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Collab Between:
@ZAVAZgggVitius Dragomir
@NorthernKrakenColin Rivington

Vitius let out a slight sigh as he took small sips of his blood whiskey, quietly enjoying the sounds and sights of the bar when an ear piercing scream caught his attention. While the rest of the patrons looked about in confusion or simply stayed where they were at, not feeling motivated enough to investigate the source of the noise, Vitius got up from his seat, set his drink on the counter, and went to see what all the commotion was. Pushing past those who were in his way, an easy feat due to the intimidating demeanor he cut in his large suit of armor, he headed towards the bathroom and pushed open the door, his eyes widening in surprise and recognition…

Before him, plain as day, was Colin. The one Hood that had given him the most trouble during their stay with the group. It shouldn’t have been possible for him to be kicking after three centuries. Couldn’t have been possible. Yet here he was in the flesh.

Aiming an arrow right at another patron.

More leeches crowded in, but Colin was only distantly aware of their presence, focused on the one in front of him. He needed answers, "Where is he?!"

The leech just shook her head, trembling slightly, "I don't- don't- I don't know what you're talking about!"

Lying. She was lying. She was lying and there were more and more of them coming in through the door - he could hear them, even if he couldn't take his eyes off the one in front of him. No windows. One door. More of them out there. Looked like he was fighting his way out. After he got answers though, "Like fuck you don't - The mage, Samael, where is he?!"

He caught a glimpse of himself in the cracked mirror. He looked like a wreck - skin speckled with mud and blood, hair, grown out to his jaw since he cut it but falling loose from its tie, clothes torn. The leech, on the other hand, aside from the obvious, looked… fine. No blood. No scratches. Clothing, strangely cut, but very clean, some kind of uniform? It didn't matter, "Don't lie, I'm not a fucking idiot, he brought me here, tell me where he is!"

Vitius mind churned. Who was Samael? And why the hell was Colin so determined to find him? The old vampire shrugged internally. Didn’t matter, at least not at the moment. What did matter was keeping Colin in check.

Once that was done he could focus on getting some answers.

Moving quickly he pulled the woman back and interposed himself between the two of them, staring Colin down, his orange eyes seeming to burn in the fluorescent light.

“Hello old friend,” He said with a smirk. “Been awhile.”


The name rang in Colin's head, loud with starch white hair and gleaming metal armour. Vitius. Deserter. Traitor. Might all have been the same word for the difference it made. The worst kind of leech - a murderer and a liar. It made sense that he was working with Samael. They both hated the hoods and everything they stood for. His lip curled, he ignored the leech's remark, instead, "Where is he?!"

“Easy there boy.” He said, raising a gauntleted hand in a placating manner. “Why don’t you calm down a bit that way we can talk like civilized people?”

Despite not seeming to move, Vitius was slowly inching towards the man, planning on disarming him once he got close enough. Colin was hard enough to talk to as it was, and a bow only complicated matters. The sooner he was rid of it, the better.

"'Civilised people' don't work for fucking necromancers." Colin hissed, knuckles white where they gripped the bow, eyes darting between Vitius and the growing crowd by the door. Could he take that many? Probably not. He'd have to make a run for it - soon as he found out where Samael was. His hands were shaking again, even though the arrow wasn't taut, "Tell me where he is and maybe I'll let you live."

“Riiiight.” He began, casually drawing out the word. “Let’s pick that apart bit by bit, shall we? First off, I don’t work for necromancers, they’re creeps and way too edgy even for my liking. I don’t mind a bit of broody darkness, but seriously, it’s too much. Secondly, I have no idea who or where this Samael person is, so you might as well stop asking. And finally-” Vitius said, lunging forward at inhuman speeds as he grabbed the bow, turned it away from the woman, and snapped the arrow Colin had knocked with his free hand. He then gently, well gently for a creature of his strength anyway, elbowed him in the chest, sending him flying backwards where he eventually skidded to a stop just shy of the wall.

“You don’t have the skill to decide my fate. Not anymore. Anyway, all that unpleasantness aside…” He went on, slinging the bow across his back, his tone becoming more patronizing. "Let's get you up to speed on the last three centuries so you can find out why pointing a stick and some string at someone is a bad idea.”

The second Vitius reached for his bow, Colin stopped listening. He wasn't defenseless - the knives strapped to his ankles a comforting weight - but everywhere he looked cat-eyes gleamed back at him. One door. No way out that wasn't through. Palms damp with sweat. He tried to think, remember his training, with the Hoods and as a child, but there was only static, frozen impressions.

No time to think. He had to act. Teeth grit, he made a break for it, straight toward, and hopefully through the gathered crowd.

Vitius considered letting him run, just for a moment. But he eventually decided that Colin would only do more harm than good if allowed to run amok in a world no longer like the one he’d come from. So, with a heavy sigh, he moved to intercept him and wrapped his arm around Colin’s neck, placing the man into a chokehold.

