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Current I had to update my status because my old one is no longer relevant.
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Woah squadfam, I just finished my bio. Stalk me.


Hello! I'm MsMorningstar, or Momo for short. I'm a college student in my early twenties, located in the Western United States. I have a deep appreciation for memes and vines (RIP Vine), so if you're a wandering soul feel free to drop a couple in my visitor messages. I like loom knitting, and I used to be a big reader but haven't touched a book in a while since I've been writing. I love procedural cop dramas, my favorite being Criminal Minds, though I guess it's technically a procedural FBI agent drama. Everything else I'm into, I'll tack on in a different section. I'm a big fan of RPing, though I do tend to fade in and out. Luckily, I've made some friends here who've helped me sink my hooks into the forum. Speaking of which, I'd like to give them their own section.

If you're uninterested in me rambling about these amazing guild members, feel free to move on to the next section.
  • @NorthernKraken: I knew I had to start with this lovely, Texan woman. She's definitely one of the brightest people I know. There's a reason why people come to her daily seeking help and advice. She pushes me to do what I love, even when I don't want to. For this, I'm extremely grateful. Thank you, Goblin Queen.
  • @c3p-0h: The coolest cool kid around, by far. Not to mention, the nothingness that will eventually swallow up our universe. Cep, even though you're way too awesome for me you somehow make me feel amazing. Your compliments really lift me up, and I hope someday I can repay you for all your kindness. Also, you gave me my nickname, and I'm eternally grateful.
  • @Damo021: You've been my buddy since the beginning of Red Hoods. Even if our characters don't end up together, they're still my OTP. Thank you for always offering to help me, and chatting with me about everything and anything.
  • @Almalthia: You've been off living your life and being the responsible adult I wish I was, and I commend you for that. Doesn't mean I don't miss you like hell, though. You're the best mom older sister ever, and I eagerly await the moments when you're online.
  • @RedVII: My honorary brother. I feel like I could talk to you about anything, so I usually do. You understand me when others don't, and I'll never stop being weird alongside you. You're the strangest person, and that's what makes you wonderful.
  • @ZAVAZggg: You're the angstiest EdgeLord I know, but I appreciate everything about you. You keep me in check, in a way not many others are capable of. You're always scheming, and I'm pretty sure you have a ten-step plan for world domination. Despite this, you've proven to be an amazing GM, and a great friend.
  • @Senhara: Screm

I listed a few of these in my About Me Section, but I'll list them again.
  • Reading: Fantasy, mystery, drama, romance, etc.
  • Loom Knitting
  • Anime: AoT, Soul Eater, Seven Deadly Sins, Kakegurui.
  • Television: Criminal Minds, Lucifer, Black Mirror.
  • Music: R&B, Hip-Hop, Pop.
  • Memes & Vines

  • Fantasy: High, Low, or Urban.
  • Slice-Of-Life
  • Superheroes
  • Crime/Mystery
  • Historical: Egyptian, Victorian, Ancient Greece.

Here are some links to music I love. If you'd like to drop some music suggestions, be my guest!

More to be added! (SO much more)

I'm extremely active on discord. So, if you'd like to add me and chat, I'm likely available.
Ms. Morningstar#2903

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Time: Early Morning
Location: The Coffee Pot
Interactions: @sempis

Lizette's day had been rather...dull, so far. It was all routine at this point. It had been since the moment she turned sixteen, and acquired a job. She woke up at five o'clock in the morning, every morning, whether it was for school or work. Blasted music, took a shower, and got prepared for the day. The daily commute was perhaps the most invigorating moment of her day. She was able to sing to high heaven in her beater, which got her nerves calmed for the long, boring busywork that was the Coffee Pot. When she had arrived at six, she put on her apron without a hint of irritation, and went through the motions. She cleaned the coffee pots, exchanged the filters, filled the caramel without sneaking any, got the pastries in the oven, and took up her spot at the cash register.

