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Current Except for 1 or 2 rps and some partners, I'm essentially done with the site. Can only sit down for posts once a week. Hate to make others wait.
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Im cutting down on my writing time. Other projects to focus on.
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Pointless and garbage respectively.
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Want to do a slice of life romance, in the MHA universe. SoL is good with an interesting backdrop.
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Hello Unyaa! Depends on your tastes, group RPs or one on ones, check out the interest check forums! Many stories would love to have a cat!
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I don't know how to make this all stylish yet. I'll figure it out eventually.

In the mean time ahem:

Hello! I am currently writing a script for a fantasy story I plan on animating (Using the program Poser) Rping really helps get my creative muscles flexing and I'm going to be incorporating some character ideas into the RPs I produce with other people. This could include Male or Female. I really try to challenge myself.

I am a huuuuuuuge fan of epic scale narrative, and breathing life into a story is a great passion of mine. Seriously I watch trope talk pod casts and how to write, just to make my script as effective as possible.

I am versatile. I love things with emotion, whether Romance, Grim, Adventure Thriller, or even Comedy. Above all else, I love to entertain. I hope to do so with you.

Discord Shwiggityshwah#6420

I also have a 1X1 interest check.…

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"I can understand that." Relatable, getting your stuff eaten wasn't something he'd want happen to him, most of all a pet. The man recognized him as a Guildie, but he got the idea that he was expecting well... more. Harpies were always small in stature, and young looking. He was technically an adult but he's mistaken for a kid all the time. "Completely understandable sir." He said forcing a smile. "I get that all the time, but I am part of the Guild sir and currently on the case." He saluted, to atleast show a bit of enthusiasm, though it cemented the whole kid opinion.

It seemed like the thing was definitely a sore spot, and Ozzy used his wits and eyes to size him up and the scene. The man seemed uninjured, and was close enough to see its teeth. He couldn't run fast enough if the creature could catch a dog... so maybe it wasn't inherently hostile to humanoids. Maybe it just hunted smaller quarries... or the dog got it defending the chickens. It did seem like a mess.

He nodded to the description and the warning. All of the intel, spoken and noted were actually pretty good news. He was hoping this wasn't going to be too dangerous. He had to consider Haley too. "Thanks for the tip and the heads up. Sounds like a some kind of beastkin, maybe an albino. We'll take care of it." He puffed out his chest and smacked it with his fist. He hoped he can get to the poor beast before it lands in those traps.

He then looked back, hoping to find Haley. "Heads up Haley, that gentleman over there set up traps." Good thing they can fly.
丂刀のW 丂アム尺尺のW

Axley could get scary when she was angry. He could already tell that she was utterly miffed. But her willingness to help was what he did this for. People helping people. Its the only way Creation will survive this madness it had become. He sighed happily, "Next pheasant that gets donated has your name written on it. With you and the offered money, we could atleast get a roof over everyone's head."

Cilia put her physical stature to work, already going in and saving what was arguably the most valuable items in all the church. The books themselves were all designed for teaching, through fiction and non fiction about the Blessed Isle, and Creation beyond. It was a wonderful thing to read to the children that called the church home. Give them visions and dreams of travel and wonder. Cilia returned and he nodded. "Good call." He told her, though noticed her other items. He knew those knives. That was an interesting day. He hated weapons but now... "No telling if the next place will be completely safe. Hope we don't need them."

Fergus responded to his suggestion. "Old foundries and a lot of soot... Not exactly the cleanest area." He tried to sound civil, but he was still disappointed. The next statement did have Sparrow stroking his chin. "The university?" He hadn't considered that. He listened intently, though his actions had slowed, as if to give Fergus the lead. "I think... I think this just might work."

People helping people... All will be well.

How wrong he was.

