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Woah squadfam, I just finished my bio. Stalk me.


Hello! I'm MsMorningstar, or Momo for short. I'm a college student in my early twenties, located in the Western United States. I have a deep appreciation for memes and vines (RIP Vine), so if you're a wandering soul feel free to drop a couple in my visitor messages. I like loom knitting, and I used to be a big reader but haven't touched a book in a while since I've been writing. I love procedural cop dramas, my favorite being Criminal Minds, though I guess it's technically a procedural FBI agent drama. Everything else I'm into, I'll tack on in a different section. I'm a big fan of RPing, though I do tend to fade in and out. Luckily, I've made some friends here who've helped me sink my hooks into the forum. Speaking of which, I'd like to give them their own section.

If you're uninterested in me rambling about these amazing guild members, feel free to move on to the next section.
  • @NorthernKraken: I knew I had to start with this lovely, Texan woman. She's definitely one of the brightest people I know. There's a reason why people come to her daily seeking help and advice. She pushes me to do what I love, even when I don't want to. For this, I'm extremely grateful. Thank you, Goblin Queen.
  • @c3p-0h: The coolest cool kid around, by far. Not to mention, the nothingness that will eventually swallow up our universe. Cep, even though you're way too awesome for me you somehow make me feel amazing. Your compliments really lift me up, and I hope someday I can repay you for all your kindness. Also, you gave me my nickname, and I'm eternally grateful.
  • @Damo021: You've been my buddy since the beginning of Red Hoods. Even if our characters don't end up together, they're still my OTP. Thank you for always offering to help me, and chatting with me about everything and anything.
  • @Almalthia: You've been off living your life and being the responsible adult I wish I was, and I commend you for that. Doesn't mean I don't miss you like hell, though. You're the best mom older sister ever, and I eagerly await the moments when you're online.
  • @RedVII: My honorary brother. I feel like I could talk to you about anything, so I usually do. You understand me when others don't, and I'll never stop being weird alongside you. You're the strangest person, and that's what makes you wonderful.
  • @ZAVAZggg: You're the angstiest EdgeLord I know, but I appreciate everything about you. You keep me in check, in a way not many others are capable of. You're always scheming, and I'm pretty sure you have a ten-step plan for world domination. Despite this, you've proven to be an amazing GM, and a great friend.
  • @Senhara: Screm

I listed a few of these in my About Me Section, but I'll list them again.
  • Reading: Fantasy, mystery, drama, romance, etc.
  • Loom Knitting
  • Anime: AoT, Soul Eater, Seven Deadly Sins, Kakegurui.
  • Television: Criminal Minds, Lucifer, Black Mirror.
  • Music: R&B, Hip-Hop, Pop.
  • Memes & Vines

  • Fantasy: High, Low, or Urban.
  • Slice-Of-Life
  • Superheroes
  • Crime/Mystery
  • Historical: Egyptian, Victorian, Ancient Greece.

Here are some links to music I love. If you'd like to drop some music suggestions, be my guest!

More to be added! (SO much more)

I'm extremely active on discord. So, if you'd like to add me and chat, I'm likely available.
Ms. Morningstar#2903

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January 1st, 7:42 PM
Madison Square Garden, New York

Interactions: @Zoey White, @Blackstripe and @DC The Dragon

Clio was already stringing together an apology in her head for bringing V's mood down when out stepped the star of the show herself, Karen Hernandez. Clio's eyes widened imperceptibly, and she looked back at the criminal they had knocked out only moments ago. Was it really safe for her to be out in the open at this time? Obviously, the man was out cold, but Chaos magic was a finicky thing. He could snap back to life in an instant, even in the condition he was in. Clio didn't say anything, but her body tensed, alert. As Karen approached with a casual demeanor, Clio couldn't help but be somewhat impressed. She had thought the girl would be at least the slightest bit shaken, but this probably happened more often than not.

A small smile formed on her face as Karen complimented them, and thanked them for what they had done. It felt nice to get some gratitude from time-to-time. Of course, there were people on the streets of New York who thanked her for her work, but she knew there were others that were bothered by her skillset. Raising the dead wasn't really the trait of a hero. In the same way Karen was trying to depict monsters and mages in a more positive light, Clio was doing the same for her special brand of magic.

A firm handshake to each of the people in the group and Karen was moving along. Clio took note of how she lingered on V's hand and a small smirk tugged at her lip. That small bit of extra attention could mean a number of things, but she hoped it made him feel better. Clio seemingly paid little mind to Karen's interaction with the crazed fan, but in truth, her neck was craned towards the situation. If something occurred, she'd snap the boy's neck herself. No, she wouldn't. That was cruel. Besides, he wouldn't be of much use to her dead in his state.

