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Woah squadfam, I just finished my bio. Stalk me.


Hello! I'm MsMorningstar, or Momo for short. I'm a college student in my early twenties, located in the Western United States. I have a deep appreciation for memes and vines (RIP Vine), so if you're a wandering soul feel free to drop a couple in my visitor messages. I like loom knitting, and I used to be a big reader but haven't touched a book in a while since I've been writing. I love procedural cop dramas, my favorite being Criminal Minds, though I guess it's technically a procedural FBI agent drama. Everything else I'm into, I'll tack on in a different section. I'm a big fan of RPing, though I do tend to fade in and out. Luckily, I've made some friends here who've helped me sink my hooks into the forum. Speaking of which, I'd like to give them their own section.

If you're uninterested in me rambling about these amazing guild members, feel free to move on to the next section.
  • @NorthernKraken: I knew I had to start with this lovely, Texan woman. She's definitely one of the brightest people I know. There's a reason why people come to her daily seeking help and advice. She pushes me to do what I love, even when I don't want to. For this, I'm extremely grateful. Thank you, Goblin Queen.
  • @c3p-0h: The coolest cool kid around, by far. Not to mention, the nothingness that will eventually swallow up our universe. Cep, even though you're way too awesome for me you somehow make me feel amazing. Your compliments really lift me up, and I hope someday I can repay you for all your kindness. Also, you gave me my nickname, and I'm eternally grateful.
  • @Damo021: You've been my buddy since the beginning of Red Hoods. Even if our characters don't end up together, they're still my OTP. Thank you for always offering to help me, and chatting with me about everything and anything.
  • @Almalthia: You've been off living your life and being the responsible adult I wish I was, and I commend you for that. Doesn't mean I don't miss you like hell, though. You're the best mom older sister ever, and I eagerly await the moments when you're online.
  • @RedVII: My honorary brother. I feel like I could talk to you about anything, so I usually do. You understand me when others don't, and I'll never stop being weird alongside you. You're the strangest person, and that's what makes you wonderful.
  • @ZAVAZggg: You're the angstiest EdgeLord I know, but I appreciate everything about you. You keep me in check, in a way not many others are capable of. You're always scheming, and I'm pretty sure you have a ten-step plan for world domination. Despite this, you've proven to be an amazing GM, and a great friend.
  • @Senhara: Screm

I listed a few of these in my About Me Section, but I'll list them again.
  • Reading: Fantasy, mystery, drama, romance, etc.
  • Loom Knitting
  • Anime: AoT, Soul Eater, Seven Deadly Sins, Kakegurui.
  • Television: Criminal Minds, Lucifer, Black Mirror.
  • Music: R&B, Hip-Hop, Pop.
  • Memes & Vines

  • Fantasy: High, Low, or Urban.
  • Slice-Of-Life
  • Superheroes
  • Crime/Mystery
  • Historical: Egyptian, Victorian, Ancient Greece.

Here are some links to music I love. If you'd like to drop some music suggestions, be my guest!

More to be added! (SO much more)

I'm extremely active on discord. So, if you'd like to add me and chat, I'm likely available.
Ms. Morningstar#2903

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Time: Morning
Location: Lover’s Lake ----> Sweet Kek’s
Interactions: Illia Green, Oliver Green, Sorrel Jager - @Tae
Vibes: "It’s a new day...and I’m feeling good."

”Genny~” Illia cooed, reaching out with a finger to poke Genesis’ forehead. “Wake up!”

The older woman was curled up alongside the most recent addition to the pack, soaked through, and somehow sleeping peacefully. She shuddered softly as Illia’s calloused finger pressed against her skin, before stretching out and tossing an arm over Volfango.

“God, Genesis, aren’t you cold?” Came the distant voice of Oliver, harsh in comparison to Illia’s subtle prodding.

At this, Genesis stirred. With a groan, she peeled open her eyes and took in her immediate surroundings. Volfango. Yes, he was to be expected. Illia? Not that surprising, as the girl seemed to enjoy following her. That meant Oliver was somewhere in the nearby vicinity. A deep inhale confirmed her suspicions. Out of all the people who could have stumbled upon them, she was glad it was the Greens. They didn’t run their mouths.

