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Alright. One character application ready for review.
The start of something.

Dex' Schaffner
Location: V.A. Blue Team Meeting Hall
Interactions: @Moyai, Anyone

Their eyes & hair changed to a rather intense shade of teal for the purpose of the event, Dex' yawns and stretches, propping their feet up on a desk. "Having an outrider is always useful. Alex, how fast and mobile are you with your power? Depending on how things pan out, I can see relying on you to get captured flags back to base." While not familiar with the detailed ins and outs of Alex's power, Dex' liked to make a point of keeping abreast in what her peers and potential squad mates were capable of. "I'll probably be of the most use in my standard combat form, serving as the center point front-liner for the squad." Dex' says, one arm briefly morphing into their combat form, shirt sleeve an all, before morphing back to 'normal'. "So, what's everybody else bringing to the table?"

This is looking good. Vanguard squad, if a little weirdly named for a defensive unit, is looking solid for protecting the flag, so all we have to do is make sure to capture the red flag... Dex' things to themselves as they look over their assembled fellow students.
Tanya Aleinikov

With her position concealed in the cloud of smoke, Tanya shifts around the log before popping out of the smoke cloud to flank the preoccupied Saurian. The overgrown chicken in question, still dazed from the grenadiers' earlier flashbang and distracted by the dud grenade from moments later failed to notice Tanya repositioning until too late. Taking a clear clear shot through the trees, the Ex-Sergeant lays the Saurian out with a hail of bullets.

Moving up, Tanya briefly confirms the corpse before fully returning her attention to the fight. {One over-grown chicken down. Let's mop up the rest and get what we came for before they can get any reinforcements out here.}
Tanya Aleinikov

Moments earlier:

Watching over the wrecked convoy, Tanya tenses as she hears the quiet snap of a branch behind her. Who's watching our back?... shit. The Ex-Sergeant wonders for a moment before whipping around as all hell breaks loose. Morgan's shouted warning was heard, but not really processed as the heavy weapons specialist's attention is squarely focused on kicking back the Saurian currently trying to eat her for lunch. Kicking the overgrown chicken back, Tanya fires her LMG from the hip, as at this range accuracy wasn't exactly an issue.

Driving the Saurian back with a hail of bullets, Tanya throws herself over to the other side of the log she'd been using for cover. {Flashbang out and smoke on me to reposition.} She announces, one hand lobbing a flashbang towards the Saurian she'd just engaged, the other popping a smoke grenade at her feet.
Dex' Schaffner
Location: Venture Academy
Interactions: Open to Anyone

The pickup had gone off without a hitch, a squad car having arrived within a few minutes to recover the would-be thief and Dex'. A ten minute car ride followed by a twenty minute debrief and half-hour air-car lift delivered Dex' back to the academy grounds in good time. With the morning's hero work taken care of, the shapeshifter had plenty of time for lunch before any afternoon activities.

Having shifted back into their casual form, Dex' heads into the sprawling multi-level "food court" and makes for their favorite spot; World Cuisine. One of the smaller and less frequented restaurants, what World Cuisine lacked in specialization, it made up for in diversity. The place primarily offered three things; Build your own "pizzas", sandwiches, & rice bowls. During the colder months they also carried a pair of rotating soups, one vegetarian, the other not. On top of that, W.C. carried an eclectic mix of craft sodas and hard ciders for those of age. No Pepsi or Bud Light here.

Stepping into the small restaurant's interior, Dex' grabs a seat at the bar and orders their usual; a rice bowl with black beans, sauteed mushrooms & onions, shredded chicken, sharp cheddar and Italian seasoning.
Tanya Aleinikov

With a click, Tanya's LMG runs dry. Taking a quick moment to relocate to the other end of the fallen tree before reloading. Ready to go, the grenadier rests her LMG on the log, ready to react to any enemy movement. {On overwatch.} Tanya quietly states over comms. {Their backup should be inbound by now. Keep an eye out for for more bogies.} She adds as an afterthought, more for the benefit of the greener members of the unit than anything else.
Dex' Schaffner
Location: New York City
Interactions: None

Late Morning

"Move, MOVE! Venture Hero, coming through!" Dex' shouts trying to weave through the throng of people crowding NYC's sidewalks in pursuit their target; a measly jewelry thief. It was a woefully inadequate use of someone with their kind of powers, Dex' thought to themselves, but somebody needed to be on call to lend a hand and the suspect had been listed as armed and dangerous. Crisscrossing their way through the streets in pursuit, the chase winds it's way into a rougher neighborhood before coming to a halt in a dead-end alleyway.

"What IS it with you.. FREAKS!?!" The robber shouts, a ragged looking man in his late 20's shouts, panting for air as he brandishes a handgun. "Look, put the gun down, surrender peacefully and I'm sure the cops'll be happy to listen to whatever sob-story got you into this mess." Dex' says with a sigh, standing at the mouth of the alley. "Just leave me alone! I'm warning you, I will shoot!" The man yells, desperately looking around the alley for a way out. "All that pea-shooter's gonna do is scratch my armor. Do the smart thing, take the easy way out an~"


Dex' staggers back a half-step, a streak of lead marring one shoulder plate. "Really? Why does it always have to be the hard way?" The shape-shifter laments aloud as the robber's eyes widen in terror. With a sigh, Dex' whips up their stun rifle, leveling the sights on the panicked thief. "My turn." Dex' says, unloading half-a-dozen stun rounds. Watching the man slump to the ground with a soft moan, Dex' taps their earpiece. {Shifter here. Suspect is neutralized on my position. Requesting pickup.} {Acknowledged Shifter. We'll have a patrol car to you in 5.} Well, that takes care of that. With any luck, I can make it back to campus in time for lunch. Dex' thinks to themselves as they wait for the police car to arrive.

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