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My name is Siren, I've been a role player now for 10+ years, but I have a crazy, crazy life. I tend to disappear a lot, I can take a while to reply, and sometimes I do just forget to reply. Forgive me, I'm human. I tend to write high casual to advanced, and CANNOT STAND one liners. Also, I prefer to double or play multiple charactera. I think it adds more necessary drama.

So umm... Hi! And welcome to my page!


@Love DoveShe and I started role playing together for what feels like forever, but I love her to death. She's always there for me, on and off site. I couldn't ask for a better partner and friend. She and I are like peas in pod, and I love how she challenges me in our role plays and makes me laugh in our chats.

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Miles felt some relief rush over him when she was at least about to confirm he wasn't alone. This was such an abrupt reassignment, but Michael seemed very adamant it be him for some reason. He wasn't sure if that was good or bad. He could feel the sigh of relief come out and he gave a nervous chuckle. "Sorry, it's good to know. What little I've heard about this place, I almost expected to be either the only one or one of few. Just nice to know I'm not actually alone." he said. It was times like this he missed Dawn. She had assignments if her own though.

Her question made him sigh. "I've been away from Heaven before, but it's been a long time. About 300 years. If you teach coexistence, I'm sure you know all about the factions, after my last assignment I was put on duty in Heaven strictly. I actually requested to class because it might help me catch up to modern times." he admitted, and he gave her a slight smile. "You shouldn't have to worry about that." He made a face, "In all honesty with the way things have been, if I 'corrupted' it wouldn't be because of something like this. It would be because of the current state of things up there." He pointed up and shook his head. "But shouldn't really talk about that either."

"I do have one other question because I know I will probably need a tutor for at least one of these classes. Is there a succinct tutor list or is it easier to get with the teachers of each class for that?" he asked her.


Clary raised a brow at Heather's statement about the fae being drama queens. She didn't know, but she could tell there was some level of bitterness there. It didn't take long for Clary to be distracted with Ryan coming back, and once they got stretched out, they started running laps. Clary couldn't help her excitement, but when she looked around to see where Logan was, she saw he was nowhere. That made her pout a bit. Seeing as Ryan just got back, she was going to hang out with her tonight for a little bit and wanted to tell him so he wouldn't worry about where she was. It wasn't long before she saw Heather and her partner running laps. "Let's run with them!"

Ryan chuckled. "Alright." she said, and she slowed down with Clary so they could.

"Hi!" Clary smiled. "I'm Clary!"

Ryan smiled and chuckled. "Clar, be careful. We don't want to have to have Long go get Professor Morgan to get you out of the floor again." She waved to Heather's partner too. "I'm Ryan. Nice to meet you."

Clary gave a nervous chuckle. "Good point." she then looked to Heather. "I figured since we're all running laps, we could all run together!"

Ryan smiled. "Just be careful, she sometimes gets too hyper and will start phasing through things without realizing it."


Maggie smiled when Willow told her her name. "Your name is very pretty." She could see that Willow was about to answer her before Joe came over and scared her a bit. The exchange was short, but she watched as Joe walked over to his partner. She turned back to Willow and chuckled. "Thanks. We constantly do stuff like that to each other. Joe's been one of my best friends since I started here, and he has gotten very good at sneaking up on me and scaring me like that." she said. She nodded and smiled a bit. "I won't lie, I'm not that good with the whole sparring thing, but Randa says its a good way for me to work on my self-defense stuff. Plus, we usually just end up goofing off anyway."

When they got over to the mats, she saw that Willow was talking to the girl that Billie and Randa had been talking to. Maggie waved a little when Willow referred to her as her new friend. "Hi. I'm Maggie."

"I'm surprised you're over here, Mags." Randa said, "But glad you are."

"Between you and dad getting onto me about the self-defense stuff, I think I should." Maggie motioned between Randa and Billie. "Plus you two get onto me too, and so does Erin."

Randa shrugged a bit. "Has to be learned, Mags."

Maggie rolled her eyes and looked to Willow. "Wanna stretch first?"


Colten chuckled a little. "I've been doing bodybuilding stuff my whole life. Keeps me out of trouble most of the time." he said. He and Kajun had this long going thing over this whole thing, and he could only even roll his eyes anymore. It was funny though. At least he hadn't brought up the bear thing this time. Hearing Kajun purr just made him smile a little, the girl was pretty. He sighed a bit and nearly jumped out of his skin when Randa came over. He did have to say he was thankful though. Beatrice had been trying for a while now to get in bed with him, and he didn't want that level of crazy right now. He'd have to say thank you to Randa later for it.

