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Ryleth was seething. He could focus only on how to destroy Alexina. A head-on attack would be suicide. Poison might do it but he had no brewer’s gift. Besides, he didn’t need her dead necessarily. He needed her gone, banished or exiled. He needed someone to turn the coven on her. The only way he could achieve that was to stay the course he was on and hope the hunters were as stupid as he believed them to be. Worse, he needed to be more than just stupid. They had to be cruel as well. A witch would have to burn at the stake before the coven could ever turn against Alexina. His mind began to wander around. Who would be the proper sacrifice? They had to be completely expendable yet unconditionally loved. Only then would Alexina’s failure be taken seriously enough.

It was Ryleth’s state of mind that allowed Anghara to sneak up on him. She pushed herself against his back as she asked her questions. It was what he needed though. A distraction. From the stairs, he was heading towards two figures appeared from the darkness. Skeletons. He ignored Anghara entirely for a moment as he handed over the corpse to his minions. As quickly as they came, then went back down the stairs with the body.

Ryleth was not done with the teasing witch though. As he handed over the corpse he was quick to take Anghara’s hand that trailed the blood. The grip was firm and strong yet didn’t attempt to hurt her. With his other arm, he was quick to free himself and turned. Forcing Anghara to make a pirouette. After which he was quick to get close again. He put his free arm around her. The two faced each other now. Ryleth gave Anghara a sly smile. “Ever the tease.” He said as he led them both in a slow dance in the cold corridors. “But you know you can’t have a witch’s corpse.” He inched closer to her, narrowly missing her lips as he moved sideways. With his hot breath on her neck he whispered in her ear: “If you’re free tonight, I might just show you how naughty I really am.”
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Ryleth’s face darkened when he got his mission. He knew the coven Alexina was talking about. Hell, he expected said coven to integrate with the Bloodrose coven in due time. They would make excellent allies. He took a deep breath to calm himself. He wouldn’t challenge her. Not today. Still, he would find a way to complete the mission without killing the witches. They were too important for his plan. He wanted to turn away and prepare for the mission. Until Alexina added her final demand. Ryleth’s eyes betrayed his disbelief. A blood oath! It was not a thing to take up lightly. In his entire life, Ryleth hadn’t been bound by one. Ever. Now Alexina stood before him with her knife, making the demand.

He took a step to protest. A blood oath would be too much! But then she talked about it being a lesson. He kept believing she was a fool. A delusional fool that thought she actually had made peace with the hunters. After decades of hexing the land and It’s blood she now truly believed they could live without fear? No, he did not trust her leadership. Fledgling tyrants ask to trust them and Ryleth was not about to kneel before someone whose neck was clearly not strong enough for the crown.

So instead of protest, instead of swearing he would never take a blood oath he walked up to Alexina. Without a word he took her blade, slit it effortlessly across his hand and showed her his palm as he recited the words: “By the bond of my blood, I vow to complete my penance, lest I suffer the Fisher King ’s curse.“ Fresh blood from him, mixed with Angela’s blood, Alexina’s blood and the flaked blood of Goldencrest’s priests dripped across his arm onto the stones beneath him. He gave back Alexina’s knife and turned away from her with disgust. “There you have your oath. I hope you can live with it.” He said though he wanted to spit it out.

Still he did not feel defeated. With his back at Alexina he kneeled before the corpse of Angela. He used his bloodied shirt as a shroud to cover her face and then picked her. “Now if you would excuse me. I’ve have a duty to fulfill.”
Ryleth cast a glare at Usoa. If she expected him to submit for torture then she was wrong. He might have looked meek and defeated but there was a fight in every hair of his body. Alexina seemed to not like the idea either. She then gave them their options but it wasn’t a choice. Those that knew Ryleth knew he wouldn’t submit his powers. Especially not to someone like Alexina. The other, impossible option was to die then and there. His hands turned into fists as he almost lost his cool. Right now he wanted nothing more than to fight and defeat Alexina. The coven had suffered her pacifistic rule for too long already. Yet he knew she was stronger than him. It wouldn’t be a slaughter but he wouldn’t win.

