole turned to them and smiled a little. "I need to go check on Drake, make sure he is alright. But thanks for the invite. I'll catch you guys later."

Ez nodded and waved a little. Once Cole headed off she sighed and looked at Maggie. "How much did we miss? I know Drake told me about some kind of feud?"

Maggie sighed as they began heading off. She noticed Ez looking at the guy that Brooke had gone to talk to before they headed off towards the cafeteria. "So you remember when Randa went full ass stupid and dated Tony a couple years ago? Billie had a similar lapse and started dating Devin." She said.

Ez ran a hand over her face. "Why?"

"That one Randa could answer better, but shit blew up. Alex almost killed Devin because he hurt Billie, and that's what caused this feud. Jackie wouldn't listen, plus she kind of hates Billie anyway, and yeah." Maggie answered. "But one good thing came of this whole feud."

"A good thing?" Ez asked.

Maggie nodded. "A big and bad enough fight broke out, and Glenn got kicked out."

Ez blinked. "That pain in the ass is gone?" She asked.

Maggie nodded. "Yeah. Another thing to ask Randa about. She got so bored last year between Billie not listening to her and with Erin and Garret gone, she started he shit up again. I think she might've had something to do with it."

When they made it to the cafeteria, Maggie scanned the room to see if Randa and Colten were in there. They weren't and she frowned a little. How bad was that going?


After finally being dismissed from Long's office, Colten looked at Randa as they stopped off at his dorm to drop his bag off before going to get lunch. "I really hope Kajun isn't too mad about it." He said, and Randa rubbed his back a little. He was still really tense, but soon they came across a very short girl with pretty long brunette hair. Randa raised a brow a little at how well this girl was navigating the school because she would remember seeing someone like her around.

"Hey, you know where Ci- I mean Ravenwood is?" She asked.

"In a meeting with other teachers. Hopefully it won't be too long." Randa answered. The girl nodded. "Gym office."

"Thanks!" The girl smiled. She watched the girl gently tap Colten's back before she left. "Chin up, buddy. Can't be that bad."

Randa and Colten both turned, watching the girl disappear when she turned into the next hall. They both turned to head off, and when Randa touched Colten's back she felt the tension gone, and she could see he looked a little more relaxed. "You good?"

"Yeah. After that girl touched my back, I just felt calm." He said. "It's weird."

"Very." Randa said as they headed towards the cafeteria. She saw Colten's gaze find Kajun and she patted his back. "I'll get your lunch, go sit."

Colten nodded. "Thanks, Ran."

Randa nodded and went and got in line. Colten sat by Kajun and sighed. "I'm sorry, man. I couldn't control it. I saw what was happening and I damn near went primal." He put his head in his hands. It was weird being this calm after being so close to primal rage, and he would have to find that girl later and thank her for whatever she did.

He noticed his lunch get set in front of him and Randa sat down with them. "Don't mind me, I just want to make sure he's good." She said.

Another hand on Colten's shoulder caused him to jump and he saw Drake there and he put his head down. "You have a hell of a hook, man." Drake laughed.

"I'm sorry."

"Dude, don't be. I knew what to expect. Just glad you seem calmer now. Cole said Brooke is outside if you wanted to check on her." Drake said. Colten gave a slow nod. "The girl…"

"Oh! Right." He said. Colten looked at Randa who was waving at Ez, Maggie, and Erin. "Oh darling babysitter, can I go?"

"You're a big boy, Abs. Unless you'd like a chaperone to go outside." Randa laughed. She saw the look he gave her. "Oh come on, you had to chaperone me a few times, you have to let me give you shit for finally having to be yours."

Drake shook his head and laughed. "Sal and Cole wanted to eat outside anyway, so I'm already heading that way."

Colten nodded. "I'm going to eat first. I feel weird."

Drake nodded. "See you out there then."

Randa got up and rubbed Colten's back. "Catch you later. I've got a little sister to see."

"Later." He said. He put his head down again. "If you want me to talk to bitchpire when that inevitably happens, just let me know. I will. You shouldn't have to for my fuck up." He said to Kajun, barely realizing what he said until after. "Fuck. I mean Jackie. I swear I've been around Randa too long."


Alex nodded. "Not a bad idea honestly, especially if you get taken off guard and can't think straight." Alex said. He nodded a bit at what she said, but he also knew Colten from when he and Randa dated. That guy wouldn't have done anything unless necessary or provoked. He shook his head. "Nah. Let's get going." He said. When she took his hand, he led her out of the gym the other way. He was glad they got to the cafeteria before the main crowd, but as people filtered in, he could hear the buzz about what had happened. This was only such a big thing, most likely, because of who was involved. Shifters, while a very large group, stayed out of shit and more often than not got looked over.

"Want to eat out in the courtyard?" Alex asked Jo after a bit. "It's a pretty day, and honestly, it's too loud in here for me to think right now."

When they got up, he noticed Billie and Tiffany in line together and he chuckled. "Looks like our sisters are getting along well." He said. While he didn't doubt that they would after very briefly meeting Tiff, it was still good to see.


Julian sighed as they headed off and nodded. "Not already anyway." He chuckled at what he said about his nephew. " Believe me, I was kind of surprised too, but with Randa and Maggie here too, I think that sold him on it." When he answered about Azura, he nodded. "I don't blame her for not wanting to be in Hell right now, Mark said it was a shit show. But it'll be good for you to have a TA again, how long has it been?"

When they got into Robert's office, and the situation was laid out, Julian could only shake his head. He noticed the look on Cian's face and sighed. Devin had been giving him issues since he started at the school.

Robert sighed when Cian asked about the girl, glad to hear that Cian would take him for detention. "Thank you. And it was Brooke Hatty."

It seemed to dishearten Cian slightly, but Robert sighed. "That might work, but even if someone volunteered, they'd have to realize how much work it will be for them. Lively is somehow worse than newly turned." He said. Soon he saw DeAndro come up to the door and knock quietly. "Yes?"

DeAndro sighed. "Oh good, three of you at once. Aren wanted me to bring you each these."

"Another new arrival?" Julian asked and the second he read the name.on the page his eyes blackened. His voice came out deeper than normal. "What?!"

DeAndro nodded. "It is why Aren wanted to meet with you sixth period." After that, DeAndro left and Robert raised a brow.

