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As much as I want to play, I afraid I REALLY don't have the time/spoons to commit to this. Have fun ya'll.
Trying to work on a post, currently adjusting to a new job. Much a do of interest, just feeling stuck.
One edgelord ready for review.

While I'd really like to join in on this, I'm not entirely sure if I've got the time. As such, if Kaz' is accepted, I'll be waiting a week or two before posting to make sure I'm not overextending myself.
Going to bow out as I'm currently lacking a good idea for this. That said, I'll certainly be reading along. Greatly looking forward to watching the craziness unfold.
Query: Would it be possible to possess multiple AE Devices?

Was planning on my character possessing a few that he can switch between (mid-fight as needed). But obviously wouldn't be able to power more than one at time.
Hopefully post tomorrow.

Or not. maybe Saturday. Anyway, don't wait for me, I'm not it the limelight.
High interest here. Before diving into making a character, what's the world like? I'm assuming basically our world except with the added 'magi-tech' based around Mana Cores?

The hive is an absolute mess. There's a gaping hole in the upper edge of the organic superstructure where Stefan crashed into it. A minute or two after Ivan's callout, Stefan casually makes his way out of the hive, resting the broken tip of an Ultralisk kaiser blade over one shoulder as a makeshift sword. As the super soldier makes his way towards the ship, Ivan can start to make out Stefan's seemingly superficial battle damage as none of it appears to be slowing him down at all.

A veritable pincushion of hydralisk spines, he's equally burned from both reentry & Roach acid. In addition, Stefan's armor is covered in cracks from his impact into the hive itself. Boarding the Valkyrie, the venerable super soldier makes his way to the cockpit, grinning like a loon. "Thanks for the lift Ivan. Damn that was fun." He says with a laugh, casually picking hydra spines out of his armor.
= = =

The defenders are motley mix of armed colonists and their security escort; the latter of which are equipped sleek power armor, vaguely reminiscent of the old CMC armor. A member of the security team briefly speaks into a private comm line before turning back to Leah and Rave.

"Thanks for the assist. I take it the boss took out the Broodmother."

He half-asks, half-states, the entirety of the defensive line taking a much needed breather as the leaderless swarm rips itself to pieces. Judging by the soldier's comment this must be the mercenary detachment that Stefan sent along with the expedition. A few moments later there's a steadily growing rumble of jet engines. With a roar and crash a mech-jet hybrid that might have once been a Dominion Viking makes a rough landing a several yards from the party before stumping its way over.

The mech itself is a ramshackle mess. Covered in emergency spot-wielded armor panels, a traditional ballistic glass cockpit cover has been replaced with an armored roll cage. It's weapons are an equally eclectic mix. With a hiss and a jolt, the roll cage lifts up and a woman in an armored flight suit climbs out. In the place of a proper suit helmet, she has some sort of armored oxygen mask and a pair of old-school flight goggles. Dropping the mask to around her neck and lifting the goggles to her forehead; Amanda grins a lopsided, slightly crazed smile.

"Bloody fucking hell, it's good to see you again Leah." The empath says, looking like death warmed over; a pair of rather large & fresh scars across her face giving the woman a roguish look.
I'm currently in the back away from the spotlight, so you're not waiting on me.
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