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Current Still... I'd like to stress that what one individual says or does (out of miseducation or misinformation, perhaps) doesn't reflect the community as a whole. It's as simple as that.
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I think making public statements was the wrong way to go about it, but trans people have always existed and excluding one tells me people still don't know enough about trans history.
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I don't know what's going on, but what an individual says or does doesn't reflect a community as a whole.



I'm new to this forum and its ways, but I'm quick to learn. I came here looking for group roleplay company since I've been missing roleplaying, an activity I used to do daily.

Everyone online calls me Cio, although it's not my real name. I'm an art student from Finland and even though English isn't my first language, I'd dare to say I'm rather good at it (as in, that won't be a problem if you want to roleplay with me).
I'm a bundle of creative ideas and passion for some good originality and in-depth character analysis. In my opinion, even a crappy plot can be turned into a fabulous story if the characters are worthwhile.

My roleplaying style is usually from the 1st POV, but I'm open to trying new things. I'm used to writing somewhat long posts, so I'm in the look for roleplays that expect their players to write more than just a few paragraphs. That said, I do enjoy more casual pace, since I do have my studies to worry about as well. I aim to be as active as possible, visiting the site at least once a day.

And lastly, I'm always open to making new friends!

About me:
  • INFP-T
  • Art student
  • Finnish
  • She/Her

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Ag'thal - Greed

Ag'thal's mouths frowned with disgust at the name. Neromus. Oh, how convinient. Lust, ever so quick to react, beat Ag'thal to questioning the creature. Simply observing with a foul expression and a dozen pitch black pupils staring at the winged creature, Ag'thal hoped for an answer that would be of use to her. However, she ended up recieving more questions than answers.
A year? Not to conquer, but dwell among the scum of the earth? Well... Ag'thal couldn't say she hated humans. In fact, she felt herself strangely drawn to them, even. She supposed she'd always had a bit of an soft spot for those fragile beings that embodied all of the Sins in such neat packages. Still, the Sin of Greed couldn't help but scoff at the creature with the deal, one of her many hands propping under her chin to bring stability.
"And what will your beloved 'Master' get out of it? I've got a reason to suspect she might not be offering this deal just out of the good of her heart," Ag'thal's whispery voices questioned, her smokey, cloud-esque hair moving around her head like an entity of its own.
To Heaven with not conquering. I might as well just take the deal and do as I please, Ag'thal thought to herself in snobbish fashion, nostrils flaring at the thought.

"Besides, what makes your Master think I want to reclaim my position on the throne? This place has long rejected us, not a place worthy of my time and power. Yet here you are, suggesting we might want to learn this precious lesson of yours. But whatever happens if we 'fail'? Ag'thal continued, jumping down from her propped up tail and walking around the creature. Ag'thal's numerous, sharp teethed mouths, all curious to taste Neromus' flesh. All her eyes eager to see an act slip up and reveal a scam underneath. All of her monstrous, dragon-like snouts breathing in the smell of the intruder. She was intriqued, but also planning. Ag'thal was coming up with a plan that would enable her to do what she wanted, not what some other entity did. She could use this opportunity to play along their little game, but in the end she would free herself and rise to take everything the mortal realm had to present her with.
The Sin of Greed paused, looking over at Mag'mora with a curious eye. Then her many eyes switched to Wrath, examining them both. What were they thinking of this?
Ag'thal - Greed

From the shadows merged the one and only Lust, speak of the devil. A few dozen of Ag'thal's eyes turned to observe her while the rest kept their gaze fixed on Wrath, almost beckoning them to get mad. She didn't need to provoke the angry sin more, however, because Lust took it upon herself to finish the job. A hissing laughter echoed from Greed's abomination of a form, mouths grinning with sharp teeth exposed, dark tongues poking out like snakes from a rubble. She wholeheartedly agreed with the demon who'd taken a human form of an attractive woman; Hell was a lost cause.

“Ah, Ag’thal... well, you are looking positively delectable, my dear!” Lust greeted Ag'thal at least, extending a snippet of her true form to stroke along Ag'thal's mutilated form. Lust's hand passed through Ag'thal's wispy, smoke-like hair, stroking the creature's cheek comfortingly. One of her mouths let out almost a purring sound, while another hissed in displeasure. Overall, however, the gesture was well recieved. Ag'thal relaxed and let her countless eyes drop closed, six clawed arms falling to her sides.
“My sweet, while I do adore your most lofty of goals, what realm have we access to?” the demon continued in an overtly tacky sweet voice, all the while making herself a seat of sorts.
"A way shall present itself to me, one way or another. I've yet to encounter an obstacle I can't overcome," Ag'thal mused in a wistful voice, an underlaying smugness seeping through. She also took a seat, letting her strong tail hold her up from the ground like a royal chair. Wispy tendrils of Greed's hair floated in the darkness, seeming to absorb any light around it like a black hole. The demon listened to Lust as she talked, her being relaxing further in the presence of her more favoured associates.

