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The End... or the Beginning…

On the ride home the subdued quiet is pregnant with questions that go unasked. If only because the person the questions would be aimed at was down for the count and passed out, or so deep in their own head that a response at this time wouldn’t make sense. So many questions left unanswered.

You get to the Institute and shuffle off to your dorm rooms. The alcohol doing it’s job and making you so very tired. The next day you go about the day like normal, or semi-normal.

“This is Dean Ashford.” Comes across the internal speaker system just before you are released for the day. “It has come to our attention that students that left campus last night were observed drinking underage. Let me be clear about this. Those students will be reprimanded for their actions. We also have our first cohesive band of X-Men. Congratulations. Live up to it. Earn it. Then use it wisely. The Danger Room will be open…” The pause was long and drawn out. “...for those of you who were out last night to clean it. Mr. Miller decided that practicing to be an astronaut was a good idea after eating chili dogs. Consider yourselves on clean up duty for the next week. That is all. Carry on.”
Back at Avalon...

The Gateway pulsed once, twice, three times. Everything went eerily still and quiet. Out stepped a figure that was cloaked in darkness, so dark it was like the space between the stars.

The guy cleaning up the club shrieked like a girl and passed out as he caught sight of the figure. A deep chuckle was heard from the figure cloaked in darkness. "Humans pathetic. Sena was right. This is almost too easy." The figure raised it's hand and muttered in an ancient language. "I am patient but only for so long."

The darkness seemed to fall into the figure and smiled slowly. He breathed in deeply and sighed smiling still. "She was here. And now to solidify what she wrought so naively."

Power pulsed in the room and the doorway, gate, portal whatever you want to call it, solidified and pulsed three times again. Smiling wickedly the large dark haired and eyed man waved his hand and a dark throne appeared. Sitting on it he steepled his fingers and leaned back getting comfortable as if waiting for someone.
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Nikolai "Demo" Markov

Location: The Ashford Institute for the Gifted

Interactions: None

Mentions: Everyone

Nikolai Markov opened his eyes to look up at the ceiling, but his vision took a little longer to shift into focus than he was used to. He didn't feel particularly sick, but rather felt the pain, panic, and emotional exhaustion of last night's events. His mind flickered back over the night before. Strange psychic messages, a weird monster, and Una. He shook his head violently just as his vision had returned and got up into a sitting position, feeling his body ache.

Nik's day wasn't particularly eventful. He had woken up late, which cut his workout time in half. Despite getting the extra sleep, Nik couldn't stay awake in his classes. Of course, this wasn't far from the norm. And yet, he could feel the stares. Whenever he walked the halls, he could hear the whispers. Word certainly had to have gotten out about what happened.

And then, of course, the end of the day arrived. And just as Nik was gathering all of his supplies, the announcement arrived. He hung his head for a moment and shoved one hand into his pocket as the other flung his backpack over his shoulder. It looked like it was going to be a long night.
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Ashford Institute for the Gifted



Nikolai Markov

Jasper hadn't slept much, other than her required two hours out of trance. She hadn't slept through the night in years, and even stretching her mutation hadn't been enough to make her sleep long. Her eyes blinked open to stare up at the ceiling of her room. She could hear the other girl still sleeping not far away, though that was normal. It was just before dawn after all. The blackette rolled out of bed to grab something to wear today before heading for the shower. When she was done with that, she grabbed her coat and headed out of the room.

She was still hopped up on adrenaline, surveillance footage playing back in her mind. On their way back the night before, she had gone through what she could to delete footage of their encounter. Mutants were already half hated and dangerous. Letting people see what had happened at Avalon would just be asking for more trouble. Bag in hand, she did something she didn't often do - she went to class in person. A rare event, and something that she didn't plan to do often. She just wanted to see their faces today.

