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Time: Midnight
Location: Near the River Kingdom
Interaction with: Jean-Luc@Jamesyco, Risa@princess, Dionaea@MissCapnCrunch

The howling continued. Ferra, smelling the faint scent of blood in the air, bared her fangs. Ready to pounce and devour her prey now. She was getting hungry. Then, as the howling was crawling to its crescendo while the wolves got closer it suddenly stopped. Those foolish enough would take that as a sign that everything was safe. This was not the case. It was simply the training of Xenelith that forced them to fight their instincts now. They were supposed to stop howling the moment they laid eyes on their prey. The two wolves around Ferra herself had vanished into the woodland’s shadow as well. Ferra herself stopped just before the border between the grassy patch and the woods. Her black fur blended in perfectly in the dark shadows.

Xenelith looked through the bush and observed the fairies. When he was young he would have jumped out of the hedge in an instant. He had lost his fair share of prey despite having Ferra and his wolves. This way he could always go through the nearby cities and towns to find the rebels. They looked young. Exceptionally young. That was the way with youth though. To meddle in foolish things they had no idea about. Believing they were wronged when they were denied something. When he saw them, he could feel nothing but disgust at the ease of their lives. “You see them, Ferra?” He whispered to his panther. “Young and comfortable. They never had to fight for their food or suffer through a real winter. To them, this is but a game. An adventure to pass the time. Are you ready friend?” Below him, Ferra snarled. With a single tap of his hand, she jumped through the bushes.

Black energy was already converging in Xenelith’s hand as Ferra landed two meters away from the fairies and the armored human. The panther let out a wet growl towards the two. The Dark Elf could clearly see one of them trying to heal him. Anger flashed in his eyes and yelled with true malice: “Idiots!” Icy-blue eyes formed came into view from the shadows of the trees. The wolves had them surrounded. All of them now released a low rumbling growl. Announcing their arrival. “You don’t know what you’ve done! Stand aside now! I will deal with you later!” He then turned to the fallen man. “Human. By the power vested in me by the king, I sentence you to death.” He said as he flung a bolt of pure black energy at the armored knight.
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Time: Midnight
Location: Near the River Kingdom
Interaction with: Nobody

It was a night like any other for Xenelith. The moonlit up the darkened forest while the stars wove a tapestry in the sky. Faint embers had served their purpose. Two rabbits had served as dinner for the Dark Elf. Now the fire only had to fade. For weeks now he had heard rumors of a resistance here. One with a most dangerous weapon: a DROM. Something that could summon a human. Those disgusting creatures. Xenelith had studied the books about such machines. Now he only had to wait. His own pack sat around him. Their eyes closed as if they were sleeping but with their ears perched. The would know when something happened.

In his hand, the Dark Elf held a piece of parchment. He was promoted to Commander. His own legion was waiting for him at Daka. There were no orders to return so he stayed to finish the job. Sooner or later, the rebels would be stupid enough to use the device. Still, he couldn’t quite believe that he made it as Commander. It was a sign of fate, he decided. From the embers, long shadows streaked across the grassy forest floor. From those shadows, he drew the darkened energy. It crawled over his arm in a familiar feeling. Small tendrils reached out from it. Softly moving in the night's breeze like grass. His powers were growing by the day. He would begin his daily practice, yet something told him to hold off on that for now. He just kept rereading the letter.

Until he could feel the ground quake underneath him. The heap of embers collapsed. Extinguishing the flame completely. His entire pack rose up and looked around. Confused as of why the whole world was suddenly shaking. Xenelith knew though. “Idiots.” He said to himself. They had actually used it. He rose from his feet and turned to his wolves. With an outstretched arm, he sent them out. Their keen senses would smell the human that came through in an instant. Between the four of them, they would cover a vast area.

