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Draw a bunch of stick figures arguing over bills and legislation.
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Depending on how close he is to Drac, I might just take up that offer of interaction, though I feel like I should wait for some other people to post before I do. Sort of pad out the space between my intro post and the rest I suppose.
Just realized I completely forgot to set up that Vampire Killer plot...

Well there's always the next post.

Location: City Ruins

Dracula awoke, his eyes briefly flaring a bright crimson that died away soon after as he slowly got to his feet. Resting a pale hand against his forhead with a soft grunt, he tried to recall exactly how he had gotten here, wherever here was anyway. Closing his eyes, he let his mind drift, back, back over the events that had led him here.

The one's he could recall, anyway.

Dracula, Prince of Darkness, stared at the empty display with disdain. His old combat cross, the only thing that could end his eternal existence permanently, had been stolen. And the ironic thing was he knew exactly who did it.

Alucard. His own flesh and blood.

He was the obvious culprit. No one else had the skill or fotitude to infiltrate his vault. No one else could have possibly seen that battered and burned old cross as something worth stealing...

Besides him that is.

Of course the question now was why?

That the ancient being couldn't even begin to guess, though he suspected it might have had something to do with his own mood as of late. Truth be told, he had been becoming much colder recently, which must have been why Alucard had taken the cross. He must have feared his father was going to slip back into the same dark pit he had been trapped in for so many centuries, and acted accordingly.

In all honesty, he didn't blame his son. He would have done the same most likely, had their situations been reversed.

Still, the weapons loss troubled him. It was the one thing that could put a final end to his long existence, and send him into the comforting embrace of death. And not having it here with him, especially after everything he'd gone through to reclaim it, infuriated him.

"But," he reminded himself. "I am nothing if not patient. I have waited this long for death, I can wait a bit longer."

Turning away from the display, his long coat unfurling dramatically, Dracula made his way back through the long and winding halls of his underground vault, a hideaway he had constructed in place of his castle, albeit within the ruins of the city rather than the mountains barren expanse. While it wasn't anywhere near as impressive as his old home, or as fortified, it served the purpose towards which he put it well enough.

Making his way through the structure, his hands clasped behind his back, the elder vampire turned a corner, only to have his vision obscured by a blindingly bright light that slowly consumed him. Mind, body, and soul, until there was nothing left.

Was this it? Were his wishes finally being granted?

Was he finally receiving the death he so desperately craved...?

"Apparently not," he thought sourly, carefully examining his surroundings. He was in a ruined office of some sort, with rotted stacks of paper and ruined pieces of furniture scattered haphazardly throughout the room. Shaking his head to clear it, Dracula cautiously made his way towards the nearest exit-a worm eaten wooden door barely attached to the frame upon which it hung-tore it off its corroded hinges and tossed it to the side.

Sprawling out before him was a ruined husk of a city, massive in scope, filled with all manner of decayed buildings. Hollow sentinels of a civilization long since fallen from grace. Much like him, in a way.

Shifting his gaze downwards, away from the silent remnants, Dracula's eyes narrowed into thin slits. He was standing before a yawning precipice. Had he taken another step, he would have found himself becoming more intimately acquainted with the ground below. Not that it really mattered. Survival wasn't an issue for him, but time was. He wanted to find Vampire Killer as soon as possible, and loathed the idea of having to spend what could be days clawing his way back up to the surface.

No, he'd have to find a different way, if he didn't just fly to the other side outright that is. Speaking of flight, he felt... different. Weaker, somehow. As though some vital parts of him had been torn away, although he wasn't sure what that could be.

He didn't have much time to ponder this, however, as a gilded parchment materialized in the air before him. Remaining suspended for only the briefest of moments, the scroll dropped to the ground, only to come to a halt at the last moment as Dracula used his telekinesis to hold it aloft. Positioning it where he could see it's contents, he unfurled the scroll and began to read.

Rolling the scroll back up now that he was finished with it, Dracula looked down to find five crimson and gold colored chips lying on the floor, which must have fallen while he was preoccupied.