"You okay Julian?" He asked.

"Have you looked at the name?" Julian asked.

"Goodson? What the fuck?!" The ground shook slightly, but soon it stopped and Julian composed himself again. They both seemed slightly confused by it too, and Julian pinched his nose.

"Who wants to bet that he's going to ask me to tell Randa?" Julian sighed. He got up. "I'm sorry, I need to-"

"Punching bags are all set up." Robert said. Julian nodded, and when he left the room he nearly jumped at the sight of a short girl leaning against the wall on the opposite side of the door. Azura.

"Well that explains suddenly being calm." He muttered.

"Nice to see you too, Julian. Dad says hi." She smiled a little. Julian nodded and headed over to where the punching bags were, and Azura moved herself from the wall when she saw Cian come out. She ran her fingers through her hair and smiled at him. "You know, I was just going to smoke into your office, but I decided to not scare you this time."

Robert poked his head out and blinked a bit when he saw Azura. "Hello." He said.

"You're welcome, by the way. This place is a lot more ragey than my first go around. Already pulled from three people. New record." She said, and she looked to Cian. "Got some free time? I'm still waiting to talk to Aren again. We have to finish figuring out my classes and I still need a key to my dorm. Whoever brought my stuff in didn't have one, and I guess my roommate had to let them in."


Reginald sighed as he sat there grading papers, Kingsley curled up on his desk asleep. He reached over and gently scratched behind Kingsley's ears before his eyes glanced at the stack of papers for new arrivals. He had been warned that the first week was like this, but after DeAndro added another paper to the top of that file he wondered about the influx now. He shook his head before a knock came to his door and he saw Kingsley perk up.

"It's opened!" He called, not looking up when the door opened until he saw Kingsley jump off his desk and walk over and rub against the person's leg. He set down his own and got up and smiled. "I guess I should go through that pile finally. Good to see you, Knox. What are you doing here?" He asked.

Kingsley was purring very loudly as he kept rubbing up against Knox's leg. He meowed at him and Reg could on laugh at the interaction. "You know it's easier if you're in human form, King?"

The glare he got from the cat made him laughed, but soon Kingsley backed up and shifted back. "Plus you asked me to be in human form for the next class anyway." He yawned. "Good to see you, Knox."
Miles smiled a little. Hearing that the demons actually abided by the rules of Hell made him feel a lot better, strangely enough. He was also glad that they weren't in the middle of a war with the demons right now too because that gave demons free range for it mostly. This was definitely going to be a lot smoother of an assignment than he was used to, just from the small bits of information he had been given. She nodded when he mentioned the factions, and honestly, he was glad it sort of just got dropped. Heaven was not in a good way right now at all, and the civil war that had been brewing for the longest time was beginning to come to head. No one really wanted to be in Heaven right now.

When she answered about the tutors he nodded. "Thanks. I'll check it out when it gets out up then, just so I have a good idea on who to ask if I do need help." He said. When she offered to show him around a little, he nodded. "Yes please, at least knowing where Ms. Wilson's class is would help out a lot, if you really don't mind." He said.

She seemed like she had a lot going on at the moment, and he didn't want to take up anymore of her time, but he couldn't deny that he was.going to have issues the first few days in getting around the school. At least in a manner that made sense. "Again, thank you. So your class is my last class, right?" He asked, looking at his schedule.


Clary smiled as they all ran as a group. She was having a lot of trouble focusing at the moment as her hyperactivity got higher, and she was moving faster than she was running after a certain point. All Ryan could do was smile, and she nodded to Zaddie. "I was sure I had seen you before." She said. "Always nice to actually meet people you've seen before, especially when they're as nice as you."

As they ran, Ryan could see a bunch of girls watching guys work out and she rolled her eyes a little. She remembered when her brothers had that issue, and how more often than not girls would be her friend just to get to them. She was glad that they weren't here this year, but she did miss them. Ryan snapped out of her thoughts when she heard Clary give another nervous giggle.

"Sorry!" Clary called after someone.

"You just phased through them, didn't you?" Ryan laughed and Clary nodded.

"Better than knocking them down!" Clary laughed. She looked at Zaddie and giggled. "I don't get into trouble, but I have developed a bad habit of forgetting that doors exist and have seen things I can't unsee. Really have to remember to use doors now though with Logan rooming with me."

Ryan smiled. "Oh cool! Glad you got a good roommate. Not sure how well it'll work out with mine. I've got Beatrice this year."

Clary made a face. "I'm sure Logan won't mind you crashing with us if you need to. If Randa hadn't gotten her off of his ass when she did, he'd probably still be hiding from her. Then again, she's had to get her off a lot of people's asses."

Ryan nodded. "I know, she's already been bitching too." She shook her head. She looked at Heather and Zaddie. "So what are you guys doing after this period?"


Maggie couldn't help but to smile around Willow. She was so sweet, and she nodded. "Oh it's definitely different outside of the forest, but I usually have other ways of getting at people than fighting. Randa usually takes care of that stuff for me, but I agree, it doesn't hurt anything to be able to fight if it becomes necessary." She said. Billie, Randa, and Tiffany already seemed to be talking when they got over to them.

Billie nodded to Tiff. "Wanna just grab lunch and we can go talk in my dorm? Might be easier to talk without so much going on."

"Be way quieter that's for sure." Randa said as they all began stretching. When Devin got brought up again, she rolled her eyes. "Shit, could probably stab him in the face and he wouldn't get the hint."

Once gym was over and they began heading out of the locker rooms, Randa, Billie, and Tiff were all discussing lunch when they saw Ez and Maggie take off. Randa smiled when she saw Erin and waved a little. "Hey I'm going to-" she started but soon they heard a loud pop. Randa turned and saw Devin bothering a brunette girl, but what caught her attention more was Colten. He walked over and pulled Devin away from the girl and punched him clear across the face. A loud, low toned growl could be heard not long after and she saw Colten hit him again. "Shit. I gotta go." She said as she headed off that way.

Billie hadn't even fully processed what was going on yet, but she blinked. "I didn't expect that one to happen." She said. She noticed Drake right there, trying to get Colten to stop, but he got hit in the process. "Damn." She turned her head to Tiff. "Wanna wait and see how far this goes or do you just want to go ahead and slip out of here?"


