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Time: 10:28
Location: Secluded Parlor
Collab between Seraphina & Béatrix@GhostMami

Seraphina had prepared the room down to the most insignificant details. All the windows to the outside were closed and covered, allowing no sunlight in. Except for one door behind where she would sit. She considered it a precaution. Still, the room was filled with artificial light so everyone could see everything quite clearly. On the central table stood two cups and a pot. Though they weren’t made from porcelain, instead they were made from clay. The pot itself had a dull glaze on it and mandarin signs carved into it. Her father’s orders were extremely stern when it came to using the pot. Only one kind of tea could be brewed in it, no metal was to touch it, and it had to be cleaned with water and left to air dry. Seraphina had followed these orders down to the letter. Now she could only wait, two minutes before 10:30.

She was anxious as hell. Princes and princesses she could handle. Most appeared to be either young or yet to outgrow their arrogance. She could level that arrogance. Béatrix offered another challenge, though. She was older and much, much colder. Her file was painfully short on any meaningful information. The only thing she had was the small footnote of her father: be cautious, be suspicious, and do not underestimate her. All of that would’ve been much easier with some bloodwine in her but her father insisted on tea. She hated tea. She hated waiting. She hated having to talk to Béatrix. Though none of it showed. She just wanted it to be over with so she could grab the bottle she hid in a drawer.

Seraphina Aghrem. It was an unfamiliar name to Béatrix, be it that she came from too small a family to matter, or that Aghrem was simply not a family at all. The letter explaining her reason for summoning Trixy for ‘tea’ was vague and signed by some nameless entity. Perhaps they were both nameless entities, or perhaps they were one in the same entity. Regardless of aliases or namelessness, this entire situation had Trixy on full alert. This reeked of a trap, but thankfully, she always came prepared to face those who wanted her dead. There was a long list, after all.

Béatrix rolled up the letter and stored it away in her bag. With the door to her room locked behind her, she changed out of her elegant breakfast outfit into something more appropriate for conducting business. Pulling a safe out from her suitcase, Trixy scanned her fingerprint and opened it to reveal two handguns, a cache of ammo, two daggers, and her badge. Working for the NYPD had its perks. With a badge, it was pretty much no questions asked when it came to getting your weapons through security. This saved her the effort of having to actually compel humans to let her by with weaponry. When it came to conducting her own personal business, however, the badge could stay behind. Trixy left it in the safe and proceeded to conceal all four weapons on her person. With a pair of tall boots and a leather jacket, she looked much like the average New Yorker, with no outward sign of the heat she was actually packing.

Promptly at the time specified in the letter, the staccato of Trixy’s boots hitting tile announced her arrival in the parlor. The air around her shifted to match to cold expression on the woman's face as she approached the table where this Seraphina sat. In addition to once again sizing up the stranger, Béatrix also scanned the room. The invitee had took caution to keep the sunlight out, either because she was Turned herself, or because she knew that Trixy was. There was also a clay teapot, steam curling up from the spout, keeping up the facade that this meeting was actually meant for them to share tea. If this turned out to be the rouse that Béatrix suspected, she would give the girl points for style before ending her life. Effort was very important.

Without any formal greetings, nor even a smile, Béatrix sat across from the woman and watched her reactions. After a few moments of silence, she moved her piercing gaze to the teapot and spoke. “If this mysterious author knows so much about me, you'd think they'd consider offering wine to a frenchwoman instead of tea.” Her icy blue eyes returned to Seraphina now. “I will not be drinking it. Leave that pisswater to the english and the orientals, and instead let’s discuss why I’m really here, shall we?”

Seraphina was braced for many things. Still, to hear the elder vampire talk in such a brazen, impatient way. She felt the same kind of meek fear she felt with her father. A fear that told her she was in the presence of something much bigger. Not many of her age would understand that what she was facing here was something that could kill her easily. It’s why she kept the door open and for now the reassurance that she could run into the sun kept the fear down low inside her.