Colin’s limbs locked into place the second Vitius made contact, eyes wide, breath stuttering in his throat-

Hands tight around his neck

His head was going to explode-

Shirt soaked through.

Spots danced in his vision-

Snow thick and fast and red and-

He went limp, a sudden deadweight.

Vitius shook his head as he released Colin's neck. Picking the now limp man up, he quickly left the bar and made his way into the back alleys once again, this time in search of a relatively isolated place he could talk question the former Hood in. Wouldn't do to have him around another crowd he could cause havoc in after all.

Colin dreamt of fire. He opened his eyes to darkness.

Wherever it was, it was cold, but not in the burning, icey way it was cold back home. No, this was bone cold, damp and sticky with the promise that no matter what you did you wouldn’t be shaking it until it was good and ready.

Duncaster on a rainy day.

Adrenaline shot through his system - the graveyard, Samael, the portal, the leech. His fingers scraped at floor he couldn’t see, grasping for the wall - found it, pressed his back to it. The leech had grabbed him, knocked him out - whatever corner of the necromancer’s lair Vitius had dragged him to, he wouldn’t be far. Was probably watching him right now, waiting, but Colin couldn’t fucking see.

He grit his teeth, pain lancing through his temple, he didn’t care, “Where the fuck’re you hiding leech?!”

Silence. Then a laugh, slow and menacing that gradually built up to a loud crescendo.

"Tell me old friend, what is a man… save a miserable little pile of secrets!" A deep, vaguely demonic voice shouted from somewhere nearby. "But enough talk…"

A pair of orange flames, no eyes, appeared in the dark void opposite Colin. They sat there for a moment, analyzing him, studying him, staring into his very soul…

And then they lunged. Moving forward at impossible speeds, becoming nothing more than a blur of light, the orbs of hellfire stopped inches away from Colin's face and locked gazes with him. They stayed that way for a moment before a clicking sound echoed from somewhere off to Colin's left, bathing the area in a dim white light and illuminating the pale face of one very amused vampire.

"Boo." Vitius said, chuckling slightly at Colin's murderous expression before moving backing up in one fluid motion. "So, did you have a nice nap?"

It was then that Colin realised, really realised, this was the leech’s home turf. Vitius might have toed the line back at the keep, but here? There were no hoods waiting just around the corner to step in if he lost control, no iron manacles, no barrels of animal blood to slake the thirst. There was just the leech and the blood thundering through Colin’s veins.

Something dripped in the darkness, he flinched at the sudden sound.

If there was a way out of here, he couldn’t see it. He wasn’t strong enough to overpower the leech, didn’t have the hoods at his back, didn’t even have his bow anymore. Sweat pricked at his skin, sickly and not quite chilled by the cold. Think. He had to think. The leech hadn’t killed him yet - he wanted something. Keep him talking, figure out what it was, wait for the opportunity.

Fear curled around his throat, tightened. He met Vitius’s eyes, “Where the fuck did you bring me leech?”

“An abandoned house. There’s lots of them nowadays. Seems people can barely make a living these days,” he said, shaking his head slightly. “But enough of all that. I have some questions and you’re going to give me some answers.”

Stalking over to the man, Vitius eyes narrowed into thin slits as he began his questioning.

“First off, how are you still alive? Last I recall you weren’t a leech like me, so why are you still kicking after three centuries?”

A house? What was the leech on about? How big was the necromancer’s lair? And centuries? Not possible - Colin wasn’t stupid, no vampire could go that long without going feral at least once, and he knew all too well what that looked like. Vitius looked fresh as a daisy. Part of him wanted to spit, tell him to pull the other one, make a break for it now, before it’s too late, fucking run, but no.

Deep breaths to fight the gnawing, crushing feeling clawing at his chest, stub-nails reaching to grip at his scarred, aching arm. Focus. He couldn’t afford to lose it and do something stupid - not again. Running had been a mistake in the bathroom, and now he was trapped, smoke in his lungs- focus.

Jaw locked, he did his best not to flinch at Vitius’s approach, might as well go along with it, act like the leech was talking sense, “Don’t pretend like you don’t fucking know. You’re in bed with the one that did it.”

Vitius scoffed. “Unless the one who did it happened to be a goth chick with a vampire fetish, I doubt that. Anyway, second question,” he went on beginning to pace. “What happened to the Hoods? I mean what really happened?”

Confusion furrowed Colin’s brow, what was a ‘goth chick’? Some new, terrifying creature conjured up by Samael? Worse than the army of ghouls? It didn’t matter. Samael wasn’t getting away this time. And if the leech thought he was getting information about the battle from Colin he had another thing coming, “Why don’t you just go ask Samael? He was there too. You’re not getting shit out of me leech.”

"Because," Vitius began, calmly inspecting his nails. "I have no fucking idea who this Samael of yours is. Hence why I need to ask you, you noodle. Now, what happened? There has to be more to the Hood's gradual disappearance than rumours originally let on."