Cole nodded a bit when Brooke said she'd accept the help with the headache after class. "Alright. It's no problem, really. You know if you need help with that kind of stuff, you can come find me whenever. I have no problem with it. May not be as good as other races at headache pains, but I can at least help some." She smiled. Once they got to working out on the bikes, she was glad at the change of topic too.

"Oh, I bet the greenhouse looks great with Chambliss having kept up with it." Ez said, and Cole nodded.

"It does. It looks super good and all the plants are very healthy. They enjoyed it when I went out and played my violin for them last night. Least it Seems they did." She said. She looked at Brooke. "If you wanna come out to the greenhouse with me after classes, I would definitely enjoy the company." She then looked to Ez. "I'd offer you too, but I know you're still settling back in. So anytime after that, come on by."

"Of course. Your greenhouse has always been one of the prettiest places on the grounds, and that's even including those enchanted rooms." Ez said with a smile.

After the class had ended, she helped Brooke out in the locker room, but when she headed out, she noticed some commotion going on. When she saw Brooke holding her arm after she backed away from Colten fighting… Devin? She walked over to her and saw Randa coming over. She knew Randa mostly in passing, but she also knew her through Drake. She looked up and saw Drake got hit trying to break up the fight between Colten and Devin, and when Randa got over to them, she looked at her. "Hey. Bring her over there." Randa said, pointing towards Erin, Maggie, and Ez. "You'll be out of the way, and with them, I at least know you guys are good."

Cole nodded and gently brought Brooke that way. "What happened? Do I need to heal your shoulder?"


Ez and Maggie happily walked out of the locker room, talking. It had been so long since Maggie had seen Ez that hanging out with her again would be fun. Especially with Erin coming back too. Speaking of Erin, once they got out of the locker room, Maggie spotted her. "She's here!" She smiled as she ran over and hugged Erin. "I missed you so fucking much!"

Ez laughed when she got over to them and hugged Erin too. "Me too. It's great we're all together again." She said. However, some commotion caught their attention and Maggie saw Randa heading in its direction. "Is that Colten?" Ez asked.

"Yeah but who is he… oh shit…" Maggie began before she saw who he had hit. "No wonder Randa is heading over there. Colten would kill Devin before anyone even had a chance to try."

"What happened though?" Ez asked, and soon Cole joined them with Brooke. The girl's arm was visibly sunken down. "That doesn't look good."

Maggie made a face. "No it doesn't. Do we need to take you to the nurse?"

They heard Cole ask what happened, and Maggie looked back over to where the fight was and saw that Randa had managed to get Colten to stop… for the moment.


Alex got out of the locker room first, as he usually did, and he was happy to see Jo was waiting for him. However, she was talking to someone and he smiled when he realized who it was. Erin. Good that meant Garret was somewhere around too. He waved when he saw Erin wave to him, and he nodded when he got over to them. "Hey Erin." He said. He nodded when she said that. "I won't be in until later tonight, B will be there with Randa though, so he'll be entertained for a while." He laughed.

Once Erin headed off, Alex heard Jo ask what pepper spray was and he gave an inquisitive look himself. "It's in a can of pressurized air and they take really hot peppers and concentrate their juices so it will spray out. Hurts like a motherfucker when you get sprayed in the face, especially the eyes. Most humans, especially females, carry it around as a form of defense. Why do you ask?" He answered.

It wasn't long after that when drama unfolded and somehow, Alex wasn't at all surprised that Devin was in the center of it. He was surprised by the fact that Colten was the one beating the shit out of him though. For as long as Alex had known Colten, while they weren't exactly close, he knew he was one of the calmest people he ever met. So to see him losing his shit was a little surprising. Alex shook his head a little. "Looks like he's gonna get his ass beat every day this year." He mumbled.


Coming out of the locker room, Colten sighed. He came out ahead of most of the guys, and he shook his head a little. He adjusted his bag on his shoulder as he began walking out, but he saw Devin bugging the girl he had been earlier. He could hear her clearly tell him to fuck off after trying to ignore him. However, once Devin grabbed hold of her, something snapped in Colten. Devin being… Devin, it didn't take much for his anger to rise quickly, but the sound of the pop that came when the girl tried to get away sent him over the edge. A low growl settled in the back of his throat.

He dropped his bag and walked over, grabbing Devin's wrist at a point that made him release his hold on the girl, and once he turned him, he clocked him clear in the jaw. "She said fuck off." He growled, but apparently Devin didn't get the point. Colten growled again, and he could feel his teeth changing, but he didn't care as he hit him again. And again. Colten could feel someone trying to grab his arm, but he reeled and punched them too. Today was not the day for that.

He went to hit Devin again when a small orange flame danced across his field of vision. He stopped and he looked at where the flame stopped and he saw Randa standing there. "Easy there, big guy." Her voice cut into his mind. "He's not worth it."

"Randa, he-" Colten started, but Devin went to say something again and with that last hit, Colten was almost certain he knocked him out. Another orange flame danced across his vision and he looked back at Randa.

"He's not worth it." Randa said. Colten went to turn again, but Randa brought her hands to his face and forced him to keep focused on her. "I get it. I do, but he's not worth it."

Long came over after that, and he shook his head. "McAddams, my office, now." He said.

Colten sighed and walked over and went to pick up his bag, but he saw Randa already had it. "I'm fine." He said, his voice still a low growl.

"Clearly." She said and she motioned for him to go ahead and she followed behind him into Long's office. Once they were in there, Long motioned for them to sit.

"I hope you realize you have detention, Colten." Long said and Colten nodded.

"I only acted because Devin wouldn't leave the girl alone, sir." He said. Long sighed a bit and rubbed the bridge of his nose. "You can ask the girl, or you know, anyone in the area. Her arm got popped out of place. Just because no one exactly saw it, doesn't mean there isn't proof."

"Would you like me to go get Aren?" Randa asked, and Long shook his head.

"No, but will you go see if Harlow is busy? Aren is busy right now, I'm sure, and Harlow would know better what to do without having DeAndro shove his nose in it." Long said. There was clearly some resentment there, but when Randa went to leave he said something else. "And get Ravenwood too, please."

