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Uthum, the Sleeping God

Uthum had watched the Unsullied march through the dessert for some time now. He knew he should feel something. Empathy, maybe? But he felt nothing and while he was excited to find mortals, it did not feel the same as finding people. It was as if he found a long lost toy. None the less he observed the race. Many died in the desert, returning to Dust as their soul could not bear living another day. They reached an oasis but it did only little to easy their wounds. The race was harmed in its very core.

The god of magic did not want to reveal his existence to the wide public just yet. Instead, under the cloak of night he descended. A small group of supposed warriors had taken it upon themselves to patrol through the sands. Uthum quickly befell them. With a quick flick of his hand the mana gathered around the warriors. Before they knew it they were asleep, encased in crystalline mana which began to float behind Uthum. Who took his experiments towards some more remote region of the desert. Where, under the early morning sun, he released them.

Their instincts were sharp, at least, as all three warriors immediately levelled their spears towards him and held their wicker shields high. Though there was fear in their eyes. Uthum didn’t want to ask. He did not have the time for it. So instead he reached out towards one of the warrior’s mind and wretched his story from his thoughts.

It was a tale filled with happiness, laughter but then betrayal, war and death. Yet Uthum still felt nothing. Not an ounce of pity. Instead his mind pulled him towards the strange, dangerous bolts their corrupted kin flung at them. Such devastating magic and it was clear it was not mana. What god had given a mortal race access to magic already? And why did he make it so crude? He made a mental note of it and then moved on.

“Welcome. You are the first of your kind to learn how to harness my gift.” The creatures did not budge. Instead they kept their spears pointed at him. “This gift is mana. And from what I saw… it may help you out in your future war.” The warriors looked at each other. Visibly confused. “Against your darker kin. You might be broken now but there will be a time of vengeance. There always has been.” Uthum said in a rather uncaring way. “Anyway, on too the important subjects. This strange magic your dark kin has, you can defend yourself against it. Give me your shield.” Uthum said. But none of the warriors offered it to him. Rather annoyed with their tardiness in obeying his commands, he commanded the mana around him to whip up the sands. Around the god and the three warriors all sand was whipped up into a swirling frenzy. When he lowered his hand, the storm vanished as quickly as it appeared. “If I wanted to kill, you’d be dead. Now give me your shield.”

Uthum knew that any primal race would not be able to harness pure mana just like that. Mortals needed a framework. A method or a ritual. So on the wicker shield he just got he used his magic to lightly carve arrow heads from inside out in a spiral shape. The task was quickly completed. “Now hold that up.” He said as he handed the wicker shield back. Still confused but also frightened the warrior upheld the wicker shield. “A ward will spawn… a sort of magical.. well, shield. You just have to believe it. You have to want it. Those signs will help you.” Except they wouldn’t. The mana did not recognize those signs and the belief of the warrior was lacking to say the least. But the god of magic gave mana a little nudge. Soon a translucent, light blue vortex formed over the shield. Spiraling outwards. “Yes, good! Now hold that.” Uthum said as he gathered a small concentration of mana in the palm of his hand. “You two, watch.” He ordered to the other warriors. He flung the bolt of mana. Upon impact the mana was thrown outwards. Away from the shield. “Yes! Yes! Again!” Uthum exclaimed a she flung another bolt. Then another. Each one caught by the vortex and harmlessly dispelled. Then, before the shielded warrior could even see it, he flung another bolt. One with the color of their corrupted kin’s magic. The two others could only gasp, knowing their friend was dead. But he wasn’t. The bolt impacted and in a majestic spectacle of color the bolt’s energy spiraled away.

He kept them with him for the entire day. Making them practice the vortex ward until they could make a small one without his secret help. The very next day he taught them another set of glyphs: a curved line with a line straight through the curve. Behind it were three arrow heads pointing towards the curved line. “You kin can throw energy from a distance. This will let you do the same.” It was difficult to carve the glyphs into their spears. But they managed it. And to Uthum’s surprise, he barely had to help them. They began to believe that with every thrust a bolt of light blue energy would shoot off from the tip of their spear. Gleefully Uthum watched as they threw their bolts around. That night, when they fell asleep he cocooned them once more in crystalline mana and transported them back to the vicinity of their camp. Rather content he watched down from the night skies. The first seeds of magic had been planted.