Once Long blew the whistle and everyone left, he looked to Kajun and Zach. "Sorry about Randa. She was just helping me out a little." he said. He got up and added some more weight to the bar before he saw another girl walking over to Ezria and Cole. Looked like they would be doing weight training too, which didn't surprise him with Cole being in the group. She enjoyed the weight training from what Drake had said. He shook his head a little and noticed Devin leaving Long's office, but he went to lifting his weights. He had a lot of problems with him, and last year, had he not been trying to keep Randa from killing him, he might have. He shook his head a little and looked to Kajun. He saw the frown on his face, but he had only ever seen the girl with Cole in passing. It wasn't until he noticed that the girl Devin had been bugging was with them that it bothered him. The last thing Drake would need to worry about was Devin trying something with Cole, but then again, if that was in fact Ez, he hoped Devin wouldn't be stupid enough to go near them. Because Drake was bad about things when he was mad.

Colten laid back on the bench and started going again, barely realizing the amount of weight he had added until a slight burn came to his muscles.


Cole and Ezria broke away from the group of girls, still trying to decide what to do. "I feel like weight training would be best. Running is not good for me, and I don't like the whole sparring thing." Cole said, and Ezria nodded.

"Works for me, where do you want to start? I personally need to work on my core." she said, patting her stomach a little before the brunette girl came over. Ez had noticed Devin had been bugging her before she walked over, and she waved to her.

"Sure, Brooke. We're doing weight training." she said, "Brooke this is Ezria, Ez, this is Brooke."

Ez smiled, "Nice to meet you. Come on, let's get to work." she said, and Cole looked to Brooke as they headed over towards the exercise bikes.

"You good, man? Your eyes are doing that squinty thing like when you have a headache. I can try and take the edge off if you want." she said, "Helps Sal sometimes, but his visions have been getting longer and more intense here lately so it doesn't help as much as it used to."

Cole saw Ez grabbing a couple of smaller weights so she could use them while she used the bike, and she looked to Brooke. "Is he already giving you problems?" she asked, her eyes looking over to Devin. When Brooke answered her, she sighed and shook her head. "He gets dumber every year, I swear." Cole scanned the area around them. The one benching closest to them was Colten, and Ez was right there. Sal and Drake were working the squat machines behind them. That should deter him from coming over here, but Cole also knew how stupid Devin was. Maybe not first hand, but she had heard all about it.


Randa couldn't help the laugh when Tiffany called Devin a tick. "That is the most accurate description I've heard for him yet. A small, blood-sucking pest." she said. Billie chuckled and nodded.

"Very accurate." she said, and when Tiffany's partner spoke she chuckled. "Yeah, we tend to go kind of easy on each other. Unless we're like in the middle of a fight. Then we beat the piss out of each other, but it's too early in the year for us to be in the middle of a fight like that." Billie said, pointing between her and Randa. They both sort of laughed, but Billie looked to Tiffany when she said she wanted to talk to her at lunch.

The request was an easy one and Billie nodded. "Of course. I don't want anyone getting hurt over this retarded ass feud, but you know," her eyes trailed over to where Jackie was. "The dumbass 'leader' won't adhere to reason." she said. "I'll do my best to keep an eye on her."

"I got her back too." Randa said, and Billie looked to her. "You can't be everywhere B, plus, most of the vampires aren't actually stupid enough to start shit with me. But most is the main word." she said, and her eyes caught Devin. "Others of them are too stupid not to not lay low. Like sir ball-less over there."

Maggie giggled when she heard them talking. "Should have seen how bad she pissed him off in History."

Billie gave Randa a look and she shrugged. "What? I only passed a note to him asking him if he needed nuts to replace his. That Glenn might have some, but they'd be a little big for him."

Billie laughed. "You're terrible."

Randa shrugged, "I mean it's true. Pretty sure all of the girls in this school have more nuts than he does." She shook her head when Billie just laughed harder. "Help me stretch out some more before we start sparring please."
In all fairness, James was actually quite glad when his phone rang. He hate pool. So much. However, when he saw who was calling, he grumbled. What did he do now? "Why is Skylar calling me now?" he grumbled. He walked away from the table and sat on a nearby chair. "What's up, Sky?" His eyes traveled around the bar whilst he waited for her to answer.


Cass sighed a bit, going to go get everyone drinks. She barely got hers ordered before the bartender told her that someone already paid for her. He pointed over to Victor Moretti. Well, that was a little unexpected, but still she walked over to him. She had to be polite after all. "Um... thank you." she said, "For the drink." His response made her smile and sort of chuckle. "Well thank you for that too. I don't hear that all too often." She found herself taking a seat beside him, against her better judgement, but she knew this could work out in one way or another. "I'm Cassidy, but you can call me Cass." she offered her hand out to him.

What the hell was she doing? Well, if asked, she was helping Dan do what he needed to do. She knew for a fact this guy was high up in the Italian family, but honestly... He was more attractive than his files showed. And quite charming in a weird way. And his cologne. She had to snap herself out of her own thoughts. She was getting a little bit tipsy, and she knew if she wasn't careful it could be bad. But at the same time... How long had it actually been? She had been so caught up in trying to not get found out as an agent and help Dan that she barely had a life outside of it all. That fact alone impacted her sex life too. Sure, on occasion she could get some if she really wanted, but she sort of enjoyed a no strings attached sort of thing.

