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Current Going camping in the middle of nowhere to do geology stuff. I'll be back Sunday evening.
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Out of school for the summer! Woot!
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9 mos ago
Going dark for a few days. I have a major project for Paleontology due Tuesday morning, and I'm nowhere near done with it, so I'll be away until I get that done. See y'all in a few days.


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Well, glad you're feeling better now. Take care of yourself, man.
@KaiserElectric You and me both. Finals next week, and then FREEDOM! For about a month and a half-ish. Then it's back to school for another semester-o-fun.
"A few things, and I'm looking to see if there's anything else that might be of interest," Valanx responded to the captain's query as he removed another panel from the side of the pod. He paused in his work, walking over to the computer that Ray had just unlocked to look at what information the hard drive might contain as he explained what he had found so far. "The most obvious thing was a strange powder coating all the boards and wires. I've put it in the analyzer, but I haven't checked the results yet." He wheeled his chair across the room to another computer to see what the analyzer had found out about the strange powder as he continued talking. "Another troubling thing was that this was clearly some sort of amateur work. The hard drive had two soldered wires connected to it. One connected to the motherboard, and the other connected to a canister with some sort of sleeping gas. I'll run an analysis on it once we're done with the rest of this stuff. I have a theory on what's going on here, and it's not a good one. I think this is all part of some black market operation. I'll run the serial numbers of the components to see where they come from and whether or not they were stolen to be sure. Whatever's going on, something's not right with all this." He turned to look at the computer readout on the components of the white powder, after which he would wheel back to the other computer to start looking at the manifest and any other important or interesting information that the cryo-pod's hard drive might contain.

@Jones Sparrow@Esailia
Present, but very busy at the moment. Hopefully things will slow down a bit soon, but it's that time of the semester, so we'll see what happens.
While Isaac was as hungry as ever, his mind was too filled with questions to concentrate much on eating. He offered fully half of the food on his plate to Athena along with a short prayer for wisdom and guidance, then sat down with the rest of his half-siblings, many of them talking excitedly about the mysterious prophecy and trying to decipher its meaning. They threw a number of questions Isaac's way since he had been chosen to take part in this quest, but Isaac would only answer with noncommittal monosyllables, too absorbed in his own thoughts to take part in the conversation around him. He tried to fit together everything in the prophecy, but as was so typical with prophecies, most of it was so cryptic that it probably wouldn't make sense until it came to pass. A few things were certain: the defeat of Gaea had woken someone - or something - even worse. The ones with the power to stop it included himself, the newcomer, Syrus, and a few others that Isaac hadn't met yet. Talk of the new moon probably meant one of Artemis's hunters was to take part in the quest, but the Hunters weren't here, which was confusing if one of them was supposed to join them. Luck might refer to Tyche. She had a few kids here, so that would make sense. Two sides of the same coin might refer to Nemesis as she was essentially the antithesis of Tyche, but the rest of it still made no sense to Isaac as he pondered the words. He finally finished his dinner, later than most of the other campers, and headed to the Big House. He showed Redwood the mark on his hand as he entered and headed to the war room. He took a seat around the ping pong table and waited.
@Jojo I know I'm not the GM or Co-GM for this, but I think that sounds pretty interesting.
I think y'all are waiting on Valanx to respond to Ray. I'll try to get to that soon, but I'm kind of busy with a term paper right now (first draft due a week from yesterday). I am alive, though, so I'll have something at some point.
Modified my latest post to reflect some new information.
Very mysterious, but it sounds interesting. I look forward to seeing how this happens.
Valanx grabbed one of the wheeled carts in the corner of the cargo bay to transport the cryo-pod to the lab. He carefully lifted the crate and slid it onto the cart, then wheeled the cart down the hall toward the lab.

Once he reached the lab, he slid the crate with cryo-pod off the cart and grabbed his tools. There was a half-gutted computer terminal on one of the desks that should hopefully be able to compensate for the damaged hardware in the cryo-pod and allow them to access the information that it was carrying. He set to work removing the paneling of the pod to get into the computer system. When he finally got through all the insulation and protective materials he saw how bad the damage truly was. The hard drive seemed to be intact, but the motherboard had a huge crack through it. Getting it transferred to the terminal without accidentally snapping it in two would be a difficult task. He carefully set to work disconnecting all the chips from the circuitry, using a pair of surgical forceps to remove the damaged boards. Everything seemed compatible with the computer on the desk, which made things easier. While he worked, he took note of the serial number of each component. Maybe if he looked these up he'd be able to find out where this machine came from and, in theory, the planet of origin of this girl. He also noticed a strange powder coating everything. He scraped a sample off one of the boards to analyze later. As he got to the damaged motherboard, he noticed that it had been directly connected to the hard drive by means of soldered wire. Clearly, this was not the work of a professional - no professional would use such a flimsy connection. He slowly and carefully removed the motherboard and the hard drive, and noticed a second wire soldered onto the hard drive, this one connected to some sort of canister. It took him nearly ten minutes just to remove this setup to avoid risking damage to the already damaged components, or the macgyver'd modifications

It took an hour and a half of careful work, but he finally got all the cryo-pod's critical components transferred to the half-gutted computer. He powered it on and watched as the machine worked. He still needed the captain's authorization to access anything, but at least the fix worked. "Captain, I've gotten the cryo-pod's components transferred," he announced. "As soon as you're free I'll need your authorization to access the information on the hard drive." He then turned back to the cryo-pod. "What other secrets might you be hiding?" he mused, then set to work taking the entire thing apart to see if it was harboring any other secrets.
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