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Current "Two possibilities exist... Either we are alone in this universe, or we are not. Both are equally terrifying". -Arthur C. Clarke
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Hello. I am currently the host of Apocalypse and the purge. If you want to check it out, look for it in the Free RP section. I like to play D&D, drama and Apocalyptic survivals, but I am open to anything. I like Sic-Fi and futuristic stuff more though. I am currently GM in Apocalypse, and The Purge. Please join if you want. Both are still open for new players!

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I has finish... Please look over now. Thanks!
I haven't seen any Starfinder RPG's on this website that are alive, so I decided to host my own. I haven't hosted many games, but I do have (some) experience. This Champaign is a custom that I have made myself. This is open to those who are new to Starfinder, or already know what it is. To those who dont know:

(Starfinder was made by the same creators of Pathfinder). Starfinder is a Sci-fi text-based RPG, like D&D, Pathfinder, or Dragon quest. There are many races, The base races are:

- Android
- Human
- Kasatha
- Lashunta
- Shirren
- Vesk
- Ysoki

Of course, there are many more playable races besides these. More info about these races later, but if you want to look them up you can.
Hey guys. A lot of stuff is coming up for me, and I dont think I can keep up with the posts. Im going to have to drop out for now... I may or may not come back later (if im allowed to). Good luck!
Its a prototype. I would like you guys to look it over and tell me what you think of it now. If its good and you like it, I will put it into the full draft. If not, I make a new one.

Here is a prototype. Everything in it is subject to change and will probably will need edits.
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