"So...think we're going to get some free merch out of this? The stands were bare bones when we got here." Clio chuckled, hoping her joke went over well. She needed to be a bit more spontaneous. It was one of Makaya's greatest traits.

She turned as Karen began to speak, her lips spreading rapidly in a grin as she mentioned free food. Perhaps it wasn't the best gift for Starfire, considering the girl had never eaten before. What better way to start, though, than Chipotle? Clio glanced at her orange-skinned companion, bumping her on the shoulder with her knuckles playfully. "You down to go out?" If Starfire said no, that was fine too. She didn't want to leave the girl stranded on her own, so she'd happily head back to the apartment. As soon as she got back into her civilian clothes...

Speaking of which, what had happened to those? She had ditched them on the floor after she had changed. Looking out past the stage, she saw her outfit, covered in footsteps and torn to shreds. Great. She had really liked those sweats. She could always go back in through the fire escape if they decided to go home, but she wanted to go out to eat so badly. Considering her options, Clio swallowed her pride and stepped a bit closer to Karen.

"Uh...hey, do you think I could...uh, borrow some clothes? I'll give 'em back. Just..." Her eyes wandered over Karen's revealing outfit, and she scratched the back of her head, disturbing her braids. "Something...comfortable?"

January 1st, 7:38 PM
Madison Square Garden, New York

Interactions: @Zoey White, and @DC The Dragon

"You did it, Clio!"

Makaya's eye twitched. Clio? That wasn't right. To put it lightly, Clio was...well, useless. She was lazy, plain, a complete pushover. The list went on and on. She was a host for greater things. It was when she donned the mask that she became someone. She went from being the accountant who was content with hiding away in her apartment, to an outspoken representative of Chaos magic. Clio was inferior, she was nothing in comparison. People didn't like Clio, they tolerated her. It was the way of the world. If she wanted to shine, to stand out, she'd just have to give in. Eventually, she'd realize what her true potential was. And when that happened, there would no longer be a separation between the two personas. She'd be Makaya, completely. What a day that would be!

A sharp spasm of her head and Makaya found herself suppressing a gasp. Not now, not while she was on top of the world! She needed more time, it wasn't right! Another contraction, this one more painful than the last. She pressed a palm against her temple, groaning. Within her, a war that had been waged long ago was being fought. An unsteady agreement between the two parties was ripped to shreds in an instant. Clio exerted her will on her counterpart, in the form of a violent mental thrashing. At last, she took over. Blinking away a glossy coating on her eyes that had shrouded her vision, she began rubbing her temples in an attempt to relieve the pressure. She really needed to start carrying a bottle of Advil.

Considering Makaya's thoughts, she found herself worn down. Was she really useless? No, it wasn't true. Those were the delusional thoughts of a psychopath. Makaya was right about one thing, though. Eventually, one side would have to win. Clio believed she was putting up a valiant fight, but with every inch she took back, she gave five. Each time she used her magic, whether it was in a battle or in the privacy of her home, she was relinquishing the hold on her body. It was a drug, something she couldn't quit cold turkey. She'd have to wean herself off until she was normal. Or, she could just let it win. After all, it wasn't hurting anybody. At least, she didn't think it was. Of course, she had beaten that man within an inch of her life. She had been about to kill him!

She was in a horrible state. Perhaps it would be best if she dealt with this later. Yes, push it down until it was almost nonexistent. Then let it bubble up until it bursts! Clio sighed, promising that she wouldn't let it happen.

As Starfire approached, Clio awkwardly wrapped her arms around the girl. She gave her a gentle pat, forcing a grin at her friend's excitement. As soon as Star left to talk to the boy in the hoodie, Clio's facade dropped. She walked over to Timothy's body, pushing between the armed security guards. Gently, she lifted up his limp hand, not wanting to wake him, she pulled out her dagger with a solid yank. Most of the blood coating it came off, pulled away by his skin. The rest, she wiped on his torso. Taking the blade, she cut a lock of hair off his person and shoved it in her coat pocket, making sure it stayed mostly separate from Starfire's strands.

Squeezing past the guards once more, she shuffled towards the boy who had saved her and Starfire. Unsure of what to say, she scratched at her forearm and stood silent for a few moments. At last, she blurted out, "Thanks for the rescue. You...uh, do this often?"