Sitting up, she began to cautiously remove herself from Volfango, standing as soon as she was separated from the man. She stared down at him, unsure of what to do. She didn’t want to wake him up, if only because dealing with her mistakes made her panic.

”Fun night?” Illia asked, breaking Genesis out of her trance. The grin on the young woman’s face was mischievous.

Ignoring her question, Genesis asked, ”Do you have a blanket? I don’t want to leave him in the cold…”

”You could always wake him-” Upon seeing the pleading look on Genesis’ face, Illia backtracked. ”No...I don’t think so. Ollie?”

“Nah, but we did bring you a change of clothes... Maybe your windbreaker will fit him?” Oliver offered up the bundle of warm clothes he held in his arms. When Oliver had picked up Genesis’ scent in the woods, he had returned to the camp to retrieve her most comfortable clothing, assuming she had shifted and was in need of a new outfit.

Genesis smiled softly, walking over to retrieve the garments. Unzipping her windbreaker, she laid it out over Volfango’s body, figuring she’d retrieve it sooner or later. With that dealt with, she made her way to a tree and began to change into the leggings and long-sleeve that had been provided for her. Stepping back into view, she jerked her chin in the direction of the path, making her way toward it. As she went, she bent down to collect her purse, leaving any and all sopping wet clothing behind. Without a word, the siblings began to follow.

”So, Genny," Illia called after a few moments of walking in silence. ”We were kinda hopin' that maybe you would consider taking us into town?"

Genesis glanced over her shoulder at the pair. They didn't require her permission to do things, but it made her feel...worthwhile when they asked. It reminded her of the respect she had in her old packs, the respect that took so long to gain in Liam's.

”Yeah...why not?"

As the trio passed different places in town, the siblings made up excuses to stop at each location that wasn't a family home. They explored what areas they could, rummaging around shops and pressing their faces up against the windows of closed establishments. It wasn't long until Illia found herself hungry, and Oliver requested they all eat.

Stepping into an adorable, quaint bakery, Genesis walked up to the counter where a petite blonde woman was working. ”Morning," Genesis greeted, as her eyes ran over the many items on the menu. She glanced down at the assortment of cupcakes and other treats protected by a glass cover. Her stomach clenched, hunger filling her.

”What do you guys want?" She asked the two behind her, shifting to let them see better.

"A chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting!" Illia chirped, smiling merrily at Sorrel.

Oliver looked over the menu, brow scrunched. “Can I just get a pretzel?"

”I'll have a pretzel, too." Genesis added, digging around in her purse for the money she had taken from Trance. Clutching a few bills, she waited for the woman to tally up their purchase.
Gonna bump this!

Life got incredibly busy, but things are slowing down again. I will have business in March, but other than that I'm available. If you're an old partner of mine wishing to restart, or someone I never got around to writing with, feel free to PM me!

Lana of The Cypress

  • Sapling (Other dryads)
  • Flowerbud (Parent Trees)


Gender Role


Males, preferably with long lives ahead of them.

Real Age
150 Years Old

Age Appearance
Early 20's

Lana is a very calm, collected individual. She prefers keeping her emotions in check, and is unwavering in the face of trouble and hate. She keeps her mouth shut when it suits her, but isn't afraid of letting out her opinion. She's quite young compared to some of the other dryads, and her tree is still in development. That being said, she considers herself strong enough and smart enough to play in the big leagues.

  • Nature
  • Animals, especially birds.
  • Her tree
  • Humans
  • Reading

  • Cities
  • Noisy areas
  • Root mold
  • Eating human food

Turn Ons
  • Intimate closeness
  • Whispering in ear
  • Casual confidence

Turn Offs
  • Arguing
  • Big egos
  • Arrogance and ignorance

  • Will often run her fingers through her "hair" as a subtle sign that she's stressed
  • Picks at the small white flowers growing on her shoulders when bored.

