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Current Except for 1 or 2 rps and some partners, I'm essentially done with the site. Can only sit down for posts once a week. Hate to make others wait.
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Im cutting down on my writing time. Other projects to focus on.
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Pointless and garbage respectively.
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Want to do a slice of life romance, in the MHA universe. SoL is good with an interesting backdrop.
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Hello Unyaa! Depends on your tastes, group RPs or one on ones, check out the interest check forums! Many stories would love to have a cat!
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I don't know how to make this all stylish yet. I'll figure it out eventually.

In the mean time ahem:

Hello! I am currently writing a script for a fantasy story I plan on animating (Using the program Poser) Rping really helps get my creative muscles flexing and I'm going to be incorporating some character ideas into the RPs I produce with other people. This could include Male or Female. I really try to challenge myself.

I am a huuuuuuuge fan of epic scale narrative, and breathing life into a story is a great passion of mine. Seriously I watch trope talk pod casts and how to write, just to make my script as effective as possible.

I am versatile. I love things with emotion, whether Romance, Grim, Adventure Thriller, or even Comedy. Above all else, I love to entertain. I hope to do so with you.

Discord Shwiggityshwah#6420

I also have a 1X1 interest check.…

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Ozzy talked most of the trip back. "We succeed on the job and if we can get Ada to learn something, she'd be a valuable asset to the guild. Everything's going to work out and everyone's just going to love her." He made sure to check back with her and fly at Ada's side so she wouldn't get lost. He talked to her, telling her about the others of the guild, particularly Bart, Yang, Morgan and the others, though he was fairly sure it wasn't going to go over her head, but he didn't want to set the precedent of talking down to her. If he had his way she would be just like everyone else. Unique and wonderful.

The forest gave way to roads and open plains. "See! You can run as much as you want out here Ada!" He laughed seeing how she managed to keep up. He kept the pace until the Guild House came up on the distance. He flapped his wings and landed on the road, finally slowing down and coming to a stop. "Easiest job ever. Though we still have to let the client know that the 'problem' is resolved."

He smiled at Ada and he waved his arm. "Ada. Welcome to the Guild. It's our home. It could be yours too" Before he approached the door.
丂刀のW 丂アム尺尺のW

He sat crossed legged in the camp listening as Fergus asked a general question to the group. Names, who they were. Snow didn;t need to know anything more then their own hearts and bravery, but- but it was something innocent and pure. Something that would pass the times in a few moments of peace. It would be something nice and pure. A welcome distraction.

"Please. I have to remind myself of names through the morning." He listened, discovering more and more about their benefactor. He gathered as much, though there was always more depths to everyone. Always something deeper. "Another fortutous turn of fat. Your family has the power to do some real good."

He looked over to Cilia, her words and care. She was a survivor. She was in her words, a mother. Compassion and strength. "I actually had no idea you were so gifted. You should be teaching rangers and scouts Cilia. A the madame of a hunters lodge on the Sword Coast eating salted mutton and white peaches." He wanted to chuckle, his mind that she would an excellent soldier, but wanting none of that life for her. This was enough violece for ten lifetimes.

He looked into the flames and noticed they were starting to dwindle. He took a stick and poked it. Causing the embers to reflare. "Its moments like this that I have to look at the stars and wonder if destiny is true or not." They all seem to bring something to the table. Something to allow the others to survive. He wanted a moment or two, just watching the sparks raise.

"Suppose its my turn then." He went to his knees, sitting as if it were a tea ceremony. "My name was simply Snow. Named for my skin tone I suppose." He chuckled. "Sparrow was given by the Immaculate Order. Snow Sparrow. Simple. I joined when I was very young and, well monks are supposed to forgo wordly attachments. Family being one." He quickly changed gears. "With the monks, I learned everything. How to read. Fight. Talk to spirits. Preaching for hours and hours on end. How to annoy priests of other gods. How to keep my head bald." He said to lighten the mood.

He tried to remember the times afterwards. None of it was pleasant. None of it was good. "When the undead appeared on the threshold... thats where I went. Anyone that knew how to excorcise and banish ghosts." He glossed over it all. "Its hard to keep to the Texts when you're in battles like that. I was done with others telling me where I should be. How I should help. So I left the order upon my return and went to where I'm needed most. The Ruins. Ready to spend the rest of my days doing what I can. Was kind of hoping things were going to stay boring." He didn't want to dwell. Didn't want to bring back the negative things when they just found a moments peace together.
Its been a very bad week and i havent even sat down at a computer for a few days. Will respond soon.
丂刀のW 丂アム尺尺のW

And just as his heart filled with rage, kneeling in the cold ground. A gentle hand reached into the fire and pulled him from it.

He felt two hands and he looked to one, Fergus. He said nothing. The man only giving the faintest barest act of true sympathies. It was enough to remind him that he wasn't alone. Remind him that his feeling an actions still had effect on people. It reminded him that he wasn't allowed to be angry. Or despair. He wasn't allowed to act like a human. Those creatures had attachments and emotions. He had to be a pillar of strength. His life wasn't his own. His thoughts, feelings, body, soul. You dont own those things. You don't get to feel. They belong to others. You serve them you selfish coward. It hurt as much as it was right. His heart began to harden again.