But now he had other things to worry about. He continued his journey until he found the land of the darkened kin. The land itself looked like it had suffered under the presence of these corrupted kin. He found a few, also patrolling and flew down. Just like the first band, they upheld their weapons. “Easy now. That is no way to greet a god.” Uthum said.

But these people clearly did not fear him like the previous did. “You are not perfected. Therefor you are an enemy. Go, get your gift from Larwen. If you’re worthy, he might give it to you.” The leader, a female, said. Her stance were defiant and certain. As if she knew she was above him. Despite being nothing but a mere mortal.

This took Uthum a little off guard. Who was this creature, that she would speak so bluntly to a god. The mana around them thickened as uthum’s mood worsened. “You would dare threaten a God!”

The corrupted kin, in turn, gathered their magic and flung it at Uthum. Who caught in the palm of his hand. Even now he could feel the corrupting energy eating away at his mana barrier. This did command some respect, as he observed the energy. “What do you call this?”

“Corr magic. It is a gift from Larwen, God of Perfection.” The dark kin answered, still with a hint of defiance. Though she looked a lot more defensive now. As if she realized that this was not a normal being she had encountered.
“It so… strange. You don’t actually understand this do you? I can feel the soul within. So reckless. It’s just so.. flawed.” Uthum let the energy flow around his arm. Still protecting himself with a barrier. It was magical in nature. That was for sure. But not normal magic. It contained a hunger, a need to transform. Uthum guessed it wanted to ‘perfect’.

“It is not flawed! It is a gift! A perfect gift!” the corrupted ones exclaimed.

“Perfect? This? Far from it. It is simple. Right now its sole purpose is to be a weapon. It’s meant to kill.” But he was still the god of magic. And whatever this was, it was still magic. Uthum clenched his fist and the mana crushed the energy. Shattering it in a thousand pieces. “Yet it holds potential for great and terrible things. Impossible things. Wonderful things. It could even reverse its sins. Maybe in the future I will change it and show you. But for now, begone.” With his final word mana took a hold of the Corrupted Fae and flung them away, into the air. Though with their wings, they could land again safely. But once they touched the ground again, Uthum was long gone.

Warlord of Kereg-Kor, Husband of Xaelia@Ellion and Nadia@Vesuvius00
Interacting with: Xaelia@Ellion, Nadia@Vesuvius00 and Ineraz@SilverPaw

Keregar looked up when the door opened. His brides stepped out, but Nadia was still dressed in her night clothes. He’d yell at her but remembered his promise to his son. Who now was having an actual, proper fight. Even though the twin had mass and strength on his side, Varzar dodged the massive hammer blows with grace. He fought with what he had. It almost made Keregar smile. What made the smile vanish was Kieran, who would rose up before the Gems. Keregar quickly put a foot on his back, pushing him down. “Down boy, down.” Hatred was carved on his face. But defeated by the sheer force of his father, he kept doing setups.

The fact that Nadia asked and held Xaelia’s hand did not go unnoticed by Keregar. It would seem the less rebellious Gem was getting over her fear. That was good. Xaelia on the other hand, still had a mark below her eye from where he struck her. “You’ve missed it. But I can make an exception for once. Varzar!” The smallest Drakkan had just dodged a blow that shook the very earth and turned towards his father: “Yes?” Right then, the twin swiftly lifted his hammer again and made it crash down. Though Varzar just took a simple step backwards, let the hammer smash an inch from his feet and put his blade against the exposed neck of his brother. “Father is speaking.” He said, trying to fake a coldness. He had seen the Gems come outside and a shiver had gone through his body. Maybe there was truth in what his father said.

“The Gems are hungry. Give them something to eat.” Keregar certainly felt the need to test his son’s conviction. The young Drakkan looked at Xaelia, with her painful mark and then to Nadia, dressed rather wrongfully for the occasion. “Yes father.” He said rather dutifully as he approached the Gems and put his weapons on a rack. Keregar turned to Kieran, below him. “You. Fist fight with Herstvich.” Kieran dropped down into the mud, turned around and looked with wide eyed at Keregar. “What!? You have to be joking.” Keregar did not like his tone. Rather forcefully he picked pulled Kieran up from the mud. “Do you see me smiling boy? Get a move on!” He almost threw Kieran at the twin. Who already discarded his hammer and was taking off his shirt. Grinning from ear to ear. He made fists, revealing the white scar tissue on his knuckles. Kieran was rather reluctant to approach him. Before the Gems could go back inside with Varzar, Keregar did yell: “And Nadia. We will be leaving for the market at noon. Make sure you wear something right for the occasion. Or you won’t be wearing anything for a week.”

