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Hello! I'm MsMorningstar, or Momo for short. I'm a college student in my early twenties, located in the Western United States. I have a deep appreciation for memes and vines (RIP Vine), so if you're a wandering soul feel free to drop a couple in my visitor messages. I like loom knitting, and I used to be a big reader but haven't touched a book in a while since I've been writing. I love procedural cop dramas, my favorite being Criminal Minds, though I guess it's technically a procedural FBI agent drama. Everything else I'm into, I'll tack on in a different section. I'm a big fan of RPing, though I do tend to fade in and out. Luckily, I've made some friends here who've helped me sink my hooks into the forum. Speaking of which, I'd like to give them their own section.

If you're uninterested in me rambling about these amazing guild members, feel free to move on to the next section.
  • @NorthernKraken: I knew I had to start with this lovely, Texan woman. She's definitely one of the brightest people I know. There's a reason why people come to her daily seeking help and advice. She pushes me to do what I love, even when I don't want to. For this, I'm extremely grateful. Thank you, Goblin Queen.
  • @c3p-0h: The coolest cool kid around, by far. Not to mention, the nothingness that will eventually swallow up our universe. Cep, even though you're way too awesome for me you somehow make me feel amazing. Your compliments really lift me up, and I hope someday I can repay you for all your kindness. Also, you gave me my nickname, and I'm eternally grateful.
  • @Damo021: You've been my buddy since the beginning of Red Hoods. Even if our characters don't end up together, they're still my OTP. Thank you for always offering to help me, and chatting with me about everything and anything.
  • @Almalthia: You've been off living your life and being the responsible adult I wish I was, and I commend you for that. Doesn't mean I don't miss you like hell, though. You're the best mom older sister ever, and I eagerly await the moments when you're online.
  • @RedVII: My honorary brother. I feel like I could talk to you about anything, so I usually do. You understand me when others don't, and I'll never stop being weird alongside you. You're the strangest person, and that's what makes you wonderful.
  • @ZAVAZggg: You're the angstiest EdgeLord I know, but I appreciate everything about you. You keep me in check, in a way not many others are capable of. You're always scheming, and I'm pretty sure you have a ten-step plan for world domination. Despite this, you've proven to be an amazing GM, and a great friend.
  • @Senhara: Screm

I listed a few of these in my About Me Section, but I'll list them again.
  • Reading: Fantasy, mystery, drama, romance, etc.
  • Loom Knitting
  • Anime: AoT, Soul Eater, Seven Deadly Sins, Kakegurui.
  • Television: Criminal Minds, Lucifer, Black Mirror.
  • Music: R&B, Hip-Hop, Pop.
  • Memes & Vines

  • Fantasy: High, Low, or Urban.
  • Slice-Of-Life
  • Superheroes
  • Crime/Mystery
  • Historical: Egyptian, Victorian, Ancient Greece.

Here are some links to music I love. If you'd like to drop some music suggestions, be my guest!

More to be added! (SO much more)

I'm extremely active on discord. So, if you'd like to add me and chat, I'm likely available.
Ms. Morningstar#2903

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Location: Dunkin’ Donuts
Skills: N/A

As they sat there, awaiting their coffees, Desiree found herself lacking the words she had been dying to say. Then again, she wasn’t sure being talkative would've helped. Leighton didn’t seem like much more than a middle man. Though the other woman carried herself with some obvious confidence, she was open about her relative cluelessness and inability to speak openly. Of course, for all Desiree knew, she was the head of this little hunt, and Desiree was playing directly into her trap. It was all enough to give her a massive headache.

Tentatively, Desiree replied, ”No sweat, Leighton. I’m sure I’ll get the answers I need soon enough. Like you said, you never know who’s listening.” She shrugged, a choppy laugh escaping her. ”Once we get to the place you were talking about, though,” She was cautious about referring to it by name. ”I’ll ask so many questions your ears will fall off.”

When their coffees were prepared, Desiree stood to retrieve them. Returning to their table, she took a quick sip of her own, remaining standing. Her joints felt stiff with tension, as she realized that after this they'd be on the final stretch of their journey. She had no idea if the transfer would go smoothly, or if she would even come out alive. Maybe contacting her mother would have been a good idea, or maybe it was best if she disappeared without a trace.

Sliding the mocha coffee over to Leighton, she asked, ”You ready?”

Location: Strip Mall
Skills: N/A

As Desiree drove, her eyes continued to drift to her hand. The singular punch hadn’t done much damage on her end, but her knuckles were red. She pursed her lips, disappointed in herself. Harming that man hadn’t been her initial goal, but things had escalated quickly and she had lost herself in panic. She knew that if she ever saw the guy again, he’d gladly screw her over. Thinking about his last words to her, she had to fight back a shudder. If it hadn’t been for Leighton she probably would have gotten arrested, or worse, killed.

