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I gotchu in my next one

@CMDR Melander
Nice job. I love the whole feel if this girl. Very much approved.
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[ Privy Newstream ]
Massive Variant Ravages Midtown Causing Numerous Casualties

NEW HAVEN — An extremely large shadow-type Variant went on a rampage through part of Midtown in the late hours of the evening. Several deaths as well as substantial amounts of property damage were reported. Dylann Hunt, head of the legal department in N.O.V.A.'s New Haven office, issued a statement earlier concerning the current status of the Variant.

« "We are all utterly stunned by the absolute chaos that ravaged our streets. Numerous lives were lost in the reckless destruction, including military personnel and government agents. This act of violence was needless, unyielding, intrusive, and appalling. Never has such a dreadful crime been committed against the citizens of New Haven.

The Variant responsible for this attack, known as Subject 7, has been detained and will remain in confinement indefinitely. Further action in this matter is being considered and reviewed. Thank you." »

Dylann Hunt sat in her office at 1 Marshal Avenue dressed in regular blue jeans, a white button down top, and a pair of flats. She had rushed out in the wake of the attack on Midtown and hadn't had an opportunity to don her usual professional attire. So much for meatloaf night. Instead, she had to settle for the takeout that was brought to her moments ago by the man seated on the other side of her desk. Bryan Drake, the Warden of MAD's Detainment Facility, was settled into his chair with his arms folded wearing his signature frown. He and Dylann had been working together for years and he admired her for her sharp mind. Dylann let out an audibly irritated sigh as she finished her meal.

"This is a fucking train, scratch that. I'd rather be dealing with a train wreck," she said, tossing her fork into the empty takeout container.

"You know confinement won't be enough. Everyone will be screaming for a death sentence."

"Yes, I know...and I would agree one hundred percent," Dylann said quite matter-of-factly. "But, unfortunately, I have to go through the proper channels."

"I say fuck the proper channels. We need to ex this thing right now. You saw what it did to the city...this was a deliberate malicious attack on innocent, unsuspecting people!"

"No need to get loud, Bryan. The process is in place for a reason. If we don't follow it, we're just as much a murderer as that jolly black giant."

"Sometimes extreme measures have to be taken, Dylann. This is on par with terrorism."

"Our job is to control the extremes...not abuse or create them. We have enough bullshit to deal with without rattling cages."

"Well, I'm really not trying to argue here. Just stating my outrage with this whole situation," Bryan said as he rose from his chair. "Variants like that shouldn't be allowed to roam free. I'll even go as far to say that some should just plain disappear."

Dylann sat a little straighter in her chair and folded her arms, her facial expression remaining neutral.

"And at the end of the day, whenever they do merc this freak, it'll be getting what it deserves and society will be better for it."

Drake exited the office without another word, leaving Dylann to contemplate NOVA's next move.

– Warehouse District –

Sierra's phone vibrated in her pocket once again halfway through her trek to the warehouse district. Her mouth hung open a little when the news break appeared on the screen. Wow...I was just over there! How did I miss…? Sierra whipped around and faced the direction she had come from. Gazing curiously toward Midtown, she fought the strong urge to head to ground zero and analyze the wreckage. After a moment's contemplation, she resigned herself to continuing her journey to meet with the Underground. She wasn't really the type to keep others waiting on her.

The lights became less and less prevalent as she neared her destination. Parts of the warehouse district were still very much abandoned and didn't necessarily warrant spending money on a lot of street lights. When the building came into view, Sierra gave a slight grin of familiarity. It was like one of several second homes sprawled throughout the city, a place where being a Variant was actually the norm and not the exception. She suspected that others were already inside since she was rarely the first to arrive at anything.

There wasn't an immediately apparent way to get into the building upon first glance since all of the doors were sealed off and the windows were too high up to climb into. Around the side, however, there was a catwalk that lead to a door on the upper floor. The problem was that the flight of stairs leading up to the catwalk had completely collapsed forever ago…or, at least, it would be a problem if you weren't a Variant capable of flight. There was also a secret entrance for those who couldn't access the upper door, but Sierra never used it. She flew up to the outer walk and entered the warehouse.

She could hear the light chattering of a few voices coming from the floor level of the warehouse, one of which belonged, of course, to Manny. She casually descended the stairs, each step softly clanging as her sneakers met the steel. As she rounded a collapsed wall, she spotted the small gathering of Variants nestled comfortably into a nice little alcove of the room. Manny was accompanied by Ruby, Graffite, Siren, and Noxia. Sierra gave a small wave as she approached the group.

"You made it, firefly," Manny said with a sly grin. Sierra readily responded with a certain unkind hand gesture. She wasn't too fond of that particular nickname, and Manny took every opportunity to pester her with it.

"So, is anyone else coming or am I the last of the Mohicans?"
In Pariah 1 yr ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
@Sewer Rat
Not a problem, dude. Good luck on all you do! Take care!
In Pariah 1 yr ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Nice job...may have some issues with interactions during the daytime, but if you can make that work, then I have zero problems with it. He's (it's?) approved!