After classes were over for the day, Jasper had been headed off to take a look at the news and see what the humans had decided to call the damage. Until she heard that announcement anyway. "The fuck. I wasn't even drinking." They probably couldn't see her, but she flipped one of the speakers the bird before continuing down the hallway. On her way she spotted a familiar face, more distraught than angry this time around.

"Hey!" She called out, quickening her pace to catch up with him. "Nikolai Markov, right? We met last night." She paused, looking over at him. A small smirk curled up the corner of her mouth. "Hungover or just trying to hide?"
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Streetlights reflected against black chrome as the tires curled over ruts in the parking lot to Club Avalon. The sleek sports car halted just outside the entrance; its elegant tail lights blending into the hustle that was still downtown Los Angeles. The uproar that had unfolded in the club hours before had long subsided and no one was really sure what happened or what they saw, as if the memory dissipated like a dream. A lone figure stepped from the driver side and the small glow of an LED screen watch could be seen from a turn of the wrist. The figure, noticeably feminine, as it moved past the hood of the car, long hair waved gently in the breeze as she walked between the long-abandoned entrance barricades into the dark corridor that was normally the club’s busy front door.

The ever present sound of traffic carried through the open entryway like white noise as she stepped over broken bottles, trash and destroyed furniture. She shook her head slightly as glass crunched under her shoe. Even though the clock had passed midnight long ago, the woman looked as if she had just come from the gym. She paused across the way from the figure waiting, her expression was a uneasily composed neutral gathered in part by fear, part hope and a hint of disbelief. The air was overwhelmed with the gravity of his aura and the wake of the rift that the portal tore through reality. She knelt in front of him and bowed her head slowly. In the corner of her eye she could see a human male face down on the disgusting floor and she exhaled slightly before rising up to meet his gaze.

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Location: Outside the Ashford Institute for the Gifted

Daniela Steele was scared.

Of course after what had happened to her back in New York would scare even the most hardened of people but the fear of what she had unleashed and the consequences of what she had done had been driving her onward for weeks now. She had run as far as she could after the Incident back in New York but still, people kept coming after her. In the past week she had nearly been caught twice after being recognized in two separate states.

She had come across the large building last night while hiding after seeing a police car with it's lights flashing. In her case, it was better safe than sorry. It had a large track and field and a number of large buildings. She was assuming it was some sort of school but she wasn't entirely sure. Last night, after managing to onto the property she had found a pool and a small building. She was very grateful for the smaller building. She had managed to get past the lock on it and and finally managed to enjoy a mostly uneventful night's sleep.

Daniela had been in the middle of trying to find something to eat when her hands began to emit a faint yellow glow as she reached for a light switch. A moment later, she felt power begin to run through her body as the lights in the building began to flicker.

Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!

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Heidi Williams

Location: Ashford Institute

The alcohol had little effect on Heidi. Then again, she hadn't drank very much. She remembered drinking wasn't that big a deal in Edinburgh. Getting absolutely hammered when you were fifteen was a tap on the wrist at most. Having one drink underage wasn't even worth mentioning. And of course the legal age was eighteen, not twenty-one. Here, by comparison, admitting in public that you had one glass of beer when your were twenty is like admitting you used to steal cars. You broke the law, pure and simple. In that regard, America was quite different to Scotland. Heidi definitely preferred the American system, if if she was now one of the offenders.

The rest of her day was routine. She got up early, went for a morning jog, attended all her classes and immediately retained everything they were teaching. It was towards the end of the day when Dean Ashford's announcement came on over the speakers. Heidi was in the library at the time. She was worried that worse punishments would be dished out. She was relieved when it was merely cleanup duty. The message was also vague on whether or not their group were now X-men or if a different group was. Heidi supposed she should head to the danger room and find out.
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Coleman St. John