He stopped when something became amiss. His smile faded as he closed his eyes, to listen. He heard a rumbling... he heard a cry. He knew that sound. That was a sound of battle. He heard that sound on the Threshold. It brought back chilling awful memories. Then the explosions, the load gutteral moan that sent shelling through the sky, wisps into the air. The ex-monk had seen horrors but these should be miles, thousands of miles away.

It was a Holocaust.

He undid his backpack, ready to free himself to run. "Run. Run get yourselves out of th-" Then three shells, they landed near, too near... "No..." His eyes went wide as the world seemed to slow. One of those... things. It hit the church. The silver wisps it wrung through the windows, out the door, a poor man vanishing into dust as the essence cascaded over him. Snow stood stunned. Tears filled his sapphire eyes, his hand fell over his mouth. His heart and soul died. He knew instantly, not a man woman or child in his home survived...

Fergus snapped him out of it as he looked back. They could see it in his eyes. Snow never cried. This jolly man. This happy hopeful man. It was a look of utter anguish.

A shame he couldn't just die there... No. He was spared. The dragons spared him. He looked at the others.
Three people. He could save at least these three. He slung his pack over his shoulder and his legs moved, his arms outstretched to help Cilia, Axley, turn and run. He'd try to save others... if he could. They were priority.


She teased, and frankly he was quick to notice that was her personality. No complaints, it was funny. "I'm working on it." He said, kind of surprised at himself to flirt a little right back.

It was a combo of flying at a leisurely pace, taking some time to get ready, the conversation, and a bit of ego to atleast show capability that Ozzy was able to keep up, but his arms were sore and probably will be until he can get a good hour to rest them up. "Seems like the guild's got an open door policy." Wonder if Neil and Bart had to deal with any squatters, bums, or riff raff.

He nodded. "I can imagine. There's something about it. Too many rare, powerful, even unique folks all showing up at the same place. Makes you wonder... Oh well at least some fun ones stayed behind." He said when she concluded, getting the idea that she was the helpful sort too. "What were you before that fateful day? You mentioned you were a traveler." maybe a merchant, messenger, bard. She was a siren after all.

It was all just getting to know her.

But when the abode came into view with the old man's ramblings the two perched on a branch. Ozzy was ready with his spy glass to scout, but thankfully the man's complaints were loud enough. Haley said something kinda odd that he couldn't help but chuckle at. "Sounded like a blast. I got it." He stepped down and his flared wings slowed his descent.

He made sure his wings were tucked in, feigning the look of a cape or cloak as he approached. "Morning sir!" said the harpy, a hand up nonthreateningly in a wave with a big smile. "Couldn't help but overhear you talking. A white beast. We're actually on the lookout for such a thing. Maybe we could help each other."

It seemed logical that once they knew what they were dealing with, it might be possible to keep the beast away from the man's home. They were just supposed to identify it though, not stop it, capture, or turn it away. Still, it was possible.

Should wait for Paul before posting correct?
丂刀のW 丂アム尺尺のW

It is good to face a challenge with friends. Cillia and Axley both came to his defense, thinking about others than themselves. They were too good for him. "Cillia. Axley." He whispered, feeling his head thrum from the tension and release of adrenaline.

Cillia recommended a place nearby and frankly the option had merit but would be considered a last resort. There were... places... in every city that felt the touch of the war. Dark places. Everyone knew that ghosts exist, very few seen one, but fewer still know what kind of terror they can wreak. If that was indeed the case... there were worse things. Still he knew the rites and words for an excorcism. But he knew that wouldn't be an easy choice. "It's an option..." He said considering.

Axley was a bit more direct. She was always that way. Yes, a talented bard, easy on the eyes but she could command an entire room if she wanted. Had she been of higher birth she'd be a heck of a patrician but probably not so artistically inclined. For a moment even Snow was tight lipped watching her. She had the floor and she was his 'lawyer' it seemed. Her empassioned plea like the Fires of Hesiesh herself.

