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Going on an actual date with the husband for the first time since the baby was born. *Le gasp!*


"It wasn't something that she had ever expected to happen. All her life, she had to be the strongest she could be, but then she met him..."

My name is Siren, I've been a role player now for 10+ years, but I have a crazy, crazy life. I tend to disappear a lot, I can take a while to reply, and sometimes I do just forget to reply. Forgive me, I'm human. I tend to write high casual to advanced, and CANNOT STAND one liners. Also, I prefer to double or play multiple charactera. I think it adds more necessary drama.

So umm... Hi! And welcome to my page!


"With him, she let her walls down and let someone see her for everything she truly was. She didn't have to put on a brave face anymore because she knew he would be there for her."

@Love DoveShe and I started role playing together a little over a year ago, but I love her to death. She's always there for me, on and off site. I couldn't ask for a better partner and friend. She and I are like peas in pod, and I love how she challenges me in our role plays and makes me laugh in our chats.

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"But it was also through him that she learned that to be vulnerable... to love... could be the biggest mistake ever. But he gave her the courage to open herself up to someone... even if they were always meant to leave."


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Clary gave a smile and a nod. "Def. I totally at least owe you lunch." She said as she took up a nacho, and when Heather asked if the new guy was at least cute she gave a nod. "I mean, for a guy. He was totally cute, plus he seems really nice. But I mean, I did only talk to him for like a minute." she said with a small laugh before listening to Heather. She pulled out the notebook that Heather needed to borrow while she listened. "Oh ouch. Sorry babe."

When she said the name Cain, Clary thought for a moment. She'd heard the name before. That had to be the one that Cole had been talking about last night. "Oh! Cole knows him. He's an ice drake, I think she said. She knows him because of Drake. I could always find out more if you wanted me to." she said with a wink and when Heather brought up making time to hang out this year she smiled widely and nodded very quickly.

"Totally do! We need to have girls' nights with all of us. Those are always fun! Especially when we all get to drinking." she giggled, taking the chip and offering Heather some of her nachos. "Oh! And we could totally invite more girls to join in. Ez is back, and Erin will be back, and when you put them with Maggie they're a total riot. And Randa should be game. It's always fun to have us all together. And plus then, the more girls nights we have, the easier it will be to plan on more hanging out!" she bounced a little in her seat before she phased through the bottom and giggled as she caught herself with the edge of the table.

"Looks like you're not the only one with chair issues today." she laughed.


Alex was grateful for what Jo was trying to do, but there were some things she would just have to learn along the way with him. He gave her a gentle nod as she spoke. And then after she said what Devin had said to her, he could only feel himself get more mad. When she explained what she did, he nodded and smiled. "That really is useful. Thank you." he said to her. He smiled a little more when she told him about the paper and he gave a nod. "That's great! I'm glad that you did." he said.

It had been a while since he had taken the formal class, but the teachers that taught it had been sending students to him for tutoring ever since. He couldn't take all the credit from them though, he had been on earth and in human society for so long that he was forced to learn how to coexist with humans early one. He was one of the better integrated ones. He looked at her work and asked her what she was looking for before chuckling a bit. "Sorry... This just made me think of the first person I tutored for the class. She had issues all around with the class."

He looked at where she was looking after a second and he started reading over it. "It doesn't help that they have all this worded funny. You may need to look on the next page for it."


Miles was very glad to have finally found someone to help him who didn't seem rushed. This place was huge and he hadn't had a lot of time to look over the map he had received. He followed her directions and when he got to the door she was talking about he gave a knock before poking his head in and looking around. His eyes caught a dark haired woman with pretty eyes and he smiled. "Hi, I'm sorry to barge in Professor. The Arch Mage told me I should come and talk to you while you had a free period and..." he trailed off when he finally got a better look at the woman before him. She looked young. Sure, witches were known for appearing much younger than they were, like most, but she just had a young feel to her even.

His eyes wandered around the room for a moment and he was astonished at the amount of books and stuff. He looked through his things that the Arch Mage had given him, looking for the page that he was told to show her when the thought came to him.


Aren sighed a bit as he headed out of his office after the new arrival stopped in and left to put his bags in his dorm. Then after dealing with Alex Sanders, he had Billie start reading through a few things he needed her to know for their lesson today before he went off to find Kane. He was getting tired of all of the new arrivals changing the schedules. At least Harlow had let him know that come the weekend his nephew would be coming, but all he would need was a dorm assignment. And then he had gotten word of another new arrival coming next week too. He was just glad that the angel girl had called last night to let him know she would be here after classes ended for the day. And then the Scottsons were due back today. Today was going to be the end of him.

However, it seemed there was a bit of luck on his side when Samantha stopped him in the hall. She apologized to him and he waved his hand a bit. "No worries, Samantha. I understand, and perhaps I should have told you sooner, but you know how it gets." he said. "Just like today. One of the new arrivals got here a little earlier than expected and I had to send him to your office to meet with you. I was just on my way to let you know because he said he wanted to drop a few things off at his dorm first. So I thought I had a few minutes. Sorry that this keeps stacking up."

He sighed a bit. "The girl will be here this evening, but she said she could always meet with you whenever is best for you. She knows she's coming early and doesn't want to disrupt you if she can avoid it. Then I just got word of another new one coming next week as well. And Julian's nephew will be coming in this weekend, but at least him we won't have to worry too much about." he said, shaking his head and rubbing a hand over his face. "And I am also sorry about all the changes going on, but these tests became necessary far quicker than anticipated."

Aren looked at his watch. "I have to run, I'll try to come by later and talk more." he said, waving her off.
James watched a moment as Cassidy and Nichole headed towards the pool table, and he chuckled at his comment. "Nah man... That would be a nice catch though. I can't even look at her like that anymore."

