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Snuggles = Get. That thing. Away.

At least the spiders aren't as...spider-y as I thought they would be. Odhra is good! Quite an interesting concept.
I had forgotten you decided to grab Bask...I'll go ahead and officially approve him πŸ‘ŒπŸΎ
Mmkay, all good!

That being said, Alebard needs a schedule, so that we know where he's gonna be at certain times during the day. I can PM you the doc on the mentors so you can make it.
By the way, can you join the Discord? Makes communication a lot simpler.

IC is up if you are still in this!
L'Mordryn Academy

β€’ Approaching middle of first semester β€’

The air was cool and crisp as the Friday morning sunrise painted the sky in shades of pink, purple, and orange. Several howls, screeches, and chirps could be heard in the distance as beast and dragon alike were awakened by the light of the dawn. It appeared it would be a normal day at L'Mordryn Academy...but what qualifies as normal at a school where fire sprites, military drones, and direwolves regularly roam the campus? This particular week had been rather uneventful to say the least, but that only served to leave the end of the week open for something exciting. It was rare that any stretch of time went on at L'Mordryn without at least a noteworthy episode.

β€” Room 1, 6th Floor, House Bestia Tower β€”

Silas was awakened in typical fashion: by the incessant tapping of beak to glass as Nicah requested in her own special way that the window be opened. He sleepily and robotically rose from his pillow while simultaneously reaching for the window's latch, a motion that seemed a bit too well practiced. A burst of cool air rushed in to meet Silas’ face as he pushed one of the panels open, which helped awaken him even further. He stretched and immediately turned to dangle his feet off the bed before he got the urge to get a few more moments of rest. Nicah made a small 'thank you’ caw before taking to the morning sky. Silas rolled his neck and shoulders as he slid out of bed to start his morning routine. After taking several minutes to get clean and presentable, he made his way out to the living room. He bypassed the invitingly cushy couch to go and stand on the balcony. He took in a deep breath of fresh air as he silently and graciously greeted the morning. The cafeterias weren't going to start serving breakfast for another fifteen minutes, so Silas wasn't in any kind of rush to get going. He lingered a moment longer to enjoy the coolness on his skin before finally heading towards the door to begin his morning stroll to the nearest cafeteria.

β€” Room 5, 6th Floor, House Dracona Tower β€”

Darcy groaned as she slowly faded into consciousness. She lay face down on her bed with a certain dragon-cat curled up and enjoying a nice slumber on her back. The warmth emanating from Ceraseth felt quite nice to Darcy, which only served to discourage her getting up. She made a few small protests before rolling over, much to Cera's dismay as he was jarred awake, flopping over to Darcy's side. Cera made a sound that was a cross between a feline yawn and a draconic growl as Darcy threw back her covers. She gave a slight shiver as her bare legs were exposed before ungracefully dismounting her bed. She blew a few strands of hair from her from face and stood for a few beats wondering what realm morning people came from. It had been a bit of a sacrifice for Darcy to not take 1st session as a free-study so she could sleep in, but the trade-off of having class with her favorite mentors was worth the morning struggle. Not bothering to put on pants, she groggily made her way to the bathroom to wash her face and attempt to rouse herself.
Finely is an odd dude... some of that text didn't come through on my phone, but I could still make sense if things. He is approved!

Thanks for hanging out and taking an interest in my idea! Good luck on your future endeavors!
Great job... everything checks out, so you can play her when you're ready πŸ˜‰
Looks really good so far...nothing out of place πŸ‘πŸΎ
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