Xenelith was preparing Ferra when he could hear the first howl already. Daka wolf howls were something unique. There was a hateful malevolence in them. Some would call it unnatural. Never the less, locals would know that it wasn't a normal wolf's howl. Mourn took flight and Ferra became restless. The wolves caught a trail of something. Perhaps it was human but it could be fairy as well. Never the less, Xenelith quickly crawled into the saddle. The large, black cat moved through the midnight forest with deadly grace. They jumped over a fallen tree. The howls became more frequent now. They echoed across the forest’s canopy. A hungry Relivan and Herivan came running aside Ferra now. Below, Xenelith could see a stream for a moment as they crossed it. The wolves kept pace with the agile cat as they rushed towards their prey. Howls were replaced with wet growls now.
In Avalia 3 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
In Avalia 3 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Asrian Ascendancy

The message couldn’t be missed. ‘Prince Nautilian of Asra is dead.’ It was broadcasted across all official Asrian channels on the psiNET. Across the realm of Asra it caused a shock. The Great Houses were quick to ask what happened. Some knew he was on Adgemnar and had their answer that way. Further, highly encrypted messages said that he died saving Asrian lives. That because of him at least 100 Asrians could make it off Adgemnar. An envoy ship was already on its way to Asra with the footage and Prince Nautilian’s last message to his wife. Who had made no public statement yet. How could she? Nimueh felt broken and empty. As if a half of her was ripped away. The other princes and princesses were scrambling their best writers to prepare their own statements. Certain craftsmen ordered the finest marble they could get on short notice and vowed to make a memorial for the Scholar-Prince.

Olliana was far from home to mourn her brother. Even at the Resort’s lodge, she felt cold. No amount of sunshine would change that. She wanted to leave this weak and wretched place. But one small message slipped through the heightened Asrian psiNET chatter. The Second Prince of Asra bid her to fulfill her duty first. Then she could come home. “Get us Manir and you can come home sister.” She didn’t want to go home. Her brother had died on Manir. Olliana knew her people. As pacifistic as they portrayed themselves now, they still had the blood on conquerors coursing through them. A Prince was murdered. There would be retribution and Olliana intended to be at the tip of the spear.

And these talks were taking up precious time to prepare. Within the rather well-hidden lodge, she had been tinkering and tooling with her Runic modules. Like she had done as a child. The Prime Minister was taking her sweet time so Olliana decided to hunt. The resort offered some genetically altered creatures to take down. Apparently, the higher-ups of Rovlius were quite fond of it. So Olliana ordered a hunt for the biggest and largest creature there was. The attended was rather apprehensive about the whole ordeal. Especially as Olliana had shown up with very little armor on herself and four javelins she had fashioned out of wood she found around the Lodge. Never the less, after some persuasion, the creature was released and she went after it.

She and her Witches had found it though. It was a lean, cat-like creature. You could see the muscles beneath the black, leathery skin. It had four legs and was huge, about 4 meters in length. Olliana could see the claws on all four of its legs. “That could shred a man.” She whispered, but somehow the beast must’ve heard something. As it instantly lifted its head from the pond and began looking around. Olliana slowly took the javelin she had fashioned herself and raised it over her shoulder. With a singular motion, she threw it. A moment later the wooden point drilled itself into the skin. The monster howled and the Princess yelled out in victory. Until the beast ripped out the branch from its skin and began charging straight at her.

Olliana’s witches began to throw their own javelins. Though most just bounced off the armored sides. Olliana reached out with her power and pulled a branch into her hand. One end of the crumbled into woodchips. Revealing another point. That branch too was off. It didn’t stop the monster. Who, with one backhand strike of its front paw send Olliana hurling through the air. Her flight was abruptly stopped by a tree and she fell down to the ground again. Spitting blood. The beast wasn’t done with her though. It came charging at her again. Its viciously sharp maw open and ready to tear her apart. Right before it could devour Olliana whole Olliana reached out. An invisible wall stopped the beast. Its simple mind could not comprehend the powers that were stopping him. It clawed and shrieked trying to get to its prey that was right there. Olliana used her other hand to reach out above her. The canopy's branches were strong and thick. It took a dangerous amount of time and strength but finally one broke off. It came tumbling down and pierced the beast straight through its body. The creature howled and cried out in obvious pain. The Witches gathered around it. Olliana, over which the beast had towards when it got impaled, was drenched in its blood. She got up, feeling the creature weakening with every desperate move to free itself. Eventually, it collapsed. Unable to muster the strength to move further.