Once Daniel started talking to him about a job, his face became serious. If there was one thing about James, he knew that business needed to be treated seriously always, if he slipped up even once someone would try and take advantage of it. He sighed. "Unfortunately, I haven't. After my first couple rounds in this city, I learned my lesson." His eyes fell to Nichole when he said something about a reference, but before he could say anything he heard her call out to him. Sasha even offered him a small wave when he saw him and he just gave a nod. He looked to Daniel as they walked though.

"However, you might have a bit of luck being here tonight, Dan." he said, nodding towards Nichole. "She'd do it, and you might want to get on it now before she gets snatched up again. She books up quick when she's actually free. If that says anything for her work."

Once they got over to the pool table and they started talking, James couldn't help but chuckle at the term 'shark bait.' "Like from that damn fish movie!" he laughed, and he saw Cassidy laugh a little too. "Shark Bait, oh ah ah!"

Cassidy laughed a little harder and spoke, "Feckin' Findin' Nema! I swear!"

James looked at her and laughed a little more when he saw how red she turned when her accent came out. It wasn't long after that when their game ended and Nichole rejoined them. They somehow got on doubles, and Nichole started setting up the table when Cassidy looked to Dan when he talked to her. "You know, I would, but sorry Dan. Not happening tonight." she laughed a little. Once Dan went, she started her turn, first looking at the table.

Nichole looked over to Dan and shrugged a bit. "You never call a match before it's over." she said, her eyes scanning the table too. "It's mostly geometric, and if you have a good eye, it's easy."

Nichole watched as Cass made her shots, and she saw how good of a run she was on before she missed her last shot, narrowly. She just didn't hit hard enough, and she saw the ball sitting in the pocket, ready to fall in when it was tapped. Nichole took her stick and moved to make her shot, calling her first couple before she purposely missed the last one to block them in and she saw James look at her. "Your turn, Jimmy boy." she said, and he glared at her.

"Thanks for giving me nothing!" he groaned, and Nichole just laughed, but she saw Cass shaking her head.

"It's called defensive playing." Cass said, "It's a good tactic when you know how to use it. Plus, she did leave you quite a few shots."

Nichole gave a slightly impressed nod. "Okay, shark bait, just because it comes to you naturally, doesn't mean it comes to everyone naturally." James said, really studying the table and Cass just sort of chuckled.

"You shouldn't bitch, Jimmy boy. You're still two balls up at the moment." Nichole said.

"Put me at a card table, and I could teach you a few things." James said, and Nichole rolled her eyes. James chuckled at her reaction before he made his shot, actually making a ball in and going again. "I knew you'd agree."

"Shut it, Jimmy." Nichole said, and Cass laughed. However she stopped when Sasha came back over and put a hand on Nichole's shoulder. Her eyes looked over to him and he leaned over.

"Call when ready, da?" he asked, and she gave a nod before saying something to him in Russian. Cass gave them a look and watched as Sasha left and she let out a breath she didn't realize she was holding. Something about him put her on edge, but she wasn't sure exactly what it was. Other than everything she knew about him from her files. She shook her head and looked at them.

"Anyone need a drink?" she asked. Once they answered, she headed to the bar and ordered herself another drink.
Clary was officially in a rush. She bounded back around the corridor after realizing she grabbed the wrong notebook when she was exchanging her things after class. It didn't help that she had stayed behind a minute to ask a couple of questions either, but she was really glad this was her free period. She was also happy that she and Heather were doing an early lunch, but she suddenly felt bad for running so behind. She got to her dorm and phased in, grabbing the correct notebook out of her desk before she began heading towards the cafeteria.

"Excuse me?" A voice came from behind her, and she stopped and turned to see a guy with light brunette hair standing there, and she smiled. "Can you help me? I'm supposed to be meeting with Professor Kane and I can't figure out which way her office is."

"Oh! If you follow this hall," she said, pointing in the direction he just came from. "Take a left and she's at the very end of that hall on the right."

"Hey, thanks. I didn't catch your name." He said.

"I'm Clary. Nice to meet you..." she paused for his name, and he just smiled a little.

"I'm Miles. Thanks again." he said as he headed off, and Clary shook her head as she began heading back towards the cafeteria. When she got there, she spotted Heather and waved before she got over and sat with her.

"Oh! Thanks. How much do I owe you?" she asked, looking at the nachos as she put down her notebook. "Sorry I am so late. I had to ask a couple of questions about my assignment from last period, and then I grabbed the wrong notebook, and then some new guy couldn't find where he was going. So busy!" she laughed a little. She gave a small sigh before taking a chip and putting it in her mouth. "SO how's your day been so far?"


Ez couldn't help but to be slightly annoyed with this class. Half of them weren't even paying attention, and when they finally did it was because she was partial shifting. Very few people in the school could do it, if the ones she knew were still even there. It took a lot of hard work and discipline for her to learn, so it honestly didn't surprise her that others couldn't. And then some races would have had a hard time learning it anyway.

When the person answered the teacher's question, she rolled her eyes before she heard the boy at the back of the class answer it correctly. Even going into detail about the brain. She sort of smiled to herself at that, a lot of people didn't fully realize that. It wasn't like in movies where shifted people could still speak in English or other human languages. No. Dragons could only speak in dragonic, and shifters couldn't really speak at all except for in the ways they communicate in animal form.

She finished up what she had on the board and she looked through the teacher's notes as she began covering the effects of rage shifting and how it affected everything in similar ways as regular shifting, it had other less desirable ones as well. Ez sort of rolled her eyes at the thought. Rage shifting wasn't something she had done in a long time, but she knew that the effects could be bad.

