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For those still following the thread, worry not. I'm getting a starter put for each player as I can and we'll have posts in IC eventually.
ALRIGHTY. Thanks to all those who applied, whether in forum or in private.

The final cast I've chosen for this RP is @Perihelion, @Lugubrious, @Black Alice, @ShwiggityShwah, and @Golden Spiral.

The rest of you, thank you very much for your interest and for applying to my RP. Best wishes.
You can still apply. I don't take players on 'first come first served'.
Shortstacks are fine.

Abilities look good, cohorts are appropriately quirky, not sure what college looks like in the crapsack future of 2138 but I won't worry too much about it.

All you've got to do is the Final Note.
@Bright_OpsThank you for your interest. Good hunting.
@Crusader Lord We will be thinking of you fondly.
Alright, SO, after reviewing how many character sheets are incoming, I need to make mention now that I can take at most five players at this time. I don't think I have the free time and focus to dedicate to much more than that, but we'll see after things actually get started.
@VarockSvent Far less cringey, though I wonder how well Heavy Metal does in 2138. Probably not bad, and metal fits with the norse theme of Yggdrasil. I mean, in ways. There's a train of thought there somewhere. If he's a musician in real life, I don't see why you give him classes to reflect this in the game and use the power of THE METAL to get work done.

On the subject of classes... a lot of this is out of the Pathfinder SRD or D&D 5e SRD, including Boots of Haste, Belt of Cloud Giant's Strength, and the Mythril Shirt. The Boots of Haste even say "Bonus Action" as part of their description, which doesn't really mean anything in the context of Yggdrasil. It doesn't seem like gear befitting a level 100 character. You'll need to spruce up the gear and divorce it from those source books.

The abilities are mostly from Pathfinder, and I'm not sure they all translate well into power owned by a level 100. Try to divorce your character's kit from Pathfinder.

Sezelrian is also Paizo's intellectual property, and on principle I cannot let in something that definitely shouldn't be in Overlord.
@Ryteb Pymeroce You've still got some holdovers from the last sheet revision. The Skills and Spells section don't need to be present, so you can prune those.

There seems to be a typo in your equipment. The 'Robe of the Scoured' just suddenly trails off at the end, like you meant to add more to its description but forgot to.

Blaze never made his own NPC? You can make one for him if you want, or you can stay with the decision to go without.

I like the ability 'Lord of Flames'. Being able to boss around Elementals is thematic, though a lot of the other abilities don't seem as thematic or interactive-- a lot of number crunchy, flat bonuses, and it makes Blaze's kit appear anemic. I've also mentioned to eschew describing your basic classes. They don't do anything fancy enough to warrant mentioning most of the time, and there's a level of creative license that leaves it to be easily assumed.

'Regal Standard' in particular is a serious offender for interactivity. Declare war, 50% bonus to damage output. It's a simple sounding ability that is outrageously powerful for zero trade off. 50% more damage can easily turn a bad fight into a decisive victory, and it multiplies the power of all those in the Scoured faction. I'd remove it outright and replace it with something else.
Struggling to think of a good race...would prefer demihuman or heteromorph for the sake of some fun racial levels, but for some reason I have been rather indecisive. Angel, Demon, Snakeman, etc. Almost considered if part-human demi races would be even a thing to choose from. XD

Anyone got some suggestions?

Almost missed this. Humanoid races don't breed with the demi-human or heteromorphic races, so that's a nonstarter.

I will always suggest "PLAY A FAE CREATURE" first. If not that, Dragonoids (Kobold -> Draconid) is always a great choice, too.
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