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youve got the right idea lol :--D
I have an idea for a drowned creature, perhaps a human once died and transformed into a monstrous creature during the apocalypse? So I guess that would somewhat fall under the eldritch category, but also mortal. Would that be okay?
*drumroll* some fixes and changes laterrr, here she is:

still accepting new players?

Mia's wave quickly froze as she noticed the way Kate yelped, spilling coffee out of her cup on the lawn. Had she startled her? Smiling apologetically, the brunette scratched the back of her head as the shorter girl walked over, complaining about Mia having scared her.
"Fuck, I'm so sorry," the Estonian apologised through a laughter and her regret still genuine, as was evident from her eyes. They stood there for half a beat, Kate clearly examining Mia briefly. Mia was about to wonder if the reunion was awkward for some reason, but then, just as quickly, Kate beamed and reached out to clasp Mia's hands in her own.
Oh, her friend was awesome. And warm. It was hard not to notice, especially with how affectionate Kate was. Just the simple, soft brush of fingers against Mia's faintly scraped knuckles sent a small shiver down her spine, and the girl began to wonder if it she was about to catch a cold. Maybe it was just the light breeze out here.
It was hard not to feel elated at the knowledge that her best friend had missed Mia over the summer too. Mia knew Kate had been overseas for the summer, and she'd proably hung out with many of her old friends there, had a great time and all that. And while Mia was glad Kate had had the opportunity for such a summer, it did sting a little compared to her bland and boring summer.
"Missed ya too," Mia quipped with a lopsided smile. She sounded casual and relaxed, but her eyes couldn't hide the true weight behind that statement. She really had missed Kate. She'd missed all of her friends immensely, but Kate especially. Mia didn't consider Kate her best friend for no reason (and to be clear, Mia didn't exactly 'do' the whole best friend thing, but if she had to choose, Kate was closest to filling that position in her life).
It wasn't lost on Mia that Kate wasn't very comfortable with the crowd full of people they were in the middle of. Even as the girl leaned closer to talk to Mia, she glanced around as if to scan the amount of men there were.

"Uhhhh," Mia drawled, laughing awkwardly as she looked back at the boys at Kate's comment about hugging. "I don't mind it," Mia tried to brush it off, acutely aware that her hands were still being held by Kate. "Hey dudes, I'll be right back ok? Don't do anything stupid without me," Mia requested as she smiled at Elliot and Mike. Mia wasn't quite done catching up with Kate and she knew how uncomfortable men made her, so she'd gladly step aside qith her for a minute. Elliot and Mike wouldn't mind hopefully. Mia wasn't done catching up with them either, after all.

Giving the boys one last look that clearly signaled 'I'm sorry', Mia turned back to look at her friend and led them through the crowd until they were standing on a less crowded area on the lawn. They were still close to people, but far enough to have a sense of privacy. Now Mia could focus on answering the barrage of questions Kate had asked before they'd moved.
"Honestly, my summer was about as intersting as watching watching paint dry," Mia groaned with a mild wince. Pause. Then, "Actually... you know what? I rather I'd been watching paint dry," she concluded.

Mia shook her head to herself, getting back on track. She smiled and nudged Kate with her arm: "I'm much more interested about your summer. You actually went to places! How was it? You had fun, yeah?"
Okay, so maybe Mia was bad at answering questions about herself. So? She preferred to deflect and redirect. Besides it wasn't as if there was much to tell anyway. Her summer had been miserable, and full of urban exploration that had felt meaningless without any buddies. Mia was absolutely sick of her own company, and her only human contact outside of work had been her jackass mother and her boyfriend. She had a lot of bottled up feelings about the summer, most of which Mia was determined to never let see the light of day if she could help it. She'd rather implode than bring Kate's mood down, and man, she should really be focusing on Kate right now, shouldn't she?
"And hey, I think I can hug my friend if I haven't seen her in a while. Just don't want people to go around thinking I do it all day," Mia half-joked. As Mia said this, she opened her toned arms in a casual invitation for said hug. She'd be lying if she said she didn't desperately want a hug right now.
"After you tell me all there is to tell, I want some muffins. I've been craving them since last year's fair -- and you know the ones here are hands down the best ones!"