"And what is the longest lasting side effect of rage shifting?" the teacher asked.

Adrian actually answered this time. "It affects psyche. It tends to make the person more temperamental and the possibility of rage shifting again higher. Though, some people can get over it quickly, most don't." he said. Ez sighed a bit and looked at the notes again before she wrote something else on the board that she missed. Sometimes she wished all the teachers were organized like the veteran teachers. This shifting teacher had only started about three years ago, she knew because she came in when she did, but she liked her all the same. Just hated trying to understand her notes.


Randa couldn't help but to fuck with Devin. He was such an easy target, especially with how he looked right now. When he turned around and started flipping the scraps of paper at her, she chuckled a little before Maggie shudder a bit. "Ew... He'd enjoy that if you did, Randa." she whispered, and Randa had to cover her mouth and nudge her.

"Mags, you know he wouldn't get to attend that show even in his dreams." she whispered, and Maggie giggled a little. She nudged Randa when DuPage looked at them again, and they both stopped for a moment. When he turned away again, Maggie wrote another note to Randa before sliding her notebook to her, and Randa looked down at it before she looked to Maggie.

You know Garret and Erin should be back tonight. You going to go see him tonight?

Randa shook her head a bit and wrote something underneath it. Me and B are hanging out tonight. As much as I want to, I kind of need her help with some of my work.

Maggie gave her a look and Randa just shrugged it off. Whatever.

"It's true." Randa mumbled, and Maggie gave her a look. "What are you doing right after classes anyway? I've got to wait on B to get out of detention."

Maggie leaned closer to her. "Joe kind of needs me after classes today. He's still having some issues after he went and saw his mother this break." she whispered lowly to her and Randa nodded.

"Only cause it's Joe, I'm not mad. Just letting you know that." Randa whispered to her, and she started writing down what DuPage had written on the board. "I guess I'm just going to see if I can't find some trouble to get into while I wait for B."

Soon a black cat appeared on their table and Maggie smiled a bit, but she noticed he looked to the board and she sighed a bit. She saw Randa move again and she saw a few little wads of paper hit the back of Devin's head. Apparently she was bored, but she couldn't blame her. This class was going to be boring until they were done with the Angel-Demon wars, so she guessed that it was better Randa was throwing paper wads at him rather than lighting him on fire like she normally would have.


When she had asked him why he was sorry, he sighed. "It really shouldn't have taken that long." he said, and when she said, she still wanted to do the work, he nodded a bit. He knew it was probably better to get her mind off of it rather than let her sit there and think about it more. Still, Alex couldn't help it though. Devin was only really doing this because of who Jo was to him now.

However, when she told him exactly what happened, he couldn't help but to feel his blood boiling a little. A small place in his wrist started glowing a bit. Before he could got a word out, he noticed yellow dust going up his arm, and he relaxed a little. He took off his glasses a moment and pinched the bridge of his nose. He took a deep breath before he put them back on and he kissed her temple. "I don't know what you just did really, but thank you. It was very relaxing." he said to her with a small smile, seeing the small glow leave his wrist.

"Alright. So are you ready to work on this?" Alex said, moving her book between them and looking at it. "So, where are you having the most issues now so we can start there?"
Ez was glad to see that the guy who had been purring at her smiled back at her before he let out another loud purr. It made her smile a bit more, and she closed her eyes a little as she continued to hand out the papers to the class before taking her place at the front of the class, taking the chalk and writing a few things on the board for the teacher as she began the lesson.

Adrian, however, after being warned by Ez, couldn't help but to keep looking at Hoyt. He was a demon, but he didn't show any signs of being mixed with anything else like most did. Especially if he were mixed with a dragon or a shifter. Even he knew they all had their tweaks, even if the demon was more dominant. He knew that. He didn't realize he had been staring that long until he saw the guy show him a note and he sighed and looked forward.

"Sorry, just hard to see a demon in a shifting class without showing what else they are." he mumbled a bit, doodling on his page before his name was called.

"Mr. Desmond, can you answer the question?" the teacher asked, and he shook his head, and she seemed a bit annoyed when he did.

"Depending on your mastery of shifting, you can either elect to not shift at all or learn to partial shift." Ez spoke, absent-mindedly as she finished writing down the things on the board. "Anyone in here who heard the question would know that."

"Partial shifting?" Adrian asked. "That's not exactly easy to do, even with mastery."

The teacher smirked and looked to Ez. "That is correct, Mr. Desmond. It requires a lot of discipline." she said, "Demonstrate."

Ez nodded and walked to the front of the class and watched as her hand started to scale over and her talons grew a bit. "Discipline, hard work, and focus." she said, willing her hand back to normal before the teacher began again.

"Who here can name the three parts of the body that are usually most affected in any form of transformation?" she asked, seeing Ez go back over to the chalkboard.

Adrian rolled his eyes a little at the lesson as he began taking notes again. He didn't want to deal with this today, and somehow, now seeing that the girl at the front was at least half dragon and commanded quite a bit of respect from the other dragons in the class, he knew she was their leader. That meant that it must be who he was meant to deal with.


Kingsley was a little glad he had allowed the girl, Molly, to pet him before the next class came in. He purred a bit before watching her wave and leave. He stretched a bit and took the little bit of time to go and shift back into human form. The third period class was usually more rowdy than the others, aside from maybe fifth period, but he knew he'd need to be in human form for it. When he returned to the class, he saw the two Martin sisters who had been relatively quiet the day beforehand seemed to be chatting as he went around the class.