“The Hoods haven’t gone anywhere,” Colin spat, “it was you that fucked off - don’t need to ask where you’ve been though do I? If you’ve no idea who Samael is then why the fuck are you and your mates hanging round his lair?”

"First off, just me. Secondly, no, you need to realise you're completely out of your depth and listen to the immortal trying to communicate with you. And lastly, this is a house and it is abandoned, meaning the people who used to own it left a long time ago," he explained, crossing his arms over his chest. "As for the Hood's, they've been gone for about three centuries my friend, and I want to know why. They weren't exactly the type to give up after all."

Games. He was playing games, and Colin was getting sick of people trying to fuck with his head. He still had his knives. The leech had his bow, but he could get it back. Vampires were strong, not invulnerable. He just had to catch him off guard and then he could escape, find Samael, find Kiri, and get out here.

“Looking pretty fucking fresh for three hundred year old corpse,” Colin hissed, eyes tracking Vitius’s movements - focused on his hair. Grab a handful the second he got close, yank it down, knife to the chest. He had a plan. “I know your lot - most of you don’t even make it a decade without going feral, ‘specially not on your own.”

"I've only taken what I've needed," Vitius replied, unperturbed by Colin's remark. "And eventually law changed to where my kind were accepted, begrudgingly, and now I can go by donated human or animal blood to drink. No more hunting, no more mess, no more unneeded deaths. But, getting back to my original question, where did the Hood's go? And please answer this time. Your childish banter is starting to bore me."

“Still at the battleground,” Playing along wasn’t working, Colin was going to have to goad him if he wanted to get him close enough. Not too long ago, the thought of baiting a vampire would have left him paralysed with fear. Now though? “Just waiting for their chance.”

Vitius let out a sigh. "I suppose I shouldn't have expected anything different from you. You always were difficult. Still are," he said, ceasing his pacing and turning his back to Colin. "Guess I'll have to keep digging then… but until then!"

He spun back round suddenly, his cape unfurling behind him.

"I need to get you acquainted with modern life. And give you a nice long lecture on why pointing an arrow at someone is a bad idea…" Vitius trailed off, mostly talking to himself now more than anyone else. Leaving himself open for a potential attack…

A light flashed outside - there, the door, loose on rusted hinges.

He could avoid a confrontation and still get away whilst the leech was talking shit. Now or never.

Colin sprung, fingers grasping at the loose fabric of the cape, aiming to knock the leech off balance long enough to give himself a chance to escape.

"Oh you cheeky bi-" Vitius started to say before being cut off abruptly as he vanished into thin air, the faint rippling of surrounding space the only evidence of the strange happening.

Vitius let his gaze wander over the ashen landscape and its ruined structures.

"Well," he said, planting his hands on his hips. "Shit."

Interacting with:@ZAVAZggg

The sound of waves was distant. Not as loud as the thrum of people and the music, seabirds cawing overhead. In Port Rellington, everything was loud, and the heat crawled off the cobblestones in shimmering waves.

Before that day, on the beach, Colin had never been anywhere so warm.

Through the sound and the heat and the festering wounds left over from the last mission, he and Eliza found Kiri in the square. Then Eliza had disappeared, and they’d been alone.

“Out there… I trust you. We all do.” she’d said.

He was scared. Unravelling at the seams. He wasn’t sure if she meant it, but it still made things better.

“For… for what it's worth… I don't think there's anyone I trust more than you right now.”

He meant it.

The world exploded.

Knives. Purple and grey and some bright, incomprehensible colour, pierced eyes, skin, head, body- and flayed.

Inside out.

He sneezed entrails. Lurching and pulling. Skin free from bones, eyes loose from skulls. Blood. Sizzling, boiling, freezing solid and still in long wriggling veins, tangled around degloved fingertips.

For an infinity, there was nothing.


And then Colin existed again.

A draft curled across the back of his neck. Goosebumps rippled. Cheek and side pressed up against something cold and hard that felt like tile. Overhead something hummed. Yellow light tried to pierce his screwed-up eyelids, behind them, memories drifted -

The battle-


The portal-

He’d survived. Whatever that was he’d survived. And now… where was this? His head hurt, ground glass scrunched up behind his eyeballs, right at the root, spreading and slicing into the soft pink of his brain, but he couldn’t stop now.

He peeled open one eyelid - sticky, with blood or mud or fuck knows what- bright light pierced his vision, his head screamed, he screwed it shut again. Fuck. He tugged his knees up to his chest, buried his aching face in the tattered, blood-damp fabric. Spent adrenaline pooled like rock, sick and heavy, and he wasn’t sure he could get up if he wanted to.

He needed to figure out where he was though, what that portal thingey had done to them. Was this the mage’s lair? Somewhere else? It was cold here. Quiet. The mage, Samael, was somewhere else. Kiri was somewhere else.

