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๐Ÿฆ‹ Stonehill District - West Gate.

A new world, a new life. A sense of longing washed over the boy as if a summer breeze coating his skin, a song of melancholy sadness echoing with the desire to return home; but such was not the way of his people. This was a pilgrimage, a trial of maturity. On the eighteenth year following the ladโ€™s birth, he was no longer considered a sprout, and was expected to venture into an ever-expanding great beyond. With a deep breath, Lumen leaped over the threshold of his ancestral crib and into what had previously taken the shape of lofty tales. Large, black, curious eyes shifted from right to left, indulging in the surrounding world with interest, and awe.

Thusly, what Lumen had come to witness was a rainbow of misery and delight, two lingering spectrums weaving into a single entity. He had seen hunger, and he had seen gluttony, neither of which he understood. The brilliant sun above afforded his people all the nourishment they knew, and while those sharp teeth hidden beyond Lumenโ€™s lips allowed for razor bites, the only physical meal he had properly enjoyed was what had been called โ€˜jerkyโ€™. Dried meat, he was told, and though the boyโ€™s shark-like needles bit through the surface of this meal with ease, coughing soon followed. It was spicy, and salty, both peculiar sensations he had never come across before.

Shifting his attention towards the soothing sound of rain, Lumenโ€™s eyes fell shut. Even amongst these suffering lands the heavens sang their songs. It brought him back to the moments spent with his older sister upon marble of splendid white, blades held high in a graceful dance of prowess and finesse. Though physically prepared, albeit to no oneโ€™s immediate knowledge due to his peculiarly petite shape, he was struggling with the mental blockades required to maintain stability.

Large and pale, small and green, tall and red, it was difficult to pinpoint every color had been subjected to, a clear contrast to the blinding white of home. โ€Human..,โ€ he echoed quietly, ears perked for words uttered. He had come across that term often since leaving his home. Human. It was a common word, one indicating the many different entities they had passed in that carriage. How could one species come in so many different variations? Pale, dark, short, tall, slim, thick. It was confusing, but also charming, in a way. It felt chaotic, something in stark opposition to the static harmony of the Ivory Court, where time stood still, where the inhabitants were mirroring echoes of one another.

A quiet splash reached the boyโ€™s ears as his weightless frame stepped out of the horse-drawn vehicle which had brought them to this city of demons, Lumenโ€™s glowing white shape pointing him out beneath the dim, clouded sky. Hidden beneath his azure cloak, the lad turned his focus onto the most peculiar entity as of yet. It had an odd name. In fact, most creatures outside the Court had odd names, and each one had a different surname, a concept which in itself struck Lumen as odd. What need did a Fae of two-hundred and ten have of a second name? It felt overly complicated. He was Lumen, and Lumen would he remain.

โ€Lumen!โ€ The boy raised his gaze towards those who halted their path, โ€Knight of the Ivory Court,โ€ he continued, affording the doormen, and Rooster as well, a gentle bow. It was only proper, wasnโ€™t it? The fairy spoke with what could only have been labeled a notable accent, yet nothing known across the common world. A soft, ethereal voice drifted across the falling rain, touched by the language of immortals. โ€Weโ€™re here on a quest!โ€ And thus, Lumen and his motley crew of misfits had begun their journey into the unknown.
I have plans to reintroduce morality and goodness to the lands, if allowed that is. :D

And in classic waffle fashion, provided it doesn't conflict with any GM/DM plans, I'd like to swap/write most reluctant and unassuming character gifted (or in their view cursed) with the Magician Arcana.

My dude brings the anime protag goodness of heart into the RP, so don't worry, you won't be alone

@Haha Will you make a 'Cord group for this?


Also, threw in some flavor on Lumen's 'Karma' section. Noticed how I had forgotten it. Lad with a heart of gold but because the Ivory Fae look creepy as fuck to a lot of people, they get spooked by him.

Also, I am sure people are taught never to trust the Fae.

Hence the 3/10 Karma for angel boi.

I can go with either. I have already started on a Fae species revolving around the Sun Arcana. It would be cool to continue working on that, lol, but if you can find another Arcana that speaks to you, all power to you.
I was going for it. Though, if you really want to use it, I might go for The Magician, if that's allowed. I have a character in mind for that.
I will attempt to work on my character after work today.
Edit - Think I will go with the Sun instead.
You have put a lot of work into this. Very impressive. I also enjoy how youโ€™d let your players flesh out a species that they want to play and add their own flavor and lore, if I understood that correctly.

I may be interested in making a Fae Knight type character.
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