Randa sighed a bit as she and Maggie sat there, watching everyone file in. Her eyes caught Logan when he walked past and when he gave a tense smile she quirked a brow, but she gave a small smile back, seeing Maggie wave a little. It had been really weird since the feud had started with him. As much as she missed talking to him, considering he had been one of her first friends at the school, she knew it was tough. She sighed, and looked to the empty seat in front of her. It was the only one left, so if Devin did show, she would at least have some entertainment.

She had brought her camera up under the table a bit as DuPage began talking before she felt Maggie nudge her when the door opened. Seeing Devin made her laugh a little, and she brought her camera up and snapped a few more photos before she put it back.

"Mr. Lively, I don't appreciate tardiness. If you can't be on time, you will start receiving detentions." he said. It caused a few people to 'oooh' as Devin took the empty seat in front of Randa. Randa looked to Maggie and nudged her. Maggie looked as Randa leaned over and whispered.

"You gonna be able to see with that shiner?" she whispered and Maggie saw DuPage turn to look at them and pulled Randa back in her seat as they both pursed their lips together to try not to laugh.

"Randa." Maggie whispered. "You're going to get us in trouble."

Randa tossed Maggie a look. "Only if we get caught." she whispered back, and she took a page from her notebook and wrote something on it before she tossed it. It hit the back of Devin's head and she rolled her eyes and kicked it to where Devin could see it.

"Miss Martin." DuPage said, and both Randa and Maggie looked at him.

"Which one?" Randa asked, and Maggie nodded.

"You've got us both, Professor." Maggie said, and he sighed.

"Miranda, then. How long have the wars been going on?" DuPage asked.

"Continuously or just in general? The last war ended about 75 years ago, but overall the wars have gone on over the course of about 1000 years, at least the notable ones." she answered, and he nodded a bit before going back on about the lesson and Maggie just smiled to her.

"Sometimes I really hate that dad bored us with this stuff, but then there is times like this where I appreciate it." Maggie whispered and Randa nodded, seeing the little note she threw at Devin was finally off the ground. "What did you even write?"

Randa just gave a grin. "Asking him if he wanted some nuts since apparently he has none." she whispered back, and Maggie put her head on the desk and giggled a little before feeling Randa nudge her. When she looked up, she saw DuPage was still going on but was now looking right at them. They both smiled at him and Maggie wrong something in her notebook.

Imagine if Erin is in this class too. she slid it to Randa who began writing back to her, still waiting for Devin to react to what she wrote. There had been quite a bit of bad blood between the two since before the feud even, and Randa sort of zoned out thinking about it.

"Thanks babe." Billie said as they walked down the hall. A tall, very well built guy with dark blond, almost brown, hair was walking with them. "I really appreciate you finding someone to do this double date with."

"Yeah, yeah, you owe me though." Randa said, and she watched as Billie headed over to the table where Devin was in the cafeteria when she felt the guy put a hand on her shoulder before he could follow.

"You sure you want to do this?" he asked her and Randa nodded.

"B is my best friend, and as much as I hate Devin being with her, I've got to be there for her. Especially with how she says they've been fighting lately." she said, "Thanks for doing this, Abs."

They began walking over and he gave her a gentle nod. "You know I'm here when you need me." he said, and she nodded with a smile, sitting down across from Billie. Randa felt Colten sit beside her, and she saw Devin looked less than please with her being there. It was nice for the most part, when they were all talking, and even Colten tried to include Devin in the conversation, but he never said too much really. Randa sat there, feeling Colten's arm come around her as they sat there, and when she saw Billie get up to get something, she heard Devin speak. She chuckled at his question.

"What's my problem with you?" she scoffed and she clicked her tongue. "Well, lets see... You're not even in the same league as Billie, you shouldn't be with her at all. She's clearly just slumming it with you, and once she's done getting whatever kicks she's getting with you, you're never going to have a chance in Hell with anyone else."

What Devin said after that made Colten look at Randa, who looked away. She went to say something else, but Billie came back and Randa stood up. Colten did as well, and she looked at B. "Come by later, B. I have a thing I got to do." Randa said, "Totally forgot about it until just now."

Colten looked to Randa, seeing her wrist glowing a little before he put his arm around her. "Thanks for inviting us, Billie."

"No problem." Billie said, looking to Randa. "I'll see you later."

"Yeah." Randa said, looking to Devin. "Bye Fuckface." she said, shrugging as they left, and Colten looked down to Randa as they got out of their eyesight and ear shot.

"You alright?" he asked her and Randa looked up at him.

"Yeah. Totally fine. I just finally get why everyone was the way they were when I was with Tony. Devin may actually be worse thought, but I can't say shit because she dealt with me with Tony." she said, and as they walked he saw her scratching at her glowing wrist.

"You know, Randa." Colten said, and she looked up at him. "You shouldn't take anything he says with a grain of salt."

"Yeah, I know. He's just always irritated me." she said, and she leaned against him as they walked more. "Wanna stay tonight? Maggie is hanging out with Joe anyway."

"Sure." Colten said."

Randa snapped out of her thoughts when Maggie nudged her, and she looked to her before looking forward.


Joe sighed a bit, watching for Devin still as he walked with Jo. He nodded when she answered him, and he spoke again. "Okay, I saw you rubbing your side and had to ask." he told her, and as they walked to the library, Joe noticed Devin hadn't followed them. That could both be a good thing and bad thing, especially knowing how Devin got. He wasn't above hurting girls, which made him a bitch, but it also made Joe wonder what he'd do now. He sighed a bit, holding the library doors open for Jo as they headed in.

