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Hey, thanks for swinging by, and stuff.

Relevant information as follows.

Time zone
πŸ„ GMT+1.

Preferred RPs
πŸ„ High Casual to Advanced.
πŸ„ Superhero RPs.
πŸ„ Superhuman RPs.
πŸ„ Mutant RPs.

πŸ„ PMs.
πŸ„ Discord.

RP Experience
πŸ„ I have been RPing for about 12 years.

πŸ„ Writing.
πŸ„ Meeting new people.
πŸ„ Making characters.

Personal Shit
πŸ„ Age, (27).
πŸ„ Country, (Sweden).
πŸ„ Gender, (Male).

πŸ„ I am rather impatient.
πŸ„ I tend to post 1 - 3 times a day, if the RP interests me.
πŸ„ Slow posters annoy me.
πŸ„ If you are easily offended, we will not get along.

πŸ„ I tend to make edgy little shits, because they're fun.
πŸ„ I enjoy making scrawny, pale bitches.
πŸ„ In RPs where sexuality is relevant, my characters are gay.

Most Recent Posts

Actually, I am going to have to drop out. I ended up having my hands more full than I thought. Terribly sorry about that. I wish you all good luck.

I added it under Weaknesses.
I already marked my territory on your apple tree.
I was invited to make a character for this, and I'll go ahead and do that.

Thanks @RedVII for the opportunity, πŸ‘.
@ShardAlright well could you add what the level of decay he can bring back is in? I think I can accept it after that.

I don't understand your question. If you're asking how badly damaged a body can be for him to bring it back, I stated that the brain needs to be unharmed. That's the part he infects, the rest of the body isn't relevant.

If the body is damaged, as in, if the legs are broken, they will remain broken if he brings the corpse back. Nothing gets repaired when they come back as zombies.

In a way, Sky's Necrovirus ability damages bodies too much for them to be useful unless he targets specific areas with it, which can be rather difficult.

To conclude, the brain needs to be undamaged for the corpse to rise. If the body is too decayed, it's not a useful zombie. If the brain has decayed too much, as in, if the body has been dead for too long, he can't bring it back. Generally speaking, it needs to be a fresh corpse.

That is pretty accurate yes, and that's fine.
We seem to be four, from the looks of it.
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