  • Reading
  • Frolicking through her territory
  • Growing plants
  • Bonding/Playing with Orchid

Doesn't Celebrate/Doesn't Recall
She marks her years by every seasonal cycle she goes through.

Her parent tree's forest

Zodiac Sign

Immediate Family
  • Colette- Female Parent Tree, Alive
  • Jacques- Male Parent Tree, Alive
  • Cypress Tree Dryads- Siblings/Cousins/Aunts/Uncles


  • Plant Magic
  • Minor Terramancy

Self-taught most of her life, relies mostly on street smarts rather than book smarts.

Enjoys putting down roots in new places when she has the chance, loves meeting new people and living a fruitful life.

Has little in the way of material wealth.


Anyone she chooses to ally with.

Dryad, Bald Cypress Tree


Blood Type
Unknown, Bleeds Green

Preferred Hand

Eye Color
  • Spring- Vivid Violet
  • Summer- Muted Green
  • Fall- Light Orange
  • Winter- Muted Violet

Hair Color
  • Spring- Blue-ish Green
  • Summer- Muted Green
  • Fall- Shades of Orange
  • Winter- Purple

Falls in layers down her back, surprisingly soft for being made of leaves.

Skin Tone
  • Spring- Green and Brown
  • Summer- Muted Brown and Yellow
  • Fall- Shades of Orange
  • Winter- Muted Brown and Muted Yellow

Clear, her shoulders and upper arms are covered in small white flowers.

Body Type

Lithe, feminine build.


125 Lbs

Shoe Size
Doesn't wear shoes

Distinguishing Features
Would stand out easily in a crowd of humans.


General Attire
She can form any clothing she needs out of plant matter, but is oftentimes seen wearing a plain sundress made entirely of small white flowers weaved together so tightly they resemble a textured cloth. Whenever she's riding Orchid, the dress becomes a fitted shirt and pair of pants.

The Time Era for this strange land is odd; The Era seems like a rather modern world, intricate Technology used to benefit humans, but there are no vehicles; no cars, buses trains or planes- People have been utilizing horses for transport.

Humans are the main species of the land, but there are many others as well, Elves, Dwarves, Orcs and Ogres, as well as many other Unknown species- Some humans welcome them, some humans show signs of distrust towards Unknowns, and then there are those who actively hunt them down to get rid of them.

Magic exists in the world, in the form of Elemental Magic used by many, be them Human, Unknown or Dragon. There are also these small gems; around the size of ones palm, which contain small amounts of Elemental Magic. Many think they are Alien in nature, but the people of this land have utilized them to the best of their abilities.

Although Magic is found in every city and township, it is rarely seen; as the King himself has outlawed the use of Magic, unless those who can use it have gotten permission from Him to do so.

The King rules with an Iron Fist and refuses to allow those who do not follow his word any sort of power, as he feared anyone who had power could overthrow him.

Legends state, that when the world was created, there were two large dragons; Father Time and Mother Earth.
These two were an unstoppable couple, working together to create life as we know it. When they finished the main things, the Sea, the Sky and the Land, they discussed what would happen next.

They agreed on the idea of ‘Protectors’, and they decided to make them in their own image, so they made the Dragons.
The First Dragons were large and powerful, the three were dubbed as the ‘Gods’ of Dragons by their parents; The Dragon of Knowledge, Destiny, The Dragon of Power, Volven, and the Dragon of Willpower, Harris.

Life went on well, with the Two Dragon-parents creating Humans and other species, populating the land with lively creatures.
Everything was going perfectly fine, until the Dragon of Power got hungry for more responsibility; Using his Feral form to overcome the newly created Humans; trying to enslave them.

That’s when the younger two siblings stepped in; ending up forging friendships with the Humans and Unknowns themselves, teaching them the ways and secrets of the dragons… They soon called themselves the Vavilion, and they became the first Dragon Riders.

Many today wish to become Dragon Riders, but it is not that easy; first you have to be lucky enough to come in contact with a Dragon, then you must gain enough trust from the Dragon to form a bond strong enough to link your mind to the Beasts; and finally, although not completely needed, you need to have the Elements flowing within your blood.

