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Current @madruga probably easier to just paint the outside if the stains are really bad :/
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1 mo ago… Murder mystery in an isolated Antarctic research station - should be fun, but we still need 2 more players!
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Just heard about what happened in New Zealand. I wanted to say something, but there really aren't words in these situations. I hope everyone's doing okay, stay strong New Zealand
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Do you think if I lie in the sun and glare at it for long enough it'll make my seasonal depression go away?
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Me, ridiculously jittery, feeling like I'm one jump scare away from an actual heart attack: i'M fInE wItH cAfFeInE wHaT


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woot woot! irony for the win!
Can't wait to read your response :D @Zoey White

Lauren could not get her hands on that tazer.

April's worn canvas pumps skidded on vinyl floor. Slipped out from under her. Lauren's fingertips, long and cool, grazed her elbow as she stumbled backwards, hit the ground. It was hard. She gasped at the shock of it, vision whited out as a deep ache curled up through her tailbone, ricocheted through her vertebra. Jesus fucking-

No time. She raised the weapon. The yellow plastic handle was slick with sweat, almost slipped out of her hands as she aimed, pulled the trigger-

April closed her eyes as an electric crackling filled the room.

April grasped the taser, holding it in sweaty hands, well out of Lauren’s reach as she stared the woman down. Lauren, with her quiet, nervous air. Lauren, who’d faded into the background so well April hadn’t been able to believe she could do something like this until well after Niels and Ana had been secure in their assertions.

How could she have been so foolish, so trusting?

The answer to that one was easy, settled in her gut before she’d even had chance to ask the question. Lauren had been scared, they all had, but Lauren had been scared. Fear was an easy emotion to trust, it seemed.

That hadn’t changed. April took in the sight of their teammate, cowering in the corner of her quarters, babbling on. She realised she wasn’t mad at her. No. If anything she felt sorry for Lauren. She remembered the video. Jerry telling them that the organisers had known Lauren was unstable. That she wasn’t fit to be out here, alone, for months on end. It was enough to drive anyone to extremes.

She realised she’d been pointing the snatched taser at Lauren, and she lowered it, slowly, as she addressed her, “None of us want to hurt you Lauren,” April said, careful to keep her voice low and soothing, “but we can’t just let you go, you know that, right?” she bit her lip. Where did they go from here? “Just tell us why you did it Lauren. What happened?”

Village of Traffyn Fenwd - Beds For Ewe!


Meg’s head snapped up as the tavern door swung open. Hoods. Yellow. Three. This must be them. Her breath stuttered in her throat. Finally. The thought of Llian, alone, in trouble, for all of this time… it didn’t bare thinking about.

Within seconds though, she was across the tavern floor, heart racing as she sized them up. Two women and a man. Whilst the man was scowling, the two women looked significantly less grumpy, although none of them seemed too pleased, something which probably had more to do with the weather than anything else. Not that Meg cared. Didn’t matter how cheery they were, so long as they could help her make sure Llian was safe.

Going off appearances though, that was starting to seem less likely by the second. One of the women, the one who’d walked in first, was absolutely tiny - to the point that Meg was reasonably sure she’d have very little trouble crushing her fragile wrists between just her thumb and forefinger. The other seemed a little sturdier at least, but Meg withheld judgement on whether she looked more confident or cocky. The first was useful. The latter could get them all killed.

The man looked jumpy - no other word for it. His eyes had flicked to her the second she’d moved toward them, and Meg hadn’t missed the way his fingers had tensed. Now though, he took in the rest of the room, and Meg followed his gaze as it flicked over the rickety tables, the bartender, Kate, and-

“Bloody hell…” Meg turned at Kate’s voice. She was standing, frozen, pale, lips moving wordlessly as she stared at the group. No, not the group. The man. Did she know him?

“Kate?” Meg asked nervously, “Everything all right?”

Kate just continued to stare, and Meg felt something crawl across her skin. Who was he? Was he dangerous? Meg wanted to run, could feel the urge itching in her legs, her feet, everywhere. No one had made a move. Didn’t mean they wouldn’t though. Meg had never seen Kate look so… startled before. If they were dangerous they would have to be extremely so.

The man stared back, “K...Kate? You’re Kate?” he croaked, backed towards the door. Not dangerous then. At least, not physically.

Behind Meg, Kate bristled. And then, without warning, charged towards them.

The man all but yelped, before making a break for the door they’d just entered through, accidentally brushing past the woman who came in last on the way, a gesture that, moments later, was repeated by Kate as she pelted after him into the pouring rain.

Meg stood there for a moment, dumbfounded. Eventually, she addressed the two women, “Sh...should we go after them?”

Village of Traffyn Fenwd - Forest Path


A cackle, loud, that seemed to echo, both inside Sadon and Vitius’s heads and throughout the forest at the same time.

The floor shook. Animals squealed, shuffled, rustled in the undergrowth. Then -

Trees reared. Swayed. A conniffer whipped back with a snarl, slammed into the dirt in front of Vitius with a thump. Ripped upright, sharp green points skimming towards the pale flesh of his face. Sharp enough and fast enough to tear if they made contact.

Next to him, thick, chunky roots heaved themselves from the ground, swept. Wide, arching towards Sadon’s shins, swift and heavy in the darkness.

April investigated Ana and got protagonist
guess I'll switch April's vote to Lauren
@Zoey White Not so much antagonistic as obviously suspicious - didn't Lauren see Niels going back to his room though?
April's gonna vote for Niels methinks

Glassy eyes stared up at April, singed fingertips stiff and curled upwards.


A chill crept across her skin in spite of the thick layers of insulation she wore. Lauren was freaking out. Ana had thrown up the second she’d laid eyes on Re- on the body. It was hard to smell much with the biting wind crashing through the open door, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t imagine it. Ana had been right yesterday - they had to do something.

She looked up at Niels arrival, forcing her eyes away from the body. His question was almost snatched up by the cold. The other two were falling to pieces. April had to step up.

“Reno’s dead.” she sounded cold, she realised. Maybe a second too late. She turned to Ana, “You were right, yesterday. We need to figure out who’s doing this, before… before this happens again.” cold sweat pricked the curve of her back, the top of her brow, the back if her neck. She carefully studied the faces of the others. Lauren was a wreck. She didn’t trust Ana, but if the steaming pile of sick outside was anything to go off, she was genuinely surprised. That left…

“Niels. Would you mind letting us know why it took you so long to get here? Everybody else ran over as soon as we heard the bang.”

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