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2 mos ago
Current Still... I'd like to stress that what one individual says or does (out of miseducation or misinformation, perhaps) doesn't reflect the community as a whole. It's as simple as that.
2 mos ago
I think making public statements was the wrong way to go about it, but trans people have always existed and excluding one tells me people still don't know enough about trans history.
2 mos ago
I don't know what's going on, but what an individual says or does doesn't reflect a community as a whole.



I'm new to this forum and its ways, but I'm quick to learn. I came here looking for group roleplay company since I've been missing roleplaying, an activity I used to do daily.

Everyone online calls me Cio, although it's not my real name. I'm an art student from Finland and even though English isn't my first language, I'd dare to say I'm rather good at it (as in, that won't be a problem if you want to roleplay with me).
I'm a bundle of creative ideas and passion for some good originality and in-depth character analysis. In my opinion, even a crappy plot can be turned into a fabulous story if the characters are worthwhile.

My roleplaying style is usually from the 1st POV, but I'm open to trying new things. I'm used to writing somewhat long posts, so I'm in the look for roleplays that expect their players to write more than just a few paragraphs. That said, I do enjoy more casual pace, since I do have my studies to worry about as well. I aim to be as active as possible, visiting the site at least once a day.

And lastly, I'm always open to making new friends!

About me:
  • INFP-T
  • Art student
  • Finnish
  • She/Her

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is there a discord channel for this rp?
Lol yeah, that's an idea
Sanyu: I feel perso ally attacked >:((( *sips tea that she just warmed up*

Sanyu could warm up all sorts of meals for everyone if they dont have a microwave handy... XD
@ShwiggityShwah The possibilities... Are endless... Too much power... *can't stop imagining vertical grill and laughing* That's going to be the name of their ultimate combo move now, sorry I don't make the rules lmao

(Now I'm also imagining Sanyu doing those "1000 degree knife!!!" videos and posting them on youtube and I'm laughing)
@ShwiggityShwah rEPEAT UNTIL CRISPY HAD ME IN TEARS LMAO yes that would work awesomely! That would work with pretty much any surface too, be it liquid or ground, or maybe hot objects. I approve!
Hahaha, who knows. Maybe Sanyu will still melt before he does. XD Feels like it's a match up between someone with a self-destructive power and someone with a big HP bar. The cost you pay for performing attacks is greater than the damage the tank takes.

That being said, Kokoro's probably not rich enough to hold giant sports festivals, so desperate 1v1s probs won't be a thing~

Omg yeah, totally. Sanyu would boil Gomi's liquid and cook herself in the process by sweating and burning... Ouch πŸ˜‚
THAT SAID I think Gomi could also shield Sanyu from her own heat in situations, if it ever came to that. Her hands and soles of her feet are heat resistant, but not her body. She ends up boiling herself quite often lol


Regarding Circe and Sanyu.

Yea they would probably hit it off quite quick, Mostly due to the fact that even when it comes down to how much they know how to use their quirk they are on opposing ends of the spectrum. Sanyu knows whats shes doing. Circe on the otherhand is at most just relying on instinct and what has worked in the past. Basically shes winging it with her quirk which isn't a good idea.

**That and I totally want a combo attack called Maximum Overdrive**

I wouldn't be too eager to apply Gomi as a defense against internal burning myself. He's heat resistant, not heat conductive as far as I'm aware, so it'd be more of a scenario where someone wears a firefighter's uniform, and then set themselves aflame inside, thinking that the uniform would protect them. Not like the Gomi slime literally fuses with your body, right?

Pretty sure the slime being an exterior coating would actually interfere with Sanyu's ability, which I think is contact based?

Yes! I'm sure Gomi would be both a tough opponent and a good ally to Sanyu because he is heat resistant. Gomi wouldn't work well infused with Sanyu, but he could protect someone else from her heat.
I do think Sanyu would be capable lf hurting Gomi though, since he is only heat resistant, not immune. But Gomi infusing with Sanyu would probs mean she wouldn't be able to use her quirk on anyone but Gomi directly, making it super inefficient xD

𝑴𝓸𝓡𝓡𝔂 𝑯π“ͺ𝓻𝓽𝒆𝓡𝓡

Location: The beach
Interacting With: Raven @Zaxter996

It's been quiet for a week so I assume it's okay for me to post?

At the drink table, Molly bit her lip and looked at all the different drinks thoughtfully. Maybe she should go for the punch this time. It looked nice and pink, maybe it wouldn't be that bad. The only problem was Molly didn't know at all what it would taste like, let alone how much alcohol it had. Maybe it was too risky.
"Hey Molly."
Hearing a voice call her name, Molly twirled around. A beautiful girl with a bleach blonde hair that Molly vaguely recognised to be one of her school's students and also a guest at the beach house was approaching her. Wiping her confusion away with a bright smile, Molly greeted the girl back. What was her name again...
"Hi! Uh..." Molly trailed off, blushing at her own awkwardness when she realised she wasn't sure of her name. The girl's name was some animal... A bird, maybe? Yeah, that's it, now Molly remembered: "Raven, right?" Raven Carter, that girl Molly had had the same geometry class with. They hadn't sat next to each other, but Molly did remember checking her out back then. Whoops.
In any case, Molly and Raven had barely interacted back in school or the past week so Molly excused her having to dig around her head to remember the girl's name. It didn't make her feel any less embarrassed, though. She didn't want to come off as vain or even worse, disinterested.
"You doin' okay?" Raven asked, apparently noticing something off in Molly's expression or body language. Taken aback by the question, Molly's eyebrows rose in surprise. Something was bothering her, indeed, but she hadn't noticed she was being so obvious about it. Or maybe Raven asked just to be nice and hadn't actually noticed anything.
"Sure! I was just... Trying to decide what to drink. So many options," Molly assured with a light laughter. Then Molly began to rethink her words. "Or well... actually, I've never been a fan of big parties like this. I have a hard time gettin' started," Molly added sheepishly, not sure why she was revealing this to a person who knew her on first name basis at best. "I mean sure, they can be fun, but not just with alcohol as your company, y'know?" Molly said, accompanied with an airy hand motion, already aware she was probably talking too much. She laughed it off with her cheeks flushing slightly.
"So anyway, what about you? Any plans for the night?" Molly bounced the question back, not wanting to end talking to Raven. Then she realised the question sounded very suggestive because of the way she worded it and what she had said before about company. Fuck. "I- I mean, I didn't mean like... Uh, sorry, blahhh..." Molly corrected before Raven could answer, her hands fidgeting randomly, "I meant it like... How are you??" If Molly wasn't red before, she was now. She still flashed a bright smile, though, hoping Raven would find her talkativeness more endearing than weird.
This was Molly's only chance at getting to know some people she had always wanted to get to know, and Raven was definitely one of the people that intrigued Molly. It was a shame she was mucking things up by being awkward... Someone might find her social yet word-wise clumsy personality adorable, but Molly certainly didn't see it that way. Living in the closet was hell... And Raven probably only knew her as that one popular girl from school that had had many boyfriends. Great. Fantastic.
Oh yes, definitely! I like how different they are in all their similarities. I'd love to see them in a fight, but I bet Sanyu would befriend Circe in a moment! :) (plus they're both redheads ;))
I just realised that Circe's quirk is similar to Sanyu's, only it is used on the user and not the surrounding area :--D The name + heat components of it are similar, at least. I'm thinking of all sorts of combos lol.
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