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Current Except for 1 or 2 rps and some partners, I'm essentially done with the site. Can only sit down for posts once a week. Hate to make others wait.
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Im cutting down on my writing time. Other projects to focus on.
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Pointless and garbage respectively.
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Want to do a slice of life romance, in the MHA universe. SoL is good with an interesting backdrop.
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Hello Unyaa! Depends on your tastes, group RPs or one on ones, check out the interest check forums! Many stories would love to have a cat!
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I don't know how to make this all stylish yet. I'll figure it out eventually.

In the mean time ahem:

Hello! I am currently writing a script for a fantasy story I plan on animating (Using the program Poser) Rping really helps get my creative muscles flexing and I'm going to be incorporating some character ideas into the RPs I produce with other people. This could include Male or Female. I really try to challenge myself.

I am a huuuuuuuge fan of epic scale narrative, and breathing life into a story is a great passion of mine. Seriously I watch trope talk pod casts and how to write, just to make my script as effective as possible.

I am versatile. I love things with emotion, whether Romance, Grim, Adventure Thriller, or even Comedy. Above all else, I love to entertain. I hope to do so with you.

Discord Shwiggityshwah#6420

I also have a 1X1 interest check.…

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Should I make a big strong idiot...?
Who wants to team up for the next jobs ^^ ?
An alchemist/artificer from Nippon or Germany is the character Im thinking. Maybe has to deal with chemicals, radiation, wheres a hazmat suit all the time.

Getting ahead of myself. Im in.

Ozzy knew about the order. "It's been shown through history that any kingdom or organization that needs to use force against its people is doomed to fail." Ozzy added but it was a shallow comfort to know that there is suffering regardless. It was an old out dated concept that a new educated world won't need. He began to speak without thinking. "The Order is one of the reasons my parents became ambassadors. Working to bring people together."

Haley spoke out about her decision. And it was enough to make Ozzy do the same knowing he had support. He stood up. "I agree with Haley. I'm no warrior, but I don't want anything ruining what we have here. The guild is special. Not just personally, but its proof. Proof that theres a place for everyone. No matter where you came from. You can make friends, have a family with anyone." He grinned happily. He knew it sounded stupid but he wanted to remind them what was at stake.

When Yang got back into the room, Ozzy sat down and nodded to Yang. "We shouldn't look for a fight, and there's got to be a way. Maybe if we help enough people, the Varjo will be out numbered and think twice. One can dream." Yang reminded him of what they did and he raised an arm, holding up a bicep. "Good thing I'm working out right Sifu Yang?" He grinned, not letting the problem bring him down.
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Snow's appeal was stiffled by Cilia and then Axley. Snow could only shrug. "I think you're both overthinking it." There was a general need for survival but this wasn't quite the same now. They found civilization, people and now they were trying to use them as much as they could. He felt the fire from both of them and he made a sighing face. "I care about you both and I have a bad opinion of it. What do you want from me?" He was a former monk... and he had his own demons to contend with.

He wasn't going to argue with them. He cared about them, they cared about the others. Him included. He smiled. "Well, if you're going to work, I might as well-" He undid the top of his robe. He was going to figure some things out and maybe some smoosing would get him the info of who the leader was and where he was.

Then the bartender and his wife barked at them, and Snow had to admit even he was a little shaken. The woman yelling making him go stiff. Snow lowered his head, "Apologies mame. Apologies."

Snow sat, kind of feeling a little guilty for the lack of faith he had in his friends. He cheered a bit. It was a nice thought.
"I wonder if this is how things would be if such tragedy didn't happen. Arguing about who does what for who. Kind of a family trait now that I think about it." He only requested tea and some fried onion bread balls. He ate them, the crunch was delightful. "Oh wow, thats not bad." He did speak. "When we secure lodging, we should seek out the precept of this town, notify the town what is coming. If someone else would like to come along. Might need another, we don't exactly carry proof."
In the middle of a reply but family is making it hard for me to focus and finish. Should have it today.

I started a new job and my wife is pregnant with our first kid, so we're distracted.
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The razed village further cemented Snow's resolve. It was a full on attack. A full on invasion. How could they even warn anyone? How could anyone even miss the army and plumes of smoke? Would they even make it? Would anyone even listen? He looked at the ruins... then remembered that they were dealing with the dead. He pushed to move them forward. Any time wasted was another village destroyed. He almost felt bad that they had to stop. Fergus brought up not being used to roughing it, and made a point about his feet. Blisters would slow them down, and the last thing they needed was time to recuperate.

A stopped night. Snow thought back to some days on the Threshold. How they had to go hunting sometimes for dinner cause there was no supplies. He was surprised he still remembered how to snare. He wasn't a fan, going without meat for so long and then having to rely on it. He felt bad for the rabbit. Just cause the squirrel was small, it lives. This was before Cilia and Axley brought the mushrooms. It was a bit of good luck. The Dragons watching over them. He checked everyones feet and conferred the road ahead. They were close.