Centuries later, a kind hearted king by the name of William Alitoph, loved by his people and the surrounding areas, came to power.
Unbeknownst to everyone around him, his friends and family included, he was one of the Vavilion, and with his dragon, a large, wize Temporal Dragon called Dymon; the pair as well as a fellow Dragon Rider, got the help from Destiny and Harris, the two younger Dragon Gods, to create the Silver Order.

William wanted the Silver Order to be an Order that helped train, maintain and look after Dragon Riders, new and old; as well as protect and help the Dragon population grow.

When the Dragon of Power found out about the Silver Order, he set out to put an end to it all; believing that the Order will rival his Riders power. His Rider was a Twisted, Cruel King, King Thomas. Volven and Thomas came up with a plan.

After around 30 years of running the Silver Order, William decided to settle down with his wife Amber, and they ended up having three young children; Damien, Noble and Rai.

William kept his rider history secret from his wife and children, not wanting his wife to worry and not wanting to put the children in danger.

He did want to show the kids what he had done most of his life, he was planning to train the little ones how to become Dragon Riders themselves, teaching them how to ride horses from early on and teaching them basic combat skills through play-fighting; He was very eager and hopeful to teach his children the magic and abilities of the beasts that roam the Land, Sea and Skies of their world.

On one fateful night, the Evil King Thomas sent Volven off on a mission, to destroy the Alitoph Castle and make sure no one survives. Volven set off to do exactly that, destroying the main area where he knew the family was enjoying a peaceful night; ending up killing Amber and William, presumably killing Rai and Damien as well, causing only Noble to survive due to where he was, hidden away due to the kids all playing hide and seek.

The young boy grew up with the remaining waitstaff, trying to stop them from waiting on him hand and foot and trying to show them he could look after himself. Most of them allowed him to help out when he became a young teenager. Once he turned 15, the royal duties were put onto him, things bombarding him left right and centre. He tried as hard as he could to get through everything, and he was doing rather well, before he turned 19 he found out it was time for him to find someone to settle down with.
A King from a neighboring City offered his daughters hand in marriage, and wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer, planning a meeting with Noble for him to meet his daughter and arrange a time for the wedding to take place.

Noble ended up packing a few of his things, mainly his books, some clothes, some camping rations and he took the small pendant necklace he had found in his father’s hidden study. He ended up fleeing the castle in the late evening, and headed into the nearby forest.

He had a specific Camping spot he liked to visit, but this time, when he entered the forest, he felt something was wrong.
He ends up meeting a young Brash Constellation Dragon, name Comet, who was being hunted by humans for the Evil King. Noble ended up fending off the hunters and helped Comet heal her injured leg. Through the time he spent with the dragon, they both gained enough trust from each other to form an unlikely bond, which allowed them to share thoughts and memories.

The two end up traveling, trying to find out what happened to Noble’s family, and within their travels they hear rumors and learn about this secret Silver Order- Run by Dragon Riders, for Dragon Riders and even helped wild Dragons. Comet managed to get Noble to agree to track them down, wanting to know more, until they run into Antar, a young male, around Nobles’ age, and his Silver Metallic Dragon; Mercury. The two lead them to the Order, which Noble learns was created by his father, William.

Within the Order, he meets a whole lot of different people, and different Dragons. But within the Order, one man strikes Nobles’ attention, his name is Damien. Something about this man made Noble think of his older brother that died to the Kings Dragon.
That’s because Damien is Noble’s brother, he survived the attack as well, due to being knocked sideways by a bookcase, and survived with only a few injuries. He had escaped that night and saw Volven fly off, before he started on a trek after him, only to pass out in the forest that night and ended up befriending a young male Lunaran Dragon, which he named Orian. He ended up finding the Silver Order soon afterwards, and is one of the longest surviving members within the Order, although no one knows his true bloodline.

