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Current Done with this site for now. Take care.
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Except for 1 or 2 rps and some partners, I'm essentially done with the site. Can only sit down for posts once a week. Hate to make others wait.
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Im cutting down on my writing time. Other projects to focus on.
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Pointless and garbage respectively.
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Want to do a slice of life romance, in the MHA universe. SoL is good with an interesting backdrop.


I don't know how to make this all stylish yet. I'll figure it out eventually.

In the mean time ahem:

Hello! I am currently writing a script for a fantasy story I plan on animating (Using the program Poser) Rping really helps get my creative muscles flexing and I'm going to be incorporating some character ideas into the RPs I produce with other people. This could include Male or Female. I really try to challenge myself.

I am a huuuuuuuge fan of epic scale narrative, and breathing life into a story is a great passion of mine. Seriously I watch trope talk pod casts and how to write, just to make my script as effective as possible.

I am versatile. I love things with emotion, whether Romance, Grim, Adventure Thriller, or even Comedy. Above all else, I love to entertain. I hope to do so with you.

Discord Shwiggityshwah#6420

I also have a 1X1 interest check.

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Im sorry guys, I think I'm done with Roleplayerguild. It's not just being stuck in this RP, but every other RP i've tried to be a part of utterly failed me recently. I'm going to go look for more active pastures.

I appreciate the fun.


There was alot of love and respect there. Had the past been different, Ozzy wondered if Kira would even leave to join the Guild, or would she become this paragon for her older sister. "I bet." agreeing to the first statement but it was as if her demeanor sucked away the cheer...

Shame that with the tightening of her muscles Ozzy knew this is where things took a turn for the worse. And honestly it was a familiar story. Who doesnt fall for the warrior types? Dashing and brave with muscles to spare. Ozzy could picture the scene.

Ozzy knew that look though. Hatred. A fury that festered enough to change someone for a long time, sometimes ever. His head full of assumptions. How things could go bad. What words would help ease her anger? None, she was entitled to it. His hands went to the step, trying to open himself while she closed hers. He let her continue.
"Greetings Shipmate Isaiah." The techpriest had catalogued most of the names and designations of the entire crew and as they appeared, the techpriest would give them welcome like clockwork. Course some were more crucial than others, at least in terms of station. "The captain and the command staff really intend on joining a boarding action? Hardly efficient. Though should they fall in battle, I'd be happy to take impromptu emergency powers. I did maintain a research station when all others were reduced to husks of a servitor. I was always curious of the challenges of maintaining a void ship. Though of course, that would mean I shirk my duties as Medicae, which is doubtful. You'll survive. Perhaps with a few improvements. Speaking of, care for some drugs?" He held up a little syringe, the contents a clear liquid. "Oh wait, the more friendly vernacular, care for some chems?"

Severus was going to offer his suggestions for a suitable plan when there was another particularly important individual. "Greeting Choirmaster Tecca. Just in time to start developing a strate-" As the psychic powers reached out from her, there was always an odd little disconnect as his mechanical components had to to find new neural pathways inorder to compensate for the energies sparking and revitalizing the organic remnants of his mind. On the outside, it looked like the Tech Priest just stopped moving, going completely still for a few seconds before there were mechanical whirling sounds and a few beeps of his various Cogitator reinitializing. "How inefficient. A few pieces left to replace it seems." He said to his various limbs and mechadendrites. "Still, some warp effects are appreciated Choirmaster. Let me return the kindness." He pointed his syringe in her direction.

He stopped when he noticed the bickering between the three of them. His various green eyes seemingly telescoping and whirling as they went their back and forth. "I detect a slight increase in endorphins. Omnissiah bless this cohesive structure of mutual respect and cooperation. There is a lesson to be had here by our example."


The species name earned her a slight widening of the eyes and a little tension on his posture. An Echidna was one of those legendary monsters, like a dragon or kaiju. Full of magic with the strange quirk of being able to produce any kind of monster. This was important. It meant that everything his books would say about Kira the Beezlebub might be wrong. It's a completely different environment she grew up in.

Ozzy leaned on his knees as he listened to her story, what he could only guess was an introduction to a longer tale. She began with a family. A big one. He felt a kind of happiness for it, and a little jealousy. He didn't have siblings. Nothing like she had. It sounded heavenly. She spoke so highly of her elder sister Videl. "She sounds amazing. And I might take that lesson too." Even he had to smile despite himself with her story about getting their sister down.

He had so many follow up questions running in her head. What was it like having such a big family? How did she get along with them. Ozzy's smile faded a little... he knew that this story was going to turn sad sooner rather than later. He tried to keep his questions to himself, and waited for her to continue.
Is the guild close enough to see the fireworks?
"I suppose you'd like me to adjust from repair to medicae captain?" He only suggested it because he was the best medic the ship had. He was responsible essentially for keeping everything running, including the people. A boarding party was a risky endeavor and if some of the more trigger happy ship mates were going, he would expect to turn resources away from the sword class ship to mend their feeble bodies properly. He turned off his data slate and requested for his data gear.

He had arrived at 'assault point 10/15' with his custom revengence grenade launcher and bangolier in his main limbs, the others moving about for functions checks and dedicated to fixing machines, people, and rending both. He received a 'Scaredskin' from the resident xenos, a creature he would describe as a little too curvy. Not even nature had such strange contours. The insult of course, pretty much fell flat against his inorganic eyes. "Greetings Shipmate Laeveyla. I do believe it's my primary directive to aid downed personnel so you can focus on not joining them."

