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10 days ago
Current I just play as Chaotic Neutral as often as I can and skip the whole morality issue...
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10 days ago
"Understand the proceedure now? Just stop a few of their machines, throw them into darkness for an hour and watch the pattern. They always pick the most dangerous enemies... themselves."
20 days ago
Ah I see old topic changing posts are back. Well, here comes the feeling of being stuck in a digital time loop again...
20 days ago
I sense intercession from the powers that be will happen soon.
20 days ago
Well, I hope I never have to have a dream where I relive the start of a pandemic again. Especially since patient zero was a newborn I watched the virus slowly claim as I held him in my arms.


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Here's my WIP NS. Wanted to post what I have so far for examination to make sure I'm not messing anything up.

@ZAVAZggg If your nation's theme is being nomads, then yeah, you don't need to have planets.

Okay. Cause I was going to have them go from planet to planet draining living beings when needed. Not any player owned ones, but neutral ones.
Still working away here. One quick question, do I strictly need planet's under my command, or can I just go with the lifeships/arks only?
I don't believe the Ashtar are as omnipotent as the endless, so keep that in mind.

I will. Also, since Endless Space 2 lore has been revealed, it turns out the Endless weren't as omnipotent as everyone was led to believe. Granted, they were extremely powerful and advanced, but that was because of an external force they harnessed rather than just their ingenuity.

(Which I'm still kind of upset about. So thanks for that retcon Amplitude)
<Snipped quote by ZAVAZggg>I think you interpreted a few things differently here.
Ashtar are still considered an "endgame purpose" as far as advancement is concerned. They also have an aura of mystery around them thus having too much interaction with them would be discouraged.

As for the idea, it can be salvaged. I only mention a suggestion I came up with in a spur so bear that in mind. Draetor are an ancient species doomed to perish. Yet in their plight they were saved by the Ashtar who gave them new semi-ethreal bodies. Consequently you revere the Ashtar as gods and wish to be like them. With your homeworld gone your civilization settled on giant "lifeships" many miles in diameter. Your new ethreal bodies require no food but your souls will erode over the time. To slow this you wear suits to contain your energies and better manage it. In order to replenish you must siphon the souls of the living, a practice you intensely loathe yet begrudgingly perform, never taking it lightly. As "ascended" people you have innate psionic abilities and your technology also use psionics to function.
Bulletpoint changes:
- You didn't work with the Ashtar, they saved you and then went away
- You don't live on one gigantic ship but multiple colony vessels
- Your ethreal bodies bleed away energy fast without their protective suits
- You are in a constant moral struggle over the fact you feed on the souls of others

How does it sound?

Really good actually. My first idea was to have a leech type thing which would result in an inner conflict of sorts among the Draetor where maybe a small splinter faction lead by a sibling or former advisor of the emporer branches off and goes to the Ashtar homeworld, causing a constant conflict there for my faction, but I couldn't think of a way to actually make it work properly. With this, I'm pretty sure I can make a working nation with or without the splinter faction aspect.
@ZAVAZggg There're several questionable aspects here.

Such as? (In case you're wondering about the immortality aspect, they're bound within suits. Should the suits be breached, then the being inside will die as nothing is keeping their consciousness or energy based body grounded anymore)
So I'm making a faction called the Draetor Empire, who are, well this.

"The Draetor are an ancient race of biologically immortal humanoid aliens, rumored to be as old or even older than the Ashtar themselves, who achieved a form of energy based ascension in ages past thanks to their experiments into the nature of energy in the observable universe and several close joint research projects with the Ashtar and their psionic technology. Also, despite being structured and operated like a traditional empire, the Draetor value scientific and cultural advancement over conquest and imperialism, meaning that they are a rather peaceful race and, as such, did not participate in the Great War.

It should be noted however, that even though they are not a warlike people by nature, the Draetor still see the benefits of having a reasonably strong military presence in their sector of the galaxy and will not hesitate to go to war if attacked."

Anyway, I was thinking that instead of living on planets, they instead live on one massive hyper-dreadnought around the same size as Jupiter (possibly), which is powered by the energy siphoned from stars. And let me make this clear, the drained stellar energy would be for travel purposes only. Nothing more, nothing less. Other than that, I was thinking they move from star system to star system every hundred years or so and exchange knowledge with other races.

So, does that sound acceptable? Or is it too OP? Also, I might just limit their involvement with the Ashtar to brief interactions rather than long term research projects as I'm not certain of all the lore in play here.
<Snipped quote by ZAVAZggg>

I'm sure it'll work out, we're always here to answer questions or give advice.

Thanks. I might need some when it comes to FTL type stuff as I'm not the best when it comes to calculating travel times and distances on a stellar scale.
@ZAVAZggg It is still open.

Cool. Again, not sure if I've got what it takes, but I figure it's worth a try at least. Going to try and make a faction inspired by the Vodyani from ES 2. Whether or not that will actually work out though is anyone's guess.
I'm expressing very tentative interest if this is still accepting as, while I love world building, I'm not sure I'll have what it takes to participate in a roleplay of this scope. If I do decide to join and make a faction however, I might make one that takes large inspiration from the Vodyani faction of Endless Space 2. Not entirely sure how that would work here, but it's an idea.
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