Then arrived Envy, seething as always. Just seeing him made Ag'thal smile in smugness. Listening to the Black Hound talk, words veiled with mockery, Ag'thal couldn't feel more malignant towards him.
"Envious as always, I see... I'm positively surprised that you haven't turned green yet, Shael," Ag'thal sniggered with an amused tone, a little belittling, for sure. How pathetic, Ag'thal thought. Even in their presence it was obvious the only thing Shael'Vol wanted was what was not his.
"See, that's the difference between you and me. You're all 'want, want, want' while I..." she trailed off, not in any hurry to finish, "I just take it all," she finished, more than just a little self-satisfied.
She didn't feel bad for being so cold and malicious. That's how demons were. But Ag'thal in particular, well... she'd never been able to feel empathy. Nor happiness, nor satisfaction. All she'd ever felt was greed, that insatiable hunger for everything. She wanted it all, and instead of growing bitter over wanting, she eventually also took; kept conquering, kept taking. She had yet to feel a single flake of remorse or regret over her actions. She even went as far as to think she was incapable of fully loving anything, of feeling anything but greed. It was sort of a curse, really. Something Ag'thal could think about when she was roaming these empty pits, reflecting on her life. She felt no remorse, but she did feel boredom. And she did yearn for something more. If it was only her greed, or an actual emotion, she couldn't say.
"I do have to say it is an odd choice of form, Lust," Ag'thal added. As much as she didn't like admitting it, Envy was right. The form was beautiful and lustful by human standards, but to a demon it didn't signal the same things as it did to a human. "Are you planning on joining me on my quest for the mortal realm, dear? That disguise would surely hold in the world of humans."

𝑴𝓸𝓵𝓵𝔂 𝑯𝓪𝓻𝓽𝒆𝓵𝓵

Location: The beach party, docks
Interacting With: Raven @Zaxter996
Text colour: #adff9f

Molly was conflicted. She'd never really done this before, comforting another person so vulnerable when she didn't even know them that well. She'd been there for Sam and the boy had, in return, been there for her, but it had been different. This was not on Molly's comfort zone, or at least not in her realm of expertise. Should she kiss Raven to make her worries go away, or would that be insensitive? Should she just hold her quietly and let the girl get it out of her system? This wasn't a light matter, and Molly felt like she shouldn't treat is as such, either. Maybe... Maybe it was enough for Raven that Molly simply was there, listening. At least she hoped it would be enough.
Raven wept for a while silently. Molly could feel the tears wetting her shirt, but thought to herself it didn't matter. Any smudged make-up wouldn't show up on the black shirt, that wasn't going to be a problem.
After a silent few seconds Raven raised her head to look at Molly. It was hard for Molly to see her like that, so lost and helpless with her memories. It was also confusing because she didn't know how exactly they'd ended up here. It all made so little sense. Raven proceeded to tell about the man and how he'd been a drug dealer, a big one at that. This shook Molly a little. Now she understood even better why Raven seemed so distraught. She wasn't only scared of what she'd done or what she'd seen, she was scared of this man's position and power. It made sense.
"No, I... I believe you," Molly responded quietly, a sincere tone to her voice. It must've been so hard for Raven, Molly thought grimly. Maybe... maybe it'd be good if she'd gently nudge the conversation into a more comfortable direction, still not completely changing the subject. Right? She didn't want Raven to have to dwell on the horrors of her past for longer than necessary.
"You must miss it, yeah? Your home," Molly more stated than asked, although there was a hint of a question there. "I mean... had that not happened... You might've not had to move here in such a hurry. It can really tear a person apart," Molly mused. She'd moved around a lot her whole life, that much was already clear. So she could, in a way, relate to Raven's experience. She'd never been forced to leave out of fear, but that had never meant she was ready whenever it had happened. Molly remembered the long, sleepless nights she'd spent crying because she hadn't wanted to leave. In an apartment filled with cardboard boxes and no mattresses to suck the echo of the empty walls. She'd hated moving, but eventually, she'd gotten used to it. It never meant she hated it any less, though.
"Even though we speak English here too, it's not really the same, is it? We moved a lot when I was younger... and not always to places where they spoke English. But we never stayed long enough for me to settle and learn the local customs. I'd have got just comfortable enough, I'd have made a new friend or two, even... and then we'd be on the move again, going wherever my parents' jobs demanded. Eventually I learned not to get too attached to places. Or people," Molly told with a soft voice. She wasn't entirely sad, but she'd have come to some sort of grim acceptance. In any way, she wasn't telling this to Raven to earn some brownie points, she was telling this to her to possibly take her mind off of the fears plaguing her beautiful mind, luring the conversation to a more explorative direction.
"I never stopped missin' home, though. England is my home and it's weird being so far away. But..." Molly trailed off, a smile tugging her lips, "had I not come here, I wouldn't be here right now. Nor would I be able to do..." she paused again, leaning closer to give Raven's forehead a soft kiss, "...this."
We aren't supposed to be missing any I think, but the other half hasn't been very active... Or posted their sheets
Yeah sure! I'm still deciding on a colour for Neeha, I'm probs going with a royal purple or something.

