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In Avalia 1 day ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

"Bah, trust ain't comin' from'ere, neither!" Korvash returned, a frown creasing its way across the brute's face. Inori contrasted this with a somewhat amused expression. Watching two 'lesser' beings interact was always an entertaining endeavor. As if a theatrical display by the less fortunate, those born beneath a lesser shroud. One could not blame Inori for this approach, as every demon shared his view. In fact, Inori could very well be considered tame, in this regard. He actually interacted with these entities and presented himself as an equal in regards to social interaction. He was not upfront about the most common trope among demons. Arrogance.

"That's quite enough, Korvash," Inori pitched in, his small claws gently tapping the spear, where he sat, each motion leaving a lingering clang. Indeed, though ghostly in appearance, Inori's manifestations appeared very much real. Such was the nature of an Ethereal Weaver, as he would describe himself. Of course, if there was a more official title to offer this conjurer of ghostly spectacles, he was more than willing to hear it. "Even orcs ought to welcome a guest, vacant of hostility." Turning his crimson gaze towards Korvash, Inori's unnaturally large eyes, glimmering with the very hellfire which burned within his kind, there was a split second of intimidation which overshadowed the creature's every other feature. "It is unsightly," Inori stated, his voice calm, cold, and calculated. Onlookers would perhaps draw the conclusion that a tiny creature had just managed to stare down an orc, and such an outrageous claim found itself more truthful than expected. Korvash clenched his teeth, and looked away, avoiding the abyssal pits of what could only be eternal torment, within the demonic boy's visage.

This did not last, however, as the magical entity turned to Cadence with his usual, soft smile. What had transpired between Inori and Korvash appeared lost in the wind, as if the creature discarded it moments later. "A pleasure to make your acquaintance, Cade of a Thunderstorm," the demon's smile gave way for an even more usual expression. His playful grin. "Quite the lofty title, if I am to present a personal view, on the matter." With a claw moving to gently tap the demon's chin, Inori leaned back on his spear, enjoying the comfort of where he sat. It was not a common sight, by any measure, seeing someone pleasantly relaxing atop a floating weapon, but in a world so seriously strange, nothing could be taken for granted. This, naturally, brought Inori's thoughts back to the surge of magical energy he had felt, before. However, this man, Cadence, could not possibly have been the cause. The mere notion was laughable. What Inori had felt was beyond the demon, and by proxy, far beyond any other creature with the exception of an incredibly powerful fairy, or elf mage, neither of which appeared plausible. Was it the Lich? Unlikely. It did not feel like chilling, all-consuming darkness.

Eventually discarding these thoughts, the demon narrowed his eyes as the view of this feline creature lingered. "I am Inori, a simple wanderer." Though not a complete lie, Inori was not going to delve deeper. A wanderer and monster hunter, was exactly what his life had devolved to, and his past was irrelevant for social circumstances. "This is Korvash," the demon offered a soft wave to his side, presenting the orc who huffed, in response.

Throughout their conversation, silence had once more swept over the forest. which elevated the snapping of a twig. Inori shifted his gaze towards the sound, the demonic boy's claws gently wrapping themselves around the spear he was sitting on. Another guest? He was growing popular.

In Avalia 2 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Ask, and you shall receive. It was a saying Inori had come across, before. Where silence had previously lingered across a still, barely moving forest, a piercing 'Hello' cut both Inori and Korvash out of their relaxed state. With a large, brutish hand falling to the hilt of an adequately sized sword, Korvash jolted to his feet with the grace of a bull. Inori, in contrast, gently floated to his feet, the comfortable and refined shoes he wore quietly padding onto branches and leaves beneath. Where a spear had previously acted as little more than a chair, in the pursuit of comfort, the manifestation soon vanished. Rather, another collection of magical creations formed themselves into existence. Three spears glimmered beyond Inori's shape, each one gently floating in place, awaiting the order for an aggressive launch, as if arrows knocked onto a bow. With starlit energy snaking its way across the demon's slender, clawed fingers, Inori squinted into the forest. Indeed, he was a creature of darkness, but his ability to see through such blackness was lacking. He was, after all, neither a cat, nor a vampire.

"Oy'!" Korvash shouted, swinging his large blade in an arc, the edge cutting through air with heavy motions. "Getchurself' out ere'!" Came another exclamation from the beast.

"Now, now, Korvash," Inori spoke, his melodic, dainty tone a perfect contrast. "It's just a cat," the demon continued. He lowered his hand, where magically manifested weapons hovering at his side vanished in turn, as if azure sand in the wind. "Not a gnoll," he finished, a row of sharp teeth making themselves known through the demon boy's grin.

