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Current Hello again! I am hosting Apocalypse and The Purge. Please do join if you are interested! Both are still open!


Hello. I am currently the host of Apocalypse and the purge. If you want to check it out, look for it in the Free RP section. I like to play D&D, drama and Apocalyptic survivals, but I am open to anything. I like Sic-Fi and futuristic stuff more though. I am currently GM in Apocalypse, and The Purge. Please join if you want. Both are still open for new players!

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Thanks guys.
I have read your replies and i have come to the decision of not creating any type of Hive Mind or infestation. Instead, I will be creating a human Nation, like everyone else. Thank you for your help. I think this will be better for me and the other players.
The Infestation

General Information
The Infestation is a scar on the universe. It seeks to infest all and to steal all creatures will. The Infestation is an incurable virus at the moment. A cure is possible, but it will take massive amounts of research, skill, intelligence, technology and resources. The Infestation hates all that is not blighted by the virus and seeks nothing but to spread their plague. The Infestation is small now, and are thought of as rumors or myths. But soon, they will come out of the dark places of space to make their mark in history.

Nation type
Minor Belligerent

Population: 718
Queens: 8
Hives: 0
Infested colonies: 1
Infested space-stations: 0
Infested bases: 1
Infested planets: 0
Infested systems: 0
Military population: 718
Navy population: 9
Infested Civilian Ships: 5
Hive Strike Craft: 0
Infested Strike Craft: 2
Hive Corvettes: 0
Infested Corvettes: 0
Hive Frigates: 0
Infested Frigates: 1
Hive Destroyers: 0
Infested Destroyers: 0
Hive Cruisers: 0
Infested Cruisers: 0
Hive Battlecrusiers: 0
Infested BattleCrusiers: 0
Hive Battleships: 0
Infested Battleships: 0
Hive Dreadnoughts: 0
Infested Dreadnoughts: 0
Hive HyperDreadnoughts: 1
Infested Hyperdreadnoughts: 0

When the virus developed, it was trapped inside an air pocket deep inside a cave-world known as Cyrus IV, in the perfect living conditions to survive. A mining colony was situated nearby. The colony mined into the air pocket and the virus infested the mining crew. From one person to an entire colony in mere weeks. With no response from other colonies because of a short blackout, the infestation took the advantage and took over the colony. Here, after many days, the Hive-Mind was created. It was built by the infested to keep The Infestation under control. It spread its grasp with other creatures to keep its will and steal the will of the other creatures it now has under its grasp.

Major Holdings
Cyrus IV: Infested Mining colony.
116XE1: Infested Asteroid Colony.

Infested: 90%
Other Races: 10%

Infested: The Infested Make up the majority of the population. They are the backbone of the Infestation and keep prisoners and slaves.
Other Races: The Infested keep other races as slaves or prisoners. This population is any race they attack. The Infestation use these people as pretend escapees, making them carriers of the virus to spread elsewhere.

The Infestation lets some of their prisoners walk the hives and bases. They selectively choose who to infest and who not to infest. The prisoners are placed in bad living conditions, but do not get infested. At least, not right away. The Infested on the other-hand, don't seem to live any kind of lifestyle. They patrol mindlessly, attack anything that is not supposed to be in the hive and attack if they are ordered to by the Hive-Mind. They don't care how they live. They only care about infesting, attacking and eating.

The Infested have no use for many resources besides food. They may pretend like they need or use resources to look more diplomatic, but they stay hidden and refuse to use face-to-face communication in any way.

The Infestation is run by the Hive-Mind. It is on the top of its rule and has smaller (nodes) to extend its rule. Queens, Hive lords and Swarm Leaders act as these nodes of power and keep The Infestation under control and balanced.

Technological Information
The Infestation cannot create advanced tech and need to steal it from others. However, they have created biological tech that only they can use, and is useless to others.

Major Techs

Bio-FTL: A biological FTL that has a psionic ability to rip a hole in space to travel short distances around 9000-100000 km in space. Hive ships are the only ships that can use these and the ships have more than one. The travel effects stack for each Bio-FTL that is there and stacks again, for each other ship inside the shuttle dock of the ship. Infested ships do not use Bio-FTL's. They use their normal FTL's.
Hive Strike Craft: 2 Bio-FTL's
Hive Corvette: 6 Bio-FTL's
Hive Frigate: 27 Bio-FTL's
Hive Destroyer: 61 Bio-FTL's
Hive Cruiser: 87 Bio-FTL's
Hive Battle Cruiser: 172 Bio-FTL's
Hive Battleship: 281 Bio-FTL's
Hive Dreadnought: 617 Bio-FTL's
Hive Capital Ship: 2714 Bio-FTL's

Bio-Cannon: A biological cannon that spits a flurry of small flesh balls that have sharp bone spikes. The Bio-Cannon shoots with psi buffed muscular tissue.

