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Current "Two possibilities exist... Either we are alone in this universe, or we are not. Both are equally terrifying". -Arthur C. Clarke
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Hello. I am currently the host of Apocalypse and the purge. If you want to check it out, look for it in the Free RP section. I like to play D&D, drama and Apocalyptic survivals, but I am open to anything. I like Sic-Fi and futuristic stuff more though. I am currently GM in Apocalypse, and The Purge. Please join if you want. Both are still open for new players!

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Oh hell yes! I would like to hop in!
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Im working on my own art for 7! I will try to get it up when I can...
So I think I know how to make the map work now... I will try to get it up again.
Oh... sorry... I can edit it out. My bad.
Ragora Lizardmen | Turn 0

Lizardmen colonists were working away, hauling the little supplies of lumber, stones, and dried straw to construct small simple huts. Hunters and warriors patrolled the area while the rest of the boats arrived on the beaches. "We don't have much food left... We must ration out resources!" called a council member inside a small, crude long-house. "But that will decrease the populations happiness! They cannot work if they are starved and depressed!" called another. "Should we send scouts to see whats out there? We could have neighbors!" another argued. "Calm yourselves!" Thrall interjected. "Infrastructure is our main goal right now. We don't know whats beyond our border and we don't have long until nightfall. Focus on the construction of huts and fishing docks for now. We will improve the populations happiness by giving them homes, rationing our food supplies to ensure they do not starve, and prepare scouts later to search for proper habitable land and resources... Be ready to salvage the buildings and boats for the move." Thrall finished. The other council members applauded in agreement.

The construction of multiple huts were already finished and more were on the way. Some hunters discovered stones with few precious metals and abundant amounts of fish. The rest of the boats landed and more supplies were being unloaded into the stockpiles. Thrall and some Warriors were patrolling the encampment to watch over the progress and check the supplies.
Oh... The top left side of the map near the marshes on the beach.
Yeah! Im still here!


OH! We started! Shoot! Ima put a post up soon!
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Well............ I Finished my 2nd post a lot quicker than I though I would have.... I will wait a bit before posting again....
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October 23rd, 2130, 8:40 PM

"Alright! Pack it up!" one of the N.O.V.A operatives shouted at the others. Additional N.O.V.A convoy vehicles and transports arrived with new extraction and containment equipment. Soldiers, operatives, and vehicles were scrambling all over the place as they were trying to load the Variant inside the Transport while defending the area from other possible hostiles. One of the operatives pulled out his phone and dialed a number. "... pick up... pick up..." he said under his breath. Finally, an answer. "Sir? We got it... Yeah, it will be on the way soon... Alright... Yeah... Yes sir... Yes, we lost some guys... yeah... the thing is under con..." Suddenly, the Beasts arm twitched, crushing another N.O.V.A vehicle. Thankfully it was parked and nobody was inside. "Shit... Yeah... Oh, uh... the thing just moved... Alright..." The operative said and finished the call. "Hurry up! This thing wont haul itself!"
N.O.V.A Labs

October 23rd, 2130, 10:00 PM

The variant awoke to find itself trapped inside a room lit with blue lights and lined with steel panels. A large glass window made up one of the 4 walls. A large blast door was placed at the back of the room. Scientists, guards, and work personnel flooded the large room on the other side of the window, guarding, working, studying, or chatting with others. Multiple guards and scientists were looking at the creature with fascination and curiosity spread all over their faces. "What is that thing?" One of the younger scientists asked. "We call it ES1-7, or Subject 7... We found it rampaging through the city earlier today. If it wasn't for the S.R.H.R.T and the M.A.D Squads, this thing would still be on the streets doing god knows what." one of the other scientists responded. 7 stood up and moved towards the the glass, reared back, and trusted its fist. The scientists jolted back a bit in response, but before 7's fist made contact with the glass, some strange electrical field took hold and tossed the fist away. 7 screeched at the sudden burst, its fist smoking after the contact. "An electromagnetic field... Sorry 7. Your not leaving today." The second scientist said. 7 grunted and rested its body on the floor.

N.O.V.A Labs

October 24th, 2130, 6:00 AM

"Log #001... My name is Dr. James Calvano. This is my study log. Today I will be Studying ES1-7. *ahem*... ES1-7 appears to be some unidentified class of Variant. It made a rampage through the city on October 23rd at 7:30 PM. Numerous N.O.V.A soldiers and S.R.H.R.T troops took it down after a devastating rampage. 12 N.O.V.A operatives were killed in action, 38 were hospitalized and 8 Civilians were killed, 37 were injured. The total destruction rating is still pending, but our scans show a current destruction rating of 29/100. Final results still pending. The Beast sent the whole Midtown area into chaos. We estimate 5% of Midtown was destroyed by this thing. If it were to escape again, the damage could be even greater. This creature might have the ability to destroy the whole city if we are not careful... ES1-7 appears to resemble some kind of shadow monster. Its body behaves like a shadow in some way, as if it has no true shape or form. It also seems damaged by light. Earlier today, we extracted some body matter from S7 and placed a bright light on top of it. The results were... interesting... We took note that S7 became irritated every time light touched its body, so we tested what would happen if we exposed its body matter to light for an extended period of time. Its body matter burned away until there was nothing left of it. Not even on the atomic scale. We believe it is the reason why S7 attacked at night, and avoided brighter areas. We also discovered while combating S7, it is taken down with a hit from an EMP. We assume it collects some form of electricity and stores it in its body, and an EMP overloads that energy, therefore shutting it down. We are now using N.O.V.A registered Variants that can control electricity to deal with 7 if it makes an escape attempt. N.O.V.A elites are constantly stationed in and around the containment area and an EMP fail-safe has been installed inside the facility. 1 main generator is active and running to power the containment field, 2 secondary generators keep the other systems running, and 5 separately connected backup generators just in case if the power goes out. Constant surveillance and security protocols are ongoing 24/7. Guards switch day and night posts and shifts to ensure that S7 does not escape undetected. Finally, 3 containment teams with specialized equipment to capture and recapture S7 and are always ready to go at all times. N.O.V.A attempted and failed to contain the propaganda on this thing. Its public and word about the incident has spread all over the internet. N.O.V.A assures the public that the incident has been handled, and the damages are being repaired. N.O.V.A is thinking about giving the S.R.H.R.T this information, and any further logs... That's all I have today. I will try to gather more information and studies to fill the logs..."

*END OF LOG #001*
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