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Political opinions on a public forum? I just wanna rp for god's sake!


Call me: Asuras

I like: Urban Fantasy, High Fantasy, Anime Aesthetics

I play: Anything. Mostly women.

I have a long history of GM'ing, perhaps even more than playing. I like art, and I commission a lot. D&D is my life right now.

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Unfortunate that the guttersnipes were so quick to accuse the party of wrong-doing, but... They were sharp-witted in the end, and right to reach for their weapons. Vela let slip a wide smile as she stepped with a clack of her heels further into the alley, standing between the half-orcs posse and her own.

"You'll have me guessing for a bit then, won't you?" she chuckled back at Qantz. Facing the approaching back-alley brutes, she lifted a hand, as if beckoning something at her feet to rise. Barely perceptible, a thin sheet of glistening crystal cracked up her body. Against her white skin, it was difficult to tell the magic from her own body. With the very same hand, she extending a downward-facing hand towards the half-orc and the goblins.

"Lest I place us all in a compromising position, I'm afraid I'll have to assume that these fellows are in on the operation, and not merely mistaken. Unfortunate for them if I'm wrong or right," she said. With a flick of her hand, several finger-sized shards of ice materialized at her sides. The bluish-white vapor crystallized from thin air, coalescing into four mirror-surfaced fletchettes hanging patiently, but with ill-intent sharply vibrating within. Another simple motion, and they zipped with a whistle across the darkened way, straight for the bodies of her regretful enemies. One to a man, except the half-orc, which had earned two.

"To say nothing of the slowness inherent in questioning. Shall we double back to the Guild, having wasted our time walking here in the first place?" Vela hummed, tilting her head. She was against it; by her biting tone, and flimsy posture. Without her own suggestion, and following Finn when he decided to continue after the other two, Vela clearly only wished to go through with the suggested plan, though -to herself- she had her qualms.

By Qantz-Farron's single step, the cloistered and dank nature of the alley, Vela could surmise what was happening. Even more certainly when Sera slunk like a snake through a crack in the door. She needn't ask what Sera was planning. Taking the cue, Vela stepped a stride deeper into the alley and kept watch over the other length beside Qantz. She purposefully avoided a puddle, even in the darkness, careful to avoid sinking even the tip of her heels into its grime-slick shallowness.

At Finn's apology, her lips stretched into a crooked smile.

"No offense taken. As for how Mister Qantz-Farron knows, perhaps it is... a special sense," she said, turning her shadowed smile to Finn. She hoped dearly that the quip was not lost on the Adept. "Am I correct?" she asked Qantz.

Vela listened -albeit with a look of frustration upon her lips- to Nyrien's explanation, suddenly moved from one task to the next. She felt scramble-brained, having just moments ago been thinking about how to snatch a wizard brat, and now thrust into a drug-busting mission. If she had any opinions or questions on the matter, she kept them quiet behind her crossed arms, save for her initial and brief introduction. A first and last name, and she returned to silence.

Surrendering herself to the sweeping winds that blew her from one corner of the Guild to the next, she spent her time traveling to the Cliffs by sizing up her teammates, no doubt exchanging some words as her demeanor warmed. She professed very little to the other three -contorted confidence easily seen through by a thin veil of humility. All the while, Vela walked close beside her new teammate, 'Sera'. Despite the blindfold, it was obvious enough that the witch was catching eyeless 'glances' at the shorter girl, interested in some unspoken feature.

When at last they made it to the Cliffs, Vela remained adrift. She was new to Arskel, and the paths that led there had yet to solidify themselves in her memory. Here in a ghetto like the Cliffs, things were all the more obscure and unknown.

"Do we get five questions maximum?" Vela joked, deadpan, at Nyrien. She sighed. "I don't suppose you three had hatched something before I was tacked onto the team?" she asked, turning her head about the trio.

"I'll be sure to keep them sparkly clean," Vela hummed as she took her coin. She gave the emblem a once-over, and tucked it away into her small pack. Vela wished to keep her dress spotless, including extraneous decorations she didn't expressly want. If it was a requirement to have it overtly presented at all times, she'd capitulate, but if she could get by simply flashing her badge as needed... The faun only pointed to his own pin -until he specifically demanded she pin it, she'd pocket it.

"If he is a student of this 'Magister', shall I assume that he is knowledgeable to some degree with magicks?" she inquired, "...Or a loser who'd failed to measure up, and is now hoping that this special tome will solve all his shortcomings, howevr 'forbidden' it is."

"And if he has not made it out of the city yet, with wanted posters already up, it would be reasonable to assume he's been made stuck here. He might have nowhere to escape now. I am curious though; any details on the contents of the tome?"

Vela cast her covered gaze up to the ceiling, her 'vision' wandering around and about -past the initiates, past the handler, past the other newly-minted team across the room, a smile wide across her face all the while. She let out a little 'hm', sounding not-quite satisfied with something, before pulling her near body-length ponytail over her shoulder, and settling down daintily in an offered seat.

"Can but one take the place of our 'few' missing faces? Or am I looking at one called an 'Adept'?" Vela asked, folding a knee over the other, and clasping her hands over the resting leg. The smile on her face faded jarringly quick, her interest in the matter only just long enough to ask the question. Her head remained still, but her eyes darted about her team, then.

A ragged knight of an orc, and a flame-skinned tiefling. She felt out of place, but made no outward gesture of it. She was not unused to tieflings, but the horned faces she personally knew did not dress in such casual clothing. The orc seemed similarly 'inappropriately dressed' for one called a former knight. But then, that had her mind wandering into assumptions -her first being that this man had lost quite a bit. Clearly, to her, he did not drop the title of knight willingly.

"I am Vela Fade, a sorceress, if you will." She dwelled for a second on Mathias's introduction, and realized only then the pun within it, pertinent only to her. She smiled again, and continued, "I foresee a bit more time needed to break the ice completely," she smirked devilishly.
Consider me interested.
It's threads like these that remind me that there's actually a community on this site and not just islands of hobbyists.
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