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The fact that roleplaying is also used to describe certain bouts of make believe during sex doesn't help matters either.


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Something shifted on the edges of Xem's perception, and he could feel the atmosphere around the storm become far tamer. More ordered and easier to control. The localized storm on the other hand, remained as stubborn as ever thanks to its divine instigation, and the Pestilent King finally gave up to refocus his efforts back to his original task. He would find the god responsible for this interruption later be that by accident or intent, of that much Xem was certain, but for the time being he would resign himself to his original task. That being fixing the bleeding sky. Turning away, tattered cloak fluttering in the scalding winds, Xem raised his puss ridden hands on high as he extended his will to the heavens at large once more. He found the process of altering the stormy chambers above much easier this time around, almost as if the magical energies that had run rampant before had been calmed, for the weather offered very little in the way of pushback or chaos in response to his changes. Granted, for all the wisdom that should accompany one who is divine, Xem could not tell if it was the maelstrom of magical energy suddenly subsiding or his own increase in skill when it came to manipulating the aerial flows that was the actual cause.

Although, to be fair, it's not as if it really mattered. While the covering of darkness remained due to the lack of a sun or other luminous source, and clouds speckled the umbral expanse above, the climate had finally been tamed. The air was still hot of course, it would take longer than mere moments to cool to a more temperate state, but at least it was far more bearable than before. As for the blizzards and storms, most had been quelled, though those few that did remain were steadily driven into the deeps of the north, where they eventually settled over what looked to be the outermost edge of the sea. And there was still that storm raging caused by that oh so mysterious god, but there was nothing he could do about it short of tracking them down. Something he wasn't too keen on doing, especially with his still festering annoyance in regards to the anomaly. Lastly, there was what the Exarch considered to be the next most pressing matter after the sky, that being the land itself.

What was left of it anyway.

Turning his gaze toward the darkness above, Xem observed the burning glow that streaked downwards with a critical socket. He could see, from what his senses told him anyway, that this was yet another god like himself given its trail, but beyond that he was mostly dismissive concerning its arrival. For if it deigned to walk upon this broken devastated shard it would satiate his hunger all the same, inorganic construction or not. Returning his attention back to the scarred and barren earth, Xem brought forth his miasma once more, riding the noxious fumes directly to the mountain that served as the metaphysical focal point of this fragmented new world...

This gives me so many meme and rage comic based vibes, it's ridiculous. You have my tentative interest.
Moved to the CHAR tab.
Kudos for all the effort put into the sheet. Now that I read the full application, several of the sections are glutted by the mention of his ability to consume others, although his actual listed Power is the claws. Even if a supernatural ability is really inherent to everything about the character, like Ms. Fortune's Life Gem, that's what the Power should be. Such important abilities can't just be mentioned offhandedly in other facets' descriptions, since that's including more than starter characters are allowed to have. After making, say, 'Blacklight Consumption' the Power, then that Power and its effect on fusion can be used to rack up different natural weapons over time, like gaining claws he can manifest after absorbing an enemy with claws.

I'll get on that edit as soon as I get to my PC.

Jesse took this opportunity to fire off ten shots and shoot ten heads. His lifelong training to be the ultimate apocalypse killer played off. He then threw a shiv into the neck of someone who was fleeing. It wasn't until the room was littered with corpses and soaked with blood that he questioned if this was indeed the cult they were supposed to be killing. He tended to shoot first and ask questions later.

"This was them, right?" He asked Zyx, skeptically

"Yes, almost."

One of the cultists who'd been shot - but not killed - attempted to fire up at Zyx from his prone position on the ground, only to be met with the tip of a blade. The god having slowed down time to cross the distance and end him.

"That's all of them. Here anyway. This looks to be a smaller cell of the larger group, and judging by the symbols coating this room as well as their past behavior, I'd say this was just one of many points in a massive ritual site."

Jesse cocked his glock and prepared to headshot a bunch of cultists as soon as the door opened.

"Alright we'll see what this cult is made of."

