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Maritza Verenna

"The shark huh?" Maritza merely grunted in response to small mercenary's teasing words. The Naga was vaguely familiar with the mercenary in passing, and then only by reputation. So when Gillian and Gerard stepped forward with more experience on the matter, Mari was happy to let them take the lead in the conversation.

Tucking her axe back into her belt, she slid around Alette, making sure to stay out of the spearwoman's weapon reach as the Naga moved to inspect one of the corpses behind the diminutive merc. Meritza made a brief show of inspecting the dead body before turning to watch Alette out of the corner of her eye, having now effectively pincered the mercenary leader between herself and the others. It wasn't exactly subtle, but in this situation, subtlety was the last of the Naga's concerns.
Maritza Verenna

Sliding through the battered gates, the naga unlimbered her rune-lined axe as she took in the carnage. "Whomever the attackers were, I don't think they were ordinary." Maritza commented aloud as she leaned down to inspect one of the more exotically killed soldiers. As she continued inward, the knight serpenta nervously shifted her grip on the axe. Nothing about this made any sense. It was clear enough that they were heading right into a trap, but the unanswered question of why raised the naga's nerves more than anything else.

When they encountered the spear-wielding girl, Mari rushed forward. "Captain! Wait! This doesn't add up. The battle is over, better to clearly assess the situation than to start another on limited information." She called out before turning her attention to the unknown girl. "And you. Why don't you tell us who you are, what you're doing here, what happened since you arrived... and this may be an odd request, but show us your teeth." Maritza finished coldly as she watched the pale-skinned and red-eyed girl closely.
Oh, sorry. Been a little busy. Post tonight or tomorrow?
Good, I was starting to get worried. I really like my character for this and absolutely want to see the RP continue.
I suppose the key question here is the grass tall enough for a snake person to slither through and remain mostly hidden?
Maritza Verenna

Slowly making her way to the head to the column, the naga paused to catch her breath and survey the land before them. For this assignment she'd chosen to take her longbow and newly acquired axe, her quarterstaff remaining behind. In light of her service at the incident in the catacombs, Mari had been able to keep the armored gauntlets she'd borrowed from the royal armory; either that or their absence had gone unnoticed. For the former nomad, the difference was irrelevant.

Still too far out to clearly identify anything, Maritza grimaced behind her helm. "We're not close enough to tell what happened. If there has been a hostile takeover, storming the gates is going to be pain, even with the help of Lady Radistirin or a mage... Captain, permission to scout ahead? If I take to the tall grass, I ought to be able to slip close undetected." She finished with an irritated tone, clearly ill at ease with their lack of information.
@Krayzikk, How we looking?
I kinda had something in mind, but nothing super important. Life's had me stretched a bit thin lately, so I'll pass on doing side stuff for now.
So with a heavy heart, I will be dropping out of this RP. There's several reasons for this, foremost of which is that this pandemic has absolutely burned me out.

I wish you all the best with this gloriously insane endeavor of an RP.


Calmly noting that the mechanoid had fired at where his shots had come from and not where he currently was, Fox let out a bit of breath he hadn't noticed he'd been holding. ...Ok, good to know my stealth systems do properly work on these things and that they can track incoming fire with extreme precision... Fox thought to himself as repeated the same maneuver; this time dumping all four rounds into the hostiles last functional energy spine.

As he relocated again the young man watched as the other bandit stumbled and then failed to properly right itself. Watching in momentary confusion, understanding suddenly clicked as the monster focused all of it's counter attack on Castle. ...The Keraunos and EM! I wonder... Quickly making sure he wasn't drawing any fire, Fox dove into the Her-Comm's electronic warfare system. ...I can't match the raw strength of The Keraunos' EMP, but the Raven's can generate sustained radio interference... If I max their power output and focus the radio waves at extreme close range...

The young man thought to himself, furiously imputing console commands as his hands struggled to keep up with his brain. ...Use three drones, overlap different oscillating frequencies... Yeah, this just might work... Tapping in the last commands, Fox hit enter, directing three of his raven drones towards the bandit locked in CQC with Volana and Artemie. <<Voyager, Aurora, engaging with my EW suite. Sorry about the radio backwash.>>

Rapidly covering the distance, the raven drones took up position a dozen or so meters in front of the Alien monstrosity, just outside the reach of it's arms, and began blasting it with as powerful of radio interference as they could muster.
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