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Current At Blizzard, our vision is “to bring the world together through epic entertainment.” *Supports China, whose government is literally the polar opposite of that ideal.*
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Heh, that's cute. They actually think kids can succeed where adults have failed for the past couple of decades.
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Godbless whoever programmed in that dino run game into Chrome.
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Oh christ what idiocy has been unleashed here? Know what, I'm just going to go back to my Cyanide and Happiness and forget I ever saw the Status Bar this evening....
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I prefer the classic, "Stand up. There you go. You were dreaming. What's your name?"


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Aboard The Va

"Understood." Yiithren replied, sending the appropriate instructions for docking whilst simultaneously calling for Strevrols, who arrived on the bridge a few seconds later.

Everything was in order. All that was left was to await the phantoms arrival.

Aboard The Va

Location: Blathriin-Va - Engineering Deck.
Star Date: Unknown.
Communications: Strevrols & The Aegis - @EliteCommander.

Yiithren had returned to his ship, notified Kurqruik of the situation and explained the appearance of the strange ship outside, and headed straight towards the Va's engineering deck where Strevrols was busy looking over some readouts floating in the air nearby. Upon arriving he told him how the meeting had gone, making sure to mention his offer to provide some of their tech to the other ships in their fleet in a way that didn't immediately draw more of his chief engineers ire.

Thus he found himself waiting, rather tensely, for Strevrols response. Surprisingly, however, he didn't fly into a rage at the suggestion. In fact he seemed oddly supportive of it.

"Well we're stuck here right? And the only way to get back is to get rid of this Anubis fellow?" He asked, dismissing another report.

Yiithren nodded.

"Then I see no problem with giving the others some of our tech to use. Besides, I'll have to inspect their ships personally to see where I can make modifications as it is, so I could gather some valuable intel on them and whatever technologies they use in the process." Strevrols, noticing the icy glare his captain was giving him, quickly reassured him. "Simply for securities sake. Never know what those primitives might be plotting behind our backs. Besides, I suspect the Council will question us about our abrupt disappearance from the Swawomia system, so it would be prudent for us to learn as much as we possibly can while we're here. Accuracy is a cornerstone of our society after all."

Yiithren let out a short burble. Strevrols was right, to an extent anyway, yet he still couldn't be entirely certain that his chief engineer had fully given up on trying to spearhead an invasion into this universe. He couldn't just lock him up in a sleep pod however, there was protocol to follow. Until he actually went and did something, he was innocent. Nodding to himself, Yiithren left Strevrols to his work and went back up to the bridge where he sent a message back to Faluls ship.

"If you need engineers, my chief engineer Strevrols is willing. He will need transport however, as we have no shuttle craft of our own."

Aboard The Resurgence

Location: Resurgence - Briefing Room.
Star Date: Unknown.
Communications: Everyone present.

Yiithren scratched one of his appendages with his beak as the others began to cast their votes on whether or not to stay and fight or leave and be returned to their own universes. Though he noted that neither option was instantaneous, which is what he would have preferred to be honest. Didn't matter though, not much he or his crew could do about the speed at which they were ferried about anyway. So he went back to thinking, and eventually reached a decision...

He decided to stay. If what this being said about Anubis was true, then he had to be stopped here and now else he would grow far too powerful for anyone in any universe or reality to stop, Yiithren's own people included.

"My chief engineer and first mate might not be present for this, but I have the authority to speak in their stead as befits my rank, and I choose to stay here and help deal with this Goa'uld of yours. If what you say is true, the risk he poses is far too great for us to simply ignore." He said, casting a brief glance at Elizabeth before shifting his gaze over to Eri. "And should your shipmaster agree, I think I can get my chief engineer to work on your ships drives. Who knows-" He shrugged, his green tinged shoulder frills wobbling from the sudden movement. "he might not actually throw a fit this time."

He turned away from her, moving on to address everyone else currently seated at the table.

"The same goes for anyone else here who may need somewhat more powerful drives. Now I cannot guarantee that the modifications will be fully compatible, as it is not my field of expertise and the technologies Strevrols will be working with couldn't be further from each other in terms of principle or design, but I figure it's worth a shot. Especially given everything we're up against. Same goes for weapon and shield systems as well, though, once again, Strevrols might not be able to do much more than implement a couple of small tweaks with the distinct lack of resources we currently have on hand." Yiithren said, leaning back in his seat, though it looked more like Jell-O settling into place rather than a living being reclining. "But like I said, given the fact we seem to be going up against a literal god here, I figure it's worth a shot."
If anyone wants solid "I know interuniversal travel/interdimensional travel" argument I could always go Time Lord.