Nodding, Zyx kicked open the door, drawing his sword and cutting a man dressed in a plain black suit directly in two as he rushed out of the room. Stepping to the side, he allowed Jesse the chance to fire as two more cult members, dressed in civilian clothing, charged the doorway with knives in hand while a third hurriedly fiddled with the safety of his gun.

The Lord of Rot continued to wage war with the tempestuously fickle sky, staring blankly as it roiled and churned, its dark underbelly akin to umbral scales of some grand leviathan. Around him lightning flashed, tearing deep fissures several feet deep in the blasted ground and setting what little vegetation remained alight. The heat of the bolts was added unto the wind as well, whipping it into a static inferno that whirled with the chaos of its own momentum. Despite the violent feedback, Xem was making slow yet steady progress, as he was becoming increasingly familiar with the way the magical energies weaved and flowed. Soon the sky would be restored to a more proper state, provided nothing went awry of course.

Almost as if the hand of fate were conspiring against him, several forks of lightning flashed in rapid succession further north, and Xem could feel the weather there begin to turn. Shifting his rotten bulk until he was fully facing that direction, the Pestilent King let out a low growl, fetid bursts of spores erupting from his throat. There was another being there like himself judging by the resistance he currently felt. Another equally powerful god no doubt, what with the sheer amount of force the localized anomaly was currently exerting.

A challenge to be sure, but Xem would not see his will denied, and pushed back against the stormy pocket just as hard, his efforts redoubled tenfold. Clenching his fists, he attempted to stamp out the localized vortex and return it to a more placid state. His attention being refocused, however, the rest of the sky had slowly begun to revert to its previously chaotic state, the magical energies spilling in from other layers continuing to wreak their havoc on the drifting shard...


"We're going to have to kill the thing eventually, probably." Jesse said as he followed Zyx

Meatwad looked at the ground in what seemed like disappointment. In reality he was too dumb to remain disappointed too long.

"Want to hang out? I can be your evil sidekick the...very...bad meat." He said, smiling to himself and thinking it was a clever name "No. I am dark. The Dark Meat."

"It shouldn't be too hard," Zyx replied, motioning for Jesse to halt as they approached a flight of stairs leading down to what appeared to be the mall's basement. There was no sound as far as mortals were concerned, but an Ultima like Zyx could hear a low hum in the air. Most likely emanating from the magical wards. Calmly laying his hand on the pommel of his sword, he gestured for Jesse to follow as he nonchalantly descended the stairs.

"Get ready. I've a feeling the cult is on the other side of this door. At least a few of their members anyway, and when cornered there's no telling what they will do."

The horrid sound of bones cracking could be heard, not only as Trollge whipped his head around to look at the talking wad of meat, but also when he silenced the final soldier's scream by liberating his ribcage from his chest cavity.