January 1st, 7:38 PM
Madison Square Garden, New York

Interactions: @Zoey White, @Blackstripe, and @DC The Dragon

As the snakes of flame shot towards her, zig-zagging, Makaya attempted to save herself. She was going to raise her body on a platform of darkness. Before she could, she felt a pair of strong hands wrapping around her sides. She was scooped up and taken out of the line of fire. While she admired the boy for helping her, she couldn't help but feel embarrassed that she had been saved. Forcing herself not to struggle, she stared at the man. He wasn't looking at her, but she had a clear view of his face. Handsome, but now wasn't the time to swoon over him. Before she could say thank you, he had set her down and left. Makaya turned her attention back to the blonde who had done so much damage. It was funny how they were failing to take him out.

Still, Makaya admired the sheer level of Chaos magic flowing through this kid. His mind had evidently been warped by it, and it manifested physically in the fissures along his body. It wounded him with every drop, every bit of essence used, she could see it in the way he screamed. It was melodic, wonderful. Unnatural and lovely. He was no longer human in his extraordinary magical strength, and that called to her. She wanted it, too. No. God, no! What was she thinking? This man was a psycho, and she was, too, for wanting to be anything like that. She really needed to go back in to see Dr. Naroke. At this rate, she'd be pining after killers in a month. It wasn't healthy, but now wasn't the time to think of that. She needed to get back into the fight. Squaring her shoulders, she stared down the man who had tried to go after Karen.

She watched as Starfire approached, attempting to land a solid kick to the man's shoulder. She commended the girl's attempt. She was a talented fighter and would make an even better hero. That being said, it was time to end this. To distract the man, she threw a dagger at his throat. It was clumsy, she wasn't a skilled thrower and these knives weren't meant for that type of fighting. He seemed easily distracted, however, and unless he wanted to die or get stabbed, he'd have to deflect it somehow.

Meanwhile, she called upon the darkness around her. It responded to her almost immediately, dancing and curling around the stage, a tangible force. She hurled it towards the man, eyes aglow with fury. Sharp spikes of darkness launched in his direction, curving around Starfire in a desperate attempt to pierce the target. At the last moment, they turned blunt. She realized how bad it would look to Starfire and her new hooded friend if she ended up killing the guy. So, ten blunted logs of void attempted to hammer down on his body. All the while, Makaya cackled.

Looks good to me! You're all set!

January 1st, 4:30 PM - 7:37 PM
Madison Square Garden, New York

Interactions: @DC The Dragon, @Blackstripe, and @LokiLeo789

As Clio entered the apartment complex, she waved a hello to the concierge, who she had known since arriving in New York. They exchanged smiles, and she was almost able to ignore the harsh throbbing in her head. She climbed the stairs, all the way up to the eighth floor. She took her time, finding the climb relaxing. By the end, her head was still an aching mess, but her body felt broke in. She shuffled to her door, and summoned her keys. Unlocking the apartment, she stepped inside, pleasantly surprised to see Starfire.

Dropping her keys back into their bowl, she smiled over at the girl. ”Hello there. Did you have fun in the city?”

Starfire was holding two kebabs.”Yes!” She nodded. ”Perhaps I should have told you more about my language learning trick. I can not read the English. I did not want to make a very bad mistake, but the people of New York seem to be very kind. Some of them are very furry and have horns, did you know that? I bought these for us. The man told me what the cash was for, and then told me they were fifty dollars each. I know not what they are for, but do you want one?” She extended the kebab out to Clio. Clio would notice about half of the money was gone and had been attached to her belt loop.

Clio took the kebab from Starfire, taking a bite out of one of the meat cubes. It was tasty, but it certainly wasn’t worth fifty dollars. She should have sat Starfire down and had a talk about scammers beforehand. Well, it didn’t matter much anymore. They had things to do, places to be. The concert was going to start soon enough. ”FIfty dollars each, huh? Interesting. They’re meant to be do eat, right?” Clio cocked her head in wonder, but the instant she did it began to scream. Groaning, she readjusted. ”Well, you can put it on the counter for now, let’s head to the concert.”

Forcing a smile, Clio beckoned Starfire forward. ”It’s in Madison Square, and there are a few ways to get there. I want to introduce you to public transportation, it’s important. We’ll get you a bus and subway card...soon.”