Then Mr. Fergus spoke. His expression was sympathetic, but- nervous. He ate something from his belt providing a much needed pause as tensions simmered. The man gave a speech and while Snow was expecting the honey'ed words of a man whom was used to using those less fortunate under a seal of authority, his words and actions were much different. Fergus seemed a man of integrity and virtue. In a single moment he had offered dire news but atleast a temporary solution that was indeed a safer recourse.

Taking the coins in his hand, Snow rubbed them together... they were real. This earned the ex-monk a sigh of relief. "This is a sizable offering..." He said with a growing smile. "You are only the messenger of bad news, but you do not reflect your supriors. That is a rarity in this world." He bowed to him again. "Thank you, your hands will be appreciated. It is a dark day, but the Dragons will see us through. A moment please to share the news and give the others time to pack."

He turned to the Cillia and Axley, his handsome, even pretty face smiling warmly at them. "And thank you both. Honestly I'd feel lost if I didn't have either of you here. If you can think of anywhere in the meantime and help me, I'll repay you in kind." More books for the urban explorer, more concerts with Axley. "Though I'm afraid we might have to reschedule our music session..." He said, trying to put on a brave face.

He looked to Cillia holding up a hand and smiling nervous. "Not saying you didn't have a good idea, I'd prefer if I didn't have to fight for it.

He would walk off for a moment, finding the older, if still capable man he spoke to. The news was obviously harsh, but Snow was friends with this man, and while Snow sought new dwellings, he would spread the word. He went to a corner, taking a walking stick in his hand, and setting the prayer scroll case across his back. "I was thinking the Metal Road. Surly there must be an empty warehouse we could procure." And he exited into the streets.
Im essentially back, still need to get home but will have internet from now on.

Training Morning

"Good, now fly with that around the guild house. No need to fly high, the point of the training is to get both of your arms and leg stronger first."

”That’s it?” Easy enough. Too easy. But sure enough he got his branch in his claws, his legs looking much more bird like with his shorts on, puffy brown tan feathers coating his skin down to his knees and then they took a more segmented kind of texture before bending again for his legs to form grasping claws and wide feet. He circled the building, no worse for wear, though he felt an ache in his shoulder from yesterday. No problem.

And then.

”Raawwrp!?!” The branch got heavier as Yang jumped on. While she wasn’t the heaviest he’s ever carried, it was pretty big adjustment. Immediate panic began to set in as he had to flap his wings faster just to stay aloft.
"Keep flying! Don't stop! Your leg may be strong but your arms aren't! You need to be able to not only lift people but soar high like an eagle with it!"

Inevitably, his wings would give out and he could feel his shoulders and arms beginning to throb. In retrospect he should have paced himself but he burned himself out all too quickly. He was panting, his lungs screaming, he began to droop, lower and lower, and suddenly Yang was the one pulling him. "What the-YIPE!". Now he was flapping his wings just to keep from colliding with the ground. Honestly it was not only exhausting, surprising, it was scary too. The imminent threat of bashing his skull against a rock.

"If you drop to the ground, you practice your grip!" Yang started to laugh maniacally in between her run. "Try not to let go!"

He kept trying, but an onlooker would swear he was more swiming and flying, his arms kind of going wild. "WHAT HAVE I DOOONE!?" He said realizing this was just the beginning of a difficult road.

One Hour Later...

The tired harpy waved his hand, not picking his head up. "Take care Sensei Yang..." She seemed more chipper this morning.

Nagare turned to the young owl boy, who just declared what quest he wanted to take. Sensing fatigue from him, she couldn't help but feel concerned.

"Hello Ozzy. You've been a member of the guild for a little while now but I don't think we've had the chance at a proper introduction. I'm Nagare and it's a pleasure to meet you! Um, if you don't mind me saying, you look very tired. I imagine that you had a long day yesterday, I don't mean to overstep my bounds but don't be afraid to rest if need be. We'll all here to help, so try not to push yourself too hard."