"Those must be the tokens it mentioned," he muttered, picking them up and smuggling them away into a newly created pocket in his coat. Taking hold of the scroll, he took a few moments to commit its contents to memory, before summoning his chaos claws and setting it alight. Even though he now knew the name of the place he was in, despite not knowing where it was in relation to Europe, he had no idea how valuable the information he'd just received was or if there were other's here who might be after it, so he decided to play it safe and destroy the original outright. That way the only place it existed was the one place it couldn't be stolen from.

His mind.

Once he was done with that, Dracula dispelled his claws and strode back over to the open doorway he had peered through earlier. Fixing his gaze on the chasms far side, the old vampire focused on his body, willing it to shift into a thin, black and red mist. Taking to the air, the Prince of Darkness descended upon the desolate wastes below.

Upon the Crossroads.
Working on a post. And no, Dracula is not getting his castle. So if you were thinking of reanacting a final boss fight with the Slayer and Chief against him or some such, think again.
Alright, I think we've managed to pick out all of the OP aspects. I think I'm confident enough in saying that he's accepted, as long as you play him responsibly

Remember to Drac responsibly, kids

I'll do my best. Will probably post tomorrow sometime though, as it's 3:01 AM where I am, and my brain probably shouldn't be working on fully fledged intro scenes right now. Will move him into the character's tab in the meantime, however.
Edited the Void Sword to use powerful frost based attacks rather than steal health.
Don't worry, the mist thing is fine

As for the lifestealing/healing aspect, maybe we can just...remove that aspect? I feel like healing factors are already an issue, and I feel like being able to heal while doing damage at the same time is even more of a problem

Sure, that's fine. His blood draining actually covers that as it is, but in a more reasonable manner.
<Snipped quote by ZAVAZggg> exactly will that manifest itself in the RP?

<Snipped quote>
Alright, I suppose the "avoiding attacks" aspect is the most important part

Like I desrcibed, he can't fight back while in Mist Form, unlike in the original version of the power, so he'd either have to flee or revert back and go in fair and square.

As for how it manifests, I honestly don't know. It's not really... physical in a normal sense I think? I mean it was formed from pain, just like the claws were formed from hate. In the game he sort of just... summons them. Even after you unlock them again by going through his mind and essentially relearning, I think, how to call upon them, he sort of just sticks out his hands or hand and the things materialize.

Hold on, found a gif of said summoning.

Unless I've understood the question wrong, that's how they work pretty much.

EDIT: I've edited the CS in my PMs. Will post it here in a bit.

And lastly a gif of the Shadow Whip.

Length of whip is negotiable, and even seems to change during gameplay when used. Sort of like it adjusts itself. I probably won't be taking it to the same length as the trailer though. Hell, I'm pretty sure it doesn't even go that far in the game itself.
<Snipped quote by ZAVAZggg>
Actually now that I think abut it, Dante also has a time control ability with quicksilver. Honestly I think Dante's OP nature would possibly rival Dracula's and Dio's if I gave him all of his stuff

<Snipped quote>
What exactly did you change? I can't seem to tell what the difference is

<Snipped quote>
Could you maybe put a cooldown time on it as well? Maybe like 10 or 20 seconds or something?

<Snipped quote>
Hmm...maybe make it so it can't be used on player characters? I feel like that would be enough of a nerf

<Snipped quote>
Yeah, I suppose that might be for the best

BTW, I actually just noticed in the Void Sword section it says that it can "steal life from foes to heal him". Could you maybe elaborate on that?

Well for the sword, it essentially heals with every strike made. Course in game it has a use meter, but I doubt that applies lore wise. I've looked at the numbers on normal difficulty when fighting Brotherhood knights with it, and it seems to heal around 9 to 13 maybe a bit more depending on whether it's a heavy or light attack.

As for the mist form, I changed it to where he can't attack while in said form, and dropped phasing through enemies, replacing it with attacks only. So while he can still reach places and such with it, he won't be able to go intangible to avoid an attack, only to turn part of himself solid to kill you, nor will he be able to instantly move towards enemies, or mix in Chaos and Void magic for extra effects.

I'll edit the Telekinesis and Teleport.

EDIT: here's the page on the Void Sword itself,
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