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Having launched with little fanfare, Fox opted to drop in behind Castle; taking up a position a few hundred meters off his six. The exo-frame maneuvering with a speed and sharpness not quite on par with that of the Bedwyr or Starstrike.

<<Castle, this is Outrider. Following you in.>>

Weathering the reentry with little difficulty, Fox took in their LZ through the shared battlenet. Fox frowned as Stojanovic updated the LZ with the abnormal hotspots. The odds of hostile contacts had just gone up significantly. With any luck, they were simply looking at some natural geothermal activity; but the young man had learned long ago to go into any potentially hostile situation expecting the worst. Quickly searching the surrounding area, Fox found a nice dip between two rises a good 500 meters outside of the southern edge of the LZ and adjusted his trajectory accordingly.

<<Outrider here. Establishing overwatch south of the LZ.>>

With a brief bit of maneuvering, Fox rode his heat shield like a surfboard; using it's broad surface to angle his decent without the assistance of thrusters. 100 meters from his chosen landing site, he popped his chutes and let his heat shield lazily sail away into a nearby sand dune. Firing his thrusters at the last moment, Fox made a near textbook landing between the two ridges.

Reeling in his parachutes, the young man launched his Raven drones, connecting their systems to the shared battlenet as they spread out to provide increased sensor coverage. While the Outrider's smart paint adjusted the new environment, Fox settled into the shallow ridge overlooking the LZ and unlimbered his Bolt-Thrower.

<<Outrider in position.>>
No one:

Absolutely no one:

"So help me, if somebody exploits Halim, I will end them."


So much for getting there early," Volana smirked, prying her gaze away from the screen with the planet to shoot Fox a grin. "Guess we will have to ask about naming privileges later, yes?"

With a shake of his head and a lopsided grin of his own, Fox silently followed behind Volana as they made their way toward the hanger. Pausing at the lift doors for moment to take in the sheer breadth of Orbital designs and colors, Fox let himself stare for a few more seconds before moving on in search of his mech.

Dwarfed by the proper orbitals around it Fox's Outrider was tucked back in it's bay, not even close to filling the space allotted to it. As he made his way over, Fox was met by an older woman in UN fatigues and a pair of work overalls. Tossing Fox his helmet, she leaned to one side and offered a dry grin.

"Have a nice nap, Kid?"

"Like a rock. How 'bout you Sarah?"

Fox replied with his 'actual' voice, both hands catching the helmet. The engineer in question, Sarah Copeland, stepped back in mock surprise.

"He speaks! We in serious mode today?"

"Don't know yet. The day is still young."

Fox signed back cheekily, his helmet tucked under one arm. Groaning, Sarah turned to face Fox's Exo-Frame as the young man stepped up to join her.


"Nothing out of the ordinary. Regular tuning aside, you've got an ablative heat shield & chutes for the drop; booster pack for breaking orbit."

Pausing for a moment, Sarah snapped her fingers.

"I did actually have enough to enough time to hit the booster with smart paint and get it synced with stealth suite. So on the off-chance there are actually angry little green men down there, you won't have to ditch the pack for full stealth. Outrider's all warmed up and ready for ya."

"Excellent work, Ms. Copeland, as always."


Giving his engineer one last nod, Fox slipped his helmet on and pulled himself up to the open cockpit of his mech's chest. Strapping in, he brought the Exo-frame out of rest mode; the mech thrumming slightly as all of it's systems came fully online. As he went through the pre-launch checklist with practiced ease, Fox paused at the stealth systems.

...Always better safe than sorry...

Opening a short range broadband comm, Fox spoke up.

{This is Fox in Outrider. Testing stealth systems in 3, 2, 1.}

With that, the smart paint shifted from the clear cut UN blues and whites to the grays and metallics of the hanger itself. A translucent field shimmered into existence around the Exo-Frame a couple meters from its surface; bending light around the mech and rendering it little more than an unidentifiable mass from the outside. Emissions control and sensor baffling came online next, further obscuring it from any other sensors. Launching one of his raven drones inside the field, Fox gave the smart camo a once over.