Starfire followed Clio’s beckon. ”Okay. Thank you again, Clio. Soon, I will get a house, and invite you to concerts.” She set the kebab down on the counter as she walked forward. ”I’ve never tried eating before. I will do so when I return. Bus cards, subway cards, concerts...this is all so exciting. Have you ever been to a concert before? I have not.” Starfire was talking almost as much as Mayaka would. Thought Starfire’s speech had a hesitant, staggering staccato pattern to it.

"Nope, never! It'll be something new for the both of us." While Clio had wandered the streets of New Orleans watching sidewalk bands as a child, she had never been to an actual concert. She'd always put away money for other things, so it had never been a top priority. Still, Karen was a good artist, and she had been considering it for a while.

Clio took Starfire to Madison Square Garden, getting there in record time. There were already hundreds of people, but when Clio explained that she was a mage and that Starfire was a new variety of monster, they were escorted to the front of the stage. It wouldn't be long now, until Karen was out and singing for at least a thousand screaming fans. Clio was shoulder-to-shoulder with a bulky man with horns. On her other side was Starfire. "Are you feeling...claustrophobic? Because I can get us some more space."

Starfire was looking bewildered, anxious, but excited, as if she had not seen this many people in one place before. There was also that primal pit of fear within Starfire’s heart as she had no space to maneuver or use her powers should they come under attack. She leaned into Clio and spoke loudly. It was a strange activity to stand so close together with so many other people, but Starfire was giving it a shot. ”We are all quite closely huddled together, yes. It is a little scary and loud. Do you want more space, Clio? Are we waiting on something to happen? Is this like a trunesza’nfa?” There was a word that did not quite directly translate into English, and in Starfire’s anxious fluster, she flubbed her words. Her green eyes were wide with anticipation and she stared at Clio.

Trunesza’nfa? She’d ask about that...later. For now, it was more important to make Starfire comfortable. Since it was getting dark, there was very little she wasn’t capable of. Summoning the darkness, she formed a cage around them, made up of bars rather than a solid construct so people could still see through it. Expanding it, she pushed people back from them and gave them their own little space. There were shouts of protest as she did so, but Clio paid no mind to the flustered monsters and metas. The show was about to begin, after all. In fact, she could’ve swore she saw Karen out of the corner of her eye. ”You ready?” She asked Starfire, a dazzling smile on her face from a burst of vigor.

Starfire gasped and looked back at Clio. ”Clio! That was not very nice!”

”Sorry...sorry!” She said through the bars. Still, it did make her feel better. No one could grab her. She looked over at Clio and the criticism of her words did not match the somewhat grateful look on her face. Clio asked her if she was ready, and she was.

Suddenly, the lights dimmed. There was a burst of color that lit up the path of a woman. There were others on stage, but the colors all focused on her, signifying her importance. She spoke, speaking of the new year. It seemed like every word she said made the crowd louder, so much louder. The frenzy of the audience reminded Starfire of a Warcry, but instead of anger and hate, it was passion and excitement. The woman began wildly dancing and singing and it was unlike anything Starfire had ever heard. It was a song of rebellion, defiance, and pride. She hardly had an opinion on the rhythm, it was the atmosphere of the place that sent shivers down Starfire’s spine. Her head sunk into her shoulders and she placed her palms over her ears, but she was not having a bad time. It was just very, very loud. Starfire glanced over at Clio to see what her friend was doing in all of this happy madness.

The music pulsed through Clio, ripping through her already aching head and causing her to cup her ears. It was agonizing, but she attempted to force herself to enjoy it. She knew a quick fix, but she couldn’t. It was her time with Starfire, she wanted to be happy on her own. She couldn’t let her magic rule her, she wouldn’t let it ruin this moment. Tearing her hands from her ears, she let the music race through her mind. The sound quality was amazing, the way Karen hyped up the crowd was even better. It was okay, it was pleasant. She could continue to tell herself this, but it was getting harder and harder to believe. Looking over at her companion, she had to bite back a frown.

Starfire was counting on her, was it really that hard to be a good friend? They both looked miserable, she was sure. Starfire with her hands over her ears, Clio...being Clio. Looking around, she saw that everybody was enjoying themselves. They were all focused on the stage. No one was watching. With a frustrated sigh, Clio began to dance. She had done enough freestyle floor routines in gymnastics to remember a few moves, and she whipped them all out in an effort to impress her friend. After a while, she simply moved her body to the music. It was embarrassing, it was horrendous, but she felt herself having fun. No magic, but just as blissful.

”Star, you gotta dance!”

Starfire watched as Clio began to dance. Or, at least, human dancing. The only dancing Starfire knew was the kind that involved a lot of flying and big jumps. She would have to learn human dancing.