Before the portal, Samael had thrown her aside like it was nothing. She couldn’t fight him alone. She’d die. She wouldn’t care that she’d die. He could already see it, Kiri charging towards the mage, staff ready to strike. He’d throw her backwards. She’d get up again. It wouldn’t stop until she was bloody, battered, alone.

Last time Kiri had been alone-

No. Don’t go there. It wouldn’t be like last time. Samael was evil, killed countless innocents and worse. No better than a fucking leech.

He deserved to die.

It would be good if Kiri killed him.

Why was he even doubting that?

He grit his teeth. Forced the thought away. He just had to find Samael before Kiri did and everything would be okay. It didn’t matter that he didn’t know why. He just had to do it.

He forced his eyes open.

Light flared, his aching head screamed, but after a moment the pain subsided, and he could look around.

Wherever Samael’s portal had taken him, it was like nowhere he’d been before.

He was curled up in the corner of a strange, windowless room, a single door on the other side, and if he strained to hear, unearthly music drifted through - metallic almost, voices inhuman.

Strips of strange, magical light lined the low ceiling, itself made of an unrecognisable material - smooth and white, panelled with a sheen to it. The floor was tiled and sticky, the tiles a sick yellow colour lined black, as where the walls. Strange boxes with what looked like doors lined one side of the room, all made from the same, shiny material as the ceiling. The other side of the room was lined with what Colin recognised as sinks; mirrors lined up above them, more yellow tiles reflected in their glassy surfaces.

A bathroom then? But Colin didn’t understand why the mage would need so many sinks - none of the undead he’d seen looked like they’d washed their hands recently. A dagger of pain shot through his head, and he hissed, resisting the urge to curl back up, not move. He was on his own. No one was going to help him.

Find Samael. Preferably before Kiri did something stupid. He’d just have to hope she’d been dropped somewhere as bizarre as him.

A swooshing sound from one of the boxes.

Someone was here with him.

Wide awake, he grabbed his bow - it’d made it through with him. Jumped to his feet, the pain ricocheting through his body a distant concern. Someone was here. Was it Samael? It couldn’t be, where was Kiri?

An arrow was in his hand before he even realised it.

The bolt slid.

Mary screaming, pounding on the door, smoke thick in his throat-

A young woman. Green eyes wide. Skin washed out, more than it would be even with the strange lighting.

The tell-tale bulge under her top lip.

Fingers numb. Breath quick and fast. Of course. Of course Samael was using leeches. Why the fuck wouldn’t he? Shit. What now? They couldn’t stop an army of vampires, the ghouls had been bad enough. This was it, this was-

And then the leech started to scream.

Collab Between...

@c3p-0hKiri Hae
@NorthernKrakenColin Rivington
@MsMorningstarEliza Chase
@AlmalthiaBrighid O'Shay
@RedVIIZeke Midas / Samiel

300 Years ago...
The Final Battle

There was a mission. This wasn’t unusual - there was always a mission. There was always some imposing danger, some threat that promised pain and death. But pain and death was the currency the Red Hoods dealt in.

Kiri squinted through the downpour, blinking away heavy raindrops that ran down her face and into her eyes. Her grip tightened on her wooden staff, coated in watered down blood and ichor. She spun on her heel, boots digging into the layer of mud, arcing the staff in her hand and spraying pink droplets in every direction. The staff slammed down against the skull of a man with empty eyes and a red hood. He’d been a companion once. Now he was just a puppet with a crimson stain above his dead heart.


An explosion of grey rot, Colin’s arrow through one of the creatures heads. It fell, limbs splayed out in the mud, but Colin didn’t notice. Metres away, another creature, closer and closer. Rotting skin sloughed off in the rain.

Already, another arrow, another shot lined up. A breath.


Black sludge dripped from its eye socket, tears, almost. Don’t hesitate. No matter what don’t hesitate. Fletcher said that when the undead horde was still just a horde, not a real, groaning thing ready to tear them to shreds. Colin wasn’t so sure anymore how good Fletcher’s advice was considering just hours later one of the ghouls had ripped his head clean from his body.

(Don’t think about the blood, the snow, the blade-)

Another arrow, another shot. They were losing ground. The magician was going to win. What the fuck would they do after that?

The putrid sweetness of rot clung to the air, accompanied by the metallic tang of fresh blood. Death. It was everywhere. Overwhelming, horrible, scarring.

Eliza embraced it, danced to its heavenly song.

The anguished cries of the fallen, the constant whistling of weaponry through the air. Thuds and howls as attacks met their mark. The deafening blasts brought forth by magic. It was a distant cacophony, all heard through the blood rushing past her eardrums.

She was not the greatest fighter on the field that night. It was evident in the way the enemy broke through her defenses, in the way she was thrown back each time she attempted to advance, in the way she struggled to keep her balance.

She was surprised to be alive. Perhaps it was the Goddess on her side. Was She embracing the souls of those who had fallen around her? Was it possible that they had been blessed that night?

