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Interacting with - @Kreutzer

Connor was pretty engrossed in the useless thing he was looking at, that he didn't even notice that the charge on his phone was dangerously low. He did notice, however, when the company logo popped up and the phone shut off, due to lack of charge. Scowling, he set out to retrieve his charger from his bag. He pulled it open, but to his annoyance found nothing. Damn. He must have left it in America, or maybe he just dropped it. Whatever the reason. He didn't have a phone charger, and that meant he couldn't use his phone. He did have some money though... maybe he should go into town and buy one. Then he would do his homework when he got back. So, he tucked his phone safely away and set out of his room, and down the stairs.

It was a nice little town, Connor thought. He hadn't really visited a Japanese settlement other than Tokyo, so it was cool to see. There were plenty of shops stocking replacement chargers, so he just found one with a nice long cable, paid for it and left. He still had some money left, so he thought he may as well walk around and see if there was anything else that caught his eye. Up on one of the main high streets, he spotted a distinctive haircut amongst the other shoppers. It was Marius, who Connor remembered had got the highest on the entrance exam. He walked over.

"Hey Marius, I'm Connor. I don't think we've properly spoken, other than right before class for a little bit. Is anyone else up in this area?"

Briefly interacting with - @Norschtalen, @pkken

Connor took the bottle of water and the towel gratefully. He chugged down a massive drink of cool water, then wiped most of the sweat off of his face with the towel. That felt a lot better. He thanked the girl and watched as the last few people started to finish off their own tests. He knew he had done well, but had he done well enough compared to everyone? He couldn't be sure, of course. Connor had done his tests before most people. He gave a nod of acknowledgement to Lance who was relaxing in the shade, and then plopped down under his own tree to relax.

Soon enough All-Might rounded up and dismissed the students to all their classes. Connor had almost forgotten it would still be like a normal school, they wouldn't just be fighting and doing physical activities the whole time. It was a little unnerving to see the pro-heroes teaching classes that had nothing to do with heroic actions themselves, but that didn't stop Connor from doodling in the most boring classes - mostly maths and literature - and subtly scratching his initials into the desks that he could get his daggers on. It was just a little thing he liked to do - he wasn't too sure why.

And then, the school day was over, and it was time to head back to their dorms. Connor had some homework to do but... decorating came first. He took the posters from his bed and hung them up in nice places in the room. His favourite movies and bands now adorned his room, and also just a few aesthetic things. Now what? His books lingered in the corner of his eye, subtly telling him he should do the work, but his phone called harder, and Connor found himself browsing things that he wasn't even that interested in. Pictures of dogs, and cityscapes, and games he didn't play, and movies he never watched. Suddenly he heard a commotion from somewhere... it sounded like the wolf boy from earlier, but angry. He peered out of his window and saw the kitsune girl he vaguely remembered seeing earlier walking away from the dorms. That didn't bode well, but Connor wouldn't get involved. Now, back to his phone. His homework could wait.

Interacting with - @pkken @Chaotic Chao @Norschtalen

Connor's suspicions about the wolf-boy, well, Ookami's quirk were confirmed. They were basically just stuff that wolves could do. Ah well, at least Lance's quirk was actually pretty decent. Controlling the wind was a respectable quirk, and Connor looked on with intrigue as the boy produced within his hand a marvellous little tornado. Very cool indeed. Lance got rid of the tornado and then asked about hero names.

"Nah, I haven't really thought about it that much. I guess I'll have to think of something when the time comes for it to be necessary."

But now it seemed to be time for the real tests to begin. A sense of excitement brewed inside Connor's chest as he made his way onto the sports field, feeling pretty confident about his abilities to do well. He knew some events he would excell at, and others he might lag behind due to his quirk not being very useful in those areas. Still, he was a pretty athletic boy nonetheless, and he had high hopes.

A while later, and Connor had done it. He was feeling pretty damn tired and exhausted, but still rather pleased with himself. The dash had gone as he'd expected. He still did okay, but he couldn't use his quirk for that and was obviously outpaced by people like that boy who could seemingly teleport. Now that was a useful quirk for running. Standing long jump had gone the same, even though he had tried to think of a way to use his quirk to his advantage. Most of the other athletic or running events were the same story.

Some events, however, Connor excelled at. With the grip strength he managed to strengthen the grip with some handy bone reinforcements, so he placed pretty high up on that event and was proud of himself. The ball throw, however, was completely different. Using something he vaguely remembered from school about pivots, he formed something that vaguely resembled a lacrosse stick. A longer pivot, he remembered, meant more power and energy. The ball was flung a damn far distance, and Connor was pretty sure he placed in the top three there. He managed to send out some bones to grip his toes in the toe touches to send himself up the rankings on that one, too.

