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Name: Stefan Alexander
Age: Old.
Race: Bio-engineered Terran/Zerg hybrid
Physical Appearance: 7' tall, 3' shoulder, Covered in black power armor like carapace.
Equipment: Assorted. Primarily travels with the following: Pulse rifle, 12" combat knife, 50 cal auto pistol, plasma pistol.
Abilities: basic(ish) telekinetics, force barriers, rapid regeneration, psionic self enhancement, 6th sense, eternal warrior.
Sorry for the lack of a response to the PM. Still interested, just taking a bit to figure out my char's backstory.

Eric Williams, Isobel Mulryan
Cafeteria A

Suggestion: Now would not be the to remind Isobel that technically she initiated this by having Grarves run through the Cafeteria. Duly noted. Eric mentally ripostes, choosing to ignore the 'ravens' dry snark for the time being. With a sigh, he steps away from Grarves, pulling up a seat at a nearby table. "Can I trust that you'll handle this... formally, and not just start a fight in the halls?"

"If by formally you mean beating his face in and then having Grarves slobber all over it." Isobel replied with a growl. The land dragon walked back over, bwarking in his usual manner before laying on the ground next to Isobel. "Then yea, formally."

Fork halfway to his mouth, Eric stops and very deliberately makes sure he does not sigh again. "No. By formally I mean challenging him to a duel and settling this in the arena not just starting a fight that would give a mentor, or Cogsworth, reason to intervene." Eric finishes, finally taking a bite of breakfast.

"Geh." Isobel grimaced at the thought of taking this to the arena. "If that jackass would actually do that, then sure." She replied, though she obviously didn't think much of the idea. "Not that he would. He ran like the little bitch he is so no way in hell would he do that." Sighing, she waved bye to albus, blushing lightly from the kiss she was blown before shaking her head and leaning lightly on Grarves.

Do I tell Isobel that I know Max? That could redirect her anger at me... but she'll probably find out eventually one way or another. Better to be upfront about it. The fewer lies the better. Now here's to hoping she's not feeling too inquisitive. Eric thinks, mulling over his options and their potential consequences before replying.

"Ehh... I don't know him that well, but I do know that Max isn't one to shy away from a fight, at least one that's on his terms anyway. Max will at the very least know of you through reputation, so he'll be expecting you to come after him. That makes it a fight he can prepare for, which then makes it a fight on his terms. So no, I don't think he'll be running from your next encounter." Eric says, pausing mid sentence to wolf down a couple quick bites; the first bell would be shortly, and he still had a good bit to eat.

"Eh, you know that guy?" Isobel replied with a frown. Eh, didn't really matter. Meh, that sounded entirely convoluted, but she couldn't exactly say he was wrong. If he knew she was coming, then that would give him time to prepare...but then, what did she care? She could handle whatever the hell he threw at her. "...doesn't matter!" She replied swiftly. "That wimp ain't got nothin' up his sleeves that could take down Rutul." All she had to do was just tell the Wyvern to eat the guy and that'd be the end of that fool.

Patting Grarves behind his ears, she continued. She'd find him later...for now she was missing her daily routine.

"Anyways, grarves and I got some training to do. Wanna be my sparring partner?"

Inwardly sighing with relief, Eric offers Isobel an apologetic smile. "As much as I would enjoy a few good matches, I do have class to attend. Nothing like a little magic theory first thing in the morning if you ask me."

Eric Williams
Cafeteria A: Chaos

Interactions: @Rune_Alchemist

With a plate full of food, Eric exits the breakfast line and starts to make his way across the room, only to hear a familiar 'bwark' as the ground trembles. "Oh no... You've got to be kidding me Isobel... Grarves, this early in the morning?" Eric mutters to himself while he watches the land drake come bursting through the cafeteria doors. Watching the chaos unfold, Eric's eyes narrow as he catches Max exacerbating the situation. Talk about chaos incarnate, dealing with him is going to be a risky business indeed.
- - -
"Oi!" Isobel yelled out as she walked up behind Max, "Spiky haired overly dressed bastard. Where the hell do you think you're going?"
- - -
Shit. This could go very bad, very fast. Eric thinks in sheer panic, one hand dropping to the hilt of his Estoc; only to relax moments later as Max chooses to run out with a well timed smoke bomb. Taking a deep breath to collect himself Eric steps forward through the smoke to Grarves, who he hand-feeds a piece of breakfast sausage before looking over at a still fuming Isobel. "What is it with you and chaos, Isobel? I swear, wherever you go, trouble follows." Eric says, his tone dryly teasing, one hand idly giving Grarves chin scritches.
Ready for review.