...Looking good. No odd detection patterns...

Moving the drone out through the field, the stealth suite automatically opened a micro hole in the field, allowing for continued laser guided control. Giving the outside of the field a quick inspection and finding no issues, Fox disengaged the the stealth suite and returned the drone to it's docking port.

{Test complete.}

With the pre-launch check done, Fox stepped out of mech bay in the Outrider and into the hanger proper. Queuing up for launch behind Adam's Skyhammer, Fox's Exo-Frane was dwarfed by the Orbital, not even coming up to it's waist.
Yep. There was almost certainly more than what was listed, but I felt like that covered the highlights nicely. Also the fact that the majority of the Legion chose to run and fight rather than surrender is what resulted in the massive military response. Nobody wants several small "fleets" of paramilitary forces turned bandits and outlaws running around in their proverbial backyard.

The amount of housecleaning that was required as a result of all the bribery also contributed to the desire properly hunt them down. You don't want to let a problem like that slip back into the woodwork. That, and letting a system-wide trafficking ring go unpunished tends to be really bad PR.
It was a BIG deal. The Outer-Orbital Legion was a legitimate mercenary organization, and a massive one at that. It took two years of active investigation by an international criminal investigation task-force to connect all the dots, as it were.

When the joint task force made their move, they were able to seize effectively all of the Legion's inner-system assets, it was everything else the Legion had scattered throughout the rest of star system that was the problem. When they realized what had happened, the Legion grabbed everything they had and ran like hell.

This is what resulted in the six month system wide fleet-hunt. The-Powers-That-Be mobilized every asset that they possibly could in order to capture the Legion. As a result, all the major powers had patrols and/or task forces hunting for the Legion. So while a lot of people were activated for the hunt, at most maybe a third of them actually saw any action.

As of 245 SA The Legion was no more. Any members who hadn't been caught were either doing their best slip back into regular society unnoticed or had become backwater pirates of little importance.

I think that fleshes out the details, any remaining questions?
Alright, rather than try to piece this together from everybody's sheets, I'll just ask. Who all was active in anti-piracy / system police ops during the mid 240s? AKA, did anybody participate in the fleet hunt for the Outer-Orbital Legion?
Maritza Verenna

Interactions: @VitaVitaAR

As the berserker finally collapsed, Maritza found herself in a lull in the battle; fighters on both sides having chosen to give the northman and the vampire a wide berth. Taking advantage of the opportunity, The Naga wrenched the rune-lined axe out of Barukstaedian's death-grip. Expertly giving the axe a couple of quick spins, Mari looked the weapon over with a bloody grin.

"Alright. Now this I can work with."

Once more diving back into the fray, the Naga moved to support Capt. Fanilly and break the skeletal horde. With broad sweeps of her tail and newfound axe, Mari scattered the mindless undead back, buying them a moment of breathing room.

"Push ahead Captain. I'll handle this."

She says, shattering a rather dusty pelvis with a back swing from her axe, before pushing forward to crush more of the skeletons beneath her scales.
Sweet. Skeleton bowling here we go!


Also, how exactly does it work? So I can RP Maritza figuring it out on the go.
Can the Naga have the explodey axe?


As the other pilots discussed the state of the planet and queried their "new" squad member, Fox simply sat back, ate his MRE and listened. Letting his head bob along to the flow of the conversation, the young man took the opportunity to silently size up his squad mates. Behind the impassive mask of his face, Fox caught Adam's nervous glance around the otherwise empty mess hall.

...Of course we're the first ones up. If things go sideways, we need to be ready. Why does everyone seem to forget that the mechs we pilot originated from an alien war machine? And here we are, light-years from "home" on the first interstellar colony ship, makes perfect sense to me that the Higher Ups would want to be prepared for a hostile first contact...

Not letting himself shake his head in irritation, Fox allows himself a slight smile as the Cytherean pilot made mention of heading to the hanger early.

"An excellent idea. Give me a moment and I'll join you."

His PDA chirps for him as he signs one-handedly, his other quickly shoving the rest of his MRE into his face.
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