Then almost always someone caught feelings. Oddly enough it wasn't her usually either, even though it had happened once or twice. Her life just got so chaotic that she couldn't keep up with a relationship. Especially with her cover stories and everything.


Nichole sighed a bit, watching James take his phone call and noticing that the redhead hadn't returned yet. "He usually isn't so bad. Guess it's been a bad week for him." Her eyes scanned the bar. "The turn out tonight isn't helping matters any I'm sure." She turned and looked to the bar and noticed that Cass was sitting with Victor. She couldn't help the small smirk that crossed her face. Victor was smart enough to not get caught, but she was still not fully expecting it either. When Dan spoke to her, she gave a gentle nod. "Please. And thank you."

Once Dan walked off she took out her phone and looked through her contacts. She knew someone who could get James a good job. She knew it was slow here lately with things building between the main feelings. Hell, she had even heard that the political hits had slowed to an almost stop. She shot a message to the contact she had on the screen and when they answered her, she put her phone back. She looked to the clock when the thunder cracked loudly outside. Later tonight was definitely going to be fun, that was for sure. It was going to be wet and gross. She rolled her eyes at the thought.

Her phone rang and she answered. "Yes?"

"Just calling to tell you to be careful. The streets are flooding in your neighborhood." It was her father's voice, and she couldn't help the half smile that came across her face.

"Thanks for the heads up. I'll keep an eye on it. Ti amo." she said.

"Ti amo." he said before he hung up. It wasn't long after that she saw Dan heading back over and she saw the bartender flipping over to the news on the smaller TV.

"Oh fun, looks like this storm that was supposed to miss us had other plans." she groaned. She looked to Dan. "Any good at darts?"
Evan had never been so happy to get food before, but apparently not as happy as Bri was. Her and Saul couldn't help but to chuckle at how she was answering, but Evan could understand that she was hungry. She just wanted to take her time with the tacos because they were literally something she could only get once a year. Saul went on talking though. "Yeah, I have been working on some absorption devices. I'm starting small, with rings that can absorb elemental discharge, but seeing as I've managed to get the fire one pretty well down I'm working on other items for it." He went to ask Bri for help with ice when she squeaked a little. He smiled a little at what she said.

"Yes!" Evan smiled. "Two birds one stone. We get to see Aunt Anais AND we get to see Denise get super pissed off." She giggled and Saul chuckled too.

"It'll be nice to see Anais too. I haven't seen her in..." he had to really think about it, but the thought kind of made his face fall. He saw her since the last time he had seen his own mother, but he shook the though from his mind. "I think it's been about seven years. The last time I was staying with Kiara to get supplies for my inventions."

It didn't take long for someone to bump into him, and he looked to the pretty blonde that who was now holding his taco out to him. She apologized to him and he just gave a soft smile. "No, I'm sure it was my fault. I'm sorry. Are you alright?" he asked. It wasn't long after that when he heard her say something about the taco meat and he raised a brow. When she left he listened as Bri and Evan laughed loudly. "What?"

"That was the worst flirting line I think I've heard in my life." Evan wheezed. Saul rolled his eyes a little and it made Evan laugh harder. "She checked you out, Saul. That girl was trying to flirt with you."

Saul waved his other hand and sighed. "Sure she was." he said. He managed to finish his taco and threw his trash in a nearby bin before he felt his phone vibrate. He patted all of his pockets at first and it dawned on him. "Fuck." he mumbled. Evan gave a look.

"What's up?" she asked, and she saw him pull out his phone. "Wait... No really, why are you saying fuck?"

"I lost my wallet. Maybe I left it at home." he said, and Evan sighed.

"Or, or, that girl who very poorly hit on you took it. This is why we've been telling you to keep your wallet where it's not so conspicuous." Evan said, and Saul rolled his eyes before looking at his phone. He stopped in his tracks for a minute.

Hey sweetie. I'm in town. I've got to scope the festival for other angels, but I'd like to meet up with you there. Love you, Mom.

Saul heard some snapping in front of his face and he sighed. "Sorry." he said, opening the back cover of his phone to see he still had his emergency money there. Something he had learned to do after the first time he lost his wallet.

"Who messaged you?" Evan asked, and Saul noticed they were in another line.

"Well, Aunt Anais being here might not be the only thing to piss off Denise." he said, and he opened the message and showed both Bri and Evan. It was no secret that his mother was someone that pissed off Denise. When their dad was drunk one time with them, he even admitted that he wished that things could have turned out differently between he and his mother. And Denise knew it too. Not to mention that she was best friends with Anais, and that basically made it worse. Evan's loud laughter made Saul jump.

"Oh... That would be a fun powder keg. Denise would totally burst a fucking vessel." she said, and she gave a grin.

Saul nodded a bit and then looked to Bri. "And before I forget again, sometime this week when you get time, can you help me with some of my inventions?"


