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Some things are just certain. Like death, taxes, and lying in the Mystery Dungeon personality tests.


No, I can't believe how little all this means to me.

I'm a long-time Roleplayer looking to do something with my life. My name is Chuuya, Chuu, or Oliver and I'm a 23 year old that lives with relatives outside Tampa. I like 2D fighting games, discovering new music on the daily, and I'm about as much of a weaboo as the next guy. At the moment, I'm currently in the middle of guerilla warfare with the roaches in my bathroom and the dumbest thing I've ever done was fly across the country for work during a national crisis. I like listening to people's problems and I sometimes think about the fanfictions that I'd like to write too. I'm also pretty good at reading people, but other than that, I'm actually pretty boring.

I don't have a preference for Roleplaying though I tend to bore very easily and get distracted by the next shiny plot that comes along. I'm open to about anything though I'm too inexperienced for smut (I have to know my partner for a minimum of a year before I feel comfortable writing it anyway). I've been Roleplaying for a little over a decade now and I'm mostly adjusted to "chat-based" Roleplays (i.e. Discord), but I'm open to new experiences. That's all I can think for now, but ask me anything and I'll be happy to share.

My best friends, @Lyly and @Tiger, also use this website.

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Welcome. Always good to see a new face around here. Especially another Discord Roleplayer (I finally managed to convince my two best friends on here to switch to Discord, heh). What do you typically enjoy writing? Aside from D&D, if there is anything, that is.
Probably likes birds.
Impulse buying, overreating, and snapping on people at the drop of the hat.

What is your favorite holiday tradition and why?
Huh. It's been a while since I've dedicated myself to a Roleplay. Sure, why not? I have OCs for any of the zodiacs that you need filled.
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>Surf the forum
Plays interesting characters.
I somewhat translated a game for myself when I was in high school. It was Fire Emblem: Fates and I had a notebook where I'd write important key phrases translated from Japanese to English. I've since lost the notebook, but that isn't much of a loss when Fates sucked anyway.
I haven't even read this topic yet, but Pokemon Slice of Life genuinely sounds kind of fun. Might drop a character sheet later.
I don't know who sent me candy canes, but thank you for all of them. I haven't been around or able to comment, but I've gotten at least five of them. I have no idea who sent them, but thank you very much.
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