Though when Béatrix spoke about the tea, Seraphina suddenly felt so relieved. In an instant she shot up and went towards her drawer. “Ah, then I might have something better.” She said as reassurance as she slowly opened it up. From it she pulled a glass bottle filled with a very dark liquid. At its core it looked black but the edges, where light could pass through, showed that it was in fact crimson. The bottle lacked any form of sticker. Instead the year, the name and line of blood it came from were formed in the glass. Seraphina brushed her hand over where the letters should be. A normal human couldn’t hope to discern the minute details within the glass shape but a vampire’s enhanced senses showed a complete image. She poured two glasses and placed one before Béatrix as she took a small sip herself to show that it wasn’t poisoned.

Trixy stared down at glass suspiciously. This was turning out to be a peculiar meeting. Mysterious unlabeled bottles of dark liquid in lieu of tea. Granted, whatever it was, was probably better than tea. When Seraphina took a sip from her own glass, poured from the same bottle, Trixy relaxed marginally. The woman appeared to be relieved to be able to reach for the bottle, and eagerly took a first sip, so the offering seemed to be genuine. Far more genuine than the fanciful tea pot was. With a small ghost of a smile, Trixy elegantly plucked up the glass and breathed in the aroma. Blood. She had just drank, but something about this scent beckoned her to indulge, awakening the predatory instincts she kept under lock and key. Fighting the bloodlust to down it all in one go, Béatrix instead took the daintiest of sips. She wanted to dislike it, to be snarky, but… “That’s…. That’s quite good, actually.” She admitted in earnest.

“Let’s get to business.” Her father would want her to go slow. To coax her prey. Though Seraphina made her own judgement of the situation. Béatrix did not seem too intent to be wooed. “My employer-” She hid it well, but she still hated that word. She hated it because it was a mask of what she truly was. Of what she wanted to be. “-fears that the young Artois girls are not up for the task they were given today. They are young, either brazen or shy and know next to nothing about the true world of Vampires. To put it bluntly: at best they will be puppets. At worst they will be killed.” That was a lie. The worst was the Crypt. Seraphina had only seen it once. She would rather die than be imprisoned in the Crypt. “So my employer offers them an alliance. One that would shield them from the worst of the contenders.”

As the woman began to speak, Trixy’s inner detective flourished. She watched her lips, her eyes, all of the subtle hints that one gives away in their body language when lying… or when telling the truth. Much to Trixy’s surprise, despite the stranger’s magical affinities — given the raven trick — she did not appear to be experienced enough to defend her mind. She must be young. Younger vampires tended to be easier to read for Trixy, their minds were open and they hadn’t learned to control their thoughts yet. When the woman spoke of this “employer”, her thoughts curled around the word like shadows and rejected it. A lie, or at the very least, half a truth. Trixy sensed her discomfort and tried to hone in on it. There was plenty else to address in what she was saying, but Trixy would first focus in on what had caught her attention before getting to the matter of the Artois girls.

“Your employer, was it?” Her french accent wrapped the question in a seductive taunt. Trixy smirked and tilted the glass to her lips once more. “If you wish to gain anything from this meeting, you should start with being truthful.” She set the glass down and folded her hands in her lap properly. “You don’t consider them an employer. Why? Are you being forced to be here, against your will?” There was a touch of genuine concern in the last question. Béatrix had special punishments in place for those who forced women to do things against their will.

Seraphina took a sharp breath. Of course the elder picked up on that. Why did it have to be that? In truth she wanted to tell Béatrix who her ‘employer’ was. On the surface just to show what kind of power the elder was dealing with. But deep down she just wanted to name herself daughter. Though sadly, her father has forbidden her from revealing his identity. Putting her in a particularly difficult bind right now. “Not forced.” There was annoyance in her answer. She didn’t have anyone to care for her when she was born. She wouldn’t need it now. “As for truth, none of what I said is a lie.” She took a quick sip, letting the oxygenated blood energize her. “And this meeting isn’t about me.” She continued, trying to steer the conversation back on track. “This is about the Artois girls. I am here so they won’t be forced to do anything they don’t want to do. So what do you say? Will you help us help them?”