It was rare for him to sleep past sunrise. Daylight glowed behind the closed blinds while the movement of traffic was steady towards the intersection down the street. As he rolled over groggy the backup alarm sounded from a truck a few blocks away. Reaching for the small nightstand, he checked his phone for the time, seeing that he’d slept through the regular alarm. There was no particular reporting time for him at the Institute, particularly on a Saturday he essentially set his own hours. As the cloud of sleep slowly dissipated from his mind, his first thoughts were of Kaylee and then of the students. He doubted they would have any idea, but there would be no hiding it from her. He sat up in bed and relaxed against the headboard for a moment, looking straight ahead as his mind worked on how she was going to approach him. The smell of cigarette smoke wafted faintly through the bedroom and he shook his head slowly. He didn’t smoke and neither did any of his neighbors in the apartments beside him. For whatever reason, the scent was always present the morning that followed a ride. He tossed the covers aside and got out of bed.

The downstairs was little more than a narrow garage, enough for two cars nose to tail. He used part of it as a workspace for his motorcycle which left plenty of room for his much less conspicuous Explorer. As he came down the narrow stairs dressed in a polo and some jeans the headlamp and front forks of the bike were turned facing him. He slowed his steps looking down at the machine. “Don’t you say a word.” He said firmly toward it. The machine only stared back as he walked around and maneuvered it just enough to get the car out. It was a nice day for a ride, but he wasn’t taking it back up to the Institute- not a chance. He decided to very low-key check on everyone and use the quiet of his small office at the school to work on some of his other side cases for a couple of hours. Continuing his shuffle of vehicles, he backed the car out slightly and then pushed the bike around to its regular spot in the small workspace: a couple large toolboxes and a well-worn workbench that was left over from the apartment’s previous tenant.

There were a few photos hanging along with other miscellaneous trinkets: A picture of him and his sister at her college graduation next to an old Gulf Oil sign, another one of him and several others standing next to a burned out tank somewhere in the middle-east in their desert camo that hung slightly off center next to the hood ornament from a Mercedes. There was a small collection of motorcycle parts lying around in various states of disassembly, some visibly damaged from where he had crashed his other bike. Since taking up the position at the Institute, he’d hadn’t had much time for tinkering. He glanced at the setup for a moment and, as usual, resolved to at least get it better organized at some near point in the future. Hopping back in the car, he eased out into the street as the garage door closed and headed towards the Institute.

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Uná O’Brian


Location: Institute

Interaction: Open


Uná woke up in a cold sweat. She remembered everything. All of it. Granted there were parts that were more blurry than others. But she remembered all of it except for when she passed out of course. She remembered passing out. She decided right then that she was going to act like it never happened.

She jumped as her alarm went off. Lady Willpower by Gary Puckett & The Union Gap blared since she left it on random to pull a song from her playlist on Spotify. She reached over and slammed the dismiss button. Rolling out of bed she pulled on a pair of shorts socks and tennis shoes. She threw on a light shirt over the sports bra she had on.

It was Saturday and she was going to do her normal Saturday routine. Run maybe with Nikki...which might be a bad thing. Eat, again with Nikki. She thought about the rest of her schedule; swim, eat, Danger Room, Dance class, shower, eat, hang out with Nikki then bed. Most of these were Nik-centric. This was going to be a never ending acting test. And Nikki could tear apart a performance pretty well.

She also dreaded being around Nathan all over again. Life apparently got complicated quickly. Forget Nikki and Nathan being in the same room...wait that might be easier...likely not.

Stretching out she hopped on one foot over to her phone and unplugged it. Switching to the other foot to stretch out the other hamstring she hopped to her wireless headset. Syncing the two - phone and headphones - Uná put in the buds of the headset. She looked over at the bed that had yet to be slept in and resolved herself to remembering to check on Aya after her run.

The sky was just starting to lighten as Uná opened her door. Looking left and right she saw no one. Breathing a sigh of relief she moved to the stairs and ran down lightly. She made it to the front door and opened it quietly. She closed it quietly. Really breathing freely.