Eliza watched as a man beside her was knocked down and promptly taken out by an undead being. Quickly, she shifted and, cocking back her wrist, threw a charm at the skull of the undead who had maimed him. A word escaped her hoarse throat and the charm became a spike of earth, piercing the undead's brain.

Behind her, she could hear the scuffling of another foe.

The Goddess had abandoned them. They were as good as dead.

Brighid grimaced as she swung the staff into yet another head. She barely registered the wet crack and thud as yet another walking dead fell. She was methodically working through the horde keeping the others in her group within sight. Her heightened strength and stamina from the change a distant thought.


Another body fell as Brighid stepped over the finally dead she could see Colin fall into rhythm with his bow. The group had pretty well stayed together so she caught glimpses of Kiri, Colin and Eliza all fighting through the horde. Now and again she stopped to heal someone quickly only to have to catch up to the others.

Brighid growled as something grabbed her cloak and she almost killed someone who was merely asking for help. She reached down and whispered a healing word as she pulled the man upright.

He nodded his thanks and walked back into the fight. Brighid lifted her head and caught sight of the others. They were even closer to that perversion of magic that was being used against them. Skin crawling she quickened her pace over the body strewn battlefield.

Brighid wished she had enough reserves to pull off a lightning spell but sadly her powers were more important used as a healer.

The hell laid out before them reflected in Zeke’s eyes as he watched on beneath his dark hooded cloak. The numbers were not in their favor, nor was the finite stamina of their forces against the determined embodiment of chaos that controlled their enemies. Zeke sprung forward, each step landing with a hard thud.

Two ravenous spawns of death lept upon one of the red guard, taking the armored brother to the ground. With his sizeable mitt, Zeke grabbed one of the ghoulish fiends by the skull, forcing it to give under his might before cracking completely He then raised his heel to the other, bringing it down upon its shoulder with enough force to roll the living carcass off of the soldier. His brother in red met his gaze as Zeke reached down to pull the man to his feet.

At he looked back up, he realized his folly; while distracted by his comrade, he had allowed dead to surround them. Zeke’s fist curled up into balls, his fingernails piercing his skin. As his lips began to curl back, he let out a gruff and low rumbling snarl. A challenge. A plea.

The response came in spades. Moving as one, the carnivorous carcasses sprinted forth with lethal diligence. The circle around the two shrunk almost instantly as gnarled teeth began biting into their exposed flesh. Within seconds, his battle buddy no longer had a face. Or, he did, it just wasn’t in one piece and it tasted delicious, if not a bit salty.

Zeke began flailing back, successfully knocking back some, but not all the horde. They just kept coming back, kept getting up with their everlasting and insatiable hunger. This battle was as good as lost. Holding back meant surrendering.

But Red Hoods don’t surrender.

With nothing left to lose, Zeke spun with violent force, clearing them back by an arm’s length. His fingers began to bubble underneath the skin as its shape began to contort… elongate…. Even his nailed began to thicken, sharpen. As he grabbed at his cloak with a clawed hand he ripped it free from his massive body. As the rain continued to pour, he looked up at the moon with hate behind his eyes and howled. The musculature surrounding his bones tore and repaired before tearing once more. His mass, his shape, his pores… they all altered under the moonlit battlefield. With renewed fervor, he howled again. His human voice was gone. All that was left was the wolf. The very, very big wolf.

Where once stood a man of nearly seven feet now stood a beast closer to fifteen. Zeke dropped to all fours and let out a roar usually seen out of lions and tigers. It was time. He charged forth, letting the dead fall before him. Snapping at them, he tossed their ragged bodies aside or simply broke them into halves. In a driven sprint, he made his way to Colin, looking to him with a wordless demand as he stared forth with lupine eyes before shifting his monstrous gaze to the others and then back to Colin once more.

A shadow loomed over Colin, and he looked up.

Dark fur, slick with rain, dripping with strings of putrid guts. The wolf towered, taller than anything living Colin had ever seen, teeth and claws that could kill him in seconds. His grip tightened around his bow. This was Zeke, and from the look in the eyes peering down at him through the darkness, he was ready for blood.

Colin glanced at Eliza, Brighid, Kiri. They were going to die here. A familiar thought, familiar fear. If the wolf was here, they weren’t making it out alive.

It didn’t scare him.

He met Zeke’s eyes, “After you.”

Meanwhile Kiri’s staff spun, a blur that only materialized fully to crack against bone.

She saw Samael. He was close -- closer than he’d been mere moments ago. Kiri’s focus was split, part of it on the horde around her, another on her companions, listening for their voices, watching for their figures, making sure they stayed upright, moving, alive. She saw Zeke shift and contort. The roar of his voice rattled her chest like it her heartbeat. But she forced this new revelation to the side, not having the time to examine it.

