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Current Michael Keaton is the Mother F'ing Batman. Fight me.
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My therapist says I have a preoccupation with vengeance. We’ll see about that.
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Never criticize someone until you've walked a mile in their shoes. That way, when you criticize them, they won't be able to hear you from that far away. Plus, you'll have their shoes.
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My ex girlfriend had this really weird fetish. She used to like to dress up like herself, and act like a fucking bitch all the time.
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“I have 3 kids and no money, why I can’t I have no kids and 3 money.” -Homer Simpson

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Very cool and very interested. Let me start brewing on a character which I familiarize myself with the source material.

Location: Armadillo || Mentions: @ONL

Draven eyed the man. He was clearly leading his question, beckoning a name.

"And say you find 'em. What's a man like you going to do to the Melbattons?" He began rolling his emptied glass on the table. There was no real purpose behind it. It just kept his hands busy while he tried to read this stranger. It looked like the man was about to speak, but Draven felt inclined to interrupt. "It's Draven," he said finally. "Or Jackson or Brock or even Peter, if I'm feeling particularly saintlike." He'd hoped the point was made. "You need a favor, that much is clear. A direction at the very least, ya? I like doin' favors, mister, but that's the thing about scratching other peoples' back. It doesn't do much for my own itch."

Draven wasn't looking for a vigilante. This man was waving around a poster of guilty men, hard pressed to bring justice to them. Or perhaps revenge. Draven was hoping for the latter. Dirty people tend to be more comfortable around other dirty people. Draven was looking for the dirt.

"Your business is yours," he continued. "I won't press ya for the details. Tell me this, though: How many men have you killed?"

* * * * *

Seven squished the lemonade in her mouth before swallowing. On her next drink, she chugged it down until the glass was empty. She was listening to the men converse but it was hardly holding her attention. She'd heard all of this before. Instead of sitting by, she stood from the table and took her empty glass back to the bar and sit it down. Turning, she leaned back against the counter facing the common area of the saloon.

In one of the far tables were two men sitting across from eachother. There was coin on the tabletop between them. One of the men laid his hand down flat, his fingers splayed, and pulled out a sizable knife before he began tapping the pointed end between each finger. He started slowly at first, but picked up speed with each round. His companion looked on with wide eyes and eager anticipation.

Seven rolled her eyes. Who goes to get drunk at a saloon gamble over whether or not they were going to mutilate themselves? "Idiots," she said out loud, rolling her eyes. Those two clearly weren't fit for recruitment.
The Down and Dirty: It is with extreme reluctance and potential remorse that I have decided to call a premature end to this story. Thank you all so much for the time and effort you've invested. It means everything. I've not given up on this world we've created, but I currently lack the resources and experience that you all deserve. To that end, this is not The End, but rather To Be Continued... Thank you so much for being a part of it with me.

The Dribble: This was my very first RP to GM and the second RP of which I've ever been a part. My cherry was popped with @Almalthia's X-Men: The New Era which is still active to this day, nearly a year after it started. That RP was initially created by @ShieldsOfWar. It is actually the 2nd effort of Shield's to make a successful X-Men: The New Era RP. The first had a good start but puttered out. The current one, the one that has been chugging along for 10+ months, is the second effort. Needless to say, the second effort was stronger, more structured, had great people behind it. That is what I'm hoping to achieve; a Second Coming in the near future.

That is certainly not to say we didn't have great people behind this one. In fact, I'm confident in saying we literally had the best. I want to give a well deserved shout out to @Tenma Tendo and@Argetlam350. You both stuck to it from the beginning and you didn't lean on the crutch of Discord to stay interested or loyal to the concept. I thank you so much for the stories you told, the patience you've had and the amazing characters you conceived. You're both aces and welcome in any RP of which I have a controlling part. No tryouts, no auditions. You're in. Thank you so much!

I was extremely blessed with the people who took interest in this idea and I consider all of you an extended part of my family. Alma, @c3p-0h and @Damo021 were TNE vets who were willing to come along with me for this crazy ride and their advice, input and company was absolutely invaluable. Alma has always been the sister willing to explore and structure ideas with me while cep was ever the sister willing to ask "What the hell are you doing?" but in a much nicer way, while also trying to help me through any problems or obstacles. Their input and willingness to tell it like it was has always been the reason why I have been and always will be more confident in my endeavors with them at my side. Thank you, Damo, for jumping into this thing with enthusiasm, being willing to add to the lore and hanging in there through the process. Thank you, Alma, for always being willing to work with me, even if I'm off or grumpy, and helping me to recognize a better path toward a particular goal. Thank you, cep, for being my council, an ear when I need it, a jab when I deserved it, and a friend for which I care dearly.

As the RP went on, it was @NorthernKraken who emerged as a fantastic storyteller and someone who continued to shed light when things seemed dark. Hosting the infamous Red Hoods: Non-Canon, she pumped life into the RP that many players rightfully hold dear. Their amazing adventures are still chronicled in the Discord channel. Kraken has always been willing to go the extra mile which meant I'd be a fool not to offer her a Co-GM spot that she earned in spades. Thank you, Kraken, for being you and opening up to us and letting us in and being willing to put yourself into this project. I wouldn't trade you for the world.

