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Going dark for a few days. I have a major project for Paleontology due Tuesday morning, and I'm nowhere near done with it, so I'll be away until I get that done. See y'all in a few days.


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Velu nodded in agreement with Astrid's remark as he looked over the weapons. He still had the sword he had been wielding when he had suddenly vanished from his story, but it seemed that there might be some better weapons here that might serve him in this new quest. He finally found a medium length sword with a blade that seemed to be made of mythril. He was familiar with this valuable substance from his own world and knew that it was far superior to the iron blade he currently carried. He took the new sword and slipped it into his belt in the place of his old sword, which he now placed in his pack to sell when he next had the opportunity.

With his new sword equipped, he turned to Dr. Mog. "Do you have any idea of what sort of perils we might be facing where we're going?" he asked the moogle. "And do you happen to have any other miscellaneous items we might need? Potions and the like?"
I was kind of waiting on other people to move this forward, but I'll see about getting a post up tonight.
@soren I think I'll just wait until dinner. Isaac isn't exactly the type to just randomly go out of his way to meet new people, but if something important/interesting happens, he'll be there to jump in and do what he can.
Present. I'm just trying to figure out what to do with Isaac from here, plus school is time-consuming.
@TaliPaendrag Could I have my character be half moon elf/half enuri? I assume hybrids are okay since we have a half orc, but I don't know how you'd feel with a half enuri since there are already so many of them.
"Well, that was weird, even for Camp Half-Blood," Justin said as the boy suddenly woke up. "But he seems to be okay as far as I can tell." He then turned and addressed the boy. "Get some rest, and once you're feeling up to it, Redwood or someone will show you to your cabin and you can get settled."
@Burning Kitty I'm with @soren on this. Tifa is a bit on the crazy side right now, and we really do need to start advancing the plot.
Valanx walked over to the cryo-pod in the cargo bay. It looked pretty banged up, but there had just been a major fight with some of the most vicious aliens in the galaxy, so that could explain it. The interior was also more padded that most cryo-pods were, particularly at one end, indicative that it had, indeed, held a living creature, perhaps the girl he had seen with the captain - the size of the pod looked to be about right for the girl.

He looked at the screen near the pod's control panel. "Warning! Motherboard damaged. Emergency backup systems active," blinked on the screen. He cursed. Now he would probably have to dismantle the entire thing to get the hard drive out and access the manifest. He tapped a few of the keys to try to see what he could before the backup systems failed. When he tried to access the hard drive, a window popped up requesting authorization. He entered his credentials, and waited for a moment. Soon, a message appeared. "Insufficient clearance," it read. Valanx growled. He would probably have to get the captain to authorize access to the hard drive. He had the highest clearance of anyone on board, so unless the information contained on the hard drive was incredibly high security, he should have the necessary credentials.

Valanx touched the comms device in his ear and spoke. "Captain, I've looked over the cryo-pod. The circuitry is pretty damaged, so I'm going to try to transfer the critical components to a more stable system, and I'll need your authorization to access the information on the hard drive."

@Jones Sparrow@Esailia
Velu relaxed as the monster dissolved, but it's final words kept him on edge. He watched as the mist that had been the monster, and two of its minions entered one of the crystals in the room, then turned back to the moogle as it began explaining more of what was going on. Suddenly, the crystal the moogle had given him began to glow, and a wave of knowledge filled his mind - enough to leave him reeling. "So, you're saying that something - perhaps an agent of this god Chaos - is trying to gain control of these crystals," Velu summarized, gesturing to the four crystals in the library which looked very much like the four crystals that existed in his own world. "And he and two of his minions just entered into one of them. I think we need to get going on this before we waste too much more time."
Isaac once again nodded to the satyr and headed back out of the Big House. He decided to check the archery range since that was the most likely location for the children of Apollo. He found them practicing shooting at the targets while their counselor, Will Solace, helped individuals with aim, trajectory, or anything else they may have been struggling with. "Hey, Will, could I borrow one of your healers for a bit?" Isaac asked as soon as he got close enough. "We have a new camper unconscious in the Big House, and we're not quite sure what's going on with him."
Will looked back at the other campers, then called to one. "Justin! Could you go with Isaac to the Big House? Someone needs your help."
"Sure thing, mister boos man," a lanky teen answered.
Isaac explained what he knew to Justin, which admittedly wasn't much. "I found him unconscious on the top of Half Blood Hill, right next to Thalia's Pine. Chiron and Redwood were there and helped carry him to the Big House while I got a cot ready for him. I think Redwood or Chiron might have actually seen him get there, so they might know more. Redwood gave him some nectar and ambrosia, but last I saw he hadn't woken up yet." As he finished, his explanation, he brought Justin into the room where the unconscious camper was laying.@soren
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