The blonde girl with bright blue eyes could never understand what the whole point of these festivals was. It wasn't until she and her traveling companion and friend for the last 10 years had explained it was for meetings for different races that she understood. Sierra wasn't at all bothered by that, she was off the radar and hadn't heard news of her mother for decades now. Though, it made her wonder. The last time she had heard, Sybil had more children after her, and she couldn't help but to wonder if any of them would be in the area. Sierra moved through the crowds easily, helping Temperance scale the areas for more angels. So far the only angels she had seen had been other fallen angels who didn't seem too interested in the whole thing for Heaven. Another good thing about the angels that were after Temperance was that they tended to stick out, and so far she hadn't seen any. Sierra did notice something though, a blonde girl was being followed by a rather pissed off man and she rolled her eyes a little. Gently she tapped the man's temple from behind and watched as he teetered a bit.

Sierra walked up to the girl who had just seen walk into another guy and head off not long after. She gently looped her arm through hers and whispered. "Stick with me for a few minutes, dear. There's a very pissed off looking guy following you." she said, and soon she turned her head a bit to see the guy still following them. Sierra took her other hand and made a hand motion before she saw him hit the ground where the crowd had broken apart. Sierra let out a long breath and walked a little further with the young woman. "Sorry, I didn't like how that situation felt and would much rather help where I can." she apologized before her phone went off. She looked at her message and smiled a little. "Sorry, been looking for my friend in here and it's hard when a lot of us are blondes." she said, motioning to her own hair. "I'm Sierra by the way. If you want, I can stick around a bit and make sure that guy doesn't try to come after you again."


Val was glad when Siddiq brought her to a stand that had those... funnel cakes? Yes, funnel cakes, at it. She was very distracted by how loud everything was around them, and how many people there were. Val had been out in society in limited amounts and it was never this crowded. She felt Siddiq place a hand on her shoulder and he smiled to her. "It's okay, Val." he said, and she nodded. However when they went to step forward she bumped into someone and she saw Siddiq catch her and the plate of the person who she had just bumped into.

"I'm soooooo sorry." Val apologized to the blonde girl as Siddiq handed back her plate. His eyes caught the guy the girl had been walking with and he just smiled a little. He saw Val looking the girl over. "Again, I am so sorry. I'm really bad at this whole crowd thing and..." she started talking fast.

"Val, calm down." he whispered to her. He noticed how the air was changing a little but it stopped and he let out a long sigh. Val still wasn't the best at controlling her magic and reality bending in large crowds, but he couldn't blame her. She didn't have nearly enough experience around people. He could hear her still apologizing to them and he chuckled and patted the top of her head. It got Val to stop. "Sorry about my friend here. This is her first time here and she gets distracted easy because of how many people there are."

Siddiq moved up in the line and shook his head as Val finally moved off of apologizing. He chuckled and ordered her a funnel cake and handed it to her when he got back over. Luckily, they hadn't been too far behind them in the line. "So you eat it with strawberry sauce?" She asked, barely noticing Siddiq slip the plate in her hand and rip a piece off of it.

Well, since they were now engaged in conversation, Siddiq looked at the guy again and smiled. "I'm Siddiq, by the way, and this little klutz here is Val."

Val waved a little and smiled. "Hi. Sorry. I'm really bad at this stuff." She said with a nervous chuckle.


Aetulia was not happy with how this meeting was going in ways of tension. These thing had never been free going since Amal came to join the elders, and it was annoying. Before Darius could say anything to Delonna after she made her comment about Valkyrie, she kicked Darius under the table to keep him from saying anything. But Amal's answer made her roll her eyes. "It was in my notes that she needed to be reminded that her next offense would result in third trial." He said but he didn't fully answer the question. Which he never did.

Delonna went on to talk about her crops.and everything amd Darius gave a nod. "Thank you." He said.

It was when the Abyss was brought up she noticed Amal kind of tuned out. The Sentinels and Behemoths both had been under Aetulia's care since Amal became an elder. Foragers had always been under Darius and the Assassins had been under Delonna. She could see Darius visibly tense at the news and she sighed. "If you need me to, I can have Drakstin help you as well as the sentinels." Aetulia said.

"Eileena could meet up with you there as well, she mentioned noticing something off in one of the darker parts." Darius said. This was one of the few things, Aetulia noticed, that tended to put all but Amal on edge.

"Have you found anything out at all?" Amal asked, and Aetulia could hear some commotion outside. She waved her hand and bent reality enough to hide them when someone opened the tent flap. They looked around for a moment before leaving and Aetulia sighed. She saw Darius get up.

"Excuse me. I need to go find Valkyrie and…" He began.

Aetulia motioned for him to sit back down. "She is with Siddiq. She will be fine."

Amal rose a brow. "Anyway…anything else we need to discuss?"