"Ugh," Korvash groaned, hulking closer to his partner, before sheathing his sword. For him, as well, the cat was now visible through shrubbery and tree shafts. "Why!?" The orc asked, louder than he first intended. "Could be a spy for em' hyenuss'!"

Raising a brow at the brute, Inori managed a soft sigh, before his attention shifted towards their newly approaching guest. "Oh, yes," the demon chuckled, "gnolls leaning towards the eyes of a cat. How the world has changed..," Inori smirked, a joke escaping his snout, accompanied by a quiet chuckle. "What will come next? Elves of the sun, serving golden wine to orcs?"

"Y'joke, Inori! But I'dun' trust'm!" Korvash barked, pointing into the forest where he saw the intruder. A cat, indeed, or rather, a demi-human. Someone combined with the grace of a feline, with fur stretching along a toned body. Upon his back, he wore a halberd, undoubtedly heavy and unwieldy for someone like Inori. However, even Korvash the orc would have to concede to a simple fact. This creature did not appear to mean them harm. "Whut's yr'name!?" Korvash continued, his dark eyes fixed on the new arrival.

"Come, sit, have some jerky," Inori pitched in, once more conjuring forth his chair in the shape of a floating spear. "Rest your weary paws, eh?" Shark-like teeth presented themselves in the demonic boy's lingering grin.

In Avalia 3 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

With a thickening forest stretching its way across the distance, Inori managed a small huff. He was not one for long hikes, and tended towards a more lazy approach. However, he had avoided flashy presentations in a most dangerous surrounding. There was, after all, a risk of ambush, especially considering Inori, himself. He glowed in the light, like a beacon of attention. Where some would consider the sight an intimidating display, bombastic and colorful, others could very well register a snack. Whether to their demise or Inori's own, was an outcome he would rather avoid calculating. "Korvash, we'll get ambushed in this darkness." Inori offered. With a dainty motion of his hands, glimmering blue light, like a starlit sky surrounded the demon's clawed fingers. It was matched by a shimmering mist which appeared behind Inori's slender frame. A long, blue spear clearly magical in nature, ethereal and ghostly, carried the demon's weight as he softly dropped onto it where the conjured weapon floated.

"Y'lazy, Inori!" Korvash laughed, grinning at the small demon, his tusks barely visible in the night. "Let'm ambush! S'how orcs says ay'!"

Raising a brow at the brute, Inori appeared unable to hide his growing grin, those shark-like teeth, as if razors within the demon's maw, were like diamonds in the moonlight. "An entertaining development, but..," Inori spoke, his short, slender legs lazily swaying where he sat, "that magical surge shouldn't go ignored."

"Was just a rumble!" Korvash stated with a snark. "Little demon boy scared, eh?"

Though a short pause lingered between Inori and Korvash, the Demonic creature eventually tilted his head. "You should be," came a response. "What I felt was.., odd."

"Blagh, magic's fucked up, demon boy." Korvash returned, sitting down on the ground with a heavy thud. He rummaged through his traveler's bag, and produced a gathering of jerky, one of which he tossed to the demon. "Less'ope we get ambushed. Tis' fuckin' borin', sittin' here like this."

Biting into his jerky, those sharp teeth easily tearing into dried meat, Inori chuckled, his melodic voice a soft, lingering tune. "Well, then. Scream very loudly, and draw your sword. I hear gnolls tend to come rushing after mad orcs."

Loud laughter echoed through the beast, and he proceeded to lean against a tree. "Lemme' finish m'jerky, and we'll fucking go!"

In Avalia 4 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

A small, blue and clearly annoyed creature sat with crimson eyes fixed on a fellow bar patron. Wooden chairs carried their frames, where one was creaking due to the weight of an intruding orc, and another maintaining its shape beneath the nearly weightless body of a demonic entity. With a tail slowly swaying from one side to the other, a large mug of what could only have been ale was brought to a reptilian snout, before a long, blue tongue traced its way across the same mouth, with a huff. "I ain't lyin'!" Came a loud statement, an affirmation, from the orc who appeared to be sharing a moment's discussion with the creature in front of him. "I grabbed it by the neck, see?" A green, muscular, clenched fist simulated the event, "and I..," the orc tried before he was cut off.

"Tore its head off." The less than impressed expression retaining a lingering presence upon the demon's features made no effort in vacating his visage. Rather, two unnaturally large, red eyes were fixed on the orc, with another sip of the mug leaving a small trail on the creature's reptilian snout. Once again wiped off by that very same, pointy blue tongue.