Of course, through it all, she kept up a gentle smile. What kind of server would she be, otherwise? Shooting people down with harsh looks in the early morning was the absolute worst idea. It lead to sour days, and sour days lead to a lack of customers. At least, that was what had been instilled in her mind when she worked at the cafe back in Reno.

She recalled those days clearly. Without any prior experience, she had snagged a job as a waitress. It was seven dollars an hour, which she felt was extraordinary. Every weekend, and each weekday after school, she worked until ten o'clock in the evening. Ten to twelve was her time to do homework and study, then she collapsed after double checking that her alarm was on. Sometimes, it would be her mother who'd wake her, twenty minutes before her alarm did the job. Those were her favorite days, because she had precisely fifteen minutes after she inevitably woke up to chat with her mother before they both went their separate ways. Her mom would tell her she was proud, happy to see her baby doing so was, endearing. It made it all worth it, in her opinion. Even when she went to school the same day and got into an argument with one of the other girls over something stupid, and her brother would join in, and they'd all end up sat outside the principal's office.

Now, though, she didn't have that kind of tension. No one in college picked on her. They were all too busy with their own lives to do so, and she acted a lot more friendly than she did in high school. Seeing as her scholarship was renewed every year based on her actions at Solaris, she had to keep up the good work. Although she was glad about the lack of fighting, she missed the other aspects of her home life. Her brother, most of all. He had joined the military, and was traveling all the time. So much so, that she sometimes wasn't even able to call him. They had certainly gone their separate ways...and at times, that could hurt. She found herself frowning, and quickly schooled her features into something more neutral, bordering on happy.

It was with this expression that she met one of her last customers of the day. She got off at two o'clock, despite always petitioning for overtime. Unfortunately, the person who was taking over her shift had arrived, which meant she couldn't get those extra hours she desired. Asking the tall man before her what he wanted, she grinned as he said a large black coffee and a plain bagel. Wow, she wished everyone was that simple. Fulfilling his request, she charged him and sent him off in just around two minutes. Returning to the register, she gave the next man a smile. There were still about seven minutes left to her shift, and she was going to get the most out of them.

When he began talking to her rapidly, Lizette's brow nearly quirked in amusement, but instead, she kept that same small grin on her face. A talkative one...alright. This was fine. She nodded slightly at the proposition of a bet. Her favorite drink wasn't too hard to guess, but she couldn't help wanting a ten dollar tip on this order. Honestly, he could probably pick it out just by looking at the menu. It was a caramel frappe, and she always recommended it to people who were unsure about their orders. "Okay, go ahead." She said, even though this wasn't her lunch break. If he turned out to be weird, she could just get out of the bet with that simple loophole.

As soon as he guessed it, her face fell. She could've lied. She probably should've, with how excited he was to hang out with her. But, she didn't. Instead, she shrugged her shoulders in defeat and chuckled. "You got it, on the dot." She said, feigning sadness. After charging him for both of their drinks and his sandwich, she turned to make his order while the other cashier took her place. After their drinks were done, and his bagel breakfast sandwich was perfectly toasted, she took off her apron and exited from behind the workstation.

Approaching him with his order, she lifted it up and gestured toward a table. Even though she was off, she guessed it couldn't hurt to spend ten minutes with the guy. Taking a seat, she began sipping at her caramel frappe. She had put extra caramel in it, which made her very happy. "I'm Lizette." She said politely, nearly pointing at her name badge before remembering it wasn't on. "Nice to meet you." She cleared her throat slightly, unsure of what to talk to him about. They were complete strangers, but it wasn't like he was a tinder date or something. She didn't know his interests, or anything that she could use to make this conversation easier.

Pushing her glasses up higher on her face, she smiled. "Any particular reason why you wanted to hang out with me?" She asked, sucking in her cheek just enough to nibble on it. Releasing the tissue, she continued. "Or do you just make bets with all your servers?" He honestly seemed like the type to do something along those lines.

