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This looks fun.
@Rune_Alchemist Collab, yes! Sorry for the late reply. Got sick yesterday and I got a bit distracted. Still, I'd be up!

Interacting with: Isilfarrel@Rune_Alchemist

He couldn't find it. How could he not find that one room!? Was it hidden? Was there any!? With every read plaque, Alexander felt a little more defeated. Maybe the teacher was yet to arrive? But he couldn't wait. He needed his focus today! He would need it tomorrow in his first courses. How else was he going to excel over the others? They were all talented so he had to do something. But no, he could not find the enchantment master. Which meant that he either did it on his own, or waited. Rather defeated he sat down on the floor, against the wall, holding the wizard tools book before him. Well nothing could stop him from reading it. And really, what damage would it do? So he opened it and started reading. Right there and then. The reading went a little slower than usual. He had only learned it a few years back and the book was filled with rather complex words. Still, slowly but surely he started understanding certain things. Diligently he wrote down runes, glyphs and instructions on potential enchantments in his spellbook. After a while the notes were accompanied by crude drawings of initial ideas. What enchantments would he all need? And how would he fuel them. Runes looked like perfect active spell holders. Capable of being activated once magic was channeled through. While the elves figured out gems were rather useful to store a magic reserve. Thus letting passive spells be woven into something as simple as a book. Or that was the basic grasps Alexander got from the book.

Of course, then a strange little bird appeared out of no-where. So far Alexander had remained undisturbed. But the little thing was pecking for his attention. So when he looked up, the announcement echoed through the hall. Only one bird had to make its way into the hall here. After it did its job, the little thing exploded into fragments, scaring Alexander. Why would a creation, even such a simple construct, want to destroy itself!? Wasn't it a lot easier to just return to the sender to be re-used? Or couldn't these kind of constructs be re-used? Alexander decided not to pretend he knew, so he couldn't really judge. Either way, he couldn't leave the pieces of paper on the floor. It was a horrible mess! But the pieces were so thin and small. Gathering them by hand would takes ages! Approaching the group of paper pieces, he thought of something. "Dust to dust, I guess." he quietly told himself. Uttering a short, strange word he released the tiny heatwave. His intention was clear, turn the paper into small embers and then to ash. Wish could vanish easier into small corners. But there were no embers. There were flames. What was supposed to be small embers ignited into flames. Burning the paper in an instant. But in the process also burning Alexander. Who pulled back his hand just a second too late. The palm of his hand was singed. It wouldn't hurt too much and didn't really warrant any attention. But Alexander did let out a heavy sigh. It happened again.

Alas, he couldn't just sit around here. The young boy gathered his books and made way for the cafeteria. Upon entering, a myriad of smells hit Alexander. He was no stranger to good meals. After every battle, the cooks of the mercenary group of his father always prepared a feast for the officers. While the normal soldiers cooked their increased rations of meat. But those recipes were base. Delicious but basic and easy. The smells here and now were complex. Fresh bread, berry-sauce and honeyed steak were but a few examples of the delicious food ready for the students. The young prince was utterly enthralled by both the incredible smell and the unbelievable display. So enthralled, that he bumped into an elven girl. "Oh damn it again." he muttered to himself. Realizing that was the second time today. "I'm sorry." he said, only then realizing he had dropped his book, revealing the title. As well as his own spellbook, showing various gems the elven used to store their magic, with their certain properties he thought he had read in the first book.
And one more post with Isil.

So! Anyone want to have dinner with the elf and possibly her slave 'bodyguard'?

EDIT: So yeah, I'll be getting Alex to the cafeteria ASAP. She might want to meet her future ass-whooper >.>

Interacting with: Shamir@Letter Bee, some random otter@Spirit

Alexander had to chuckle as Shamir hoped he didn't bother the librarians. The young boy looked around quickly to see if any of the otters around them were bothered. None seemed to be squeaking in an overly angry manner yet. So he assumed that Shamir didn't disturb the precious library rest too much. Though as he learned earlier, it seemed to be best not to test the otter's patience. Unlike Shamir, Alexander did not take a seat. He felt that he didn't have the time for it. He made a promise to his father. Not only that, he needed something before tomorrow. Or at least, the process of making it should be started before tomorrow. Either way, there was little time to lose. But that was no reason to be rude.

"Healing and protection? Interesting schools." But in truth, Alexander found it a bit odd. They were certainly noble schools. But Shamir, as far as Alexander saw it, was not in the position to be noble. His birthright was usurped. No amount of healing will give it back. Alexander had known blood and battle for most of his life. Even when they were living in a castle, he could feel the tension. His father didn't keep much from them. The young boy knew that his kingdom would march to war. Probably with him at the front of it. "When I grew up, I didn't have access to a library. Not even to books." Alexander said, sharing a bit about himself. "Not that I had time for that. When you're not sure what you're going to eat that evening, reading sort of loses its importance." The talk took his mind back to his younger years. When his father was still a mercenary general. Back when he had to beg or steal a scrap of food to eat. Absent mindedly he brushed his fingers over the books. Letting the amazement sink in. "Even when my father rose up the throne, books were a secondary concern. At least, until I began playing with magic. Then reading became very important. But still, I've never seen this many books in my life. But I intend to read as many of them as possible."