The response was uncomfortable, that much was obvious to the observant vampiress. Sera might not be forced to be here, but she was forced to withhold information. Béatrix was a patient detective, she would get to the bottom of it. If not today, then the next. After Seraphina brought up the girls once more, it was Trixy’s turn to be annoyed. She leaned forward, her elbows digging into the flesh above her knees as she looked squarely into the other woman’s eyes. “The Artois are in perfectly capable hands.” Trixy opened her palms and displayed them proudly. “Mine.” She calmly inhaled and sat up straighter. “You were correct in stating that they are young… shy… but they are revolutionaries. They know nothing of the “true vampire world” because they are not part of it. They will turn it on its head, and the world will be better for it. They will not be puppets, and they will not be killed. And hear me now, if your employer wishes to do them any harm, I will kill him. And then I will kill you. And then I will kill anyone else involved.”

Trixy stood up now, a clear power play so that she could look down on Seraphina. “A word of advice: If you are going to make a point of meeting with elder vampires, you might want to work on guarding your thoughts. If your father truly wants to meet with me and discuss a possible alliance, he can do so in person. I won’t shoot the messenger, but I certainly don’t trust them.” It was a shot in the dark, guessing that the entity was the girl’s father. Béatrix would observe the girl’s reactions to gauge how close the guess was.

She speaks like father would. Those were the thoughts that floated up from Seraphina’s mind. Béatrix spoke with the same conviction as him. In a way that erased all doubts and made what they said simply facts. In the past she could simply revel in that certainty. Now she had to rise up against it. No, she didn’t get up. That would simply level the playing field. Seraphina remained seated yet utterly unintimidated as she slowly swirled the glass of blood in her hand. Though her eyes stared back with a wild flame behind them. She released a sharp breath and said: “When Amelia was in Milan and Irine in New York, in what side of the world were you? Where you watching Amelia partying in some house or looking over Irine taking a stroll through Central Park?” She never had to deal with a vampire like Béatrix before. The Elder managed to push all the right buttons.

Especially the one about her father. “As for my father.” She would put it to rest. No matter how influential, threatening or powerful she would not reveal him. “He is dead. I don’t even know where he is buried. So I’d ask you to refrain from the subject.” It was a complete lie. She simply switched parents. The only thing she knows about her mother is her last name: Aghrem. “And for the threats against me and my people. They are unnecessary. We bear the Artois’ no ill will. I simply offered our help. If you insist on declining, then I am afraid there is nothing we can do.” To hell there wasn’t. As if Seraphina would let it just be. This was simply the easy route. “As for your curiosity for my employer, I will relay it your wish and because you gave me such gracious advice, I will return in kind.” She got up. Now all diplomatic neutrality flowed out of her. These were no longer talks about alliances and help. It felt personal. “You’re underestimating him. Don’t.”

She stretched out her arm passed Béatrix and pointed with an open hand towards the door. “I’m afraid that concludes our little talk.”

Trixy watched the girl’s growing anger with proud amusement. She did not take the bait on her mention of the Artois girls, it was just a reactionary swing on the other woman’s part. Trixy had hit a soft spot, meaning that her guess was far more accurate than she could have hoped. “Darling, I don’t underestimate anyone.” Hence why she arrived to this meeting with enough firepower to challenge an entire family of vampires, instead of just one. “I don’t decline the offer… yet. Please do forward my request to meet eye to eye. I’ll expect your raven.” With a half smile, Trixy’s gaze followed Seraphina’s arm towards the door. She dipped in a quick curtsy and made her leave just as coldly as she had arrived.
<Snipped quote by Legion02>

No,no,no. There is 582 Bio-FTL's inside of a Hive Frigate. That would mean that a single Frigate can warp 582000 km. The Hive Capital Ship has 8183 Bio-FTL's, meaning the ship can warp 8183000 km with about 5000-6000 other ships inside of it. The Bio-FTL's are only small parts of the Hive-Minds psionic power. The Hive-Minds power is strong enough to tear a 2 km hole in the space-time continuum. But this would exhaust the Hive-Minds life energy as well and it would die or become life threateningly weak.