When she asked if he would stay with her while she waited, he nodded. "Sure, I don't mind." he said. It wasn't long after that though, he saw Alex come in and he saw Jo walk over to him and hug him.

"Hey." Alex said, looking down at her and gently putting his arms around her. "What happened?" he asked, bringing a finger under her chin and he saw her throat was a little red and he saw Joe standing there.

"Devin had her pinned against a wall, I took care of it." Joe said, and Alex took a deep breath and nodded.

"Thanks man." Alex said, rubbing Jo's back a little. "I'm glad you were there, Joe. Really, thanks."

"You know I don't mind it." Joe said, patting Alex's shoulder a little. He looked to Jo. "Nice meeting you, wish it would have been better circumstances. And if you ever can't find anyone and don't feel comfortable, I'm usually around. I'll sit with you so you're not." he said, sinking into a shadow and leaving.

Alex looked to Jo, walking with her over to the table and setting his stuff down. "I'm so sorry it took me so long." he said to her. "If you want we can wait until after classes and I can help you with your stuff if you're not feeling up to it right now."

He looked around and he let out a small whistle, seeing Blaze appear and she walked over and stood by Jo, nuzzling her hand a little. Alex was trying very hard not to get too mad and he sighed. "I should have waited to have Aren redo the enchantment on my glasses until after classes. I'm sorry."
Detention two days in a row, that was totally going to suck, but it wasn't like Billie hadn't ever had that happen before. And plus, hearing Logan mumble in response to hers, even if she could barely hear it, was enough. Though when he mumbled the part she let her eyes look towards him before they went back to the front of the class. So he did remember. Well, at least it seemed like a good thing and she smiled a bit. She refrained from saying anything else to him, especially once Morgan's eyes fell back on them. Oh this class was going to be annoying.

Once it was over, which seemed to take forever, Billie began gathering her things before hearing Logan. She smiled and nodded. "That sounds good to me." she whispered. "But I'll see you later, I'm probably already running late." she said, finishing taking up her things before she headed out the door. To her surprise Alex was heading that way, so she stopped and waited for him a moment. "You okay?"

Alex gave a nod. "Yeah, just have to talk to the Arch Mage about redoing the enchantment on my glasses. It wore off." he said as they began walking in that direction. "Did you know Ez was back?"

"I just found out myself." Billie said, and she readjusted her books in her arms. "But that's a good thing. It means the dragons will be back in line. Drake does well, but no one does better than Ez."

Alex nodded and he held open the door for Billie when they got to the Arch Mage's office. "So, you have lessons?" Alex asked, seeing the Arch Mage wasn't in yet, but he had left a note on his desk for Billie.

"Yeah. Not looking forward to them, but at least I didn't have them yesterday." she said, setting her things down. "What are you doing?"

"Got to help Jo with her Coexistence with Humans work." he said, and Billie gave him a look. "We're meeting in the library."

"Ah, okay." Billie said as she sat down when the Arch Mage came in.


Adrian sat and listened to the history lesson as best he could. He didn't always like going over the Angel-Demon wars, but even he couldn't deny that they were a huge part of supernatural history and other things had stemmed from them too. He appeared to be the only one in the class that wasn't complaining about it at the moment, but he really didn't care. He understood why it needed to be covered, even if no one wanted to cover it now. At least it was getting out of the way.

Once class was over, he gathered up his things and headed towards his shifting class. That class was a total waste of time for him. He didn't have any problems with his shifting but he supposed that it was required since he could. He took a seat near the front and he saw the guy beside him reading. Had he been there yesterday? He probably had, but Adrian still decided to address him. "Hey." he said, and once his eyes went from black to back to normal it piqued him. What the hell was a demon doing in a shifting class? He hadn't seen any of the other demons, unless they were hybrids that shifted, in here. "I'm Adrian, what's your name?"

The guy held up his notebook and he saw his name was Hoyt. Adrian just nodded, seeing the class continue to fill up before the teacher took the front of the class. There was a brunette girl standing at the front, her blue eyes looking them over and Adrian rose a brow. "Good morning class," the teacher began as the others continued to file in. "Today, I am pleased to announce that my Teacher's Assistant will be joining us this class. This is Ezria Hollow, and if you have any questions and you cannot find me, you should feel free to ask her."


Ez was glad to be out of ALD, and she and Maggie walked down the hall. Their classrooms weren't too far from each other, and Ez was glad that she and Maggie were walking together. "Be glad you weren't here yesterday." Maggie said, and Ez looked to her. "It was chaotic for a first day. Alex almost lost his shit, Billie did lose hers, and then so did Logan. It was a mess." she said, and she sighed. "This feud is really making things hard."

Ez nodded. "I could imagine. Seriously, if Drake hadn't told me that the dragons needed my help so bad, I would totally try and help." she said and Maggie nodded.

"Yeah." she said, and seeing that they were alone in the hallway she sighed. "I just feel bad for Randa. With Garret being gone and Justin being Justin a lot has fallen on her. Hopefully with him and Erin coming back she won't be so super tense."

"How is Randa anyway? When I came to visit last year she didn't seem like she was doing too well." Ez asked, slowing down a bit and Maggie shrugged.

"It's Randa, I don't think any of us actually know how she's doing, but better in a word." Maggie laughed a little. "She just hated that when this feud started she couldn't really talk to a lot of people she did. You should ask her how she kept herself occupied. You'll laugh."

"I totally will when I see her." Ez said, and they waved each other off. Ez headed into the classroom and put her things down at the table near the teacher's desk, and as the people coming in slowed, the teacher introduced her. Her eyes caught a brunette guy who had walked in the classroom and she smiled a bit at him. He had smiled back and started purring? Oh that was great! Ez's smile only grew a little brighter, although when the teacher called him out, she felt a little bad at how everyone sort of chuckled at him. With one look, the dragons in the class seemed to stop, and the rest of the laughter died out.

