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So with a heavy heart, I will be dropping out of this RP. There's several reasons for this, foremost of which is that this pandemic has absolutely burned me out.

I wish you all the best with this gloriously insane endeavor of an RP.


Calmly noting that the mechanoid had fired at where his shots had come from and not where he currently was, Fox let out a bit of breath he hadn't noticed he'd been holding. ...Ok, good to know my stealth systems do properly work on these things and that they can track incoming fire with extreme precision... Fox thought to himself as repeated the same maneuver; this time dumping all four rounds into the hostiles last functional energy spine.

As he relocated again the young man watched as the other bandit stumbled and then failed to properly right itself. Watching in momentary confusion, understanding suddenly clicked as the monster focused all of it's counter attack on Castle. ...The Keraunos and EM! I wonder... Quickly making sure he wasn't drawing any fire, Fox dove into the Her-Comm's electronic warfare system. ...I can't match the raw strength of The Keraunos' EMP, but the Raven's can generate sustained radio interference... If I max their power output and focus the radio waves at extreme close range...

The young man thought to himself, furiously imputing console commands as his hands struggled to keep up with his brain. ...Use three drones, overlap different oscillating frequencies... Yeah, this just might work... Tapping in the last commands, Fox hit enter, directing three of his raven drones towards the bandit locked in CQC with Volana and Artemie. <<Voyager, Aurora, engaging with my EW suite. Sorry about the radio backwash.>>

Rapidly covering the distance, the raven drones took up position a dozen or so meters in front of the Alien monstrosity, just outside the reach of it's arms, and began blasting it with as powerful of radio interference as they could muster.
Maritza Verenna

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With soft groan and a tight hiss, Maritza slowly came to, light gently streaming in through the window of her room. Despite taking a brief dip in the Candaeln's healing baths the night before the Naga was still sore. Rising form her "bed", a pair of mattresses shoved together on the floor, she looked over at her dress gambeson.

The poor garment was a mess. Covered in more than it's fair share of bloodstains, mostly other peoples; it had also been torn up in several places while protecting her from the consequences of her rampage the previous night. Shaking her head, Maritza muttered to herself with a chuckle. "Yeah, that's not gonna fly for another party."

Throwing on her usual sleeveless tunic and belt, the Naga tossed the battle-worn gambeson over her shoulder and headed out of her room in search of breakfast and hopefully a maid to help with her problem.
Maritza Verenna

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With the necromancer's death and the rescue of the Nem's sister, the battle was over. Letting her axe drop to her side, Maritza watched as the strange runes glowing along the edge of it's blade slowly faded back to inert metal. A small sigh passed the Naga's lips as she rolled her shoulders, wincing slightly. Though her system was still chock full of adrenaline, Mari could already begin to feel the innumerable small cuts, abrasions and bruises that now covered her body.

Taking quick stock of the situation, the Naga slid over towards Dame Tyaethe and snagged up the rope that had previously bound the Nem. "Pardon, but I've got an appropriate use for this." The Knight Serpenta said, gesturing with her head towards the surrendered mage.

Not bothering with anything else, she slid back to their newfound prisoner whom Gerard was holding at blade-point. Slipping behind the Mage, Maritza offered Segremors a silent nod as she set about tying up the Mage's hands.
Honestly? I'm kinda against the idea. While I love Discord, I've found that every single RP on here with a discord chat has died a horrible death.


As the AO exploded into the chaos of battle, Fox felt himself grinning behind his helmet. For the first time in years the young man was back on the battlefield; and in a weird, twisted sort of way it felt like coming home. It was time for him to earn his keep.

Briefly getting a look at the underside of one of the bogie's arms, Fox clicked his tongue in frustration. More of the same metallic skin; and no joints. "Alright, new plan..." He muttered to himself, looking for another potential weak point to target.

Ignoring the bandit currently under sustained fire, Fox turned his attention to the Alien machine locked in melee with Aurora. As the BTF pilot ripped into it's side, Fox noted both the damage inflicted and the opposition's method of return fire. "That should do nicely. Let's see how you handle this..." The young man once again murmured to himself, new targets identified.

Taking aim, Fox fired off four rounds; two into the exposed secondary layer, two into the base of the monster's spines. Covering the distance at supersonic speeds, the bolt thrower's saber darts would burrow several dozen centimeters into their target before detonating a shaped explosive charge to inflict as much internal damage as possible. At least, this is what they were designed to do.

Not waiting to see the results of his handiwork, Fox immediately pushed the Outrider into motion. Slipping over the ridge he'd fired from, Fox relocated a couple hundred meters to one side before cresting another dune and settling back into a firing position.
Death to 2020.
Maritza could end the mage, but I figured I'd give @HereComesTheSnow a chance to post.



Fox's casual profanity went effectively unnoticed against the metallic screeching of the unknown hostiles. As the smaller exoframe seemed to not have drawn any attention yet, Fox took the opportunity to fully engage all of his stealth systems, the small suit momentarily dropping off allied sensors as it reconnected to their shared battlenet via tightbeam laser. With the Outrider's systems automatically highlighting the unknowns as assumed hostiles, Fox simply confirmed the assessment and let the computer handle the rest.

As the Her-Comm Suite's EW system kicked into high-gear searching for a counter to the unwelcome noise, the young man took moment to more carefully analyze their alien attackers. Frowning at the lack of any clear joints or other separations in their armor, Fox let out a small sigh of relief as EW system's AI produced a countermeasure; the incessant mechanical chattering finally coming to a halt.

<<Aurora, Gypsy; See if you can't get your dance partners to lift their arms. I'd like a clean shot at the underside of them. Outrider over.>>

The young man said, disseminating the emergency countermeasure to the rest of the squad through their shared battlenet.
There we go. Snek lady is posted for.

Though seriously, shit's crazy AF right now. The fact the we all seem to still be somewhat present and accounted for is a freaking miracle in my book.
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