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Whoo! I think this covers everything.

After a good bit of deliberation, I've decided to drop out. While I fully intend to follow along for all the lovely story telling, this has served as an excellent reminder that I struggle with true open-world RPs. I do much better with a clear bit of structure. As such, I'll certainly be getting into Venture Academy as that seems much more up my alley.

Happy Writing!
Tanya Aleinikov

With an exasperated groan, Tanya whips out her grenade launcher. {Flashbang out.} The grenadier calmly announces over comms as she sends the support grenade flying into the middle of the enemy patrol, disorienting most of them. Switching back over to her LMG, Tanya begins laying down short bursts of suppressive fire in order to buy the rest of the squad time to get into more advantageous positions.

{Lets make this quick people. Where there's one patrol, there's usually at least two more.}

Talk about lacking discipline. She thinks to herself with mild irritation. Still, it's up to those of us with more experience to lead by example. Here's to hoping they can learn a thing or two about working in a unit before their more problematic idiosyncrasies get us killed.
Tanya Aleinikov

Moving in with rest of the squad, Tanya advances forward as quietly as one can in heavy combat gear. Taking cover behind an old fallen tree, she watches the E.E. squad slowly patrol the perimeter of the downed convoy. After watching the patrol for a couple of moments, the heavy weapons specialist quietly speaks up over comms.

{Hit them now with a flashbang, or wait to see if there are any other patrols?}

She asks, one hand reaching over her shoulder for her grenade launcher.
Tanya Aleinikov

With practiced motions, Tanya suits up in the Nemesis' armory. Securing her grenade launcher to her back and her LMG to a 2-point sling, the Canadian ex-army sergeant makes her way up to the airship's flight deck. As she approaches and boards the dropship, Tanya gives Ronan a casual salute before looking over menagerie of soldiers.

"Well, this certainly isn't the corps, that's for sure."

She says with a light chuckle, settling down into one of the ship's seats.

"So, do we have any idea of what to expect on the ground?"

She asks, taking her helmet off while they wait for launch.

Location: Festival
Interactions: DarkRecon

It was supposed to be her day off. Raisa had been standing at the window of her tiny 3rd story one-bedroom apartment when a trio of black vans with tinted windows came tearing down the street towards the festival grounds. Frowning Raisa grabs her cell and calls the festival security.

{Festival security. How can I help?}

{This is Raisa Chau, call-sign Lightning, off duty security. I just a trio unmarked black vans racing towa~}

Raisa found herself stopped mid-sentence as the first echos of explosions made it to her apartment. "Fuck." The mutant utters with a growl as she hangs up. Changing into her armor with painful haste, Raisa pauses to throw an old MSU patch onto her plate carrier and set up her earpiece. With a hard push, she throws her window open and summons a bike-like construct just outside. Hopping on, she zips towards the festival grounds, quickly connecting into the festival security's radio frequency.

"Lieutenant! More hostiles North and West! We got the west ones pinned down but north and east needs assistance!", Setsuka said.

"I'm at north with a squad! East sounds compromised! I need units over there! F***! We need backup here at Festival grounds! All units report!"

{Lightning here. Hitting the east entrance momentarily. What the hell happened?}

Swinging around the corner of an office building, Raisa zips out over the east edge of Azure Park, getting a bird's eye view of the carnage. A field of corpses pockmarked by bomb and grenade blasts, the entire park covered in light haze smoke. "Bloody hell..." Shaking off the shock, she gives her 'bike' a mental push and goes diving towards the east entrance.
Noted. Will start working on a character tomorrow.
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