Lillian Sherwood

Legally Binding is a Slice-of-Life RP with heavy romantic tones. This RP takes place in modern times, and will follow the story of two main characters (played by World Traveler and MsMorningstar) who are made to be roommates, as well as any and all secondary PCs added along the way. Our two main characters are college students with different backgrounds and aspirations, struggling to figure things out in a fictional college district located in Chicago.

Regent Apartment Complex

  • Located only two miles from campus, the apartments are an affordable alternative to living in the dorms.
  • Standard single bedroom apartments are available, though most apartments consist of two bedrooms, a single bathroom (plus a half bath attached to the master bathroom), and a full kitchen.

Family-Friendly Entertainment
Bowling Alley
  • Lit exclusively by UV lights, the Bowling Alley is a cheap location for hanging out with friends.

Shopping Mall
  • With a myriad of stores, the mall is a great location to get a last minute gift or partake in retail therapy.
  • The stores in the mall are also always looking for new employees.

AMC Movie Theater
  • Fitted with red recliners, the theater is a great place to go for cheap dates or quality time with family when they come to town.

Red Light District



Time: Night
Location: Ember Grove Streets ---> Outside The Pit
Interactions: Cyler Johnson - @Pyxis
Mentions: Angel - @princess, Sean - @FunnyGuy, Nikolaus - @Potter, and Lupin - @AtomicNut

Leilani’s face lit up at Cyler’s suggestion. She could tell he was trying to help her, and decided that this was a great start toward not being a useless addition to things. Besides, she was always looking for a new way to express her creativity, even when she was stumped with what to draw. Painting with light seemed like it would be simple enough on her end, since all she had to do was draw for a camera while he fiddled with the settings and took care of the technical aspects. She had seen the results of a few light paintings, and they all looked rather beautiful.

“That sounds perfect!” She exclaimed, her enthusiasm showing in a soft grin. “Just tell me when. I'm free...all the time.” She chuckled, realizing that she would have to fix that at some point. She’d have to search for a job, and soon. Then she could contribute more steadily to the clan.

God, it was like she was actually considering staying, and never returning to her parents or her past life. Then again, at least the clan accepted her. She couldn’t be sure her parents would.

In no time at all, they had arrived on the outskirts of the pit. While she wanted to go in, or perhaps even just meander outside for a little while, she was caught off guard by four people lingering outside. Leilani watched them from the cross-section leading up to the bar. Three were younger, and one was quite old for being outside a bar like The Pit. The three younger people checked up on the older man, who appeared frazzled.

What, exactly, was going on?

”Cyler, should we go around the back? I don’t want to disturb those people, they look weird.” They hadn’t done anything too out of the ordinary yet, but Leilani was hesitant nonetheless. Ember Grove was a hotspot for weirdos, and hunters, and werewolves. All things she had been taught to avoid, pretty much.

Time: Night
Location: Trance Club
Vibes: "Make me remember you, like you'll remember me…"

Volfango considered the playful hit to his chest an excellent start to a hopefully exciting night, laughing along as she addressed him as ‘your highness’. However, it had an air of familiarity that seemed odd for two strangers and the following question solidified the possibility that knew each other somehow. A far-off look briefly took control of Volfango’s face as he tried to think of where he saw her before. As she thanked him for the drink, it clicked within his mind. Genesis! How could he forget a face like hers!

”It was Volfango’s pleasure.” His eyes refocused on her ”Volfango is still learning all the steps to this dance, but rest assured! He shall have it mastered in no time!” He answered with a warm smile before drinking the first of his Bronx Martinis “How has your night been thus far?”

“It’s been fine.” Genesis shrugged. “Better, now that you’re here to enjoy it with me.” That was true, she enjoyed the comforting aura of her pack members, even newer ones such as he.

Turning back to the bar, she lifted her empty shot glass in the bartender’s direction. She was already nicely buzzed, had been for quite some time now, but she didn’t want to slow down now that she had a drinking partner. Besides, she held her liquor quite well. A lot better than Charlotte, at least.