The music helped her breathing and she took off running around the fenceline for the Institute. The strains of No Diggity played as Uná lopped in a long stride for her five feet even.
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Drake “D” Edwards

Interaction/Mentions: None | Location: Ashford Institute > Cafeteria

He stared at it without emotion. It was like it had it's own gravitational pull, sucking in all of his attention, unrelentingly demanding that he not look away. Drake's vision was a tunnel of blur, except right in the center... right at it... right at the bowl of cereal before him.

Sleep was a stranger with dangerous associates. The fire-eyed young man had been trying to distance himself from it through several means, some methods more ill-advised than others. The gas tank behind his efforts was running on empty, however, and the extreme drowsiness was beginning to take hold, threatening to rapaciously drag Drake's consciousness into the void where The Other lived: the malicious entity that dwelled within himself.

The other night he considered truly giving in. His own defiance was too demanding and his ability to fight against it was dwindling rapidly. But, alas, here he was standing his ground. A disheveled zombie in a mess hall so distracted by his one and only objective that his mind and body forgot how to do anything else but resist, leaving him in a waking coma.

He hadn't changed his clothes, nor showered. After the efforts at the club, his shirt was stained with sweat and his hair sat wild and unkempt, his beard in desperate need of a combing. He could only imagine that his breath was potent enough to peel back paint.

He could hear the sounds around him, but the voices and noises entered his mind with a sort of aquatic muffle. When Dean Ashford's familiar murmurs sounded off overhead, Drake couldn't be bothered to take in what the man was saying. All that was in his universe now was him, this table where he was seated, and the ever present bowl of cereal that stared back at him with such alluring intensity that he could never hope to break its grasp on him.
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Cleo D'Nile

Location: Ashford Institute.
Interacting With: @RedVIIDrake.

Cleo had barely had any sleep from the night before, she would’ve expected to at least have a super cool lay in, sleep till stupid o’clock and be stuck explaining why she missed some of her lessons today. But sadly not, she had maybe a couple of hours sleep tops thanks to everything from the night before that is stuck in her mind, eating away at it as if she was simply overthinking everything, maybe she was, but a lot of things happened so fast it could literally have been a blur or her epic imagination, it was only supposed to be a night out getting hammered, not being hammered by a monster and whatever the hell happened afterwards.

One thing that kept on replaying in her mind like a nightmare in her momentary sleep was Uná, the redhead had quite simply scared the living crap out of her. Cleo had spent ages in the shower, longer than normal and got ready, albeit slower than normal, even for her. Her day was spent not really being herself and being reserved for while which included a trip to the nurse simply claiming ‘Her head was pounding stronger than a sailor on shore leave.' After a little help with that, Cleo during the course of the day did her lesson’s, even checked in on Professor Everose and was partially becoming a normal little mischief as the day went on.

Cleo had finally made it to the cafeteria to get something to eat, although she was not entirely sure what it was she wanted. One thing that did catch her eye though was Drake sitting at the table alone like he was on another planet all together. A soft smile crept upon her lips though remembering fighting alongside him and Nik, although she probably was not as useful as she thought as a chunk of the fight and road trip she couldn’t remember. Either way, it was nice to see another survivor of the night and decided to go and sit with him.

“What’s up D?” Cleo spoke up while Sitting down across from Drake, although looking at him for a few moments’ without getting a response from him. Ducking her head down a bit trying to get a look at his face. “Uhm earth calling Drake, you okay?” again without so much as a response again Cleo waved her hands around a bit at him “Hellloooo…” sitting back a moment pouting at him. “Hey! Flame on, stop staring a black hole into the bowl and say something, your worrying me.” Again nothing, thinking a few moments more she had an idea and leaned up across the table, tongue poking out a little as she carefully places a finger at the edge of his bowl of cereal, and slowing start sliding across the table to herself just when the announcement sounded of over the speakers. Cleo let out an audible groan, rolling her eyes back a second, leaning back into her seat. “This sucks” before banging her head on the table to a rather loud thud. “…That totally hurt’s more than it should.” Her voice was a bit muffled for being face down on the table.

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