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Sorry for the delay mein fruends, I'll be sending out replies this weekend sometime
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Daisy here!
You wanna know about me? Cool. Here ya go:

For the record, I am crazy, but the fun kind. Rick Sanchez is my spirit animal, if that makes sense. >.>

I am a Federally Certified HAZMAT Professional, former civil engineer, current software engineer, mad scientist, and veteran GM. You want a wearable sound system? Been there. You ever had the chance to play with an Electron Accelerator? I've built one in my garage using salvaged TVs. Don't know how the interwebs work? I'll draw a flowchart diagram. Wanna learn about the different mechanisms that allow bacteria to exist in some of the most extreme environments in the universe? I got you, fam~ Need someone to de-jargonate fancy, nonsense buzz words or weirdly specific science terms? I do that too.

I like sweet wines, bourbon, Disney movies, singing kareoke, surfing, reading, and science!

I've floated in and out of the RPG stomping grounds since 2008. Suffice it to say, I'm more into the old-fashioned table-top scene that an online roleplay, but every now and then something with promise comes around to peel me away from my normal routine. I've been a GM for online RPG's, here and in other forums, and offline since my middle school days. So... 20-ish years of story telling and gaming.

I work full-time and as a result, I come and go form this site as it suits me. Posting on a regular basis is the exception not he rule for me. I make no guarantees or warranties, except this:
You'll know when I'm committed to a game, and you'll know when I'm not. I don't mince words and I don't beat around the bush. If things change, I'll tell you.

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It was hard to hear everything as the wind rushed past them, but she caught enough of it.

"Fort Condor is under attack." She shouted against the wind. "I uh... I got a call from a friend. Everyone there is in danger, and if we don't get there soon, we may not have many friends left. We-"

She felt it before she heard it, the thundering of helicopter blades slicing the air. Her breath caught in her chest as she glanced over her shoulder. Its sleek profile detached from the cloud of dust and smoke like a shadow. The craft was armed to the teeth, and she found it difficult to ignore the missile pods and turrets attached to it. A hard lump of anxiety wracked her stomach. There was no way she could defend against that much firepower and she knew it.

"Fuck. My. Life." She said with a defeated sigh, before tapping lightly on Biggs' shoulder. "We have company!"

Her mind raced, trying to find an escape. "Do you have a grenade or something? We're not going to be able to outrun that thing!"
Fucking christ do I miss playing Shadowrun!

Considered me interested fo' sho~

I've got a bunch of old character concepts lying around. Adept Hacker would be neat.

Kanade, you here - On, no!

With her back to the rusty hot rod, hearing Akira's voice took her by surprise. Akira? What... I'm on my way, but this is really not a good time.

The Fort is falling - Shinra Robots have gotten inside - And while there's a last-ditch counterattack, it might fail. Kanade, I know you have your own problems right now and you can't help, so I'll make this simple - I'm handing myself over if we lose. Rescue me when you can.

"Y-you... YOU DUMBASS!" Her anger and desperation overflowed through her connection to Akira, nearly drowning out the words. "What are you thinking? Just run! If you get caught, we're finished! I'm literally on my way to come get you right now. Can y-"

Kanade felt the car roll back and moved just in time to not get run over. She glared at the driver who cast haste at her with the same gesture someone would use to throw away trash. Her mouth fell open in mild shock.

"Are you fucking kidding me right now?!" Kanade shouted furiously, as the shabby hot rod rocketed into the distance. She let out a frustrated growl.

She didn't waste any time making her next move. Even with the dust cloud giving her cover and Haste enhancing her agility, it was only a matter of time before Shinra made even worse mess of things. She equipped her war gauntlets in record time, and was looking for an escape when someone tapped her shoulder.

Adrenaline still pumping, her sharp claws lashed out at Biggs, but stopped at the last second when she realized who it was. With a nod, she followed after him, but kept looking over her shoulder to stay aware of her pursuers. She saw the snarling mongrel emerge from the smoke first, but the ranger wasn't far behind. When she saw him draw up his barrel to fire a shot, her instincts kicked in.

