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Still... I'd like to stress that what one individual says or does (out of miseducation or misinformation, perhaps) doesn't reflect the community as a whole. It's as simple as that.
9 mos ago
I think making public statements was the wrong way to go about it, but trans people have always existed and excluding one tells me people still don't know enough about trans history.
9 mos ago
I don't know what's going on, but what an individual says or does doesn't reflect a community as a whole.



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One big geek here, sup.

Everyone online calls me Cio, although it's not my real name. I'm an art student from Finland and even though English isn't my first language, I'd dare to say I'm rather good at it (as in, that won't be a problem if you want to roleplay with me).
I'm a bundle of creative ideas and passion for some good originality and in-depth character analysis. In my opinion, even a crappy plot can be turned into a fabulous story if the characters are worthwhile.

My roleplaying style is usually from the 1st POV, but I'm open to trying new things. I'm used to writing somewhat long posts, so I'm in the look for roleplays that expect their players to write more than just a few paragraphs. That said, I do enjoy more casual pace, since I do have my studies to worry about as well. I aim to be as active as possible, visiting the site at least once a day.

Some stuffs:
  • INFP-T
  • Art student
  • Finnish
  • She/Her

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Vanessa, looking at the response she recieved from Beck, wasn't quite sure how to answer. Was this a time she should respond? How would one even respond to that?
She didn't have the time to cook up an appropriate response when she recieved a new text.
A werewolf? Stalking her? Was Beck messing with Nessa? Frowning, the ravenette typed a haste answer.
How'd you know?
Still, even as she was not fully convinced, Vanessa got up and put her guard up. Just in case.

Aava walked behind Evren, hand clasped tightly onto his. The changing scenery was peculiar, Aava couldn't get enough of it. It was all weird and new and wonderful.
"(I get it. No hunting. Not even a taste)," Aava nodded even as she looked at the passers-by, her mouth watering ever so slightly.
"(I am fine, I am confused though. I don't know where the lake is)," Aava mused, looking at Evren and the skeleton man, although the latter couldn't understand.
@Eviledd1984 Vanessa is in her apartment though, that's what I wrote for the last 3 posts I did with her. It's okay, I mean she has pretty good means of escape because that's kinda her thing, but I'm just more confused by why and how Hayato would even look for her in the first place since he doesn't know it was her. What reason would he have to single her out of all people? I don't mean to come off agressive or anything I'm just trying to get behind the leaps of logic :'D
@Eviledd1984 How does Hayato know Nessa is a woman and never smiles? Pale skin I would understand if he assumed she was a vampire but there is nothing connecting Nessa to the crimes? How did he even find her apartment for that matter, if he didn't know who she was? Am confused...

Aava frowned and made faces at the skeleton, quite confused by his existence. Usually bones didn't move...
Evren tried to assure that Hannelore was a good friend, but Aava pouted in response.
"(She may be a friend, but I don't like her, I don't,)" Aava huffed in return. Not after she had shouted at Evren. Nobody shouted at Evren. Except maybe Aava herself, the näkki remembered faintly. No, not even her. Aava would protect, not raise her voice. Evren always did the same, too.
"(Town...) Town? Yes, want to. I want to. Ues," Aava nodded somewhat excitedly, pleased that she was starting to piece together more of the new language. Maybe the rock to her head had jogged her stiff memory a bit or something. Or she was simply picking it up fast like usual.

Meanwhile in an apartment in Redhaven a dark haired vampire read a book on her sofa. It was a bad book, really, Vanessa didn't even know why she was still reading it. Maybe out of boredom for not being able to roam the streets, or maybe just in hopes that the book would miraculously redeem itself in the last few chapters.
Beep beep!
The sound of her ringtone alerted Nessa from her rather unpleasant reading bubble. Adjusting her reading glasses on her nose, Nessa reached for her phone to see who it was. She never recieved text messages from anyone, so this was unusual.
It was from an unknown number, but after reading the words 'Hope you're healing up nicely,' Vanessa knew exactly who the sender had been. Beck
Staring at the screen for a good two minutes, Nessa stroked her thumb over the words and contemplated whether she should answer at all. She actually intended not to answer, already putting her phone back to the table. Only to then think the better of it and bring the screen back before her, typing a curt, impersonal response.
Looking at the three short letters a beat too long before pressing sent, Vanessa noticed her brow had been ever so slightly furrowed as it often did when she was concentrating; only as it began to strain her head did she notice.
Five minutes passed in silence.
Vanessa hadn't gone back to reading the book. She sat there still, phone in hand and stare somewhere far away, thinking. Nessa realised she was feeling quite nervous, but why? That's something she didn't have an answer to.
After another minute of charged silence, Nessa sighed as if she was giving in, opening the lockscreen once more and returning to the dry text chain to sent a double message.
Hope you're doing nicely too.
Slightly less curt, slightly friendlier. Why it mattered to Nessa, she didn't know.