A collaboration with @Hero (Elliot)
Other interactions: @Legion02 (Mike) & @KatKook (Kate)

Mia's head whipped around at the sound of her name being shouted. She was met with the sight of her favourite puppy dog of a man, Elliot, pushing his way through the crowd to meet her. It was impossible to ascertain from Elliot's voice whether he was aware of the whole Elites situation or not, as his excitement could've been born out of anything. That's the thing Mia most liked about Elliot - he always brought sunshine wherever he went. The man seemed to have this uncanny ability to make Mia enjoy herself in a way that made her forget everything that made the world such a shitty place to live in, if only just for a moment.
"Hey man," the brunette greeted with a grin as the himbo (and Mia used that word in the fondest sense possible, thank you very much) reached her.

Elliot's attention was quickly averted as he, too, noticed the list on the billboard. Mia rested her hand on Elliot's shoulder as she observed his reaction to the piece of paper. When Elliot sincerely pointed out they got the names wrong, Mia had to further lean on him to keep her balance as a joyous laughter broke through. After spending a few beats gathering herself, Mia leaned back and met her friend's eye.
"Damn, you're totally right," she agreed with a somber face, not even a hint of sarcasm in her voice. Elliot was too pure in Mia's eyes; she'd never maliciously make fun of his low intelligence. Only in a friendly way.
"I'm as lost as you are, although I think it's got something to do with Ms. Fortune. Think we made it into her list of Elites, whatever that means," Mia contemplated. The Estonian took a brief look at Elliot before continuing, her brow furrowed in confusion.
"Dunno why she'd make me 'the Artist' though. I don't paint... or sing, or whatever."

Elliot shook his head once more as he pocketed his phone, lips pressed in a frown as he looked back at the board. After a few seconds of silence, he snapped his fingers, feeling an understanding. “I got it,” He said, feeling the clarity. “You’re a work of art, so artist--no, that...doesn’t seem right...not that you’re not hot but I don’t think I get it, either.” He sighed, scratching the back of his head.

He squinted at some other names and faces, reeling back as he suddenly remembered what she said. “Wait, MsFortune like the one from Insta? Like...I thought that was just some troll account with pretty pictures. Though, that’s most of Insta,” He shrugged, clearly making little effort in actually understanding what was happening.

Mia blinked a few times as she took in Elliot’s attempt at explaining the situation. Even though it went nowhere, Mia couldn't help but softly smile at the man's words.
”Damn, I thought you were onto something there,” Mia sighed with Elliot, feeling at least a little better about the nickname thanks to him.
”Maybe you’re the Kyle ‘cause like… it’s a reference to something maybe? Someone named Kyle, someone famous,” Mia offered in return, although she was absolutely lost as to why Elliot had gotten the nickname he did as well.

”Maybe you’re right and this is all just an elaborate troll. None of the names make any damn sense... Unless Kyle is your middle name,” Mia added. The brunette took a few breaths to think over her words, trying to maybe find an answer that hadn’t been voiced yet. She came up empty.

Despite the uneasy feeling at the bottom of Mia’s stomach - this whole thing wouldn’t end well for anyone - she let a little grin tug at her lips.
”Hey, it’s definitely one of those word thingies,” she said with a playful nudge to Elliot’s side. The English word was escaping her, and she had to look around for it a bit. ”Word shortenings… a lühend, a... it’s like abbri-something, right? KYLE obviously stands for: Kind, uhh Youthful? Legit, and the E is for Elliot!” Mia mentally cringed at herself.

Elliot looked relieved at Mia’s explanation, laughing as he nodded. “See, that makes way more sense,” He agreed with her explanation. “Mostly because my middle name is Johnathan, but I don’t think MsFortune would know that. But she doesn’t seem to know my first name, either.” He shook his head in disappointment.