So she almost made the choice for him. “The Penitence Mission.” He said. Blood still dripped from his fingers onto the floor next to him. Phagora also announced she would take the penitence mission. With the two of them, the other two witches would no doubt join them. Still, Ryleth knew this wouldn’t be some common hunt as Phagora appeared to think. She was a demon spawn though. To kill her they’d need to face hunters and Alexina seemed quite keen to stay away from them. So whatever they faced, the eagerly pleasing Phagora wouldn’t be in much danger. He did not have the same certainty. He wasn’t born as anything special. Every skill he had came from hard work and study. While powerful, he was still very much a mortal. On top of that, it was no secret that Alexina hated him. The Queen of the Woods would no doubt tailor the mission in such a way that it would spell certain doom for him.

“So tell me what needs to die.” He said to Alexina. “I’ll bring you its bones.”
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Sarah was following the princess’ carriage as part of the hunter retinue. In her own mind, it felt foolish to just march into Castle Bloodrose. The coven might be inactive for years now but that didn’t mean there weren’t any more witches abound. When the caravan stopped she put away her flask and spurred her horse to go towards the front. She hoped something exciting was happening. Instead of that, she saw the horrific aftermath of a raid. The village was razed. People were dead in the street or hung upside down to drain the blood. From the carriage, she heard a call for Father Wyn. The priest that had accompanied them. “They’re not actually heading for the church, are they?” Sarah asked one guard. Who just nodded. “Idiots.” Sarah muttered to herself as she dismounted from her horse.

After barking a few orders to secure the place and make sure every corpse was burned she then proceeded towards the graveyard with her blade drawn. The commoners’ graves were untouched yet the family crypts were forced open. With a torch in hand she walked in. The stones that were supposed to seal away the deceased had been crushed by something. Several bones were taken. When she was sure nothing in the crypt would attack her she put her blade away. “Bloody necromancers.” Sarah muttered to herself as she took a quick gulp of her flask.

After a bit more investigating she came out of the crypt again. Right in time to hear the commotion near the church. Someone, no something, was still in the church. Sarah spared no time. She dropped her torch and rushed towards the princess, her guards, and Father Wyn. She stayed behind her grace with her hand on her blade. Ready to jump and strike. Her eyes were like a cat’s. Focused on the human-like silhouette within the church. “You should return to your carriage, your grace. This is no place for a princess.” She whispered at Tera’s.
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Ryleth stood with the other four witches. His hands were covered by the dry blood of those so-called innocents. He kept them behind him and pushed his chest out. The others around him felt rage or fear but not him. He felt pride. Everything went according to plan. He riled up the witches that needed blood and human sacrifices the most. Then, when they were on the brink of running away he gave them a valve to let out the steam. The first coven raid in three years. Even that was, surprisingly, a success. For the most part at least. He did not expect the witches to run off and kill children. Unlike them, there was no child blood on his hand. For one he didn’t have to. Blood was not his gift, bones were. But he also knew Alexina’s rule. Her most cherished law. Maybe he could’ve made sure the witches didn’t kill children as well but that was out of his hands now. The only thing that did matter now was the consequences. Outside the castle walls, the hunters would find the village. Its inhabitants killed, drained and sacrificed. Ryleth may not have a part in the death of children but priests were fair game to him. So he turned it into a symbol that their god had abandoned them. Now the hunters’ hands were forced, as was Alexina’s. For that, he felt proud.

Then Angela, an elder witch, hissed back at her coven leader. Ryleth knew she never liked the Queen of the Woods. Not even in the time of Medusa. Yet for her to step forward in such a brazen way, that was not planned. No, he was supposed to face the brunt of it. He was supposed to be chained down and imprisoned for years. Or at least that was what he expected Alexina to do. He wouldn’t stay a year in a cell. When the hunters attacked, they’d need him again. That was the plan but when he saw Alexina lift his friend up from the ground he felt that plan fade like dust in the wind. Then the body fell from Alexina’s grip. “No!” Ryleth screamed out and rushed towards Angela’s body. He tore off his own shirt and tried to stem the bleeding. It wasn’t enough. The cloth turned red as she tried to say her last words. “No, no, no. Save it. Save your breath. You’re okay. You’re okay. You’re okay.” Ryleth kept saying as he tried to stop the blood. To no avail. Angela died while Alexina gave her monologue about protection.

When she was done, Ryleth rose from the corpse of his friend. His arms covered by blood. Splatters of it covered his white-scarred chest. “Then what judgment may we face, oh Queen of the Woods.” Ryleth might have appeared vulnerable but he had no intention to die. He couldn’t die and leave the fate of the Coven in the hands of a delusional fool like Alexina.
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