The last of her focus was centered on Samael. He needed to go down. Kiri had been forcing her way forward, deflecting and dodging when she could, unwilling to lose time fighting the mass. She could only move so quickly when they swarmed around her, feet tearing up the saturated earth, their lifeless voices mixing with the rain and creating an endless buzz of whitenoise.

Her heart pounded in her throat. She heard her breath coming in shorter, quicker bursts. The heavy air moved through her lungs like tar, burning her, stopping up her throat. She forced her aching muscles to propel her forward, closer to Samael. The dead lunged at her. Without stopping her momentum she plunged the end of her staff into the mud and jumped, swinging around it to land a kick at the creature’s head. The staff ripped from the ground with a wet plop before swinging into the gut of another dead. Kiri pushed forward towards Samael. He was getting closer.

The clouds parted and the moonlight and Brighid could feel the caress of it on her skin. The shifting and stretching began. The pain and ecstasy blended into one. The change had been happening for months now and it still awed Brighid each time it happened. Fortunately most of her research she was able to understand how to relax into the change. It passed over her quickly but still felt like an eternity for her.

As the shift happened Brighid tore her clothes off knowing that they would hinder the transformation and her movement after that. Soon enough there was a cinnamon colored wolf quickly advancing toward where Eliza was. She was the size of a small horse and tearing through the horde to get to Eliza was less trouble in this form.

As Brighid closed in on Eliza’s location she snagged a couple of ghouls that were just upon Eliza’s back. Tearing the arm off one and knocking it prone she proceded to tear out it’s throat. Leaping at the other one she disemboweled it with her front paws as her jaws came around it’s head and a loud crunch was heard. Looking up from the dead body and at Eliza her silver gray eyes the only thing that seemed to express the humanity within her.

Brighid whined softly and looked toward Kiri as if to say, “We need to help her.” Sometimes people understood her. Colin wasn’t fond of this form but seemed to understand her better than most when in it. When she could get him to talk to her. Which was more often than not in this form. Probably because she couldn’t lecture him as easily.

Eliza spun rapidly at the resounding crunch just behind her. Her heart began to race, not at the sight of Brighid's inhuman form, but at the once undead corpses littering the battlefield mere paces away.

She hadn't noticed those ones.

Gratitude swelled within her, but she quickly swallowed it down in favor of indifference. She took in Brighid's sappy whimper, following the wolf's silver gaze to Kiri.

The battle-hardened warrior, the cold, effortless killer. The hero. Always the hero.

Eliza's brow furrowed. She didn't want to follow... Part of her, a small, pathetic part of her, wanted to watch Kiri die. Why? Simply put, spite. If she were to dive deeper, though--no, they had no time for that.

Gritting her teeth, Eliza jerked her head in Kiri's direction, ready to follow her lupine friend into the fray.

Meanwhile Zeke began huffing and puffing air out of his nostrils as the adrenaline shooting through his veins began to go into overdrive. He finally turned away from Colin and scanned the chaos for one individual in particular. His head stopped as soon as his eyes fell upon Samael in the distance. He could see the other Hoods fighting in the peripheral but his own vision began to tunnel. Their forms, the undead… all of it faded into black. All that was there, all he could see was Samael.

Saliva dripped from his jowls as he let his tongue hang in the air, anticipating the taste. His clawed feet dug into the earth, creating a natural springboard for himself to launch forward. He could feel the change in terrain underneath him. The transition from the muddy ground to a platform of wet flesh. He didn’t swipe or nip. He didn’t care to. He just ran, Samael’s reflection in his eyes growing bigger and bigger. Finally, Zeke was there. He leapt up with his mouth agape, aiming for Samael’s head.

With a word, with an instant, everything changed.

Zeke was on the ground, Samael standing over him, clearly pleased with himself. The recently dead had made way for the beast, leaving a path behind him, but it wouldn’t be long before they closed the gap. Zeke looked up through the eyes of the monster at their foe. His body ached. His body never ached. He managed to get up with a struggle before staggering back once more. Confused and surprised, the wolf didn’t know what to do.

Kiri saw the monster -- Zeke -- sprint forward, cleaving a bloody, rotting path towards Samael, Collin following behind. There. Kiri changed the angle of her charge, dipping under the swinging arm of a corpse. Soon enough she made it to the clearing, sprinting over bodies and mud. Kiri didn’t know how it happened but then Zeke was on the ground, Samael smiling down at him. Kiri forced herself to run faster, air like fire in her lungs, vision blurry through rain and exhaustion. A soft ringing in her ears had joined in the chorus of sound. She planted her staff into the ground and jumped, vaulting high over Zeke’s form. The staff swung up from the ground and over her head in a wicked arc, aimed at Samael’s head.

Samael used his arm to shield himself, but the bone met the staff with a sickening crack. The dark wizard screeched in pain, his eyes wide with panic as he took in the sight of his attacker.

