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Current My New Years Resolution is to actually be active in RPs, there are so many goods ones that I bail out of it hurts my heart.
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Everytime I ditch a good OC because I'm busy, a little part in my dies.
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In Pariah 4 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
@Artifex Going to have to bail again with this one. I'm sorry, I really thought I had my ducks in order with this one. Sorry again, cleaned out my Char tab and stuff. Have a good life!
In Pariah 5 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Hi there! I'm quite new on Star Wars, and I was looking to expand my knowledge on the lore by reading the books. Problem is I can't find any good ones to start off reading, with the many there are. I decided to reach out to anyone with any recommendations on what I should read, anything's appreciated. Thanks.
Old sheet, might make some changes:

Good to see you reboot this, I never really got to get Surles an intro yet. Consider me in.
Consider me interested.

1.Aged cast. Most of the small town-esch roleplays I've been in have been with a the young/ teen cast, I'd like to freshen up from it and actually have an adult in the mix.

2. I'd rather like the One Experience thing, I completely agree with Karnee's statement that it'll establish relationships from the start and I'd like to see how the different characters have their portrayal and understanding of what just happened.
This may only be me, but I do have some helpful advice from my experience on lurking on this site. You should have actual plot to this thread, or some kind of hook. The people like shiny and cool pictures, perhaps give them a nice drawing or picture of a barren wasteland, overall just be very appealing here, that's what get's the number's rolling. Even if you don't want to put in a whole essay for what I'm assuming is a joke RP, you should add it on the Free Roleplay section on this site, and it really fits in with your quite short description on this roleplay. Other interest treads are a bit longer and in my opinion are a bit more serious. This is all just friendly advice though, you do what you want.
There it is, a juicy squelch sucking sound from the Denny's dumpster. The neighborhood was alerted to check the street. They felt that Chinese people had entered their cul-de-sac. The paparazzi wanted to steal photos implicating that Steve ate the Chinese food dogs paste with worms, communists, vagina hair, and other pubic squirrel fetus parts. Seventeen year old, George the chronic meth
Interested, I'm currently looking through your Doc, and I see you put a lot of work into it. I hope this doesn't die off- quickly, at least.
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