"There's no problem in being a chatterbox. At least not towards me." Alexander told Shamir with a comforting smile. "Well... I might officially be a fellow royal but trust me. I didn't grow into the role yet." Alexander deflected a little. The title of prince felt foreign. Obviously, he was only bearing it for a few months now. But then his mind turned towards his promise and his mission again. "Listen, I'm afraid I'll have to catch you later. There are things I still have to take care off. I'll speak to you soon!" Alexander was already half-way towards the corner when he took his leave from Shamir.

As much as he wanted to talk with the foreign prince, there were things to do. First of all, he needed to be sure. He approached a random otter placing a few books into the shelves. "Hi, I'm sorry to bother you but I was wondering if you could help me out." The little creature stopped with what it was doing and looked up at Alexander with half-expecting eyes. Or Alexander thought he saw that in the eyes. "So, I want to make my own spell focus out of my spellbook." He let his hand rest on the blank book he was taking with him. "And I was wondering if you could help me find a few books about the subject." To Alexander's delight, the little creature squeaked and nodded its head before it shot off towards a certain shelf. With Alexander in tow. They went around a corner, then another corner. Then up two stairs and down one again. He passed a few objects that weren't shelves. He even thought he saw a large globe. But he had little time to observe as the otter didn't look like she would be waiting for Alexander. Though eventually they reached a rather unmarked case. The otter squeaked a bit and pointed at the book case a few times. Then went on her way back, passing through Alexander's feet as it moved.

For a moment he was confused. But then he began reading the book titles. Enchanting: From Dwarven Runes to Elven Gems, Gnome Glyphs for advanced Enchanters and Advanced Iconogram Engraving were but a few titles Alexander noticed. But soon he realized that he was staring at a bookcase filled with enchantment books. It took him some time, but he found a few books he thought could be valuable. But he would need some guidance, as he never enchanted in his life before. So armed with Court Wizard Eingar's Basic Runes, Rune Enchantments for Apprentices and Wizard Tools: Foci (a book he was particularly happy to find) he tried to make his way back to the familiar parts of the library.

It took him some time to find his way. Maybe a bit longer than he wanted to admit. But eventually he found his way back. With the three books under his arms he quickly marched towards the teachers' wing and began looking for a plaque saying 'Enchantment Teacher'. All the while he was wondering who he'd meet. A reclusive dwarf? Maybe an artificer gnome? Would it be another elf? Maybe a High Elf this time around? How would their class look? He guessed it would be filled with artificer equipment. Or did enchanters not make the equipment they would enchant. The thought hadn't crossed his mind yet.

Do it more like a slow build gradually getting stronger as he makes it. But first, he would need to learn how to do that, naturally.

So I would say go to the enchanting teacher first.

Awesome! So who's the enchanting teacher...?

@Spirit So... I'm gonna be the ass that starts asking the questions.

Alexander's first goal is to make an Arcane Focus. I was thinking on letting him enchant and imbue his blank book and thus make sort of a Spellbook Focus. (which in the future would be enchanted more and decorated as well). Would this be allowed? If so, is there a place in the town where one could buy certain items (like maybe gems or something) to increase the enchanting and such?

Interacting with: Shamir@Letter Bee

Alex jolted up from his slumber as the explosive noise shot through the courtyard. He was among the many slumbering from the long journey. Awake and well, he moved to hear what the lady had to say. Finally, the great gate opened and let him inside. He had tried yesterday but the tower was locked tight. As he walked into the tower, he was immediately overwhelmed with the cheer size of the halls inside. That sensation did not vanish when they entered the library. He instantly knew he'd spent hours if not days wrapped in those books. The smell of old paper lead his mind astray as he imagined what knowledge was buried here. He also wondered if there was less 'natural' knowledge to be find. Surely some wizard somewhere would have the same ideas as he had?

But then Lady Miatri said something that recaptured Alexander's attention. She mentioned Astioth. The Archmage of the Great Arcanium. The man Alexander had a thousand questions for. Sadly, he was not around. In fact, apparently he was far too busy. But what followed almost sounded like a challenge. Alexander figured he would be too inexperienced yet to meet the great Archmage. For now, books and teachers would feel his curiously appetite. But maybe in the future, maybe when he had learned enough he'd search out the Archmage.

