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Everyone who knew them was surprised when Alexandra DiMecela and Jakob Evreux announced their love for each other. Alexandra was a supermodel turned fashion industry kingmaker. While Jakob was a portfolio manager for the Bank of Europa and an associate to the Evreux Family Office. Their lives rarely crossed. None the less they were happy and married two years later. Another year after that Amelia came into their lives. Even when she was young, she took after her mother and hogged the limelight whenever she could. The young girl had a talent for spotting fashionable clothes. A talent her mother nurtured. But the family (and especially Amelia’s grandfather, the patriarch of the Evreux family) had already clearly defined her educational path. This caused a lot of friction at school. Amelia became the popular girl quite quickly but would fidget and disrupt the class constantly. Her classmates followed along, making it hard for any teacher to managing her.

Never the less she has a very good heart. Unlike most rich children of Europe, she was not wilfully blind to the hardships of the world. In fact, at the age of 16, she surprised everyone by hosting several fundraisers (with the help of her parents, of course) and then surprised everyone again a month later by actually going out to the impoverished places in the world to help out as a volunteer. Her parents were quick to inform the media, who followed her wherever she went. The tabloid press was quite disappointed when it turned out that Amelia was actually helping, and not just going around for a photo shoot. After that summer, Amelia began to model for her mother and several very trusted family friends. Propelling her fame further. Yet trouble continued at school. It all came to a boiling point when she was expelled for a week because she had riled up a whole class in protest against a teacher. She was waiting in the principal’s office, waiting for her parents to arrive. But they didn’t come. Her grandfather did. He made it quite clear that the school should not leave a permanent stain on Amelia’s record. She would leave the school voluntarily. Amelia’s opinion was not asked, nor did she really dare to give it. So in the winter, she was transferred to Alexandrina Preparatory School.

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Time: Dusk
Location: Roshimi City

“What about the trainer?” Leandron asked as he stood beside Xenelith. Who was overlooking a giant map of Roshimi. It covered several tables put together. The noble’s house had been far more active in dusk than during the day. Threats had grown more serious. Far away from the richer district, the guard barracks had exploded with activity. Every guard got his call of duty. They were all arming themselves to enact Xenelith’s plan: to capture the worst criminals in the darkest streets and bring them to justice. Rebel or loyalist, this night it didn’t matter. The people that would be dragged in were the scum of the earth. Animals whose hands were covered in the blood of all innocents. They wouldn’t be missed.

Still, that left the question of the Usagi family. The mother had been called to the nobleman’s house under the pretense to explain her son’s behavior. Xenelith couldn’t care less for her excuses. He did not intend to talk to her. Instead, he wanted to pass a message. “Tell the woman-“ He stopped for a moment. To any lesser man, the next words would be tantamount to treason. “Tell her that her son must finish the act. When Terneus is dead, his treason will come to light and the Usagi family’s sins will be forgiven.”

If Leandron was surprised by the message, he didn’t show it. “Anything else, sir?”

"No, leave me now. I have other business to attend to." Xenelith said. Leandron gave him a small nod in acknowledgment and went to talk with the trainer. Xenelith's gaze returned to the map before him. He hunched over it. Risa had been spotted various times throughout the day. In fact, it gave her an alibi for the assassination attempt. Perhaps she was looking for Terneus then? Or was she simply roaming the city, gathering supporters? The paths she took, it all looked so erratic. So casual. As if she was prey unconcerned by the hunter. Was she truly so oblivious? No, no she couldn't be. He wouldn't allow her to underestimate her. Still, the very sight of it all vexed him. They were so close. So damned close. Yet impossible to catch. It no longer mattered if they found the house she stayed at or not. He couldn't break down any more doors after tonight. It would disrupt the fragile peace he will have made. That failure left a bitter taste in his mouth though. The clock struck its hour, marking the start of his operation. Yet he had other business to attend to. He rose up and walked away. Leaving the table with black, smoldering marks where his hands once were.

The city-guard captains had been gathered in a small room. Many of them were rather annoyed. How dared a common upstart summon them? And then worse, keep them waiting!? Half of them were veterans of the war a century ago. And since then, they had kept the peace in an animalistic city like Roshimi. At any cost necessary. What would a fledgling dark elf know about that? Of course, the murmur of complaints instantly died down when Xenelith entered the room.

