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Current Woah. I'm... Alive here again?
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Hmm... To make a roleplay or not to make a roleplay
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What is with all these people? ;-;
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Aaaa too many people! :PandaOhNo:
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No this is not an advertising account.


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I still exist, procrastination is a bitch
Kalida Evergreen

Now, only now did everything fall together. The enemy bunched up, in a highly volatile container too. They aren't escaping today... From a distance Stasis rises up, waits, and then... FUSHCHROOOM! A violent alpha attack extends from all the energy emitters, aimed straight at the engines of the escape vessel! The shot will surely disable it for long enough, long enough to kill every last excuse of a pilot 'fighting for good.' She'll kill every last one of those gremlin if they don't submit... The area denial drones are sent out, leading to tighten up the enemies further with small energy blasts, whilst Stasis flies around to avoid being hit. Kalida, oh Kalida enjoys this. She chuckles softly to herself, eyes scanning over the field. Some of the drones go to use their energy to light the forest on fire, smoke em out and shoot them.
@Eviledd1984 Battle wouldn't have lasted that long, at most a minute. Dead pilot is within the destroyed mech.
@Eviledd1984 no, I've got that covered.

Upon investigating said mech, it is quickly established that the pilot is dead, being slain without much struggle, the mecha also is at most scrap. A quick damage analysis indicates that the head and torso were impaled by an energy-based weapon, hence the remaining plasma burns. The pilot's brain and heart are missing, yet, there's no sign that anything actually entered this mech, whatever attacked it was precise in its blows. The arms have also been cut and completely severed at the joint in the shoulders and elbows, same as the mech. The attacker was not of the strength of the natives on this planet, there's something with their kind of tech out here, if not, stronger. Any sane-minded person would know that there's a mecha-sized predator here with advanced weapons, they should get out soon before another one falls to this murderer. After spending a moment in the area, the air has an identifiable aroma... Energy, plasma remnants, and... Fish? An inscription can be found on the destroyed mecha's legs, "We Can See No.373", which represents the active mecha Tabris, so this hunter is fast, deadly and sapient. Something doesn't add up here at all...
Yeah, do whatever for searching tho, preferably find it in your post rightaway and alert it to the squad, @Eviledd1984.
@Eviledd1984, put her with the searching one, as Kaselith+Azai are okay and have Jenny dealing with them.
Exactly, a Moth piloting a Moth Plane versus a regular human lookin girl in a monstrosity of a creature.
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