“You little c-” He repelled the staff back with his broken forearm, gritting his teeth through the pain and squared up on his stance. “You don’t get it! None of you get it! I’ve already won!” With his good hand, he made a gesture into the air that seemed to summon a nearly invisible blunt force that was on track to collide with Kiri’s body.

Kiri was mid-swing, eager to shut him up when suddenly a force rammed hard into her chest, knocking her back with a grunt. Kiri rolled through the mud, staff falling from her hand. All the air had been forced from her lungs. Kiri fought to breathe again, raindrops pelting her face.

Zeke was down. Kiri was down. What chance did Colin stand? Hands cold and stiff, limbs shaking because of fucking course - coward, nothing, useless-

“Shut the fuck up you wanker!” He raised his bow, string taught, shoulders aching with the strain of the battle.

The arrow sailed straight towards Samael’s smug fucking face.

Sam moved his head at the sight of the bolt, but not fast enough. The tip of the arrow opened the flesh on his cheek as it grazed passed, passing through the skin of his upper ear. The sting was instant and the warm crimson fluid freely dripped down his skin. A flash of frustration fell over his face. “I control life and death! I cannot die! Your effort will be fruitless!” Thunder cracked above, giving a terrible accent to the wizard’s words. Nevertheless, he was beginning to doubt himself further as more and more of the Hoods moved in.

Brighid loped behind Eliza and covered her back. Taking down ghoul after ghoul as they wandered in on the pair. Keeping the way clear she saw out of the corner of her eye Zeke tear through the horde leaving a path that would be over come soon enough. Colin was clamoring over bodies and on his way to where Zeke now stood.

Brighid snuffed and tugged on a loose piece of Eliza's dress to get her attention. She saw the flash of irritation in Eliza's eyes that was quickly hidden. Great. Just what we need now, a moody Eliza. She sneezed at the look and lightly nosed Eliza toward Zeke, Colin and Kiri.

Looking back over to the path as it shrank. Hearing the advancement of a couple more ghouls. Dear gods there is no end to them. Our only hope it to kill the source. Eliza and I need to move faster. Brighid leapt up and tore off the closest ghoul's head with a quick shake. She leapt off the dead one onto the other's back knocking it on it's face just as it reached for Eliza. She tore through it growling as she lost herself in the beast for a moment. When she was sure it was not getting back up, she had torn off it's limbs and shook it by the back of the neck feeling the crunch of its spine, she looked back up at where the others were.

She watched as Kiri’s staff almost complete the arc she knew that Kiri had started when she was dispatching the ghouls. Brighid’s sensitive hearing just caught the crack of bone breaking as the staff made contact with Samael’s arm. She heard him hint that he had already won and hit Kiri with some power that blew her backwards and Brighid let out a vicious snarl.

Brighid turned toward Eliza and pushed her into a run that made it halfway to the others just after Colin fired his arrow. Howling in an unearthly way that raised the hairs on others she lept to face Samael. Snarling she snapped at his arm where Kiri had hit him. She’d tear it off and beat him with the bloody end if she had to.

Samael screamed. Fangs tore through meat, tendons, and veins, crunching down around shattered bone. He raised his free hand, almost a claw. Magical energy swirled around his snarled hand, invisible and unmistakable. There was something wild in his eyes -- bestial. He slammed his hand into the thick fur of Brighid’s chest before releasing a pulse of magic.

Brighid yelped and flew end over end as the magic hit. She landed on her side sliding in the mud crashing into a tree knocking her head. Stunned she staggered to her feet and shook her head only to fall to the ground dazed. Again she staggered to her feet and planted them wide shaking her whole body to settle her fur and sneezing in disgust.

Brighid shook her head and sneezed again. Listing back over to stand next to Eliza and Kiri to protect them Brighid’s hackles raised and she growled looking around.

Already Colin had another shot lined up, hand steady, three arrows notched, pointed at Samael. The bastard might’ve been able to dodge one, but three?

Brighid collided with him, a blur of teeth and claws, fur bright in the gloom. Colin hesitated, muscles burning with held fire. Then Brighid was thrown backwards, and the arrows flew free.

Eliza watched as attacks went through and failed in rapid time, as the crazed wizard shouted his twisted truth. It was a powerful display, truly. It made her wonder how a mage of his magnitude managed to slip under the radar for so long. Samael...the name had been unfamiliar to her not so long ago.

As each attack was deflected and retaliation was doled, Eliza became increasingly wary. On the one hand, fighting magic with magic could be effective. On the other, it could be extremely disruptive. Out of the corner of her eye, Colin's arrows flew. She pursed her lips, deciding a large boulder in his general direction wouldn't be the brightest idea.

In the end, she sailed forward, more as a distraction to allow Colin's arrows a chance to strike than anything else. Dagger in hand, she let out a terrible roar and clumsily pushed the blade toward his shoulder.