Ozzy tried to quickly pick his head and posture up in order perk up for an introduction. This was quickly thwarted by the soreness of his arms and legs. Still he fought through the discomfort offering her a tired but genuine smile. Ozzy had been meaning to talk to her, and for the most part was only gushing from afar. Not only was she ethereally attractive, she was an honest to goodness dragon! He felt that pang of inferiority. What was a harpy compared to a dragon? And two essential gods! He felt like wasting their time with his stupid questions was wrong somehow.

But she broke the ice (pun intended) and it did much to set his mind at ease. It reminded him that they were in this together. And for that matter he should apologize to Morgan and Titanica for treating them differently... atleast in his mind he did. "Something I blame myself for." He was quick to add. Honestly things could get crazy, it was hard to get a few minutes with anyone if you didnt go on a mission with them. "Honestly Miss Nagare, the pleasure is mine." He was about to raise a hand, but he bowed back, something very common among those that range from far away lands.

She mentioned he looked tired, and yeah, he did. Feathers and unkempt hair and the remains of sweat from the morning. He raised a hand, his wing screaming at him, he waved the palm at her as if to show her its no big deal. He chuckled. "I know how it looks, and it's sweet of you for noticing." Honestly he got a little red faced, but that might be exhaustion. Her concern for him was heartwarming. Another oddity from what he little he knew of dragons. "Sensei Yang offered to help me get a little stronger, so I just experienced Day One. Besides, I got to be useful to everyone somehow." Cooking didn't count apparently.

"But personally, I would really love to talk sometime, Maybe after-"
Then came the scuffle outside, drawing a crowd of people to go see the commotion. A new challenger had come and boy was Titanica pissed. Morgan, Nagare, Ditsy, all of them ran off to chase down this threat. Ozzy made a split decision, wanting to fly to his friend's aid in case they needed... anything he supposed. "Wait! I'm coming too!" He unfurled his wings, flapped them two or three times. CRASH Ozzy face planted on the road....

He experienced muscle failure and his wings just wouldn't carry him as fast as he needed, they members leaving him behind. He sighed, feeling utterly useless.

Haley the Siren flew next to you. "Let me come with you on this one, Ozzy. Two harpies are better than one, right?"

Picking himself up again and getting the dust off him, the bright speckled and cheery Siren Haley "Huh?" Seeing a smiley face, hair a shade of violet and cerulean wings, he returned her suggestion with a big grin and near tears of gratitude in his eyes. "Sure! You bet they are!"

"Say..." She then leaned close to whisper, out of earshot of everybody else. "I haven't really thanked you properly for standing up to Bart to protect me, have I?" She pulled back and returned to her normal tone. "So thanks! We bird monsters gotta stick together." Haley patted you with a wing.

Her whispering in his ear, her getting so close did do alot to get him a little flustered. "Th-thank?" It sounded almost provocative, but he returned to normal when she pulled back to pat him. He scratched his messy hair as he grinned back. It was nice to be among familiar company. "No problem. You were right after all." He side stepped her. "Be right back, just gotta grab my stuff."

While disappearing back inside, then back out, passing the fire demon, Neil, the twins, he thought about how many people here he would love to be friends with. He wished he could go on adventures with all of them one day. Same with Haley, and now was his chance to make a good impression with a fellow harpy. "Ready!" He got his second wind, got his backpack and began to fly with her. "Was hoping to get a chance to hang out with you. How did you start with the guild?" He asked taking to the air, trying to avoid the pain in his arms. "Seems like you're really close to Neil and Bart?"


Definitely stuck in a bad internet spot. Yeah at least a week
Very much torn.

Yes sadly i might have Ozzy not join the rodan group. A combo of percieved failure on his point and his morning excercises just killing his wings rendering him unable to fly and thus having him fall behind.
Just a notification.

2 weeks of military training and I've no idea how good/bad internet reception is going to be so apologies if I vanish.
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