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Current Making a CS is the best part of an RP - CHANGE MY MIND
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If it has horns, hooves and a smile I'm into it.
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"Hey, you play a lot of kobolds."
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Pat my head and tell me I'm good at RP please.


I really like roleplaying. Medieval fantasy is a favourite, but I also have deep roots in Sci-Fi. Big into LOTR, Forgotten Realms, 40k, Star Wars, Mass Effect, and a bunch of other things I can't call off the top of my head as I write this. I also play a lot of video games, feel free to add me. (

Played on a bunch of different online communities for RP games, WoW, Neverwinter Nights (still active for so many years!), and then other forums, and RL pen and paper. I also write bad poetry in my spare time. Rip it to shreds and make me cry so I can get better. (

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"Do you see the road ahead?
Do you see the end?
Do you see a hearth and home,
Over yonder bend?

Can you hear the birdsong?
Taste rain upon the air?
Are we close to monster caves?
Or saving maidens fair?

Are we close to stories?
Or better; stolen dreams?
And are we here to fill the gaps,
Like stitches in the seam?

That sort of base excitement;
The hand to turn the page,
Of all my years in service,
And purest wisdoms, sage,

I find that life is better
With a bit less tell than show,
I think that life is better,
With all of it unknown."

It'd be wrong to call it a song. She spoke it with a nice sing-song lilt, but the words that left her lips, even in rhythm to that clip-clop-tick-tack of cloven hooves on treaded road, lent themselves much nicer to the realm of spontaneous poetry, or a sand mandala. It had its moment, was, and then was gone. Lost into the sunny weather and wind that the odd looking figure (and her shorter, much cuter travelling companion) were sharing with one another. It didn't trouble her that she didn't quite know what she was doing on the road, or where they were headed. She figured, in opposition to her job as a 'guide', that Umbra would steer her right if he had something specific to procure for his master, or some specific knowledge to glean for his mother.

No, Saranja was just fine with wandering. You had to get lost before you could be found, and it was the seekers and finders of the world that she was interested in. Hence her present company. Her robes were comfortable against her skin and in the weather, and though she had been advised ordered to stay armed and armoured on the roads, she had left it all within Tenebrae's walls and opted for her 'walking stick' instead. Despite the blindfold along her eyes, she was an expert nomad, and walked without issue on uneven ground, stray rocks and other miscellaneous naturally occurring trip hazards. Years of practice. Maybe a bit of healthy cheating.

Turning 'yonder bend' - there was no hearth, but maybe a travelling home. A bit less travelling and a bit more home with its current stop. Stolen dreams. Prophetic! Saranja beamed a smile to herself, and strode up and alongside, declaring herself quite loudly. "Three Fates guide and guard you!" She came to a stop next to the cart, facing the green tiefling with a friendly expression. "You'll have to forgive my worries, but being a wanderer for so long instils superstition in you - I wouldn't dream of passing by a traveller in need, lest I bring about misfortune and ill portent upon myself. I am Saranja, Seer and Guardian in service to Prince Umbra Nox." Letting the quarterstaff lean against her shoulder, she held one hand to heart and the other low, flat and to her side, in introduction of the young prince!

"...And lest I forget, do you know where we are?"

Important question! I also want to know this. Also, whats the leeway with animated pictures? I have a LOAD of great pictures, and as someone who likes playing the weirder races, it'd be tough to find animated ones ^^'


Oscar Soames, 9:30 AM (approximately).
Phoenix Security Building - Harborvale.
Break Room.

The day had started slow. At least, when he'd arrived into the building it seemed as slow as a Monday morning afforded to be. He'd gone through his morning routine before that email marked 'URGENT!' had thrown a wrench into everything. After a quick skim, some brief research notes and a scour of local news websites about Jean Cyrus or Cyrus Pharmaceuticals, Oscar felt a little glad seeing no new stories immediately spring to life. If this was contained, then it made the search a lot easier. Having been right there to hear the message direct from Dale, Oscar arrived into the room first, making himself a coffee as he waited for everyone else to arrive. He was almost like a fixture in the ktichen, in the way that he eased against the counter with mug in hand. He was pensive, caught up in thought as he gave brief thoughts about the case - and about how to brief the case.

After everyone arrived, and after being prompted by Dale, Oscar would put down his Phoenix Security coffee mug on the counter of the break room, looking around the room as he addressed them. He stood a little straighter when the attention was on him. "Right now, all we've got to go on is that a Pyrokinetic woman, around five feet tall attacked Jean Cyrus in his office at about twenty past seven this morning, and they've got no idea how she got there. Cyrus didn't get too good of a look at his assailant and the camera's are spotty at best, too much going on to get a clear shot at her, so no luck there. First thing we need to do are run background checks on previous employees, this could be as simple as a fired up pharmacy worker. Excuse the pun." He decidedly picked up the mug again, punctuating his sentence with a gulp of caffeine.

"After we've got employee checks through, it might be worth looking into security logs. Big company like that is bound to have security carded doors or something to that effect. We can see if she got in with a spoofed card or a stolen one." Another drink, as casual as could be as he took a brief pause, looking over them for just a moment, his tone getting a little more serious. "Cyrus is one of the largest in big pharmacy names, he's not going to have a shortage of people who hate him. Could be political, could be business. Could even be him stirring up trouble to eventually hit the newspapers tomorrow. Just remember we're doing a job, and try not to show off your powers too much, people will talk easier if they don't think you're in the same weightclass as our would-be arsonist."

After he'd finished talking, he'd look back to Dale, giving the floor back to him, and leaning back against the counter. It'd be worth noting that he carried his side-arm in an open holster, while not a particularly surprising sight on its own, when it was paired with the blatant bulk of body armour beneath that neat white shirt, it was obvious that Oscar thought trouble was coming.

Oscar would want to be decked out in whatever is regulation. If he's testing out a prototype, he'll do it so long as its by the book. He's the definition of Lawful Good (if a little willing to break a few rules investigating ;) )

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