Heavy Bio-Cannon: A heavy biological cannon that spits a large flesh ball that has large poisoned bone spikes. The Heavy Bio-Cannon shoots with highly developed psi buffed muscular tissue.

Flesh Ripper: A tentacle that has a blade like bone at its tip, allowing it to slash at other things from a short distance.

Bio-Spore: A spore-shaped cannon that can shoot at massive force. It fires flesh ball projectiles that grow 2-7 flesh rippers on the surface they hit. (this includes other creatures).

Military Information
The entire population of the Infested (other than the prisoners) are military. They each have random mutations to help them adapt.

Military Overview


Civilian Ships
Infested Civilian Ship: Another races Civilian ship. Once used for mining, hulling or transportation, is now used for The Infestations military. Infested Civilian Ships are unarmed and the infestation on these ships is only found inside the cockpit of the shuttle. These ships are used for infiltrating other races bases, colonies or space-stations. These ships transport a single Hive Prisoner that is a contaminated carrier of the virus.

Hive Dreadnought: A Hive Dreadnought is a floating mass of flesh and tentacles. It is massive in size, approximately 2 km long, 5281 m wide and 1782 m tall. It is armed with 59 bio-cannons, 802 flesh rippers and 172 bio-spores.

Infested Dreadnought: It is another races Dreadnought. It is infested and now belongs to The Infestation. Infestation on these ships is clearly visible and anyone who tries to talk to it through the com will get a response of screeching, roars and other animal-like noises.

Hive Battleship: A Hive Battleship is a floating mass of flesh and tentacles. It is large in size, approximately 1 km long, 4717 m wide and 1272 m tall. It is armed with 28 bio-cannons, 10 heavy bio-cannons, 620 flesh rippers and 50 bio-spores.

Infested Battleship: It is another races battleship. It is infested and now belongs to the Infestation. Infestation on these ships is clearly visible. The Com is normally broken and will not work.

Hive Battlecruiser: A Hive Battlecruiser is a floating mass of flesh and tentacles. It is large in size, approximately 9716 m long, 4281 m wide and 1183 m tall. It is armed with 10 bio-cannons, 4 heavy bio-cannons, 582 flesh rippers and 22 bio-spores.

Infested Battlecruiser: It is another races battlecruiser. It is infested and now belongs to The Infestation. Infestation on these ships is clearly visible. The com is normally broken and will not work.

Hive Cruiser: A Hive Cruiser is a floating mass of flesh and tentacles. It is medium in size, approximately 8932 m long, 3721 m wide and 971 m tall. It is armed with 5 bio-cannons, 373 flesh rippers and 17 bio-spores.

Infested Cruiser: It is another races Cruiser. It is infested and now belongs to The Infestation. Infestation on these ships is clearly visible. The com is normally broken and will not work.

Hive Destroyer: A Hive Destroyer is a floating mass of flesh and tentacles. It is medium in size, approximately 5931 m long, 2721 m wide and 791 m tall. It is armed with 518 flesh rippers and 51 bio-spores.

Infested Destroyer: It is another races Destroyer. It is infested and now belongs to The Infestation. Infestation on these ships is clearly visible. The com is normally broken and will not work.

Hive Frigate: A Hive Frigate is a floating mass of flesh and tentacles. It is small in size, approximately 1283 m long, 728 m wide and 282 m tall. It is armed with 4 bio-cannons, 52 flesh rippers and 5 bio-spores.

Infested Frigate: It is another races Frigate. It is infested and now belongs to The Infestation. Infestation on these ships is not always visible. The com is normally broken and will not work.

Hive Corvette: A Hive Corvette is a small flying mass of flesh and tentacles. It is tiny in size, approximately 16 m long, 5 m wide and 6 m tall. It is armed with 2 bio-cannons and 1 flesh ripper.

