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Hi there and thank you for clicking !

I won't bore you too much...

- Must be 18+ - Can fade to black if my partner prefers but will still heavily involve other mature themes.
- I play female characters mainly but I can be persuaded to play males from time to time.
- I can do FxM , MxM and FxF
- I do enjoy OOC chat! I am currently stuck at home while my place of work is closed and often or not will be on here browsing or chatting and if your lucky enough I'll be responding to role plays.
- I can post 1-3 paragraphs but its quality over quantity for me.. just no one liners.
- ONLY using PM as a form of role playing.

If I have missed anything then feel free to ask me via PM.

I will add to this shortly with my ideas OR if you can't wait then feel free to PM me to chat some more :)

Here are vague things I'm very much looking for/interested in..

- Slice of life / Modern - ALWAYS INTERESTED IN THIS.
- Historical/Medieval - Would love to create a new world/country/place with no technology.
@Kuro no problem.

Actually gotta put this on hold for a little teeny bit... long story cut short my house got flooded.. currently living in a cramped bungalo with friends till we can find a solution ! Sorry guys I'll keep you all updated:)
@Cio I'm so happy you found your girl :)
@Cio No rush at all lovely mine are crossed for you too :)
@dh Yay! Look forward to seeing it :)
@Kuro are you interested in joining now I've lowered the post to once a week and seeing as you did post first before the new shown interest I just wanted to offer you that spot first :)

@Cio How is the search going? :) just making sure you still want in :)

@King Kindred Glad to have kept you :) look forward to seeing it.

@Roach Love it :)

@everyone above ^^ I'll be making the ooc post either tonight or tomorrow but no rush! I'm not looking to start it till possibly during the week or by next weekend I hope!

@ to everyone else who has shown interest within the last day.. I'm not accepting unless any of the above candidates suddenly decide not to continue then it will be next first come first serve :)
@Kuro Oh okay so that's the norm. Right :) thanks.
Hmm okay. So one post per week is not too slow? I mean I really hate to loose two potetional characters because of the two posts a week being an issue.

I can put it down to one post per week? @cio @dh if I did would you guys reconsider joining this? I am happy to lower it down for everyone to join and enjoy this :)

And hm I'm still trying to figure that bit out but I'll let you guys know before the first post :)
<Snipped quote by dh>

I second this - I can't probably keep up with the pace and don't want to slow down others. I'll give my place to someone else <3

Okay no worries. Shame. It happens though.

Thanks for letting me know.

Can everyone else who first shared interest please confirm if this is an issue then I can decide to continue on. :)

Wow did not expect to wake up to more shown interest so thank you to those who have.. now I did say there will only be 5 spots open and yes I do find it fairer to do first come first serve so...

@Cio = Pulled out
@Kuro = The answer to your question is at the bottom.
@dh = Pulled out
@King Kindred

Below I will just put a basic character sheet template and it's entirely up to you how you want to present it.

Posting schedule.. now I've not done this for a very long time so please bare with me.. I was thinking each character must post at least 2 times a week and no speed posting.. Please help me! If anyone finds this an issue then please let me know and maybe if we all come to an agreement to keep us all happy then it'll all work out in the end!

Other info;

You may know of one another via friends or social groups but not personally. None of you will of heard of Elizabeth Jenkins, some of you may even question if she even attends the same school as you... (she does I promise you :])

If there is anything else you guys want to know/ask then please mention me here or PM me directly :)

To all those who have shown interest and are still wanting to apply even though your not in the top 5 interest's shown just know that during this story we will find ourselves possibly finding a forever home and therefor may possibly pick up other players... but that won't be straight away so I will happily keep you guys informed when this happens :)

Errr right.. I am going to work on my character and the official OOC thread. Again if the people who I've mentioned at the top no longer wants to continue then please let me know asap and I can get someone else in.

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