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Ever want to go to your Secondary School, and start a fucking Race War?
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Ever want to go to your Secondary School, and start a fucking Race War?


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Uthlar, already inside the armory, was picking out his weapons. His eyes squinted at one particular weapon. As he paced towards it, he seemed to smile at its cosmetic design to the weapon. It was two axes, you see, the handle being wrapped around in a sliver-like grip holding. The gripping had shined out from the light of the torch's, catching his eye. The flat of the blade polished to a point where you can see a distinct reflection of yourself from it, and the edge of the ax curved towards the top, where the tip of the ax lay also sharped. The axes length would be about 2 and a half feet tall.
Uthlar shifted his eyes vigilantly as he saw other students come in, and reached out to grab the two axes. As he clutched the ax tightly, he felt the weight of the axes, fearing it might be heavy. Instead, he lifted the ax in a light manner, like it weighed perfect for him.
Uthlar's smile widened at the sight as he lifted it up and down. When he was finished, he turned on his heels and started to walk towards the sheaths were and found the one where he can put the axes on. He strapped down to a thigh sheath, resembling something like a holster ( to you people reading), and there where the axes. He was then suited in a double chain mail coating to cover his body, after that, he donned a fur coat that sunk towards his knees, the animal was a mix of bear and other wild hunted creatures, all sown together, then seemed to be dipped in tar. He strap a knee brace lined with a thin slate of copper, tied loose enough for his joints to go in a normal manner.
Finally, he quickly walked towards a Aspis leaned on a rack below spears and other assortments of weapons, Uthlar gripped the top of it, to sling it to his back, where his sheath for it was there. The Aspis was a double layer shield, not meant for heavy combat, but could do very well against archers. The first layer being made of Redwood, the second layer being a thing slate of iron. The iron was to protect it's user from any ax or sword thrown or hit at him that would possibly break the wood.
Uthlar seemed to be curious on what is happening, as he only heard the words "fight" in his mind, so he went over towards the nearest person he could find, and ask the person,
" Any idea on what's happening here?"
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@Skinner35 Oh I hope this is still open.
The school is trying to find out what happened to the students that vanished.

Exactly where are the other characters?
@Shadow Dragon Changed the background, how is my character, also, a recap on the Roleplay?

Name:Uthlar Ylithsson

Age: 28 (Gargoyles age differently so he would look around 18)

Race: Half Gargoyle/ Human

Appearance:He is like the picture above, blond hair, grey eyes, and grey patches on his skin, they form a kind of callus and are more durable than normal human skin. His teeth have a slight grey color as well, with a granite looking to it, as if it's made from stone...

Elemental power: Self density manipulation: He is able to summon his magic onto one of his limbs. This will increase the use of the limb, ie. Fist= More endurance of the fist, better grip, Whole Arm= Power delivery and snap, etc. I'd like to use it as percents, and he divides it all up into sections of his body, all adding together to form 100% or lower, considering the circumstances.
The use of it is almost immediate, taking more time on how much power he is going to get delivered into the limb.
The hardest punch he has ever recorded, and lived to tell the tale is how he dented about a centimeter thick amount of copper, to try to test his limits. This indeed, will be a useful ability to have.

Elemental weakness:
Stamina: Like many other physical activities, you will get tired at some point. Uthlar, once tired from using a lot of his power, will run out. His power will decrease in a slow pace depending on his position and physical state.
Concealment: If he is skin is ever exposed during battle, and he plans on changing his power towards a different limb, a red vein will follow along to that specific limb, giving the enemy a possible warning, if they should ever find out what his power is.

Backround: Growing up, Uthlar had ran away from his father's home into her Mother's embrace of the life of being a monster researcher. His mother and father being both magical- his father being a gargoyle, his mother being a magician. As he grew with his mother, his obsession of monsters grew- at a certain age, he wanted to fight them- and so his his obsession over fighting evolved.
He figured, if he were to fight a monster, he would have to learn how to fisticuffs first.
Years have went by, and he came to find himself with a few cultists which ended pretty badly, soon, he had these powers.
Nowadays, Uthlar stays to himself, keeping himself into what seems to be the social normality of the school to fit in enough, attending parties, assemblies, and managed to scramble himself a few friends along the way too. He would stay more passive on fights than he would in any other school he would go, knowing of the possibility of death is now possible, because of how dangerous the students could be.

Theme song (extra):

Lel, nice. You guys are just in time too.

One of our students "Elnesto" got kidnapped and we're rallying a rescue party. ^^
My character's name is Rux. A slow burner and an orc.
You can read more about him in "Characters"

I'm at the school's playground. If anyone wants to enter, this might be a good place to start. :D

Sounds fun, just started to make my character.
@Blueflame I think it's implied, and, I've seen you in many of the roleplay's i've been in, nice to see you here too!
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Still open?
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Is this still open?
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