The teacher handed Ez a stack of papers and she began walking around handing them out. Once she got to the back of the class, she purposely walked on the side of the table his head was facing and placed the papers down. She gave him another gentle smile when he looked at her before she continued passing out papers, seeing a tall, tattooed guy staring at the guy next to him. She placed a hand on his shoulder and leaned down and whispered. "If I were you, I'd pay attention. Those who fail this class have to retake it." she said, and he looked up at her as she finished passing out the papers and took her place at the front of the class.


Maggie sighed a bit as she waited outside of the history classroom for Randa. People were filing in and soon she saw her sister running towards the classroom, shaking her head. "Hey, what's up?" Maggie asked, and Randa shook her head.

"Nothing, nothing, I took a nap, thought I overslept and started heading towards the gym. I saw Joe and he told me it was just starting third period." Randa said, yawning a bit as they sat down in the class. Maggie sat down next to her, about three seats behind Darren and they were just barely in front of the vampires that were sitting near Logan yesterday. "Did you see Devin?" Maggie whispered and Randa shot her a look.

"Did I see him? I got hella good pictures of him." Randa said, looking around. "Speaking of, where is the little weasel, I needed a good laugh." she said, and she saw there was a blond guy handing out papers. Randa sighed a bit and saw Maggie get up. "Hey, if you're putting up your assignment will you take mine?" She said, handing Maggie her assignment before Maggie placed them on the desk and she sat right back down.

"Oh, Ran, before I forget. Wanna do a girls night tomorrow night? Erin should be back and me and Ez thought it would be a good idea."

"Not tomorrow. I've got to help Morgan with a thing tomorrow after classes. Why not the next day? Then we can actually get a group of us. Plus, I mean, a girls night before a full weekend of partying would be nice." Randa said, and Maggie nodded as the class began.

Maggie leaned over and whispered to Randa. "Wasn't Devin in this class yesterday? I was enjoying laughing at him."

"I thought he was." Randa said, and she looked to the door. "I hope there isn't going to be an incident. You know who has off this period, right?"

Maggie gave her a look. "You're joking." she said before shaking her head. "Would solve a few problems with no one to stop him though."

Randa gave a small nod and leaned her head against her hand as class fully began.


The dark haired vampire-demon walked out of Harlow's classroom with a long sigh. Well, at least the assignment should be easy enough for him, and if he needed help he could always ask Maggie or Randa for help. Joe sighed as he sunk down in the shadows to avoid the major crowds of people as he headed towards the gym. It was the one thing he liked about having third period off, as long as he asked, Long usually let him weight train during his free period. He noticed Randa was heading that way too and pushed himself out of the shadows and he looked at her. "Where are you going?"

"Gym. It's fourth period isn't it?" she asked, looking like she just woke up.

"No, Ran, it's third." he said, and she groaned.

"Thanks Joe." Randa said, and Joe sighed. The hallways were quiet enough now, so he just continued walking down the hallway but stopped when he saw Devin grabbing a girl by the hair and grabbing her throat. His eyes turned over black, and he used the shadows to quickly come up next to them and he pulled Devin off of her. "Fuck off! She's clearly not interested." Joe growled, his eyes fading back to normal. Joe cocked back and punched Devin hard across the face, and when he said something about him only doing it because he was demon, Joe let his eyes redden. "I'm both, genius. You should get to class before you end up in the infirmary again." Joe spat, looking over to the girl and gently taking her arm as they walked off. He kept looking behind them to make sure Devin hadn't been dumb enough to want to start a fight, although something told him he might be.

"You alright?" he asked her, "I'm Joe by the way. Come on, I'll walk with you." he said, looking back again. "I'm sorry you had to deal with that. Where are you heading?"

When she said the library, he nodded and let go of her arm as they walked. He still kept his eye out for Devin though. That fucker was dumb sometimes when it came to shit like this.
Dylan couldn't deny that he had enjoyed the day out with Tabby. It was a truly beautiful day, and he was glad he didn't have to be cooped up inside for too long, but now he was back at his motel room and getting ready for this ball. He was still surprised at how well his suit fit. He wasn't used to finding formal clothing that fit him this well, but he supposed times had changed since the last time he had to wear something so formal. His Suit was mainly black with a blue shirt and a nice tie. He sighed, sitting on the bed and tying his shoes before he picked up his bag and started heading out.

The air outside was cool, and while he knew he was heading out a little early, he could see others doing the same. The only ones who would probably still be waiting were the vampires who couldn't walk in the day. The sun wasn't quite set yet, so they still had some time before they'd be able to come out anyway. He took a few longer strides to get ahead of the crowd he was near, hearing some chatter and hearing a few people whisper about him. It wasn't anything he wasn't used to. Most people talked about him because of his size alone, but he didn't really care. He was a dragon, most of his species were tall.

As he approached the mansion, he looked to his watch. In just under an hour the ball would be starting, and that's when the real fun would begin.


Shayne sighed as her hair got pulled at by one of the other girls in the coven. She really didn't much mind the primping since she was already in her dress. She liked how the top had a slight lace overlay and sleeves, and the black was definitely enough to hopefully keep her out of the eyes of others. She didn't much like the attention, and she really hated have her hair pulled at just to get it up into the hairstyle she was told would look best on her. "Can you not pull so hard? That hurts, and I keep losing my place." Shayne said as she read the same line once again.

"Well, quit reading and you won't lose your spot." she said, and Shayne sighed.