Speaking of Leighton…

Desiree glanced over at the girl, who seemed lost in thought. She wondered what the dark-haired young lady was thinking. Was she planning on misleading her? Had she already done so? Desiree sighed, unable to bring herself to care anymore. If push came to shove, she’d continue to pick herself up. That was her only option.

Looking back over at the road, Desiree jumped as she was addressed. She glanced at Leighton, nodding. A cup of coffee flavored cream sounded great at the moment, just what she needed for how drained she was. Desiree pulled crookedly into a snow coated parking space, quickly surveyed the area, and turned off the car.

”Alri--” She touched her throat, grinning broadly as she realized that she was able to speak again. Making sure it wasn’t just a fluke, she continued. ”Alright...I like my coffee with three pumps of caramel syrup.” She winked despite herself, stepping out of the car and waiting for Leighton to join her before heading toward the Dunkin’ Donuts.

Location: Parade Route —> Cabins
Interactions: Lauren Jones - @Jinxer

It was like a dream.

There was no other way to describe the detachment Elsie felt. She could hardly feel her limbs, the solid collision of her boots against the parade route distant. Her ill-fitting uniform enveloped her in a stuffy warmth, leaving her thoughts hazy. Blood surged past her ears, dampening the sounds of geared up instructors flitting about above her. Though her chest was heaving and air was rapidly escaping her, she found she couldn’t feel the exertion. Perhaps this was a bad thing. Maybe it meant she was on the verge of collapse. She couldn’t tell, but the fact that she was keeping pace with the other girl meant she was fine, right?

The other girl…

Elsie peeked over once more, scanning her side profile through a slightly more positive lens. The pace they had kept up was impressive for their first PT, and the redhead hadn’t said a peep.

Turning her attention quickly back to the parade route, Elsie nearly stumbled as the girl spoke up. Had she just been caught staring?


Through the thrum of blood moving past her eardrum, her voice sounded distorted, but Elsie heard her all the same. She nodded, flashed a thin smile, and continued running. Mentally, she scolded herself for not making an attempt at an introduction. When she looked back over, Lauren was already back in her own mind. Great. She must’ve seemed terrible.

As they ran, Elsie tried and failed to work up the courage to put her name out into the open. Even as Lauren piped up again, she found herself floundering.

"I'm looking forwards to some grub after this - I reckon they'll probably just serve us gruel or something what with it being the first day and all. Another punishment, like this one, right? Ma told me the first week would be the hardest but at least we're not one of those five poor sods or the rich-sounding boy!"

At the mention of ‘those five poor sods’, Elsie’s mind immediately went to Ezra. He was a capable boy in his own right, and she knew he’d never show weakness during his first trial, no matter how long it lasted. She wondered how he was getting along with the other boys. If he was talking freely like he usually did. Maybe it would be in her best interest to take after him in that regard.

”Maybe they’ll…” She began, her voice weak and scraggly, coming out alongside pants. Clamping her mouth shut, she refused to complete her poor excuse for a joke. Had her face not been tinged red already, she would have looked like a beet. Still, Lauren persisted, and for that Elsie was extremely grateful.

"Let's make this interesting - I bet you half a stale bread roll I can beat you back to the cabins?"

Elsie nodded at the challenge, a sudden determination filling her. She could do that. Running was far easier than talking. Putting on a burst of speed, she took long strides toward the cabins. As they grew closer, she mulled over the bet. Lauren had wanted her bread ration, which Elsie was fine without. If she won the bet, she’d have more food than she could eat. Maybe Lauren needed it more than she did?

Maybe this would be the perfect opportunity for her to make a friend.

Meters before the cabins, she began to slow her pace, the same way she would when she ran against the small children of her mother’s friends. Of course, she attempted to be more discreet, hoping it would be seen as her underestimating the remaining distance. As she slowed, Lauren would be able to rush past and effectively win the race.

Moving to catch up with her, Elsie slowed to a halt at last. Just like that, her limbs felt bogged down, and her dreamlike state was ripped to shreds. She heaved quick breaths, before forcing herself to control her breathing lest she hyperventilate. Resting her hands atop her head, she sighed deeply, turning to Lauren with a huffing laugh.

”Half my loaf is yours.” She dipped in a laughable bow. ”I’m Elsie, by the way. Elsie Taffer.” She felt overly proud that she had managed to say her own name.

