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And so the prison break was afoot.

Dean nodded silently as he received his instructions in the helicopter. When Quinn had asked about how attached he was to the birds he controlled, he knew that there would be some heavy causalities. It would be quick and painless for the fallen, though, and they were doing it for a just cause. Better than breaking a wing and starving to death, he supposed. He was glad that he didn't bring any of his ravens along for this, he couldn't risk getting any of them caught up in the madness that was to follow. He probably wouldn't even need to use all the birds. The cops wouldn't be expecting anything. They would be taken totally off guard, and there were enough villains present to totally overwhelm them. Nothing should go wrong.

The helicopter hovered over the whole convoy, and the kamikaze cavalry that had been flying close to them the whole journey descended for their final mission. There were a good number of escorts - they were guarding a pretty important cargo, after all. The birds were small, so the escorts probably wouldn't even notice them. One flew up next to a cop on a bike, and then. Bang. Everything kicked off from there. The escorts had been completely surrounded, and explosions were going off left right and centre. Most of the escorts had absolutely no idea what was going on, meaning the plan had worked perfectly. Quinn soon dropped down from the helicopter to do her part, and Dean stayed above to guide the rest of the birds. A few officers who had escaped the blasting began to corner Quinn - but others still peeled off to respond to another noise.

Everything was going just fine. And to make things even better, Corvus noticed a few birds who once had explosives flying off unscathed together. However the hell that happened, he didn't know, but it was still nice. Soon the bus was enveloped in a blanket of thick black smoke. Was there a role for Dean now? It seemed like the plan was drawing to a close. The police just looked confused, laughably incompetent. Criminals poured out of the smoke, heading away from the police. He may as well help them. A cop who tried to chase after one of the prisoners was met with a group of pigeons who distracted him, allowing the prisoner to escape into the dense patch of trees beside the road. He continued to do this for a while, toying with the cops while he waited for the helicopter to move and wrap the mission up.

Dean turned as the voice came suddenly behind him. Well, looks like his question had been immediately answered. An amusingly convenient time of entry for this new villain. He watched intently as she moved forward in a way that seemed physically impossible. He was already making guesses about her quirk as she got closer - levitation, maybe? No, that didn't seem right. He felt an ever-so-slight tug on the back of his chair, barely noticeable unless you were thinking hard, which gave him a clear clue. Even if he couldn't see it, something was pulling this new arrival along the ground. This was confirmed as the woman would almost be lifted.

The new arrival, now identifying herself as Marionetta, now posed a question to the villains that were there - could they guess her quirk. Dean leaned forward to speak. "If I were to hazard a guess... you can extend things from your body which enable you to be pulled along. But I'm not able to guess any specifics of how exactly that mechanism works.". There wasn't any way his quirk could be easily guessed - probably. Although they could guess that it was perhaps bird-themed.

A new arrival joined the group shortly after that. This one was much less composed than the last one, and Dean did not have as much respect for him due to that. But any villain was needed, he'd have to put aside his strict ideas purely so what must be done can be done. That looked to be everyone else who would be arriving. Two new recruits was still very useful.

This time they had a new leader, as Noxious would not be joining them. It was a shame, Noxious was a good leaded and an adept fighter. Anarchy Red was an unusual choice. If she could get past the obsession with snark and focus on the mission at hand, then Dean supposed that she could effectively lead this mission. But Dean did think he would be a much better candidate for leading the group than Quinn. Oh well, in due time perhaps.

Quinn explained the plan. Well, no she didn't. She just described the nature and route of the convoy. Hopefully they wouldn't run into any more annoying schoolchildren, unless there happened to be an absurd school trip to a prison convoy. Their roles would be explained in the helicopter. He would prefer to be given them now, but he supposed it made for conversation in the helicopter.

But now he was asked a question. How attached was he to his birds. A simple question with a simple answer.

"My personal collection? A great deal. The ones I take spontaneously from the wild, not very much at all."