Just kidding. But still. Child's play where they're concerned. Which is rather annoying cause I can't play one because of that. They're just too OP.

Aboard The Resurgence

Location: Resurgence - Briefing Room.
Star Date: Unknown.
Communications: Everyone present.

Yiithren had been silent up until this point, content to simply watch the atmosphere, members, and conversation of the room shift and morph like some kind of living thing. Many interesting ideas were presented, as well as an explanation of just what they were up against, and possibly the reason why they had all been dragged here in the first place and why they wouldn't be able to leave, but it was the subject of cloning that truly caught his attention. While he didn't know the ins and outs of the process himself, that was a geneticists job after all, Yiithren had witnessed the deployment of cloned and genetically engineered armies before the Council had declared the practice inhumane and ceased any further inquiries down that path, opting for standard machine forms instead.

Which was another possibility that had been brought up by those present. In all honesty, Yiithren did feel bad for those cloned and engineered soldier's who'd lost their lives now, but at the time of their inception into the Empire's ground forces, his view had been much colder.

"Just another way I've changed over the years I suppose." He mused, his gaze flicking from attendee to attendee as he reminisced for a bit before finally deciding to speak his mind as the oval shaped man had done.

"Commander Erthos," Yiithren said, raising a tentacle. "If I may interject for one moment? My people dabbled a bit in cloning and genetic engineering, though we ultimately declared it an inhumane practice and ceased all further studies down that path. In lieu of this we returned to constructing mechanical Warforms, some of which were no bigger than you're average man or woman, and some that towered over even the most grandiose cities our enemies built. While I sincerely doubt we'd reach that level of advancement on our own, I do believe my chief engineer Strevrols can be of great help with the construction of a mechanized army-" Yiithren explained before the sudden flickering of various electronics throughout the ship followed by the appearance of some sort of glowing being gave him pause.

Closing his beak, Yiithren decided that it was best to remain silent for the time being. If everything he'd heard the Daedalus crew explain over the duration of their stay here was accurate, then the female that had just appeared out of thin air was similar in nature to Anubis, but quite clearly opposed to his occupation of this universe as her words soon revealed. Which was good he supposed. Better to have a benevolent being with godlike powers in one's presence, and on one's side, than a malevolent one after all.

Alastor simply shrugged and stood, the reference to being British lost on him, his Cola still in hand.

"I doubt there's much you could do to me even if you tried." He remarked, placing what he hadn't eaten into the same open receptacle Andy had, before following along.

Alastor took a drink and found, much to his surprise, that he actually enjoyed the drink. Taking a few more sips, he ate some more of the food lying before him until eventually getting full. Wiping his mouth with a napkin, he turned his attention back to Andy.

"So, what can you tell me about the surrounding area? I'm curious." He asked, propping his head up on his fist.

Aboard The Resurgence

Location: Resurgence - Briefing Room.
Star Date: Unknown.
Communications: None for the moment.

A single Cantharian, Yiithren, made its way into the room, the flight over on the LAAT having been uneventful, and cast a brief glance at the parties already assembled. One of which was from the Aegis and the other from one of the new ships that had arrived. Settling his mass in the nearest available seat, Yiithren took a moment to study the group from the new ship as he hadn't seen too much of them since their arrival. From all outward appearances though, they looked the same as a vast majority of the species that crewed their ragtag fleet, that species being Terran as or Human as he had found out from the datapad he'd been provided. Turning his attention away from them, he gave a slight nod to Eri before letting his gaze wander around the room, his mind lost in thought.

While he didn't show it, Yiithren was concerned. He'd left both Strevrols and Kurqruik back on the Va, an act that flew in the face of traditional Cantharian military code, which specifically stated that a captain or admiral had to be accompanied by one or members of their crew, usually their first mate. Yiithren, however, had come on his own with no backup or reinforcements of any kind. Though by this point he felt such measures were redundant as none of the parties he and his crew had been working alongside during the duration of their stay in the mists had shown any signs of treachery or aggression.

The captain of the Va blinked slowly, ending that line of thought for the time being. Right now he had a meeting to focus on.
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