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You haven't mentioned anything about it, so I feel the need to ask. Are you allowing the use of a guild hall?
If we're throwing out claims, I'd love to have the flatlands in the southwest, between those two mountain ranges.
@Milkman what role do you see religion playing in this setting? Also, this has been bothering me, but how did the Arkronians even subjugate everyone? Were their advanced ways of living and lawful natures simply too much for the native Mycorians? Where did they even come from? Has nobody asked in centuries of them being in charge?

It's just nuts to me that these colonists just came in and kicked all of our established civilizations' collective asses, and made themselves the rulers of an entire continent. Seemingly without outside help, I'll add.

Also, as far as I can tell since you've not mentioned it, are there no Arkronian colonies beyond their Kingdom? That's a huge map, and the east side of it is virtually inaccessible from the west outside of one or two small areas (or skirting around the entire continent).

What kind of relationship does Arkron have with its vassals? Given the rebellions it doesn't seem we've been disarmed, and the balance of power is evidently very equal if a single country (province? state?) turning traitor was enough to turn the tide. Is the only thing keeping us in check the vast military prowess of the superior race?
I'm interested, by the way! I'm just brainstorming on what flavour of fey culture I wish to go with~
Um. Ok.

@Quincy There is no aspect to her personality save for the following two points that display a lack of humanity:
-Her subservience, which could be argued. Humans are more than capable of being subservient to others on a general scale, especially those whose upbringing exposes them to certain stimulus (slavery).

-Her anxiety over exactly the reason you're rejecting the character. The perception that her and her motivations are synthetic, and that she's not a real person. This is a very non-human character flaw, granted. But it too could by mostly waved off as being from an enslaved minority.

She understands on a literal level that she is not a flesh and blood human, but I never intended to play her as one. If you want me to make a new character in accordance with some unspoken humans-only rule, that's fine, I'm willing to put in the effort. I just would have appreciated the forewarning before I put in the effort in the first place.
@Odin This is an open forum, if you post something publicly it may be subject to discussion. At the end of the day, I'm just one of your fellow roleplayers - If you're not interested in my feedback, you're free to just wait for GM approval/disapproval. That doesn't mean I'm disallowed from sharing my critique.

I'm not sure how familiar you are with the series, but Ninjutsu is usually a pretty private affair in the Manga. Countries don't exactly share their techniques, and the teaching of Ninjutsu is handled individually by teachers (or oneself, if self-taught), or privately by members of the Shinobi's family. You don't go to ninja school to learn these advanced techniques, because they're not public domain.

And no, the Uchiha's signature Great Fireball Technique is not as simple as "breathing fire". As somebody with Katon, you can't just direct chakra to your lungs and exhale to destroy your enemies. If that's all there was to it, then it wouldn't be nearly important enough to be considered a coming of age ceremony for one of the most elite families in Konohagakure.

It's true that another village might have something similar, and it might also be directed from their mouth. But there is no way it would be identical, considering the differences in culture and practices between countries.
@Odin They were created by the Uchiha Clan, and are only ever used by Uchiha members. There is no canon indication given that any of the signature Katon techniques of the Uchiha Clan are used outside of it, so it's a pretty long jump of reason to assume they're freely available just because they're not well guarded secrets.

You would need a pretty good reason to be using techniques from another village in the first place, which doesn't seem to be covered in your character's backstory. Exclusive to the clan or not, it's still a Konoha ninjutsu. Where (and why) did you learn it, exactly?

I'm not trying to be combative, here. It's just important when you're building something in an established universe, to step back and think "Am I being respectful to the source material?". If it's important to your character to have these foreign ninjutsu in your arsenal, then some thought should be put into why they're there. That thought should amount to something more significant than, "they're fire jutsu, I'm a fire man".

And if it's not important to the character, why is it even there in the first place? To pad out the jutsu list with more combat options?
@Odin I noticed that you were applying characters for a Village that isn't available for play! I just thought I'd let you know this, before you put in too much effort changing things around.

You also seem to have mistakenly added some Uchiha techniques to your list of jutsus. Since you're not a Uchiha, you probably can't know those (especially without a connection to the Uchiha Clan).
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