He nodded back at Noxious after she had agreed with him. It was a strange thought that they'd probably never see Jackie again - but, oh well. It wasn't their fault that she had gone and got captured on their first mission. And Dean supposed that it was bad luck that the heroes had arrived when they did - but if you can't get your way out of bad luck effectively, then she was never going to be able to make it when they got to the real missions as a group, when the pro-heroes would be the main focus, not some equipment laying in a warehouse.

Ah. After all that, they were still here to break someone out. Well, not break someone out - intercept a transfer. The orders were beginning to get slightly tiring. And he didn't really agree with breaking somebody out who had gotten themselves captured in the first place. But if they were going to bring down hero society, some principles had to be suspended. They would need all the numbers that they could get. It would be rather foolish to miss an opportunity to put some... well, literal firepower back into their ranks. It could be done, then.

Dean raised his eyebrow when Noxious then went on to tell the group that she wouldn't be coming with them. He only hoped that she would be doing something more important, not just that she couldn't be bothered, or didn't want to risk getting herself captured. Dean wasn't surprised that more villains would be arriving to assist them. San Francisco was a big city, and it was certainly filled to the brim with a wide selection of villains to choose from for a task like this. More villains meant that they could put up more of a fight agains the pro heroes next time.

"Alright. So, where are these new villains? Are we just waiting for them to arrive?"

Well, the time had come. 2 days had been and gone, Dean having taken a break from villainy during the time and entertaining himself with just spending time exploring San Francisco a bit. But finally, it was the day that the League was scheduled to meet again. Dean had donned his full gear - as he should when meeting up with his new companions - and left his manor to make the journey to Alcatraz. Dean memorised the route well, and he arrived at Alcatraz shortly after he left, suffering little strife on his short journey.

As he walked up into the building, he took off his mask, holding it under his shoulder. Well, he noticed, this place had certainly been upgraded in the last few days. The theft of a massive amount of expensive hero gear would certainly provide the funds for that. He enjoyed this place much more now, it was more sophisticated, much more to his taste than the dingy, dark and abandoned building which the League had first convened in 2 days prior.

Dean wasn't the first one to arrive, evidently, as Noxious was in the corner, Quinn and Jacobs both convened in the middle of the room. Dean for a moment wondered if there would be anyone new here - although, with how low the group had been ordered to lay after the incident at the factory, and especially as a member of their number had been unfortunately captured. Dean had arrived just in time to hear Jacob speak, and he paused for a moment before speaking himself.

"Greetings, everyone." He placed his mask on the table and pulled out a chair, sitting down. "I don't think we should be wasting valuable time and equipment at this stage in our operations, just to retrieve someone who got themselves captured. I'm sure Jackie will be fine. We should wait until we have more wealth, more equipment."

Well, things seemed to be wrapping up now. He felt the boy in his grip turn into a boulder, but didn't pay him much attention any more. His job, like the job of all the villains, was done. Dean's raven skimmed past the boulder and landed on his shoulder, and as he saw the pro heroes begin to fill up the room, he decided to make a hasty exit - and as he heard Noxious' voice coming over his comms, then that sealed his decision to leave. He took one last look at the rock, before his birds all stopped moving, sitting on the floor silently, looking around seemingly aimlessly. Dean took a moment to look over the corpses of all the avian soldiers which had fallen in combat, almost with a twinge of sadness. But what must be done, must be done, and what must be done will always have a few casualties along the, especially in a task such as this.

But as Dean stepped back through the entrance he came from, and picked up space into a brisk jog, the calm ended, and the swarm followed behind him providing a sense of cover just in case he was followed. He did think that he might have heard someone beyond the mass running after him, but that sound soon subsided, and Dean snuck out of the facility through the way he came in. A job well done - they had done everything they came here to do, even with the unwelcome addition of a few petulant students. When Dean had gone far enough, he released all his soldiers from their service, and he watched as they all flew in their directions. It would be a few hours still before Dean got home, feeling somewhat fatigued - but certainly not as much as he imagined the heroes must be feeling. He put his raven back in with the rest, and then the day was done.

