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Current Going to a festival fellas! So for the coming week I won't be able to post.
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When you marathon Rick & Morty S2 and expected laughs but the ending just slaps you in the face...
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School's in full "consume all his time"-mode so no posts for just a lil longer. Sorry folks! I promise I'll make up for it in the weekend!
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Going to take a small break on most of my RPs for maybe a week or so.
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Not near an actual keyboard until 21/06


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I'd like to reserve for face claim:
- Candice King
- Daniel Gilles
I'll try to write a small blurp for them today!
You know I'm down for this!
This looks fun!

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At first Matt looked extremely confused at AJ as he got up from his seat. Then he fought every nerve in his body not to act smug as AJ looked like he wanted to deck him. This was by far a record of pissing AJ off. Normally it took at least a few minutes and maybe a jab towards him and Jamie. Not that Matt did that often. Just enough to know that it works. But then AJ turned to the others and threw his fries at them yelling to get them all.

It was then that Matt noticed Yessi. Or rather her eye rolling. Instantly all smugness fled his body. So it was going to be like that? No civility, just instant distaste. She didn’t have to be here or join in on the road trip. There were plenty of people for her to do in LA. Though then Matt realized that she probably thought the same of him to some extent. Which only meant that if they couldn’t stand each other on the trip it would eventually explode. Matt didn’t like those kind of explosions. They were far too taxing. Far too annoying. So he did what he always did. He threw Yessi an empty smile and then turned to the others. AJ was stomping off in the meantime.

He slid in the boot after Monica and Mandy took their seats. Right in time for Aleks to offer him a fry. “Don’t mind if I do.” He said as he reached over for one. Muscle memory made him hold it in between fingers like a cigarette before he chomped it down. Then it dawned to him that he alone could not be possible for AJ’s outburst. “I see you’ve all been working up AJ already. Damn it guys that’s so selfish.” He said with a worried face. As if he actually cared that AJ threw another tantrum. “You know how much I love setting off that guy. You really couldn’t wait until I got here?” He was sure to just face Chris and Aleks while keeping Yessi in the corner of his eyes. In all fairness, he was late.

Then Ellie joined in. “Nope, you didn’t miss anything.” He said with a far more inviting smile than he gave Yessi. “I set him off but I think I have to give credit to these two particular idiots.” He added as he pointed at Chris and Aleks. "But really, what better way is there to start a road trip off than with AJ throwing a tantrum." He flashed Ellie his almost trademarked shit-eating grin.
Ryleth was far from bothered when the flames came. They simply washed over his wards. Even the attack from the canopy did not mind him. He simply took a step back to dodge the strike. Then he heard the screams. Those infernal screams behind him. He turned around to see the Seeker burned by the flames. “Fools.” He whispered as he wove his enchantment. Seconds later a wave of chill passed over the flames. Extinguishing them. Still, the Seeker looked like she was mortally harmed.

At the same time two phantasms struck the ground next to Ryleth. Ryleth himself turned to the Keeper, the Slave and where he assumed the Leader was as well. “You’re all fools for attacking a necromancer here. This forest is not a serene sanctuary. This is nature’s battlefield. You walk on thousands of corpses.” As he finished, the ground around him broke. From the depths of the earth a figure crawled. It looked humanoid but it was far from human.

The first to stand up was also the greatest. A massive creature with a cave bear skull. Its limbs and chest were made from fused bone. Blue candle flames burned in its eye sockets. Rotten hide covered its back and it held two axes made from bone and with femurs as handles.

Then the other figure appeared from the shadows. She looked the most human-like. With makeshift skin of leaves, bark and barely rotten flesh. At the seams of her supposed skin you could still see a faint blue glow. Her weapon was a bow made from two arms, each holding the end of the string. Even though she looked almost human, there was an ethereal aura surrounding her.

“This is your final chance to accept my offer.” He said as he already pulled out another phylactery. Ready to take the pixie-witch her soul.

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He was a liar.

That’s what Matt realized as he sat on the hood of his BMW, observing his cigarette like it was a stick of incense. In the past months he had only lied more. It started in autumn with the white lies. The little things you tell people for their own good. Then there were the silences he kept. Lies for the greater good. For friendship. Then there were his lies of omissions. He never told a soul just how shit he felt the last month. He just smiled and said he didn’t feel so good and that he ate something wrong. But there was always a smile so nobody dug deeper. He didn’t want them to dig deeper. Everyone had their own stuff to work through. Though recently he graduated to full-on, blatant lies. The one he sold AJ a week ago about why he couldn’t be at the party. He told him he had to be at some factory rave last night, tying up some loose ends.

All because he didn’t want to see her. Avoiding things had been his strong suit. Matt didn’t want any conflict or awkwardness. It made his life difficult. If he couldn’t solve the problem with a pill it wasn’t worth engaging. Of course, that always comes around. Even now he wasn’t sure if she was going to join them. He touched the phone in his pocket. At any point, he could call Matt and ask. That would raise suspicion though so that was out of the question. On the other hand he could just call and say he’s out. Take away the uncertainty of it all. No, he wanted to be on this trip. He needed to be on this trip.

So there was only one thing to do. As his cigarette burned down he tossed it away and said his goodbyes to the wonderful LA beaches. Minutes later he was tearing out of the parking lot and headed for the In-n-Out they’d all meet at. Of course, he had Gwen on the radio. What else would a literal former student of BHHS do at the end of the year? He smiled as she mentioned the Gearhead trip. Finally, the head gossiper heard about it. Then she said something about a Misfit trip too. Now that was an odd thing. Oh well, there was nothing to worry about. The gearheads would tear off into the sunset before the misfits left LA. The very thought summoned a bright smile as he enjoyed his trip.

It took him half an hour to reach the In-n-Out. He was late but that was his style. As he drove up the parking lot he downshifted a gear too low for what most would use and pushed the gas. His engine roared for a moment. Heralding his arrival before he quickly parked his car. Once he got out and while he lit a new cigarette he was quick to notice just how late he was. Almost every ride of the Gearheads was present.

“This is going to be good!” He exclaimed as he approached the group though he remained standing. Then he saw everyone eating, out ordering or stealing food from another. Damn, AJ had lettuce stuck in his teeth. “I’m MIA for one party and suddenly you all start acting out?” He said with a teasing smile before he took another drag of his cig.
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Not entirely finished, needs some refining but the big lines are there.

I want to reserve: Color F7941D, Faceclaim: Ansel Elgort, a Gearhead mechanic.
I'm down for this. Would be playing a Gearhead.
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