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Current I'm watching Silent Hills P.T. In Real Life by Oddest of the Odd, or rather Struggle Nation's reaction to it. Doesn't make it any less diaper filling though.
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@Iceborne. Well I'm assuming you've already made a backstory without time travel in it. Maybe go the Jurassic Park route and grow a dino via DNA in mosquitoes trapped in amber or something.
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@Iceborne. Does it have time travel or Chronomancy/Chronokinesis in it?
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I have returned from my ghost mode wanderings.
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O' how art thou fallen from E3 Bethesda son of Zenimax!


I was a modder for Skyrim on Nexus and Steam back when I still had a PC. Created the Unearthed Arcana - Chronomancy REBUILT mod, my username on Steam is Caldizar The Master of Reality, my username on Nexus is 9OZaA, and I'm working on a Skyrim fanfic called "The Elder Scrolls V: Of Blood & Dragons, Book I." I'm interested in laid back RPs that are about creating a fun and interesting story, more than RPs that are all about rules and regulations. And if you couldn't tell, I love the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan.

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Here's a new race I made for M'arash called the Zin'Ara.

Edward blinked. He glanced at the princess and her father. He anticipated the response that was to come.

Emily glanced at her father. She could not help but be a little hopeful. Even a short time away from her father would be paradise.
Her father frowned as he thought about it. A few moments or so passed. He sighed and finally spoke.

"Very well. But there are conditions of course."

"Of course and I'm willing to hear them." Zachaeus replied as he rested his chin in the palm of his right hand and leaned against the right armrest of his throne as he gestured for the foreign king to continue.
*I look around the empty room as Vex scans the base*
Find anyone?

*She shakes her head*
No, not yet. But the base they use does have several security measures in place that are severely limiting my scan range.

*I nod, walk over to a nearby table, pull out a chair, and sit down*
Well then, I guess we have no choice but to wait for someone to show up.
*I release my death like grip on the command chairs armrests and slump down in my seat as Vexes familiar impish voice flows through my helms audio receptors*
See? I told you I could land us!

*I struggle to steady myself as I stand up*
Did you really have to fly us here like that?

*Her holographic form smirks*
No, but where would be in that?

*I roll my eyes as I walk to the ships hatch, open it, and step out*
You remind me of Rick.

*She chuckles*
Which one?

*I emerge into what seems to be a large cafeteria devoid of people*
All of them. Honestly I don't know how that kid Morty manages to deal with his grandfather on a daily basis without going insane.
*Vexes blue shimmering form appears once again*
We're about twenty-eight seconds away from the IA's base. Just give me the word meatbag and I'll land us.

*I let out an annoyed sigh and shake my head*
Fine. Do it.

Alrighty then! HOLD ON!
*The ship lurches to the left violently as Vex takes control and I grit my teeth as the interiors artificial gravity pulls me to the side*

Edward blinked. He frowned and shook his head.
"You can't force love. They may seem like a good match, but are they truly happy? Even if you approve the groom or the bride, will the people approve?"
He spoke honestly. He hoped his father didn't disagree.

Emily frowned. She sighed. She looked away. She noticed her father watching her closely all of a sudden. Emily shrugged a bit.
"As my father said. Tradition is important."
Her father nodded. When he looked away, Emily sniffed. She fought a tear.
"See? She knows what is expected of her."

Zachaeus nodded both in understanding of what the king had said and in affirmation of his son's views. "It is important for the people to approve of their leaders. For if they do not they will grow discontented and might move to revolt." He said as he steepled his hands underneath his chin and leaned forward slightly. "But back to the matter at hand. Would you mind-" Zachaeus began. "-if my son gave your daughter a tour of the city? I promise that no harm will come to her." He said, arching an eyebrow.
After his sword thrust was parried, Keith attempted to grab Rimlian but the wanderer managed to get away. Suddenly, Rimlian was joined by Lumina, the Beastkin that Keith knew all too well.

"Hey, you were that beastie from the warehouse." The mercenary said. "I knew tall, dark and masky was with you. Looks like I made the right call." Keith ripped off his frilly dress to show his signature black armor and threw away his hat. He then equipped a buckler to go along with his sword. "Hisana, you keep an eye on our objective. I'll deal with these two." He ordered the cloaked woman.

Keith cracked his neck. "Well then, it's fighty time."

Rimlian quickly dispelled the energy blade and used the small amount of time he had to consider his options. This man was dead set on killing him and these newcomers as well and he needed a way to stop him. Teleportation might work but he'd end up going with him, which could be risky even though it'd keep the others safe. Evocation magic could work as well if he used it properly. After all a well placed ice, lightning, or fire spell could swiftly end this man, especially with the black armor he was wearing.

After several seconds of deliberation Rimlian decided to cast an Evocation spell. Focusing his will he stretched out his hand towards the man and the air around it began to crackle before finally igniting with a bright flash of light as a bolt of electricity exploded from Rimlian's open palm and surged towards Keith.
The only thing I'm wondering about now is why I'm watching Mr. Nightmares videos a 2:47 in the morning.
Okay so they have more to do with time than dimensional travel.
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