After her declaration he moved to the rear of the group, his task was support. "Considering half life of primary make up or core elements, I'll probably be functional longer then anyone on the vessel." The techpriest seemed to add as a simple statement of fact. "But no favors needed. I can just fix myself if required. There is nothing that can't be resolved with the right amount of drugs." Speaking of, he checked some of the canister rounds, making sure there was a variety for most occasions.


A moment of eye contact, he could feel her searching his soul for a moment, and such a deep look, he had to fight back that reaction, feeling his cheeks warm. Despite the situation, despite her being a guild mate, it was still a cute girl looking at him, something he doesn't get alot of.

Ozzy was initially expecting this be rather dire and her swearing him to secrecy more or less proved it. He raised his hand, putting the other on his heart infront. "I'm a chatterbox, but I swear I-" He was about to go in a long monologue about how he could be trustworthy but he settled his hands on his lap and simply nodded, eye contact and head looking at her own. "I promise. It won't leave the stoop." He prepared himself for the worst, but secretly he hoped getting it out, talking with someone would help her. He didn't know how much advice he could offer for something heavy, but maybe she didn't need advice. She was allowed to be sad, angry. He had to keep that instinct done of being a problem solver.

He waited, ready to take whatever she was to give.
Certainly a mess they were in.

The aft section of the frigate took some kind of ballistic fire. A rail gun the Tech Priest could gather. It shot right through the void shields and slammed right into the engines section. It exposed the massive compartment to void. The ship lost 3 whole teams in an instant. Servitors and Hierophox went to work while repair teams prepared their void suits to help out. If it was just a big hole in the ship, they'd be done by now. But the shell didn't just puncture, didn't just explode. The shrapnel... the projectile seemed perfectly designed to pierce metal and then rupture. Hundreds, thousands of cuts from the entry point, slicing fuel lines, coolant pipes, even as small as wires were severed.

Day one, patch the holes and structural damage, make sure the ship atleast has its impulse power. Day two, evaluation and begin repairs on the Warp Engine. The myriad of small annoyances mounted to a major problem. The Warp Engine was a temperamental beast even under optimized circumstances. Now it was wounded, wounded and angry. A thousand cuts throughout its body. The entire engine block smelled of blessed oils, sanctified grease, and promethium wielders.

Severus Hierophox was at the foot of the Warp Engine, near coil intake port 37. His mechadendrites a flurry of sparks, lights, and whirls as he cut, trimmed, massaged, soothed the dozens of wires, patched the hundreds of cut tubes. Cornelius flitted about him, speaking the litanies, playing the vox caster of power inspiration music that the Omnissiah good graces and glory. Through it all, the vox in his skull chirped on. "Receiving Captain Cook." Came his oddly cheery if completely robotic voice, orchestral classical music playing in the background.

He knew that the captain wouldn't have the patience needed to treat the Praetorian Steel with the loving care such a noble creation required and so, moving his hands from the computer panel, he went to his data slate currently in the mechanical hands of a favored servitor. "Thank you Abigail. Aid Support Team 6 and initiate the coajicator reloading." He took the slate from her and quickly his tendrilites did their work. "Understood. We have returned functionality to the Warp Drive, but the scans and repairs to the surrounding sectors are still on going. We have structural damage being appraised in sections 12E, 18-27E, 34E, and 39E. The stress of a jump could cause fracturing and cataclysmic failure. I might also add, the micro leaks could cause the Engine to fail, which means a possibility of being stranded. I am calculating a 33.768924 percent chance of immediate termination upon activation and a 46.983291 chance of engine failure after activation. If you can give us another estimated 5.46 hours, those numbers will decrease by 9.12 percent. Extraordinary efforts considering most of your repair teams are liberated organics." He was pushing for a full servitor repair teams but so far his requisitions have not been accepted.
Hope the author is alright.

Im going to dip out then. Take care.


He immediately blamed himself for not stopping her earlier. He realized halfway that she was going all the way back to the Guild. But the celebration. Ozzy groaned about the mess that happened. He hoped the drama was over, and he hoped he could convince Kira to come back. It was only the afternoon. Still time.

By the time he landed, it was plain to see that she was not alright. That outburst really hit home and deep. He could only guess it was grief. Grief of a loss loved one, family, maybe something deeper. He hoped he could help, he hadn't needed to deal with such tragedy himself, but he's seen it time and time again. It was a cruel world he was trying to understand.

He landed softly, wondering whether he should announce himself but she heard him before he had a chance. She tried to force a smile, but the red under her eyes and tear streaked face gave her away. Despite what she said, he smiled back. "You didn't ruin anything. I flew after you." It was his choice after all. He sat next to her on the door frame. "Day's not completely ruined yet anyway." He leaned on the frame, leg kicking out for comfort.

He let a moment go by, the wind blowing serenely. "Sorry if you wanted to be alone." He began. "But it was equally likely you might want someone to vent at, a shoulder to lean on, or just someone to be there. After all, you saved the day. I saw Rayya and Nero's face after you left. I think what you said hit home." He turned his head towards her. "Kind of hit me too. So whatever you need Kira. I wanted to get to know you anyway."
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