"Sit down." He commanded, motioning to the chairs surrounding the central table. Halastra was already rising. The room had no hearth to be lit, nor candles. Instead, the purple hue of the goddess filled the room. The captains did as they were commanded. Though Xenelith remained standing at the head of the table. "Now someone explain to me how a rebel princess slipped through the gates. No, first, someone tell me how a venerable governor of our great lord could nearly get killed in your city!" Xenelith did not blunt his words. There was real anger on his face. The captains quickly realized what sort of a meeting it would be. The guilty one would be hunted.

They turned on each other within seconds. Yelling across the table at one another, passing the blame and responsibility. For a good minute, Xenelith let them verbally devour themselves. "Silence." He then yelled across the room. The captains did not listen though. So he slammed his fist on the table. "Silence!" The room fell still in an instant. "I don't care who failed what task." He began. "You're all to blame. I have walked this city for barely two days and I can see the putrid rot of corruption around every corner. How many bribes have you taken, or allowed to pass? How many times have your guards turned a blind eye? I should kill half of you for treason." He spat his words and his eyes betrayed a literal truth behind his threat. To him, they had become weak and fat. Being so far from Aklenroth and Daka had turned them soft. To Xenelith, few things were more ugly than a soft, fat, weak dark elf.

He began to walk around the table. The faces of the captains followed him. Many with angry scowls. One spoke: "What do you know of our plight? We have kept Roshmi safe for a century!" He exclaimed. Xenelith pounced next to him.

"Safe? You call Roshmi today safe?" He stared the dark elf captain in the eyes and inched closer. Pushing him deeper into this chair. "The word human is uttered and a house burns down within minutes. A governor was attacked in broad daylight, a rebel princess is still at large and you will tell me this city is safe!?" He pulled away from the captain to look at the others across the room. "This city is not safe."

One dark elf captain got up to protest. But Xenelith cut him off: "Sit! Down!" He stared the captain down again. Who swallowed his words. But apparently one had learned his listen yet. He got up to speak but Xenelith wouldn't have it. He kicked the chair. The dark elf's legs were swept from under him. His head hit the table. Then Xenelith grabbed him and pushed him hard against it. "I am done with your petty defenses." He said. Something dark and deep told him to finish it. To drain the life from the elf and let his hollow husk fall to the floor. To make an example of him. It would work. The others would behave. But at what cost? They were not yet ready.

He released the man, who managed to sit back into his chair. "No more bribes. No more blind eyes. If I find one of your underlings show anything less than a veteran warrior's backbone I will flay him and kill you. Now leave."

The captains got up. Most of them were angry and defiant. He would have to kill one of them for sure. That would be the worst of his tasks: to kill his own kin when needed. Xenelith took no pleasure in killing another dark elf. But he had done it before. He would do anything to safeguard his people. He would make any sacrifice. Even if he had to become a kinslayer.
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Time: Morning ==> Noon
Location: Love Lounge ==> Roshimi Market
Interaction with: Azriel@Tae, Jack@Alivefalling, Zelginn@Dezuel

Xenelith didn’t deign the annoying child a response. He was too young and too stupid to understand the necessities of a long life. The skaula was doing its job excellent though, as was his companion for an hour. “Dispatch the child, Azriel. We have no time for meaningless riddles.” He said as he rose up. “I think I’ll retire to my room.” The girl led him by the arm to one of the more luxurious rooms and closed the door. For an hour the Dark Elf commander would not be reachable. After the hour though, most of the skaula had done its job. Two dark elves, that hadn’t accompanied the group, had arrived and were standing guard at his room’s door. When he finally came out they delivered their news with practiced neutrality: Lord Terneus had been attacked at the market. He narrowly survived the assassination attempt. It filled Xenelith with utter joy, knowing that that pompous bastard had the life scared out of him at least once. Though those were private matters. Terneus Andros was a civil servant of Aklenroth. He ordered his guards to bring him to the site.

On their way, Xenelith got the full briefing. It gave the dark elf commander plenty to think about. He had almost sunken too deep into his own thoughts to feel the rustling on his purse. Almost, but not quite. Without turning around he grabbed whatever arm was grabbing his coins. Then he turned to face the thief. Though he had to look down to do so. It was a kid, no older than 12. A bear demi-human. He looked scrawny but a fire burned in his eyes.