”You said something earlier, about your mom being in the military? What branch was she in?” Elsie began, starting them on a walk toward the cafeteria. She was curious about Lauren’s mother, and what Lauren knew about the weeks ahead of them. ”Is that what brought you here….or were you just tired of wall life?”

Leighton Brooks and Desiree Beckett

Location: Macy's Department Store -> Desiree's Car
Skills N/A

Desiree was being faced with a choice.

But it was all too sudden, too much. She felt trapped within herself, the urge to speak overwhelming now that she couldn't say anything at all. She just wanted to get out, she wanted to go home. Back to the place they had so suddenly wrenched from her, from everyone in the Lotus Apartment Complex.

Desiree looked between the new woman--Leighton, the mall security, and the man whose nose she had just broken without a thought. She felt guilty, eyeing him from the corner of her vision.

And what did the guilty do best?

Grabbing Leighton's hand, she began to tug the girl toward the mall's entrance. The sooner she got to her car, the better. Security could only do so much when she left the mall.

Looking back at the girl, Desiree reached into her pockets and dangled her keys in front of them. Hopefully, she'd get the hint, since oral communication was no longer an option. God, was it permanent? She couldn't think of that at the moment.

Leighton was thrilled when the girl took her hand and led her to the parking lot. Security was closing in and she didn't want to explain what happened. The girl wasn't speaking, which was concerning, but they could deal with that later. For now, she needed to get the girl far away from Jinx.

Once outside, the girl took her keys out. Leighton nodded, being sure that the girl wanted to drive. That was fine. "Yeah, let's get out of here quickly. We can go somewhere else if you want and I'll explain everything once I am sure we're out of danger." And that was another matter. How was Leighton going to explain all of this in a matter of minutes?

Nodding, Desiree began weaving her way through the parking lot, trying to remember where she had left her car. In the distance, she spotted the beat-up sedan and began speed-walking toward it. She should never have gotten out of her car in the first place. But she supposed it didn't matter anymore. Actions had consequences, and she was realizing it now more than ever.

Dropping Leighton's hand, Desiree finished guiding them to her car. She unlocked the vehicle and slipped into the driver's seat. She sighed, pushing out the air through her nose so as to make a sound.

Reaching into her purse, she sought out her phone. Opening the notepad, she quickly typed. 'NEED ANSWERS' and flashed the screen at Leighton. As she waited for am explanation, she stuck the key into the ignition and began to creep out of the parking lot.

Once safely inside the girl's vehicle, she waited until they were pulled out more before she finally spoke. "Ok, there's a lot to explain. My name is Leighton Brooks and it was only recently I discovered I was a mutant. Since then, I fell in with a group called The Mutant Underground, which is an underground resistance movement dedicated to helping mutants. However, in that time I also found out of a group called the Hellfire Club which is run by a group of four, one of which is my aunt. So I joined up with her because she promised she was looking out for mutants and humans alike. Since then, I have grown less sure that peace is their ultimate goal. I remain in that group because I believe I can do the most good in it, even if it doesn't seem like it. The reason why I and that guy, Jinx, knew who you were was that we were told to find you and take you in."

"But knowing this group, they most likely would have made it seem harmless at first and then made you join or worse and I don't want that on my conscious. So once we are safely away I am going to see if I can get in contact with the Underground and have you stay with them. At least until you can make your own decision or leave entirely. You should have a choice as I did."

Desiree heaved a sigh through her nose as everything was explained, nodding along and following to the best of her ability. She could hardly believe any of this. Just yesterday, her worst fear had been the purifiers. Now, she was being hunted by a group of mutants. She was still unsure about this 'Underground'. The man whose nose she had broken had also brought it up. But, she supposed it was her best bet. At least for the time being.

'Gotcha. I'll follow your lead.' she typed out swiftly. And with that, she began the journey to the underground.

Location: Training Grounds —> Parade Route
Interactions: Ezra Taffer, Charles Dujardin (Briefly) - @inkarnate

"Formation, dismissed!”

All at once, the tense silence was broken. A cacophony of grunts and speech filled the air as soldiers began to stretch their aching limbs and talk among themselves. Elsie remained frozen for longer than she would have liked, her naturally tense extremities refusing to release the position they had been holding for so long. Slowly, her arms dropped to her sides, and she lifted a hand to rub at her bicep.

”You good, Elz?” The familiar voice to her left alarmed her. Methodically, she twisted her neck to face her twin, scanning his visage. For what? She wasn’t sure. Hurt, perhaps? Fear that he wouldn’t make it through his PT?