The meeting went fairly smooth, Kai thought, but he nodded to Becca. "Of course." It seemed the meeting had been pretty well wrapped up by then and he looked to his watch. "If you guys ever need to get a hold of me. You can with these." He handed them each a small coin. "I have another meeting to get to."

Kai looked to Az as he headed out. Az stuck around for a couple of minutes and gathered up his things before a girl knocked into him at the entrance. He gave her a curious look before he saw her end up caught by Warren. When she said she thought the tent was empty when Becca asked he raised a brow. That was when they heard people outside talking about Sybil.

Warren smirked. "Oh now to have a little fun." He said and he looked to Az. "Might want to move, kid."

Az nodded and headed out. It wasn't a moment later that a few men entered the tent. They looked around and Warren smirked. "Did a girl come running in here?"

Tobias just shook his head, sitting in the chair beside the chair he saw the girl turn into. "This will be a fun exchange." He mumbled.

Warren chuckled. "Nah, but I've got a message for your boss." He said, his eyes going over black. For a moment they all stopped in their tracks and started being each other up. "This is my favorite trick."

Tobias chuckled. "I'm not helping you with clean up this time." He said.

Warren rolled his eyes and watched as they took the fight out of the tent. A few moments later security had taken them off and Warren turned and looked around for the girl. He saw Tobias motion to the chair beside him before standing. "How many people does this bitch have here?" He grumbled as a couple more filed in.


Temperance sighed as she walked around the perimeter of the food festival. She pulled up her wavy locks of dark blonde hair, and she sighed a bit. So far no angels were here, but she wouldn't put it past Michael to have them here. Even if angels didn't hold meetings on Earth. She stopped for a moment and texted Sierra to let her know she was going to make one more round before heading in. Then she texted Saul. It had been nearly a decade since she had seen him last, and this time she could tell him she was sticking around longer. So he could see her more.

Okay, mom. Can't wait to see you. Aunt Anais is supposed to be in town too. Love you.

That whole message made her smile and soon she headed into the gates of the festival. She put on her ball cap and pulled her ponytail through the hole in the back before she started looking around. This place had definitely changed since the last one she had been to about 25 years ago. But it was nice, and the bustling crowds were easy for her to hide in. She bumped into someone after being pushed to the side by a woman looking for her purse.

"I'm sorry about that." She apologized, dusting her hand off before offering it to the person who she had accidentally knocked to the ground. "Here let me help you up."

Temperance "Temp" Fredrick


"I never fit in when I was in Heaven, and I definitely didn't when I learned too much and had to run for my life and the life of my family."


-Temp is the mother to Saul. She adores all of his siblings though she has only ever met Kiara and Hoyt very briefly. When shw gets letters from him, she gets to hear about all of them though. And when they see each other every ten years, he tells her about them more.

-Temp is on the run from Heaven for learning too much. About ten years ago it was easier to run as she met up with Sierra Tearstone and they help each other and work well together.

-Anais is one of Temp's best friends and has allowed her to stay in her houses while she is on the run. Currently, Temp is staying with Sierra in one of her houses and intends to stay there for a while because she can feel things shifting and she doesn't like it.
"I guess so. Still a little weird. Like watching a mother and daughter." Atticus said. He went back to his tea before looking in the bag of muffins had made for him and Kat. There was a good variety in there, that was for sure.

Hearing that the snowstorm was still a few hours away put Atticus's mind at ease a bit, but still amazed him with it being the beginning of September. Well… close to it. He supposed being as far North as they were it wasn't unheard of and especially not being too far from the mountains either. Some years it took until the end of October but some years they would get flurries early like this. It just meant it would be a cold winter. He would bring his other jacket, he thought, especially since while the cold didn't bother him too much, it might bother Kat. Especially after last night with the rain and cold. He didn't have to worry about getting sick, he did have to worry about her getting sick though.

Once Kat came back down he gave her a soft smile and nodded. "We've got four of them and a couple other kinds." He grabbed his other jacket as they headed out. He noticed Kat pulling her coat closer around her. He wouldn't deny it was cold, but he still held his jacket out to her. "If you need it, I've got this one too."

He nodded a bit about going to the arboretum. He enjoyed it there, oddly enough, and this time of year it was always pretty. All the leaves were beginning to change colors and soon they would be decorating for Halloween. Which was always fun. He actually enjoyed Halloween time around the coven, and it wasn't hard to tell that almost everyone did too. It was one of the few times of the year everyone seemed to get along. "So Kitty, which story do you want me to start with? The one from last night or the one with the hunters?"


Lia sipped a bit of her tea concoction before blowing on it some after burning her tongue a little. She needed to remember how hot the tea was sometimes. She sighed a bit and got to making cookoe dough, humming a bit while she did. Of course, the cookie dough needed to chill for a bit before she started baking it, but it surprised her a little more that someone answered her. She looked to Mitch and gave a soft, barely there smile, "Well, which would you prefer this time, I'll make extra of those."

