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Hey, thanks for swinging by, and stuff.

Relevant information is as follows.

Time zone
- GMT+1

Preferred RPs
- High Casual to Advanced.
- Fandom RPs, (mainly Naruto.)
- Superhero RPs.
- Superhuman RPs.
- Mutant RPs.

- PMs.
- Discord.

RP Experience
- I have been RPing for about ten years.

Personality Traits
- Depressed fuck.
- Broody asshole.
- Trying to get better.

- Writing.
- Meeting new people.
- Making characters.

Personal Shit
- Age, (26).
- Country, (Sweden).
- Gender, (Male).

Most Recent Posts

@Count Cuddles

"Original Comicbook Universe."
I'd like to get into RPing again.

Yeah I noticed that after I proofread it xD, but thank you.

I'll get on that, then.
If you still accept people, I’d like to make a knight of Erubesco.

If you allow magical characters, I’d love to try and make one for this.
Is this still accepting?
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