Now Connor was tired, and had a large craving for a cool drink of water to cool himself down. What luck however, when he saw in the distance a girl surrounded by lots of them. Perhaps she was giving them away? He wandered over and found that it was the girl who had caught his sight earlier. She seemed pretty tired as well. He got closer and came to the conclusion that she was giving them away.

"Hey... If you're giving those away, can I have one? Tiring tests, eh?"

Interacting with - @Chaotic Chao | Mentioning/Noticing - @Norschtalen

Connor raised his brow as yet another person came over to talk to him, making the walking group have a total of three now. The boy was certainly odd - he seemed to be some sort of.... wolf, human hybrid? Or maybe he was just transforming into that for a brief time. Whatever it was, it was odd. Connor hoped it wasn't another one of those minor mutation quirks, people with those shouldn't be accepted into the school. Still, could be worse, could be the guy who's quirk was just a goddamn robot suit. Actually, now that Connor scoured his mind... he thought he recognised the boy from exams. The boy certainly seemed to know him, as he knew his full name. He turned to the wolf-boy and responded -

"Yeah, I'm Connor Montgomery, it's nice to meet you. As for what I can do, well, you'll see in the test. I can create things from the bones in my arm. What about you?"

Connor heard voices coming off from another way and loosely turned to see what was going on. It was Marius, another boy, and a girl. There was something about this girl that just... made him want to look. He couldn't quite explain it. Maybe it was her eyes? He pulled himself away and back to wolf-boy, awaiting his response.

Interacting with - @pkken

Connor saw a other people starting to come out from the dorms wearing their gym suits, getting more excited by the minute. He hadn't really felt excitement like this in a long time. It was a nice feeling, and one he had sorely missed. Perhaps this place really was where he would find his calling. He had been sceptical when Samantha told him he should try and get into the school - he didn't really fancy himself as a hero. But it just felt right, being surrounded by other people with powerful quirks and training with them.

Connor then spied a boy catching up fast behind him. He recognised the boy from the entrance examination - he vaguely remembered his name being... Lance? Or something along those lines. The boy said something about Connor not being the only one who couldn't wait to show everyone else what they could do. That was certainly true... he definitely could not wait. Lots of people underestimated his quirk when they first heard about it, but he always enjoyed proving the true power of it to them. Then he introduced himself, and Connor's suspicions of his name were validated. Lance Carter... yes, he did remember that name from the entrance exam. He responded in an equally relaxed and excited manner.

"Hi, Lance! I think I remember you from the exam.... I'm Connor Montgomery, pleased to meet you formally too!"

Connor looked the dorm building up and down with slight excitement and intrigue. He was happy that the dorm rooms seemed nice, adequate and not too cramped. Connor remembered his parents imprisoning him in his tiny bedroom for weeks on end and shuddered. He did have to crack a smile at All-Might's enthusiastic nature. It was rather contagious and Connor could almost feel a sense of second-hand enthusiasm irradiating from the Pro Hero. He spied that everyone else seemed to be as excited as he felt, and for a moment felt rather.... part of a crowd, something that he didn't feel that often. Nonetheless, his happy mood changed to one of disappointment when he saw the robot suit guy standing around, and trudging into the building as one of the first ones. What an embarrassment... being able to build a robot suit isn't a damn power... he thought, scowling.

He decided that it was no longer needed to wait amongst the crowd, and, gripping the straps on his back tighter, headed into the building not far behind robo-suiter. The building was clean and bright, and Connor's mood slightly brightened again as he looked around, smiling. He bounded up the stairs to try and nab a good room for himself, and saw the robo-suiter pulling a bunch of technological junk into the room he had selected, just next to the stairs. He moved a little way down the corridor. He didn't want to be in the next room to that guy. Opening the door of he room he would be spending the foreseeable future at the school was exciting, and he breathed a sigh of pleasure as he walked in, not bothering to close the door. It was nothing special of course, but it was adequately spacious. He shoved his bag onto the bed and zipped it open, posters of bands, movies and just posters of cool scenery tumbled out as he put them on the bed for placement later. He shot out a dagger from his hand and carved his initials into the side of the bed.

Not wasting any time, he shut the door and changed into the gym outfit provided to him. He quickly checked himself out in the mirror before heading back outside, feeling excited to finally show off what his quirk could do - and it wasn't just blades the bones in his arms could create. He saw robo-jackass already trudging his way over to All-Might, the feet of the suit inexplicably up very high with dirt. Connor wondered how the hell that had happened, but pushed it out of priority in his mind. All that mattered now was showing the others in the class what he could do - and what he was willing to do. He walked over, grinning a smug smile.

Explicitly mentioning the characters of - @Kalas, @Kreutzer, @Lucius Cypher

Karma's remark about there not being much competition took Connor slightly aback. What exactly was that supposed to mean? Connor believed there was more than adequate competition sitting there in the classroom. Well, him, obviously, but a few other people seemed pretty powerful and worthy of respect. Connor was thinking of making a snide remark in response, but he decided against it in the end. Not much point in being too blunt just at the moment. That moment would come eventually. He saw the girl who had fallen over interacting with some others and felt glad that he didn't have to for the moment. Connor didn't think he could resist making some form of comment about her earlier accident.