Varzar, was already leading the Gems back inside as he saw his brother wrap his knuckles. It wouldn’t have a pretty ending. He wanted to feel happy. Kieran was getting beat up. But he couldn’t. He remained silent. Another attempt to seem cold towards the Gems. Though his heart yearned for some warmth. They entered the kitchen. There were loaves of tough, black bread, cold bacon and eggs, cheese that would break weak teeth and only a light ale to drink. Slowly they entered the room. Varzar, staying in front of the two Gems swallowed deeply. His father expected it now. “Sorry.” He whispered. With a fluid motion he pulled off his glove, turned around and slapped Nadia in the face.

Far away from the estate, a small, light but quick Drakkan made its way through the busy, winding streets. Clutching a scroll to his chest. He was cloaked but kept a seal in his hand at all times. Eventually he reached his destination: the Evernarth estate. He knocked on the door and a guard answered. Before the much larger Drakkan could even ask, the Drakkan held out a the seal of Kereg-Kor and pushed a scroll in the guard’s hand. “For Ineraz Evrenarth only.” He said. Before the guard could ask any questions he turned around and went back to the street and vanished in the crowd.

The letter:

Your exploits have reached the ears of my distant keep. It is rare that a hunter gathers so much renown at such a young age. It speaks of more than talent. You have intrigued me, Ineraz. Today I will be visiting the market with my Gems. I would have us meet.

Warlord of Kereg-Kor
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Uthum, the Sleeping God


Level 3 Goddess of The Supernatural (Soul)

With the matter of the solution starting to be dealt with, Kap Gam decided to investigate what could possibly have started the issue on the first place, to better understand what she would be dealing with and to prepare for any future trouble that might happen. Looking again at the map, she pinpointed the world axis and quickly left Locus Amoenus towards the location, first crossing the continent then dipping under the ocean.

At a first sight, the area did not seem to be out of the ordinary for something deep on the sea, located in a crater valley, the region seemed, from the surface, normal, but as the goddess went deeper, towards the sea floor, she started to notice something was odd and wrong. Even simple observation would denounce it, the sediments were too young for this untouched world, as if something had recently stirred up in the region, but what the goddess saw was different, it was as if the land had a beating heart full of energy, it emanated a strong aura.

Almost without thinking, she landed on the seafloor, and knelt, touching the ground beneath her with one hand, trying to understand what laid under that area, and, not entirely accidentally, cause whatever was under there to react with an influx of resonance.

Uthum had been dreaming. Dreaming of lines and change, of blood and suffering and even of death. He rarely moved within the mana that was still flowing from him. It was a dense substance now, pushed up against the walls of his tomb. Slowly vibrating. Then another god came. Like a cry for help the mana vibrated harder and harder. She was coming! Maybe she could free its god! The mana began to push against the ceiling. The rocks it had ones sealed above it now began to crack as the mystical energy pushed up against it. Crying out to the goddess on the other side for help. All the while Uthum remained in slumber, floating within his tomb.

The goddess felt the energy answering, something on its aura was wrong, almost desperate. She wondered what to do, if she were to wait a few years she would have the fae workforce to dig a hole in that ocean, but that seemed cruel. It seemed the resonance was helping the power beneath to activate, so perhaps, a bit more would cause a reaction strong enough to free whatever was beneath. She took a moment to focus, and once again tried to use resonance to reach the entity.

She answered! She was there! The mana pushed harder. Clawing at the rocks now. Stone fell down through the mana. The resonance of the goddess helped. The ceiling began to collapse. Above, in the water sand began to billow up as the stone below it was sinking. All around Uthum stones fell. Though the mana made sure to protect its god. It pushed and pushed until finally the first cracks began to form above. Blue light began to pour through the fissures but the mana refused to escape through it. It kept pushing directly under the goddess that was helping it. The glowing fissures grew and pillars of light emerged. Finally the mana pushed up. Exploding the rocks above it as a pure, bright, blue pillar of light shot upwards. Slowly the sleeping god was pulled upwards. Kept in its suspension while he was raised from the deep. The pillar reached above the waves and into the sky. Around it a dangerous maelstrom raged. The ocean swirled around while dark clouds gathered above and around the pillar of light. Mana shot up from the top like a fountain and as water it flowed over the world. Finally, when Uthum was above the waves the pillar of mana shattered and Uthum awakened. Levitating over the sea. For a moment he was awestruck as the ocean calmed down.

