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Current That isekai idea works until you take into account the advanced part and include things like AI, brain machine interfaces, etc. Knowledge can just be downloaded.
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Some day's I regret setting foot in this site.
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What do you mean by added? Like to a PM or something?
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What the pog doin?
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Unless you love kids a little too much, then a prison sentence is what can be done about it.


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Let's see what you've got, tough guy.

*Lunges in close to strike at your throat followed by your ribs and the side of your left knee respectively, my form actually vanishing into thin air this time around as it seemingly crosses the distance between us instantly*
Well that brings us back to the use of italics then, the standard use of which has been to emphasize or convey emotion/thoughts from what I've seen. I know they've been used for a different purpose, though I don't know why, but using them to show a thought or such can still work even in a first person format. It just depends on where and how it's used in a post, in which case I generally italicize a full sentence for a thought, and a portion or word for emphasis.
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<Snipped quote by ZAVAZggg>

I'd argue that part of the point is development through interactions with others, but you do you.

To be fair, it's both to varying degrees, but not wholly one or the other. The thing is, I so rarely see the inner thoughts or emotions of other characters here despite the post being from their POV. Which means you can still have introspection without breaking the format of the RP. Plus, show don't tell. Sure an inner monologue is kind of telling, but it's also kind of showing since it's the characters thoughts from their POV. Like how it'd be in a webcomic or anime almost.

It's why I also end up forgetting the details of so many characters, despite my best attempts not to, because they do not leave a mark beyond what interactions were had. I suppose what I'm getting at is they don't always feel entirely like real 3-dimensional beings since I only get to see their views and perspectives when interacting with them. And I don't say this to be rude, mind, it's just something I've come to notice over the years of on and off posting in this.
<Snipped quote by ZAVAZggg>

I would caution that using a lot of those techniques could easily lead to not having a ton of player interaction.

Fair, but not having inner monologue's or thoughts removes like 90% of all character development one could have. Plus, it's not that hard to switch from inner thoughts back to the action at hand, depending on the scene anyway.
Hmm. Maybe something like :Text: could work to differentiate, since it's not too intrusive but also noticeable?
I could, but then I'd need to explain what those mean to everyone reading it, whereas italics in a story almost always means emphasis or thought. So I figured just use what's already established, since we are writing a story collaboratively in our own way and format. I still might use them though, I don't know as of yet for certain. Still thinking it over.
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Usually we dont post what they are thinking and us italics for emphasis on speech. Threw me off.

I understand, though my character's do have inner monologue in the form of dialogue since irl when you think in your head, that's kind of the form it takes. I suppose the best way to approach my posts is more like a section in a book, albeit a book with first person present tense, since that's basically still the convention I'm following. Just in a slightly different format.
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Life or death? Really? I've pushed you to that point already?

*The aura lessens and dims to the point of nonexistence, revealing a much calmer and more tranquil visage beneath. Striding foward, I approach you*
Sok was technically thinking that. Italics for me will always either be a character's inner monologue or to add emphasis. Or telepathy, as is the case with tentacle boy falling towards the planet currently.

I point this out because last I checked King wasn't a telepath, and it was kind of confusing to read.
<Snipped quote by ZAVAZggg>

*takes note of your movement after the kick, jetting into the air to send down a couple of small energy blasts aimed at your feet to knock off your balance*

*Continues to move, flowing away from the blasts like water through a sieve*

Ah, so that's what I was missing...

*Chuckles as I continue flowing from one stance to the next, the land around me warping this way and that until, finally, I have it under control*

Who knew all it took was a life or death scenario to get the hang of?

*Moves into my final stance, my feet planted and palms facing the ground, while a visible aura of shadow envelopes my form with the only light left being that ethereal glint cast by my remaining eye*

Finally... my astral body is now fully under control.
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