“What’s brought you here tonight? Some of the family back home were having a poker game, weren’t you invited?” There were always games held every other night for bonding purposes, but poker when Liam took his leave was definitely the most competitive and enjoyable. Genesis participated frequently, but decided against it that night.

The liquor from his Martinis was already gone as Genesis asked her next query. High alcohol tolerance built around countless parties and festivals. No matter how much he would drink, he would tell her how overwhelming this all has been for him “What else?” He stated while turning around in place, one hand gesturing to their surroundings “Lights! Music! Dancing! Drinks! And of course, mi bellissima dea.” He faced her one more with a great smile, his suave Italian accent taking control of the last three words. Volfango gently took one of hers with one hand on top and one on the bottom, looking up from his long lashes “Please grant Volfango the blessing of a dance. Mi dea shall not be disappointed.”

He had indeed been offered an invite to the games being held by the Vagus Lupi tonight but had declined. There was not a shortage of great looking men and women he could lose himself, but that was not only what he wanted tonight. Volfango wanted passion and romance. Fun and freedom, as if it was the last night he could have it. The direction his life was heading in, he was unsure when he would have another night like this.

What an interesting person. His lust for life was...refreshing to say the least. It was extremely human, wanting to live in the moment. Luckily for him, he had much more time now. He’d be able to see more changes than he had ever imagined. Perhaps that was his issue? Maybe he was there to drink away the pain he felt, knowing his human family wouldn’t last as long. She couldn’t tell, he just seemed so happy.

Then again, didn’t she?

Torn out of her thoughts by the sudden stench of death beside her, Genesis glanced past Volfango and into the eyes of a young man. She fixed him with a glare, unafraid of the hungry look in his eyes. It was then that she remembered her company. A new werewolf would risk exposure, and hinder her when it came down to a fight. Perhaps it was time to take Volfango away from the bar.

Glancing down at the hand he had encapsulated in his own, Genesis forced a grin. “Alright, but don’t get upset if I show you up.”

His body felt several times lighter as Genesis granted his request, just as a newcomer came to the bar. The hairs on the back of his neck began to stand up as they sat down telling him something was off. However, he was not about to let it ruin his night “Show up Voflango? I welcome the challenge!” He exclaimed cheerfully as he eagerly followed her to the dance floor.

The music wasn’t exactly made for a tango, but it was easy enough to grind to. Taking Volfango’s hands, she placed them on her hips and began to sway and step to the bass heavy music. “It’s like there’s a spotlight on you,” She began, glancing around to some of the men and women who continued to stare at Volfango. Her gaze lingered on the creature at the bar, before continuing to dart around. “Are you sure you’re not enchanted?”

Under Genesis’s guidance, Volfango let her hips fill his palms while his fingers pressed against her lower back. His chest and hips flowed both to the music and to Genesis’s own movements “Of course, for Voflango is a sight to behold.” The spotlight was always shining on him, and he basked in its light. “Perhaps you were the one that cast the spell.” His voice rising just above the music, his eyes focused on her movements. Voflango acted as if there was no else on the dancefloor. He had found his partner for the night and he was having a blast so far, enough to forget what troubles he had.

Genesis simply grinned, moving to rest her forehead on Volfango’s shoulder. She could hardly believe how full of himself he was. Continuing to talk about himself in the third person, complimenting himself regularly. She could only imagine being that confident. Still, he managed to make her feel like she was the only person in the building. Such conflicting traits.

“You know,” She began, tilting her head so her warm breath would fan his neck. “Maybe we should get out of here?” She was well aware of how he could interpret that, but she doubted anything serious would come from their night.

No other words could have grabbed his attention as fully as those did “With pleasure, mi dea. The night and the town are ours.”. He gave her a quick spin followed by a dip in smooth succession, bringing her back up chest to chest “Let us go.” The words rolling off his tongue like honey. Voflango offered Genesis his arm to take before departing.

On their way out, he would turn his head back to the crowd that had been watching them and blow a kiss in their direction. Volfango didn’t bother seeing their reactions and returned to his bellissima dea. Wherever the night was taking them, it did not matter much to him. Genesis was already more fun than he had been expecting.
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