The goddess noticed the cracks underneath her feet and the aura she felt strengthening and getting closer to where she was. One of the relics on her body shone red and her face actually showed surprised and conviction, ichor beating fast as she swirled away from the erupting chaos with a mix of grace and haste. She was on the surface to watch the energies spreading around the world, forming something better described as an atmospheric storm.

Seemed like she had found what had caused so much trouble, though now the forces were released evenly across the planet, the damage it had done to the structure of the world would be permanent to her creation, so she was not yet free from the burden of correcting the flow of the mycellium.

Calmly, she floated towards the god floating over the ocean. Just now noticing the energy was not simply an universal mechanic but a deity of its own. "Who are you?" she questioned, back to her passive face and tone.

Uthum turned to face Kap Gam. Her appearance was not entirely unfamiliar. Yet at the same time his instincts told him this was no mere oddly dressed human. He just knew that this was a god. He also knew he was a god too. “I am… Uthum, God of Magic.” He answered very carefully. Speaking my vibrating the air around him rather that straight up talking. How he knew he was the God of Magic, he could not say and it did not matter. As the mana swirled around him for a moment when he said the words. Confirmation enough for his claim he thought. “And who might you be?”

Kap Gam did not take as much time to realize it was indeed a god that she saw, usually, simply floating among a maelstrom of energies was a good indicator, but the deity also had an odd, otherworldly look to it. Neither entirely human nor entirely not, uncanny in a sense. "I am Kap Gam, goddess of Souls." she explained calmly. "This energy that was freed with you, what is it?" she asked, it was a bit late to stop it from spreading, so she hoped for it to not be noxious.

“Goddess of Souls?” Uthum observed her. Not just with the senses he was familiar with. His new gained godhood let him see and feel beyond what any mortal could. And his divine senses confirmed her claim. She was most certainly a goddess. “The energy?” he asked rather confused. Then he realized it. “Mana, you mean!” Happy that the substance he loved so much was here too he outstretched his arm. The mana, normally barely visible to the eye converged around him and flowed around his arm as tiny particles of shimmering lights before disappearing again. “It’s the definition of limitless possibilities. I… can’t quite explain it. But it manifests itself through will and belief. You can try it yourself! Just reach out to it and enact your will upon it!” He didn’t actually know if the mana would heed her command. Which was why he was so excited.

"Mana, huh?" she wondered, it was an interesting idea, divine-like energy, free of form, that would change itself to thought, even mortal thought. She would be optimistic about such thing if she was not so weathered. "I can use it too? Let me try." she extended her hand, calling Mana towards her, making a bird out of it, which landed on her arm. Unlike the Fae, it was not alive, it was merely an echo of what she was thinking, as if imagination given life, a creature within her head projected into the world. As soon as she lost focus, the bird vanished into the flow. "It is a beautiful thing."

“It is! It is!” Uthum exclaimed with pure, almost childish joy as he watched the bird vanish again. Gods could manipulate his gift! Wonderful! “I intended it as a gift! For all beings!” But then a very real dread overcame him as he gazed up into the clouds. Mana was everywhere. Flowing like great, constantly changing rivers. There was too much of it moving too fast. “The mana… it’s all around.” He uttered with a now fearful voice. The god turned to Kap Gam with a strong sense of urgency: “What is the state of mortal beings in this world? Are there animals? People?” It was clear in his voice that he feared the existence of people the most.

"It would be quite a calamity if I had went with my other plan to free you, then." she nodded to herself. "Mortal are still rare, most of the world population is Fae, creatures held together by their own will, which will surely help to incorporate mana without struggle. There are a few minor species, humans, griffins, other such creatures, populations small enough they will meet Mana at their own time. Imps there are many, but the lest you have to worry about in their homeland is Mana."

Uthum was visibly panicking now. He looked around, trying to find the land. It was nowhere in sight. Normally he would be happy with a race that held itself together through pure will. They would be excellent creatures to learn his magic. But there was too much mana and he wasn’t around yet. Even worse, there were other, minor races as well. “Goddess. I must know where these Fae are. They will need my guidance.”

The goddess took a moment, then shook her head. "They are everywhere, even on the moon." she calmly explained. "You worry too much. You are not responsible for each and every mistake committed by others, those are bound to happen, what matter that your intention was not vile."