There was nothing but a broad grin and glimmering emerald eyes. He was lifting his legs and twisting his core in some quick stretches, but stopped as he caught onto her scrutiny. ”What, Elz?” He asked, dropping his knee and putting a hand to his face. ”Got something on my face?”

Elsie quickly shook her head. ”No...I just...aren’t you upset?”

Ezra laughed heartily, shaking his head. ”That asshole’ll get his licks. He’s all talk, probably won’t last a day.” Shrugging, Ezra’s gaze followed after the other boys he was supposed to be running with.

”Gotta go,” Ezra began to jog off, twisting to wave at his sister. ”See ya in three!” With that, he turned away, leaving her to fend for herself.

Elsie’s gaze wandered the training grounds for a moment, stopping to linger on the ‘asshole’ in question. She pursed her lips, wondering if his licks would ever come. People had tried to imitate what he had done so fluently. It was evident that a majority of the troops looked up to him already. Just like that, his uppity lifestyle was returning to him. It wasn’t right.

Elsie started on a beeline toward him with little to no thought in her actions. At the last second, she stepped into his bubble, using her narrow shoulder to knock harshly into him. Narrowing her eyes, she didn’t miss a step as she suddenly began to pick up her pace. Moving into a steady jog, she found the parade route and began her laps.

As she went, she challenged herself to stay at pace with the girl who was running alongside her. Her auburn hair was what made her stand out to Elsie, as she was otherwise plain. Elsie considered making small talk, but in the end opted out. She wasn’t interested in being a social butterfly while she did her laps.


Being tightly packed in a vast group of troops only served to add an element of heat to an uncomfortable scenario. Though it was autumn, the brilliant sun managed to wrap the wannabe soldiers in a suffocating blanket. Sweat was beginning to pool on foreheads, and dribble rapidly down backs. Sly shifting was common among the throng, as almost everyone wished to break formation, but no one wanted to be singled out for their weakness.

Ezra was no outlier.

At the very least, his readjustments were subtle. The occasional bend of the knee, and flex of his foot. He was vaguely disappointed in himself. Squirming already? He was sure he could do was just difficult to prove. Slowly, his gaze moved to the right. In his periphery, he was able to catch sight of his sister. Much to his chagrin, she was readily holding her stance. As if she had sensed his stare, her eyes suddenly snapped toward him.

Elsie offered her brother an inconspicuous, encouraging grin. Without waiting for him to return the smile, she looked away, scanning the empty space in front of her. She did her best not to focus on the sweat collecting in the dip of her back, or the way her bangs clung limply to her forehead. She found strength in knowing she had made it this far without cracking, but as the troop’s common enemy, Maurer, drew near, she was unsure if she’d manage to remain solid.

Ezra and Elsie waited with bated breath as they were scrutinized. The overbearing presence before them only added to the aching heat.

"What happened here? Two halves of one useless whole? What in the hells was your mother doing - spitting out two half-baked brats because it was easier than making one decent one? I assume you are twins, that fucking simpleton face being so similar! At least you'll be a better snack for the Titans than one decent soldier."

Being twins was their biggest shared downfall. There were many individual faults they had to face, but that would require them to see themselves as individuals. Of course, that didn’t mean Elsie registered this. The words simply stung, and while she fought to find some deeper meaning, she was stuck. Her mouth gaped slightly, though she hadn’t a clue what to say.

Maurer looked her dead in the eye, part of him knowing she wouldn’t have the gall. ”Have something to say, Cadet?” His voice was gruff, expectant. Just as he had presumed, she clamped her mouth shut. Not missing a beat, he moved to stand in front of the more gangly blonde. "And what about you? Or are you just as useless as that sackless lump of shit?”

Ezra straightened, squinting but not daring to blink under the weight of Maurer’s inspection. ”N-No, Sir!” He managed, sucking in a breath as he waited.

”Ah, a piece of shit with some backbone.” Maurer rolled his eyes before turning to address Elsie. ”You’ll be proving your worth alongside that other ‘Roger’. Three laps around the parade route once I fall formation. Understood?”

Elsie nodded slightly, opening her mouth just enough to mumble a, ”Yes, Sir. It didn’t matter much, though, as Maurer had already moved on to the next sad sap.

Elsie clenched her jaw, not bothering to look over at her brother. She felt hurt, but figured there should be no hard feelings in the long run. She’d take her laps as punishment for not speaking up first, and the situation would be over.

Ezra, on the other hand, felt quite pleased with himself. Though it had been at the expense of his sister, he hadn’t been chewed up and spat out as terribly as the others.

Location: Car --> Macy's
Skills: Deduction

Oh. Desiree thought, her inner voice dull, placated. A mutant.