"You told me to get comfortable, so I did just that. I got comfortable. I'd love it if I could be in jeans and a t-shirt, but I have to attend this ball." Shayne said, quietly, and the girl laughed.

"I forget that you're not into big parties and stuff like that sometimes. Sorry." she said, and while she pulled at her hair, she did it much more gently. Shayne let out a relieved sigh and began reading again, feeling the heat of the curling iron near her neck as her hair continued to get curled. After about twenty more minutes, her hair was done, and she sighed, putting her book down before she tied on her plain mask. She was glad her hair was up and off her neck, but she hated that she had to have it curled before it went up, but she still went with it.

She walked out of the room and began on her way down the stairs into the main hall where Elder Selma was waiting for her. "Ready for the last bit of the spell, Shayne?"

She nodded and followed her into the main ballroom again. Everyone cleared out as soon as they saw them, and they began doing the last bit of their spell.
Logan was being so damn cute. Billie couldn't help but to think that, but seriously he was. It was one of the few times she wished this wasn't Morgan's class, and she would have just skipped with him, but she hated getting detentions from Morgan. She could deal with them more than getting them from a few other teachers, but his were always so quiet, and they drove her up the fucking wall. When he said he was literally starving to death, she stopped herself from laughing. She couldn't help the small chuckle at his notion about classes. "Makes perfect sense to me." she said, "It's also why they make us have PE before we eat too."

Billie looked at him when he sighed overdramatically and shook her head. She gave a nod to his plan though, "Yeah, you know I'd help you any other time though. Ez will be a lot of help. She only has to retake it because she missed so much of it last year." Billie turned her attention forward after that as Morgan was starting class. Why was his voice so damn monotonous. He was a good enough teacher, but fuck his voice killed it every time. And then Logan brought up last night. She could see how happy he was when she had answered him, but then noticed his mood suddenly fall.

He went to looking to the front of the class and he got really quiet. She kept blinking between the front of the class and Logan, and she saw Morgan still reading from his book. She rolled her eyes slightly, and she scooted herself slightly closer to Logan. She hated seeing him this sad, and though she wasn't exactly sure why she was about to do what she was going to... Damnit she was going to. Finally Morgan turned around and started writing what she hoped would be a fair bit on the chalkboard. "Logan." she whispered, and when she finally got him to look at her she leaned over and gently kissed him. When they broke away from each other she noticed Morgan wasn't at the front of the classroom anymore, and she about jumped when she felt a hand on her shoulder.

"Miss Sanders, Mr. Smith, I believe you both need to pay a little more attention to the lesson and less attention to each other." he said, looking between them. "Detention. Both of you."

Billie gave a gentle nod before rolling her eyes as he made his way back to the front of the class. Billie looked at Logan out of the corner of her eye and she smiled. She could see him smiling a bit too, and she mumbled. "Totally worth it."


Adrian gave a nod to Molly's answer, but something told him that wasn't the case. These two were close, he could tell, and it made him wonder what happened. His thoughts were cut short though as the switch to the Angel-Demon wars was announced. There was a collective groan that ran over the classroom and some other buzz about it being bullshit. Well, Adrian supposed that it was, but it was history. History classes were notorious for going over the same topic over and over again. He didn't care, he usually learned something he hadn't known before each time they went over them anyway.

Adrian looked to the person who asked to be excused before looking about to DuPage. "No." he answered, flatly. "If I let everyone get away with that, I wouldn't have much of a class." he said as he began writing a few things on the board. "Now, will I ask you to answer questions or to correct the information in your books, no, I will not. I will ask you, however, to cooperate and do the assignments. If you decide to skip classes of your own free will, know it will hit your grade hard."

DuPage turned and looked at the class before lazily walking over and sitting on the front of his desk. "Look, I get that the Angel and Demon wars are probably drilled into your brains by now, and they're probably going to continue to be drilled in as long as you guys are here, but it was a change I had to make, so, if we can cover the material quickly and there are no hiccups, we can move on quicker. Do you guys understand what I am getting at?"

Adrian raised a brow. So basically DuPage was saying they could speed run through them if they cooperated. That was something he could understand. At least the other wars that had gone on throughout history had something other than just blind hatred pushing them, and they were often times more complicated than that. Adrian raised his hand and spoke. "So can't we just cover what details you're supposed to in this class? I mean honestly, if it's done right, you can cram it into a week and we can do something else." he said, and Adrian felt other eyes on him. "What? I'd rather not go over everything we all already know, so if we can just skip it and move on, why not?"

DuPage sigh and got back up, going over to the board. "Alright everyone, we're going to start going over last night's assignment, please let's get through this quickly."

Adrian found it kind of funny how DuPage didn't even try and hide how irritated he was with having to switch around his schedule. He saw the familiar get up off the desk and start walking around the classroom and when he walked passed him, he heard him hiss. Adrian rolled his eyes again and heard DuPage start speaking again.








Once Chester had left, Rhi felt slightly better, but given the circumstances of the whole thing... She didn't feel the greatest. She had to call Lucien still and tell him about Gio's group, and hope to hell that he didn't fly off the handle. He and Jax had almost been with them tonight, but Lucien had just got back into town a week ago, having moved back, and was still getting settled in. What Eli said to her apology made her chuckle softly, and she nodded. "Most of the time, I always have to send the info to Kyp to make sure it's not stuff we already have or that he's trying to pull a fast one on me. He's tried." She smirked into her glass at that thought. "I shoved my gun down his throat and told him he tried it again he'd be shitting bullets for a week. I think he likes when women are rough with him though." The thought caused an involuntary shudder to run over her.