"Alright. On it." Randa said. She looked at Colten. "Don't leave without me."

Colten nodded and rubbed his temples and then his jaw. Now that his teeth had returned to normal, his jaw was sore. "You know how my detention is, Colten. Besides, I was going to see if you could help set up the new equipment anyway."

Colten nodded and sighed. "What's going to be done about Devin?"

"Leave that to me, Harlow, and Ravenwood." Long said. "Just stay in here and finish calming down, I do agree that you should wait for Randa before you go anywhere else. I've never seen you lose it like that, and the fact she got you to come down some means she's probably your best bet to stick around for a while."

Colten just nodded and cradled his head in his hands.


Harlow sighed as he looked over the papers on his desk. More new students would be starting, and one of the names that came across his desk had him curious. Azura. She had attended school here before, and it made him wonder why she was suddenly coming back. He sighed when he heard a knock on his open door. He saw Randa standing there. "Hey." He said.

"Hey. Long asked me to come get you and Ravenwood. Devin has already started shit again and Abs beat his ass." She said, and he sighed. He got up and left his classroom before they stopped at Ravenwood's classroom. Harlow knocked and looked at him.

"Hey, Cian. Robert wanted to talk to us. Got a minute?" Harlow asked.

"Might want to make a minute if you don't. Just saying." Randa said.

"You're free to go." Harlow told her. She waved a little and headed off, and Harlow shook his head. "As if we all weren't stressed out enough…"

Harlow waited for Ravenwood and headed with him towards Long's office. "Did you see who is on the list of students to start tomorrow?" He asked. "I know Azura comes to visit on occasion, but I didn't expect to see her back on the student roster."

Harlow only asked him because he knew that Azura had been there before while Ravenwood was a teacher and had even taken his classes before. He also knew that they had gotten to be friends too, and he was certain that Azura likely kept contact with him over the years. Once they got to Long's office, he saw Randa coming out with Colten, and when they got in, he sat down.

"You needed to talk to us." Harlow said, and he could see the contemplation on Long's face.

"It's getting to the point, already, where if Lively continues to start his shit, I'm going to let him get killed." He said. "Colten, aside from Eskil, is one of the calmest students in the school, and he just sent Devin to the infirmary because he cannot grasp that when a girl says no, she means no. He's getting to the point where he is worse than Tony was."

Harlow's eyes flashed black at the name. He shook his head. "He's still a student, Robert. We can't just let him get killed, no matter how much drama he starts."

"I can't even put him in detention today, Julian! Even though he deserves it because, according to the rules, I had to give Colten detention for fighting him. He gets away scot free far too often." Long said before turning to Cian. "I only asked for you two because Aren is busy with this stack of new arrivals and DeAndro is useless."

Harlow looked at Ravenwood. "Any suggestions, Cian?"

Professor Ernest Morgan


Maverick "Mav" or "Ro" Rowen


"Know thy enemy is probably the best advice I was ever given."


-Maverick is the son of Micah Rowen and Freya Childress, and he is known to have two younger brothers. One from each respective parent.

-Maverick is a very reclusive sort, and avoids being out in crowds when he can. He would much rather just stay away from everything and work with his magic.

-Maverick is Balthazar's "best friend" but even so, he hasn't fully trusted anyone for a very long time.



"I am followed by the sins of my father, but what people don't seem to realize is that no one hates him more than I do."


-Balthazar is Amal's son, but both parties have disowned each other.

-Balthazar, while being half Djinn, doesn't like to go to the Abyss and mainly relies on his magic. He is quite good in multiple areas of magic, but his actual specialty revolves around light manipulation.

-Balthazar is a very on the line sort of person, and is only in the area to see what he can do to mess with Amal's plans and see what else he can mess up for him. Not to mention rumors of things going on piqued his interest.



Azura is the daughter of Eura, sin of Wrath, and Lorenzo, the Archdemon of Smoke. For the first 10 years of her life, she was between her mother and father, but after she turned 10, Lorenzo was put in a cage and he asked her to stay away from Hell so she wouldn't end up in a cage too. Eura raised her until she was old enough to be on her own, and after that Azura didn't talk to her much as she was mad for Eura being the reason Lorenzo ended up in a cage. She loves her parents dearly, but it isn't hard to tell that she is their daughter on all fronts.

Azura is extremely well travelled and intelligent, however what people tend to remember her most for is her small stature. She stands at barely 4'8" and in modern times she is referred to as "smol" because she is small and cute. She likes to move around but she has made friends she makes a point to check in on throughout her life. Two such are Garret and Erin Scottson. She has also managed to meet a few of her aunts and uncles along the way.

For as small as she is, Azura is also quite the fighter, but she has to rely heavily on strategy and intelligence because her size almost always puts her at a disadvantage. However, because she loves to be in the fray she generally holds jobs that put her in the fray or drama somehow. She tends to keep to bartending usually though or waitressing as she can bank in tips off appearance alone.

Azura is a very fiery and passionate person who tends to have the mouth of a sailor. She is also crazy and isn't always the best at controlling her anger. However, rage tends to feed her powers and, like her mother, she can invoke it in others. She is loyal to a fault to her friends and family though and will always go to bat for them.


Ancient Languages and Dialects
Realms IV
Ancient Literature
Coexistence with other Supernaturals




"Neutrality is subjective, at least from what I have come to learn."


-Marrick is the only reaper whose soul found Peace before being made a reaper. He did it by choice and in a time where Death really needed a new reaper.

-He was bound for a long time and it has changed a lot of his views on things. He went to Devagati, Peace's realm, for a time to try and fix himself after that.

-Since his bind was broken, and he returned from Devagati, he almost exclusively deals with other realms. He mainly deals with the Abyss, but as of late he has been making rounds on Earth again to help out.
Evan couldn't help the look she shot to Bri when she told her not to be her normal clumsy self. She wasn't that clumsy. "I'm not that bad." she said, and soon Saul's mom caught up to them. She took Bri's help getting off the table, and she couldn't help but to smile at the interaction between Saul and Temp. Evan nodded to Bri. "Looks like all he really got from dad physically is hair and eye color." she chuckled.

