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2 mos ago
Current Technology: can't live with it; can't live without it. Trying to make a Powerpoint presentation for Volcanology tomorrow morning, and Office 365 Powerpoint keeps crashing. RIP
2 yrs ago
Leaving for a 9 day Geology Field Camp. I will be offline until I get back on the 28th, but I may not get to catching up with stuff I missed until the 29th. See y'all in a few days.
2 yrs ago
Going camping in the middle of nowhere to do geology stuff. I'll be back Sunday evening.
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3 yrs ago
Out of school for the summer! Woot!
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3 yrs ago
Going dark for a few days. I have a major project for Paleontology due Tuesday morning, and I'm nowhere near done with it, so I'll be away until I get that done. See y'all in a few days.


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Yeah, it was fun while it lasted. But this is at least the second iteration of it, so we may see it come back yet again. And if it does, I'll be ready to jump on it for the third time. Except I'm thinking I'll use a different character next time. I already have a CS made for Milo's friend Jack, so I may take a stab at playing him instead.
@ERode Sadly, I think it is.
I think I'm gonna have to not join this RP after all. In the first place, I'm insanely busy with school stuff, and also the character I was envisioning probably wouldn't be a good fit with the rest of the characters here. Hope you guys have fun.
Valanx steered away from the bar itself and towards the tables near the back of the building. Their target could be anywhere, and with three of the crew already seated near the bar, Valanx felt it would be a good idea to try to gather information further away from the main action. As he looked for people who might accept his company, or at least tolerate it, he cast surreptitious glances at the datapad on the inside of his wrist. There were a few minor blips here and there suggesting that their target had indeed been here, and there seemed to be a stronger signal back closer to the bar. Still, three of the crew were already there and had likely picked up the same signal, so he kept his distance. They looked suspicious enough as it were; the last thing they needed was other people finding out that the lot of them were together.

Valanx scanned the room, avoiding eye contact with the hostile looks that many of the patrons shot in his direction. He had attempted to sit at a few of the tables, but the others at the table glared sharply at him before he could even ask if he could sit there that he had quickly moved on. Finally, he decided to just casually lean against the far wall. As he did this, assuming an indifferent expression, Ray's voice came in over his comlink, along with responses from Astrid and Yasaliah, including a suggestion that they burn the building down. Valanx rolled his eyes at the pilot's comment while his hand drifted towards his blaster, ready to draw if trouble started. His guess was that Ray had found their target. His hope was that the target didn't know that it had been found.
Sounds interesting. I'll get to work on a character soon. I'm thinking Jihu, but I might change my mind.
In the process of working on a CS. I'm calling dibs on Transmutation before anyone else beats me to it.
Definitely seems interesting.
@Jones Sparrow Glad to have you back, dude. My brother is a student teacher, so I know some of what that's like with the whole Covid thing. I, for one, am all for continuing this and will try to get a post up soon-ish.
@Zoey Boey&@Starlance I'm afraid it probably is. There hasn't been any response in months, so I doubt it's going to pick back up again. I had fun while it lasted, and it was a good almost 2 years, which I think is the longest running RP I've ever been involved in, but it seems like it has come to an end, sadly. But if it reboots, Valanx will be happy to fly with the Marauders again.
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