She was being a mutant. A man who she had never seen before in her life. And the worst part? He was wearing ripped jeans and combat boots. An edgy fire bender was trying to kill her, or at the very least drive her out of 'hiding', and looked smug as hell while doing it. She cursed, raising her hand to her lips and beginning to chew on the dip of flesh between her thumb and forefinger. Her teeth scraped against skin, but the comforting motion did little to calm her nerves.

How was she supposed to defend herself against a mutant? Was this as far as his plans went, or was he going to chase her down? Did he know where she was going? How could he? Hesitantly, she looked in the rear view mirror once more. As far as she could tell, there was no one following her. The flow of traffic was as hectic as usual during these times. Returning her gaze to the road, she sucked in a slow, shaky breath. She just had to get to the store. She'd figure things out when she was surrounded by people.

Before she knew it, she was pulling into the Macy's parking lot. Exiting her car, she hovered beside her vehicle for a few moments, waiting. For what, exactly? She wasn't sure. Perhaps she was waiting to be attacked. Or for someone to wave a sign around that said 'SAFETY THIS WAY' in big, bold letters. Either way, her hand was trembling as it gripped the door handle of her mottled blue sedan.

All around her, people were filtering in and out of the Macy's. There were young children, older men and women. Some seemed stress, others seemed content as they heaved bags into their trunks. She would bet a dime that none of them were in a situation quite like hers. At least she could pass off her distress as holiday stress. Taking the hood of her jacket, she lifted it cautiously over her head.

Without another word, she entered the stream of people that were making their way into the store.

Location: Lotus Apartments --> Car
Skills: Adaptability

Desiree's apartment was strangely bland for the cheery time of year. There wasn't a single poinsettia, sprig of holly, or strand of tinsel to be seen. There was no Christmas tree, or any other decor pieces representing one of the various holidays. Her apartment was all white walls and grey furniture. Nondescript, to the point of being bizarre. It hardly looked lived in. This was what Desiree preferred. She kept to herself, and on the rare occasion that she allowed someone into her home, she wanted them to find nothing particularly interesting.

Not that it mattered. Her apartment wouldn't be around much longer at the rate the fire was burning.

When she first scented the smoke, the hairs on the back of her neck rose. Her pupils dilated, and though she calmly stood up from her bed, her panic was quick to start overwhelming her. A million thoughts and reasons flashed through her mind, and while most of them were ridiculous at best, she couldn't help but ponder them as she scooped up her purse and jacket.

Had someone left their oven on, and been so careless as to wreck the holiday season for everyone around them?

Was there something deeper to all of this, that she wasn't picking up on?

Was it...them? Had the Purifiers done this? Were they trying to flush the mutants out of the apartment complex to attack them while they were vulnerable?

She had to suck in a deep breath. Tell herself it didn't matter. Not yet. She'd think on it all later. The events were unfortunate, but she had to get out. How was she going to get out? She looked around herself, clutching her purse close to her chest. Her car was in the lot downstairs. She had to get there. Sucking in a breath didn't calm her, as she tasted thick smoke. A hand clamped over her mouth. She whirled around, and that was when she saw it.

The fire escape. Of course.

Her safest bet was right before her eyes. She ran toward her apartment's large window, unlatching it with trembling fingers and throwing it open. She shook with fear as she took a step out onto the platform, smoke rising around her. Her first few steps were unsteady, but as she got a hang of going down the stairs and making a sharp turn, she found her strides growing longer and faster. Strangely, her mind took her back to when she used to race down the staircases in high school, laughing alongside one of the others in her year.

Before she knew it, her shoes were gripping the concrete. She looked back at her apartment, a sense of emotional pain clenching her gut. It was lost. Even if they managed to put out the fire, there was no way she'd be able to return to the apartment in due time. She was on her own, with only the belongings she had in her purse. Part of her felt bad for the people who had lost pets, or the people who were watching their holiday gifts go up in flames.

The other part of her was focused on self preservation.

Rushing across the lot, she dug out her keys and clicked them repeatedly in search of her car. Finding the beat-up sedan, she quickly hopped in. Hesitation filled her as she adjusted the rear view mirror. Where was she even going? A hotel, maybe? Would that even be safe? She pressed her forehead against the steering wheel, taking in its coolness. She sat there, thinking things through.

She needed to regroup, get the basics back. Be in a crowded place, where she could get situated safely. That was probably the best option, she could think things through while she bought a new toothbrush. She huffed, finding this almost funny, in a twisted way. Turning on the vehicle, she pulled out of the lot and began driving toward the nearby Macy's.

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