”Okay, Clio! I will try to dance!” She took her hands of her ears and leaned forward in the protective cage, watching the woman on stage move her body in such an artful and graceful way without even leaving the ground. She was embarrassed, as she could not dance on the ground as well as Clio or the performer.

After a moment of hesitation, Starfire came up with something. She placed a diamond formation of Starpoints all around her, floating green glowing orbs. She took her feet off the ground and floated in between them.

”I used to do this back on Tamaran. Except I would be flying high, high in the sky.” Leaning forward and curling into a ball, Starfire began doing a stationary cannonball. Frontflip after frontflip after frontflip, she rotated forward in time the beats of the music. It was very odd, but it was the closest thing Starfire could get to a dance that she knew how to do. Soon she would be very dizzy, but that was part of the fun!

”Clio! How is this? Are you having fun?” The spinning ball said, her voice barely audible.

Clio stopped her dancing for a moment to stare at the rotating ball that was Starfire. She grinned, a laugh bubbling up in her throat. It escaped against her will, coming out choked. ”You’re doing great!” She remarked, before beginning to sway once more. Her head bobbed to the beat of the music, the throbbing nearly imperceptible. This was great, she loved the selection Karen had chosen. They were songs with a message, songs she sang along to in the privacy of her home. Now, everyone was getting into it.

When a new sound took over the stage, Clio cheered. This was Hip Hop, something extremely different for Karen. Clio mumbled along to it, continuing to dance, though her movements weren’t nearly as wild as before. Her eyes widened as Karen began to twerk in front of them, wishing she could cover Starfire’s eyes with a hand. This was certainly new. After a while, she found herself getting into it. She twirled, shaking her own hips in a less provocative way. She was sure the set was almost over, so she was going to enjoy it with all she had.

It wasn’t until a man jumped on stage that she froze. He was certainly not supposed to be there. She watched the struggle that ensued, her heart pounding rapidly in her chest. Another man in a hooded purple and yellow jacket engaged. It seemed like he could take care of it, but her soul screamed at her to join in. Closing the bars around the cage to form a solid barrier on all four sides, she summoned her Makaya outfit and quickly stripped, changing into the costume in less than a minute. She snapped on her mask, and was ready to move out. ”Star! C’mon, we gotta do something!”

Without waiting, she turned the shadow barrier into a catapult. Crawling up the device and settling herself into the cup, she hurled herself onto the stage. Flying through the air was a rush, but she was intensely focused on sticking her landing. Twisting in midair, she slammed onto the stage upright, knees bent. The force of the landing slammed through her knees, but she was otherwise unfazed. With a wicked grin, she summoned up her twin daggers, moving to stand beside the man in the hoodie. This villain was corrupted by chaos, giving her and her kind a bad reputation. She wasn’t going to let that slide. Her first move was to cover his chest, something the other hero hadn’t thought of. His powers were focused there, at least, it appeared as such.

Summoning up the man’s shadow, she attempted to wrap it around his form like a suit of armor. If all went well, the darkness would suffocate him and render him unconscious, then she could deal with his limp body.

Starfire had stopped spinning. A man had gotten onto the stage, and Starfire had thought it would be like the trunesza’nfa. The time for the dancer to engage in combat had arrived, surely? But no, for Clio had left Starfire’s side and was already doing some impressive magic, and the dancer woman seemed very uncomfortable.

”Is something wrong?” Starfire called out, moving forward. A security guard attempted to stop the intruder, but was burned alive in a very horrible way. Starfire gasped and then focused. If this man liked to burn people, she will see how he likes trying to burn someone who cannot be burned.

Starfire converted her Starpoints into stepping stones, and rotated them in front of her as she took large, bounding steps over the head of the crowd. Landing on the stage, she saw Clio restrain him with darkness, and another man protect the back of the dancer as she retreated. Starfire got the closest out of all of them and physically placed her hands on the intruder, attempting to restrain him. ”You should not have burned that person.” She chastised. Starfire attempted to grab him by the shoulder and left forearm and pull his arm up into a painful, restrictive position. With Clio’s help, the intruder should surely be no issue.

Makaya stared at Starfire, her body tense. What the hell was she doing so close to this man? In a rash decision, she took the darkness surrounding Starfire and attempted to wrap it around her body before the man could fire off an attack. Nearly all of her focus went into strengthening it, to the point where the man’s shadow began dripping back into place. She could only pray it would be enough to battle back the Chaos magic he was channeling. ”Star, get out of there!”
Interested as well!