Alright, so your hypderdread can jump 8.183.000 km at the most. Neptune, which isn't even outside of the sun's gravity well, is 4.495.000.000 km away from the sun. Your hyperdread would need 550 jumps just to reach the outer fringes of the Sol system's gravity well. Even if we say that we put 6000 frigates inside your hyperdread and it can use all those FTLs you're still not reaching Neptune. Let alone another solar system. So the Bio-FTL is still super weak.

As for the psionics. I was honestly expecting something more but okay I guess.
@Nate1008 On your Bio-FTL: I mean, great you just needed 5 ships to get 5000 km (at best). The earth is about 149.669.000 km away from our own sun. It takes 4 lightyears to reach the nearest star system (Alpha Centauri A). You would need an armada of ships to stack that many jumps to get there. Basically, the Bio-FTL is still exceptionally weak. And to be honest, you're seemingly mostly banking on taking other people's ship to use their FTL but I can assure you that's not going to work out.

On another note: do you have psionics? If so, how do you use them? So far most factions seem to either have psionics or anti-psionic weapons and I'd assume a giant hivemind that uses psionics for FTL has some powerful psionics.
@Nate1008 So I went over your sheet real quick and bounced on something. Your biological weapons are quite weak to be honest.

For starts your Bio-FTL will be next to useless if that’s your actual method of FTL to go around systems. The moon is at its closest approach with earth 405.000 km away from us. An FTL jump of 1.000 km is nothing in the grand scale of space.

Your Bio-Cannon and heavy Bio-Cannon are also next to useless. For one they can easily be taken out by point-defense. Secondly, because you’re lacking any technological method of launching these objects I’m assuming you’re using something in the way of muscles? Which can only shoot off objects so fast before they start destroying themselves and even pushed beyond their limits you’re not going go as fast as a bullet or a missile. Modern space ships will easily dodge your projectiles and if they don’t, I can’t imagine they’ll do much more than scratch the hull. Also, poisoned bone spikes aren’t going to do anything against a ship. You need to be lucky to break through the hull and hit a crew member and that victim is going to have bigger issues than being poisoned.

For your fleshrippers, what exactly would their purpose be? They are short-range tentacles with bone tips. Nobody is going to move in close enough for those to be viable and even then, a tentacle flailing bone isn’t going to do much damage (except, maybe, against strike craft or really small corvettes).

And finally, I’m guessing the bio-spore is supposed to be some sort of anti-strike craft weapon? Again it just sounds really weak against anything bigger than a Corvette or maybe a frigate. It may try to latch on to anything bigger but as it can only survive for 5 minutes I don’t think it would really do anything against a hull. Also again, point-defense would massacre these things.

To sum up: you don’t seem to have anything capable of destroying a destroyer or upwards. I’d review those weapons if I were you.
<Snipped quote by Legion02>

Sounds good. I'll review what you've got posted and go from there.

Aye, is good! If you got any more questions just PM me. I'll happily answer anything! (also mind you the sheet is very much WIP, and definitly needs some re-reading and rewriting but the big lines are there)
@Aleranicus I wouldn't mind being "That Country". The Asrians are already the reason why the Haradoni used the Luciferian virus. Might as well go all in. (From the backstory i'm typing for the Haradoni, my guys are not good guys during the Great War. They were drunk on Psionic power...)
I agree with Clocktower on the discord thing. I also vote for Sigma for Co-GM.
@Willy Vereb It's a can of worms and I'm not entirely against it but maybe we could use volume or tonnage instead of size? My ships are rarely of the long cigar shapes so that wouldn't really be fair.

Alternatively, if nobody specifies the sizes then we can just adhere to the hierarchy and people whose ships are "treaty breaking" would have to specify so. (Or, when skirting, say what they skirt.) That way we can leave the technicallities behind while maintaining a semblance of powerlevels. As I assume most ships would also have a specified weakness.
<Snipped quote by Romero>
I may not be the GM, but I can certainly say that your idea definitely sounds pretty good to me, and funny thing, someone else was planning a similar faction but unfortunallty couldn't join due to IRL reasons.

Edit: Your an Ascendancy too @Legion02? Best buds :P

Less of a theological Ascendancy :p More of a "lets combine technology and psionics (which we don't really understand as well as we wish)" and use all that to make ourselves better!
Heavy WIP, even the name is still up for change.

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