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If she had been shown up before, then she was being flexed on now. What was mere teamwork had turned out to be full-blown psychic foresight, or perhaps it was simply that they had always thought their little parlor trick would come in hand one day. Nevertheless, Endsinger's disregard for even her own mighty swing had left her feeling increasingly dejected, but no less fervent in her assault. The nature of Leena's parallel attack sparked a moment of creativity in Dawn's mind, and she jumped at the chance to bring some synergy to the team.

Her sword sliced over the guitar strings, drawing out a heavy chord as it was raised high. Dawn pushed off of one foot into the air with her weapon in a wide tow. A fiery circle spun her twice, quickly bringing the greatsword into a powerful swinging crash; she was aiming right for that space between the extended metal of Leena's braces, coming in from behind the lich's skull.

She aimed to send Endsinger's head right back down into it, like pressing meat through a tube.

If but for a moment, Dawn's pride was somewhat dashed. Her Beacon teammates had fully managed to vanquish the spectral bouncer, seemingly by their lonesome. Though she had certainly distracted it with her own magic, the swiftness with which they executed the enemy was something to be... well... envious of. Dawn hoped in that moment she would be able to achieve such a level of teamwork, but for now, she just had to pull her own weight.

With their main adversary out of the way, Dawn followed suit, much more easily capable of navigating the minefield of aggravated souls thanks to her true flight. She dove, ascended, weaved through -Dawn kept apace with FanFan and Leena, never too far above their heads. A few fiery blasts here and there into the walls eased the path for either of her sisters to press on.

She paused in wait of their successive assault, unsure of their initial intents and plan. At the call of Leena's Void Room, things were clear enough. They would strike at the lich where her powerful magic fell short.

With clashing steel.

Dawn descended with a heavy slam upon the ground, her weapon morphing back into the shape of a massive white greatsword, and she charged forward opposite Leena. Together they would dice the dark witch, though it was perhaps more appropriate in Dawn's case to call it crushing.

"Perish, witch!" she shouted in tandem with Leena's final cry.

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Even but a single, opening volley of magic was enough to cut this familiar's strength by twenty percent, and that was with their assault being undirected at the entity. Dawn maintained her flight over the cityscape, jets of flame extending from the wings of her armor to keep her aloft. The staff in her hand still sparkled with the remnants of her previous cast, its central gem swirling beneath the crystalline surface. As much as she was one for blasting first, the incessant metaphors from this many-armed giant really urged her on into replying in equal measure.

"Too many souls in too small a space is against the fire code," she quipped back with a dull but projected voice. She hadn't yet a good measure of what this thing could do, but with how many punching bits it had, she erred on the side of guessing it did exactly that. Dawn jetted a good distance further from the hecatoncheir and spun around to face back at it. Dawn threw her armed hand forward, pointing the tip of her crossed staff for the dead heart of her target. A twisting ring of fire orbs circled around the tip before converging into a thin blast, focusing all of its energy into a small point. What good would multiple arms do if the beam was too thin to be impeded by any more than one?

"Understood." Dawn left Hudie with that final affirmation, offering a salute in much the same manner as the rest. She turned to leave, and with eyes drawn across those shaded Ascendancy members lined along the walls, a silent farewell to the nameless. She hurried off with a brisk pace, arms swinging with her sprint to catch up to Leena and FanFan.

She met up and slowed to their pace, having barely broken a sweat. Though Rachel had assured her of Leena's loyalty, she couldn't help but give the diminutive girl a sharp once-over from the side. Nevertheless, Dawn opened up and extended a hand first to Leena as they walked.

"Dawn Astraea, as I'm sure you've realized," she introduced, "Leena and FanFan. I hope for us to work well together," she said before extending another hand for FanFan; she hoped the girl would give her the dignity of not returning the grip with her robotic arm. She wasted no time in planning.

"Which U-type are we headed for first? Or are we to split up evenly?"

Leena and FanFan were waiting at the teleporters when Dawn arrived. Leena was sitting crosslegged, balancing a throwing knife on her finger, while FanFan was sitting on her mechanical arms like a seat, sipping tea from a teacup and plate set. “Ah, if it isn’t the greenhorn,” FanFan spoke up, and Leena stood up. “About time; we were about to go on without you.” After Dawn introduced herself and stated her intentions, Leena scoffed, and gave the quickest of handshakes before swatting the hand away. “Yeah yeah, whatever.” FanFan on the other hand was pleased by the courtesy Dawn showed, and curtsied after the handshake. “A pleasure to make your acquaintance.” Then, Dawn’s back was suddenly slapped by her giant arm, and she giggled. “But playtime is over. Now we shall proceed with the work.” The two took their positions in the teleporter, and Leena summoned her weapons; a pair of red and blue katanas that left traces as they were unsheathed. “We’re going for the U-type codenamed “Siren”. While they’re all causing collateral damage, that one is our current top priority. Any questions?”

Dawn doubled over as the hand impacted her. She didn’t complain about the gesture, but her cough and reservation said everything she wanted to about it. A hand absently reached around to pat softly at her back as she spoke, clearing her throat. “I’m assuming the U-type was aptly named, and is the one performing the concert?” she asked. Dawn followed suit, stepping into the teleporter without hesitation. She would have summoned her weapon if not for the ramped space; she would save that for when they reached the outside.