The Princess stood next to it. Waiting until it was near death before she came close enough. The malice in her eyes hadn’t changed when she came down with her psionic powers.

A few hours later Olliana marched into the hunter station where they had ordered their beast. Mud caked on her boots, blood matted her hair and stained her clothes. She stank of sweat and death. Behind her she dragged the head of her kill across the nicely cleaned floor before she lobbed it in the middle of the lobby. “I want the skull cleaned before I leave this place.” She said coldly and left again. Perhaps tomorrow, during the talks, she’d get more satisfaction.
Asrian Ascendancy

Nautilian sat in his chair in the darkened room. He was watching a holographic image of his wife, holding his young son, who was barely 1 year old. “-and little Arlius here used psionics for the first time.” The woman in the picture said as she looked with proud eyes at her son. “He levitated some blocks. They were very light and small, but he did levitate them.” She said as she tickled him. The child let out a laugh that melted Nautilian but pierced his heart as well. “Anyway, I’ve spoken with your brother-“ That surprised Nautilian. “-and he told me you will be relieved in six months. Sooner, if Olliana manages to close a deal with the Rolvians.” There was a sense of melancholy in her voice. “He says he wants you on Manir then.” That explained why his older brother wanted him off Adgemnar. He still thought of Nautilian as only a scholar. Not an entirely unjust consideration but Nautilian did wish he would be known as something else. The woman, Nimueh, was quiet for a moment. As if she was gathering the strength to speak the next words. “I want you home, Nautilian. Arlius needs you home. Adgemnar is not safe. Please, come home.” The hologram cut out, leaving Nautilian alone in the dark.

Was it selfish that he shared her desire to be home? Perhaps. He was a prince, he had a duty to his people. In his younger years, he would’ve done anything to go to Manir. The cursed and fabled planet. But when you’re young you’re allowed to be reckless and impulsive. Now he had a child and he had different duties as well. He got up and stood in the holographic circle. With a few tabs on his wrist-mounted controller, he bid the holographic recorders to link up with the audio system in his suit. For a second he closed his eyes, trying to conjure up Nimueh standing before him.

“My love. I promise you that I will be safe. We are at a science outpost. We pose no threat to anyone from here. I know you want me back and I understand. Just wait for me. I will-“ His recording got cut when the ground quacked beneath him. He could hear an explosion erupting. He ran outside to see what was happening but was greeted by pandemonium. His commanders were jumped. The perimeter was already getting tested. The artillery Thralls were lobbing superheated plasma through the sky in an attempt to destroy the enemy but there were too many. Great trails of flame painted the sky as the metal pods came down. Soon blue light of the Asrian anti-aerial guns streaked across the sky as well. A thunder cracked through the air as strange colored lightning shot upwards. Destroyed pods fell down from the heavens in a rain of fire, metal and burned flesh. Still, there were far more pods than the Asrians could handle.

“Sir, we are under attack. What are our orders?” the High Commander asked, but Nautilian needed a minute to take the situation in.

After the third explosion rippled across the battlefield did he finally speak: “Take the shuttles. Evacuate the scientists first. Then military personnel. Burn every bit of data you can't secure and request a purge on our location.” The High Commander nodded and moved on, barking orders and pushing pilots towards the shuttles. Nautilian himself ran towards a console and begin uploading the data they had gathered onto his suit.

Right then a hostile walker broke through the perimeter and shot an Artillery Thrall to pieces. It soon aimed its weapon at one of the crippled scientists, laying on the floor with his foot broken by rocks. He tried to push them off with telekinesis. A slow process that was not aided by the panic of imminent destruction. Nautilian reached out with his hand. Invisible force clamped around the walker’s gun and pushed it away. The shots missed, the rock moved and the scientist was free. “Get out of here. Head for the shuttle!” Nautilian yelled as he still held the walker’s weapon up. But the other arm turned around and took aim at Nautilian. Who was quick to psionically grab it as well. With as much force as he could muster, he pushed it back before he de-activated the seal of the runes on his arm. Though those took a moment to power up and a second walker joined the first. Nautilian pushed his gun turn towards the first walker right before it shot. Projectiles had no allegiance and the fire ripped through its brother. Before Nautilian grabbed the second’s chest and crushed it with both hands. The telekinetic forces squeezed the metal as hard as it could. The prince only stopped when he saw liquid pouring out of the carcass. The walker dropped down dead.