"Inori!" The orc raised his voice, "y'gotta' believe me! Shit got intense!" he tried.

"Then where's our money?" The demon, now revealed to be named Inori, returned with a sigh. It had been a rather rough week of monster hunting. Better explained as a week without monster hunting. Villagers would often pay a mere pittance for the removal of goblinoid creatures, and other pests from their lands, but when it involved bigger game, a hunter would need to seek the grand cityscape of Roshmi. "Because from where I'm sitting, dearest Korvash, you don't have.., our money." Inori finished, raising a brow. Despite his miniscule and adorable appearance, the demon was capable of quite unnerving expressions when he was less than satisfied.

"Another hunter stole it! I keeps' tellin' ya'!" Korvash pleaded, downing his drink, a large flagon of mead. "We should find'm, n'kill'm!"

After a short pause, Inori turned his attention to the bulletin board. There was one in most taverns, and upon it was at one point several contracts, most of which had been taken down. The worst thing a hunter could experience was someone else claiming their prize, which was exactly what Korvash was spouting. If this was true or not, Inori was unsure. "Look," the demon squinted, seeing how the barkeep was walking towards the board with parchment in hand. After a moment's exchange, Inori and Korvash dashed away from where they had been sitting and leaped at the opportunity, where the orc tore it from place.

"Yus'!" Korvash exclaimed, before eying the possibility of wealth. "Oy!" The orc stated, showing his smaller companion the contract. "Pack o'fuckin' gnolls! We can take'm!"

"I always did hate those hyenas." Inori offered, his small, clawed fingers gently holding onto the contract which he then folded, and slipped into the leather shoulder bag he wore across his slender chest. "Thanks." Turning his attention to the tavern over, Inori raised his hand in a soft farewell, as he started towards the front door.

Nighttime, it was the best possible moment a demon could possibly enjoy. Indeed, this was clearly visible upon Inori's skin where it glimmered like a diamond beneath the moon's pleasant embrace. His hair was like a sea of stars, with two crystal-like horns making themselves known between starlit strands. Within the tavern, Inori looked like any other reptilian creature, but beneath the moonshine, he appeared quite dazzling, and most certainly beautiful. "We're leaving now?" The demon crossed his arms, before turning to Korvash who patted the hilt of a large sword positioned at his waist.

"Ye', ain't no time like now, eh?" Came a tusky grin from the massive eight feet of muscle known as an orc. As one might have suspected, their first meeting was one of aggression, and Inori was prepared to turn the large brute into a puddle of magical chaos. However, forced to rely on each other against a far stronger foe, an uneasy companionship would eventually elevate itself to a partnership. It was.., unexpected, to say the least, but a development, nonetheless.

"It should be right next to the sun elf village..," Inori sighed. He despised the sun elves, and their light-based magic. They were his complete opposite, in every way. "hopefully we don't run into any of those knife-eared radiants."

"Oy!" Korvash laughed, "y'got knoiff' ears too, y'know!" The creature swept an arm down, and picked up Inori with no effort displayed, in the slightest, before setting the small demon on his shoulder.

Rolling his eyes, Inori once more unfolded the contract which he had kept in his bag, and took a better look at the contents. He did not seem to mind that Korvash had simply picked the demonic creature up, nor that he was now sitting on an orc's shoulder. Perhaps it was due to a laid back attitude, or due to an unexpected friendship, but a combination of both was likely a reasonable assumption. Korvash managed a few steps, before a sudden quake rummaged its way across the ground, nearly knocking the brute over, and caused Inori to fall towards the hard concrete below. Luckily, the beastly man was quick enough to catch his partner before the demon grew closely acquainted with the surface. "Wha'!?" The orc exclaimed, looking down at Inori who appeared confused, more so than angry.

"What just happened?" The demon asked, before he was put back down on the ground, his eyes widening softly.

"Sorreh', mate! Almost tripped n'squished ye'!" Korvash chuckled, scratching the back of his head.

After a lingering silence, the frown on Inori's face made itself know, his crimson eyes meeting the dark pits above Korvash nose. "You didn't trip..," he finished, cryptic in his approach. There was a magical surge, and he felt it.

In Avalia 5 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

In Avalia 5 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
My second, and main character. I liked the character, didn't like the layout much, but eh, it works.

In Avalia 7 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay


Thanks, a lot, ^^.
Here's my edgy boi.

I'll have my character up today. I might be collabing with the Co gm's character.
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