Leena nodded silently, while FanFan leaned forward, using her entire body to “nod” while balancing with her mecharms. “Yep yep! We have some agents dealing with the summoner, and a third squad is also going to strike at the third U-type. Anyway, it’s time! DLF is a GO!”
And so the three of them felt weightless for a few seconds as they were teleported.

The next moment, they were at a rooftop nearby the one where the lich was performing her song. Before Dawn managed to get her bearings, Leena had already started running. “Do what you can, but stay out of my way, rookie!” She shouted behind her. FanFan giggled. “Show your stuff, greenhorn.” And with that, she sent her mecharms to grab the edge of the rooftop while she walked back until they were stretched as far as they could, before launching herself slingshot-style. “Concert’s over!” Leena shouted, and came in with a super fast whirlwind slash, followed by FanFan slamming her mecharms together in a hammer-like maneuver.

Dawn’s form erupted in a fountain of light, and when it subsided, her body was encased in blue and white armor, white mechanical wings stretching out to the side. Her sword slipped through a crack in reality, and was swiftly snatched with a hand. Dawn Astraea, no… “Justice” was here not merely to destroy the wicked, but to prove herself.

She broke into a sprint off the side of the building, and as her heels left the concrete, a jet of flame rocketed outwards, propelling her through the air. Out of range, her sword folded and creased, morphing into a tall staff with a angrily-glowing red jewel at its center. With hands raised high, she charged a spear of flame, firing it squarely for the so-called “Siren”.

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As Rachel stood, Dawn lowered her arm. The great white sword dissipated in a flurry of motes, careful not to let it fall upon the desk or Rachel's feet, for that matter. Dawn took a step back, honoring her superior's space and letting the rest speak. Their calmness did not make her feel embarrassed in the slightest; if it was anyone's job to react strongly first, it was her.

"I can only presume she was brought aboard by Alicia prior to the incidents incriminating her," Dawn commented about Rebecca, folding her arms behind her back. The answer was irrelevant given the room's inclination to forgive Rebecca regardless, and so Dawn began for the door to follow after Fanfan and Leena. She stopped short with a half-turn, curious of the rising commotion. She wandered to Elora and Tsuki's side, watching over their shoulders at the debauchery on-screen. How a monster-girl could be both so clownish and bold. As Tsuki smashed the screen, Dawn leaned back. Fun was over.

"Shall I continue with Leena and Fanfan?" Dawn asked, "Or shall I help with tracking Vi-chan down? I will not protest either task."

New faces. Unknown names. Hidden powers, and secrets greater still.

Dawn could sense as much in that war room. The sixteen-summers young lady sat with her hands folded neatly upon crossed limbs. She exuded a reserved demeanor, perhaps shy, but in truth simply contemplative and diligent. She was taking in as much information as she could. There were but a few names and faces she had already met with in the Ascendancy since the short days she moved to Penrose. Most here she would need to accost later, to say nothing of the multitude of bodies that were keeping to the shadows around them.

She, however, was given a seat at the table. That was a good sign.

Names were tossed around. Sylvia. Alicia. Deserters. Heretics. She'd been briefed beforehand about the nature of the leader of Penrose's Beacon Branch. Their disappearance. Their tolerance of corruption. As much as she wished herself to directly intervene on the Ascendancy's behalf to root it out, Hudie's words dissuaded her from outright offering to handle things.

The mention of her own name sparked a glimmer in her otherwise passive eyes. Protocol. She certainly preferred things to abide by protocol. This Rachel girl was clearly joking in the way that indicated protocol wasn't always followed, something Dawn would have scorned were it not for her acute awareness of a simple fact:

Young girls with magic powers rarely followed guidelines.

Dawn sighed, shrugging her shoulders at Rachel and Hudie.

"Perhaps some context would be pertinent?" she suggested, eyes wandering to the door where Leena and FanFan had exited, "What is this unspoken quality of Leena you're throwing around? Should I be concerned about her whilst aiding her?" Speaking about another Ascendancy member as if they were a potential threat seemed all too natural for Dawn in this environment. There was, after all, no mercy for the wicked or useless. In that darkened room, in that short moment, Dawn had learned a great deal of how things would operate here.

She had no fear -she would never fall short of expectations.

A tingling in her senses drew Dawn's ear aside to the door, and moments later at the sound of someone new entering the room she stood suddenly; she knew the meaning behind this sense. In the gloom she could discern a male figure bearing a cane and pristine white clothing. There was no mistaking that style.

Aurelio, one of Sylvia's underlings.

Dawn threw an open palm out, facing it downwards. As she lifted the arm, a bright white light cut into reality before it, and slowly a massive weapon slipped through the cracks. She drew the handle with a rip, pulling her arcane sword fully out, taking care not to swipe at Rachel sitting beside her. The breadth of the weapon whooshed through the cold air as it pointed towards Aurelio threateningly.

"You should know you are not welcome here," she growled.

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