Dean had woken up thoroughly quite bored, and certainly not in the mood for any villainous activity. So, today, he would simply be a normal civilian, doing normal civilian things. No mask or business suit today. First he went out for lunch, and then he noticed he was passing by the San Francisco zoo, and decided to take a quick visit. As much as Dean despised his parents, he did have some fond memories here, making birds do silly things to amuse the kids who were watching, or scare them - whichever got the best reaction. Paying for his ticket and walking in, it was obvious where Dean would go - the tropical aviary. It was nice to escape from the world of criminality every now and again, and Dean probably preferred the company of birds, anyway.

Without his villain costume, the only thing that stood out about Dean now was his height. It was always weird to just be a normal person. He admired the birds, and then glanced over at a young boy trying to get the attention of a parrot who wasn't interested. Soon enough the parrot hopped over and squawked at the boy, with a little help from Dean of course. Well, that was his nice act for the day, and Dean moved on, past animals that didn't interest him much at all. He then reached some cassowaries. That was pretty cool. If he had an army of those at his disposal, he could certainly do much more damage than scratches - the foot of a cassowary could kill in one kick if aimed in the right area. Maybe he should come here one time - at night - and break some of the more dangerous birds out for later use. He could pitch that to the League, maybe, and he made a mental note of it, as he continued watching the cassowaries do their thing - pecking the floor and walking around, mainly.

For a moment, he continued to regard the rounded object with curiosity. Just as he was about to leave it and walk over to the fallen moth girl, suddenly, out of the absolute damn blue, he felt a moderate weight tugging on his mask, looking down to see that the rock was now a very angry looking boy. He felt the straps begin to almost start slipping off, and whipped his neck out of the boys grasp to ensure that it didn't get tugged off. He was considerably taller than the rock boy, so it wasn't hard to keep his head out of reach. This was certainly unexpected, and Dean cursed himself slightly for being so reckless - with quirks, anything could happen, even something as fantastical as a rock turning suddenly into a boy.

And then, out of nowhere once again, the rock boy pulled out a device from his pocket, and an ear splitting, piercing noise filled the air. The crow on his shoulder was quickly commanded to leave, flying away where the noise was less severe - he couldn't lose such an important asset in a battle with this student, who before today he obviously wouldn't have known existed. But Corvus still had height and strength over the boy. He felt the phone collide with the side of his head once - classic reckless hero move, using the thing that's keeping you from being destroyed to try and hurt someone else. But the hero was predictable, and anticipating a second hit in the same place, Corvus used an arm to whack the device out of the boy's hand, sending it spinning to the floor, where it hit the ground with a crack, finally stopping the sound.

Now, this was better. His arms now gripped the boy, no more distractions from his unusual phone, which was quickly descending upon and scratched to hell by a group of pigeons. His crow returned from its absence, now driving the short knives of its into Peter's shoulder, scraping downwards before flying back around to approach for a second attempt in the other shoulder. Elsewhere, he decided that Sofia had been done enough, and directed more birds to where he was - although a few remained, continuing to peck and scratch at Sofia's wings.

Things continued to seem like they were going fairly well. The students were mostly in disarray, and from what he could tell, Jackie was certainly holding her own against sparky and that damned cat thing. Anarchy, too, was doing her thing. It seemed he could relax the swarm on this floor a little bit, and focus it way more up there to try and cripple the students further to prevent these little brats ever wanting to face him and his fellow villains again - at least, not in a group like this. He still kept a decent sized posse around him though, just in case - one could never be too safe.

So, Dean kept targeting through the hole, as the swarm downstairs relaxed a bit. He could absolutely no way risk peering through the senses of any of his soldiers, as he needed all his senses to be alert within himself. He peered around at the chaos for a little bit. The crowd of heroes had thinned out massively, seeming as if this whole debacle was coming to an end. It wasn't like it was going to end any other way than victory for him and the villains - these were just school children after all, and despite being under the stewardship of the number one hero, they would never be more than mere children until they maybe got their hero licenses and took their degeneracy out on the streets.