Connor was, like pretty much everyone else, taken aback when All-Might suddenly bound into the room. It was nice to have such a powerful figure at the school, but the overenthusiastic way he acted and spoke put Connor off a bit. Still, he had respect for the man, although it wasn't an obsession like he assumed some other people in the class test. The talk of a test of sorts made Connor rather excited. He could finally show off the power of his quirk to everyone here. It wasn't limited to making daggers from his hands after all. He could make a lot more things with those bones in his arms that just daggers and blades. He wondered who their normal homeroom teacher would be. Hopefully someone respectable again.

Connor saw that people were already beginning to head out onto the courtyard, Karma, the falling girl, and Marius included, and decided it would be apt for him to take his own place outside. He ambled out into the fresh air along with some of the other pupils from the class and took his place amongst the other students and sized up the others. Karma and Marius were there of course, then there was something that took Connor by surprise and slight annoyance. A boy was standing out there with what looked like some kind of power suit. Connor scowled in the boy's general direction. Great - someone who relied on a suit for power. They shouldn't even be allowed in the class, in his opinion. It wasn't real power. Connor turned his head away and stared ahead, waiting for whatever was going to happen to happen.

Interacting with - @Kalas, @Kreutzer

Connor was a little miffed as the reaction he got seemed to be dismissive. Karma just said his name, and only his name, and Marius just huffed in his general direction. They had quirks, that in Connor's eyes, put them above a lot of people, especially some in this class, but he didn't like how they were virtually ignoring him. Not one bit. Connor sat, brow furrowed, subconsciously tuning in to fragments of other conversations he could hear around him. Charles, the copier, was talking to Frin, the boy who had seemingly come first in the entrance exam. Probably trying to copy his quirk. He scowled lightly, and then suddenly registered that Karma was addressing him. He had asked where exactly Connor had placed. Truth be told, Connor didn't know exactly where he had. He assumed that it was quite high up, but he needed to find a way to put that across.

"Well... To be fair, I'm not sure exactly what position I placed in. I believe it was somewhere in the top 10, perhaps the top 15 if we're being lenient."

Connor suddenly heard a slap and turned his face with the rest of the class to see a girl clumsily trip and fall, spilling her class supplies all over the floor. What a mess. And, how pathetic, he thought, as a girl rushed over to help her up. If she couldn't even walk into a classroom without tripping up and falling over, how on earth did she pass the entrance exam and get into the school. He wondered what her quirk was, as he turned back to see Marius seemingly grinning at the sight, and awaited Karma's response.

Interacting with - @olcharlieboi, @Kalas, @Kreutzer

Connor's brow furrowed slightly as Charles noted down something quickly, then turned back to him and began to demonstrate his quirk. It seemed that Charles's quirk was just to... well, steal the quirks of others. To Connor, that was rather pathetic for a quirk. I mean, how the hell did he pass with that? Connor had no idea. The boy was practically quirkless. When Charles had attempted to copy his quirk and suddenly became pained, he chuckled in his mind. On the outside he kept a stern expression. The fact that his quirk no longer hurt him wasn't something that came packaged - it was something that had taken almost a year to develop. 4 year old Charles used to cry away from his parents, but he built up a resistance to the pain in his arms eventually.

"The pain resistance in my arms wasn't something that came instantly.... it took a while for my body to catch up with my power. And I assume it will take a while for yours to catch up too. As for your... quirk.. it's interesting, I suppose. Now, if you excuse me, I might go and interact with some other people here. Hope to see you around, perhaps."

He saw the large, red girl enter the room. He hoped her quirk wasn't limited to just being massive, although he couldn't imagine it being much more. People like that shouldn't even be here, he thought. Surely they weren't as deserving as those with real powers to attend. Her and the copycat kid. It was rather shameful. Samantha would be disapproving greatly. Well, nevermind, he would show these people what true power was in time. Now, it was time to interact with others. Maybe spread his views... get them onto the winning side, the truthful one.

A conversation caught his attention a little bit away. It seemed to be about girls, and cute girls at that. Connor found himself agreeing. There were certainly a good few attractive girls in this class. Connor scooted over and decided to butt into the conversation. He didn't care if it was rude or not. Frankly, they should be honoured. Well, maybe that was a little extreme.

"Hey, I think that it's alright to point out cute girls. I have to agree with Marius myself. Anyway, I'm Connor Montgomery. Nice to see you all here".

Connor's attention was slightly drawn to the basketball being thrown up and down. He had a lingering thought to pierce it with quick spike while it was in the air. It was slightly annoying, after all.
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