But the breach was there and infantry began pouring through the gap. Sadly for them, the Runic modules on Nautilian’s arm finally came to life with arches of lightning.


The Asrian outpost was a wasteland. Fires raged and broken Thralls were everywhere. To Nautilian’s dismay, he could see the blood of his kin mixed in as well. The last few shuttles were taking off. So far almost all shuttles made it to safety in space. Where an Eternity-Class was rapidly approaching to pick them up and purge the location. Almost but not all. One shuttle was now smoldering wreckage on its landing pad. A painful memory of Nautilian who failed to protect it. Thirty Asrians onboard, mostly scientists, paid the price.

For a moment it was calm, or calmer than it should be during a battle. The enemy was possibly grouping up for a second way. Nautilian then realized the recording of the suit was only paused. He activated it again. There would be no hologram. No images of his ashen face, broken left arm or the bloodmud clinging to his legs. But there was pain in his voice. “Nimueh. I’m sorry. I made you a widow but please, make sure Arlius doesn’t suffer a bitter life. Tell him that I love him. That I will always love him. Tell him that the sky is beautiful and the grass is soft because it is meant to be that way. Tell him the stars glitter at night because they are supposed to. Please, make sure he is not angry at the galaxy. Make sure that his fire burns for peace, for knowledge or beauty. Not for carnage and slaughter.”

“And to you my love. Forgive me for all the mistakes I have made. For the choices I made. I love you. I will always love you but what I will do now, I do not as a father or a husband but as a Prince of Asra.” He cut the recording as the second to last shuttle took off. Wordless he commanded his suit to transmit his recording onto the ship together with the last bit of data he still on his suit.

The last shuttle still needed the last drops of fuel to make it to space. A few more minutes it needed and Nautilian would give it that. A new row of bombs and shell landed around him. Dust and smoke billowed up. Through the ground he could feel the rythmic movement of the enemy walkers, joined with a chaotic chorus of smaller steps. They were coming.

A bloodied Nautilian pulled himself up with a pole. His left leg could no longer bear his weight. It was bloodied and broken but the Prince felt nothing. Nothing but power as he tapped into the last bit he had inside of him. Lightning surged around him and the pole. From the cloud of dust lightning once more sparked. Burning and killing whoever came too close. Thunder still ripped through the air. "Do not think I will go gently to my grave!" Nautilian yelled at his enemy as he flung three Acolytes through the dust and air. "I am a Prince of Asra!"


From orbit captain Sumri of House Alroy watched as she saw lightning cracked across the screen. The main screen on the bridge showed a detailed image of the ground below from orbit. Right now it showed the warzone that was the former scientific outpost. Wrecks of walkers, blobs of flesh, ash, and mud mixed together in an almost artful painting. Hershina would remember how it looked later today when she could retire to her own chambers. Amid that swirling, almost tranquil beauty there was one thing standing in stark defiance of the destruction around him. Nautilian. His great arcs of lightning sundered the enemy, but he was weakening. The last of the shuttles were inbound now. Secretly Sumri wished the Prince would die before they got here. She would not kill her own prince. Not even if the order came from him directly. Finally, right before the last shuttle had arrived, did Nautilian’s arcs stop. A vile and monstrous creature step forward as the gunfire stopped. Streaks of blood could already be seen behind Nautilian from the top-down view. Sumri guessed he would be hit at least two times. But his upright position showed he was still standing. Not for long though. The thing pushed its clawed arm through him. A great stroke of blood appeared on the ground behind him. A moment later and Nautilian, Second Prince of Asra, fell down and died.