“Let me go!” he yelled at Xenelith as he tried to fight the iron grip. “Let me go!”

“What do you think you’re doing?” the dark elf commander asked.

“Nothing you pale skinned freak!” the cub yelled out as he kept fighting. “Let me go! I’ve done nothing!”

Such lies with such a straight face. Combined with such boldness. There was a clear fire in the bear child’s eyes. Few would’ve dared to insult a dark elf to his face these days. Xenelith did let him go. The moment he released his grip the cub bolted away as if Xenelith was death itself. Xenelith for his part, slowly took out a stack of coins from his pouch, held them up and yelled: “Hey kid!”

When the child was sure he got far enough he turned around and saw the dark elf holding up the stack of coins. Slowly he put the money on the edge of the nearby fountain. He said something the child couldn’t hear to his dark elf guards. They began to walk away, Xenelith quickly followed. The kid kept his eyes on them and everywhere around. The stack of amass was attractive. Soon the hunger in him overtook his cautiousness. He ran for the stack and grabbed it all in one fell swoop, then he ran. Far, far away. Assuming it was some wicked trap and he would be caught as a thief by some other dark elf guards tipped off. But nobody stopped him as he ran. Nobody chased him. Eventually he ran straight for the best bakery in town.

“You shouldn’t have done that sir.” A dark elf said as he looked back to see the cub take the money. “The kid is as good as dead anyway. This city, it’s like flour’s being billowed up by blacksmith’s bellows. One spark and everything goes wrong.” His eyes turned forward again and scanned everyone passing. He gripped the hilt of his sword tightly as if he could be attacked at any moment.

Xenelith’s eyes fell on more satisfying results. In the distance, a few deadened trees. Though he wasn’t deaf to his guard’s musings. “When this city blows up, who do you think is going to get out faster? A noble desperately filling his cart with gold and clogging the main streets or an orphan that knows all the alleyways and sewers.”

“Still, you shouldn’t have done it sir.” The dark elf said. “Their kind didn’t send money when we were starving on Daka. They send nothing. They left us to rot.” There was a real bitterness in the dark elf’s voice.

“And now I chose to be better than them.” Xenelith said.

The marketplace was still busting with people. Despite the assassination attempt mere hours ago. Only a section of the market was cordoned off by heavy armored dark elf guards holding massive iron tower shields up. Their very presence created a barrier between them that only a select few could cross. Xenelith passed along with just a mere nod. Before him was not much. A few smaller animals. Dead and crushed. Some cake on the ground and an arrow lodged in the wall, angling downwards.

“Tell me again what happened.” He told one of the dark elf guards as he observed the strange stage.

“It began with a faun, sir. He began to play music right there.” The dark elf pointed at the cart Ilan had mounted earlier in the day. “The music was good, but the Lord-Governor didn’t seem to like it. He tried to confiscate the lyre. Out of nowhere, an arrow lodged itself right next to Terneus. Then critters and beasts suddenly appeared.”

“Did they attack the crowd? At all?” Xenelith asked as he crouched by tiny corpses of some birds slapped out of the air by frantic movement.

“No, sir.” The dark elf guard said. “They flew over and passed all the people to attack the Lord Governor’s men. Aside from a few people running away from the chaos, not a citizen was harmed. Then once more out of the chaos a centaur dashed forward, threw a cake at Terneus and ran away with the faun.”

Xenelith was rather impressed by the stoic expression of his guide to the crime scene. He knew for a fact all dark elves would be laughing their asses off in private the moment they heard the news. Even he cracked a smile. Though it quickly faded again. Certainly the situation had a comedic element. “Anything more?”

“Yes sir. A shady figure, I couldn’t quite catch who or what it was, took the lyre from the lord governor. Then the lord governor just vanished. In thin air. I’m sorry sir, we lost track of him.” The soldier reported. Rather solemnly.

“I understand, soldier.” Light Elves and their invisibility. It made them dangerous assassins indeed. Daka’s wolves were quite apt adept sniffing them out in the wild, but a city mingled too many smells. The trail would’ve long faded by now. “I will inquire about the Lord Governor’s location.” Though if the man was caught, he alone was to blame for it. Never the less he already forged his plans to leverage the situation. An attack on a high ranking civil servant of Aklenroth would only drive more power in his own hands.

