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Hey, thanks for swinging by, and stuff.

Relevant information as follows.

Time zone
πŸ„ GMT+1.

Preferred RPs
πŸ„ High Casual to Advanced.
πŸ„ Superhero RPs.
πŸ„ Superhuman RPs.
πŸ„ Mutant RPs.

πŸ„ PMs.

RP Experience
πŸ„ I have been RPing for about 12 years.

πŸ„ Writing.
πŸ„ Meeting new people.
πŸ„ Making characters.

Personal Shit
πŸ„ Age, (28).
πŸ„ Country, (Sweden).
πŸ„ Gender, (Male).

Most Recent Posts

We are a go.

Coolio, I will try to send my character to you tomorrow after work, at the latest.
Do we have to use the exact appearance of the format you have provided?
I just joined another Hero RP, but I might actually try posting the same character here and play in both of them. Would be interesting to see the thematic differences. We’ll see if that character is anything acceptable for this setting.
- Character moved to the Character Tab.

I want to make some aesthetic changes to the character. Just an appearance tweak. Will repost soon.
Discord is a good complement to an rp yes.
I will start doodling on a character sheet.
@Crimson Flame

The best part of a roleplay, in my opinion, is when players give each other things to write about, and interlock stories.
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