Samael was a bloody, terrible, vicious mess. The light in his eyes grew more and more unhinged, teeth bared, his arm a shredded crumple at his side. He saw Colin in the distance, arrows flying.

He let out a manic bark of laughter. With his good arm he shot his hand up --

Only to be caught off guard by Eliza’s roar. His eyes widened as he turned to look at her just in time to get knocked to the ground with a shrill cry, Eliza’s dagger plunging into his shoulder. Colin’s arrows went sailing uselessly above them, missing by mere centimeters. He struggled and flailed on the ground, each movement nudging the dagger this way and that, cutting deeper into his flesh, towards his venomous heart. He slammed his hand into Eliza’s side, a violent burst of magic erupting from his palm. Eliza was sent flying, dagger ripped from her hand. She sailed through the air, straight into Colin.

Samael scrambled to his feet, covered in mud and blood, rain making it drip and splatter to the ground.

“You -- you insulant --!” Bony fingers wrapped around the hilt of the dagger embedded in his shoulder. He wrenched it out, crimson spraying through the air. Something shifted. A smile carved its way across his face like an open wound. A laugh cracked through the air. “You’re worms! You’re in the ground, rotting!” An arrow shot through the air, swatted away with a burst of magic. He raised the blood-soaked dagger. It started to glow. The veins in his hand grew dark and thick, a black webbing that snaked its way up his arm. “You’ve been dead for centuries!” He thrust his arm out, cutting it vertically through the air. Magic, thick and heavy with crackling ozone, ripped and shredded its way into existence. Reality itself seemed to part. In its place was a tall gash, colors shifting so quickly they were impossible to define. It had no depth, no sense of solidity, defined only by the fact that it wasn’t supposed to be there.

“And I… I have all the time in the world.”

Samael turned towards the portal and stepped forward.

Kiri forced herself to sit up, rolling to her side. Her fingers clawed their way through the mud until she was on her hands and knees, coughing through rainwater and the pain still throbbing through her ribcage. She looked up, glaring through the wet clumps of hair that stuck to her skin.

He was getting away. He was going to get away.

Her jaw tightened, her fingers clenching through the mud. She pushed herself up higher, feet slipping a moment before finding stability. Her heart pounded in her ears. Still in a half crouch, she pushed forward. Her hands stung where blisters had burst, mud seeping into her bloody palms. She could taste iron in her mouth, feel the bruises blooming on her body underneath her red cloak, clinging to her like a heavy, cloying second skin, pulling her back down to the corpses band the mud.

Another step forward. Every breath was a stab wound. Her vision doubled for a moment before she forced it back into focus. Kiri was running. The world blurred around her, as indistinct as the portal Samael had summoned. She scooped up her staff as she sprinted towards him. He couldn’t get away, they had a job to do, she had to --

Kiri’s staff cut through the air, readying a blow. But she was too late. Samael was gone. Then the portal swallowed Kiri whole.

Colin couldn’t hear the battle anymore. Time suckered, pinched, ripped. Eliza slamming into him. Mud (or snow, or mud, or snow-) soaking his back. Kiri running.


Kiri gone.

Months ago. After.

“Don’t pick a fight with me if you can’t follow through.”

It still burned, and like fuck was she getting away with it.

He was already on his feet, slipping in the thick sludge, sliding more than running but as long as he got there it didn’t matter.



No more than a breath away, and then Colin was gone too.

As Eliza sailed through the air, she considered death. Though her body was arched miserably, and an alarmed scream pierced the air around her, her mind was surprisingly calm.

Death. Their new reality, she supposed. Would it be kind to her? Kinder than the life she had always known?

A body, she had collided with a body. For some reason, she didn't feel it. She was just not in the air anymore. Her trajectory had been halted, but her body rolled a few times, coating itself in mud and gore.

Would death be kind?

She scrambled to her feet with minor pain, and for a split second cast her gaze to the sky. She couldn't see the moon, the Mother.

In that moment, she decided.

Rushing forth with speed abundant, she watched as her companions were swallowed whole by the tear in the sky. She hadn't a clue what would be on the other side. Perhaps death would greet her. But she had already decided.

Death would not be kind. It would fail her, as all else had failed her. Her father, her mother, her friends.

With a release of breath, she too was swallowed whole.

Brighid watched in horrified fascination as each of the friends that she held dear vanished into the swirling phenomenon that was born of twisted magic. She had no idea where the rent in the air went, or if it even went somewhere that they could all follow. Kiri, Colin, Eliza all gone.

It was closing she could see it shrinking. Looking around she saw the others in the distance. Bartholomew changed and getting bogged down by making his way through. Loona flitting through the mass of people alive still healing wounded.

Sadon. She watched him fight through a mass of the creatures and then fall only to rise again.

Brighid was torn. Stay here or go on? The time to act was now. Casting a sorrowful glance back at the others, she turned and ran for the shimmering, swirling disturbance in the air. Leaping through she also disappeared. Then the portal disappeared and existence was whole again.

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