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Current Sir this is a Wendy's.
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@VampireTwilight - It's not my particular cup of tea art wise, but it is far from being shit.
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My int check is coming along nicely. Only a bit more and then I can post it somewhere. Maybe to nation or tabletop given its wargame nature.
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Remember to slap your local rubberized man ass.
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I prefer hellspawn myself, but xenos are xenos. Purge on sister.
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"Gervasius," he replied curtly. "Prime Chronarch of the Aeternal Empire."

Although he had given his name and title, it had not been in vain. Everything he did had a purpose, for a purposeless act was a waste both of energy and time, and this was no different. With that little trickle of information, Kassandra would most likely feel as though she were getting somewhere. And maybe, just maybe, he could string her along long enough to get some idea of where he'd ended up without giving away the fact that he was totally, and utterly, lost. Furthermore this brief exchange had given him a name and the faintest outline of her power, or at least that which she claimed to possess, which was good. The champion of the gods part felt like a bit of a stretch, but he didn't discount it just yet.

"It would be stupid to underestimate a potential threat after all, this early on especially..."
Gervasius stopped, frozen in place as he took stock of the battlefield, for that's what this was now. It hadn't been bad enough that the woman standing before him had been tramping about, destroying those metallic beasts and anything else that had crossed her path, but now she had issued a very clear threat. Granted it was a weak one, and the language of her entire body had seemed to shift from confident to uncertain in a heartbeat, but it was still a threat nonetheless. At least if the aiming of her staff was any indication.

Speaking of which, how had he'd been able to understand her? Again this timeline, this world whatever and whenever it was, was completely foreign to him. He doubted a version of his empire even existed here, let alone a Chronarch, so why was speech not a greater barrier between them?

"Perhaps that force, whatever it was, is responsible for this common ground," he mused, eyes darting about, taking every detail of the environment. His mind marking off the places that of greatest tactical import even as it pondered these things. "If so, good. One less thing I need worry about."

Planting his feet, Col subtly assumed a more defensive stance, though he kept his blade pointed towards the sidewalk and his gaze locked on her.

Finally he spoke.

"Who are you?"
The Void

Gervasius pushed his way through a realm of unending darkness, a deep twilight whose only form of illumination were the thinnest of threads. Timelines, stretching out into the abyss, undulating and waving as events churned within them.

Histories in the making.

One of which was currently under threat from the kingdom of Aevum.

Weaving this way and that, he oriented himself towards the proper chronological line, and was about to enter it when something stopped him. Not a whim or change of mind, but a force, and a powerful one at that. One that made his teeth feel like they were going to crawl out of his skull if he stayed here for much longer. Turning away, he tried to flee, only to have the force pull him sideways through the abyss and towards a destination unknown...

New York, 2016

Col inhaled sharply, sitting bolt upright on what felt like solid ground, but colder. Almost as though it had been covered in frost. Had that force, whatever it was, sent him to another timeline? Possibly. If his surroundings were anything to go by, it seemed to be one vastly different from his own, or at least the local group he was accustomed to. The sounds of a bustling city flooded his ears, though they were unlike those of any city he had ever been in. Rather than the wooden rattle of carts in the streets, there was a loud scrapping whoosh instead, an odd sound that mixed cacophonously with the blaring of horns and rumbles of earth. Rising to his feet with a slight shake of the head, Gervasius paused for a moment to let the dull ringing in his head stop, before attempting to enact a voidal shift, only to find his surroundings unchanged.

"Note to self, powers nullified," he muttered. "Full extent unknown. Best to be cautious until such information can be verified."

Gritting his teeth, he does a quick check for potential injury. Finding himself bereft of any serious wounds, save for some light bruising and soreness, Gervasius made his way out of the alley and into the city proper. Keeping well away from the main roads, which were filled with metallic instruments of all shapes and sizes, he begins a cautious exploration of his environs. Gervasius, however, was naught more than an hour into his trek when the sounds of destruction and chaos lighted upon his ears. Drawing his sword and assuming an adaptive stance, he looks about for the source of the disturbance, his eyes finally falling upon the rampaging form of Kassandra, who moved about the crowded streets in a blur.

Edging closer, he watches her warily.
Fuck it, here's the long ass sheet.

Post to let you know I have arrived.
Stretching out with a quiet yawn, Sims rolled over in bed, lightly tapping the top of the alarm clock sitting on his nightstand table, putting an end to its piercing beeps. While most people would have found such sounds annoying, Craig did not. As a matter of fact he was grateful for the noise, startling as it was, for it was a large part of what kept his life flowing as smoothly as it did. Well, it and a rather strict sleeping schedule. Plopping onto his back Craig sat up, his bones popping as he went, and reached for the clothes he had laid out the night before and began to change, hopping on one foot as he pulled up his pants. Slipping on a pair of socks and some sneakers, he made his way out into the living room and got started on breakfast. A light meal compared to most, but one that was sure to keep his energy levels up throughout the day.

Something he'd need if the amount of cases this week was anything like last. Teams like his were practically overworked on a near daily basis, with people from all walks of life being brought in for one accident or another. In all honesty, the ways in which a human being could harm themselves was simply astounding. Broken bones, torn ligaments, internal bleeding, and god only knew what else with the arise of powers following the Equinox. Finishing his bowl of oatmeal, he gave it a quick rinse and placed it onto the rack as he headed out the door, locking it once he was outside. Striding over to his car he climbed inside, started the engine, and began his commute to work. One that would take him through Vorpool's uptown area, straight to the city's medical district and right to the ER at which he worked.

Assuming, of course, that traffic wasn't absolutely horrendous today.


A few hours of driving, and narrowly missing a rather irate individual barreling their way down the highway, later and Craig finally arrived at work. The cracked asphalt of the parking lot crunched mutely underneath the tires of his Malibu as he pulled into his customary spot. Clambering out of his vehicle, he made his way into the emergency ward of Vorpool General and got ready for the long day ahead. Washing up he took off his sneakers and slipped into his personal protective equipment, which consisted of a pair of scrubs, latex gloves, surgical mask, cap, and clogs with disposable coverings. Taking a moment to ensure everything was squared away, and his personal affects safely stowed in the locker he had been assigned, Craig made his way over to the trauma ward, giving perfunctory nods to those he passed along the way.

"Alright," he muttered, his gaze trailing over the busy room as he stepped inside. "Lets get started."
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