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@The One if you combine fire and earth you'd get magma, but two fire and one earth would make a fireball. Life is a component that creates only spells of healing, so pure life would heal regular damage, fire and healing would help with frostbite etc.
@Three edited my cs to be better. Now imma gonna pass out.
@Moonlit Sonata A sword style based around swapping swords mid combat to mess up your opponents rhythm.

I'll get back to you when I make the changes. Either before or after I pass out.
Name: Zane Wulf

Gender: Male

Age: 17


Personality: Most people just see Zane as the attack dog for the disciplinary committee, but behind the gruff exterior lies a much softer side. He is a history otaku with a love for the classical era. The tales of heroes were what led him to have such a strong sense of justice, although he often takes things too far leading to a terrifying reputation. To add on to this, he has trouble communicating with others, often giving short, curt, responses that lead to further problems. Though he is sceptical of the supernatural, he is heavily interested in folklore and in exploring traditions usually forgotten by the ever advancing world.

History: The son of a swordsman clan, Zane has been trained from an early age in swordmanship. Though his interests lie away from swordfighting, he keeps it up out of respect for his family. He always had trouble communicating what he was feeling, so his parents believed he wanted to be a swordsman.
One day, as he was walking home from school, he witnessed one of his classmates being assaulted by delinquents. Drawing his practice sword, he took down the thugs with relative ease. Word spread through the school, and the disciplinary committee recruited him into their ranks.
At the start of his second year, one of his classmate dragged him into the occult society's room on a dare. The classmate fled quickly from the spooky atmosphere, but Zane, due to his knowledge of history, was enthralled by the folklore of the place. He decided to join the club and see what it had to offer.

Skills: A regional-level swordsman. His fighting school is known as the Thousand Blades, and is based around controlling the flow of battle by rapidly switching weapons and stances to keep the opponent off their rhythm. Though he only allowed to carry wooden swords, it still strikes fear into the hearts of his fellow students when he unsheathes his blades. He has an affinity for the study of history, and is proficient in reading Hebrew, Latin, and Greek.

Other: Scared of spiders
Seems interesting.
As long as it doesn't involve giant spiders, I'm in.
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