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Current Yay! Got some takers for my story! It will be a merry christmas!
2 mos ago
Group Rps all at a standstill. Only interested in my own high fantasy setting but dont have time to make a full rp. 1X1 maybe.
4 mos ago
Going from 5 group RPs to 3. The end is nigh.
5 mos ago
I apologize to all my 1X1 RP but except for a few group RPs which allow me to post every few days, I think I'm done with RPing. I'm just not excited about it anymore. Too much RL stuff going on.
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5 mos ago
The moment I join a group RP is when it literally starts to come to a standstill. I'm so sick of making characters, and then the RP never takes off. I'm done trying.


I don't know how to make this all stylish yet. I'll figure it out eventually.

In the mean time ahem:

Hello! I am currently writing a script for a fantasy story I plan on animating (Using the program Poser) Rping really helps get my creative muscles flexing and I'm going to be incorporating some character ideas into the RPs I produce with other people. This could include Male or Female. I really try to challenge myself.

I am a huuuuuuuge fan of epic scale narrative, and breathing life into a story is a great passion of mine. Seriously I watch trope talk pod casts and how to write, just to make my script as effective as possible.

I am versatile. I love things with emotion, whether Romance, Grim, Adventure Thriller, or even Comedy. Above all else, I love to entertain. I hope to do so with you.

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The Grav tanks had a main cannon and a pintel mounted machine gun turret and while the cannon was not designed for something that fast and small, the machine would do the trick. Thankfully for the flyers, the fire did a good job of keeping their heads down, or just burning it off. They pretty much had this little square in the bag,

But as there was more information... More angry soldiers were going to move in on their position. And just as well, trading blows with the tank sent in another squad from down a side street. At the far corner, there were two soldiers bracing their deflectors as make shift baricades and then engaged in firing back. Somehow though there was a special weapons team, a missile launcher slung over their shoulder. The computers hummed with targeting solutions and their fuel kicked in, sending two missiles sailing down the street right at them, their guidance systems keeping them on course.


So that took care of most of the roof and nearly everyone on it. It was only one air helipad, one elevator and one control station still marginally intact, the rest had pieces of grenades, destroyed wreckage and the remains of the SAM missle doing its thing. Skyldig cleared the landing site alright. Leaving Malkan to set up her jammer.

Loading through the transmissions she'd pick upon on some of the chatter before her device kicked in.
[color=grey]"MTF! MTF!? Sir, we lost MTF 12!" "Helipad compromised! Get PDF on the phone." "We'll bring the supplies to the level thirty dock!" "Reroute all classified -----"[/color] Then with a scratch of radio static, the jammer focused on the wavelength and set about keeping it from reaching out.

Malkan came back just in time for the big yellow ship with graffetti to set itself down just off the helipad to ungorge the rest of its 'cargo' The rest of the crew for the mission.

A sharp whistle rings out. "Damn I didnt think we'd get this many explosions already." A five foot tall girl with noticably robotic arms, lands on the solid asphalt of the helipad, a backpack on her as she holds a drone of her own design. It rolled off her hand unfurled its legs, prancing off the pad towards the main landing where the elevator was.

Behind her, with a heavy clunk of metal and hoisting his plasma cannon was their brute M. He would already be laying devastating waste to the battle if Sky hadn't beat him too it. But he knew at this point to just stay out of her way. If she got shot or not, he knew her well enough to know she'd survive. His heavy frame nearly crushed the stairs to meet with Malkan, a nod of his helmet before going to the elevator. "My gods damned rappel line broke." Explaining why he was late.

Meanwhile Ross is already heading over to Sky. She is whistling a song playing in her headphones as she begins to take out the tools she's going to need to deal with the soldier's little drug fueled fix and that nasty bullet wound. She took one syringe for waking her up, her arm splitting in another to get out the tweasers, another had some skingraft spray, and the last a painkiller. A bullet was routine, so routine it was almost boring. She approached the dangerous girl with barely a moments hesitation. "Piff, passed out from that. I swear you're getting sloppy." Poking and prodding, her cybernetic limbs whirled about her, extraction, patch job, and then finally a nice set of endorphins and adrenaline right into her chest, get that heart really pumping and back into the fight.