The sections labeled "GM Only". Are we (the players) to leave that blank?

Also, how does this mesh in the show's timeline/plot? Before or after Vol. 3, an AU?, etc.

Eric Williams
Cafeteria A

Interactions: @ghastlyInc

A minute earlier:

Stepping into the casual bedlam of the cafeteria, the 'raven' launches itself from Eric's shoulder and into the vaulted ceiling of the cafeteria as the young summoner makes his way towards the breakfast line. Alert. New student sighted; military attire, house Dracona. Based on their mannerisms, quite possibly a noble. At the last piece of information, Eric almost stumbles mid-step, almost. This could be bad, if someone recognized him and it became public knowledge that heir of a disgraced noble family was attending L'Mordryn Academy, there would likely be problems. Show me. Comes his immediate reply.

The spectral 'raven' makes a low pass through the cafeteria, about ten feet off the ground and twenty feet from the young man in question; getting a good look at his face before spiraling back up into the rafters. Watching through his mind's eye, Eric suppresses a frown as he tries to ID his new peer. He looks vaguely familiar... Did you catch a name? No. Making his way through the breakfast line, Eric absentmindedly loads up his plate as he mulls over the new house Dracona student.

Lithe build and military style attire; which noble families are known for military service and have member in my age range? The Mulryans and Brays are present and accounted for, the youngest Blackwell is in attendance of another Academy last I'd heard, so that rules them out. Who else fits the requirements?... The Brighs. Taking another look at the mental image from the 'raven', Eric nods to himself. Yes, that was Lorcan Brigh alright. They'd only met in passing a couple of times and looking back on his memories Eric doubted that Lorcan had wanted to be in attendance of those events himself. With any luck, between the four plus years since they'd last encountered each other and a moderate change in appearance on Eric's part, Lorcan wouldn't recognize him. Hell, Eric thought, the only reason he had been able to ID Brigh is because he'd made an effort to stay abreast with the going-ons of the noble families.
Interested. Is there a main thread up yet?

Eric Williams
Phantasma Dorms

Wake up. The time is now seven o'clock.

Eric, still not quite awake, rolls over in bed with a slight moan; having stayed up a little too late the night before. "Awake." The young man says with a groan, one hand making a shooing motion to the incorporeal "raven" perched at the end of his bed. Get up. If you do not start your morning routine now, you will be late for class. "Verticality can wait five more minutes..." Eric says blearily, almost instantly regretting his decision as hard and painful memories are forced to the front of his mind.

Bolting upright with a short gasp, Eric takes a number of deep breaths before managing to smooth the wild look on his face back into it's usual impassive mask. With one last deep breath, the young man calms and focuses his mind. That wasn't necessary. It was. You now have too much adrenaline in your system to go back to sleep. No other method has proven to be as reliable. So I get to relive finding my mother's corpse every time I can't get up in time? Yes. The demon replies with infuriating simplicity.

"Fucker." Eric retorts under his breath. This wasn't the first time they'd had this conversation he mused and somehow, he doubted it would be the last. Grabbing a fresh set of clothes and heading for the bathroom, Eric notes that Ives and Max have already headed out. Of the two, Eric figured Max to be both the bigger asset and the bigger threat. While his combat aptitude was nothing to sneer at, Max's personality was enough to make anyone hesitant about trying to get close to him. A straight forward approach seemed like the best option, but that would leave himself open to betrayal. This was just a possibility Eric was going to have to deal with regardless of who he was recruiting, but a single misstep against Max would likely prove fatal.

Quickly freshening up Eric puts on his clean clothes, making sure to loosely tie his tie as to not look too formal. Upon returning to his room, Eric belts on his Estoc before throwing a black long coat over his shoulders. His ghostly raven perches on his left one, the edges of it's form blurring as Eric makes his way to the Cafeteria.
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