Another hand then rested on his shoulder. Axley was looking down upon him. Her face soft, her eyes stern. Concern and drive there. She was stronger then he was. How pathetic. She spoke of him leading them into battle. His face tightened. No. Never. Not them. He should die. Not them. He would protect them. She then said it was what they wanted and this was enough to remind him what the voices had. To give everything. Live to give. She smiled at him, he looked away. He felt ashamed. A moment of weakness. You don't get to feel. But he was. He felt sad, angry, and now grateful. He raised a sleeve and wiped his reddening eyes, looking slightly better then before.

He smiled back his little grin. "I'm sorry... I'm alright now." He took a moment looking up into her face and then closed his eyes, took a deep breath before getting to his feet. "Thank you Axley. I was in a dark place for a second. Though I have to apologize again. I need to do something." Before saying anything further. His arms went around her shoulders and his head ducked low to rest in her mane. It was a fast moment, merely a quick embrace, but for him, it meant the world. A moment of selfish comfort to hold something warm, feel safe if even for a few seconds. As quickly as it started, he released her and stepped back. He gave her a soft smile.

Thats when Fergus had his own little outburst. Throwing a temper tantrum and screaming profanities out to the world about how unfair it all was. There was no reason to laugh. No reason to smile and yet, Snow lunged on the opportunity. He sputtered a bit before covering his mouth, a soft chuckle on his lips. Cillia was already seeing to him. She proved stronger too. "What an awful example we're setting Master Fergus. Neither of us can keep a cool head and as typical it takes a woman take make everything right again. Honestly we are fortunate."

Snow now sat with them, his team of survivors. His friends. He apologized again for a momentary lapse in sanity before doing things like offering to play music or attempt to atleast improve the mood either in reminiscence or coordinating with the plan. A night to rest, and then a days walk. They'd need to sleep in shifts... who knows what monsters were marching now.


"I also like Ada." He concluded when Haley agreed with him. "Its simple. It's identifiable and it's unique." He said pointing a finger up in the air. He was going to turn and do the whole Ozzy, Haley, Ada thing again when Haley kept talking.

She talked about the north and that brought back bad memories of his first day among the 'wild' monsters and he almost ran into an unfortunate fate. "Oh no." He said making light of it. He swung a fist into an open palm. "We must protect Ada's innocence." He then thought about it. "She might not talk but she's smart enough. Give me a few days and she might even be just like us. Lets take her back to the Guild. I'll ask Bart if she can stay a few days. We might have a fast and clever scout for some jobs. Need to get her some clothes though." She was stark naked but Ozzy knew better. It was just biology.

Again he was about to address Ada, but then noticed she seemed to run away. For a moment he thought all his talk of taking her somewhere scared her off. Then she came back and she had a flower in each hand. A violet and a- Ozzy's realization at her word association made his eyes light up. She even smiled back. It was just like the meal. She wanted to show them that she could understand them. That she wanted to be friends and that she recognized them based on colors. It was a simple act, a child like act but it meant the world to him.

"Ada... you are the sweetest-!" He accepted the gifts of her flowers and let Haley finish before he spoke up. "Those are wonderful ideas, but I think for now she might get confused. But honestly the more we talk to her, the more she learns." He offered Haley the Violet since it matched her wings. "This is proof of that. If we call her Violet or Rose she might think we want more of them. She deserves something all her own. So that when someone says it, she knows they are talking to her." He pointed at her a big grin as he brought the flowers to his chest. "Ada. Your name is Ada." He couldn't help himself. He put his arms around her shoulders and brought his head over hers in a very quick hug, his fluffy eyebrows tickling her brow. "Our wonderful new friend Ada."

He let it go, taking her flower and pressing it into his journal, a way to dry the gift and make it last longer. "I can't wait to show her." He walked backwards away from Ada and then his wings held him aloft. "We could fly, she'll be able to keep up. We're going to show you our home. You'll love it. Way less bear traps." He made sure she got the idea before he turned and began to fly keeping low to the ground so that it wouldn't look like he was flying away.
丂刀のW 丂アム尺尺のW

Snow had continued, trying to focus on the here an now. Trying to offer some semblance of support and calm to his team. When they stopped, though his body ached and was sore, he found the drive to move by looking at them. Three survivors, three now good deep friends to him. He helped Cilia with collected water, branches, firewood, he began to cook what was available and was suggesting atleast some music in honor of those lost, but then something happened to draw the eye.

The dome. That magic. It brought back flashes to his time in the threshold. He thought he would never see it again. Well, he thought he wouldn't see alot of things again. This was enough, this was enough for his eyes to go wide, his hands to tremble, before putting them over his mouth to stiffle a scream of abject horror. By the Dragons. A Soul Breaker Orb. A weapon of such mindless senseless destruction it poisoned the land. The enemy... and us. They used them. And now the blessed island might be stained forever. This was it. The enemy was on their door step and they were salting the earth where stood. The tears streamed down his face. He couldn't hold it anymore. This was a final gut punch to everything. Something in him broke.