An audible gasp echoed through the bridge. Captain Sumri kept the console with the last shuttle in the corner of her eye. It was safe. “Fire.” She said, softly but much to the surprise of her gun master. “Captain… Prince Nautilian’s body. We must-“

“Unobtainable. Fire the Deliverance beams. We must honor the prince’s last command.” She was icy, as always. She had to be. Though inside her stomach turned into a heavy knot.

The gun master was still shaken but passed the order through. A moment later four bright beams of blue light crashed down upon the land below. the first hit reduced everything to molten slag. A shockwave destroyed the last of the make-shift housing that was already ruined. A moment later and a firestorm rippled from the mountain observation post. Incinerating everything. Nautilian was reduced to ash. Anything useful was purged and destroyed in the following attacks. Then the Battleship left the orbit once more.
Asrian Ascendancy

Prince Nautilian could not stop looking at the massive shield, standing proudly in the distance. It pained him that he was forced to stay so far away. Other, less reputable, factions had taken up residence around the Shield. Probably making their desperate attempts to breach it. “You’re sure of it?” He asked his lead scientist, who stood behind them. “Yes sir. The shield is impenetrable through conventional means. It shares the same radiation spectrum with Ashtar shield data we found in the archives.” Nautilian turned and marched towards the large, wooden table. A luxury imported from Asra itself. It wasn’t the only luxury found in the Asrian’s camp.

Nautilian could only chuckle as he realized that some poor conscripts had to camp around the shield, sleeping on a tough mattress at best. Not here. Thrall Commanders and several Orders had raised make-shift housing with climate control. The food, while not of the highest standards of the Royal Palace, was still locally prepared and served. Such opulence in a time of shadowy war could only be maintained if more than 90% of the forces didn’t eat at all. Luckily for the Asrians, that was exactly the case.

“High Commander Urson.” Nautilian slammed his fist against his breastplate and gave the commander a small bow. The High Commander followed suit, though his bow was far deeper. “Report.”

“I have ten artillery commanders setting up their forces on the perimeter.” He began. The center of the table lit up in a hologram, showing the mountain the Asrian outpost had occupied. Strange, quadrupeds carrying a large cannon-like structure on their back either stood at attention or slowly lumbered towards their designated location. “Furthermore, five more commanders are scouting out the terrain.” With his mind he bid the hologram to focus on a group of four hound-like Thralls running down the mountainside. One of many squads. “Our location should be safeguarded by nightfall. Furthermore, we did not detect any troop mobilization against us as of yet. We’re presuming that they do not consider us large enough a threat, as we took camp further away from the Shield.” Two other commanders, part of Urson’s staff, nodded in agreement.

It was only obvious that they wouldn’t. He was on Adgemnar on purely scientific reasons. A noble reason most factions at the very least begrudgingly accepted. Nautilian gave him a respectful nod and then turned to his scientist team. “Do you have anything more?”

“Well, sir. As I said, the radiation is very alike. However, the shield appears much stronger than it should be. You see, Alpha particles are well within normal levels. Beta levels seem to be somewhat higher than normal. Theta lower but Psi-levels seem very consistent with what we’ve seen before. We believe that the Ashtar are powering this through an advanced generator of theirs. Though the exact nature of their power generation still is unknown to us. Seismometers suggest that the shield also blocks any entry underground. It’s really interesting because this makes region within the shield bubble almost entirely sealed off from the outside atmosphere. We do wonder if it lets light through. That could lead to-“

“Stop.” An increasingly impatient Nautilian commanded. “Do you have a way to get through?”

“N-No sir.” The lead scientist stammered. “In fact, I don’t think we can ever get through. The shield is so strong, we might not be able to develop the technology to pierce it for another three hundred years.”

Nautilian slammed his fist against the table. “Are you telling me that we have absolutely nothing against it!?”

The lead scientist did not want to answer. However, a scientist behind him did step forward and spoke up: “My Prince.” He voice was far less fearful than that of the lead scientist. “There might be a way. We’ve been looking at it wrong.”