The captain came over the comms, her eye on their radar. "Looking good so far. They're looking for bunch of terrorists down town than here, but that explosion on one of their biggest towers, someone is going to notice." Ross' drone got the elevator working, bringing the lift up to them.

Hey, just noticed you arent on this discord. We also heard from you in a while? Everything ok?


Welcome again. I'm about 70% sure it's a dorm academy which will require chores.
@tobiax Welcome! I really want to find a picture for her. (Is fan of bats.)

Join the discord if you havent already.
@Stern Algorithm

Quote from Ryota:
-Ryota took a look at all the students attending this 'elite school' before turning back to the girl who was now pointing finger guns at him"Nah, even someone like me isn't this close to the bottom of the barrel." He gave the girl an apathetic look as he decided to put an end to this conversation, hopefully this would be enough to keep her away.

That was Hiroki's reference to the statement. But like you said, no biggie.

Interactions With: Yachiyo @Sunbather Soga @Claw2k11 Mari@Stern Algorithm Tanjifuji @AdmrlStalfos19


This girl with a pony tail suddenly came running up to them, nearly late but still managing to catch up with the group. After an incredible amount of words and bowing repeatedly to her submission to authority Guodo raised a hand. "A pleasure to meet you too Adachihara Yachiyo." He did everything he could to remember all their names as his duty to his class. He smiled back at her, very much akin to how he would his fans, which was entirely reflexive. "I look forward to our year together." Sparkle sparkle.

"Thank you for intervening, Sensei, it his highly appreciated."

"Your safety is my top priority. So no fighting, no using your quirk on your fellow students." He said matter of factly, not showing any hint of the jealousy of Soga for him. "After class gets started, I have no doubt all of you will be the best of friends, and more than that, a perfect hero team. Communication and watching each other's back is going to be your keys to success at this school." He was definitely all positivity.

"It's a pleasure to finally meet you as a teacher and not as a villain, Guodo-sensei," Mari said, bowing, "I apologize for the bus. Is there...any need for monetary compensation?"

He laughed at this rather heartedly. "Oh please don't worry about it! If you have to save lives you're free to break whatever you need to. The exam was designed to put you kids up against the wall to see how you'd react. If that means denting a bus to get the edge on a villain, I'm sure the people you rescue won't be complaining." He gave her a thumbs up.

The last thing he reacted to was Shiki running away from the coach and he had to be honest. It was pretty hilarious. And he was already seeing his students coming to the other's aid. Coffee or not. He just laughed it off. "I know Tanjifuji Sensei can be pretty scary." he said taking a playful jab at his peer. "But shes one of the best coaches you could ever ask for. A few classes with her, and anything else you face out there is chump change in comparison. So, chin up. Face your fears and GO BEYOND!" he reminded them a fist in the air. Was he an All Might fan?

Interacting with those around him - @liferusher@pkken@Metastability@Scallop@Bluetommy Anyone at the back of the group.

Hiroki heard the words about him, the seething venomous hate. How proud. How violent. Stay away from him. Let me know if he hurts you again. So he was the Pariah in this group. He thought about the exam, the moment just now where that smiling bastard did... something. So many new quirks, so many new faces. And they weren't just going to give him accolades this time. It was a whole new world. Time to claw up from the bottom.

"All these students, and none of them impress me," he said. Another sigh came out of his mouth. "Guess I'm just gonna be the stand-out. I thought I'd at least have to try. How disappointing."

Hiroki looked at his hand and grinned. Perfect "You freakin' better." He said to the punk that called him out then turned to face him. A claw forming into a fist.

"You better show me everything you've got. Then show me more. Cause I ain't going to give you anything less. You keep up, or you eat dirt."