As they marched back into the library, after a short visit to the wing holding the baths and cafeteria, Alexander's mind made him absorb all of his surroundings. With his head clearly in the clouds he kept looking left and right. Until, of course, he bumped into one of the little otters. "Oh I'm sorry!" he exclaimed. But the little creature would have nothing of it. It squeaked and waved its little fist at him. "Hey, no, I'm sorry! I didn't mean that. What now that isn't required. Hey... do you understand me? Can you understand what I'm saying?"

If the little creature understood him, then it was far too busy being angry to show him. Eventually he went some other way, squeaking all the way with frustration. As Alexander looked at him going. Feeling genuinely guilty that he bumped into the little creature. Maybe he'd find some kibble to give it to the otter. If they ate it. And if he could find said otter. But he was left with a question. Did they understand him? If so, could they help him find certain books about certain subjects? But Alexander wasn't given the time to ponder as the group of students was led on. Until they reached the teacher's wing.

Attending Destruction Magic teacher? Alexander immediately looked wide eyed at Master Taihlier. A dark elf no less! The young prince stored the Master's mental image. Alex immediately felt a feverish fire burning. Destruction Magic was one of the arts he came to study. His father wanted it, but his brother would need it. Tyrania was gearing up for conquest. Everyone knew it. The only thing holding them up was the promise of Alexander's ruinous power. He couldn't come back as a petty fire mage or something. He didn't want to fight. He wanted to overpower and dominate. In the depth of his heart, he already wished someone great like Master Taihlier or Lady Miatri to be his assigned master.

A mage duel? Well, it served as a good presentation of everyone's powers. For a moment, even Alexander could feel the tension. But then the battle began. And he called it a battle, which he disliked. Neither forces felt like they were dominating the field. Certainty Lady Miatri was in control, but Alexander couldn't shake the feeling that she was somewhat holding back. She countered gracefully, but there was no utter domination of the fight. Maybe she wanted to make clear what the rules were without making the fight too serious. But Alexander knew that his style of fighting wouldn't be like that of the brothers. He didn't plan on jumping and moving around. No, he'd anchor himself to the ground. Protect himself with wards of dark magic as he released the strongest spells he knew.

As a young guy, how could Alexander not grin as the Head-Mistress told them to stay in their rooms after curfew. They were young, so he'd imagine that rule to be broken on occasion. Though it wouldn't be him who did it thought. He couldn't imperil his future. When the Head-Mistress released them and left them to their own devices, Alexander sprinted towards his assigned chamber. He noticed the finely wrought crow's head door knob and took a moment to marvel at the fine craftsmanship. Back in Tyrinia, such finely crafted object would be worth quite a bit of gold. Yet here it seemed to be standard issue.

Unlike most others, Alexander did not come with a collection of books. Sure, he had some knowledge but most of it was informal and he remembered that. He didn't take any books with him because he didn't think he'd need them. And he felt like he was right. There were clearly plenty of books to be read in the library. What he did have was a few empty books, some quills and ink. Alexander was prepared to copy quite some knowledge into those blank books. Further he had his clothes. Not too many but enough to at least be presentable. But that was it. Alexander figured that if he required things, resources or anything else, he could just go out into the town and buy them.

After quickly observing his room, he took a blank book, quill, ink and quickly made his way back towards the library. Obviously there was no time to waste. But before he could get back to the books, he was stopped by Shamir's introduction. Alexander raised an eyebrow when the strange person before him introduced himself as a usurped prince. Wasn't that a rather dangerous thing to do? Maybe Shamir felt that he could trust a fellow royal.

"Thanks you that you would... trust me with this. And for willing to swallow your own personal qualms. I'm sorry that you see my country and my father as infamous." he was sincere when he apologized. He didn't like Tyrania to be infamous. He wanted it to be the heart of progressiveness. A place for a better life for everyone. Of course, some rumors had escaped that a certain quantity of undead had seen walking around. Luckily his father was capable to disassociate Alexander from the events. Mostly. Maybe some teachers here would know but the vast population just kept feeding the rumor mill and play the guessing game.

"I can't talk for my father but I know he is a very busy man. In a few years, that won't change." Alexander said, referring to the obvious threat of invasion. Everyone knew that Tyrania was a heavily militarized kingdom these days. "And I'm afraid his influence will have little effect so far." Alexander followed up, feeling rather guilty. Here stood a person who was willing to swallow his pride and qualms to seek out aid. But Alexander knew he couldn't give it. "So how about we just start out as friends?" he followed up, smiling and extending his hand for Shamir to shake.
@Letter Bee@Legion02
Boy, Shamir doesn't waste any time does he?

Can't blame him. Soon as Isilfarrel finds out who Alex is, she's gonna be very interested in meeting Alex's father.

hostile takeover/coup of the Elvish lands with her as the leader? Yes please.


@Letter Bee No problems and such. However, I gotta go back to work now so post will be for a few hours from now. Which will also serve as introduction post for Alex so it will be quite length. Which means it's gonna take a bit...
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