She got out both grape and strawberry jellies and then she started on the base for s'mores pie. She could never quite put her finger on why baking soothed her so much, but something told her it was the repitition in it. Especially when it came to everything she was making now. "Do you want anything else for breakfast?" She asked, looking around at all the muffins. "I mean, I know I've made enough muffins to feed at the very least half the castle, but if you want something else, I don't mind making it."

She could feel her throat getting itchy again and she took another sip of her tea and turned to get the rest of the stuff for s'mores pie. Once she had it finished, she put it in the freezer to set and she pulled out some meat. She decided chili would be good for dinner. She took another sip of tea before a timer went off and she pulled the cookie dough out of the fridge. "Oh, and before I forget," she said to Mitch. "Att asked if I would cancel lessons tomorrow since it's Kat's birthday. Also asked if I would make her a cake, a kind of surprise for her I guess." She said as she placed the first pan of cookies in the oven.

A light cough escaped her and she rolled her eyes a little as she turned to busy herself again.
Sal had kind of zoned out for a while during breakfast. He couldn't really help it, and while he hated to admit it, he was still fuzzy after the vision last night. He had seen some vivid images in his dreams but nothing coherent. Times like this he wished he wasn't this type of seer. He hated seeing possible ways the world could end, especially when he couldn't remember them right away. But at the same time, he knew his subconscious would allow him to see more when it was worked through.

When Willow brought up the park, he snapped back. "We will. I know Clary and Cole are off today too, and maybe we could see if some others want to go with. It's always nice to have picnics in the park on days like today. Especially with a group of us." He said. He could feel what Tiffany was getting at, but he also knew that if push came to shove they would be okay. Even if it was just him and Willow. His lessons with Drake and Billie about fighting had been going relatively well, even if it wasn't the best. Willow was strong on her own too, but there was always safety in numbers.

"How is your project coming anyway?" Sal asked.


Drake left the Reid house after breakfast, knowing Sal and Willow had plans for the day. And that Sal had stuff there already. So, when he walked into the empty house that was shared between him, Cole, Sal, Billie, and Alex, he was only slightly surprised. He figured Alex would be there at least, knowing Billie was probably still out for her run and that Cole stayed with Clary. He quickly got ready for the day and slung a bag over his arm. His clean gym stuff for when he went back in. It was always nice to have it there after a couple of days off.

When he opened the door to leave, he saw Billie coming in. "Morning." He said.

"Hey. Alex up yet?" She asked and Drake gave a look.

"He's not even home right now." He said. He saw the look on her face and he patted her shoulder. "Good luck B. I'll let you and Joe know about new prospects. I told Jo I'd go into town with her."

He saw Billie take a minute to process what he said before he got a thank you. Billie had been texting and he sighed a bit and headed back over to head out with Jo.

When Jo thanked him, he just smiled. "Of course. It's not a big deal. There is a record store near the gym, and I'm sure we'll run into a liquor store. Unless you were up to going to the one Billie owns, considering we all know it has everything."

They began heading off and Drake looked down to her. "You okay? Last night was pretty rough all around."


Once Logan told her what he wanted in his omelete, Cole started making it and smiled. "It was a long night, man. Coffee is necessary." She went back to cooking before thinking a moment. "Fortunately, yeah I'm off. Not sure what we are doing yet though. Probably going to eat and go back to bed for a while. She's probably still going to be tired. She was mumbling in her sleep when I got up."

"Who was doing what?" Clary's voice came out as a yawn. She stretched a bit and gave Logan a sleepy hug. "Morning." After she let go of him, she smelled the air. "Mmmm… smells good."

"Thanks." Cole said before putting some tea in front of Clary and a plate. It wasn't long after she put Logan's plate in front of him.

"When did you come in, Lo?" She asked, taking a sip of her tea before Cole joined them. Clary gave a sleepy smile to Logan when he answered. "Sorry you ended up awake so early, but I do enjoy when we have breakfast together."

Cole couldn't help but smile. She loved how endearing Clary and Logan could be. Especially in the morning before Clary got really hyper. That was endearing too, but since she had become a reaper, Clary's calm just added to it.

"What have you got planned for the day, Logan?" Cole asked after a few minutes.


Once the bedroom door opened, Alex and Randa both looked to Garret. Alex just sighed and shook his head. "I don't hate sleep…"

"Could have fooled me. Or is it a vendetta against our doorbell? Speaking of. Babe, I might have melted the damn thing to the point it can't be used." Randa said. What Garret had said next to Alex, though, made him look away. He wanted to say something, but Garret had already walked over to Randa. When he kissed her lips and then her neck, she smiled a little before nodding a bit.

"I really do." She whispered back. She watched him walk back into the bedroom and she looked back over to Alex. "He has a point. Walking away was a jackass move. Leaving things unresolved is unhealthy, doc. And walking away leaves them unresolved."

"I say shit I regret when I get that mad. I didn't want to do that. Not to Jo." He said. "Plus, who would she have told?"