When he said Tara had texted him, she gave a gentle nod and she looked at him when he said he was sorry for their loss. "Thanks. I mean, I didn't know them as well as I know others, but I have hunted with them before. Lucien and Jax were almost with them, I think that's what's got me a little shaken about it." she admitted, and she sighed. "Just makes me wonder which ones got hold of them. I'm sure Kyp will give me the analysis once they get there."

She rolled her eyes and when he spoke again she gave a nod. Oh, she understood about it being a bad weekend. Between the whole bomb thing and then having to deal with this, she had also gotten a call from her dad saying he would be in town sometime within the next month. He hadn't told her when, but it would not be a fun time when he showed up. When he started talking about bullets though, she nodded and smiled a bit. "Pfft... I make bombs, dangerous is in my genetics." she giggled a bit, setting down her glass of wine, seeing she was almost done with it. She was really beginning to flirt with another glass though. She knew she shouldn't, but this was kind of nice.

When he answered her question about the wedding, she nodded a bit. "The only succinct information is the date, but there are a couple of venue points and a partial of a guest list. All of the known vampire coven leaders are supposed to be there, and it's not often that they would all gather in one place like that, so when we start the planning, we'll have to put the better foot forward and hope we can find more information between now and then. It's supposed to be happening in a few weeks."

Then Eli showed her his phone and when she was warned that Taylor would go to houses, she took up her phone and started adding the name into a group message before she saw the next message and smiled. "I forgot to give him my number didn't I?" she chuckled a bit, and once she got all the names and started the message she said, "Tell him I said hi too. I'll give him my number tomorrow so you don't have to play middle man."

He had asked her if she was going home after this and she nodded, but before she could answer about Taylor she saw an arm reach over her and place another glass of wine on the table in front of her before a hand pinched at her side and shot up and squeaked. The laugh that followed caused Rhi to stand up and smack the guy's arm. He was still laughing, and soon took the seat that was on her other side. "Shit, Rhi. Act like you didn't know I'd be here." he said, and Rhi gave him a look.

"You know better than to pinch my side, Wes." she said, smacking his arm again. After a minute she laughed and took up the glass of wine he placed down. "Thank you for the drink though."

"You're welcome. Kyp called me a bit ago, said something about you probably needing a ride since you took Serg's bike and were likely drinking." he said, and he looked over to Eli. "Sorry, sorry man. I'm Wesley Ward, I've been out of town."

Rhi nodded. "Yeah. This is mechanic Wes." She said. "So, Kyp sent you to be my ride?"

"I'd have done it regardless." he said, "I need your help giving my truck a tune up, so I was just going to stay the night if you didn't care."

Rhi gave Wes a look and sighed. "It'll have to wait until tomorrow. I've got to do a few things to Serg's bike tomorrow." She said, "Plus, we've got other things to worry about."

Wes nodded. "Yeah, Kyp told me about Gio's group. How are Lu and Jax taking it?"

"Haven't called yet." she said, and she looked to her phone when it went off and she groaned. "Though it looks like it can't wait until the morning. Kyp said there was a fire demon there from how one of the bodies look. Could be the one Jax lost." She said, and Rhi started calling Lucien and walked from the table for a moment and Wes looked to Eli.

"Sorry if I freaked you out too, I've got to pick on her. She's so easy to pick on." he said, "You need a ride home? I've got room in my truck if need be."


When Tara had asked Kyp if he'd teach her some hacker stuff, he only thought for a moment. It would be great to have someone else to hack, so he nodded. "Sure, I'll teach you. Just once everything gets settled and you have time, the next few days I'll be really busy." he told her. Now the thing about knives made his face turn sort of impressed. "That usually takes years to learn, you are quick." he said.

It wasn't long after that Serg came up and once it was decided that Tara would be coming with them, Kyp headed towards his wagon and he looked to Serg as they headed out. "What was that about?" he asked, and Serg gave him a look.

"You no do good with people, people no understand me a lot of time. She do good." Serg said, and once they were on their way to the location, Kyp and Serg both headed over and started inspecting the bodies. Kyp couldn't help but to frown at some of them. This wasn't just them being killed, it was a massacre. It was needlessly violent, and Kyp took his camera out of his pocket and began taking pictures. He knew they would need this information to determine what demons did this because they all had different targets and this group didn't like to keep paper documentation from what Rhi had said. Which was annoying.

Serg had walked over to one body that was already covered with a sheet and when he saw it, he sighed. "Thought I see all." he mumbled to himself, seeing that the head was very roughly removed, but upon further inspection he saw that it had been exploded. Another body near it had been heavily burnt and Serg looked to Kyp. "Fire demon. Jax hunt one while back right?"

Kyp nodded, walking over to the bodies and looked them over. "That one is damn near identical to a body he had come across. Could be the same one he lost. It's been a few years, so it could be very possible." Kyp said, sending a message to Rhi and then going back to his documentation. He came up to the last one. The body had had something done to it he'd never seen, and he took a few extra pictures of it to see if they could figure it out later. This was a lot of damage done too, but luckily it was far enough into the forest that not many people would be able to see it.

He took a bit of a walk to where he could see the road and made a note of the street camera and nearby buildings that he could check footage on so they could figure out which targets did this exactly. For the most part, it wasn't hard to know the others from the mall and around town. This group was demon hunters, but there was a large population of demons on their list too, and if not just pure demons, demon hybrids too. A few Hell Knights even.

"It not the one is it?" Serg asked Kyp when he got back over to him and Kyp shook his head.

"It appears to have been a fire demon and another kind. It wasn't the one Rhi went loopy over years ago." he said, quietly, and soon they met back up with Tara, Kyp still documenting things in his phone and looking through the photos.
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