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Current Happy moon anniversary everyone! :D
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@Poohead two words: Amazon. Vouchers.
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4 mos ago
@perllop it's not something I've done in a while, but whenever I've ghosted people it's always been down to pretty severe anxiety issues on my end, and nothing they did. Idk if that helps any :/
4 mos ago
Congrats to fellow Red Hoods RPers on 100 IC posts!!!! 🎉🎉🎉You guys are all pretty awesome =D
4 mos ago
@Shiva sci-fi western - firefly style
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Hey @REDVII, you magnificent Bastard! I actually find myself at a time when I have no Roleplays going on. I can wait until October 20th. I actually have an Orc character from Blight universe. I may be able to resurrect him for this. He was a US Army veteran, but I get the impression, your world will be a fictional one. Still in. Hello @Xandrya.

Hey there :) I know I'm not Red lol, but I do actually know the answer to that last question there haha. It's very much going to be a modern version of the fictional world the last RP was in, so not the US. I'm sure there's armies and stuff in the world though, so it'd probably just be specifics you'd have to change around (although that really is something to discuss with Red)
Haven't even read this yet but HELLZ YEAH
@Dark Light So, just realised I'm a dumbass and didn't put the discord link in the OOC -_- Anyway, here you go -

That said, not seeing any issues with your CS so far, just finish of the present circumstances and appearance sections and I can give it a look over :) I'm planning on getting the first IC post up by Sunday, so it would be a big help if you could get it finished by then :)
@Tojin Sorry it took so long, but Hekla's approved! :)
@Meleck Okay :) And I know, only just realised though, I should be able to change it tomorrow, but it's rather late right now and I'd probably muck things up considerably more if I started faffing around at this time of night haha

@RedVII Looks good Red :D Feel free to move him over to the character tab :)
@Meleck Yup! I really do love the way you've woven the folklore and traditionsto the magic and postapocalyptic setting, it works really well :) One thing, and this is my fault not yours haha, but the DIY skill should be DEX not CHA, I just write it wrong for the merchant skill lost for some reason. If you want to pick a new charisma based skill or shuffle round your attributes then feel free. Other than that I do really like her, so I'm gonna say she's approved :D
@Meleck No, it's okay, leave her there haha, just wanted others to know for the future

@RedVII Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!
@Meleck Looking over your character now. but just so that everybody knows in future - please post characters in the ooc tab for approval before putting them in the character tab. It's my fault for not putting it in the 1st post, but please keep it in mind.
Awesome! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with :)
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