He fell quiet for a moment, the gears in his head whirring at a mile a minute. “So then...A for Awesome, R for Radical, T for Turbulent, I for...Intelligent, S for Super Awesome, T for--wait, no, they’re missing the ‘M’ for your name,” He gasped, shocked he found a flaw in her explanation, though he then added, “I really thought that was it, too…”

Mia smiled at Elliot, chuckling as she shook her head and sighed.
”Hey, at least we tried. I think you were totally close to figuring it out,” she assured, trying to push away the growing uneasiness. The whole ‘spilling secrets’ part of the instagram post was haunting Mia with its existence. Were these some sort of code names for all of them? But they had used their real faces…
Mia’s phone buzzed in her other hand then, informing her of a new message. ”Wait, I think that’s-” she began, only to be interrupted by another person calling her name.
Mike? Phone forgotten, Mia turned to greet the confused man. She remembered him being labeled ‘the Hermit’ on the board, and while it was more than a little mean, Mia couldn’t help but understand where MsFortune had been coming from. At least one name made sense.

”Hey! Me and Elliot were just trying to figure that out actually,” Mia answered with a shake of her head. Even though the circumstances were odd, it was good to see Mike around. Her accent always started to become more pronounced the longer she talked in one go.
”I initially came here to find that food truck that sells pastries and waffles, the Belgian one that comes like every year,” the brunette continued, reminded by the faint scent of delicious waffles reaching her nostrils. (They were nothing compared to Mia’s absolute favourite waffles that could only be gotten from that one bubble waffle place in Tallinn, but they were competent enough. Thinking of those waffles just made her miss Estonia more. Curses.)

Mia’s phone buzzed in her hand again, reminding her of its existence. ”Oh!” the girl exclaimed as she remembered the unread messages. Mia was hoping they were from Kate, and for once her hopes were fulfilled.

”Kate’s looking for me,” Mia informed, looking up from her screen.
It didn’t take too long for Mia to spot a familiar jean jacket in the crowd. Kate would’ve been much harder to spot had Mia not been 5’8” and familiar with most of Kate’s closet. Mia gave Elliot and Mike a glance before tracking Kate again.
”Kate! Behind you,” Mia shouted at the other girl’s turned back, raising her hand halfway to do a little wave.

"The Artist 🎨"

Getting back into the hassle of school after a long summer vacation didn't come easily to many students at Alexandrina Prepatory school. However, this wasn't the case for Mia who had spent her entire summer bored out of her mind. Stuck at a low-pay summer job by day and sharing a modest apartment with her pathetic excuse of a mother by night, Mia's summer had been spectacularly unspectacular. Spending just a few hours in the same room as her mother always made Mia god-fucking-nearly lose her mind, and not being able to hang out with her friends didn't help. Whenever the opportunity arose, Mia had blown out some steam by doing what she did best: recklessly adventuring in abandoned urban buildings and probably trespassing on someone's private property along the way.
When Mia had showed up to school on the first day with bruised knees and a wrist wrapped up in bandages, it didn't take a genious to figure out why. Turns out that making a miscalculated leap from the roof of a garage while worked up because your mother is a fucking türapea isn't the wisest decision out there.

If there was one thing Mia had missed about school above all else, it was seeing her friends. Like, actually being able to hang out with them instead of just seeing them do all the fun stuff without her through social media. As always, the League of Bros was a delight! Mia hadn't had any trouble jumping head first back into the tomfoolery (oh, how she'd missed them). It was refreshing to have some company on her expeditions. And of course there was Kate, too. Kate was just... well, she was Kate, lovely and awesome and as adventurous as ever. Mia couldn't bring herself to tell the older girl how much she'd missed her over the summer, but that was just due to her own shortcomings.
Although most of the students came from crazy rich families (and acted accordingly too), Mia was happy that she'd found her footing in Alex Prep with her kind of people. Even if she still got distasteful looks from some of the really rich brats, Mia had gotten extremely good at not giving a shit. It must've been her superpower or something.

