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I'm down for this.
I'm down no matter what.
@QueenNuggetSorry for my pretty short posts.

"Well some faggot took my board, so maybe I might go with who ever's driving," Bradley added, taking back the spliff and inhaled from the butt. He exhaled and got up from the couch, tossing the remote towards Aria, "Speaking of," Bradley said, standing straight and clasping his hands. He took a deep breath, liking the silence, then broke it with a grin, "I'm throwing a rager tonight! It's going to be packed with friends, strangers from the school, hopefully attractive women. Who know,s I might score tonight. I've already got my stash in my closet, just going to check in with you all to see if it works. " He said this in a hole exhale, before walking towards the kitchen to get himself a shot of Reyka he had tucked into the fridge. Leaving the group to their thoughts and emotions about Bradley's sudden party announcement.

He came back, the shot glass on hand, finishing off the splint and flicking it away towards the trash can. Bradley dipped his head back and drank from the shot glass, turning it upside down and setting it on the nearest counter top. [color=1b1464]"There goes [i] one [/i person who can't drive."[/color]. Bradley took one of his sweaters and slung them on. He looked at Satan- that fucking cat! "The fuck you lookin' at?
I have some interest in this.
Fuck your title names

Bradley sat upright on his bed, for god knows how long. He looked over at his blinds and saw the sun shined, "Aw shit. Here we go again." Said Bradley, mentioning a game he used to play.

He stood, reaching behind him and taking a spliff from his desk and lit it in the lighting in his sweatpants. He put it in his mouth and let it hand as he exited the room. He did intervals of inhaling, then exhaling off of the spliff. He fell onto the couch, and waited for Kejirah to get outside and start to wake up the group. Bradley laid in that awkward position, breathing in and out the smoke. As she did come out, and started to yell towards the room, he overheard what she said and raised his head. " Ooo! Starbucks? I'd like some of that Caro-machiato-double shot- twist- thingy." Bradley said loud enough. He then lowed his head back into the couch and twisted himself into a upright position.

Bradley waited for a few more to wake up and shuffle among the duplex. He looked over towards Aria, removing the spliff from his mouth, holding it with two fingers and offered it to her. Bradley hoped she would take a hit, maybe. Using his free hand, Bradley groaned and took the remote from a spot on the floor and turned on the television.

@QueenNugget Whatcha think? I could edit it, idc.

>get ready for thirsty guys
@QueenNugget If you would, could you make a discord link that has no expiration date?
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