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Current What Image hosting website is useful for permanent IMG hosting?
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Cant even focus now to type. No replies today.
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On two occasions I've played a canon character from a series and completely lost interest in playing them. I guess I just want to write my own stories then play someone elses.
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Awww Thanks <3
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I'm done with trying to impress people that are asking for attention.


I don't know how to make this all stylish yet. I'll figure it out eventually.

In the mean time ahem:

Hello! I am currently writing a script for a fantasy story I plan on animating (Using the program Poser) Rping really helps get my creative muscles flexing and I'm going to be incorporating some character ideas into the RPs I produce with other people. This could include Male or Female. I really try to challenge myself.

I am a huuuuuuuge fan of epic scale narrative, and breathing life into a story is a great passion of mine. Seriously I watch trope talk pod casts and how to write, just to make my script as effective as possible.

I am versatile. I love things with emotion, whether Romance, Grim, Adventure Thriller, or even Comedy. Above all else, I love to entertain. I hope to do so with you.

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I'm on Rhino since I already probably earned its attention, but I could also keep elephant busy.
I'm sorry but I keep hearing this voice whenever Dawn speaks XD

I feel bad for anyone that becomes Dawn's girlfriend...

@CaptainSully@Metronome@Zoey White@Prosaic

Phoenix Dawn wasted no time. He tore his drab gray jumpsuit from his form, as he always wears his battle gi in case of emergencies such as this. He remembered the time that Witness showed up in a towel and while he figured it wouldnt be a problem, they gave her a lot of hell for it so he thought it best to just always be prepared. He threw the waste of cloth aside and directed his team.

"Bring it in team!" He wanted his traditional huddle, but he managed to get his team to do it once before. They have since avoided that massive muscled arms forcibly tipping them over in a little football planning ring. Regardless they could hear him over their personal earpiece radios.

"Wraith! I want you-" He was gone from where Dawn last saw him. Dawn paused for only a moment before he raised his hand in a thumbs up. "Good thinking Wraith! You move on ahead and prepare the battlefield. See that all bystandards are brought to safety!" He knew Wraith was no doubt already there fighting the good fight.

"Draig! I need you to-" He was sitting down in the corner in his mediation riturals. Dawn paused for only a moment before he raised his hand in a thumbs up. "Good thinking Draig! You need to be at MAXIMUM power for the battle ahead! Catch up with us, give a final sweep of the area and then join us in the fray!" His blinding speed would mean that he would catch up once prepared. Dawn secretly hoped he had charged before but no use complaining now.

"Sleeper, its you an me again!" He said with a big mouth grin as he lifted his compatriot over his shoulder. It was the fastest way that Dawn carry his Dreamwalking colleague, which meant they were going to be leaping through the city. Sleeper should have been used to this by now, considering Dawns Eagerness. They left the room, out the lobby and out into the world at large. "TEAM EPSILON AAAWWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAaaaaayyyyyyyy!!!.... Phoenix Dawn took the air, jumping one mile at a time and only just barely missing the cars on his descent. His feet would also leave pretty massive pot holes on the impact and jump.

While mid-leap, he commed in to Victory. "No fair Victory, you had a head start!" He laughed over the comm. "Team Epsilon is running crowd duty until I get into the thick of it! I'm heading straight for that oversized Pachyderm! JUSTICE be with you Victory!" He gave his salutations and good wishes to his peer. She was a leader truly, running the others like a grandma threading a needle to fix a beloved teddy bear, full of Righteous Fury!


He arrived on the scene just as the Bird had begun to assail Shrike, but that slippery devil would no doubt give that bird what for. He could hear the blasts of gun fire and knew that was a good sign. He kept the skies clear which meant that the streets were all his.

He landed a block away, finally letting Sleeper off his shoulder and let him go about his duty, "Sleeper, there is the vile villain! Attack with my dreams or give him a real nightmare! We end him, and we end this madness." He patted him on the shoulder, before moving into the fray. It was evident that Dawn didn't quite know how Sleeper's abilities worked, so he left Sleeper with orders that were pretty vague. He tried to think of something, day dreaming about his victory this day over the zoo keeper. And Tigers... Big Fire Breathing Tigers as he approached the fray.