Leaning forward, she spun out of the way of the first shot, the bullet grazing the adamantite metal of her gauntlets and ricocheting into the distance. Without haste, she knew that shot would have dug into her shoulder blade. Still keeping her sprint, she dipped closer to the ground and carved at the pavement with her adamantite claws. A sliver of concrete leaped from one hand to another as she spun on her heel, shifted her weight, and pitched the rock as fast and hard as she could at the dog closing in behind them. Her rebound materia flared to life, accelerating her throw even faster. A trail of bright mako energy followed on its wake. The destructive force in her throw was strong enough to punch a hole in the ground, and Wasteland wouldn't escape without serious injury if she took it head on.

Kanade didn't care if it hit, however, she just needed the dog to back off. Ignoring the ranger's final warnings, she cleared the distance between her and Biggs in a single bound and landed roughly on the backseat of the motorbike.

"What the are you waiting for? Go! Go! Go!"

Just as she was about to reply to Tace’s counter-offer, when she heard a ruckus from behind. She turned as two men approached, one a walking marshmallow and the other a dirtier, younger body double of her old butler. She leveled a suspicious stare at them, but her face brightened the moment they offered to pay most of the fare. She didn’t really care who they were as long they were willing to help.

"Fantastic idea!" She blurted, not wanting to let this chance slip away. "These are... some friends of mine-" While searching for a good lie, she caught sight of another man nearby, who approached with the determined stride of a fighter. Her instincts cried in alarm, and her body moved on its own. A few quick steps, and she was mostly hidden behind the bigger of her new "friends", Wedge.

"Shinra Ranger Special Forces, don't move!"

Oh? Then he was a lap dog of the very people who destroyed her country. The type to shoot first, and ask questions only if the bosses forgot to sign a paycheck. She hated him instantly. Normally she would just pretend to cower until they let their guard down, but rage warmed her skin and sharpened her glare. Her fists tightened as the adrenaline began to surge through her veins, but she kept it in check, and "put her hands up". That was when she felt a shifting weight in her pocket. It prodded her skin.
I must have pocketed it by accident. She reasoned, knowing it was one of the darts from earlier. Alone it wasn’t enough to save her, but it could buy some time.

Her gaze drifted across the docks. There weren’t many ways to escape without giving the ranger a clear shot. There were some wooden crates just behind him though. Someone has stacked them carelessly and the topmost one hung off the edge. It looked like it would only take one good push to topple it over. She knew better than to smile, and conjured a hopelessly worried look instead.

“You guys might want to jump.” She said quietly to the other two standing nearby.

When the ranger reached for his walkie-talkie, Kanade gathered power through her legs and slammed the ground with her palm in one lightning motion. Shockwaves of energy pulsed through the ground and cracked the pavement, leaving narrow fissures in their wake. The thundering force shook the ground and toppled the stack of crates, one of which threatened to fall on the ranger. Not wasting the opportunity, she threw the dart at his walkie-talkie before she dove behind the car for cover. Having sobered up from the tension, her aim should have improved, and with some luck, she’d either break or damage the device.


Kanade looked at herself in the mirror and winced. Her eyes were puffy from crying earlier, and her makeup smeared a little from the tears. "Damnit..." She tidied herself up, and tried to stay focused. What she had to do was simple: find Akira and beat up anyone trying to hurt him. After some thought, she realized finding him wasn't the issue. She already knew how to find him, it was getting there that was the problem. How far was it between the Junon docks and Ft. Condor? How she wished she had a map.

A searing tension was building around her temples, an ill omen of the migraines to come. Her last chat with Akira would have some lasting consequences apparently. "No good deed goes unpunished" she thought with a sigh.

She heard the rush of water from one of the closed stalls behind her, and jumped a little. Lost in her own thoughts, she forgot about where she was. A tall woman with short auburn hair arched a curious eyebrow at her through the mirror. Feeling a little too self-conscious, Kanade averted her gaze and hurried outside.

Dozens of passengers were making their way to the exit ramp in a steady stream, and she melted into the crowd, not realizing she was being followed along the way. There was too much on her mind for her to notice. She went back to collect her handbag and noticed a rusted out piece of junk meandering along on four wheels. An older man sat behind the steering wheel and patiently navigated his sad excuse for a car through the sea of people.