Even Evan couldn't help but to be excited to meet Temp. From everything she heard, she was wonderful... Even if her timing seemed to suck a bit. She heard Temp laugh a little at Bri's notion about getting Saul baby stories but before she could say anything, Saul interjected. "Did you tell anyone you were in the area?" he asked.

"No. I wanted to try and surprise you for once." she answered. "Why?"

"Aunt Anias was just asking if you were here." he said, and he shot a quick message back. Yeah, mom is here. She wanted to try to make it a surprise. I didn't know she was here until she messaged me to let me know she was so we could meet up.

"I do need to talk to her. I'll be in the area for a while." she said, and Saul nearly dropped his phone when he heard that.

"What? Really?" he asked, and she nodded. "Are you sure that its safe enough for you to do that?"

She nodded. "I've been careful, and honestly, there have been things going on in Heaven that require more attention than me it seems. Haven't had anyone actively following me for a few months. I don't anticipate it lasting very long, but I would love to be able to spend more time with you than just a couple of days every decade or so."

Saul smiled. "I'd like that too."

Evan looked to Bri and whispered. "Oh, this is going to be interesting indeed." she then spoke up to Temp. "So, that means we definitely get baby Saul stories?"

Temp chuckled. "Of course. Those are my favorite ones to tell."

Evan smiled. "Great. Anyway, why don't we all sit down for a few minutes. I got you something to eat, and with the ways the crowds are moving right now, it may be better to just go ahead and sit down until they die out a little. Shouldn't be long, maybe..." she looked at her phone to see the time. "Maybe 30 minutes or so."

Temp nodded. "Well, thank you. Sitting down sounds wonderful. I can't literally run into anyone else that way."

Evan chuckled. "You and Saul have done that today. You didn't get pickpocketed did you?"

Temp looked to Saul as they sat down. "You got pickpocketed?"

"Yeah, can we not talk about it." Saul chuckled a little. "You didn't though, did you?"

"No... But it was interesting. Probably why Anais was asking if I was here... I ran into your father." she said, and Saul just turned and looked at her.

"Was Denise with him?" he asked.

"She didn't notice me if that's what you're getting at. She was on her phone. Probably for the better from the way it looks and how she sounds." Temp said.

"Definitely for the better. If you can avoid Denise, do it. She's probably worse than the plague." Evan said, and she looked at her phone again and groaned when she saw her boss messaged her again about tonight's shift. She let out a sigh of relief when she saw the whole thing. Thank goodness he was stacking the staff. She knew it was going to get crazy after the festival.

"So, mom, how have you been?" Saul asked.

"Better. Made a friend not long after I saw you last and she's helped me out a lot. Also caught wind that I may need to head north after I'm done here." she said, and Saul gave a look. "We'll talk more about that one later on. Not something I want to talk about with so many people around because it's probably going to get you heated. What about you?"

"Yeah, that's probably for the better. And good, I have a bunch of new inventions I'm working on. Bri is actually going to help me with a couple I'm working on." he said, motioning to Bri.

"Lovely! So, what do you girls do? I know what Saul has told me, but I would love to hear about it from you guys." she smiled.


Sierra couldn't help but to laugh at Naomi saying she would judge her if she ate sausage on her pizza. "Pepperoni is my go to for places like this." she laughed. "Who actually eats sausage on pizza?" It wasn't long after that when Sybil's people came around, and now Sierra was curious. She might have shied away from them, but her curiosity was piqued. Her mind was running a mile a minute until Naomi's voice came to her. She nodded. "Totally cool. Sounds like a good place to meet up. See you soon." she smiled. She watched Naomi disappear before she decided to follow another known group of Sybil's people.

"What the hell? How many people does she have here today?" she muttered to herself as she tailed from a safe distance. This was odd. Sybil's people hadn't been in this area for a while, so something was definitely up. They were either looking for something or someone, and she was sure it was the latter over the former. It was somewhat annoying to know, especially how they just seemed to crop up. Luckily she knew how to keep herself off their radar, but at the same time, she didn't like that they were this close. The sooner she found out what they were up to, the better. Then she could put some of this nagging in her mind to rest.

Val gave a nervous chuckle. "No, I haven't. At least, I don't think I have anyway." she said. Val was honestly glad that Mila and Zayden seemed to want to hang out with them more. It put her more at ease, especially seeing that Siddiq hadn't objected to the whole thing. Then again, she had also seen him check Zayden out when they weren't really paying attention. The mood shifted for a moment until Sybil's people were gone. "Going to those stalls sounds fun."

"Probably be nice to get away from the crowds." Siddiq said too. As they began walking, while he didn't mean to listen in, he did hear a little of the conversation they were having. He had been well traveled enough that he could understand a lot of languages without needing to bend reality. That girl was kin to Sybil too? He looked to Val, and he knew that later he would have to tell her about it. Right now didn't feel right. When they asked what Val did that she didn't get out much, he saw her just smile.

"We like to live off the land in the forests. My dad is a bit of a recluse, so we don't venture out into society often. We've been having to more here lately with things changing where we live." she said.

"She's coming to live with me for a while. I work at one of the spas in town, and she's going to come work with me." Siddiq said.

Val nodded. "My dad isn't happy about me wanting to be in society, but being away from people like we have been... It just feels weird now, and when Siddiq comes to visit his stories have made me want to as well. Plus, turns out I have siblings I would like to eventually find."

Siddiq turned to Val a little and nodded. "Yeah. I used to live near them before I moved into the city. There are a few small communities like that. My aunt is part of one still, and I do running for her still, and she has me go to them as well. It's good to be able to sustain off the grid, but I like interaction."

"What about you guys? I know you said you have little girls in a class?" Val asked Mila. "What kind of class?"

Siddiq was honestly glad to be feeling the tension lift after that whole fiasco with Sybil's people. It wasn't often that they were around others when they passed through, and even less often that they weren't inherently looking for Val. He was just glad that it seemed to pass on for now.


Aetulia smiled when Delonna brought up "tunnel cakes." She gave a chuckle. "Oh, the funnel cakes. They always have good stuff at those stands, and funnel cakes are amazing. Just can be kind of sweet depending on who makes them." she said. "There is a good stand for that over here." She said, continuing on walking with Delonna.

