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Current it's fucking September
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I see the garden, the tower, the street / Call out to nobody, call out to me
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heard there were some rarts scrapping in the status bar, whats happening
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and even if the morning never comes / my hands are blessed to have touched the sun
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and when i can feel with my sun hands / i'll promise not to lose her again




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And you will go to Mykonos
With a vision of a gentle coast
And a sun to maybe dissipate
Shadows of the mess you made

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LOCATION(s): Government facility -> Warehouse

The drone surveyed the dark landscape as Talos watched through the screen. The noise of the wind turbines would have masked any noises from below that the drone could have picked up. So, it was relying on sight alone. But even the sight was obscured in the darkness, only the lights of the turbines themselves helping to illuminate anything. Talos made a mental note that he needed to upgrade the drone with some form of night vision capabilities, something that would have definitely come in handy here.

Then suddenly, a much larger sound filled the air. The drone spun to see a helicopter down below, fast approaching. The wind blew the drone
far off course and Talos had to work hard to right it once again. The vehicle then headed out over the grass as the drone sat on a flat surface on top of one of the turbines. When it had gone far enough, it took to the skies once again. The camera panned straight down for a moment, and Talos stopped it right there. He could see something down by the base of the turbine, faintly.

Talos lowered the drone quietly to get a better view. It was two figures, seemingly, crouching. Once it reached a reasonable distance, the drone stuck itself to the trunk of the wind turbine facing downwards. This would be a good vantage point to see where these figures would go.
I'm still here

LOCATION(s): Government facility -> Warehouse


They reached the exit, a huge set of doors which opened out onto a sea of alleys and buildings behind the facility. All his stolen loot gripped in his metal hands, or slung over his shoulder, he turned to Ziggy standing next to him.

"Hopefully I won't need to see you again. But let me present this question to you. Why are you content being their little lapdog? Their little weapon? You could be so much more. You should be ruling them, not taking their orders. You are superior to the humans in every way."

Then he nodded, and walked out, quickly vanishing into the jungle of concrete and brick. The city was a lot busier now, and he dodged the main streets to avoid getting seen. He couldn't get caught with all the loot he had just stolen, or even get noticed by someone who worked in law. They might follow him back to the warehouse. Then all the tech he had been building up for the last few years would all be lost. That would be a damned shame. Most other abandoned places in the city have been converted into living spaces, anyway, for the surplus human population. Irritating.


It was evening now, and Talos sat intently on a stool next to a desk. There was a small rat in a glass case, which he had caught in the corner of his warehouse. And then he had the crystal sample. He combined the two components, the rat convulsing and twitching as crystals popped up all over its body. How very interesting. The rat keeled over soon, very much dead. He almost felt sorry for the little thing. It wasn't human, it did nothing wrong really. But its death was necessary. He tucked the main crystal piece away in a secure glass case.

Suddenly, the TV playing as ambient noise in the background began to flicker again. Tattered pieces of news reports about heroes. More vague and revealing shots. Then, a code. He quickly paused the television. He could translate this code in under a minute. So, he did. Meet me where the wind blows. That was certainly an intriguing code. Where did the wind blow. He rewound the clip. A rotating sound. His mind put something together - the wind farm. There was one in the city, right towards the outskirts. But he didn't want to go all the way there. He didn't know what this was yet. But he had an idea.

He dug around in his tech stores for something, and soon found it. A very small camera drone that he had designed. Small, and very quick. He opened the window and sent the small thing out, being controlled by a screen which he held, which also showed the view. It reached the wind farm, searching around for signs of life.

LOCATION(s): Government facility


He could see the panic flash across the faces of the men as he nonchalantly downed one of them with the thermal weapon. The asset looked at him with slight fear as well. If he could grin, this is where he would have grinned. But he just stood silently, clutching his stolen prizes to him as the asset barked an order to the soldiers, before the dead body was carried off by them.

Then suddenly, the glowing being expanded a mass of crystals from himself, blocking off the entrance. Talos glanced at the sample in the glass cylinder. Perhaps much more useful than he thought. But he quickly turned around as the crystal being began to speak. Something that almost sounded like a plea. It was unusual for Talos that a non-human of this power would regard human life in such a high regard. He could rule and command them easily if he wanted to? Why was he content with just being one of their weapons? To Talos, it didn't really make much sense. But he was being offered a safe way out of here with all his loot. An offer too good to refuse, certainly.

He walked forward a bit more. "Alright. You will help me leave with all my prizes, and I won't hurt anymore of your precious human masters." He paused. "I won't need to come back. I've gathered all the useful things from this facility. Let's not delay. Show me the way out."

LOCATION(s): Government facility


As the alarms continued to blare, Talos continued steadily down the hallway. He had stolen the most powerful weapon (he assumed) that the facility had here, and bullets wouldn't do much anyway. These thermal guns were obviously designed to contain something very powerful. A human would probably fare as well as a piece of wood and cardboard. Human voices began to echo, unsurprisingly, from other corridors and other rooms. And there was a small patch of voices coming down the hall in front of him, accompanied by footsteps. And then the group came into view. There were humans, obviously, but also something... extraordinary. A non-human, blue, crystalline viewing. This must be the asset. And he had asset containment in his hands.

Then the being spoke, commanding him to put back the things he had stolen, and to come quietly. Like some sort of prisoner. Then came a warning about endangering human life. If the asset wanted to warn something about endangering human life, then he shouldn't have picked Talos to warn about that. He gripped the glass containing the crystal, now realising that it was a piece of the being that stood before him. He faced the thermal gun towards a human who stood at the edge of the group, clicking the trigger without hesitation, sending an orange beam through the man's chest. He then reached a hand to his silicone mask, and slid it off.

"You must be the... asset, I assume. You are indeed quite incredible. Anyway, who I am is not important, at least not yet. I have no worries about endangering or ending human life. I hold a weapon specifically designed to stop you, and now these weapons belong to me. I see that you value human life. So, let me walk free or I will end much more of it."
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