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Internally Felix was torn between anguish at his inability to control himself and anger at this woman talking to him like a child. He hated people thinking he was a child just because he was short. Well, there was also his youthful appearance, but could he help it if none of his compatriots bothered to take care of their skin?

Wrenching his hand out of her grasp with strength that belied his small size, he moved away from the woman who was being so sanctimonious about everything.

"Well, I'm so terribly sorry that I'm not a proper gentleman." Felix responded, "But unlike some people I prefer action over meaningless words. As for 'rushing about like a madman', I was merely using the most expeditious method so that I could check out the library at my university before the start of lectures. I'm so sorry that you are more obsessed with acting like a proper lady of a bygone age that you'd stop someone you barely know to berate them like their mother. Sadly, I can't stay to indulge your delusional view of the world, for I have more important things to do."

Saying that, he darted off even faster than before, looking remarkably content as he ran. For he was as a fox, and the city was his forest.

Felix shifted through the crowds that made up London like a leaf blowing through the breeze. It was invigorating to try and predict how people would move, and how fast, so he could maximise his speed. Of course there are always hiccups. He wasn't expecting the woman in front of him to suddenly slow down, but he was too in the zone to let that distract him. He continued on for a bit before getting grabbed. Turning around, he saw the woman he had bumped into.

'Shit,' Felix thought, 'She's hot.'

While not a horny teen, he still had his turn ons, one of which was powerful women. And this woman radiated power. With her well sculpted body, and towering height even without heels (Wait, she caught up with him in heels, how the Fae did she do that?), not to mention the aura of command she put out. He was going to apologise, but when he went to open his mouth:

"You ain't the boss of me!" 'Shit.'

Not for the first time, he cursed himself for seeking out challenges for himself, even if it was unconsciously, and to his brain a woman this powerful would also be an excellent challenge.

@Crimson Flame@Scribe of Thoth

Felix awoke with a start, banging his head on the wall. Clutching his head, he swore to high heaven in gaelic. That motherfucking dream again. That blasted ship.

The worst part to Felix was he never remembered much of the dream, merely the swaying of the ship and the long nosed man. There were no clues, just glimpses. It was legitimately driving him round the bend as it was a challenge with no answer. The only conclusion he could come to was that the man on the ship was Mannan, and that his subconscious was telling him that his current path would lead on his ship to the underworld. Like he needed to be reminded of that, but he couldn't help himself from diving into challenges.

Looking at the clock, he sighed as it was half an hour before he was supposed to get up, though with the throbbing pain there was no point trying to get more rest. He staggered over to the bathroom, hissing like a cat as he showered. It wasn't that he hated showers, but they made his 'ears' even more poofy and cute. At least according to women who insisted on treating him like a cat. However, the cold water helped with his headache.

Drying off his hair, the two bangs immediately spiking back up, the puffy traitors. He pulled on his usual oufit, and grabbed a glass of milk and some toast from the pub kitchen. Odin didn't mind him taking stuff from there as long as he wasn't cheeky about it. Usually he'd cook up some eggs and either bacon or sausages, but he wasn't particularly in the mood today.

Finishing his light breakfast, he stretched before beginning his run towards the university. It was a great test of agility to weave through the crowds that populated London without losing speed. He preferred not to get close enough to... people... as they always seemed to be put off by him for some reason. Eh, one of life's great mysteries.
Sounds like fun.
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Posting my interest here. I do enjoy the world of One Piece, even if I haven't been keeping up with the series.
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