Someone mentioned bottom of the barrel, a crap school for crap heroes. He looked at the front of it. A twisted grin as he realized this was day one of his Hero destiny. "We don't need this to be the elite school. I'm going to make it elite. The tougher it is, the stronger we're gonna get. All that matters is the heroes that it creates. UA trash ain't got nothing on us anymore."

He held up a claw as he eyed the back of the classes and the front of the school. An excited grin plastered to his face as he declared his excitement. "Stretch, Checkers, Pixels, Smiles, Croc, what else does this school got? Whatever it is, this is gonna be killer."

The attack was, moderately successful but Pox's attack was useless against these shades, though it was enough. He became flanked at both sides by warriors whose weapons were more powerful than his little shank of ceramic. Behind him, all the prisoners broke free of their bindings and were joining the fight. It was inspiring. For a moment it felt like freedom was in their grasp.

And then, reinforcements, their captain showed up and the room became flooded with more guards. One was overwhelmed, and they lost ground in an instant. Pox had to back up, he was not a warrior, he knew his capabilities and he could only set up a screen of billous smoke to keep their vision obscured. It only bought them a few seconds before they would just come through.

They needed another idea, and they needed it quick. Someone was making a plan. He needed to give them time. He went to the table and he lifted it over, the bowls of gruel skidding across the floor on one side. It was a big heavy thick piece of wood, longer than he could grasp. He then shouted. "We need to stop their charge! We need a shield! HELP ME!" It would take a few to lift the table, and then direct them into the oncoming horde of guards. He they could hold it, their swords and shields would be useless for as long as the defenders strength could hold out.

He could only hope it was enough time they could buy.


Interacting with: @Rune_Alchemist

Her mention of a date only got a few shaking of leaves and branches from his 'hair' as he turned it. A questioning look. He followed as closesly as he could even as she took flight, and he had to increase his stiff rigid pace to keep up. She was faster by margins. She could even fly while talking to him, keeping up her cheek, asking him questions. He responded to her question. "Sanctuary, it's filled with things not on the outside. Filled with yellow and kindness. Not filled, here and there, but not filled." This actually confused him more than he figured. If it was a happy place, why did it seem so... barren... These halls should be filled with the laughter of barkskins. He had seen villages from afar, festivals, yellow bright as the sun. If this was a happy place, where is everyone? Those he met seem happy-ish.

Then he thought deeper. "Sanctuary might be safe place. Safe, but safe from what?" Another question to himself. There were beasts and monsters, and softbarks attacked him but he never felt true fear before, only snippets of purple. Mirithal managed to fight and flee and hide and stomp those that troubled him. Smashing them into the dirt, reducing them to bugs and grass.

She gave him a task. One question a day. "Will need many days." He said, a hint of playfullness in how he responded.

He took a moment to stare at the garden. It looked almost point for point like his room. It lacked the magic in replace of actual growth. Flourishing, growing, green, everywhere you look. He walked in among them, his arms outstretched as he touched the twigs, the leaves, unconsciously avoiding stepping on anything that couldnt recover from such damage. The tree then seemed to match his surroundings, flowers and leaves growing as if he was making clothes out of them, verdant emerald green waving from back of him. No part of this growth would disturb Tania, hell the leaves and moss would form as little comforts rather than have her sit on wooden bark. "Only seen four groves like this..."

This place was perfect. Water, sun, the magic of the sanctuary made the soil fecund and ever present with nutrients. His feet dug through the soil, burrowing deep and eating what he could get a hold of. It was delicious, green magics replenishing him right through his roots. He didn't realize just how hungry he was, how hungry he would get walking on the cold stone. In the wilderness, every step was a sup of compost. Here, he just needed to stand in one spot. Maybe full in half an hour, the magic replenishing.

"This... this can be home. Veidish can live here." He seemed to breath now his face uplifted and his arms stretched out. "Beautiful Green here. Might claim this room. Wonder if R will let me. Better than that room."

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