I could see Serena's ability synergizing really well with an Omni-Lens. I honestly don't think the power is boring at has some potential to be really cool.

I like Charlemagne's background...seems like you put a lot of thought into his character.

The photos don't have to be actual photographs if you can't find one...just realistic enough to pass as a real person. Both are approved (pending a photo), so you can play either one.
In Pariah 1 yr ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Great job! I love this girl! Approved, approved...approved.
In Pariah 1 yr ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
The first guy would be a Class 3 simply because of the nature of his morph. Could be a really good fit for the RP as it would be more...unwelcome, especially because of his upbringing.

The second idea is very interesting...not dumb at all. Plenty could be done with telepathy if used in the right way. I personally like the fact that she's a pro gamer. ^_^ Would be a Class 1 since the ability doesn't directly affect other people. I could see people hating on her and trying to get her banned from competing which would stir up a lot of turmoil for Variant rights

Whichever idea you feel you can get into the best is fine as they are both acceptable.

Love this guy. I like the conflict between NOVA and the FBI...adds a whole new aspect to the lore. Most def approved 👌🏾
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Ok, so the opening post is up, but the RP is still open for those who are still working on characters.

To start out, Pariah Underground members will get a message to meet in the warehouse district. Anyone not in the Underground can do slice of life stuff or maybe interact with someone en route to the meeting. Something will be happening soon to shake things up.
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[ Privy Newstream ]
Local GA Members Latest Victims In Chain Of Disappearances

NEW HAVEN — More victims have been claimed in the string of disappearances plaguing the citizens of New Haven. Local Variants "Maximus" and "Kid Kilowatt", two of the city's most powerful Nobles and members of the Glorious Alliance, have been formally reported missing by NOVA officials. There are still no suspects or leads as the case continues to baffle the authorities.

– Midtown –

[ October 23, 2130 - 7:34 PM ]

The evening air grew cool and crisp as the city was blanketed in twilight. Sierra sat perched atop a high-rise in the heart of Midtown, a favored spot of hers for clearing her mind. She reached into her hoodie and removed her E-Vap from the secret pocket in her sports bra then took a draw. Her phone began to vibrate as she exhaled a large cloud of pink smoke into the air. She apparently had forgotten that her current cyl had colored smoke because she grinned slightly at the pleasant surprise. She reached for her phone and played a silent inward game of 'guess who's calling' while she took it out of her pocket. The list of people who actually called her was quite short, so the odds of a correct guess were in her favor. When she brought the screen into view, she chuckled a little. It was Manny making a video call over FriendBridge.

Of course…

She accepted the call and grinned slyly at the camera.

"Why you looking like that?"

"Like what?"

"Like you're up to something…"

"No idea what you're talking about..."

"Right...and I hear no street noise and see a backdrop of nothing but sky…where are you?"

Sierra looked off camera and grinned again. She switched to her rear-facing camera to give Manny a taste of what she was seeing. The ferries could be seen gliding serenely across the river in the distance and the city lights had begun to illuminate the streets.

"Just enjoying the view. I love being this high up."

"So, I'm guessing you flew up there? Which means MAD probably has they're eye on you right now." Manny's tone turned a bit too 'big brother' for Sierra's liking. She reverted back to the face camera and rolled her eyes.

"The drones don't even come this high up, know that. Plus, I'm not even doing anything wrong." She took a drag from her cyl and blew a puff of pink smoke toward the camera.

"Smoking is bad for you."

Sierra gave a long annoyed sigh. "How many times do I have to tell you that there's no nicotine or anything in these? It's just freaking vapor." She inhaled another puff and shook her head slightly. "Did you just call to lecture me or...?"

"I called to let you know that a few of us are meeting up tonight. You down?"

She had a feeling that she knew what this 'meeting up' would entail, but she usually obliged Manny anyway...simply because it was Manny.

"Sure...why not? Got nothing better to do."

"Awesome...warehouse district in an hour...and take the stairs, will you?"

Sierra walked to the edge of the roof and turned her back to the open air. "Wait what was that last thing? I didn't hear you." As she mocked her friend, she leaned backward over the edge preparing to drop into a freefall. Before Manny could respond in protest, Sierra waved at the camera, promptly ended the call, and pocketed her phone before plummeting full speed toward the street below. After dropping head-first for several stories, she flipped and turned her feet toward the ground. She then slowed her decent using her jet propulsion and landed gently on the currently deserted street. She quickly darted into a dark alley and instinctively checked the air around her for MAD drones. Once she was confident the coast was clear, she tucked away her E-Vap, rested her hands in the front pocket of her hoodie, and started on the stroll to the warehouse district.
In Pariah 1 yr ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Plenty room for more...come on in ^_^
In Pariah 1 yr ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Characters like this are always so creepy to me. Badass...but creepy. Everything looks good so, he's approved
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