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Current Leaving for a 9 day Geology Field Camp. I will be offline until I get back on the 28th, but I may not get to catching up with stuff I missed until the 29th. See y'all in a few days.
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Going camping in the middle of nowhere to do geology stuff. I'll be back Sunday evening.
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Out of school for the summer! Woot!
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Going dark for a few days. I have a major project for Paleontology due Tuesday morning, and I'm nowhere near done with it, so I'll be away until I get that done. See y'all in a few days.


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Alfaru was rushing to the boy's aid the moment the slab fell on his legs, but Allet and Sylvaine both reached the boy first. They worked together to lift the heavy stone, and at Sylvaine's question, Alfaru pulled the boy out from under the slab, allowing the women to drop the heavy load. With these things accomplished, Alfaru went to work treating the boy's injuries. He knew just from the weight of the slab alone that the boy's legs would be broken, but he rolled up the legs of the child's trousers to get a view of the full extent of the damage. As he was doing this, he muttered another spell, this one to dull the feeling in the boy's legs. This would help with the pain, especially when Alfaru set to work setting the child's bones, but he would need to see just how bad the damage was first.

As he began looking at the boy's injuries, he spoke gently to the boy. "Talk to me. It will take your mind off the pain," he said. "Maybe tell me what happened. Where are your parents? What's your name?" he suggested, doing his part to help distract the boy from the pain while also subtly probing for answers to the questions he had been asking since he first saw the boy. He took a moment to direct his attention to the two women. To Allet, he asked, "Could you get me some twin leaf and spring foil? I have some in my pack. Also my mortar and pestle." The first herb he could crush and mix with water to make a paste that would help with the child's bruises, while the child could chew on the other to help with the pain. While he said this, he turned his attention to Sylvaine, glancing between the elf and the place where the slab had previously rested and jerking his head slightly in that direction in a subtle, silent suggestion that she investigate what it was the child had seemed so intent on finding while not wanting to let the child know that he had been spying on him.
Okay, I have my post up. But this week I have another Structure project, and then finals are next week, and I still have to practice my karate. Then I have about a week before my virtual field camp, which will keep me busy for the 5 weeks after that. I should be able to manage to keep up with this, but just so you know, my posts may take a while from now until about the end of June (but things should be considerably calmer after that).
Alfaru shook his head in response to Allet's question. "No, just a feeling I have that something's a bit off with this," he said. "You go on ahead. I'll catch up with you later." With that, he returned his attention to the boy, who was now trying to move a slab of rock that he clearly wasn't strong enough to move. What was he looking for? And where were his parents? The child was all alone, looking for something, and he seemed desperate to find it soon.

Alfaru considered what he should do. He could just walk away and leave the boy to his business. That might be the smart thing to do, but was it the right thing? He could help the child in his search, but he had no idea how the child would react to a stranger approaching and offering his help. Of course, he could try to help the child without directly intervening. He was sure the book in his pack had a blessing that would temporarily increase the boy's strength, which should allow him to move the rock he was trying to move. But then that opened a whole new series of problems. What if the rock was propping the boulder up, and once it was removed the boulder would topple? If that happened, it would surely crush the boy, enhanced strength or not, not to mention what might happen if the boulder chose to roll downhill and into the fields. But then again, the boulder looked to be fairly stable on that side, and the slab seemed to be leaning on the boulder more than the boulder was leaning on the slab.

After a minute of internal debate, Alfaru made up his mind. He set his pack down on the ground beside him and began leafing through the book he had brought with him until he found the blessing he was looking for. He stretched his right hand out toward the boy and read the words from the page. If the spell worked the way it should, it would double the boy's strength for approximately 30 minutes, which should be long enough for him to move anything else he needed to move until he found what he was looking for, whatever that happened to be. As he muttered the blessing, he was hit with a wave of doubt. What was the child looking for? And was it wise to enable him to find whatever it was? However, by now it was too late to change course. The spell had been set in motion, the power had been released, and now the spell would either succeed or fail and Alfaru could do no more the change the outcome.
Hey, @taistelusopuli, @BlueAjah, @Knight of Doom, and @Sanity43217. Just a quick heads up that my post may take a while to go up. I have a project in my Structural Geology class that's a lot of work, and I also have a practical exam in my Karate class coming up that I haven't done any practice for. I'd say I'm probably booked up at least until the weekend if not later. If I can squeeze in some time to put up a post sooner I will, but this week is going to be pretty busy.
All right. Cool. I think I got it now. Thanks for the clarification.
I think so. So 1 to 2 would be more accidental things when emotions get out of control?
Sounds interesting. I've never done a post-apocalyptic RP before, but this one might be fun to try.