Then it clicked.

Having collected her things, Kanade slung her bag over her shoulder and pushed her way through the crowd. She fished out few gold-pressed coins from her bag and waved it at the driver.

"Hey, I'll give you 500 Gil, if you can take me as far southeast as you can. I'll give you 1000, if you can get me all the way to Fort Condor." She stopped in front of him to steal his attention.
I feel awful for doing this, but I feel like I don't have much of a choice.

I'm dropping this game. If anyone wants to try their hand at continuing it, I'll gladly share my notes, but I'm stepping down.

In the past few weeks, I've been working so much that it's been hard to keep up with anything IRL, let alone games. This is a cool RP, and I may resurrect it in the future. However, this RP really needs more time and attention than I can sacrifice for it. I know I promised quality, but I didn't really deliver. The clumsy storytelling might have given that away...

In any case, I'm sorry guys.
✩ The Churn ✩

@This Girlie@Drache

It had been a long time since a stranger had intervened on her behalf that Melusine just there and watched the Ryzekt bounty hunters be eviscerated. But the shock wore off quickly, and the scene of carnage brought a smile to Melusine's lips. The lead Ryzekt scuttled away quickly to put some distance between him and the scaled monstrosity picking apart his comrade. He let out a bestial screech in anger. Once of his eye stalks bent backward and squinted at Melusine.

She offered him a wry grin and winked. She had given up the warrior's way a lifetime ago, even forsaking her royal blood, but somehow watching peons trying to pick a fight with lions never got old.

He marshaled his men to fire at will, and scorch rays of light singed the air, but he was too slow. Maddy had cobbled together a shield from the junk nearby, and dove into the fray. The fight was so one-sided, she almost felt bad for the Ryzekt. If she had joined the fight as well, they would all be fluorescent orange stains on the floor.

"You boys only reap what you sow." She said as she stepped from behind Maddy's shield and elegantly dodged one last laser bolt from a dying Ryzekt.

A warm smile cross her face as she watched Maddy nearly prance back like a loyal cat who had caught mouse. She bent down and petted Maddy's sleek, cybernetic head, ignoring the broken insectoid at her feet. "You did a fantastic job protecting me, little one. I'll treat you to something nice later, when we go back to meet the others. Ok?"

She caught a flinch of movement from the creature on the ground, and she jammed the butt of her walking cane into its broken arm without hesitation. "Really now Zagera'akk? You should know better," she chided. "The fight is over, just sit still while I figure out what to do with you." Zagera'akk was silent for moment, shocked that she would even know his name. He groaned and nodded obediently, but Melusine kept his arm pinned.

Her attention drifted to the scaled Drakothar that had intervened on her behalf. "Kindness is a rare sight these days. Too few us look out for each other anymore. Thank you, stranger, we are in your debt." She inclined her head in a curt bow. Her disarming smile and soft expression belied the subtle tension in her body. She hadn't dropped her guard at all. "No need to be shy. Please tell us your name. And what brings you to hollow grove of all places?"


Being near the sea felt nostalgic. The sharp taste of salt in the air, the faint, mellow scent of sun--they fed into warm, hazy memories that slowly took shape. In her mind, she could vaguely see her mother's face. Deep amber eyes stared back her with a smile as she crouched and reached out her hands. A tall man looked down at them. The sinking afternoon sun perched behind him, casting shadows across his face. All she could remember was his silhouette. She could barely remember anything about that day, but she remembered the warmth. She remembered how she felt, and slowly, inexorably the cold tendrils of loneliness slithered in to fill the void.

Five days ago she was so angry she could've rammed those mako reactors so far up Rufus Shinra's ass, his eyes would light up like a lamp post. Pumped and ready to take on the world, she was all too happy to follow Iris and join Avalance. But, for some reason, she wasn't feeling it today.

Kanade glanced at the half-empty bottle with a sigh and brought it to her lips. Liquid fire poured down her throat and she winced as it settled uncomfortably in her belly. "I need to punch something." She grumbled, knowing if she didn't find a good distraction soon, she'd have to deal with the consequences--namely herself.

