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How long after the Red Flag War does the RP take place?
Maritza Verenna

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Chuckling, the Naga shakes her head. "You're thinking about this in the wrong way. The fact that we don't really fit in here is... irrelevant. We never have and probably never will. No, what's important is why the princess invited us. While I can't be certain, I've got an idea. Despite having everything, her position prevents her from getting out much, so the best way for her to see the world is through the eyes of others and who better to ask than a group as diverse as ours?"

Pausing for a moment, Mari sighs and shrugs. "Of course, I could be wrong. Still, go introduce yourself. Just say something formal sounding and bow. If you really have no idea what to do, follow behind one of the senior knights and follow their lead. Sir Indrau wouldn't be a bad choice." She says, nodding in the older knights direction.

Lowering her voice, the Naga continues in a more serious tone. "On less pleasant note, I'd recommend not wandering off alone. We aren't exactly popular with all of the nobility. I'd like to think I'm just being paranoid, but the young noble who was harassing the Captain earlier didn't ease my concerns. While I'm not worried about your ability to fend off some pompous jackass and their flunkies; what does worry me is the potential problems that could arise as a result of an altercation without any witnesses."
A hot mess of a WIP application. Mostly copy-pasta from a previous 30K RP. Plenty of cleaning up to do.

May join in on this, Though I'm curious as to what frequency level of posting is being aimed for.
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Whelp. Just realized that Sal (My WIP char) is basically just Miller from the Expanse, but with superpowers. Or any other pulp fiction detective really.
Tentative interest here.

@PaulHaynek, That basically is what Maritza is doing.
Maritza Verenna

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Fleuri picked up his glass and took another drink. "And if anyone here disparages you, they're a fool. It is because of the valor of knights like yourself that they, not Phoran Cal and his treacherous cronies, celebrate tonight within the Crown of Thaln. Granted, not everyone who sided with the monarchy did so for unselfish reasons, but they all gained from the efforts of those who took up arms against those traitors."

"Oh I'm well aware of that. It just gets tiring after a while. All the staring and whispering." The Naga shrugs again, opting to eat more of the meal they'd been provided with than to engage in idle chatter; seemingly at ease in their bubble of silence. When the Princess made her entrance, Mari offers Fleuri an amused grin. "It would appear that we have been summoned." Taking a brief glance around the hall, Mari catches sight of Jarde making for one of the exits. Frowning slightly, the Naga turns back toward Fleuri. "If you'll excuse me a moment, It appears I'll be taking a brief detour before joining the rest of the party at the head of the hall."

With that, Mari trades her half finished palate for her quarterstaff and slips through the crowd towards Jarde. Gently tapping him on the shoulder, Mari speaks quietly to the younger knight. "Turning down a royal summons? That is kind of bad form you know." The Naga says, grinning slightly.
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If you were reserving a spot for me, please give it to the next person in line. I'll take a pass on this one.
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