Just for clarity, what kind of powers, specifically, would people have, particularly around the +1 to +3 range?
Alfaru continued to watch the boy, trying to figure out what he was up to. Something about the child's actions seemed off, and the more Alfaru watched him, the more curious he became. A gust of wind came up, and Alfaru bent his head down and lifted his arm to shield his face, but not before he got hit with a large amount of dust, causing him to release a few hacking coughs and one very loud sneeze to relieve his body of the unwanted particles.

The noise of his coughing and sneezing was so loud, Alfaru was sure the boy had heard, and he glanced back toward the child to see if the boy had taken notice of his spy. He then noticed something in the opposite direction out of the corner of his eye, and he looked back to see all three of his traveling companions had decided to follow him. He made no attempt to hide the look of exasperation on his face, but he did bite back his response to the mountain elf's charge of them looking suspicious, not wishing to give the child any further opportunities to find out that he was being watched.

Speaking of the child, Alfaru turned his attention back toward the mountains to see if the child had indeed taken notice of them, or if he had left while Alfaru's back was turned, or if something else entirely had transpired while Alfaru had been otherwise occupied.
As Alfaru and his companions made their way along the road to Avveel, the albmot took stock of his surroundings. They were passing through a relatively empty stretch of land just past the Rocky Gate. Further down the road, the field became greener, but here the foliage was a bit thinner due to the shallow bedrock. As he was looking around, he noticed a skinny young boy just a stone's throw away near the foot of the mountains that the group had just left behind. Alfaru couldn't tell what the boy was up to, but it seemed none of his companions had taken notice, or if they had they paid the child no mind. Alfaru, however, couldn't help but be curious. What exactly was the boy doing? And where were his parents - there was no sign of anyone else anywhere nearby save Alfaru, his companions, and the boy.

Letting his curiosity get the better of him, Alfaru slowed his pace to drop to the back of the group, then stepped off the path in the direction of the boy. He stayed a short way from the boy to avoid attracting the child's attention, but did try to at least get close enough to find out what it is he was doing poking around under the rocks like that. Alfaru stepped lightly and carefully on the sparse vegetation that marked the margin of the field as he kept his eye on the boy, taking care to stay out of the child's line of sight if at all possible, while still making an effort to get close enough to see what the child was up to.
Alfaru had been traveling with the other three for three days and he still hardly knew anything about them. That wasn't too unusual given his naturally reserved nature, but it did make the traveling a bit more lonely. So far, he only knew the professions of his three companions. One was some sort of Eldritch Knight from an independent order that Alfaru had never heard of before (not surprising since nothing ever really happened in his village), another was a freelance mercenary, and the third was a healer like himself, although this one seemed more suited to the job than Alfaru was (not that he was bad at what he did, but his ambitions were much too big for a simple healer). The only other thing he noticed was that none of the others displayed any overt prejudice towards him due to his mixed blood, which was a pleasant surprise. He was well aware of the tendency of some, particularly dwarves and elves, though humans were by no means exempt from the tendency, to dislike mixes, and he had endured some abuse for it, but he had not heard even a muttered slur from his traveling companions in the three days he had been with them.

They had come into the Anaar Fields, and the village of Avveel was in sight. The last stretch of their journey was in view, and it made Alfaru pick up his pace slightly, despite how tired he was. Before setting out on this journey, Alfaru had never traveled so much in a single day. He had never even left his village before he had heard the King's message. And now he had been traveling for just under two weeks, making camp in the wilderness if there were no villages nearby, waking up at the crack of dawn to continue his journey, and walking until sundown to cover as much distance as possible each day. He had been in good shape before beginning this journey, but in the ten days since he left his village, he had slimmed down slightly, and the angles of his face had sharpened just enough that Alfaru noticed it. It made him look more mature, combined with the stubble on his face from not being able to shave during the journey.
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