Wraith was above, catching that bus, and seeing to the well being of those inside. A pang of pride for his team of truest heroes rang in the Dawn's heart. The rescue and the hero however got the attention of the Rhino who was already beginning to charge the bus of innocents. Dawn sprung forward at the metal beast to protect friend and innocent. He met it, metal against the DAWN as a ring of Hammer striking Molten Iron filled the intersection with a slight gust of wind. The 1000s of horse power behind the metal monstrosity was stopped dead in its tracks, its gears grinding as its legs kicked. Dawn held it horn and under its head, his fingers actually making dents in the metal plating. He struggled for a moment before his strength proved superior. He gritted his teeth and shouted with all of his might, his anger, and all of his sorrow!

"HURL TO THE HORIZON!" Phoenix Dawn took a step a with a mighty hoist, the Rhino was lifted off the ground, going almost ninety degrees in the air, its legs still kicking as its internal processes attempted to compensate to no avail. Phoenix saw his target. The fire breathing Elephant slowly trudging up the street, causing untold destruction to the good city. He pivoted his foot and swung the Rhino with a mighty roar. The Rhino took flight as if were nary a sack of flour to be tossed in the hold of a backery. It sailed over the battlefield, over the Zookeeper, and struck the Elephant with a mighty clang! The elephant stood firm though, merely jolted by the hunk of metal that careened with it. Meanwhile the Rhino, badly dented chinged off on one side and came to a rest beside it.

Phoenix Dawn then stepped forward, flames and sparks spilling from his form as his arms became covered in what appeared to be gold before they became covered with a bright orange flame. He took some steps forward and pointed at the Zookeeper. "What are you doing out of your cage Zookeeper!? Feeding hours are 9 AM and 3 PM!" It sounded cooler in his head. He stood in the path of the elephant, defiant and ready to turn it to the scrap it was made of. He was dwarfed by it, a lone hero against the monster. But in this instant, he was the Goliath.

He hoped he made enough of a show for his comrades to rain glorious justice upon the Zookeepers toys.

I feel like the way Shrike fought the bird, we should call dibs on our one on one fights, collab when you pair up to take one down.

But that Mets call.

Team Epsilon... ASSEMBLE!!!

Shoot I wanted a team huddle like a foot ball team. :) but Kavan got teleport and Draig got to meditate.

Sleeper I hope you dont mind but Dawn's gonna carry you in glorious battle. There he could either scare the crap out of the zookeeper or manifest Dawn's daydreams to fight. <you do you though since Dawn isn't 100% how your power works.

I wanted to go after the Zoo Keeper so the snake and the biggest thing there, the Elephant. If no one wants to grab the rhino Dawn will take it, if just to make a flashy entrance by throwing it.

Draigs got speed so he can run civilian rescue out of the area and probably give that tiger or snake a thrashing.

Wraith can probably take down all these things from the inside. His shadows messing with internal springs and circuits.

Maybe all of us can collab on taking the elephant down together. That pad victory suggested sounds pretty cool. A multi colored post. End it with everyone turning and walking away from the explosion.

Again these are suggestions, Dawn's going straight towards the heaviest biggest thing he can find.

@Zoey White

Dawn's probably going to call out dibs on who he intends for Epsilon to go after.



@Zoey White

And I'll try to do the same when I get the chance. It's a great post and great idea!
Nature is for hippies

You're for hippies


I really have to apologize on the length, particularly in the History. It's taken me a while to do everything else and generally by the time I get to history, I get really burned out. Ill try to add more to it.

The reason she's helping the King is at the Triumpherant's request. She's a very capable scout for incursions into Broken lands or just the wilderness at large. Not as much as someone specific to a particular terrain but *shrugs*

Maybe just remove one and turn Embrace the Earth into a knockdown effect?

Edit- I did just that.
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