Sorry I didn't get her posted yesterday! Was waiting for another boy to be posted.

where is everybody getting their character pics?

I always get mine from pinterest, or artstation. Haven't posted character yet but here's her image:

Got it from Pinterest, and then edited it so the background was gone.
My character sheet should be up today!
If possible, I'd like to know what the extra CS parts are. Since no one is actually finished without them.

January 13th, 1:12 AM
The Hawthorne, Boston

🌷Interactions: Ylva
🌷Mentions: [@13org
🌷Location: Nox Gardens

She could not move. She could only bend her boughs towards the sunlight in an attempt to soak in the pleasant rays, a process that could take weeks. She was stationary, unyielding to the changes around her. Nothing could uproot her, or so it seemed. Her leaves danced in the breeze, shifting and rustling against her will. Her roots were buried beneath the ground of the garden, soaking in vital nutrients and water. They shot up her transport tissue, and into her newer leaves and branches. It was a sensation so pleasant, something she cherished. It was the feeling of revitalization. Pure, and refreshing.

Being in this form was so easy and calming. Many had asked her if she felt trapped as a tree. Her response was always no. Her consciousness was stretched so thin, spreading out to her longest branch, that she felt as if she were in a million places at once. She heard everything around her, able to communicate with the plants, so she was never lonely. Sometimes she felt it was too much. After all, when each blade of grass had their say in a matter it could get confusing.

Now was not the time to dwell on the pros and cons of being her truest self. She had spent most of the day lounging in this form. It was time for her to become her more human self, and enjoy the pleasantries of mobile life. With a mental heave, she began the transformation.

Becoming a five foot four humanoid after spending multiple hours as a sixty-foot tall sycamore was far from pleasant. It was a rather jarring shift. Not only was her consciousness focused in one small space, but she was struck with sounds and smells and physical sensations she hadn't been able to comprehend before. The grass she stepped on no longer called to her. She had to focus her will to speak to the plants around her. It was like second nature changing forms, but that didn't mean it wasn't bizarre. Ending the transformation by forming a skin-tight dress of leaves around her form, she finally adjusted enough to take in the area around her.

She stretched her body, her flexible limbs easily bending in ways no ordinary humans could. Satisfied, she reached down and grabbed for the satchel that had been resting against her trunk moments ago. She slung it over her shoulder, checking the contents. The inside was neatly organized, almost like a mini filing cabinet. It was filled to the brim with seeds of all different types, mundane and exotic, categorized alphabetically. Just in case there wasn't any life around her when she needed to enter combat. She also had her inhaler in there, of which she took a quick puff.

Ready to face the day, she walked toward the bush that had been nearest her true form. It was made up of poison ivy, which she lovingly stroked. Her body was immune to the response anyone with a normal epidermis would feel had they touched it.

"Buck, love, it's time to wake up." She cooed. In an instant, the plant was shifting, becoming the form of a dog with a poisonous bite and antlers atop its head. Buck was only three feet at the shoulder, but he was made up of stronger material than she. Whenever she was around him, she felt safe. It was an easy relationship. He was her protector, and she was his loving owner. She let him do mostly as he pleased, in exchange for undying loyalty.

Buck hopped up, hooking onto her shoulders with his paws. Yesenia giggled and ran her hands over his body as he licked her face. She knew he wanted to play with her masculine form, where they ran at each other and she grappled with his antlers. Of course, that game was more fit for the privacy of the training rooms.

"Down, Buck," She commanded at last, and he responded almost instantly, hopping down and stretching out on the grass.

Turning, Yesenia made for the doors leading into Nox. Before she could enter, an interesting woman made her exit. Yesenia considered the girl and figured stopping for conversation couldn't hurt. After all, the blonde seemed a bit shell-shocked.

"Hello, there," Yesenia began, speaking directly to the woman so she wouldn't get confused. "Is everything alright? You look a little frazzled. Rough mission?"

Showing interest. :)
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