Randa rolled her eyes. "Seriously Al? Is that the whole point that is bothering you? And you blame her for not telling you? Frankly, I don't blame her for not. You get so uptight and you act like the girl can't defend herself. In certain situations, sure it is endearing that you protect her and help her, but it was a fucking hunter. Not like it was a fire being. She has the capabilities to take care of herself, whether or not you want to totally accept that."

"How would you feel-"

"For one thing." Randa started. "Don't get in on that. While I do appreciate when Garret gets protective over me, I also have no reason to think he's going to go off the deep end if I tell him something I was able to handle happened. Obviously Jo was able to handle it. Sure, I get your point on wanting to know, but you overdo. You two work in opposite directions and you would either insist on walking with her all the time or something. And the only other person I expect to get that protective over me is Daylen, and even with him being my brother he doesn't get to your level of protective unless I'm not doing well."

Alex sighed, "But you and Jo are different."

"If you'd give her a fucking chance, you would see she is just as capable. Plus she is a fucking fae! She's not like you or I where our power is as strong as our control over it. She has to learn her things or run the risk of never being able to, or did you nod off during those lessons. Besides, whoever she told, I'm sure if it were concerning enough, would have mentioned it. We may be a big fucking group, but respect is something we have all managed to maintain for each other." Alex fell quiet again and soon Randa heard her phone. She took it from her robe pocket and saw it was Billie.

Please for the love of Lucifer tell me Alex isn't over there.

Randa peered over Alex's glasses at him and sighed before she answered her that he was. She heard Alex's phone ring not a moment later. When he answered it, she saw him motion for his glasses back and he took his legal pad. Randa could hear Billie bitching at him and soon he headed out the door. Randa walked over and locked the door again before seeing Alex head back home and she chuckled. She saw Billie messaged her again.

Try to go back to bed, babe. I'm sorry he woke you guys. I'll make sure he doesn't bother you more today.

Randa just smiled. She took another sip of coffee and headed back into the bedroom. She had heard the shower going, but instead she took off her robe and laid back in bed. "Babe! Hurry up! Dr. Pain in the Ass has already left!" She called.

She was honestly surprised too, but she wouldn't deny how grateful she was for Billie at the moment. When they had been talking at lunch a few days ago about it, she knew Billie could tell how much she had been looking forward to having a day off with Garret. Especially after last night. Randa didn't like to show it, but when shit like that happened it made her worry. Not because the people she cared about couldn't handle it, but because of how out of nowhere it felt.


Dahl couldn't help but to smile when she felt Zach's arms around her. "Good morning." She said and she turned and kissed his cheek too. "Mind watching the bacon? I swear I will forever undercook or overcook it. Just happens with bacon though." She chuckled a little. She got out a couple of plates before flipping the French toast. She placed a cup of coffee near Zach before Poppy started barking softly again. Dahl poked her head around to check on her and shook her head. "Her puppy dreams still catch me off guard." She said.

She began plating breakfast as it was ready and set it on the table before getting out a few other things for them. She stretched a bit again and felt part of her back pop and blinked a bit. "I can't believe neither one of us woke up until this morning sleeping on the couch." She said before sitting down with him for breakfast. "This is always nice though. Not often we actually get to sit down for breakfast together."


When Billie got back after watching Joe head back to his house, she was not happy to hear that Drake was the only one in the house at the moment. That meant Alex went to go bug the only person he would after something like last night. Randa. She had texted Randa and when she confirmed Alex was in fact over there, she groaned and called him. She was getting his breakfast set up for him when he answered.

"Where are you?" Billie asked and when Alex answered he was at Randa and Garret's she huffed. "Are you brain dead?! Why the fuck are you bothering them before at least 10?! You of all people should understand how they need a day off together!"

"I'm on my way home." He said before hanging up. Billie rolled her eyes and shot Randa another message. Seriously, she loved her brother but he needed to consider other people too. He was a great brother and person over all, but when he starts having issues with things, sometimes it seemed questionable. When he walked in the house, Billie gave him a look. "What?"

"How long have you been over there?" She asked and he groaned.

"About 15-20 minutes." He said and Billie motioned for him to sit down. "I barely slept last night."

"And whose fucking fault is that?" She asked. "Certainly not theirs. I'm honestly surprised Garret didn't deck you." She said.

Alex rolled his eyes. "Talking to you is impossible, especially when it comes to things like last night." He said. "You never seem to take my side on anything when it comes down to it."

"I'm also not exactly picking sides. I just call the shit like I see it, and I can't help when you are definitely more in the wrong." She quipped.

"I just don't get why she never mentioned anything to me and went running to someone else." He said.

"You have got to let that go. Don't you think whoever she told would have told you if it were dire?" She pointed out and Alex rolled his eyes. "You do that because there is a point to it. Especially since she came to me about it."

Alex blinked and saw the look Billie shot him. "Why didn't you tell me?" He asked.

