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Current "Your Friends: You have no friends" sadge
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Slipspace rupture detected. Slipspace rupture detected. Slipspace rupture detected.
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1 yr ago
In case of assault by hostile forces, use provided Ravens.
2 yrs ago
If visited by a half-zombie clone with a stutter, use provided sentry turrets
2 yrs ago
In case of assault by killer dolphins, use provided battleships.


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I was initially very interested but I think that feeling's waned off, won't be able to join, sorry.
Something like CATAPHRACT would probably have to be sort of a special attachment you can bring rather then something your AUG is constantly equipped with and would need some serious drawbacks to keep it from being too overwhelming to work with as a GM.

Yeah I was thinking of having a CATAPHRACT-style thing to function as a heavy hitter for something like a tough installation or something like that
@Senhara: This is always something I have a bit of a hard time putting into words. ^^;

While I'm not yet finished with my second playthrough of AC6, I think Sixth gen isn't a bad comparison overall.

okay that's way slower than I was expecting, I was anticipating more like 4th gen.

I also assume something like the AAS02: CATAPHRACT from AC6 is a no-go, right?
I'm a little confused on the kind of power level we're going for here. Third gen AC? Sixth gen AC? Fourth gen? Maybe something more like Aldnoah Zero's Martian Kataphrakts?
...Depending on how powerful the fleet's lasers are, they can only core through so much of the city's layers before hitting a depth they can't penetrate. Especially if you factor in diffusion as the projectiles travel and whatnot....

Covies actually have a way around this! Covenant energy projectors utilize gravitic impellors and gravitational lensing to focus their beams to an extremely precise degree, though these aren't lasers.
I don't have anything to post this round unless someone addresses the Sangheili
I feel like the Gamilans and Sangheili are gonna have fun conversations.

"Oh, you tried to destroy humanity but then turned around and became allies with them? Me too!"

The point in time when Remas and co are from is right after the Great Schism broke into full conflict, so he's not necessarily trusting of humanity yet
<Snipped quote by Forsythe>

This reminds me, in Star Trek you generally can't teleport through shields (they bend these rules as the plot requires though), is this generally the same across the board in other universes with both shields and teleporters?

I... Don't know. You don't really see this in Halo as teleport tech like that is generally only done by the Forerunners.

however there's a difference between Transporters and Forerunner teleportation tech. Transporters stay within the realm of the universe, Forerunner teleportation uses incredibly precise miniature Slipspace portals (Halo's FTL tech, for those unaware), which circumvent natural protections, but the Covies don't have access to such small scale teleportation. I'd probably say Covie ships would block Transporter attempts, but anything that does extradimensional bullshittery would work.
Yeah which is where my earlier headache comes back around.

Different universes play by such different rules.

mhm, which is why I think in the case of Trek, Star Wars, and Halo I think it's just... Meh they're close enough we don't need to think about it
<Snipped quote by Lord Wraith>
Isn't there an episode where Picard drops the Enterprise's shields just to mock a captain for trying to shoot the ship with lasers?

Not the same thing as plasma, yes, but it's pretty close, no?

it's also weird cause in Halo, Plasma is very effective at countering shielding tech, but Covenant ship weapons are also just powerful enough to utterly one shot UNSC ships and slap other Covie ships around with ease
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