To the rest of the family: I love you all and am so blessed to have met you. @MsMorningstar, you remind me so much of a female version of me. I can be open and grotesque and crude and you don't blink and it's awesome. You've always been honest with me, even when honesty was awkward, and you have the ability to make me laugh endlessly. You're fucking fantastic. I will always treasure your friendship and I thank you for being a part of this.

@ZAVAZggg, your companionship has been an eye-opening experience. We have great similarities and even greater differences which has always made you an interesting and invaluable friend. Hearing your take on concepts and contemplating upon your analysis of certain situations has been extremely enlightening. You seemed to start with a hard shell around yourself and you allowed us to chip away at it and get glimpses of the man underneath and I appreciate and feel honored for that opportunity you bestowed upon us. Thank you.

All that said, I have definitely learned some lessons in taking on this endeavor, have gained some experience in what works and what doesn't and I plan on taking all of that accumulated knowledge and applying that to the next iteration of this project. I will reiterate what I said in the first paragraph: this is not The End, this is To Be Continued.

The Red Hoods discord will not be taken down for as long as I am active on The Guild. It just won't That's my sanctuary and it stays. Meanwhile, during the time that I'm trying to concoct the next iteration of this project, I welcome each and everyone of you to join some projects that some of us are currently involved in.

Red Dead Reckoning
This is a Red Dead Redemption, western inspired RP that I, NorthernKraken and Cep are helming. We are still accepting applicants and the approach to this one consists of much more freeform playing than Red Hoods did. It's going to be a learning experience in and of itself to truly see an RP ran a great deal more by the players than the GM, although it's certainly going to be shepherded toward a few basic main goals.

X-Men: The New Era
A long standing RP inspired by the X-Men of Marvel comic fame that is GMed by Alma. Cep, Myself and Damo are all active participants. Alma has been amazing at getting her story out with a healthy balance of narrative freedom that she extends to her players. It's lasted this long because it's managed very well and all the kudos goes to her.

Cold Front
This is a "Mafia" type party game that functions as a narrative WhoDunnit which NorthernKraken and I have both enjoyed participating in. While there are story elements involved, it's more about the mechanics. Someone is a 'Bad Guy' in the group and its your job to find out who. @Gcold has GMed the first few iterations of the game, the latest of which just recently came to a close. He's extended me an invitation to GM the next iteration. You are all absolutely welcome to come aboard and I will let you know when that time comes.

I know many of you are involved in other RPs as well. Feel free to plug them here because I would love to keep playing with you all in the interim that it takes for me to come up with the next, more refined concept for the Red Hoods Saga.

I love you and thank you.
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For your consideration...

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CS is 98% done. Have to do some formatting to it, but you'll see it soon!

Location: Armadillo || Mentions: @ONL

Seven looked at the man's wanted poster as she took a swig of the juice, swishing it around in her mouth before a hard swallow. The man had introduced himself, but Seven was reluctant to extend the same courtesy. It wasn't long before the bar's owner chimed in demanding that Seven be claimed and relocated.

Draven watched her as the shots rang out and continued to do so when the adults returned. He followed the little girl's eyes, tried to see what she was seeing, think what she was thinking. As he watched, it was obvious that Seven's focus was lacking. She was more interested in watching the adults react to one another than offering any information or participation of her own. Maybe she was scheming, or perhaps she was startled because of all the commotion. Seven's eyes eventually caught his own and the world slowed down for a split second. They both turned to stone and stared for what felt like half an hour but was truly as long as two blinks of an eyelid. It was a que.

"C'mon now, girl," he called out, beckoning her over with a few waves of his arms. She nodded and obeyed, bringing her glass of lemonade with her before sitting at the opposite end of Draven's table. He looked up to the man that had introduced himself earlier as Erik. "She's called Seven," he announced as he gave Erik a once over. With one of Erik's questions answered, he felt the need to address the other. "And you're lookin' for some Melbattons, huh?" His tone gave away that Draven was less than impressed by them.

"Are you a bounty hunter?" It was a question, but out of Seven's mouth, it sounded more like an accusation.

"Hey," Draven barked, scowling at the girl. "Shut it." He gave the girl a look that lions reserve for when they have to deal with their enemies. The fiery grimace soon faded into a face of innocent curiosity as he turned his attention back to Erik. "You a bounty hunter?"
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I'll try and get a CS up by today or tomorrow. Pretty excited!
Pulling out. Thanks for having me.
And here's what important people did at night:

CharacterRoleNight 1Night 2
VinnieMoleBust JaneBust Leo
LuciaRoleblockerBlock ReikaBlock Alice
AliceEnforcerProtect ReikaProtect Reika
JaneInvestigatorInvestigate VinnieN/A

If anyone hasn't seen Chronicle, I encourage you to do so.
Loved it! Found Footage plus Superpowers. It was an awesome match-up. For those who haven't seen it, it's the reason Michael B Jordan is a thing. Dane DeHaan was very good in the role, too, and I have a hard time seeing him as anything else but THAT DUDE.
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