"Because it was a non issue. It was handled and Jo and I came up with plans if she ever felt she was in enough danger to need help. That hunter wasn't all that great anyway." Billie said, taking a bite of her breakfast. She could see Alex getting mad and she just waited for him to open his mouth.

"How would Logan feel if you did that to him?" He asked.

"Logan also knows that while the protectiveness is appreciated, that something as small as an inexperienced hunter is a non issue for me. He trusts me and my skills, and he knows if I ever need him, I will tell him. I get that you don't like it being hidden from you, but Al, you go off the deep end with her over small stuff. When was the last time you asked her to show you her newest skill?" She asked and Alex looked away. "Exactly the point. I get it. There is wrong on both sides, but how about instead of getting angry about it, you find a way to talk about it. And work shit out."

He took a bite of food and watched Billie a moment. She took off her hoody and he could see the faint scar from where she got shot. He sighed. He didn't really want to fight with her anymore. "Mind coming into town with me in a bit?" He asked, quietly. She had her points, it was true. He and Jo did need to talk it out, but after everything last night and tensions being so high anyway, it wasn't a good time. Timing seemed to be a lot of the problem.

Billie gave a nod. "Yeah. Sure. I've got to go to the store and take the deposit to the drop box anyway. Why?"

"I want to find something to give to Jo so she knows I am sorry. She and I do need to work it out, and I don't think saying sorry will be enough." He said.

"Alright. I just need to wash up and get dressed. I also need to double check that the order for the bar got put together right. Having promoted a new guy to handle deliveries has caused me to reevaluate a few things." She said and he nodded. He gave a nod and his eyes fell to the other scar she had from getting shot. He knew both scars would be gone by the end of the day, but he couldn't help the worry he felt over her even. "I'm fine, Al. A little sore, but fine."

He nodded. "Sorry. Just can't believe how quickly even gunshots heal on you."

She waved a hand and went to cleaning the dishes.


Lia woke early the next morning, like she always did, but for once she allowed herself to lay in bed cuddled up to Mitch for just a while longer. He was warm and when she heard movement in the hallway, she moved as carefully as she could so to not wake him. She kissed his temple before grabbing her robe and leaving the bedroom. She gently shut the door behind her and saw Atticus very sleepily heading back into his room. She let out a soft sigh and headed into the kitchen and started both a pot of coffee and a pot for tea. With both things started, she headed to start some laundry before heading back into the kitchen.

Aless was already awake and her head was laying on the counter, and she saw Mal looking through the fridge. "Top shelf, if you're looking for the leftover muffins from yesterday." She said. Aless walked over and hugged Lia before sitting back down.

"Mom. Tell me that the sage is ready now. I have to redo Roland's compounds again." She said and Lia nodded.

"I'll be pruning more later too." She said, "If you need help, let me know."

Aless nodded. She watched as Lia started going on to make more stuff for breakfast and she asked, "So, mom, are we still going to do something for Kat's birthday?"

"Of course we are. Though, after last night we may need to figure something else out." She said. She looked to Mal but before the conversation could get into full swing, Lia saw Kat. She went to speak, but felt Kat cling to her. Lia held her close, gently stroking her hair. "Shhh…." She whispered against her hair. "Breathe."

Aless looked to Mal and frowned a bit, watching as Lia tried to calm Kat. If anyone could, it was Lia, but still. "She was mumbling in her sleep but I couldn't make out what she was saying." She whispered back. Still watching her mother and sister.

"Kat, what's wrong?" Lia asked after a few moments and getting Kat to at least breathe normally. When Kat told her what was wrong, she held her closer. "I know how hard that dream must have been on you, but we all made it out safely. You're okay, I'm okay, everyone is okay." She brought Kat's face into her hands and kissed her forehead. "Just breathe."

Lia led her to sit down and made her something small for breakfast. She knew when Kat got like this, she didn't eat much, but she was glad to at least see her eating. She got everyone else some breakfast and saw Kat being turned into a cat not long after they were finished. She gently rubbed behind Kat's left ear before excusing herself to check on the laundry.


Atty groaned after he tossed again in bed. He was having trouble sleeping and was kind of glad that Kat had opted to stay in her room with Aless. He didn't know how long he had laid there again, but when he finally dragged himself out of bed he rubbed his face. He got dressed and when he got into the kitchen he saw Mal, Aless, and a cat? It took him only a moment to process it was Kat and he sat near where she was. "Bad night, Kitty?" He whispered to her, gently petting her.

Aless looked over and watched as Atticus just petted Kat. It was endearing to say the least and she smiled a bit before seeing Lia come back in. "Morning." He said and Lia nodded and put his tea in front of him.

"Morning." She said before giving him a plate for breakfast. He smiled, weakly, and just kept petting Kat for a few minutes.

"So do I get literal Kitty cuddles today or are you going to be pouncing on everything?" He chuckled before taking a bite of his food. He was glad that Mal did this for Kat. It helped calm her down better than most anything, and after last night he was glad she could at least have that.
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