Then - Dean caught something out of the corner of his eye. A big, white, fluffy mass, flying through the air he turned to glance at it, and that's when the rock came flying towards him. He had but a second to react, and a valiant bird knocked it just off course by colliding with it, sending the rock flying into his top hat, which fell to the ground. Dean scowled, looking down. That was his favourite hat. He was just lucky that the rock had skimmed over his forehead. He turned back to the moth girl, finding her already unconscious on the ground. This would not go without retribution, so he gave a good portion of his legion a new command.

Go for her wings. Peck, scratch, claw. Ruin them.

While that went on, Dean turned around and glanced down at the object that was thrown at him. It certainly didn't have a usual trajectory... Was it some sort of egg? Something infused with a quirk? Whatever it was, it aroused Dean's suspicion. It had come dangerously close to knocking him out, after all. He placed a foot on it. It wasn't soft, it was by all intents and purposes just a stone. He kept it under his foot for a bit, before taking it off and looking at the rock through his eyepieces.

@Zaphander @Mangrale

Dean was pleased. As he had expected, the students had been immediately overwhelmed by the sudden flurry of angry birds. Whether that caused them to retreat or be injured was neither here nor there. It also gave him an opportunity to study the quirks of these students - if they were prospective heroes then it would make more sense to know what they could do and how to stop them if they ever ended up becoming active where he was active. So, for a few moments he scanned his eyes over the crowd, watching how the students dealt with his onslaught in their own unique ways.

First his attention was drawn to a girl with messy brown hair and big, wide eyes. She was swarmed too, at first, before she started leaping around and chasing his soldiers. She clearly had some kind of animal mutation, albeit not an obvious one, and when he spotted the claws he couldn't help but smirk under his mask. Very cat-like indeed. The usual tables of nature had been turned, it seemed, when she was clearly too overwhelmed. Then the tall hispanic, shielding her face from the pecks and the scratches as she talked with another student. The birds didn't seem to effect her that much, but that didn't matter. She was distracted anyway.

Then suddenly, the cold. Now, that was a bit more concerning. He drew a good portion of the birds in that area out and directed them to other areas. A student surely couldn't use a quirk like that for very long, so all he had to do was wait it out and attack other students. Then there was the boy who didn't exactly use this opportunity to demonstrate his quirk - unless killing birds with a chair was a quirk. As the corpse of a bird sailed towards him, he caught it in his hand, before throwing it back the way it came. A bird's death was always a shame - but it was for the greater good. It knew that. And as long as his crow remained okay, it didn't matter.

Then moth girl. She seemed just as vulnerable as the cat, and Dean grinned as his army zoned in on her. The gusts of wind temporarily blew them away, but temporarily was the key, and they kept at it. He turned to see Sharkman as he swung his chain at the cold girl. That was good, but moth girl managed to dive her out of the way at the last second - albeit getting herself a nasty gash. That took her out of the fight. Looked like the League of Villains was winning this scrap in a rather decisive manner, even if the students tried their hardest to put up a strong fight. But there was still a conundrum - should the heroes be allowed to escape. The logical answer was yes - but impacts needed to be made. Messages needed to be taught.

He glanced to the side, seeing The Ripper about to confront cat, cold and sparky. Meanwhile, a spinning rock had been drilled through the ceiling, launched by the muscular girl. He was confident in Jackie's ability to hold off the students, even if she was young, so the question arose - where to direct his army too now? He looked up into the hole that was created in the ceiling. There was a student up there, and he could prevent more going up. At once, about 40% of the birds on the ground floor flurried up into the hole, back on attack mode.

It was pretty ironic, Dean thought. He had posed a question when they were all still in Alcatraz, asking if there was a plan in case that Enterprise did show up. And now, Enterprise (and her students) had shown up. He would have said "I told you so" to his fellow villains, but that wasn't a very formal thing to do. He had done his job in terms of raiding the factory. Now he could purely focus on ridding the factory of the scum who had infested it. There was still a bit of preparation to do. As he heard Jackie get into position to attack the heroes, waiting for them to get close to her, Dean headed outside of the facility.