Their conversation turned to what was going on in the Abyss, and while Aetulia nodded, she couldn't help but to feel unsettled herself. The only other one of them that was any help would be Darius, but he was so hard to trust with things like this that she couldn't deny that Delonna made sense to not want to bring Eileena into it. "I could ask Lazlo, but he's usually preoccupied with Val. Drakistin will look into it too though. I think bringing Eileena into it right now isn't the best idea, but if we absolutely need her, she is there." she said. "It's so hard to tell how Darius will go about it. I know when it comes to the Abyss, Amal generally keeps out of it, but we don't need the headache of him trying to insert himself into this either."

When they got to the stand, she stood in like with Delonna. She saw Siddiq and Val with another couple people, and she offered a gently wave to Siddiq when he saw them. He waved back, and she saw Val smile and wave too before they continued on with their group. "I may go ahead and ask Lazlo to look into it too. He might be able to figure out if it is coming from here into the Abyss with as often as he's between here and the Abyss." she said, moving up in line when it was their time to. "I'll be glad when we get this all figured out. It's not often something happens there."


Tobias nodded. "Alright. Sounds good to me." He watched the interaction between Rebecca and Warren, and he could on chuckle and shake his head. They were always funny together, and he saw Warren roll his eyes.

"Yeah, yeah." he said to Becca before listening to the girl before them. He listened for a moment but when she brought up not exactly having a soul he interrupted her. "Don't worry about that. I honestly don't expect anything out of it. I've seen what she does first hand more than once, and if I can help people out when it comes to her, I will." he told her. Her name was Nireen, and listening to her made him even more sure that he helping her was the right thing to do. He saw Becca and Tobias leave to go get her food, and he motioned for her to take a seat. "Seriously, if you need help getting her off your trail, I'll help you. I ran with both of her sons at one time or another, and I have seen what she can do. If it involves her, it's basically an automatic freebie anymore." he told her.

He got up poked his head out of the tent and then poke it back in before he sat down himself. He was honestly waiting for more of them to come through. He looked back to Nireen. "The only thing I will ask is how long you've been running from her, and how valuable you are to her so I can kind of gauge how long she may be actively trailing you like this. Makes it easier to help out."


Tobias looked to Becca when they left the tent to go get the girl, Nireen, food, and he nodded. "She is. I feel bad for her. She did happen in on the best crowd though. Warren will absolutely help her for nothing if it's Sybil that she's running from." he chuckled a little. "I swear his level of spite when it comes to her is unmatched." He looked around at the food stands before looking back to Becca. "You want anything? I think I owed you lunch too."

Tobias honestly didn't mind that they were helping out the girl at the moment, but he knew that this would quickly turn to Warren's wheelhouse because it was Sybil that was being dealt with. He didn't know all the details, but he did know that the deal that got Warren known was something that managed to piss Sybil off to no end. It was known as deal of the century and when the soul was collected, he knew why. The witch he made the deal with was named Sandra Slater. She was a powerful witch, and she was now doing wonderful things for Hell as a result of the deal.

Tobias shook his head as they got in line at one of the stalls and watched the crowds as they waited. "At least right now isn't as bad as it was when I got here. It looks like people are starting to thin out or stop congregating in the middle of the pathways."
Atticus brought the coat back over his arm when Kat told him that she might take him up on taking it later. He knew she wasn't normally so affected by the cold, at least in the time they had been together she never seemed to be. He knew she was from the North, so that had to be why, but he also knew that last night probably hadn't helped any either. He really hoped she wasn't getting sick, he hadn't actually had to deal with that yet, but he also didn't mind that he might have to all the same. He needed to know how to handle it, especially since whenever he had asked Mitch about it before, he said it could affect the magic that Kat had. He knew it did Lia's. Mitch had told him about it before, when he had asked, but he also felt like it wasn't something that could really be described.

When Kat answered him, he smiled a little. Ah, he had gotten to Warren. Of the bits and pieces he could remember, Warren was in a lot of them, and he was quite glad that he at least knew one person outside the castle walls. He was even more glad that he was retaining memories too, at least within the last 100 years. "Right, Warren. One of the few demons I've ever come across, I think anyway. From what I can remember. Anyway, we were getting ready to head out of Snowcrest when we realized that the hunters were in fact in town. We ducked into another bar in town to try and wait them out, and we would head out the other way. Perhaps it would take us longer to get to where we were going, but still worth it. Not two hours into us trying to wait them out do they come into the bar. There had to be about 10 of them too."

He couldn't help the laugh. "Oh, were they a group too. The guy we pegged as the leader of them, since there were a couple more than we anticipated, was this gruff man. Stood a good 6 inches taller than me and just solid, while the rest of them weren't far off from how I'm built. Warren and I were tucked into a booth in the back trying to figure out how we're going to get this big one down, because he was going to be our biggest issue. Well, ended up we didn't have to. He made eye contact with Warren and I both and when he went to approach us, the bartender had jumped up on the counter because a mouse scared her and he did the same thing, misjudged how tall he was and knocked himself out."

He paused because he was laughing so hard at this point. "SO, Warren and I are laughing at this whole thing so hard that the other hunters caught onto us, and we both quickly composed ourselves and ran out the back door and needless to say that fight didn't last long because the hunters had caught the attention of the town's police force, I guess that would be what you would call it anyway, and they were all taken in for questioning because they knew Warren and I so well. To this day, the image of that big, gruff man jumping on the bar and knocking himself out because of a mouse is probably the funniest thing I will ever remember."

He looked over to Kat, "This is why whenever you or Lia mention mice, I offer to set the humane traps and set them free."


Lia waited for Mitch's answer about breakfast before she pulled out some stuff to make omelets and hashbrowns. Everything that she was going to back needed time to chill, and she was running out of room in the freezer to prep cookie dough. One of the good things about Mitch actually eating with her for so long was she didn't have to ask him anymore how he liked things cooked or what he wanted in them, she knew now. She was going to ask if he wanted bacon after that, but when she turned and saw he was involved in his book, she decided to just go ahead and cook it anyway. It wasn't until she was telling him about tomorrow that she noticed he had marked the page in his book. She shrugged when he said it was sweet of her. "I suppose. I guess it's a normal thing to celebrate, especially with her still being so young." In retrospect, perhaps Kat wasn't that young, but Lia was still over 100 years older than her. Plus, her mind was on Aless and how she missed being able to celebrate her birthday with her. She had barely got to celebrate her 17th birthday with her before everything happened.

