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Current Just opened up a new Fairy Tail rp, enjoy :) -…
3 mos ago
Made an interest check for an upcoming Fairy Tail rp :) -…
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Fishing rods and Big Freakin Guns -
2 yrs ago
A question thread of mine has become possibly be useful for everyone. Thanks @OwO…
2 yrs ago
Character sheets are necessary for GMs to make sure you have an idea of what you're doing and aren't going to pull random nonsense. Also necessary for guaging power scale.


I'm just a dude who likes vidya games, anime, Star Wars, all that cool nerd shit. Proud of it.

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Pm'd on her ^^
I've not seen either of those things I'm afraid. But looking forward to seeing the finished thing :)
Oh I'd just missed this.

Looking good so far. I of course do need the bio but haven't seen anything objectionable :)
Other than what the law is going to think with any older teen or worse around her...
All dat sheet

Messaged for the one thing and otherwise accepted :)
Alrighty go ahead and put em in.

@Sho Minazuki
And welcome to ye ^^
"Reserve" in IC replaced with a villain intro ^^
PM'd some things about the sheet. Thanks for the entree :)
Put in ranking standards for folks
PM'd ya stuff on Chad :)

@Squad 404
Accepted. Put her in whenever you like ^^
Yes they would. Which isn't much limitations, more just being a bit specialized in the kind of stuff you're making.
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