Imma read your sheet now

𝑴𝓸𝓵𝓵𝔂 𝑯𝓪𝓻𝓽𝒆𝓵𝓵

Location: The beach party, docks
Interacting With: Raven @Zaxter996
Text colour: #adff9f

Molly was utterly taken aback by what Raven told her next. She found it hard to believe, like she was in a weird fever dream, only she knew it wasn't a dream. She would've accused Raven of pulling her leg if she didn't see how distraught the girl was: tears streaming down her cheeks, voice wavery and broken.
Molly didn't know what to do. It was all so hard to believe, and certainly not what she'd expected. Why did Raven share this with her? She'd said she hadn't told it to anyone else. And while it made Molly feel special, it also frightened her.
But this... This wasn't about her.
There was one big question burning Molly's mind, one bigger than the dozens of others. She couldn't help but ask, voice quiet and honest, as she tried to comfort Raven with her presence and touch.
"...What happened to the man?" she asked, voice tentatively curious but also cautious. In Molly's mind, it was all so hard to process. Raven had done the right thing. Molly wasn't blaming her, but she had to know the rest. "He didn't... die, did he?"
It must've been a bad question ask at that moment, while Raven was clearly so barely holding it togehter. But the girl had to know Molly didn't blame her for what happened, that Molly didn't think Raven was a bad person because of this.
Wait. She knew that, right? Right?
"I think what you did was so brave, Raven," Molly continued before the girl in her arms had the chance to speak, tone of voice shifting from mindless to firm. "I'm... so sorry you had to go through that. I'm not blaming you at all, you know that, right? It wasn't your fault. You saved that girl's life," Molly went on, her voice growing a bit more desperate with each sentiment. Wrapping both her arms around Raven and moving the girls legs over her thighs so that the silver haired girl was practically on Molly's lap, Molly pulled Raven's head close to her chest for a hug. She had no idea how to comfort this girl right now. It was too shocking for Molly, too. But if there was something she could do, she could hold her. Just for now, if Raven let her.
Forgetting all her hesitation, Molly did just so.
"T'wasn' your fault," she told the girl over and over, trying to convince both of them, maybe. Because it was true, and Raven had saved a girl's life from a scummy rapist. Molly might've still been processing all the information she'd recieved, but in her heart she knew she thought Raven had been so brave, so strong. She admired her, even now. "You did the right thing."
Ag'thal - the Sin of Greed

It had been too long since Ag'thal had had a taste of abundance. Forgotten, humiliated, cast away with these other lesser beings, her sisters and brothers. None of them had ambition quite as burning as she did, none of them deserved to get out of here quite as bad as she did.
In the empty corridors, dark and void of life, wandered Ag'thaliagh't'ar, the forgotten sin of Greed. A position once so powerful had crumbled before her eyes, ungrateful newer demons forcing her to retreat here with all of the other sins.

Bulging eyes, darker than antimatter, blinked and looked around in the cave. Hair wispy like dark fog, fingers long and sharp with fangs. Ag'thal was bored, oh, so bored. She had been laying low for long enough, she thought with a flippant scoff; it was time to act. Being here, where the buzzing noise was too loud to bear and silent at the same time, it was unlike any other place Ag'thal had been. And she hated it, loathed it. Walking around with bored yawns coming out of her many, beastly mouths, Ag'thal happened to come across her brother.
Ah, Wrath, it is. The demon angrier than any other - a dear brother, in fact. Ag'thal's many mouths curved into sharp, teeth-baring smiles as she heard her fellow outcast.

"Why, Gertus. Perhaps out of all of our siblings, I always despised you the least. No matter," Ag'thal cooed, voices coming out with echoes as all her mouths spoke in unision yet slightly off beat. She circled closer to her brother, devious smile dancing on her many mouths. One mouth poked out a sharp, dark tongue; long and greedy. All the eyes dotted over Ag'thal's skin were turned on her brother. It was only a formality, of course. Demons were not related. But you could consider it a gesture of respect, even though Ag'thal's intentions were never anything but for her own gain. "Your goal isn't high enough, dear brother. Why retake Hell when there are realms beyond? My next conquest shall be the mortal realm; I shall not settle for any less," she finished at last, coming to a natural halt.
Ag'thal had always been very well-spoken. There was always a small air of superiority to her, like she felt she was above everyone. Now, looking at the sin of Wrath, Gertus, Ag'thal could only see someone whose position she could take, had she wanted it. Now, her goals were much higher, her ambition fuelling her insatiable greed. Out of all of her fellow sins, she'd always thought Gertus had the most to accomplish, after her, of course. Out of the others, she'd always hated Lust the least. Pride, she thought, was someone she could say she almost respected. Gluttony and Envy, on the other hand, she'd found as disgraceful shadow images of her own power, goals tainted by some humanlike emotion like envy for others, or hunger for food. This was her own take on it, of course. But Ag'thal had always thought she was ultimately right. And Sloth... she didn't even consider Sloth an entity worth her time. If the sins were supposed to be her equals - which she obviously thought they weren't - Sloth certainly got the short end of the stick from her.
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