Hey dude! Well, you've got to wait until you're accepted to get into the IC. Other than that, there are a few issues I've noticed with your sheet.

The first being the plasma: I'd nerf that just a little, making it capable of blasting through about ten feet of steel rather than annihilating total mountains. I think that's a pretty fair nerf. Other than that, I'd take out one of your manipulations, either electricity or earth.

If you do those, that seems like an acceptable character in my mind. Wait for Lmp's two cents though!

January 1st, 9:15 AM
Clio's Apartment, New York City.

Today was going to be a great day. At least, Clio tried to convince herself of this as she dug herself out from under the covers. It was a lengthy process, one she had perfected. If she didn't have this system, she was certain she wouldn't get out of bed at all. Beginning with her head, she shimmied the comforter down a notch until she was ripped from her state of stuffy ease. Her torso was soon exposed. Then her legs. Finally, she kicked the sheet off of her toes and groaned, her body exposed to the cool air. She rolled towards the edge of the bed, teetered momentarily, then fell off. The shock of colliding with the carpeted floor was enough to get her into motion. Cracking her back and neck, she sat up. Her head throbbed. When the force of her will wasn't enough to subside it, her hand shot up, digging into the bedside cabinet for a bottle of Advil. Popping two pills into her mouth, she swallowed them dry. The relief wasn't instant, but she felt better nonetheless.

Using the cabinet as a handhold, she lifted herself to her feet. A braid flew into her face, and she flicked it away with a huff. She'd forgotten to put them in a scarf last night, again. They were likely unruly. The thought of redoing them made her headache expand, so, ignoring the bathroom, she shuffled to the kitchen instead.

Opening her fridge, she stared blankly at the contents. Nothing looked good, but she had to eat before she took her medication. How many times had she gone over this with her psychiatrist? Too many. Gripping the milk, she slammed it down on the counter. A bowl, and some cereal out of the cupboard, and she had a meal. She took a whiff of the liquid, then a swig after she determined it was still good. Pouring her cereal with one hand, she doused it in milk with the other. Grabbing a spoon, she left the kitchen and strode towards her desk.

It was time. Another day, another dollar.

Sitting in her swivel chair, she cracked her knuckles and typed in her passcode. The desktop wasn't anything special, but it was hers. Opening up one of her tax return documents, she began typing. Her eyes scanned over the document thoroughly. This was one of the things she was good at. Despite her trouble remembering her clients' names, she was always efficient in managing their taxes and consulting with them. Luckily, today she had no consults scheduled. It was technically her day off, but since she worked from home she rarely ever utilized it. After all, her work made her...satisfied. Not necessarily happy, but not upset by any means.

Once she was finished, she saved the document and leaned back in her chair. Not much else to do. She closed her eyes, hoping she could drift off peacefully. Five minutes into this, and she was beginning to feel antsy. That was when she felt it, the itch.

It came in waves, and though she tried to battle it off, most of the time it won out. She scowled, adjusting in her chair and trying to keep her eyes closed against the sensation. It grew in strength, starting at her temple then rushing into her fingertips. She twitched, eyes shooting open. She scratched at the pads of her fingers, but it did nothing. She needed her fix.

Stretching out her digits, she began to summon things. Random items that she had drawn her rune on. Her house keys, her dolls. It tempered it, her mind feeling renewed. The prickling subsided. She was filled with a burst of energy, but it depleted so rapidly. When it was gone, she was left with nothing but the itching. It surrounded her body, encasing her. She let out a frustrated yelp, pushing up and out of her chair. She knew what her body wanted, it was better if she just succumbed. So much simpler.

She considered it. At the end of the day, she'd be back at home, feeling so much worse than she had before. But...for a moment, she would feel like she was on top of the world. She could elongate that moment, perhaps. Utilizing her magic felt amazing, it felt empowering. Was it worth it?

Yes. A part of her screamed. She gave into it.

She summoned her outfit, slipping into the soft, mesh material with ease. She summoned the shadows from the dark corners of her apartment, the power at her fingertips feeling euphoric. She knew the longer she allowed this, the further she'd sink. At that moment, she wasn't sure if she cared.

Fleeing her building through the fire escape, she began her hunt. Villainous beings were her prey. Today was going to be a great day.
@Mr Nim

Starting Clio in New York, New York. :D

Edit: Thinking of adding a Relationship Sheet, because being extra is fun and Shard inspired me.

It would certainly be interesting, we'll have to see if it happens!
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