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Classes are done for today, and I am available once again.
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At least they get pizza.
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If anyone needs Sephy to bitchslap Cia across the restaurant, let me know. In the meantime I'm going to be starting my day at 3 PM.

Because I stayed up till 7 AM watching YouTube.

Like an idiot.

In Ultima 2 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Okay I think I have a workable thing now. I put in a companion from the CYOA, i'm willing to talk CP price as that one kinda lends itself nicely to some of the storylines I have in mind

So far I don't see anything wrong with this. And to be honest I find the idea of the Ethereals from XCOM ascending to become a Deus Ultima Mens quite interesting. Sheet approved unless I missed anything, so feel free to move it to the Characters Tab.
In Ultima 4 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
<Snipped quote by ZAVAZggg>

Still lean in preferrence of the psionic aspect. I've came down with a fever so I may not get to it for a while, if you want to move on assign the aspects to someone else and I'll see what's left when I get better.

I mean that Aspect is always open for the taking unless someone else takes it first. As for assignments, I won't be doing any of that. Players get to choose, just as I said. Other than that, I hope you feel better soon. Fever's fucking suck.
<Snipped quote by ZAVAZggg>

Dude you don't have to make a character to please people, hell you don't have to work with the team. Be whatever you want, why do you have to be a team player?

I've made up my mind as it stands, but I'll not decline an explanation. Now I'd like to clarify that Arcamor would've been a team player. If anything it's because the group would be his best shot at getting back, however long that may take. Not only that but over the course of this discussion I also realized that some of these threats might be enough to get him to stay longer because of how powerful they might be. So he'd not return to Tamriel until things have concluded, simply because doing so would only put everything he's worked to attain in danger.

Now onto why would I want to be a team player, because I don't have to be clearly. Why I want to be a team player is due to interaction, as if I wanted to write Arcamor solo I could actually go back and finish his original story. Something I flaked out on back in like 2018.

Level: 1 (9/10)
Word Count: 369
Location: Limsa Lominscuttle Town
EXP: +1

Sephiroth raised an eyebrow as he glanced over at the commotion while his group came to a brief halt. He wasn't entirely sure who these new people were, or why one of them was a living cup, but he decided not to question it. Things had been strange since he'd woken up here, and he seriously doubted that would change any time soon. Thus he settled into silent observation once more, meeting the curious look Princess Peach gave him with one of his own, albeit one crossed with the subtlest of smirks. He knew that regular people tended to look at him differently, and while he'd like to imagine it was solely because of his status as a higher being, he was forced to concede the fact that the Mako energy with which he was infused also played its part. In any case, the SOLDIER didn't have much time to dwell on this line of thought, as things had begun to rapidly progress and Sephiroth soon found himself running to the restaurant alongside the others.

It was during this time that he had the situation to which they were running explained, how they were going to save some man—or boy for all he knew—named Link as he'd apparently allowed himself to become bewitched, though it all meant very little as far as Sephiroth was concerned. He had no personal stake in this unless it granted him more power or information, after all, or a greater standing within the group. The last possibly being the only reason why he even bothered to make an effort in the first place. After a few minutes of travel he eventually found himself standing before the restaurant proper, the smells of food wafting from its shaded entrance. Waiting for the others to move in first, as they were ahead of him, Sephiroth quietly and calmly brought up the rear. He wasn't tense or on edge, seemingly the most relaxed out of anyone there, but that didn't mean he had grown lax. Should the woman who had bewitched this Link fellow prove to be a threat, he would deal with her quickly and cleanly, without hesitation or regret.

Just as a SOLDIER should...

@Archmage MC, @Dawnrider, and @DracoLunaris
Alright, after giving it a bit of thought I've decided to withdraw. I just can't come up with a character concept that would both reflect what I know and fit well within a more heroically geared group like this, not fully and not at all points anyway. Thus I wish you all luck, genuinely I do, and I thank you @Prince of Seraphs for helping me identify the flaws in Arcamor for this particular venture at least. But, sadly, I must bid this particular story adieu.
In Ultima 4 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
True. And again, the Initiator will be vanishing off to somewhere, or maybe they'll just remain hidden, at some point after starting the multiverse as I promised in the int check, so mind could conceivably be taken by another Ultima. I could just say they recruited another god of mind to assume a place that they would have otherwise filled.
But even that needs a cause, preferably one that isn't too petty as to be unrealistic. Getting triggered over stupidity is a good one, for example, but again this is essentially one of the many things that upsets me here in real life, thus making it a copy really.
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