"̨̡̛̯̠̻̝̠͇̣̣͖͚̭̍̔̀̆̇̂̄͌̍͂̚͟͠͝Ḑ̦̪͔̙̗̖̘̳̫̮̱͇̲́̅͛̾͋͗̅͆̿̔̿͆̔͋Ä̢̨̩͍̝̫̹͈̜̝̱͉̥́͛̑̎̒͌͊͆̈́̔͛̅͞R̡̭̭͔͚̩̦͔͍͉̒́̉͐̓̏̋̆͆̚̚͢Ḱ̖͓̜͔͙̣̮̞̲̦̣̹͚̍̉͐̎͒̓͌̉̍̋̏͟͢͠͡͞ ̨̨̣̟̟̻͓͉͈͙͙͉̄̋̂͒̐̃̑̈̿͋̅̚M̧̢̥͎͈̘̞͚͓̭̬̙͎̿̽̈̍̊̃͐͐̈́̃̅̿͘͟͞Ẽ̢͓̰̣̮̯͖͕̤̟̂͛̍̂̆̋̏̔̿͆̚͜͟A̬̻̠̦͈͔̜̥͇̋̍̿̊̌̀͛̀͌͘ͅŢ̛͔̘̹̬̞͚͔̱̬͒̓́́̽̆̕̕͡ ̯̗̗̟̪͙̰̯͙̟̺̓́̒̃̆́̔̈̿̿̆͠ͅI̢̝͍͔̣͇̫͉͉̩̦͒̓͒̈̏̀̌͆̓̓͡N̢̧̛̦̞̬̻͙̹̰̤̥̤͇̽̓́̔̈́̾̄͗͌̽͋͡D̡̧͈͍͓͇͕͕̮̼̗͈̫̮̅̓̋̈̾̓̍̇͛́̽̎͠͞É̢̲͙͚̜̩̼͓̮͚̊̔̏̆̐͛͒̚͝Ȩ̨̛̻̣̦͚̪͚̭͙̘̞̳͊̏̈́̒̑͑͋̽̈͠͡Ḑ̲̯̫̰̼͈̗̗̪̫̞̐̊́̒̎̎͌̐̏̊̿͝!̧̳̹̜̻̳͓͔̺͍̝̮̆̑̿̍͆̓͒̄̓͂̓́͑̚͜ͅ ̤̲̗͇̦̜̙͙̤̬̭͍͉͍̇̃̅̎͒̽̓̆̀̓̂̋̃́͢͠Ḩ̘͖͖̤̲̣̟͚̙̤̂̈́͗͊̐̀͑̄̓̕͞È̥͉͍̣̺̼͙͈͖̔̀̓̋̃͆͘͘̚͟͟͠Ė͙̰̯̰͍̪̠̜̫̰̳̅̂͑̊͑͂́́̔͘͘͜͢͞͠ͅ ̜͙̪͎͈̯̤̙̹͙͖̜͔͔̋͊̋̊̈̀̀̍̈́͑͗̚̕͝Ĥ̢̙̖͉̫̳̘̳͎̬̯̌͊̓̀̈̊͆̈́͛͢͠͠E̡̹̜̙͈̟̬̖̺̟̖̓͒̒̉̂̈̀̾̔̀̒̄̚͢͢Ė̡͓̹̩̬̭̦̪͕̗̘͚̦̏͛̃̐̈̿̔̀̽̕̕͞ ̧̢̧̢̲̩̲͔̳̖͔̠̺͇́͐̃̎̈̋̅̔̔̑̅͒͗͢͝͠H͉̩̯̻͎̜̠̬͛̄̅̂͆̽͛̎̕̕͜͢͠ͅĘ̡̨͕͓͚̠̮̞̼͓̺̊̈́́̓̀͛̉̃̈́̊̉̌̽͢͢͞E̡̮͔̼̻̹͉͎̹͔̒̄̐̀͊̔͒͂͊̒̋́͘͜͟͜͡ͅ,̡͚͔̙͇̩̖̣̖̳̬̾̄̓̎̌͛͛̀͐̎̿̉͢ ̱̰̬͈̼͍͎̩͚̝͔̀͆̅̍̔̔̂̾̔͌̀̕͢͞ͅH̤̹̘̯̲̪̘̗̠̟̠̭̻̫̐́̉͛̐̔̒̿̔͗̔́̂͡Ȁ̡̧̧̜͙̟͍̥̬̼͉̱͉̍̏͋́̍̿͑̒͊͂͜͞͝͠ ̳͇̞̺̗͇͍̺̰̪̟͍̬̗̀͌͑̂̐͆̐͗͂̽̍̀̚͢͠͞H̜͍͇̥̗̻̠͖̠̣̑̀͒͗̾̽͆͂̍̔͘͟͢͞A̱͚̻̭̟͓͎̱̠̱̙̠̎̓̇͒̿́̐̇̈́̕͟͠͝͡͝ͅ ̡̛̗͔̮̳̻̗̻̻̝͎̟̈́̋̋̏̅͂͊̓̃̔͘͘͢Ḣ̨̙͕̼͙͔̞͖͔̝̬͔͍̿̆̍͂͐̈́̍̽͝͠͞͝A̡̭͔̭̺͓̬̗͈͇͒̏̉̓͊̒͆̿̆̆̋͘͘͟͢ͅ ̢̡̖̜͍͎̠̤̥̤̩͌̇͒̎̂̈̄̂̀̅͂H͈̜̹̦̭̹͍̠̲͙͛̄́̍̀̊̑̎̃͗͑̕͜ͅẢ̢̡̡̦̬̻̤͕͎͕͌͒̓͛̆̄̏̐̏̉̓̕͟͜ͅ!̢͉̠̗͎͓͙̮̱̯̓̋̉͊̽͒̈̃͘̚͜͞"̛̲̝̰͚̜̻̤̭̹͚̩̎̑̋̌̂͑͂̈̕͟͡͠

