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2 mos ago
Current This has been a long summer, hasn't it?
5 mos ago
Wow. Just wow.
6 mos ago
It feels like forever since Quin did a RP thingamajig.
1 yr ago
The spooky whispers are not for Quin.
1 yr ago
People lurk so much! Creepy.


I like slice of life and anime. I prefer simplistic, yet imaginative writing. Walls are not for Quin.

Discord: Wandenreich#2534

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Have cleared some time Sunday on my day off to get us going. Quin misjudged time last week.

Update: Got idea of opening post done, gonna polish when I get home (around 3am EST).
Is accepting @Tune, locking down otherwise. Will be working on post. Thanks to others who applied.

bummer, but happens.
Well, it looks like Quin does not have a sheet in from cleverbird. So I have to do a think before bed now she is home.
Alright, so, here is what Quin is going to do. She's going to start working on an IC post and when @Cleverbird turns in their app (deadline Friday) we will finalized CS's that are in contention. When that is done we will start when Quin is off work and has the time to do a post thingamajig around Sunday.

Hopefully this update eases thoughts of inactivity.
This looks pretty interesting... Are there any strange powers in this universe like you see in the Borderlands series (Sirens) or Mass Effect (Biotics)? Seems like we already have quite a few gun-totting characters, so maybe something different would spice things up a little?

I have not defined anything like biotics or psion abilities yet, if you want to introduce it then that's fine but don't go too overboard.
Apologies for not getting back to everyone in a week, work has been rough! Will do next round (final?) of acceptances and then work on an IC post sometime soon.
Interested, but have not made Bleach character thingamajig since was in skype roleplay a long time ago. Will try to make one to apply if that is ok.
@Odin: Slots are going as people come. No dibs here. Feel free to apply!

@Tune: As we talked over DM past few days, overlap is fine, and Quin likes the concept.
Not gonna do second wave of reviews until I get more sheets. Thinking its most fair that way. Haven't got to read your thingamajig yet.
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