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Ahh, okay thanks! The first posts between most of our gods made it a confusing point. Merli was designed from Character Sheet to be an unknown god entering the court, so he'd be near the maximum starting age. Plus his current perks support his backstory so its thats all justified

Thus, this leaves me with the question of how old is Kozo? And... Would you be interested in Kozo becoming a part of the pantheon? Merli can make the first steps to pitch in with that -2 Influence he has and try to salvage this court.

Kozo would ideally be nominated to become a Nature God, however, if not we can try again next council meeting with some political ammunition ^.^
Yeah sorry for the absence, I will have a sheet most likely done by Sunday (if not on Monday from the guilt of missing the deadline...)
From what it seems like, all of the PC Gods are newly created entities right? Just wanting to clarify this part before making my character's post.
Would you be willing to let me take on the [ Royalty - Prince ]? Just asking before I can develop their character. Interested since I have the first three books on my bookshelf and was thinking that I might reread them since this popped up.
@The Grey Dust
Already posted, was just waiting for others to continue. If what you mean is that I have to play catch up after [Duoya]'s response then its fine
Hmm, that's a shame since I was debating on doing a different take on Artoria with Caliburn or Moses [Alter] but I'll make a master. Be back in a jiffy~

[Edit: Does anyone know if we have any Japanese/Chinese Heroic Spirits on our Scarlet team?]
If no one is so far interested in making a Saber, I would be keen on taking the chance to make one

As the slumbering god woke up, his form came up from nothing as his form came into existence as if it was natural, with a cloak covering over his form while the apparent nothingness surrounded around him. With his first step, it banished the shadows around him as a flight of white doves fluttered away from his sudden movement, revealing a decorative tapestry of stained glass on his feet in the formation of a circle. The only path leading forward were steps of glass that lead forward to where he felt like he needed to be, the toil of a bell. It sounded far away yet drone on and on in the emptiness of where he was, the only choice he had was to follow where it would lead to.

Through this emptiness, with each step he took, a piece of the path in front of him was revealed but the trail behind him faded from reality as he rathered on, with no apparent path backward. Eventually, his path had led him to a door of pristine white that he looked at hesitantly there was something on the other side that he could feel. If he had a choice, he would choose to leave but it was apparent that there was no way out unless he went this way. As he pulled his cloak closer around him, the doorway was pushed open before he was briefly blinded by the stark contrast of where he was now.

Opening his eyes, he saw a room of brown that despite seeing it for the first time, he knew where he was. Taking a glance backward, where he had come from disappeared as well, the door that connected from wherever he was had disappeared, leaving him now stuck. His presence was sudden but almost unacknowledged except by those who paid close attention, a figure that suddenly appeared from nowhere as he now suddenly occupied a seat in the back.

After entering the room, it wasn't hard to realize where that presence came from as his eyes saw the being that sat on that throne. He knew what the being was, or at least considered as but there was something else more primordial about the 'Essential' that made Merlí fear the God. Perhaps it was his eyes that were too good at doing what it was supposed to do, seeing the figure and all its forms bare to Merlí. He first saw the appearance of the king that laid on top, then the devil which was hidden underneath, and then- flashes that forced his eyes closed as he winced in pain which he waited for it to disappear before opening his eyes again...

'What was that...' The God's first thoughts were as he questioned himself before taking the chance to look over the court while he could.

The next figure of interest was a feminine figure, 'motherly' if he had to give a word to them but there was something else beginning to work around her. Invisible strings of power and influence began dancing around in this divine court that signaled change in the present, along with the fact that she seemed eager to try and advance her position before anyone else could be perhaps another reason to why she was dangerous in her own sense. Their name Merlí did not know but someone to take note of once it was revealed whether it be now in the courts or later by his own hands.

In the midst of this so far gloomy observation was something amusing, perhaps it was due to their inability to be noticed so far by the other gods. Even he admitted to himself that his eyes had difficulties following their existence which was not as concrete as the others currently in the Court, perhaps attributing to who they are as God. The contest they were playing was something he did not know about nor the form they took up but he did certainly know where the balance of the game was tipping as the move they made shaped the game.


Near the back where Merlí was sitting, there was someone else that he noticed, taking note of the small creature who seemed to be the one most prone to the conversation and approached them, despite their attempts of hiding themselves, his eyes had noticed them.

"Would you like somewhere better to hide? They'd never suspect two of us hiding under one" Merlí smiled as he asked quietly to the yellow fluffball, gesturing to his cloak. Chuckling a bit to keep the other at ease if they took it seriously, even though there was possibly enough room for the two of them.

"Don't worry, I am a bit nervous about those two as well..." Merlí whispered to the other knowingly as he continued to watch the court intently but seemingly not focusing himself on one scene to the next but the whole picture in general.

He would wait for a little bit to see how everything would build itself up before deciding if action would need to be taken.
Quite interested in this, but hopefully, you don't mind me planning on making Nurse Richards into a guy

I'll have it done by the weekend most likely

Adam Gallagher

Head Nurse / Head of Nursing

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