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Also interested in this :) .
Very interested in this! Quick question; are you happy for changes to be made to the faction, or would you prefer to keep it as, for example, the Ottoman Sultanate rather than the Byzantine Empire, or some other faction that's entirely ahistorical?

EDIT: Basic Application:

Forum Name: Perihelion
Time Zone: GMT
Faction: Ottoman Sultanate
I look forward to seeing it :) .
I was thinking of the Silver moon, if you're okay with that :) . Magitek and steampunk goodness in one silvery package!
Just popping in to register my interest! Skies was a great game, and following up on realpolitik in the setting would definitely be fun :) .
Sounds interesting; I look forward to the OOC.
Sounds exciting! Consider me interested :)
Also interested!
Still very much a WIP, but I felt I should get my interest down :P . And even if I don't end up with a place in the RP, it'll be a good starting point for the future.

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