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Current Speaking of which. *Turns to self* Congatulations, you played yourself.
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So long as it cuts down on the amount of r/wooshes that need to be done, I'm a happy camper.
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And before you make a comeback about sarcasm, allow me to remind you that SaRCaSm TeXT is a thing.
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I hope that's sarcasm. Being truly upset over such a petty thing would make you look like quite the fool. In the off chance you're serious though, make an interest check if you want to RP something.


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In Vrenorza 14 hrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Here's a class. Will add more later.

Class name: Quaeren.
Main weapon: Varies.
General skill set: Varies.
Difficulty level: Intermediate. Can't just have any fool running around gathering knowledge after all. (For specifics, look at the sect itself on the main guild sheet).
Usage in battle: Varies. Not all Quaeren are as skilled as others in different forms of combat.
Any other information you can provide: (See their section on the main sheet).
@ZAVAZggg Depends on you really, there's still time to retcon it :P

Eh, think I'll leave it. What's done is done, and Ralor has fulfilled his purpose of providing an introduction to the Adjudicators and their Enforcers.
Alastor examined the metal contraption he was currently standing in, as it made its way up to the third floor. It was a rather rickety looking thing if he were being honest, and not something he would have ever thought up in a million years. Mainly due to the fact that in his home dimension they didn't need such crude contraptions. Still, he supposed such a device would have been a miracle to the primitive bipeds who first saw its creation and then use. The Umbral Lord couldn't see it in quite the same light himself, however.

He supposed it wasn't entirely worthless though. At least it was getting them were they needed to be, and in relative safety at that. Granted the slight jostling of the object and occasional rumble that reverberated throughout its frame made Alastor somewhat uncomfortable, but he'd manage to endure the ascent well enough, or as well as could be expected from a creature like him anyway.
Just realized I could have had Issoth and Qell use their guns stun functions on Ralor.

Oh well, too late now.

Aboard The Va

Yiithren listened to Caldwell's message intently, pondering whether or not to join the whatever craft are going to aid the Aegis, or to stay behind and help defend the factory. Both were equally important, as without the factory they wouldn't be able to construct the proper facilities and reinforce their current fleet, but with the Aegis where it was, they risked losing a hell of a lot of firepower. Not to mention the life of his chief engineer as well.

"Your orders sir?" Kurqruik asked, turning towards him.

He glanced over at her, still deliberating, before finally coming to a decision.

"Ready the jump drive," he said, leaning back in his seat as Kurqruik walked over to a nearby wall console and had four members of the crew reassigned. "Lathoor, plug in the coordinates."

"Already on it," he replied, his appendages becoming a blur as he entered in the location to his station.

"Everyone else strap in and be ready for an engagement when we arrive. I don't want the Empire taking us by surprise," Yiithren warned as the crew slowly got everything ready. After a few more minutes of preparation, the drive was finally ready, and the crew prepped for combat.

"Ready to jump on your command," Kurqruik said.

Yiithren nodded. "Good. Now lets go make sure our engineer doesn't get himself killed. Initiate jump on my mark."




<Snipped quote by ZAVAZggg>

*Scans it*

*It does not protest, but it also does not yield much useful information other than a preprogrammed response*

Codex-β: Take me to Nemid…
<Snipped quote by ZAVAZggg>

*Walks over to it*

*It emits a soft multichromatic glow, but otherwise remains inert*
*A speck of light glimmers in the skies of Nemid's realm before the cube rockets through the cloud cover and crashes through the walls of the structure, eventually ending up in a place where it might be easily found by the right person*
*Returning to my perch I look out over the vast expanse once more. Eventually I come to a decision. Bending the local space, I bring the end of one of the shadowy hallways right next to one of my arms. Once that's done I rummage about for a bit before finding what I'm looking for. A crystalline cube with a rainbows array of colors at its center. Returning the hallway back to where it was, I let the cube float in front of me as I make a copy of it and transcribe information onto its surface. With that done I send the original back to where it was, take hold of the copy, and, creating a walkway beneath my feet as I stride forth through the walls of my library and into the Outside, I send it forth, the trajectory taking it straight towards the realm in question.

And its master*

???: You will know of me one way or another. I will not allow myself to languish in this isolation any longer!

*Watches as the cube rockets off into the distance at speeds faster than light*

???: No longer...
*Manipulates the space before me, attempting to connect a series of threads to Nemid's realm so that a link may be established*

???: Damn it... connect already!

*The threads seem to connect for the briefest of moments, before dissolving into nothingness, making me turn away with a frustrated sigh*
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