Infested Corvette: It is another races Corvette. It is infested and now belongs to The Infestation. Infestation on these ships is not always visible. The com is normally broken and will not work.
Strike Craft

Hive Strike Craft: A Hive Strike Craft is a small flying mass of flesh and tentacles. It is tiny in size, approximately 6 m long, 3 m wide and 3 m tall. It is armed with 1 bio-cannon.
Army/Planetary forces

Infested Civilian: A infested civilian. They are the main part of The Infestations army. They use any equipment that they used before they got infested.

Infested Soldier: A infested soldier. There aren't a lot of them but there is still a bit. They use any equipment that they used before they got infested and retain some of their knowledge they had to use their weapons.

Infested vehicle: A infested vehicle. Again, only small amounts of them. They are like the vehicles they once were, but infested. They are made of metal and have infested flesh here and there. Their weapons have a 37% chance of being operational after the infestation prossess.

Queen: The Queen of a hive or base. They stay inside their hive and only leave if necessary. They may act weak and helpless at first, but they are actually skilled fighters. They are intelligent and deadly. However, if the Queen does somehow die, the infested that she was controlling become rogue and start to kill everything, including each-other.

Hive Lord: Hive Lords act as royal guards in a way. They are brute-like and not so brutish. They protect the hive entrance and the queens chamber. When not guarding, they are ruthless commanders and excellent elite attack troops.

Swarm Leader: Swarm Leaders command The Infestations armies. The Swarm Leaders are well protected and help the army use tactics, though they still don't listen well and attack mindlessly, the commanders are major helpers in the battles that they are involved in.

Hive Capital Ship: The Hive Capital Ship is a colossal mass of flesh, tentacles and bone. It is 15 km long, 5 km wide and 2 km tall. It has 500 heavy Bio-Cannons, 2893 Bio-Cannons, 8193 flesh rippers and 2814 Bio-Spores. The Hive Capital Ship can spawn 7124 Hive Strike Craft, 612 Hive Corvettes and 16 Hive Frigates every 5 days. The Hive-Mind is located inside this colossal ship, along with 6 Queens. The Hive Capital Ship only enters combat in war and keeps itself hidden beneath the surface of The Infestations home-world: Cyrus IV.

Infested Hyperdread: Another races Hyperdread. It is now The Infestations, and re-armed with new bio-weapons based on its size. It takes several months to fully infest one and must have 2 or more Queens inside to begin infestation. The Infestation can be stopped if the queens inside are killed and the infestation is burned out before time is up. If it is already infested, it will not work unless the other race possesses the cure to The Infestation.
@Nate1008 I recommend you read up on common roleplaying etiquette (godmodding, god mode, etc.) and rethink your nation.

God dammit, fine! Ill recreate my nation! Jesus!
@Nate1008 On your Bio-FTL: I mean, great you just needed 5 ships to get 5000 km (at best). The earth is about 149.669.000 km away from our own sun. It takes 4 lightyears to reach the nearest star system (Alpha Centauri A). You would need an armada of ships to stack that many jumps to get there. Basically, the Bio-FTL is still exceptionally weak. And to be honest, you're seemingly mostly banking on taking other people's ship to use their FTL but I can assure you that's not going to work out.

On another note: do you have psionics? If so, how do you use them? So far most factions seem to either have psionics or anti-psionic weapons and I'd assume a giant hivemind that uses psionics for FTL has some powerful psionics.

No,no,no. There is 582 Bio-FTL's inside of a Hive Frigate. That would mean that a single Frigate can warp 582000 km. The Hive Capital Ship has 8183 Bio-FTL's, meaning the ship can warp 8183000 km with about 5000-6000 other ships inside of it. The Bio-FTL's are only small parts of the Hive-Minds psionic power. The Hive-Minds power is strong enough to tear a 2 km hole in the space-time continuum. But this would exhaust the Hive-Minds life energy as well and it would die or become life threateningly weak.
Back on another post by the way, the infestation does have limitations. 1: the virus is no-longer airborne. The virus must be in special living conditions in the air to stay alive. 2: the only way to infest something now is to contaminate something with the virus by touch. To be clear, the virus can survive for a while after contamination because the infested flesh produces a fluid that is filled with the virus and has the living conditions required to live on the contaminated object. If something touches the contamination, the virus slips through the skin and infects the inside. If the contamination stays too long without a host, the virus collects itself and creates the infested flesh on the object, e.g: counter, floor, wall. 3: as legion02 discovered, the Hive Ship weapons are weak and most are almost useless in space.

