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Sam decided to have a look at his classmates who had arrived. Two of them seemed normal, a girl with blonde hair and a look of arrogance plastered on her face... though that might be just what she normally looked like. As his perception was warped, mostly by lacking any organs, he tended to see details in a non-chronological order. Thinking about it hurt his head, or at least his mind, as trying to even understand his powers required a degree in quantum mechanics. The other normie, at least in looks, was a red-head dude who towered over his physical height. Not for the first time, he was kind of glad having a massless body meant he could float. It's hard not to get nervous when having to look up to talk to a person.

After this were the stranger students. The first was a man with a gasmask on his face. Nothing too unordinary, save for the aura of death around him. That might be unscientific, but the man had screaming faces around him of those he has or may hurt. It's clear it ways heavily about him. Then there was the Seraphrim, a six winged angel who according to legend were embroiled in fire and acted as the mouths of god. He really hoped he wasn't hallucinating the guy, like that time in third grade when he saw a shinigami at his uncle's hospital... Sam shuddered at the thought.

The last person... the last person was a star. She was robed in light from her fluffy hair to the bottom of her jumpsuit. Okay, he was definitely hallucinating a goddess and her servant. This place was probably once the site of a temple and he was seeing a residual memory from that time, out of sync with the rest of the world. Floating over to her, he decided to ask the question, if only to prove she wasn't there.

"Okay, which goddess are you? Shinto has too many, but I'm going to guess Amaterasu. What are you doing in a dump like this?" he asked, not really expecting an answer.

Sam left the room as soon as the teacher had told them what to do. It wasn't that he didn't care about the other people in the class, but he was too nervous to talk to any of them. The teacher wanted to test them, which only added to his anxiety. What if he screwed up, and made himself the target of ridicule, like that time in first grade when he had collapsed during the sports day. No, he had to think positive.

Not wearing the jumpsuit, as it'd pass right through him, he instead went straight to the training ground. His strength was in his intangibility, and his intellect, both of which would be hindered by trying to keep up the facade of wearing the physical clothing. By focusing, he changed his ethereal school uniform into the jumpsuit, so he wouldn't stand out that much. He stood in the shade, as he wasnt sure how strong the sun would be.
Probably gonna have to drop out of this then. I'll be away from the 27th and won't have good enough internet to post here.
From inside the classroom, Sam chuckled at the manically running students and pulled out a tablet. He had gotten to the school hours ago, sleep being to terrifying to contemplate, and had simply flown up to the third floor and taken at seat at a desk near the back. It was at the furthest distance from the window, and he was glad of that.

No one noticed him in that corner. In the dim light of the morning sun, his translucent body was practically invisible. Nervous about meeting a bunch of new people, he starting reading Thud, one of his favourite Discworld books, as a way to calm himself down. In the empty classroom, a ghostly student read. It was something out of an urban legend, the childish school ones that involve 'orrible murder.
I never let a thing like facts get in the way of a good joke. Or a bad joke.
I thought you were a potato...
@The Mad Hatter added the five things.

5 Facts About Ryteb... feck.
-My favourite author is Terry Pratchett
-I have trouble getting my thoughts into words on paper. Or screen in this case.
-I love anime, but wouldn't say I'm an Otaku/Weeb. They can understand that moonspeak.
-Humour is a big part of my playstyle.
-One of my OCs has a long running feud with lobsters.
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