His focus returned to the scene before him. The cake was meaningless. Rather hopeful he outstretched his hand over one of the birds. Silently begging Halastra to heed his call. Nothing happened. The dead did not rise up. Once more he was confronted with the limits of his power. Rather disgruntled he said: “Fine.” And turned his focus on the arrow. Luckily the guards had kept it in the wall. With one eye he followed the shaft upwards. “Nobody saw anything on the roofs?” He asked.

“Nothing, sir.” The dark elf said.

It had to come from the roofs. If it came from an amora further away, the assassin would certainly fail. If the amora was closer to ensure an accurate shot, people would’ve noticed it. The clues were strange though. An assassin on the roof, probably an accomplished light elf. That much was certain. But did he wait for Terneus to show up or was the faun planted as bait? One thing was clear though: this was not done by Risa. The girl didn’t have the people or the expertise to pull it off. At the very least there was another band of rebels in the city. One became two. The infestation of Roshimi was showing itself from under the thin veneer of civility.

Intrigued by the would-be assassin, Xenelith decided to scale up the building to the roof he suspected the arrow was fired from. It gave a beautiful vantage point down into the market. Though everyone within the smaller streets was hidden away. His eyes wandered further away. To the grand spires and mansions in the distance. He caught a glimmer of the sky city high in the cloud. For a moment he realized the insane scale of Roshimi and he grew jealous of it.
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Time: Morning
Location: Roshimi City
Interaction with: Azriel@Tae, Umber@FunnyGuy, O'Ner@Eviledd1984, Jack@Alivefalling, Zelginn@Dezuel

Xenelith did not respond to O’Ner’s concerns about Jack. Though silently he somewhat agreed. The man did not look as if he had a military upbringing. Which meant he would be unruly, disobedient and terrible at taking orders without too much complaining. Things that were, if needed, whipped out of any dark elf as he begins the slow ascend to true power. For now Jack was an asset. The powers that came with being a human were a great boon. Perhaps that’s why Risa triggered the DROMs. But if all-out war broke out Jack would have to be broken. As a commander he couldn’t have an asset talk back to him or doubt his orders. For now though, he didn’t need to control Jack just yet. Who he needed to control was Risa, Dionaea and Kyran. Their movement, their thinking, he had to predict it. With Jack, he needed something far harder than predicting his actions: he need to trust the human. Which did not come easy to the dark elf. Though fate was never a calm creature. Soon the human would be facing a test.

Then the child appeared. How or why he was greeting Umber as Lord Norkas was beyond him. Though he didn’t question it. Everyone of note or skill had little birdies tucked away in the city’s shadows. His own net was sadly confined to fellow dark elves and a few demi-humans. Apparently Umber had enlisted the help of at least one child. He mostly ignored the message. What could a child bring them really? Until he mentioned humans. His ears perked up at that. The name Tsarra Kenia Urmicca, that was now one to remember. He made a mental note of it, hoping he would remember after the upcoming hours of exhilaration. As resourceful as the child was, he was also quickly getting on Xenelith’s nerves. For one he talked far too much. And in the skaula haze the child’s features began to slowly deform. The brown fur turned more orange to his eyes. Something in him wanted to jump the kid and strangle the life out of him. Until he was nothing but a limp corpse. No doubt his eyes were betraying that intense desire to kill the child.

His spell got broken as Umber floated over to the child. “I doubt you’ll find any vices more worth your time than here Umber.” That was, of course, if you didn’t count the sacking of cities. Were no sin was forbidden. His senses were leaving him quickly though. “Umber. Take some Dark Elves. You might need them.” He still managed to say as the haze overtook him. The girl sitting on his lap was demanding more and more of his attention. The cat ears had completely vanished to his vision now, and her tail’s touch on his tight was just a faint yet effective sensation. Her face was one conjured up from memory, not reality.

For a moment he had forgotten all about the people around him. He caressed the girl’s cheek as he said: “You’re the most beautiful thing in this world.” With a sincerity that couldn’t be meant for a common courtesan. Then he kissed her. To him it felt like a kiss that was long overdue. Like two lovers re-united after years apart. A warmth swelled in his chest and coursed through his veins. The girl, for her part, played along expertly.
My preference lays with the civil war against the dark and wood elves. Seems to me we'll get the most amount of action when actively fighting in a war.

EDIT: Also I prefer discord for communications.
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