This was the industrial part of town. Lots of big buildings. So, of course, there were lots of birds to be found. His raven still on his shoulder, Dean sent out some waves. A bunch of wrens, including the ones, from earlier arrived. A nice group of starlings which had been roosting under the roof of the factory. Some pigeons, sparrows. It wasn't long before Dean had built himself up a pretty formidable, sizeable army. He could definitely cause some chaos with this and help out his fellow criminals. Dean headed around the back with his new soldiers and slipped into the corridor, the swarm squeezing in behind him. The clipping of small talons on the floor and the flap of wings filled up the empty hallways with noise.

It wasn't long before he met up with Ryan, who had his scissors bare and. Corvus shared a nod with Sharkman, and he could soon hear noises coming through his comms from Jackie. Well, it seemed like the Ripper was jumping right into the conflict with the students. It had to happen soon, Dean supposed. Although, it was a shame that it couldn't have waited until him and Ryan arrived. As they got closer to the room where it was going down, Dean instructed the birds to hang back. The element of surprise was important, after all. Soon they reached the open door to the large room, and Dean could see inside - well, some of what was inside. He could hear Noxious talking to Enterprise. That would distract the pro hero. But the rest needed to be distracted too.

He turned to Ryan. "It would be wise for you to go to the side here. Everyone else - some reinforcements are coming..

Around the corner came his swarm, funnelling through the door and filling the room quickly - but making sure to keep perimeter around Noxious and Enterprise. They were ordered to attack the students - and Hayes - and that's what they would do.

Well that was it then. While Dean did not expect the plan to unfold suddenly today, he definitely was not opposed to it. As he walked up the steps to the roof, and into the helicopter, he couldn't help feeling that he was stepping into a brave new chapter. Maybe this group would succeed in doing what so many noble villains had tried and failed to do in the past - bring about the end of hero society. But that was a leap. For now it was this mission.

The ride to the factory was short, but fairly boring and awkward. There weren't many words - everyone was thinking about their roles, he assumed. Dean somewhat regretted only bringing one crow now. But this was a city after all. There would be birds everywhere. So Dean didn't worry too much about a lack of spies available for this task ahead.

So, they touched down, everyone rushing into their respective positions. His mask back on, Dean fitted the communication device inside. His crow wouldn't go inside - it was too big and too valuable. Instead, Dean recruited three wrens from a nearby tree, small birds who could fit in easily to small holes. He made sure he was tucked away - He can't sense from his own body when taking over the senses of a bird - before sending them in.

"Right then. It's rather empty in here so far. I certainly don't see any armed guards. Just a few workers. Security in this place is definitely lax, I don't forsee much issue on that front. Alright, this is it I think. There's a large metal door here. There's a keypad to enter, so you'll have to get past that. Let me just wait for someone to go in or out.

A brief pause. A worker soon came and opened the door, the tiny bird slipping in behind it.

"This is indeed the machine room. There are a couple of security guards in here, it seems, but none of them are armed. That door my wren just slipped through seems to be the only door. So, in conclusion then - there are no armed guards in the halls. The machine room door is the eighth on the left. There's a keypad to enter and security guards inside. That is all."

And then that was done. Dean regained his senses and sighed, leaning back to let the others do their thing. But, just as a final precaution, Dean sent a wren out to check the perimeter. As it flew overhead, it spotted something in the almost empty parking lot. A bus. He wants pretty sure he didn't notice that before. The bird flew into the closest tree, and Dean quickly noticed the U.S.J logo on the side. Oh dear. And what's more, inside he could see the long blonde hair of Enterprise. Students stood up to get off - a boy with equally bright blonde hair, what appeared to be a moth, a very muscular hispanic and many more.

"Everyone, there has been a very unexpected new development. A bus has just pulled into the parking lot here. A U.S.J bus. Filled with students... And Enterprise.
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