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14 days ago
Current dammit, i have to use my secret technique! ...of running awayyyyyyyyy
2 mos ago
in this world, there are only two type of people- the edgelords and the retards.
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I'm probably going to get the sheet done by the end of the week. I'm a busy guy, man.
@DeadDrop I think you need to post the OOC link in the interest check.. I think that's why no one is here besides us three?
Banned for banning someone with a lowercase name
Re watching Bladerunner to get into the attitude.
@DeadDrop So how long ago was the "blackout"?
First! Hah! Destroyed everyone who's not me!
First! I guess second in a way.
Banned for still being here.
Granted. Though it's full of edgy weeb's who try's to make their backstory more sad and dark while trying to establish themselves as the main character.

I wish for the sweet release of death.
Banned for @'ing someone.
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