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Kxeyun Amarati

Kxeyun listens along, pondering her battle paths. Though, when she hears Terra's voice, the almost concerned look on her face shifts to a cheeky grin. "Don't worry! I've got this in the bag! I promise I won't be disabled as quickly as I was last time!" Unlike some of the others, Kxeyun is not nervous, worried, or scared. She's excited to be back out there and protecting what she cares for most. The girl then proceeds to climb into her NC and begin the startup procedure and, of course, the Denver prototype NC wasn't originally designed to carry out jamming weaponry, so the NC's OS freaks out. Though, it seems like the machine is acting a bit... Oddly.

Unrecognized hardware has been detected! Continue boot? [Y/N] Y
Command acknowledged. Booting continuing...

System: Identified Hardwire communication systems.
CommControl: Hardwire communication system online, established as HWCMM.
HWCMM: Online, ports empty. Idling.
System: Identified Heavy Jammer equipment.
CommControl: Warning! Jammer installed! Radio systems will be deactivated upon weapon trigger!
SysWep: Heavy Jammer added to weapon list. Name established as Wideband Jammer.
System: Continue boot...


When the coordinated launch occurs... Sahaquiel bolts at full speed with the others, tossing up soil and pavement, staying in formation. As soon as she reaches the barrier, it drops. The machine keeps running with the thrusters firing in sequence. The NC's shields raise as the visual sensors begin flicking about, trying to locate the tanks and other enemies. Based on Sahaquiel's movements, Kxeyun seems hellbent on keeping Terra safe.
Kaselith Goto

Unbeknownst to Eileen, another mecha without the beacon on watches from nearby. The large machine stays concealed in the cover of the trees, unsure of the identity of Eileen, alongside being attacked by the natives, it observes closely, capturing every subtle move. The pilot, Kaselith Goto, mutters to herself, "Rather familiar... It moves like a friend. But so did the others." The machine moves subtly, prompting more muttering from Kase, "Itching to figure out who they are, Tabris? So am I... If they so much as run a light scan over here they'll see us, why not introduce ourselves first." The machine fires up the Beam Saber, dashing forwards with the powerful thrusters it has. With the agility of a cat, Tabris cuts through the trees in front of it, skidding to a stop in front of the mech, making sure to not hit the powered down machine with any sort of thruster backlash. The speakers fire up and Kaselith says "Unknown Mecha, state your intentions. Provided you do not seem like you are here to attack or capture, I will gladly deactivate my weapons."

From an exterior look, Tabris appears to be a completely normal, albeit shiny, mecha. The Beam Saber is positioned to defend its head, the thrusters are also pointed horizontally. It also is relatively crouched down, ready to pounce. It seems defensive over Azai, the blue lights softly glowing. The fins on the thruster pods also softly twitch, giving it a feeling of almost being alive... Too alive, one could say.
I'm gonna try whipping something together here

Kxeyun Amarati

"I sent all that? Doesn't sound much like me..." Kxeyun mutters, a finger scratching right below her lip. Her eyes glance up, looking at the modified Phoenix Inferno. Gentle muttering continues escaping her lips "A tail? Self-moving too... I might just steal that from when that thing gets torn apart." Notably, she doesn't treat Phoenix with respect now, teeth clenching seeing Alexander in that collar. "I have a bone to pick with him, not whoever is in that..." An exhale escapes her, eyes closing gently. She relaxes, then promptly saying "I can't disagree, a sniper would be good against those guns, disabling them would be a very good idea. I'm not the group leader, but I think we all know Osamu is dragging us into a battle of morals versus harsh necessities..." Her hand raises higher on her head, thumb and index finger above her eyebrows. "As much as I hate to say this, I think saving Terra's parents is likely a secondary objective, destroying Red-Star comes first. Despite saving them being secondary, it is still very much important."

Her gray eyes glance over the room, a sly smile forms. "Our squad is all capable of melee combat, I think we should go out and hunt in a pack, ganging up on one enemy NC at a time. Overwhelming them with numbers and firepower will quickly rip their remaining forces to shreds, quite literally so." She glances over to Terra "I hope you approve of that idea." Her eyes shift back to Osamu, sliding back into muttering "And now you're next..." She steps to the hologram, then talks directly to that monster of a person. "Osamu, an artificial human. Yes, I am the one Alexander protected. Yes, he was a bit much defending me while I, regrettably, talked down on Terra. Battles change mindsets, I did not mean it. But you want to know exactly why he defended me so much? It was because he believed in me and Haven. He believed in us, he was willing to fight to protect us. I nearly defeated him in battle, something that is uncommon, if not rare." She chuckles a tiny.

"Impressive, is it not? You're lucky I didn't bail off and tear another NC to shreds. I see you've made upgrades to Phoenix, Red-Star does not fail to design. However, you..." She pauses and takes a quick breath. "You, on the other hand, are the worst design I've seen so far. You're giggling like a little schoolgirl, you should get back to kindergarten." The smile spreads across her face "Did you try and get to Terra because she likes me? Darlin, she's tougher than that, you should know this by now. A defector, known better by her new team rather than her old master. How humiliating it must be, right? Are you even a person, being born from a tube and so dumb? If I didn't know better, I'd call you a child, rolling around throwing a tantrum because you lost your forces and your victory. With that, I'm done with your childish attention seeking game." She turns on a dime and walks back to where she was, letting out a large exhale. "That felt good to do."
Kxeyun Amarati

"Someone almost betrayed us? That's not good..." Kxeyun thinks, the faint holographic figure of her over in a corner of the room, her hologram was tuned to be lifelike as possible. A silent, breathless, huff is let out, she also looks a bit frustrated. She looks towards Cody, thoughts prowling in her head. "So he's leading the other group, huh. Guess he's good, although I know nada about him." Her eyes continue gazing over everyone else, locking onto Terra. Her gaze softens instantly. "Terra... Terra... I like her, she's nice." her eyes close, relaxing just a bit. "She's more than just a friend... Close friend? Nah... Best friend. Yeah, that makes sense, best friend." she lets her eyes open a bit

She noticed Anna almost burst into the room, which gets her to let out a loose giggle "So we got someone who wants to show themselves too? Cute." A wide grin spreads across her face, she finds this strangely funny, perhaps a bit embarrassing for Anna. Seamus however, grabbed her attention like a large black bear on a sheet of ice. Despite his question, she keeps her silence, unwilling to repeat that story again. She gazes away, pretty stoked that she's with Terra next battle. Hopefully, she doesn't be stupid and tries to assault the big baddie head-on next time. She still has leftover faint phantom pain from that knife...

However, upon hearing Anna speak again, Kxeyun perks up and the hologram brightens a bit to make her more noticeable. The hologram walks over to Anna and she says "Really? Another Denver-Vegas defector? I'm Kxeyun, Kxeyun Amarati. I pilot Sahaquiel. Currently, I'm in the medbay." A sheepish giggle escapes her lips as her hand reaches up and rubs her neck. "I sorta... Attacked Red-Star's biggest combatant head on, I almost won too... Anyways, yeah. I'm not sure if you know of Sahaquiel. She's very powerful up close, being a melee fighter of course, I just hope she's all fixed up for next fight... Even if I'm not totally ready, I'll still fight!" Seems like she's back to her cheery self.
@Letter Bee you don't need to say that every time you gotta go. Just say like "I'll be gone for a couple of days" or something
@Sgt Vandingo o, I take that back. @Letter Bee please tell us when you invite people.
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