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2 mos ago
Current I am hosting another Roleplay. This time, it is a table-top Roleplay, RPG mix. Its called: I.S.S Alpha - Starship RP. For those who are interested, check it out. Lots of open space!
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Hello. I am currently the host of Apocalypse and the purge. If you want to check it out, look for it in the Free RP section. I like to play D&D, drama and Apocalyptic survivals, but I am open to anything. I like Sic-Fi and futuristic stuff more though. I am currently GM in Apocalypse, and The Purge. Please join if you want. Both are still open for new players!

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Ok. I will get on it tomorrow.
Well. I'm out. I have no ideas for this. Sorry. I'm just not creative with any human characters and I just can't work with the 2044 theme.
Well. My robots failed. I have a new topic though.

Can I use monsters or mutants?

This is my second option. I refuse to do human because I am not creative there, at all. I have nothing for human. I will wait for a response before I start.
They were a military weapon. And there are very few. Their total living population now is 496, and there are many ruins that have been unclaimed. If you really want me to change, I will. The only reason I am having trouble making a 1940 theme is because google will not give me 1940 theme mechs! There is literally nothing that I can find that is relevant besides iron-man. Anyway, I guess I will scrape it up and start again.
The AMC was built while technology was still good. Before the apocalypse. But the apocalypse caused the destruction of most of the AMC, but now they are rebuilding. Robots do not forget how to build things unless it was deleted. They are AUTOMATED. They can construct more of themselves and build more facilities. The AMC is still alive. Just weakened. But if the GM does not want this one ether, I will reconstruct again.
New Faction post!

I'm still not sure if it fits the 2044 theme, but here are my efforts.
Ok. Thanks for the response! I will edit the current character post.
Ok. I will fix it up a bit later on tomorrow. Thanks for the feedback.
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