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maybe ypu should get a doctor to check it out just in case :/
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@zelosse Are you sure it's definitely a flu? Maybe yi
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@Malice ngl, that sounds like a pretty bad idea lol
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Oof, so much shade in the status bar tonight lol


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That sounds awesome, thanks for the suggestion! I'll be sure to check it out! :D

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Interacting with: Everyone outside the trial rooms still

The smell of burnt flesh.

Someone screaming, several someones? Colin couldn’t tell over the whistling in his ears.

Loona was on the floor. Small body twisted up like a ragdoll. She was moving though. Just taken a bit of a tumble was all, it seemed. He couldn’t look at Kiri. Couldn’t look at

He had something in his hand, it was the arrow – when had he picked that up? Didn’t matter though, it’d snapped in two. Red soaked through the thin linen of his shirt. A dull ache, cold where damp blood touched the air, nothing more. Should there be more?

Leaving the room, one foot in front of the other, out into the glow of the day. Finlay was there, so was the other red, what was his name? Trent. Of course. Another man too, heavily scarred. Brown hair – was it-? No. His hood was red. Slightly shorter. Alive.

"We’re short one, the new one." Colin didn’t need to hear the disappointment in Finlay’s voice. It was implicit. They’d failed. Kiri had

Food was mentioned.

One hand on the wall, rock loamy beneath fingers that he couldn’t be sure were his. Darkness wrapped tight around his field of view. Bent over, retching. He hadn’t eaten today. Nothing to eject but yellow bile. His throat should’ve been burning. He wiped his mouth on his sleeve. Straightened, blinked through watery eyes.

Someone, Zeke, handed him a piece of fabric. Yellow. What-? It hung limply from the hand with the arrow. He let the splintered piece of wood hit the floor. Fingers retracted dully around the fabric. Left a smudge of red. Was that his?

The leech walked past.

Muscles tensed instinctively, but just as quickly he was gone.

Then Kiri. Kiri who’s sword had

His arm itched. Dull nails scraped across rubbery scar tissue. He could still smell it. Still smell-

Not looking at the others (had people left?), his legs carried him to the door, still hanging loosely open. Out of the corner of his eye, a flame crackled.

The door swang shut. Wood shuddered and quaked with the force.

“Fucking stinks.” he heard himself say. Got as far away from the door as he could.

“Going…” he didn’t know where he was going. Away. He screwed up his eyes. Shook his head. It didn’t help. Still felt foggy and numb and like he was shouting up a well. Fuck. He hated this. Would rather just be scared. Or mad. Or… or… anything. “Going bed.”

He walked, only vaguely aware of the direction he was headed.

Hey, welcome :) You're in the right section to find rps :D Ussually what happens is someone starting an rp will post in here with a brief rundown of what their rp's about. If you want to join, comment something along the lines of 'interested!'to let them know. They'll then make a the actual rp thread, where you submit a character you want to play as/any instructions they provide. Hope this helps a little!
Quick question - what kind of image would you prefer in CSs? (E.g. Drawn, realt, anime)
Potentially interested
Past few days-
- Have been smashing them duolingo leader boards for the past few days because competitive
- Found a series of introductary videos on youtube and have been listening to them to and from the various places I go in the day (mostly the library, being the fucking nerd I am)

Goals -
- Register with the language resource centre at uni on Tuesday (on a boat monday)
- Find a time to watch some of the kickass spanish language content on Netflix when I'm not too tired to read subtitles
- Improve enough over the next couple of weeks to the point where asking my Spanish housemate to help me practice isn't too humiliating
- Keep up my duolingo streak for the rest of the week

Funny Duolingo Phrase of the Day - 'Mi Carro es Perfecto', 'My car is perfect'
Okay,so, I'm moving in with just Spanish housemates next year, so I figured it would probably be kinda mean to expect them to speak English all the time if they want me to understand them - so, I figured I'd try and learn at least a bit of Spanish so that we can all communicate with each other in their 1st language, seeing as, y'know I will be in the minority having English as a first language lol.

Only problem is, I'm ridiculously lazy, and generally quite bad at languages. Figured if I had a concrete place that people might see to post what I did in my language-learning journey, that it'd give me that extra kick up the arse to actually do shit.

I'd be happy to have anyone else trying to learn a language along for the road - who knows - maybe we can get a few of us all keeping tabs on each other to make sure we're making good progress in our language learning goals! :)

Anyway - here goes, what I did today towards starting to learn Spanish -
-Made a Duolingo account and spent 20 minutes on there
-Emailed the language centre at my university for advice on learning a language and what resources are available
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