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Oh really? I didn't know that, but if I gave it a rank... Probably D-rank? It was supposed to be something grander but I didn't have time to put the full thing in mind out so its just awkwardly there... (Tbh, I'll just remove it)

Edit: @Turboshitter
The idea I had in my head was that Ayondale was an ambitious person climbing up the hierarchy of the Clocktower, burning people where he needed to so that he could get where he is today. I planned him to be a previous student of his from ages ago perhaps not a 'rebellious student' but more grudge that has been held on for some time similar to what Sonja might have. Combine with several courses that Robert took at the Clocktower before Ayondale, I think it would match up. Of course, this is counting that Ayondale himself was a teacher 10 years ago...

(Although I can knock several years if you want, I'd prefer him to be in his late 20s at minimum however. I do see some age anomalies in his backstory but that may be just me)
Ugh, with my schedule getting cramped so I can't put anymore time into my character sheet so I hope he is fine. Personally, I hate his spell section as there were many drafts that I trashed and finally gave up on a easier concept.

Oh, I always have ideas around making Servants and they are always saved somewhere in my PMs for later use so I don't mind sharing them. Just me being fickle but I occasionally come up with a good idea that is worth pursuing like making Ajax since he's a Servant suitable for several classes. Occasionally there are dumb ones like double summon Romeo and Juliet with a Frankenstein suicide Noble Phantasm attached to them.

However, what matters now is creating a character I feel invested in... Any tips for the spells, considering Druidcraft isn't really a thing?

For Rider, I always wanted to play a version of Medusa where her skills would allow her to turn from a Rider into a Berserker if you forced her to keep using her more beastly nature. Like tapping into 'Monstrous Strength' too many times for too long and letting her restraint slip away and then... bam! After some Mental Pollution and Mad Enchantment, Gorgon Medusa~ Just an idea though

(It'd be a heck ton of skill though that would pile on her though, unless made into one skill that would describe the transition... That gave skills after each checkpoint... yeah no way around it)
@Shadow Daedalus can have Caster, I'll have a head start brewing a decent master with some possible character development on their bones rather than a copy+paste person. The person I have in mind is quite interesting now that its starting to form... Hopefully, my fickleness doesn't kill me or leave me in an awkward position lol.

So yeah, Master for me
I might need some help with ironing out the kinks of having Nicolas Flamel be a rougher version of Paracelsus but I think he so far is within acceptable limits of a Caster from the Age of Man. It was a much safer idea than making Eratosthenes being a vessel to 'All the World's Knowledge' as The Library of Alexandria... But yeah, I'll have a Nicolas Flamel out with a rouge idea surrounding him~

Ummm, dont judge me too harshly on my terrible creation lol (it was idea to a roleplay a long time ago)
Right now I won't push my skills too hard so early in the Grail War but there is a reason to why I'm going to be more adamant about it later. But either way, the initial post I made was easily exchangeable between a single arrow being shot accurately to a small cluster of arrows being shot for dramatic effect so it's done with no harm.

[Oh, I was ninja'd... But either way, yeah the post was edited]
@Raineh Daze@VitaVitaAR

My bad on the ordering of personal skills, it might have cause some confusion~

But my reasoning is that Instinct at B-rank is capable of reducing visual impairment by half and then when combined with the double bonus modifiers, I would believe that he would be able to pierce through the Mist combined with Clairvoyance with also a modifier. After his initial round of combat is over, Instincts would drop back down without any bonuses (cause reasons) which would make the fog more effective in its intended use and Archer would have to guess where Assassin would be using shadows and other signs of her presence in the fog if he chooses to continue.

But if that doesn't add up, then I could change the post to being more of 'warning' shots to scare Assassin away. Just seemed more appropriate for Archer to do something like that and gather favor from Saber whose wounded and maybe Mira. So either way, send me a word and I'll get an edit through if needed.
I'd be interested in playing both a Master and Caster if that's an option. If not then I've been wanting to see if the Caster I been making would be acceptable...
Huh, hopefully, my post didn't throw a kink in anyone's plan but Archer has made an official appearance for two teams... I kept in mind the theme of trying to not kill anyone but if there is a problem then just tell me~
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