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21 days ago
Current holy hecking heckers of hecking heck!
2 mos ago
So, I just got unbanned form 4chan. *Yay*?
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2 mos ago
Back after 12 seconds n Time-Out.
3 mos ago
So I just got banned from 4chan. The Wild West of the Internet. Fuck.
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4 mos ago
Back again. Hi.


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Granted, you have a great mind with creative ideas, though so does the entire world. The stress of this was too much and the strain has caused you to loose your sanity. Soon, you were able to make a atomic bomb out of this insanity, only for the sole purpose to kill millions of people. You have made the nuke and detonated it immediately. This would kill millions of people.

I wish to bring back the GM @Beta
@unicorgi Well I assume you should know the basics of T-1, or at least TB basics, i'll explain and give links to you if you don't, however.
Sounds like a done and done deal- ay @digichiptune?

It would also might give Ogal an opponent to fight with. I need something to bring back my rust from TB.

Edit: @unicorgi Yes I did ask you, a LONG time ago, and I'd ask you refrain from asking OOC in IC. It's just unneeded.
Ogal stood there, his arms crossed and looking at the two clash. It wasn't enough, however, he craved for a fight like this; something- or someone- to show his power off, though he stood there, jealousy not shown from his face, though he would be internally ranting about how unfair it would be.

Ogal, eager to show off in his own way, spoke up to the girl who was a new face for him, "How 'bout you and I go for a bout?" Ogal grunted at her, grinning at her, showing her his fangs.
Ogal, after a while of drifting around the campus, finally seemed to make full circle as he saw the two people he had met earlier, interested, he was about to say "Hi", in a non-introvert kind of way, but he saw as they were fighting. Intrigued and hoping who the winner was, Ogal approached in a shuffle way, his hand at the hilt of his sword.

"A bout, I presume?" Ogal asked as he saw the attacks go on.
Ogal drifted off after meeting the man with the so called, "Sealing Magic". This would echo through his mind as he walked through the school's outline. Thinking of how little magic skill and intelligence he brought to the table, Ogal halted to sling over his bag with a nudge of his shoulder. From there, he removed the bag with a scabbard containing his much beloved sword.

He had not named any of his weapons, with the insight that weapons can break, and naming them could get you attached to them. Like a dog.

Ogal had attached the scabbard to his side, fitting perfectly in. With his sense of paranoia- which he thinks is "vigilance"- his sword at his side had relieved him from some worries.

Ogal slung the bag over him again, and began to walk around, thinking about who would be dangerous in this world, and maybe- just maybe- he might meet the person who will seal his fate.
A recap? @digichiptune
Perhaps a recap, you ESTerners
@Sierra Granted, though it is the motivation for you to off yourself.

I wish to see Shaggy's 100% of power.
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