“Be quiet!” the lead scientist sneered.

But Nautilian silenced him with just a motion of his hand. “Continue.”

“If you would indulge my analogy: the shield is a door. We and every other faction on this planet has tried to kick it down. But it’s a door with a lock. So it has a key. Sir, I believe the solution to our problem won’t be found on Adgemnar. We will find on Manir.”

A crippling silence fell over the meeting. Manir had become the downfall of the Darkstars. “Are you telling me the key to all of this is on Manir?” The very name conjured disgust in his mouth. Manir, a place where the Asrians were almost at their vilest.

“No sir.” The scientist said, still unafraid. “I think that on Manir there is a lock like this but open. If we have an open lock, we might fashion a key from it.”

Another voice instantly chimed in. “My Prince.” It was Admiral Volanus. “I can dispatch a Darkstar fleet to retake Manir. We will bring you this key.” It was spoken like a true Admiral. Volanus might not have fought in the Great War but everyone knew his ancestors had. It were, sadly enough, also his ancestors that had nearly doomed the Asrian Ascendancy and brought great shame through their genocide. Now he wanted to right the wrong through the only way he knew: conquest.

Nautilian never liked the Admiralty. It was too traditional and conservative. Never the less, it was an enticing offer. A Darkstar fleet would no doubt be able to conquer Manir once more. They were built for it. It was an easy, practical solution. “No.” He said. “We will not invade Manir again. Contact my sister.”

Lady Olliana was one of the few Royals to enter the Admiralty. Unlike her brother she thoroughly enjoyed their traditionalist values of power and strength. Her own psionic abilities had far overtaken that of her brother. Even now she was using her innate telekinetic power to puzzle together something that looks like a shattered rubric cube. Yet not all cubes would fit. Some had magnets that attracted and repelled. It was a game of guessing for the foolish and memory for the wise. Or so Olliana liked to think. From the throne of her Eternity-Class Battleship, she tried to spot Adgemnar to no avail. She could barely see the star. Instead, she and her fleet were hiding in the radiation of a nearby gas giant.

“Sister. I have a task for you.” Chimed through her bridge.

To be sent off to the Republic of Rolvius, that felt like a bad joke. To make her a diplomate to broker a deal with them? That was madness. She was a fighter. A warrior. She even had her own Coven. Even her father said she was born for war. He said it solemnly but Olliana had taken it with pride. It had driven her as a little girl and now she was sent of as a bootlicker? She couldn’t deny her brother’s demand though. Still, she would not go ask one of those meek, gift-bearing, desperate to please bureaucrats. Instead, she split off her main fleet with her Legacy and two Destiny-Class Battleships in tow. Accompanied by a Ziggurat and a Spire-Class Battlecruiser. Her navigators were going through all the formalities of FTL and activated the diplomatic broadcast codes on her ship. Then she was off, racing towards Rolvius where she would make her demands.
The Stranger

Alyssa stood with her back against her just locked the door and let out a sigh of relief. When she heard that there would be a big get together where Valerian would be present, not in a thousand years would she have guessed that not just all Tepes' children but also the Artois and Zeno would be there! And she was none of them! Still, she managed to blend in well enough as she sipped Mimosas. Which were mostly to take the edge off her situation. When she saw him she finally understood what her best friend was talking about for three whole decades. He was a prince and very much dressed for the role. She tried to get his attention in the hall and with some waving she even got it! Of course, his father's speech interrupted everything and things were getting a bit too hot for Alyssa's liking. So she fled to her room. Ready to use plan B.

To: Valerian Tepes
I need to talk to you about a scarf, a guitar and heart shaped glasses. Meet me in room 312.

When she pressed 'send' a shiver went down her spine. She didn't like this. Back on the Island, it appeared as if they could see everything. Every chat, every message, hell every phone she made. It felt as if it was all monitored. From time to time, it felt as if her own mind was being checked upon. They always knew, somehow. Except now. They didn't know about the handful of Polaroids she had scattered over her bed. They all had the same person on them. Except for one: where the girl of all the other pictures shared the little rectangle with another man. They were at a beach, holding hands and looking at each other with starstruck eyes. Those who didn't know Aria would say she looked happy in all of them. Alyssa knew better. In every picture something was wrong. Something was eternally gnawing at her. In the last, her smile was something else entirely. It was disingenuous. She was content but not happy.

