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I overhauled Neoh's appearance. The power and everything has remained the same, all the changes are cosmetic.

January 2nd, 10:30 AM.
New York City, Pricetown, Parchelli's Store.
Interactions - None.

It was known throughout the Pricetown community as 'Switzerland'. Where one left conflict at the door, and where enemies respected one another on mutual ground. It was a place denizens of the slums respected, not out of authority or submission, but rather, due to empathetic appreciation. Mrs. Parchelli did not warrant authority in any regal manner whatsoever, but it would be a lie to claim that her past was one of legal pursuits. No, the old woman known throughout Pricetown as Mrs, or sometimes Madame, or even Mama Parchelli, understood the streets, because she had once been part of their harsh winds.

A hoodlum, by every sense of the word, Mrs. Parchelli had long since abandoned her criminal past in liue of a new journey. One of peace and serenity. The old woman was a gorgon, something which would have brought fright to the forefront. However, draped in a chipper, yellow dress which hugged the upper part of her serpentine body, such an attire would be quick to dispel any intimidation Mama Parchelli might have possessed. A pair of glasses covered her eyes, shaded and comfortable against the woman's face. Of course, those who knew about the deadly gorgons would also be aware of their gaze. Perhaps another reason why her shop was the nexus of her will. One look from the gorgon was enough to cage anyone in stone. Perhaps fear of Madame Parchelli's wrath added to the peace she demanded within her walls, after all.

Old, worn men sat by the gorgon's window, playing a game of chess, their words offering some level of philosophy to a listener, but mainly consisted of bickering, and talk of younger years. An orc and a dwarf, both of whom wore their beards almost like crowns, a symbol of wisdom and experience.

In a nutshell, one would be right in considering the gorgon's shop quaint. Was it not for rows of merchandise displayed across walls and open spaces, one could be forgiven for mistaking the store a small home. It wasn't an incorrect assumption, however, as Mrs. Parchelli lived, humbly, in the back section.

"Nello!" Came an excited exclamation, a heavy Italian accent prevalent in her voice. "Welcome, sweetheart, how are you?" Parchelli asked, as she so commonly did. Entering her store was something of an experience, indeed. The warm welcome was not expected by those unused to her approach, and Pricetown was not known for being pleasant. "You don't have to keep that on, in here, dear," the gorgon continued, motioning towards Nello's hood, where the boy stood. She was well aware of his nature.

"Force of habit," came a soft response as Nello pulled his hood back, and stepped out of the light. A slight smirk made itself visible on his face, revealing a row of sharp, demonic teeth. It was not long after, that he enjoyed a warm hug from the woman who had slithered closer, and wrapped her arms around him. Returning the favor, a pair of small, scrawny appendages gently offered a reflective form of the motion. "I'm okay, Mrs. Parchelli." It wasn't a lie, but not completely truthful, either. The boy had much on his mind, which was an understandable result of transpired events.

"What can Mama do for you today, dear?" Parchelli asked, running a set of long, slender fingers through the young demon's hair. Her own, a coiling nest of snakes, all staring down at the boy with curiosity in glimmering, reptilian eyes.

"You got some.., " Nello began, looking from his right, to the left, "stash?" It was an incredibly dramatic way of addressing what the boy was seeking, the option which had spearheaded controversy, within Pricetown's borders. One only needed to look towards Nello's first confrontation with the drink, in Mama Parchelli's shop. It was not a stretch to point towards caution immediately adopted by the hero after uttering the question. 'Do you sell Monster?' He would ask.

"Come with me," a slithering whisper traced itself past Nello's ear as the gorgon gently spoke to her customer. Parchelli's rules on the matter were simple. She would sell the drink, but she did not stock it beyond the counter, and she did not want anyone drinking it within her establishment. Unnecessary conflict, she called it. "I recently got a new flavor," Parchelli explained, quiet in her words. Opening a fridge beneath the counter, she showed Nello a metallic container. Java was written on its chilled surface, along with the ever controversial Monster. "I'll let you try this one for free," she smirked, putting the drink in a small, black bag. "The usual?"

"Yeah, Pipeline," Nello offered, tapping his chin. "Actually, I'll buy a Java one, too. Dad loves that coffee brand."

"Of course," Mama Parchelli smiled, her beautiful if uniquely serpentine face appearing almost motherly, in a way. "Our little monster," she grinned, playfully ruffling Nello's hair with a long, spindly hand.
I made a Discord.

If anyone is interested. I can hand over ownership of it to the GM when he gets back, if he wants it.
I can also Co-gm if the GM wants one of those losers to hang around his parade.
I vote for a Discord server for the RP. I can make one if the GM is busy.
I was bored, to I gave Neoh battle poses, xD

@Omega Man

I am going to try to change Neoh's superhero suit, and also, add some outfits that he has made.

January 2nd, 9:30 AM.
New York City, Pricetown, Nello's home.
Interactions - None.