He looked upwards towards the sky, assuming the moon was beyond. “How am I going to get up there?” He mumbled to himself, utterly ignoring Kap Gam’s remark on him worrying too much. Then he looked down at his feet. “Oh right. I can fly.” It all still felt very new to him. He did listen to the rest she said. “You misunderstand. I expect mortals to make mistakes. Especially with my gift. I just don’t want them to fear it. Or invent some rigorous and dogmatic rules that would chain the mana. That is my duty as Warden of the Arcane. I must go now. I truly must. But I will not forget what you did for me. When the time comes, you can call upon any boon you desire of me. May fate bring our paths together again, Goddess of Souls.” Uthum made a courteous bow and then flew up high into the sky as he begin his search for mortals.

Warlord of Kereg-Kor, Husband of Xaelia@Ellion and Nadia@Vesuvius00
Interacting with: No one
Varzar stood before his father’s door. His fist a mere inch from the door. Ready to knock. Yet he didn’t. As he stood frozen in place by indecisiveness a myriad of thoughts raged through his head. What would his father say? Or think? What would the punishment be? Doubt and fear was strangling his heart. He almost walked away but the tears of Nadia he saw just a few hours earlier made him turn on his heel again. “Five seconds of courage.” He told himself in his head. “Five seconds, that’s all I need.” More determined than ever he marched straight for the door, knocked and nearly pissed himself when his father immediately answered: “Enter.” All the courage fled him but he couldn’t turn away now. Slowly he opened the door and quickly closed it behind him. His father was writing a letter. It was the most serene thing Varzar had seen his father do. “what do you want, boy?”

“I’m here to talk about my mothers.” Keregar looked up from the parchment. “They’re not your mothers.” He said while dipping his quill in ink and continue writing. “Gems, then.” Varzar corrected himself as he approached the Warlord. “They’re going to die.” Keregar stern but uncaring face did not change. “I mean soon. They’re going to die soon. Neither can survive Drakka. I talked with them and-“ “And you were blinded by your youth.” Keregar dropped the quill in the ink pot and leaned backwards in his chair. “All Gems die. In a year. In five years. Maybe twenty. But they die. Always.” Varzar swallowed deeply. “No I mean… they will die soon. Kieran is already hunting one. The twins can snap them like twigs by accident!” Keregar stilled looked uncaring. “They will die and then.. I will have to-“ Varzar could control himself anymore. He tried to wipe a tear away. “Then I have to bury them- under- under the old tree.” The little Drakkan was sobbing now. “And- And I say my prayer and- and- I just can’t… dad. I can’t. Not again. I already did it. I already buried three mothers. I know they couldn’t help it. I know they broke the rules but- but I still buried them. And I still mourned them.”

Keregar let his son cry for a moment. His face was still icy cold. Though when Varzar, rather ashamed of how he looked before his father, quickly gathered himself again the Warlord spoke: “You love them too much.” Inside he was utterly disgusted. How would one of his blood get so misguided? “They are Gems. Slaves. Brides!” His temper was flaring up now. How could his own son be so stupid? So short-sighted? “You talk as if they are more than just tools. They exist to bare us children. They bore your brothers. They bore you! That is their purpose once chosen! Beyond the delivery of a child they have no use. No reason to live. Of course they die, son. They have to.” Keregar got up from behind his desk. “I may not have taught you that lesson very well. So let me teach it to you again.” Keregar leaned over his desk with both fists resting on it. “You will bury these Gems too. And the ones that come after them and the ones after that. And then, after a few centuries of burying your so-called ‘mothers’ you will bury your first bride. And then another and another. Finally you will start burying the brides of your sons. That’s a lot of deaths. If you love every single one of them, you won’t live another century. But I don’t blame you for that.” Calmer now, Keregar sat back down. “They can be dangerous, venomous creatures. They strike at your heart. Make you care.”

“Father no.” Varzar sat wide-eyed looking at his father. He just made things worse. So much worse. “No, no, no they didn’t do anything! I swear they’re just. They miss home! Like you miss home!”

His son had to learn. But Keregar couldn’t just break the care he had for his new mothers. Besides, it was true that Kieran was already on the prowl. Keregar needed his Gems to live a little longer. He needed his tools to live a little longer. Not that he really wanted another child. But in his old days, the services they provided became increasingly more enjoyable. Maybe it was a gift from Sorrak? Either way, he needed them to survive another few years. “Very well. I will ease their suffering. Maybe give them a few gifts tomorrow, from the markets.” Varzar’s eyes lit up in happiness. “But you… You will have to do something in return.” The light in his eyes vanished quickly. “You will hurt one of them.”