He honestly didn't know why he was surprised. Of course they would. of course, they were undead monsters seeking to spread misery and end everything. The selfishness. The unabashed diabolical audacity. His eyes went to the ground, he held his chest and he let out a long languished heart rending scream."GRRRRAAAAAAAHHH!!!" It echoed out into the wilderness, a cry from a man who kept his emotions and feelings bottled up to keep a smiling positive face. He didn't cry for his dead friends, his flock that he couldnt protect. He cried out for all creation. Despite everything he did. His whole life to make Creation better. It was going to end. End in the face of monsters. Monsters too strong for him to even touch. It wasn't fair.

Creation was going to die and there was nothing he could do about it.

"You're here to serve."

He heard his master's voice. Back in the days of the monastery. His tear strained eyes went wide as he looked at the ground. He's been like this before.

"Get up. I need you."

He heard the voice of the Solar general who offered him a hand for him to join him in a desperate push.

Snow survived. Snow, who hated fighting had always fought and always survived. He always served. The Order. The General. The people. He was still alive. He survived. He still had to serve.

His hands balled into fists, Axley's words fell on deaf ears as he was in his moment of anguish and self reflection.
Calm Snow, gentle Snow, smiling Snow, grinded his teeth. "I'll... kill them." He swore to himself.


He shrugged. "That works." Ozzy having again a pretty lax attitude when it comes to things like deception. If it caused the least amount of harm, he was more then willing to lie about it. And this time it helped the guild and protected Georgia so who was he to judge. "We can take her north towards the swamps. Plenty of game up there and away from everyone."

He turns, looking at her though, a soft smile. "A real shame though. She seems so intelligent. I bet with a little bit of work, she could learn our language. Maybe even become a member." He then sighed. "But that would be forcing a whole new lifestyle on a free spirit. That wouldn't be right." He did giggle. "She's still staring at you. She obviously has exquisite taste when it comes to pretty girls."

Feeling the repercussion of his little comment he answered her other question. "Oh, no reason. I just don't want to call her a creature. She's not an animal. She's a girl that lives in the woods and hunts and disturbs farms. But still a girl." He looked back to her, a grin. "Maybe she can pick her name. Hmmm... Let me think." He pointed to her, studying her expressions. "You need a name." He turned around, walking backwards. He pointed a finger to his chest. "Ozzy." Then to Haley. "Haley." Then to her. "Camilla? Rose? Ada? Violet?" He began naming off things, trying to stick to maybe flowers or colors. It was a fun little way to pass the time as they led her to a nicer place across the kingdom.

He stopped his naming to remind Haley. "You think she'd freak out of we had to fly her?"
丂刀のW 丂アム尺尺のW

Snow was on his hands and knees for a while though eventually he did look back towards the smoke and the death. So far away. He pulled himself up and simply watched the smoke and the fire for a moment. He let the sweat fall from his face, his body screaming from the exertion, but pain was replaced with sorrow. A profound sadness that seemed to hit him and hit him hard. He sat up to a kneeling position. He closed his eyes, he felt his eyes water as he watched the carnage, now so far, too close. A bit of wind picked up the stray hairs from his face.

He closed his eyes. The Immaculates had words for those who have died, and indeed even monks do. Snow had said it many times on the Threshold, and he would say it again for each of his friends, the people he helped, those that had life until something awful had taken them. "Let go of this life. A greater one awaits. May you walk with the Dragons." It felt like... a lie now.

He whispered other Immaculate prayers, before Cilia interrupted him. The woman had taken steps to ensure their survival. He tunnel visioned before, seeing her stumble, but now she is holding other things. She did all this with barely a word, her actions and her eyes speaking volumes. He eyed her, a tear on his cheek that he wiped away. He forced a soft smile to her which quickly faded. He was so selfish! He thought he would have nothing to offer, save hopeless useless words. He gave a quick check to her, legs, torso, then his companions, Axley was nearly collapsed, Fergus pulling himself together. He sighed relieved before taking the skin and returning with a warm reassurng smile, though there was no reason too. "Thank you Cilia. I'm happy you're with us. You're more a survivor then I am. We'll need your skills." The water was luke warm, but it might as well come down from a glacier for how it felt. He accepted the jerky and berries as well.

When Cilia shouted. "Cilia has the right way of things. We are now fighting for our lives. If we find something useful. Let's take it. We'll warn the living, and borrow from the dead." He stood up when Fergus did, though his body ached, his breath short. "Food, water, and when we cannot see smoke, shelter. And, horses, wagons. Anything that could let us rest on the move. Thankfully I have my salt, and I have a healing kit." He tried to offer. "Of course, lets not get hurt so we wont have to use it." The salt was for any ghosts that the enemy may employ. He forced himself to the group and then offered Axley a hand-

And just then, there was a bellow echoing in the distance, and three lights in the sky. Its hard to guess... its hard to see but through shielded eyes a mountain was moving... and not towards them. "They.... they're going the opposite way?" His kingdom for a spy glass. He wanted to know more but the moment the group walked, so would he.
Im so sorry im making Ozzy super obnoxious =D
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