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One big geek here, sup.

Everyone online calls me Cio, although it's not my real name. I'm an art student from Finland and even though English isn't my first language, I'd dare to say I'm rather good at it (as in, that won't be a problem if you want to roleplay with me).
I'm a bundle of creative ideas and passion for some good originality and in-depth character analysis. In my opinion, even a crappy plot can be turned into a fabulous story if the characters are worthwhile.

My roleplaying style is usually from the 3rd POV, but I'm open to trying new things. I'm used to writing somewhat long posts, so I'm in the look for roleplays that expect their players to write more than just a few sentences. That said, I do enjoy more casual pace, since I do have my studies to worry about as well. I aim to be as active as possible, visiting the site at least once a day (but lets face it, I'm here way more often than just once a day)

Some stuffs:
  • INFP-T
  • Art student
  • Finnish
  • She/Her
  • 18+
  • RPs Female characters

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Yeah... @Kinjaav?
I'll try to get a post in soon!
Are we still alive? ;;

Aava marvelled at the odd lightness she felt, searching for a reflective surface to check out her new hair. Gasping in delight, Aava beamed:
"(Evren! It's nice! I have a person haircut now!)" What she'd meant was that she looked like the people on the streets now - much less like a weird creature and more like an actual human with just oddly coloured hair. The näkki beamed, walking over to follow Evren outside.
Her steps were light and bouncy as they walked, clearly elated by her new look and the promise of a lake.
"(Are we there yet?)" Aava would ask here and there, eyes curiously darting around for any signs of the lake. Soon the ground became much softer as it turned into marshland. Aava's good mood only got better the deeper they got.
"(What a silly little lake,)" Aava mused as they got to what could arguably be called the shoreline. Looking at Evren, she smiled with curiosity and maybe a little bit of that confusion she never seemed to lose nowadays.
"(Is this my new lake, new home?)" she asked.

Fuck, she's making me walk isn't she, Nessa thought, mildly irritated. Well, she couldn't blame Beck really. There was literally no reason not to, doing it in any other way would be wildly inefficient.
"Yeah, 'course," Nessa nodded, taking off after Beck. She was trying to make her sluggish pace seem normal, but even Vanessa could tell Beck wasn't as stupid as to believe that.
When they got to Beck's van, Nessa was pretty quick to go sit as soon as she could. It felt quiet between them, a bit too quiet. Nessa opened her mouth to say something, but thought the better of it. She wasn't really great with words.
I mean... she was, but only when she wasn't telling the truth, something which wasn't what Nessa was trying to achieve here with Beck.
Been busy, sorry!! ;; I'll answer asap

"Oh, um... I caught her on the way here, actually! Using Skip here, we caught her a few days ago," Toshi explained just as a fainted wingull hit the ground. Toshi panicked, looking at Regan:
"That wingull really took a hit, we've got to help!" he exclaimed, running up to it.
It was fully fainted, just lying there when Toshi got to it.
"Is there a pokemon centre close by?!" the leaf haired boy asked, carefully cradling the injured bird in his arms.


Lorie had been too in her thoughts to really pay attention to what their pokemon had been doing. She had been listening to Sarah and her experience with Unova. It didn't change the girl's opinion, although she was intriqued by this 'Kalos' place. Then Sneasel was there, dashing out of the bush with Saur, who had gotten stung by an angry worm. Lorie didn't recognize the pokemon, but there was really nothing new there. She only knew some Unova pokemon, period.

"Nice c-" Lorie was about to remark as Sarah succeeded in her task, but she got cut off by something sticky grabbing her back. "Hey! What the..." Lorie shouted. Sneasel came running to her, eyes blazing as it looked around for the source. "C'mon, help me out of this sticky thing..." Lorie snapped. Sneasel nodded, cutting through the string shot with his extremely sharp claws.
@Salenea@CitrusArms I'll get replies up asap, sorry for the wait!
I imagine Aava's hair will start growing again when she goes into the lake... Oh well, for now she has a cute short haircut uvu
So sorry for the super short post... I have a cold and I've had a hard time concentrating on anything for the past few days. I'll try to do better in the future.
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