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Interested retracted due to family matters, sorry. Good luck to everyone!

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It was just Summer being her typical self and he wouldn't expect anything less of her when Jeremy had introduced himself, interceding on his behalf for a possible escape if he wanted. It wasn't that he disliked Summer, she was like anyone else that when she was in a good mood it was a nice experience and when the reverse happened, the opposite was expected. What was surprising was that it wasn't often that he helped someone during their own ruts or was the cause of someone's displeasure but it seems like he was in this case. Despite what the surface may have said or didn't say, there was always more than what the eyes could see.

As during the end of the day came around with the setting of the sun on the horizon, it disguised the faint glow of Alex's own eyes alongside the fading daylight as subtle magic happened within him. It pulled on his heartstrings as the sacrifice was consumed in silence but the world ignited in color despite the darkening evening, strands of light connected people as they talked to one another, gathering to the meeting that they were called here for.

To say at the very least, there were many people gathered here today but it wasn't a subtle occurrence that around twenty or more of those light trails led away from the party in a direction away from where most of the guests came from.

'Is that perhaps where we are going later tonight?'

Thinking to himself quietly as his attention returned to the conversation in front of him, their words pulled aside as he watched, a pale pinkish light surrounded Summer as she talked to Jeremy whose own strand of light blue light mingled with several other ones. Who was-

Then the feedback of speakers cut cleanly through the air as the party grew quiet, his focus ruined as the magic unravel itself, blending the bands of light into the scenery around them as if the exposure of a camera was dialed down. He blinked several times as his mind stopped wandering, recognizing the voice of Sister Deborah as she began talking into the microphone as the start of a speech began. It detailed the plans that would happen tonight for the initiates but also confirmed where they were going, following the trail of lights that he saw earlier. Not long after Sister Deborah finished her speech, it seemed like the rightful owner of the came as Calypso stared confusedly at the scene. While correcting a mishap, she introduced herself warmly to the new initiate which wasn't an everyday occurrence since most of them knew each other already.

" Well that's five down out of the... twenty-ish people give or take that we are going to meet tonight. "

" If you haven't eaten yet Jeremy, want to head over to the food first? We have the ten minutes before we're whisked away for who knows how long it might take, so might as well. We could then tackle the ones at the house who arrived early if you're interested? "

He said amusedly with a grin to Jeremy, wondering if they could still make their rounds in that short of time or simply later when everyone was asked to meet up. It also wouldn't hurt if they were there a little early as well for whoever was there as prime targets to tack off the list. It also seemed that their conversation group was turning a tad bit bigger and bigger as more people were pulled in, which he didn't mind, as he added onto what Charlie had said nearby to spread the places where chips could be placed on the table.

" Same goes for everyone if you want to grab more food. I know for sure I'm gonna nab something light like the grilled squash and zucchinis that I saw earlier to hopefully hold me over for tonight if Jeremy here says yes. "

" Probably then going to join everyone else at the entrance after that if you all are interested in getting a small headstart afterward. "

He said earnestly to everyone as he turned to them so they were in sight. It was only polite to include everyone if they were interested but if they all came together as a group, he didn't mind again but just wanted to place the option on the table. Either way, even if Jeremey had other plans, Alexander himself didn't mind as he was already okay with being his chaperone for tonight unless the new initiate felt he was comfortable enough.

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I'll formally put my interest here if you're willing to have me. I'd be interested in making a Caster and Master to work with this

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While today was the big day for Alex, his Dad sighed as he looked at the dashboard clock as it continued to tick on and on, why did he feel more nervous about this than his son? The drive itself wasn't terrible as they left quite early and stopped along the way to finish the second part of their trip but at this point, he'd definitely be late if he didn't get out to accomplish the final trek. He had already said what he wanted to but it has already been what... twenty or so minutes since their heartfelt talk about how proud he was.

"Alex... Are you heading out yet? You need to actually leave the car in order to get to your initiation, you know that right? "

He asked while his son was still fretting around in the pulldown mirror, occasionally taking a glance outside the window as more and more initiates arrived. Alex had already taken an hour to get himself ready before they even left and at this point, was it worth fretting over nothing? It looked like if he wasn't going to be the first one to do it there wouldn't be anything that would happen, being the first one to open the door and unhook the keys as the engine died down.

" Wait, don't we still got some time until we need to be there? Can't we leave in five- "

And... the door was shut in front of Alex as his Dad went around the car and knocked on the door after trying to pull the handle open, looking at him expectantly. He had locked it to try and delay the inevitable but the mechanical "Beeep Beeep" signaled his doom as the lock undid itself like magic, curse technology.

" Alright! I'm coming. I'm coming. "

He unbuckled himself from his seat and opened the car door, his feet crunching on the ground as they began to make their way over to the initiation. Before he could do anything, his Dad was the first casualty as several of the people he knew came over for the usual pleasantries when they arrived on the scene. With question after question, he politely answered them while he inched farther and farther away to escape the unfortunate trap his father was caught in. He took a glance at finding the best place escape, for the eyes on his back wouldn't leave him alone to wander just anywhere, taking this as his chance to head towards the table full of initiates and hope they would relent in their attention. He made his excuses to remove himself and began to head over towards the table, grabbing a cup of something to occupy his hand, as he looked for his seat and the other initiates that were there.

Perhaps he was butting on the tail end of things but it looks like an introduction was being made as he sat down, following the look of the teen he didn't know and who it was directed to... aah... Summer. He knew most of the initiates that would be participating in today's events over the course of years being with the coven ever since his Dad got them in but it seems like he was completely new from the sounds of it. Still, he needed to make his rounds with his peers to see how they have been and what better place to start off with someone new to bring along.

Setting his cup on the table, about halfway empty, he checked his pockets again before he took another glance to his left then right to place where everyone was.

"It's nice to meet you Jeremy but we're not the elders, you know that right? "

He welcomed with a small laugh and smile at the formal introduction, turning the attention that was once gazed on the surrounding crowd now focused on the person seated in front of him. For sure, he was definitely shorter than the dark-haired brunette but besides that, it looked like he recently got here just like him which was convenient.

"If you aren't busy with everything that is going on, I could introduce you to some of our peers. Hopefully, you will get to meet most of the others in our coven who will be with us tonight. "

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Yoinks, knowing me I probably skimmed over it on the backstory but yeah, Alex's parents were supposed to both be witches that ultimately got a divorce. Biological mom is on the run from magical CPS but that can be glossed over. With his father meeting, getting to know, and marrying another witch in Maryland where they moved into a new home and got to make a new life together.

I've added those small and important details but is there anything else that needs to be changed or smoothed over?
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