Over the course of decades, Alyssa had heard every story her best friend could tell about Valerian. How they met and how they, for a time, were very happy together. Then finally, the accident and she turned into a vampire. A sickly one at that. Despite the years, Aria was still hoping Valerian would come. Every night she'd look out of her window into the ocean water beyond. Sadly, time erodes even the strongest of bonds and one night, Aria stopped looking out her window at night. A day later she became content.

Alyssa wouldn't stand for that though. As she looked at the picture. They guy wasn't a bad person. Far from it. But from the stories, Alyssa thought that Aria deserved better. She deserved her prince. She might not be able to leave the Island but Alyssa was. Security wouldn't just check her luggage, they would check the content of any digital device before she could leave. Luckily though, she managed to slip a few pictures out. It was dangerous, though. If security had found those pictures, she could be banned from the Island forever. That was not a fate she wanted to suffer. Still, she hoped the pictures would be proof enough that Aria was out there still waiting for her Valerian.

Her mind had taken her on a nostalgia trip as she looked over her photos. She got so deep into it that she almost didn't hear the fluttering from outside. All her windows but one were closed and thick, sun-blocking curtains made sure she wouldn't get a horrible sunburn. However, this also meant she couldn't see who was outside. Carefully she took a step back from her bed. Then the curtains moved some more. "Hello?" She said. "Anybody there." In answer, the curtains moved a little bit more. She heard something touching the wooden frame of the window. Something was moving against the curtain. It kept sneaking around under the thick cloth. It went down. Towards the little bit of space that kept the curtain off the ground. Alyssa had taken three steps back already. She wished she had something with her. Anything to defend herself. "Get back or I'll scream!" She declared with all the fury she could muster.

Until a figure came from under the curtain. It was a crow. Instantly all fear fled Alyssa. "Oh thank god." for a second time that day, she let out a sigh of relief. Luckily she was of the adventurous sort. It might not look like much but she loved the thrill she was getting. "Who's pet are you then?" she said teasingly at the blackbird, who ignored her and flew up onto the back of a chair. Seemingly overlooking the pictures on the bed. "Are you hungry?" Alyssa asked. The crow looked at her for a second, probably just to find the source of the sounds it heard. Still, she saw it as confirmation and went to a cupboard. The private island wasn't just a quick getaway place, Alyssa had found. Some cupboards were actually filled with snacks. Like a little pot with nuts, which she unsealed and shook towards the crow. It didn't move, instead, it kept looking at her bed. "That's strange. Are you okay, little crow? Do you want some water?" Alyssa didn't wait for an answer. She went into the bathroom where there was a beautiful bowl she filled partially with water and carried to her bedroom again, where she put it down for the crow to see. Still, it didn't budge. "Are you okay, little crowley? Did you hurt a wing?" She asked, as she slowly approached the creature. Trying to look as unintimidating as possible. The crow, this time, kept its eyes on her. As if it was studying her. "It's okay. I'm your friend."

The crow took off with unnatural speed. Before Alyssa could full and well react, it was heading straight for it. It flew fast. Too fast for any bird. She held out her hands to keep the beast away but it moved too quickly. With unnatural speed and went straight for the eye. Before the girl knew it, it’s unnaturally sharp beak was pushed through her eye. Supernatural speed pushed it deeper. Her body fell backward. The bloodied crow crawled out of the eye socket it came into. Covered in gore. It walked towards the bowl and bathe itself into the water, washing off the bits that clung to it. Once it was sufficiently clean, it flew up on the bed to observe its kill. The girl never even had a chance to scream. When content with its work it turned around and collected three pictures. The one with Aria and the other man remained, and another of Aria standing in a window as well. The crow crawled under the curtain and flew away.
To: Dimitri's Cleaner
Room service 312
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