When the sun rose from the horizon, the metal clash could be heard from outside. Varzar held his shield high and sword ready as one of the twins was raining down hammer blows. The other two children of Keregar was doing push-ups in the wet mud. All under supervision of the great Warlord. But he could see that his youngest was not paying as much attention as he should. His eyes kept turning to the door towards the house, and the rooms beyond. Kieran, on the other hand, had utter bitterness in his eyes. Something happened last night, everyone could see it. But only Keregar and Kieran knew exactly what had happened. For now Keregar let his gems sleep in. There was no reason to wake them.
I'm interested! But I've never really done a true slice-of-life RP. Is there any particular knowledge I should possess before jumping in?
We currently have very few mortal races, and very few mortals in general, so we'll see how this pans out.

I've added a part to mana that says it also interacts with its environment. This will give me some more flexibility.

About this section- first of all, check with @Lauder that there's no conflicts of interest between the Energy domain and your portfolio, since they seem pretty similar.

Checked with Lauder. He's fine with all so far.

Otherwise, much like everything else that's not the bare necessities (hydrogen, gravity, byproducts of hydrogen and gravity), magic exists where it's created by gods, so Uthum will have to create mana in order to bring it into the world (I see you've got that mostly covered in your personality section, though). Other forms of magic will happen as they are figured out in-character.

Mana will be made and spread across the world in my introduction post. I've put it there so people in the future know that Mana is supposed to be everywhere it can get (unless repelled by actively hating/disliking it).

Can I carry him over to the CS?

Almost done! Just need to find a musical theme
I'll post my CS tomorrow! He still needs a bit more fleshing out.
Aye! I agree (If I get accepted). Anyway, first of all I'm going to explain my idea of Mana:

It's a fuel and a force in of its own. A literal substance. When it first comes to the world it will be pure and without influence. Much like wood is wood, mana would be mana with 4 states of matter: Solid, liquid, gas and plasma. Pure mana can be very easily manipulated through conscious will or belief. So living, thinking beings like humans, animals or anything else can manipulate mana. Deliberate or accidential. For example: if a whole tribe believes mana is warm, mana around them will be preceived as warm. Should a tribe pass that believes mana is cold, then the mana in the area will cool down. If they believe mana is only solid, mana will only be found in a solid state.

However, mana in of itself can also be influenced by an area without a consciousness manipulating. Mana that travels through a forest will pick up attributes of that forest. Like smell or color. Maybe it becomes akin to a tree.

In the end, mana can be used to maintain higher levels of magical influence. It enhances all that its creator choses to be magical. It has a synergy with the Might of gods. Meaning that if a God choses, he/she/it can certaintly use mana around them. This will mean that more mana floods to them. The opposite can also happen. Should a god hate mana, they will repel it wherever they or their creations go. Accepting or denying the gift of mana has no inherent advantages or drawbacks.

My god will be introducing the substance in the world. As well as hold final control over it. Mana often 'returns' to him in a way. Changed, altered. He observes how the world changes through his substance. Maybe a world of war has made it hateful. Or a age of peace, beauty, intelligence had made it enlightening. In the end, he wants to explore the possibilities of this miraculous substance.

My only fear is that this might still tie in a little too much with the innate magical abilities of a god. I picked supernatural as it can break (some) of the laws of nature. It also felt closest to the domain I wanted to pick initially: Magic. Though from reading a little bit more I figured magic wouldn't be accepted as all gods can seemingly use magic through their Might. Cappy, if you want we could discuss some things over Discord as that makes communication a lot easier and we don't end up spamming the OOC?

EDIT: @Double Capybara Maybe your goddess could be his mommy!?

EDIT 2: an added part to mana: As said earlier there are no inherent advantages or disadvantages to taking or not taking up mana. Those who want to use it in synergy with their own divine power will see that their power is just a little stronger. It will take on their attributes and properties and will thus become a very easy substance to use. While not using/hating/repelling it will mean that mana will go away from your lands or whever you go or have influence over. The advantage to this is that mana will not cause accidents. It is not always so docile as one would believe it to be. For example: a god of light could use mana to create numerous bright lights floating around. However, these lights could end up burning or blinding followers at random.
Can you still make a God here? I was thinking about a god with Supernatural(Mana) to introduce the new, magical substance as well as offer a counter to the Goddess of Supernatural(Souls).
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