Familiar names appeared before her.

« Haruto Mistuhama »
‹ Akira Ayumu ›
‹ Iris Evergarden ›
‹ Yue Lan ›

She didn't remember taking out her phone, but now that she looked at the contacts, she hesitated to put it back. Kanade stared at the Haruto's name for a long time, anxiety stirring inside. Her finger hovered over the call button.

"What is wrong with me today?" She whispered before letting out a frustrated sigh.

Her phone began to ring.

"Hmm?" At first she thought someone was calling her, but she quickly realized she had accidentally called Haruto instead.

The shock loosened her grip and her phone slipped. With lightning reflexes, she recovered it.

"N-no! Damnit!" She shouted frantically.

Her heart hammered against her chest at the thought of her dropping it into the sea. When she looked at it again, she noticed the call connected.

"Hi, this Haruto!" A cheerful voice came out of the speaker.

"Haruto?" Her chest tightened with anticipation, and her voice came out higher than usual.

"Please leave a message-"

Kanade's heart sank, becoming a rock lodged in her chest. She ended the call immediately. Hands trembling, the feelings of frustration and defeat finally got the best of her and she cried out in a high-pitched growl. Her face warmed as her tears began to swell.

By now she had drawn more than a few curious glances, and when she finally noticed them, her cheeks reddened. The nearby couple holding hands had begun staring at her, their brows pinched together with mutual concern. She spotted their matching rings and her lips tightened into a resentful scowl. Her glare was sharp enough to cut steel.

"Piss off! I don't need your fuckin' sympathy." Her words dripped with venom.

The couple hurried to toward the prow of the boat, and Kanade took that as her cue to escape further into ship's passenger deck.

` • . ¸ ¸ . • * ´ ¨ ` * • . ¸ ¸ . • * ´ ¨ ` * • . ¸ ¸ . • ´



The darts landed just barely off center. Kanade sat casually in her chair and appraised her results. A poster of President Shinra had been spread across nearby wall and she had put so many holes in it, the President's eyes had been gouged out. She finished off the last of her mimosa, and smiled.

She felt it before she heard it. She was about to get a refill, when the pain of a loss resonated within her. Surprisingly, it wasn't her own. Sibilant whispers echoed in the back of her mind like white noise, and mixed among them was a familiar voice, quiet and distant.

@Letter Bee
"Kanade... Kanade..."
Though his voice was distant, she could still feel his pain through their connection, raw and powerful.

"I can hear you, Akira. What's wrong?" She was genuinely worried now. This was the first time she had ever received such strong emotions when they communicated through the lifestream.

"I need to talk to you… This has to be secret… Mother… Mom is dead. Shinra killed her when she tried to get into their HQ, and now I am all alone in Fort Condor and I don’t know what to do! Shinra’s going to attack and while I know we’ll beat them, I’ll still be stuck here. Kanade, please help - You’re the only family I have anymore!"

She winced, trying to choke down the agony she was sensing from him. It was crashing against her in waves. Sympathetic tears wet her eyes. It seemed like the nightmare of reality was only getting worse.

"I'm on my way, Akira. I'm on a ship headed for Junon right now." She took a breath and concentrated on keeping the foreign emotions at bay. "Just try to safe. I promise I'll be there as soon as I can!"
✩ Chasing Shadows ✩

"I'm looking for someone," He answered steadily. "A man of my same race, about my age. I have reason to believe he was on this station. He may still be on this station."

“On the Odyssey?” A deep chuckle rumbled out of Skreed. “No one comes here looking to be found.” His thin lips pulled back into a serrated grin, as he looked Ryo up and down, scrutinizing his appearance. “Alright Clueless, if you want a body found I know who to ask, but you’re going to need more chit than you can lift on these idiots. Finding people ain’t cheap. What do you have to bargain with?”

The clamor of distant shouting stole Skreed’s attention. He squinted towards the noise and snarled irritably. “Walk and talk, Clueless. Let’s go!” He growled under his breath. Skreed sank back into the shadows of the alley and began making a quiet retreat.
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