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Everyone doing okay?
Sam and Friends

Interacting with: @Sedjwick@BurningDaisies

Seeing that they were still sorting out the dead and wounded, Sam decided to go and interact with his fellow travellers. Though the archer seemed to have more of an idea of what was going on, Greed seemed leery of him and the way he was eying his loot bag. This, coupled with the death glare Wrath was sending towards the woman talking with him made it more apt to talk to the other woman and the kid. Wait... exposing Greed to a minor may be a bad idea... too late now, they had already walked over.

"Bonsoir madame et monsieur," Sam introduced himself, giving an exaggerated bow, "My name is Sam, though I go by the Puppeteer, and these are some of my friends. The one carrying the sack of loot and... is that a burglar mask and striped shirt?" Sam had completely missed the costume change somehow.

"If yer gonna steal, ya gotta wear the uniform!" the fox puppet grinned before being grabbed round the ear by Wrath in a police outfit.
"You're nicked, son." he said, in an exaggerated Londoner accent.
Greed cried as he was dragged off: "Nooo.... I'm too pretty for jail!"

Sam sweatdropped at the exchange before continuing. "Anyway... the one pretending to be a police officer is Wrath. I have five other friends, but I lack the ability to make them right now. Want to see a magic trick?"

Focusing on the ice inside him, he began to create a top hat out of ice, before twirling it to place it on his head.

Through experimentation you have unlocked the subcategory of Cryomancy "Ice Make"

"Not a bad hat... at least if it didn't cause brainfreeze..." he cringed as the ice made his brain numb.
It's fine

It's not fine, I haven't gotten my hands on explosives yet!

Thank the goddess for small mercies...

Now, now Greed, Patience is a virtue

Explosives are the only virtue I need!

Excuse us a second.

What are you- NOT THE FACE NOT THE-


...well that happened.
True, but from the fact it is a Goddess Blessing I would assume people are locked to magic by affinity. Of course it could be like Weapons Mastery where they can literally learn any spell without needing the specific skill.
Basically Sam is a powerhouse, but he probably won't learn more than 3 elements, mostly because his initial Ice Affinity makes him unsuited to Fire and Lightning.

Edit: Short Omake

Wrath sitting at a bar drinking.

Greed: "...aren't we made of wood?"

Wrath: "Screw ye, I need this af'er this week..."
You know I'm currently terrified of Sam casting an ice spell and throwin the world into a new ice age...
If there's space, I'd be interested in playing a Malkavian Chemist. KaBoom! :3
@Travesty What I meant when it affects bombs is that they can explode prematurely without dealing damage. Honestly I can reword it so it makes more sense.
It's mostly minor things. His attacks will become more cartoony, bombs will become acme style, laugh tracks. Oh, and Wrath will be crushed by an anvil from time to time

Wrath: Why me?

Don't blame me, blame your shitty Luck stat

Wrath: Didn't you design my stats?

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