The ferry ride had been long and quite crowded for Lorie's taste. She wasn't really used to being in a place with so many people cramped tightly together, the purple haired girl got claustrophobic from far less.
If there was one good thing that had come of the cramped ferry situation, it was that Sneasel had had an easy time doing some pickpocketing. The sneaky pokemon had scored a pack of cookies - a Johto speciality it seemed - as well as a super potion, an antidote, and a bit of pocket money. Even though Lorie had heard the announcement suggesting pokemon return to their pokeballs during disembarking, she decided against doing so. Sneasel could handle it.
Exiting the ferry with the mass of people, Lorie gave Sneasel an approving nod, trusting the pokemon wouldn't stray too far as it disappeared into the flow of people.

Walking on the dock, the change of scenery was massive. Even the air felt different from what Lorie had grown up in. She couldn't help but feel a small weight being lifted off whenever she travelled someplace new. New place, new faces... new opportunities. If it had been in her nature, perhaps she would've even smiled a bit at the freeing thought. However... the sense of lightness didn't last long, as someone bumped into Lorie from behind, trying to scoot past her in the mass of people exiting the ferry:
"Sorry! Excuse me! Coming through!"
Not having it, Lorie grunted and pushed back stubbornly.
"Watch where you're freaking going," Lorie snapped, her raspy voice gaining an air of annoyment. Did this girl think she was the only one in a hurry to get away from this crowd?
Pushing through, Lorie tried to manouver her way through the crowd boldly, her steps gaining speed as the crowd began slowly scattering.
Making sure she still had all her stuff with her - namely her only belongings which were stacked in her backpack - the purple haired girl began looking around the crowd for Sneasel.
"Where in the name of Arceus did he go?" Lorie muttered to herself, beginning to gain a mild headache from all the people swarming everywhere.

I've been looking for a Pokemon rp to join! This one looks like it's not advancing all that quickly, but luckily I already have a character so all I'd need to do is fill it out on the sheet :>


Aava squealed as they hugged, relief filling her. Soon she was introduced to someone who looked like a walking skeleton wearing a fedora, but Evren was sure to clarify he was a friend. Not like Aava would've attacked the man anyway - he had no flesh for Aava to munch on.
Aava jumped when Beck began raging at Evren, ranting something in a language Aava was only just beginning to pick up. Aava pouted, staring daggers at Beck as she left, holding on to Evren protectively.
Friend sad...
"What the hell? I hate that... I hate! Bad friend Hannelore. Those bastards," Aava huffed and puffed, looking at Evren with solemn determination. Then she turned to the skeleton man as if to ask for support or to convince him that Beck had been wrong about Evren.
"Evren on hyvä ystävä! [Evren is a good friend!] Hannelore... Woman... Was wrong, so bad," Aava tried, the words heavy with a Finnish accent.


Aava grunted back at Beck at the harsh question, pouting in response. Her sour face turned into a hopeful smile next, however, when she heard a familiar voice.
"Evren??" Aava asked, looking at the approaching figure with a hopeful smile. Leaving Beck's side, Aava began clumsily sprinting at the figure, the loose pants making her efforts a bit more difficult. It must've looked goofy, a long haired, big eyed creature with a big t-shirt hanging on her petite frame. Not to mention the Rapunzel-esque, messy hair dragging behind her on the ground, gathering all sorts of sticks and leaves into it.
"Promise!" Aava recalled, grinning.

Vanessa Poirier

Nessa was in her apartment, nursing her wound from earlier. It was healing, but it was going to take a while. She'd have to remain very careful for the next few days, because she wouldn't be at her sharpest physically. Escaping potential threat might prove difficult, so it would better if she laid low for the unforseeable future.
That also meant she'd have to cancel some of her meetings for the next few days, take some time off. Dealing blood under the grid was dangerous even in a small town like Redhaven, and doing it while recovering from an injury was stupid to say the least. Still, it didn't mean acknowledging this made it any easier for the workaholic that Nessa was. Besided, she had nothing else to do, and just sitting around... that would make her bored beyond words.
Sighing, Vanessa limped to her bathroom to retrieve a first aid kit to switch the bandage on her leg and clean the wound again, hopefully nudging the healing process along. Getting a wound infected was the last thing she wanted.
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