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Current Hello! I am hosting another RP and I am participating in many post-apocalyptic futuristic RP's.


Hello. I am currently the host of Apocalypse and the purge. If you want to check it out, look for it in the Free RP section. I like to play D&D, drama and Apocalyptic survivals, but I am open to anything. I like Sic-Fi and futuristic stuff more though. I am currently GM in Apocalypse, and The Purge. Please join if you want. Both are still open for new players!

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HEY @Elgappa! I finished my prototype! A lot is still a WIP, but the foundation is pretty much finished... sorry. I posted this at 11:30 PM... I should get to bed now. Anyhow... I will work on this with you guys tomorrow...

Thanks! I will try my best to cooperate. I have a few new ideas that I think will work with the lore...
Hey... Can you re-send the discord link? I changed accounts because I lost my older one... Thanks!
Hey! Is this still running? I would like to hop in... Have I already asked this before? I think I did... Anyhow... If it's still running, I will get a prototype NS up soon.

Its been a long time... I would like to see you guys back in... The discord server has undergone reconstruction, but it is just about finished. I am asking if you guys want to hop back in. I will post a discord link soon.

@Jones Sparrow! I finished my 2nd Prototype! Waiting for review!
I have started working on my 2nd CS now!
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Many of my other Roleplays have not been successful, but I hope this one will last longer. My GM skill is not the best, but I am always trying to learn. I will always accept help and listen to requests, thoughts, concerns, and suggestions. I will probably set up a discussion server on discord later. I do hope this Roleplay runs smoothly.
In (Dead) 9 days ago Forum: Nation Roleplay

Hello, and welcome to Orion, the NRP where you construct a race and progress through the ages from primal to advanced. Gather resources, create trade routes, construct civilization, interact in diplomatic actions, and start war. Sorry for the short introduction... I will try to work on it later. This NRP does have partial tabletop mechanics, but only the stats. Read over the rules before creating a Nation/Race/Character, please.

Ok, thats fine.
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