With a heavy breath, Nello raised his fists for another bout. Scenes like these were common and abundant, an attempt at further knowledge, and most certainly an escape from that of which caused distress. Nello's next attack was deflected by a vigilant demon spirit, which was echoed by his second, and third attempt. It was a choreographed exchange, without fault. Kicks and punches were given and granted, each one meeting another, in turn. It was only when Nocturne managed to sweep the teen's legs with a quick swipe that Nello lost his balance.

Ceasing the chance he had been granted, Nocturne tackled Nello to the carpeted, wooden floor, warm breaths flowing down the boy's snout, from the demon on top of him. "You're still thinking about it, aren't you?" Nocturne raised a brow, his eyes looking into the sanguine rubies beneath him, where he had pinned Nello to the spot.

"It's not just something I can get over," Nello retorted, his knee hitting Nocturne in the side, before the demonic creature was pushed off. Within an instant, the combatants had risen to their taloned feet, once more.

"So, what do you suggest? Angsting like a little bitch for all eternity?" Nocturne taunted, avoiding Nello's punch, before he manouvered behind the boy, and pulled him into a grapple. "'Cause while you're cute like this, it won't do you any good," came a teasing whisper against Nello's ear before the boy managed to break free of his restraints.

With a spin, the young hero delivered a strong kick to Nocturne's side, causing the creature to stumble, before another expertly executed kick sent him to the floor. A keen eye would note, however, that Nocturne never, in fact, touched the surface of any material foundation. Rather, it was as if he was moving like air, across his surroundings. "Fuck off," a slight grin stretched its way across the boy's lips. Not even the crisis he had been cursed with was enough to wash away his joy of battle. Nocturne's very existence was that of chaos, and now, Nello's was, as well.

"There he is," Nocturne chuckled, jolting to his feet like a weightless feather. "We should fight crime like this," the creature smirked, motioning to the shorts Nello wore, with little else covering his body. Sparring in anything else seemed unnecessary, and less than reasonable.

"Don't be so horny," Nello returned, shaking his head before dodging another incoming strike, one which initiated their new exchange of what seemed like countless aggressive motions. The boy was not trying to hide his pain. In fact, it had taken center stage all night, and without Nocturne's presence, he would likely have broken beneath its weight. However, the bliss of battle was reminiscent of a drug, an intoxicating nectar. Odd, indeed, but a feature one would agree belonged within the heart of a demon. Even the pain shared between both Nello and Nocturne with every attack fueled a joy found within conflict which was incomparable.

It was only after two hours of fluid action that Nello eventually fell to the floor, his body sore, and his lungs clinging to breath. It was a blissful sensation, indeed. "So, what now?" Nocturne breathed, sitting with Nello where the boy leaned his back against the wall. Nafir had dedicated what would have been a guestroom to Nello, where the boy could practice. It was a small room, but empty, which allowed for space. "No more hero crap, because you had to do something difficult?"

With eyes falling to his small, draconic feet, Nello gently curled his toes, or rather, his talons, before managing a soft sigh. It was a repeated statement which he had uttered for the other to hear. 'I should just stop'. Nocturne was quick to shut that down, however, making his opinion on the matter known. Like their sparring match, the night had been occupied with a long 'back and forth', concerning transpired events. Doubt and confusion had swept into self into Nello's mind like a crashing wave, and his attempts at dispelling this lingering anxiety was met by little more than a reflection of the misery he was trying to escape. "Part of me knows that you're right, Nocturne," Nello began, "but I can't just.., I mean, I killed someone."

Rolling his eyes, Nocturne let his head rest against Nello's lap in a manner most comfortable. "You killed a demon who was eating kids. Yeah, you're horrible," the spirit joked. "You know what you did was the right thing, you're just acting like a bitch because you had to get your hands dirty. Welcome to the real world, Nello."

Though silence lingered, Nello would eventually speak up, his eyes revealing a mixture of acceptance, and melancholy. "The Blackthorn Coven deserves it, I know..," he sighed, yet again.

"And you liked it," Nocturne grinned, reminding Nello of the fact. "Yesterday you saved more people than you ever have. You're a soldier in a war against the coven. Start acting like one."

With his fingers gently tightening around Nocturne's forearm, Nello tensed. A war against the coven? They were the biggest, meanest, and most dangerous force available. After what Nello had seen, he knew that fighting them was not a comfortable endeavor, but a necessity. Heroes were merely propaganda, weren't they? If he wanted to make a difference, he needed to step up from common thieves, and fight those who truly needed an enemy, an opposing force. "Fine," the boy clenched his teeth, "I'll be a soldier against the Blackthorn Coven. " The frown on Nello's face was not aimed at Nocturne, but rather, it was a reaction to the realization. Life was not a comic book. The coven was not a conventional villain, and if Nello wanted to do what truly mattered, he could not continue to delude himself. Heroes belonged in the sky, and on the news. Nello was no hero, and he never would be, but he could make a difference. He would fight. "We'll keep hunting them, and no matter how shitty it makes me feel..," the teen found himself trembling, his eyes watering at the thought, "we're going to save everyone we can, from the Blackthorn Coven." Children tortured to death and consumed by a demon should have been enough to tip Nello over the edge, but the tear-filled determination now visible on his features expressed a statement, indeed. "By any means necessary..."
@Omega Man

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