Wednesday, September 16 2020

It was around 6:30 AM when Mia woke up in the room she shared with the one and only Charlotte de Hauteville. Mia had been out late as per usual, so waking up this early wasn't really ideal. However, it became increasingly clear that Mia wouldn't be able to go back to sleep as whenver she tried to close her eyes, sleep drifted further out of her reach.
Sporting a solid five hours of sleep, the brunette got out of bed and sneaked around the room as quietly as possible as to not wake up her roommate. Mia didn't need any other reasons for the pretty blonde to hate her — and she was pretty sure Lottie did hate her at least a little — and besides, Mia knew that Charlotte preferred having the room to herself anyway.
After gathering everything she needed and putting on some clothes Mia exited the room on her tiptoes. She still felt a little sore from the mishaps she'd taken part in the day before. There was a nasty looking road rash on her right elbow from a dare gone wrong, and Mia's knee brace was back to stay. Mia wore it most of the time anyway; even when she didn't absolutely necessarily need it, for comfort. She did need it now, though.

Mia plopped down on her favourite couch in the second floor's communal area, yawning as she sunk down further into the cushions. Few people were awake at this point, but Mia didn't mind the quietness. On the contrary, she quite enjoyed it. Being awake when many others weren't made Mia feel like she had the whole school to herself. Those few quiet hours were hers and hers only.


By 9:30 AM the school grounds were a lot more lively. Music could be heard from outside and students were steadily flowing in and out of the communal area. During her alone time, Mia had gotten some extra studying done. Thanks to the festival there were no classes for the time being, but the brunette liked staying one step ahead of everyone in case something more interesting presented itself to her when she was actually supposed to study.
Enough studying for now. The Festival was there, just waiting to be attended. Mia already had a list of dozen things she wanted to do there -- one of them obviously being a visit to the delicious pastry food truck. Putting her things away, Mia got up and headed out.


There was a small crowd gathered at the Festival enterance. They were all looking at something on the billboard there, murmuring and pointing at whatever was plastered on the board. As Mia made her way closer, some of the students gave her a look Mia couldn't decipher, but didn't say anyhing. What was the fuss about? Mia pushed herself through and came face to face with a list titled 'The Elites'.

Wait a minute. That was her face. Second row, third from left, that was her. And look, Kate was there too. And Mike. All of her friends, really. As was Lottie and the pretty new redhead girl Mia couldn't remember the name of. All of the students on the list Mia knew, paired with weird nicknames to go. What the fuck?

"Well she could've at least chosen a better picture of me!" was Mia's first reaction. It came out like a groan, followed by a squint as Mia examined the piece of paper closer. "'The Artist'? What's that even supposed to mean?" the brunette exclaimed, taking out her phone to text Kate. As Mia opened instagram to dm her friend, a post from TheMsFortune popped up on her feed.
Maybe I should open instagram more often, Mia realised as she read the caption and let the information sink in. Secrets. That part in particular made Mia's stomach sink. If her name was on the list, it meant that someone had dirt on her, it meant that her privacy wasn't safe from prying eyes. Mia hated that. She hated the thought of being known, and hated the thought of being known by strangers even more. My God, it has that many likes already? Is that even humanly possible?
Mia barely used instagram for anything but messaging and keeping up with her friends. Heck, she had like 16 followers and nine posts, most of them pictures of cool abandoned buildings or messy selfies with the Bros. Why would anyone care about what she had to hide? She'd thought the whole 'Elites' thing had been a joke, for crying out loud! Or had that just been her wishful thinking?

After hitting send Mia turned around and scanned the festival enterance, looking for any familiar faces from the billboard.
This is kind of a WIP, most of the information is there but the formatting is very barebones ^^"

@Enchanted Fairy Finally found someone who fits perfectly + has pictures with the right kind of style!! Gonna work on my cs tomorrow 👌
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