Taking the wad of meat into his arms, Trollge returned to his suit, putting it on and brushing it clean. His shadowy bulk conformed back to the natural proportions of your average man, while his hands shifted back to their human shape. His face, still stained with blood, was noticeably less twisted as it had settled back into its jollier grin. Striding off down the street, Trollge kept out an eye for more chaos he and his protien based friend could cause.

As what was left of Galbar burned and the sky was seared with the white hot flames of magic from layers afar, the few remaining pools of pestilence from the Forgotten World continued to bubble and hiss as they always had. Only this time things were different, perhaps because of the charged energies streaking through the air, or the fact that a new age had dawned. This time the disturbance within the pestilence only continued to grow, the bubbling morphing into a all out tumult while the hissing of gas grew to an utterly unnatural whine, one that would have been heard for miles upon miles were it not for the fact that the world was currently plunging head-on into its fiery end. From this chaos rose a horrid being, one whose flesh was as yellowed and ragged as the tattered garments it called clothes, whose fingers were naught more than spindly claws, chest a gaping maw from which a host of rotten tendrils spilled forth, and face a jackal's grinning skull.

Rising to his full height, Xem surveyed the broken and dying land from behind hollow sockets, his moth-eaten robes splaying outward in the searing wind even as a maggot calmly made its way across his cheek and into his jawless mouth. Already he could feel his displeasure at the current situation beginning to grow almost as strong as his hunger, before swiftly eclipsing it, becoming the only thought to occupy his fetid husk of a mind. This apocalypse simply would not do, for he could not be expected to satiate his hunger if there was no world left for him to corrupt. Thus it was that Xem conferred with himself and, after a moment of deliberation, moved to provide what aid he could. Striding forward, a movement that spilled bile from his stomach and maggots from his skull, Xem began to make the long journey north as there were other beings there. Whether they were like him or not he could not say, though they radiated a trail as he did, that much he could see. As such, it was not a wholly unsound assumption to make that their natures were similar even if their personalities and moods differed greatly.

As he went however, soaring over hill and dale on the back of a thick miasma, Xem gradually found his attention shifting to the torn sky above and the chaos that raged within its magic laden confines. And the longer he stared at it, the more he felt his rage begin to grow. He could not explain why as of yet, but there was something deep within that pushed him towards fixing that before anything else. Perhaps it was a holdover from the source of his birth - as it had been a glorious cauldron not only of rot, but a breeding ground of disease as well - and thus some retained viral instinct that emphasized the sheer importance of the surrounding atmosphere. Whatever the reason, this feeling had been strong enough to completely stop Xem in his tracks, the Exarch of Decay's attention turned towards heavens fully at long last. Still rather uncertain of what he should do, he simply followed the twists and turns of his own will as he exploited the malleable nature of reality to exert his influence over the sky. The ensuing battle would not be easy, however, much to Xem's chagrin, as the magical energies coursing through the air either reverted any changes he made, or took them to an unviable extreme. Thus it came to pass that storms were made, forks of lightning arcing to strike at the barren lands below, while blizzards raged in places they should not have.

All the while Xem continued to fight, slowly yet surely forcing the heavens to bend to his will...

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