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Current Remember kids: Sideways for Attention, Longways for results!
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When you talk through status..
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Fucking, People am I right?
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Sorry for the lack of posting, busy outside, so dont expect me going onlime everyday
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It's point out a fuckboy day!


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Sorry for the inactivity, can you recap me so I can post a response soon? @TwilightShadow
Well considering Arvin is an Asshole, he might need some convincing.
<Snipped quote by TwilightShadow>

I'll get a Discord started for the group and if you want I can pm it to you nightly.

I like the idea of checking out Boston to get us to @sly13 maybe @Sewer Rat saw the thief he's chasing go that way. Tonic is all for getting out of dodge.

Nice! Sounds fun! Also @TwilightShadow I'm usually online during the weekdays and sometimes in the weekends so yeah.
Arvin heard the gunshots and with instinct he dived into the bar table, getting cover. it was then he was going to help out when he looked over outside, he saw a cloaked figure, with a... Is that an Artifact!? Arvin stood quickly, hoping this was the thief, and started to make a gateway, Screw people finding out, I'm gonna get this asshole... once it was open he walked through it, having little time to close it, he started to chase that thief.

As soon as he appeared, the cloaked figure shifted and started to book it. Dammit! I forgot how fast he is! He tried to catch up with him, but gave up. The best thing he could do is just help out with the bar, it was then when a soldier went through the gateway he opened, Arvin then ran up to him, and drop kicked him, knocking them down. Arvin kip upped and started to turn his hands and arms in a weird motion, it soon made a bluish orb that he released to the man, making him fall back far, that better had get him knocked out. Then, seeing another person, he twisted both his arms, making his palms radiate with a red glow, then untwisting them in a hard motion, and he heard the mans neck break, he fell, dead.

After that was was token care of, he returned to the bar, seeing the bartender touching the hurt and healing them, Arvin never seen magic like this, he had to ask it, " Where did you learn this magic? I certainly don't see any things like that in Kama Taj. " He asked, watching carefully to the her healing, but he then shook his head, facing the others, " Why in the hell are they attacking? " Arvin asked, pissed about the thief being lost.
You should do a hider man.@Alistar Sabbath
Sure, a nice way to revel magic.
Something tinged in his arm, what was it? Though it happened when the lady touched him. [color=firebrick]" Wha- " [/firebrick] he said, baffled. Then when she was gone, he touched his hand... it's healed. Arvin got up quickly and rushed in the bathroom.

In the washroom, he tested his magic, doing a simple enchantment, and sure enough, it was healed, and he did it with perfection. He then created a gateway to the New York Sanctum, about to go in, but he hesitated. Maybe Kama-Taj can wait...

No, he needs to find the thief, though he-

Arvin noticed he been there too long, so it's now or never. " Oh, fuck it! " he said, as the gateway closed he flushed the toilet, and went down on his seat, but as she came back, he said, " Hey, you have an inhaler? Because you just took my breath away. How's that? " he said, finishing his first shot.

Arvin reached for his glass when he winced in pain. It sucks that his dominant side is hurt. He then reached for his left and took sipped the whiskey. Strong...

He looked up at the Bartender... pretty attracting...

With the topic of a tab came up, he straightened himself, " Not so bad yourself, erm, Hair? Whatever, and yes." Arvin said.

As he drank, he looked and listened around the House.

"Hey, ev'er heard what happened?


"Some say some werid alien shit is goin' on."

"You're fucking with me."

The conversation went on, and on, and Arvin listened. He has never heard of anything outside of Kama-Taj, but this surly was something he should've known. He then turned back to the women, " You anything about this alien shit?" Arvin asked her, whilst playing with his ring, twisting it, as the color of the material surrounding the ring is changing, a sign of him being nervous.

(Sorry if this is pretty short.)
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