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Maritza Verenna

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Watching the Captain sink back into pensive brooding, Mari sighs again before reaching out to briefly dunk her superior officer. As Fanilly comes up sputtering, the Naga boops her on the nose. "You were doing it again. Keep worrying like that and you will make yourself sick with stress. So either let it go, or speak what is on your mind. I would be happy to offer any advice that I can, and I am sure all the other senior knights would as well, but none of us can do anything if you just silently stew in your own self doubt." Mari finishes, leaning back in the bath. "So, what is eating away at you?" She asks, prompting.
Little bit. I've got 3 days off and should be able do some posting.
Maritza Verenna

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With an amused sigh, Mari shifts slightly, bracing herself against the rim of the bath, her lower half moving to separate the cat-like vampire from their rather overwhelmed Captain. "You know, if a drink is what you needed, the polite thing to do is ask." The naga dryly directs at Tyaethe, as she deposits the older knight across from Fanilly. Waving her hand, Mari casually dismisses the young Captain's sputtering. "Stop worrying so much about it all. No one is perfect, and accept that you will make mistakes, but dedicate yourself to learning from them." After laying there in the bath for a moment, the Naga blinks, and shakes her head in amusement at herself. "That was far more succinct. It appears your little interlude was helpful Tyaethe." She says, giving a nod as an apology of sorts.

"Hey! The Zerg showed up after we did." Amanda quips back with exaggerated indignation as she returns the hug before stepping back to arms length. "I'd give you a kiss, but I'm well aware that I smell like absolute shit right now." Trailing off, the empath's expression turns sober. "This place has been an almost constant battlefield for the past two weeks. Even with my nanites and the combat stims, I've barely been able to keep pace. I..." She trails off as Terrance approaches, a bit of her lopsided smile returning.

"...I'm just glad we managed to keep our casualties to a minimum." Amanda finishes, lightly ribbing her brother with her elbow. "I do believe we can thank Uncle Stef for saving our bacon once again for the umpteenth time." With a deep breath, Amanda takes a moment to stretch before looking at a readout on her suit's arm. "Well, a proper catching up can wait. I've got just over three hours left on my current stim drip, and I see no reason to wait around while the Swarm properly reorganizes itself. With your added firepower and Uncle Stef's multiple lifetimes worth of combat knowledge, we can clean up this mess, flatten their hive and then maybe, just maybe, get some fucking sleep."
Maritza Verenna

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"...Died?" Mari says, finishing the young captain's sentence as she watches Tyaethe's antics with passive amusement. "...How you performed?..." The Naga murmurs, thinking aloud as she takes a moment to ponder the question; more or less ignoring the vampire's shenanigans with a slight shake of her head. "Well... For an un-blooded, I assume you don't hunt, teenager who's only experience has probably been sparring practice and classroom lessons... you did just fine. None of us knights are expecting you to be a master swordswoman, expert strategist and charismatic leader; not right away that is. That kind of skill set takes time and experience to build. Don't stress yourself about it. And finally, ask for help if you need it. None of us want you to fail." Mari finishes, resting her hands behind her head with a stretch and a yawn.
Maritza Verenna

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Pausing for a moment to take it all in, the Naga offers a shrug. "Well, in that case, If I am invited I will attend... Now, if you will excuse me, I really do need to clean up." She says, slipping into the Baths. Discarding the remainder of her clothes in the antechamber, Mari slithers into the bath proper, enjoying the onrush of steam with a tired sigh. Out of her armor, Mari's human upper half is well muscled from a hard and physically active life. In addition an odd patchwork of scars are scattered across her body, mementos of various dangerous mistakes and lessons learned the hard way over the years.

After taking a look over the bath, Mari slips into the water across from Fanilly. Letting the silence sit for a few moments, the naga speaks up. "Was that your first real battle, Captain?" She asks simply, lounging back in the water with one eye open.
Yeah, little busy IRL right now, social stuff today and Sunday, work Friday and Saturday. Hopefully, I'll be able to crank a post out in the next few evenings.
Maritza Verenna

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Stripped down to her casual wear, the naga twists, looking over at her fellow knights. "A... party?" Mari blinks in momentary confusion, briefly looking between Paladin Tyaethe and Sir Jarde before her tired brain connects the dots. "I'm flattered that you would consider inviting me, but I can't say that I would be the most welcomed of guests. I think it has something to do with the teeth." She says with a wry grin, showing off her carnivorous nature. "Also, while I do have my decorative ceremonial gambeson, it isn't exactly formal court attire... Though if I polished up my plate armor, I suppose it could work..." The naga trails off, musing to herself.

Shaking her head to clear it, Mari looks back at Paladin Tyaethe. "Apologies, fatigue has addled my head. So who is hosting this event and for what occasion?" She asks, getting to the question that probably should have come first.
Maritza Verenna

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With a long sigh, Mari slithers through the doors of Candaeln. After the young captain had dismissed them, Mari glances over her shoulder, the kid still fast asleep riding piggyback. Once she'd gotten some food and water into him, the kid finally let his guard down. At that point, he had gone headfirst into Mari's arms and refused to let go. After a bit of coaxing, she'd managed to get the kid to ride on her back, making the trip back to the Candaeln significantly easier.

Heading over to the healers, Mari carefully brings the kid down from her back and passes him to one of the waiting healers; a priestess of Mayon. "This one has been through a lot and has not said a word since we recovered him. I would recommend ensuring they stay asleep until after you have cleaned him up to avoid any extra complications." She says quietly, as to not wake the kid.

That piece of her responsibilities take care of, the Naga moved to tending her equipment. Retrieving her discarded armor and extra weapons from one of the carts, the Naga passed by the courier without a second thought, heading to her quarters. Sir Jarde appeared to already be handling the situation and Paladin Tyaethe was just inside the main entrance if somebody with more seniority was needed. Besides, while her fellow knights were more or less comfortable around her, the 'civilized' folk around the capital tended to not be so much.

After several minutes of cleaning her gear to ensure there wouldn't be any rust come morning, the Naga groans and stretches, fighting exhaustion. "Bath first, then sleep." Mari grumbles to herself before grabbing a couple of towels and heading for the women's bath. If there was anything to be said for civilization, it was the luxury of hot running water.
Total WIP. I honestly have no idea if I've got the time for this, but I'm a total 40k geek and this looked like too cool of a writing opportunity to pass up. Heck, if nothing else, I'll donate them as an NPC legion to flesh things out.

EDIT: Slowly starting to get there. Now to just fill in all the holes.

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