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@FrankenDaughter I liked this quite a lot, honestly. I adored the guitar work, and I found my head bobbing as I was listening to it. I will admit that due to the length I skipped ahead a few times, but I never really found myself in a part that I disliked. In addition, the vocals weren't harsh, they were pleasing to the ear, which I enjoyed. I'll most likely check out other songs by the same guys in the future, so thanks for that

I present, Atlas Genius
@Foreigner55 I think he's serious
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@HushedWhispers Still here!
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Location;; Walking to the Lights
Interacting With;; Customer -> reporter -> Party host

The piece of notch key finally slid out of the lock, as Samir wiped his brow, feeling pleased with his work. The old man's key had broken off in the lock, and finding Samir's card which had been deposited in his letterbox a few days prior. The call had been made, and Samir had arrived in around 25 minutes. After a good bit of fiddling with the lock, he had finally managed to slide out the piece of key with little harm to the lock mechanism itself. He was thanked by the customer, and warned the man not to be rough with his keys in the future. He also gave him the number and address of a shop that could make a replacement key. He packed up his things afterwards, got in his car and started making the short walk back to the Lights. The rain made the journey irritable, and carrying a toolbox only made the walk seem more tedious. He could see the building in the distance now, and saw the reporters and groaned a little.

The reporters had been badgering people in the area since the storm occurred. It was quite nice having them there at first, but after a few days Samir couldn't believe they were still there, badgering residents of the apartment building. Samir had as much questions as they did about the storm, probably. Hell, maybe the reporters knew a little more now, after harassing everyone within a mile radius about it for the smallest piece of newsworthy information. And of course, he was stopped by an eager looking middle aged man as he got close to the door. Many questions were thrown his way, and Samir answered with short one word answers. "Sir? Sir! What are your thoughts on the missing people after the storm?", to which Samir had answered: "It's a tragedy, and I, like everyone else, hope they're found soon. Now, could you leave me alone so I can go to my apartment?" He was aware of the missing people, and it puzzled him where the hell they had gone. Perhaps just swallowed up by the violent.

He looked over as he saw a girl leave the apartment, get badgered by reporters and dart back inside. These reporters were really taking no mercy with their questioning. He pushed past his interviewer and the crowd of reporters at the door, closing it behind him as he entered. Finally, peace at last. Although he could still hear the hum of voices from outside, and moved away from the door, before making the journey back to his flat. On the way, he encountered a guy in the hall with a bunch of flyers grasped in his arms. When the man walked over and began talking to Samir, he feared it was some kind of reporter who had got in. But to his pleasure, it was not. "Hey, good to catch you out here, me and some people are hosting a Survivor of the Storm party out on the beach tonight, and we're inviting people in the region to come.. Samir took a flyer graciously and thanked the man, promising his attendance at the event. The guy seemed happy with this and moved on. Samir would never pass up an event like this.

Finally reaching his flat, he opened the door (making sure not to break off his key in the lock) and entered, locking it behind him. He threw his toolbox down on the floor and collapsed on the couch, needing a relax. His mind drifted to thoughts of the storm, and therefore to his newly found powers. He cast a small flickering flame in his hand, and used it to incinerate a small piece of paper which he found in the cracks between the cushions of his sofa. This storm party could be a good event to show off his powers. Unlike some people, Samir had embraced his new abilities and, one could say he had been slightly abusing them. But he didn't care. Although, he did have to be careful he didn't accidentally burn the entire party. So he would keep it to a small flickering flame.
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@dreamingflowers Maybe you could use the Random Page feature on the Superpower Wiki and see what comes up…
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@HushedWhispers Sorry it's a little late, just got this guy finished up.

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