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Definitely a WIP, but I wanted to get this up to show progress

Currently at work on my excited!
So how do stats and status effects work in-game? Can you get poisoned or sick? Do the characters sustain realistic damage or is everything sort of superficial? And if it is realistic, does it last until it's fixed?

For instance, let's say someone is shot in the leg with a bullet. Would they (a) only take damage to their leg which would hinder their ability to walk until it's fixed or (b) take overall damage to some overall HP?
I'm definitely interested, but I'm already committed to a lot of RPs right now so I might not have time. But I'll be watching this progress and if I can I'd like to join!

I've been there! It'll be open for a while so if you end up jumping on board, you're more than welcome!
How much can a person be legally be bionic or robot?

Any bionics, cybernetics, or robotics are fair game at long as it makes sense. The tech in this world is pretty advanced so a few bionic body parts are perfectly plausible.
As a side note, I should mention that there aren't any hard limits on tech, so use your imagination. If I feel like it doesn't fit into the setting, I'll let you know.
They look like normal humans just with violet eyes. Some Noetics wear contacts to change their eye color to hide the fact that they have abilities.
I figured someone might ask :)

And the answer is no, unfortunately...Aetherians only copy the appearance even though a Noetic's abilities are a part of his/her DNA. Also, Aetherians copy the current appearance, so the form doesn't age. They can slightly alter the appearance (hair/eye color, skin tone, etc.) but that's about it.
The Catalyst

Admiral Wesley Corden stood stationary gazing ruminatively through the window of one of the many satellite stations that orbit Gsebria into the inky void of space. He enjoyed still moments such as this as it gave him leave to clear his mind and merely exist in the vastness of the universe for a moment.

"Admiral...our sensors have detected an unidentified vessel heading directly toward the planet from SC_67.54.88...8500 kilometers out," said one of the the console operators.

Corden frowned slightly as duty called.

"Hail them."

"Yes, sir...initiating transmission..."

The admiral moved toward the console as the operator did his work.

"Link're live, sir."

One month earlier...
The RP will actually begin one month before the event above so that the characters can develop a little before the invasion. The info below is mostly to get a feel for how the world works. (It's a lot…sorry) Hit me up with any questions.

The most important sections are Population, Social Classes, TISSA and ICON, all the Organizations, and Noetic Abilities... everything else is just background to help shape your perception of the world.


Gsebria is a planet that is slightly larger than Earth and has geographical and climatic characteristics similar to Earth. It also tilts at about the same angle, which allows for the same seasonal pattern. Gsebria has three moons that orbit: Auron is the closest moon and shines golden yellow; Azura is the middle moon and shines blue-green; Rubia is the furthest moon and shines dark red.

The Allied Global Union

The Allied Global Union (A.G.U. or The Union) is an alliance comprised of 45 nations spread over five subregions. The A.G.U. was formed to promote transnational peace, security, and cooperation under the Pax Concordat. The Pax Concordat established the Central Assembly - the main deliberative body - and the First Tribunal - the court for transnational matters. It also contains regulations for resources and energy, transnational travel, and the use of TISSA, ICON, and teleshifts. Each nation within the Union has a similarly-structured government.



Noetic Abilities

A Noetic’s mental abilities may be inherent from birth, but they don't truly manifest until adolescence – it's at this point that the eyes change to violet. Most commonly, noetic abilities will develop slowly and come in ‘flashes’ until they fully integrate into the person's psyche. There are rare occasions where a traumatic occurrence will fully trigger a Noetic's abilities in a single instance. Abilities, once manifested, do not progress on their own, however – they must be cultivated and trained the same way an athlete trains his or her body. Also, like an athlete trains differently for certain sports, a Noetic strengthens and refines specific aspects of their powers. Attempting to practice too many skills can make one's abilities inadequate because of the lack of focus in one area; it takes an extremely strong and sound mind to be able to be proficient in several areas. Trying to use too much power can overload the psyche causing fatigue, blackouts, and, in extreme cases, even permanent mental damage. If a Noetic happens to possess a neurological disorder, such as epilepsy, neuralgia, or dementia, it can have adverse effects on his or her abilities (i.e. sudden flare or failure of abilities, difficulty with control).

Character Sheet (see notes below on how to fill out starred items)

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