It took her a minute to process what Mitch had asked her, but she thought a moment. "Um, let me double check the recipes real quick. I think I have everything, but it never hurts to double check." she said. She had flipped his omelet before she opened up the cookbook that, while it rarely got used, remained in the drawer near the stove. "I should have everything, but if you think of anything that we may need, feel free to go and get it. I should have plenty of stuff for dinner the next few days, but if there was anything in particular that you wanted..." she paused and coughed again.

He had asked her if she was alright, and she gave a gentle nod. "I'm fine. Probably just the weather changing. It appears the cold is coming earlier this year." she said, taking another sip of her tea. She plated his breakfast before she went about doing some dishes. She knew that the cookie dough would be ready for baking now, but she didn't want to fall behind on dishes either. She closed her eyes a moment and quickly opened them when she realized that she was starting to see something from her nightmare the night before. She knew she was getting sick too, but she didn't want to say anything in case she could nip it in the bud now. Sometimes she could, but she almost doubted it this time. Especially considering it had managed to somehow line up with her nightmares.

She sighed after a minute. "Actually..." she said, shaking her head a little. "I might be getting a bit of a cold, but I don't think its more than that. I don't feel feverish, it's just a cough right now, and hopefully it stays that way. That would be the last thing any of us need right now, is me or Kat being sick. At least a cough, or even a simple cold is manageable. Depending on how I'm feeling tomorrow too, I may not have lessons for a few days. Precautionary sort of thing, you know?"

Perhaps it was just the years they had been together, or the fact that it was more than just her and Mitch now, but she guessed now was a good a time as any to not be stubborn about the getting sick thing. It could potentially not be her getting sick. It could be the weather change. It could just be a cold. But at least this way, at least Mitch knew prior to her actually getting sick if it went that far. Maybe he wouldn't be grumpy about it this time with a bit of warning.
Sal couldn't help but to smile when he felt Tiff play with his hair a little. He was glad to feel how happy she was about this, and he couldn't wait until Drake saw what she was up to. He knew his reaction would be great. When his head started pulsating though, he had to ask for the medicine. He couldn't handle it well this time around, and when Willow asked how he wanted it, he said straight and took it once it was given to him. Generally he would have mixed it with something, but he needed the relief more immediately than usual.

"This should be enough, but thank you." he said to Willow when she told him he could use the weed that Cole gave him too. He didn't like smoking here, but knew with Jo not around it wasn't as big of a deal. He also didn't want to use it if it wasn't absolutely necessary. The medicine generally did the trick, so he hoped it would once it kicked in. He could feel the pulsating start to go away when Willow spoke again and he thought for a moment.

"Not particularly, is there anything you wanted to do? Might be a little bit before its safe for me to try and stand though, my head isn't pulsating, but I know if I try to stand up right now I'll probably fall over." he said with a small smile.


Drake smiled a bit to see Jo's spirits were lifting a little and he made a face when she said that Alex would likely just let her win instead of fighting her. That was a fair point. He couldn't help but to chuckle at her reaction to him telling her she was a badass though. It was one of the things he loved most about Tiff and her sisters, was how they reacted to certain phrases and slang. It was always kind of cute and often times comical. He was glad that she took to the idea of signing up for the self-defense classes though. "It's partner based, and if there is ever a class Alex himself can't make it to, I can always step in for him. But I'm glad you will. The classes tend to be really fun from what I've seen. Billie keeps them lighthearted unless she has to be serious. Plus, she uses them to help her boxers see other techniques."

Drake nodded when Jo said she hadn't been in the gym before and he chuckled. "More weight machines. We finally got enough money to update some of them. Plus Billie bought new punching bags and stuff for the boxers, so those are coming in too." he said. He grabbed what he needed to and when Jo asked him about the leg curling machine, he explained it to her and then laughed. "Honestly, it's probably not far off."

The walk to the record store was nice. He was doing his best to explain the equipment, and he had texted both Joe and Billie the names on their sign up list and he also let Billie know that Jo was thinking about signing up for the self defense class. He didn't get answers, but once they were in the record store, he smiled. He always liked the vibe of this place. It was always so easygoing and nice. He waved to the girl who greeted them. "Morning." he said. When she mentioned they got new posters, he walked over and started browsing through them. He let Jo handle what she needed to, and Drake saw a few posters he liked. They always had a good choice for different art styles, and he was sure Tiff would like one of them he picked out too.

Once they checked out and started heading off, he looked down to Jo when she told him that Frankie had a crush on him and he shook his head a little. "Really? I don't get why." he chuckled a bit. The liquor store was luckily not far off from where they were, and when they popped in, Drake quickly set down his things when he noticed one of the employees nearly drop a box. "Hey, don't be lifting more than you can."

"Thanks." the smaller guy said. "I wouldn't have, but the guy who was supposed to be here doing this hasn't shown up yet, and I can't get ahold of him. I messaged Billie and she said she was going to be by in a bit to check the orders and take the deposits, but I wanted to get what I could done before she got here."

Drake sighed a bit. "Here. I'll move these boxes for you so its easier to stock, mind helping Jo."

The guy smiled at Jo and waved. "Oh, hi! You were here the day I got hired." he said to her, and he walked over to her. "What do you need?"


Cole smiled when Logan answered Clary, but soon he asked when they were supposed to be going out on their picnic. "We're heading that way at about eleven. Willow wanted to walk around a little before we set up for the picnic. She got to see all the pictures Randa was taking of what they did and got so excited to see it in person." she said. He soon headed up for a shower, and soon things just became a little bit more concerning. Clary went up and got dressed after they saw the breaking news, and Cole went up not long after she came down, and she got in to see Billie and Alex there. Alex seemed less than thrilled, and Clary looked worried. Cole couldn't blame her though. They name dropped Billie and put her up as wanted, but she could tell by the more annoyed than anything look on Billie's face, she already had a plan. Logan came down not long after and his question made them all look to him.

"Those hunters know people. Billie's wanted." Alex answered, and Billie rolled her eyes.