These weapons are meant for small and medium targets, specifically infantry. The Hive Ships are used for planetary conflict. As for the bio-FTL: Hive ships have more than one. These effects also stack, e.g: 1 FTL = 1000 km, 5 FTL's = 5000 km. Also, the ability to infest other ships gives the fleet an advantage. The Infested fleets consist of very small amounts of Hive Ships, and lots of infested ships. Infested ships still retain most of their weapons and use them as if they were normal. e.g: a cannon is slightly weaker, but still shoots with its special mechanism. Sometimes, the infestation may accidentally clog/jam the mechanism and make the weapon less efficient or stop it from working all together. Also, again. The Hive ships are more for planetary combat rather than space. The flesh rippers however, are meant for space. They are normally located underneath Hive Ships and are used specifically for space combat. The Hive Ship can fly over-top of the enemy ship and tear it apart. Flesh rippers are great for tearing ships, and the fact that they are fast and there are lots of them equipped on a ship. A single Hive Ship can attack another ship with its Flesh rippers about 481 times per second, each ripping off large chunks of metal and small creatures called Hive Swarmers, witch are small flying creatures capable of short distance space travel, board the ship from the ripped holes and kill the crew from inside. Also sabotaging the internal systems of the ship.
@Nate1008 Could you give a definitive list of what your virus can and can't do and how? Since it seems like you are just pulling things out of thing air as you need to to adapt to whatever new thing comes up. Also this:

<Snipped quote by Nate1008>

So does the host need to be continuously fed for nutrients to keep going in? You are aware that brain death usually accompanies any sort of traumatic death meaning that most of the time, you are going to be going after dead bodies which by your own definition cannot act as hosts to the infection. In addition, a live infection which turns people into hosts but also some how change their bodies in some way such as growing limbs/tentacles/etc will be extremely traumatic and will kill the host. Human bodies and most bodies aren't designed to suddenly be completely rearranged after birth and doing so would be not only painful to the extreme but lethal too.

No. The host does not need to be constantly fed. I mean it dies out slowly and becomes non-contagious. Basically useless. Also, the virus itself is another living organism. Because of this, it increases the mental and physical capacity. This greatly decreases chances of trauma. Also, the hosts pain-feeling nerves are shut down, making the host unable to feel pain. The infection is also like cancer in a way. Small tumors grow under the skin until it is ready. When the tumors are large enough, the skin becomes weaker and the tentacles/flesh e.g erupt from the body. After this process is finished, the infested flesh quickly regenerates over the damaged areas and making the new flesh permanent. Here is a picture of an infested for visual detail:
@Nate1008 At the risk of sounding like "that guy", is there any sort of limitation to what your virus can actually do? Since it seems like it can just about do anything and things just kept getting pulled out of thin air? Like someone has previously said, you are tripping a lot of red flags for powergaming.

<Snipped quote by Nate1008>

I'm not a biology expert but I think you're confusing what is meant by a virus/fungus mutation. I think what you need is like cancerous/rapid growth of biomass. Also just from a writing stand point, just having it be something that was found in an air pocket in a mine that went ignored until the entire empire was infected because the entire military and government just decided to stand down and let it happen sounds really lazy and uninspired.

<Snipped quote by Nate1008>

I honestly cannot decipher whats the meaning behind this. Does it "grow an arm" and use it to control machinery? Does it some how infect a very much non-living computer with a very much alive organism that realistically can't "infect/hack" it like it can with a brain? Also machine motors, especially larger ones, are not easy things to move. If you're trying to move like a starship turret for example that would take a huge amount of energy and effort.

As for biological hosts, why doesn't it shut down everything and basically drive the body around like a walking flesh robot? You don't even need the brain if you want to control a body, just have something to fire nerves and muscles and you get a function walking if not janky meat puppet.

Yes. That is exactly how it infests machinery. It also does the exact same thing to ships. It drives the ship with tentacles inside the cockpit and controls the ships functions from the inside. Vehicles work almost the same. Also, the virus does not shut down the host. If it shuts down the brain, the host dies. The virus feeds on the hosts nutrients. When the body dies, it stops transporting nutrients. The virus also needs the brain alive if it is to take it over. If the brain shuts down in any way, the virus dies out because the body is no-longer giving it resources it needs to survive.
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