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Current I hope I never meet 90% of the 1x1 RP GMs in real life. If I did and it was a movie though, then it would be called Guild Encounters of The Smutty Kind.
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You know you've become a lord amongst Sith when you're capable of manipulating others into following your ideals and beliefs whilst brainwashing them into believing they follow their own.
1 day ago
Why are there no roleplays set in the Geneforge or Avernum universes on here? It doesn't even need to be table top for it to work.
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That's why I have Ghost Rider, Ash, and the Winchesters on speed dial. Aintnothin supernatural coming in my house.
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@Vampiretwilight - Twilight? I know it isn't from anything having to do with the Cthulhu Mythos, even though Lovecraft started the whole "fear of the moon" thing. Course he was afraid of everything.


I'm interested in laid back RPs that are about creating a fun and interesting story, more than RPs that are all about rules and regulations.

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I made an entire fictional Toy Story esque conflict between two toys I played with when I was four or five years old. One was a Mag Warriors toy named Hawkblade (look em up if you don't know) and this other Bionicle type one. The Bionicle one was a dark lord type character that I named the Robot King. (Crappy I know but I was young so cut me some slack will ya?) who wanted to take over reality and enslave all the other toys I had. Hawkblade (can't remember what I called him back when I still had him unfortunately) was a kind of king/hero character who united all the other toys I had in an alliance to destroy the Robot King. They succeeded of course, but only in destroying his body. His spirit still lingered and would possess various other toys I had. Once I even pretended he took over the Hawkblade toy I had and used him to commit evil acts and enslave the world before he was exorcised and banished into the void, restoring peace to the fictional land I made up.

The point is, if it wasn't for those old ass toys I probably wouldn't like role-playing as much as I do. Those toys made me use my young imagination and even after I grew up and moved on, I still remember all the fun I had playing with them.

There, that's my random fact for today.

*Approximately an 16th of a mile away, the being sits perched atop a high building, but not quite the highest. Appearing humanoid in nature, it wields a futuristic and almost ethereal-like array of armor and weapons, though only its exterior ones can be seen*


Fenris: *Notices the figure and watches as it runs off. Accessing a bit more of her higher sense, Fenris sees a glowing trail coming off of the being as it moved. Smirking, she turns back to Ainz* Friend of yours?

Ainz: *Looks back at Fenris* No.

Fenris: Well what do you say we go after it? Have a little adventure?

Ainz: *Assumes a pensive stance* Hmm...I suppose it would be better than just standing here doing nothing...

Fenris: *Laughs and gives Ainz a slap on the back as she walks past him* That's the spirit!

Ainz: *Sighs and follows along, still in his cyberpunk samurai disguise*
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May I pursue the target, my lord?

Ainz: *Nods* Yes, but have Demiurge follow you. Just in case.
Fenris: *Looks towards Vinashy* Not going to do anything then? Alright. *looks past Ainz, Vinashy, and Shalltear and at the area where the creature was fisrt spotted*
<Snipped quote by ZAVAZggg>

May I slay it when it moves?

Ainz: *Shakes head* No. I want to know what it is and what it's capable of before engaging it in combat of any kind.
<Snipped quote by ZAVAZggg>

*Stands up*
Yes, there is some kind of entity lurking in the shadows.

Ainz: Alright. Do your best to keep it in sight. The last thing we need is something or someone ambushing us. *Turns to Demiurge* Demiurge, take up a position in that building there-*points at a nearby unlit window on the third floor of an apartment complex*-and keep an eye on the area around us.

Demiurge: *Nods* As you command lord. *Quickly darts towards the building and heads inside, retracting his tail in order to blend in better. After about a minute Demiurge appears at the window briefly before retreating back into the shadows*

@Mag Lev

Einarr shook his head and let out a soft grunt. "Alright." He said, rubbing his hands together in the hopes of bringing back some of their previous warmth and staving off frostbite. "I'll trust your judgement on this...for now." Einarr said before going silent and staring off into the distance at the tall snow covered mountain's, who's peaks were obscured by heavy blankets of clouds and icy fog. As they walked along, Einarr briefly wondered what manner of fantastical creatures or beasts might call those vast rocky fortresses home. The legendary dragon's and giants of old perhaps? Or maybe a race of beings no one had ever seen before?

Smiling at his own foolish daydreams, the old ranger let out a barely audible scoff as he refocused his attention on the path ahead. Noticing how close they were getting to the graveyard Einarr picked up his pace, clearly eager to have Lunearo get his dark deed of raising a dead warrior to serve them over with as soon as possible.
Banned for not realizing I don't convince...

I demand.
Banned for not loving me, Disney The Mad Company!

@Mag Lev

Einarr gave Lunearo a deadpan stare as they approached the graveyard. Not just because of his warning, something the old ranger would make sure he heeded, or his somewhat unhinged nature and personality, that he could deal with, but because of the fact that he was going off to raise an army of the dead, something that he had specifically told Lunearo not to do so they both didn't wake up one morning to find a mob of bloodthirsty townspeople with torches and pitchforks surrounding the camp.

"Lunearo..." Einarr said in a low, annoyed voice. "I thought I told you raising the dead was a bad idea. I understand it would aid us greatly in our hunt of this creature regardless of if it is a demon or not, but like I said before, if word gets out that the Order has a powerful necromancer among it's ranks, then the people of Haev and Weirn in general will go on a witch hunt, rounding up anyone they think is helping you before burning them on a stake, a fate I wish to avoid mind you." The ranger said as he avoided stepping in a pile of horse manure that had been left in their path. "Are you certain there is not another way for us to go about this? Do we truly need an army of undead to hunt down this creature?"
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