"Which is so annoying. Garret called and let me know he saw it on this breaking news thing. When I tuned into it, it's me and that Lia girl from last night." She clicked her tongue to her teeth. "I did take Garret up on his offer to pull some strings, and Randa is going to help me too if I need it because I plan on settling this today."

"How?" Clary asked.

"She plans on turning herself into the police." Alex mumbled, taking a seat and watching as Clary and Cole both sat down.

"But, sis, if this is the hunters behind this, which from the report it is, isn't that a bad idea?" Cole asked. Billie sighed.

"The longer it circulates, the harder it will get though. Plus, it gives us a unique opportunity to find out something on these hunters. If there is something I am good at, it's gathering intel. As much of a trap as this seems like, they won't be expecting one of us to turn ourselves in, and like I said, if I need it, Randa knows people that can help out." Billie answered.

"Still dangerous, and you might think you're fully healed but you're not." Alex said.

"You also can't tell me shit, Alex." Billie said, eyes blackening. "If there is one thing I'm good at, it's gaining an upper hand. Angel and I have already decided that this is probably the best thing for us as a whole. Gets the heat off of us for a bit, and it gives us some idea as to what hunters we are dealing with. Plus you act as though I don't already have a plan."

Clary frowned a little, but she noticed Alex seemed to just concede to it. She saw Billie turn to Logan, her eyes returning to normal. "However, if you don't want me to, I won't. Might take a little longer, but I'm sure Randa knows people that could make this entire thing go away. Just have to watch my step for a while, which is already difficult as it is."

Her phone rang and she looked at it, and picked it up. "Yes?" she asked.

"You have got to be shitting me, coach. Are they really trying to pin you for looting?" It was one of the boxers.

"Its a misunderstanding. I'm getting it taken care of." she said.

"Was gonna say, I'll go throttle someone for you." they said, and she scoffed a laugh before they hung up.

Billie looked at Logan. She could see it on his face. He was pissed, but she also knew with Clary right there he wasn't trying to totally lose his shit about everything. She walked over and rubbed his shoulder a bit. "We'll get it taken care of."

Cole sighed a little and rubbed Clary's shoulder when she leaned against her. "Just be careful, Billie, please." Clary said.

Alex spoke again. "Won't be doing anything for a bit, she's got stuff to take care of, and she's helping me do a few things too."

"Yeah, one of the guys at the store was a no call, no show, so I have to look and see if I can find out why, and then I've got to help Derek finish putting up the order that came in last night and make sure the order going to the bar is correct. Then I need to take the deposit." she said.


Randa waited for Garret to get off the phone to say anything. She couldn't deny that this who thing had her own blood boiling, but she also knew that if it were anyone else it could be worse. Billie was one of their most strategic minds and she likely already had a plan or two in mind to get it to go away. The fact that she had already texted her made her believe it more, and after sending another quick text to the lawyer she knew, she looked to Garret. "She's having you pull strings too isn't she?" she asked. She smiled when he said he'd been taking lessons. "Well, I want to know from who now. I kinda want to sit in on them." she laughed.

She sighed when he said Logan would be pissed. "I know. I'm pissed off myself, but it also goes to show how misinformed these people are. And desperate. Targeting Billie might have seemed smart, but with her background, she's already got to be three, very annoyed, steps ahead of them somehow." she said. She smiled at what he suggested they do for the day. "That sounds wonderful actually. I didn't get to do the pictures for the final touches they did, so it will be nice to get some more of the park. I do have to drop that package for Day at the post office. I called him when I woke up and he gave me a good shipping address so I could send it to him." She said. She ate her breakfast before getting up and placing her dishes in the sink. "I'll wash dishes after I get out of the shower." She gave him another quick kiss before she felt her phone go off.

She inwardly cursed at the lawyer saying they weren't in town. But the next message made her nod. "Oh, and I may have to stop by Sarah's office to pick up some paperwork." She headed into the bathroom for a shower.


When offered coffee, Kyp shook his head and motioned to his energy drink sitting on the table. "Thanks, but I've got mine there." he said, and Rhi also declined. "And seriously don't give her anymore, she's had three cups already."

"I don't understand how you do this all day! It makes my eyes heavy." she said, and she smiled when Eli said he helped found the broadcasting channel. "That's really cool." She nodded at Eli. "I wish we could find out more on them though. It's a little unnerving that there is so little on them."

Kyp turned and nodded to Eli. "Actually that would help a lot. Give me one second." he typed a few more things into his computer and soon he heard the stuff printing. He got up and took the pages off the printer and handed them to Eli after taking one page out. "This one is the largest venue, so I might send an extra person or two with because of sheer size, and the owners aren't exactly the best with English, so make sure whoever you send can at least understand Spanish, or have enough patience to talk to someone who speaks broken English."

"Of course they didn't." Rhi groaned. "But they will be here soon, so it can be sorted. I don't get how difficult it is to do their job. This is the third time in what, two weeks?"

Kyp sighed, "It is. I still need to see the footage for that, but with this other stuff still cleaning up, it will be a bit." he nodded to Eli. "I'll have it ran within the next hour, and I'll let you know."

Rhi nodded a bit. "Well, it's nice to know that people are wanting to join us. I wonder if Lucien might know the name with as much traveling he's done lately." she said before shooting him a text. The woman that came in with the files told her that someone named Ashely was in the lobby for her and she smiled. "She's early." She got up, and she saw Kyp laugh a little. "Shut up, I'll give you your $20 when I come back."

Rhi headed down towards the main lobby to go get Ashely, and when she left, Kyp turned to Eli. "There is one other thing about this information Rhi got last night. One of the targets from last night, the South Council member... They were on the guest list we have for this wedding, and it's making me wonder what they were already doing here if the wedding isn't for weeks still, especially with barely any of the others on the list being here from so far South. Serg called someone in the North to see if they were staying there, since those covens seem to be working together more lately. He said he'll let us know, but it feels out of place that such a high ranking South Council member would even be here without protection."


Sybil was starting to get annoyed at the interruptions to this particular meeting. The third one today, and two of them hadn't even been on her account. She got up and opened the door. When she saw it was Adira, she quickly composed herself and turned to the others for a moment and excused herself. She left the room and shook her head, gently pinching the bridge of her nose. "These people are useless." she said. "What is it? I am so ready for this meeting to be over that a small break is kind of welcomed."
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