At the village, the fishing town. Life. Precious beautiful life. Happy and ignorant. They were less than a day from the village. It was only a matter of time. Snow was about to speak before Fergus promoted something to raise their spirits. "Fried in-" the former monk made a face, hand covering his mouth. "Sounds vile." But the decision was made. Sasuke offered to front the money, and he felt his meager pouch. "And don't forget about dried fruits. Much cheaper." He added before looking to them. Beside himself, he smiled. Things were high, and maybe it was worth a celebration.

But there was priorities... Namely to make sure this town didn't follow the same fate. "It is important to treat yourself from time to time. Enjoy friends, we are alive. I should be just a moment." He turned his head. "I need to find the princi-" He watched Cillia transform herself into a lady. As per typical, her pragmatic determined nature shows forth again. She was willing to do whatever it took to survive, and even more so to safeguard what was close to her. The two day trek had shown a side of tireless selflessness. She walked into the pub with the an ere of purpose, and for a moment Snow seemed quite dumbfounded. "What is she-"

He folded his hands into his sleeves and followed after her. She leaned on the counter, sticking her hips out and seemed to get the tender's attention... as well as a few others. Snow understood quite quickly.

Redheads do get alot of attention, that and with Axley, their attention was not ignored. Even the two half drunk patrons elbowed each other and looked at the exchange that Cilia managed to put on with the barkeep. One took a drink and leaned over, trying himself to get a peek at her shirt, maybe get her attention with a hand on her back, on her hip. See how much it would take to get her for a night. His hand raised and placed it down-

Snow felt a man's hand on his thigh as he suddenly interjected himself between her and the patron. "Cil-" He stopped as he felt the hand, then turned, locked eyes with the man, they stared eachother down for a moment, before Snow smiled and the man quickly withdrew his hand, looking weirded out. Snow finally was able to address. "Cilia? What are you doing?" He said, trying not to sound accusatory. "We have enough for a meal, and enough to get to the Crossing." He smiled softly then when his initial thought was she was doing this for them. "You should save that look for someone you love. For tonight, relax with us. You earned it."


Ozzy felt a little insulted. He studied monsters and cultures since he could read. He makes a little pout but he had to take a tactical pause that there might be somethings not documented properly or he hasnt studied yet. The thought was actually pretty exciting now that he thought about it. "Hmm, not a bad idea actually."

@13org @PaulHaynek

Ozzy was a little too busy trying to introduce Ada and get her used to the new environment. "I don't suspect so. I don't expect that she had ever been indoors either." He answered Freyr before answering Bart. "She won't Master Bart. Trust me. Once she gets used to it, she'll be a member of the family too." Ozzy was of course being a little hopeful, a little naive, and honestly he didn't have any reason beyond she was super friendly and an incredible research project. It was a win win in his mind, but he had to admit that even if she didn't have people hunting her down, she'd probably be just fine out there.

He would go around, taking her by her hand if needed, showing her things like pictures, the decorations, the couch, and finally the kitchen, just in time for Yang and Sisters to make them dinner. It was nice that everyone was willing to take up the chores. "Sit here Ada." He asked her, preparing the chair. If she did so, he would present her with the silverwear, explaining how each work. Pantomiming if he needed to.

@Stern Algorithm

He then sat next to Ada, making sure the proper credit was due. "Thank you Yang, Vivian, Sylvia." He was going to ask about their days, what to do with Ada, when Ditzy came up and then the problem with the Varjo. He remembered the night before last. How things were almost torn apart before Neil and Bart. He listened to Haley, to Talia.

He let a pause go past them, he shot a glance at everyone else before he kept his voice down. He saw the Varjo handiwork first hand, and he had a mission in secret fighting against him that he and Yang were privy too. "I can see why there would be a problem. Its a scary thought. Being targeted by people like that. But... but if people won't fight, then they win. They'll come to these lands to hurt people regardless. So it's a fight now or fight later." He slouches in his chair. "I still haven't had a chance to find out why... whether or not there's a reason for the violence." He knew he sounded naive.
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"Beg your pardon Lord Fergus. I view of the circumstances, the living should be on the same side, House or not. Birth doesn't equal virtue of character." A contrast against the Immaculate teachings. He could go into facts that peasants have shown more courage than the patrician, and even the Dragon Bloods that sent hundreds of them to their deaths while they fled the field. It was no point in judgement though. Still Fergus made some good points, at least taking what Snow felt in his heart seriously.

Honestly it was so strange? Was Sasuke, Lord of House Stormwind allowed to run amok. The only other thing aside from the negative was that he was meant to deliver a message, or the enemy didn't care to kill one man. They'll slaughter entire cities but the single survivors were not worth their notice. That had both good and bad connotations.

"I'm never in the mood for a fight." Snow corrected the swordsman. "I've had enough of it for a dozen lifetimes." he kept his staff in one hand and reset the strap on his back for his sanxian. "A lord of another House though. I hope the words of two Lords is enough to rally other houses into action. House Tepet and Mnemnon would be awesome powers, even after the war."

He considered it as they began their trek north. "Seems quite prideful of me, but perhaps Fergus' words had some merit. Maybe the Dragons are smiling upon us." he had to smile. The concept that fates were with them to survive while tragic was still a warming thought to him.

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