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Current Somehow I have everything that I asked for yet I'm more lost than I've ever been...
9 mos ago
That feeling when your group is amazing, the RP is incredible, and you love your job as GM. xD
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My favorite people right now are (no particular order) @BoyMom69035, @Almalthia, @Draven, @KatKook, @RumikoOhara, @webboysurf, @Lord Wraith, @Burning Kitty, @Bounce, & @Damo021. I LOVE this group :D
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Depression is one hell of a dragon to slay. Once it dug its claws in me I was never the same again. This community helps me so much, so thanks to all of you. I love you all and what we do here dearly.
2 yrs ago
At 24 years old I'm sad because I'm too old to where light up shoes and too young to where comfy Velcro shoes.... When your shoe size is 17 your moto is "Woe is me" :(


I have always loved stories. It started with reading, then moved to writing, then Role Playing, and eventually to acting. My passion for storytelling flows into my love of various fandoms (X-Men/Comics, Critical Role, DBZ, GoT, Spartacus, West World, Mass Effect, Elder Scrolls, Fallout, mostly Star Wars, and many more). This site lets me be a part of bringing stories of these worlds and many others to life and gives me the opportunity to connect with people that love these things as much as I do. In a world full of broken unity this site stands as a haven for kindred spirits that are gathered under the banner of my absolute favorite thing in the world; telling stories. I love you guys :D.

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Silas Sloane

Age: 34

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bi (he/him)

Nomadic or sedentary: Depends on the day.

Weapons: Remington 870 12 Gauge Shotgun, .375 Double Action Revolver, Glock 43

Skills: Literacy, Hunting, Tracking, Fishing, Firearm maintenance & repair, has one hell of a silver tongue, and is quite the brawler.

Unusual Abilities: Has a heightened sense for smelling blood. He uses this to pinpoint the locations of any living creature around him. It makes him extra perceptive within a spherical range of about 30 yards. When he hones in on the scent his sclera fill with blood. Due to this his eyes appear quite bloodshot even when he isn’t tapping into his ability.

Appearance Description: Please see above image. Dirty up that pretty face a bit, throw some scars on it, and change that perfectly white shirt for a set of more tarnished and practically (apocalyptic) traveling clothes. His hair is cut very similarly to how it appears in the photo, but it’s not as well done seeing as he does it himself with a pair of rusty scissors. He's 6'4" and about 215lbs.
Brief Personality: His sarcastic smirk makes it difficult to read him. He seems gentle and kind but despite this his crystal blue eyes always possess a sadness to well as an intensity that makes him feel dangerous.

Brief Background: Silas is a Texas boy. Moving to New York found him out of his element. He missed the open plains and the quiet. There's plenty of quiet now. He often thinks about heading back to the Lone Star State to see what's left of it. Though he knows how dangerous a journey like that would be. He doesn't talk about himself or his past much, and in fact gets angry when he's pushed to. There's something he's hiding and it's eating him up inside. Anyone with a perceptive eye or a certain level of empathy can tell as much.

Alone or with someone?: Alone.

Other: He draws everyone he meets in a journal that he keeps in his jacket pocket. His artwork is surprisingly detailed.

@Penguin Here he is waiting for your approval :D.
Very Interested.
@Eric Horst Absolutely :). Feel free to apply with a character sheet and we'll go from there
@RumikoOhara I mean in the Discord lol. We know you're still a part of the game xD. We all just miss talking to you there
@RumikoOhara We miss you!!!
@Lord Wraith You're really tempting me with this one my friend! I may just have to come up with a CS in the near future lol.
@The Mad Hatter He's accepted :D. I'll PM you the Discord link.

Location: Nathan’s Room; The Shower
Mentions: Uná (@Almalthia)

Steam filled the air as the hot water ran over the back of Nathan’s head. His mind was running wild. A variety of emotions and sensations were making their way through him. At the forefront of them was fear. Fear was a constant. He wasn’t afraid of any one thing in general but rather he carried a general fear in any and all things…she had made sure of that. The image of the woman was burned in his mind like a brand. Always there. Always watching.

He slams his fist against the shower wall to break the thought, to exile her image to the back of his mind once again. He hated her, hated what she had done to him...what she had made him do. Things that not even Dr. Ashford knew about. Things that haunt not just his dreams but his fucking soul. She was a monster. Was he one as well? He forced himself to conjure positive thoughts, something beautiful...He thought of Uná. He thought of their kiss. A smile shockingly crossed his lips. This place was insane. The things that the students here could do was insane, logic defying even. His entire life was full of insanity at the moment but at least she was there. The thought of Uná calmed the storm in his mind and transferred it to his heart; causing butterflies to flutter in his gut.

Collab: Sally & Adam Pierce


Sally sat up in her bed, breathing hard. She was covered in a sheen of sweat and her hair was tousled. She whimpered softly and brought her hand up to her face, partially covering it. What the Fuck was happening to her? She came to this school in hopes that they could help her control her ability, and it seems to have only gotten worse. As far as she was concerned, it had never been activated while she slept, yet here... Sally had woken up, literally levitating above her bed. It wasn't just her though. It was various items around the room as well. It was getting out of control, and she was terrified she was going to hurt someone. A choked sob forced its way out, and Sally hurriedly threw the covers off of herself. She leapt out of bed, not even bothering to get her robe, and darted out of her dorm. Sally had to talk to someone. She couldn't stay here. She had to leave before someone got hurt. It was all she could think about as her bare feet slapped against the institute's floor at a rapid pace. There was only one person she could think of to talk to, and that was Professor Pierce. Her feet carried her to his office without so much as slowing down for anything. Only did she ever stop, was when she came upon his door. Even then, she wasted no time knocking on his door, still fighting back the tears that threatened to spill out at any given moment. "Professor Pierce? Professor Pierce, pleas open. I really... I really need to talk to you." It took everything in her to remain as calm as she did, and even then, one would be able to tell that she was in despair.

Adam Pierce:

Adam had tried to sleep for hours. He had always struggled with calming his tactical mind to the point where he could find rest. It had gotten to the point where he had to rely on sleep aids. Tonight though the medication wasn't working. He sat up in bed, running his fingers through his hair and beard with a nervous frustration. Standing and making his way across his room to the door to his office, Adam decided if he couldn't get rest he'd finish up some work. The staff's rooms were connected to their offices, which made working late much more convenient. Adam didn't bother putting on a shirt as he took a seat at his desk, pulling out the files that he was working on. Moments later he heard the cries for help coming from outside of his office. He recognized the voice as Ms. Hendricks. He jumped up and made his way over to the door quickly. "Sally..what's going on?"


Sally wasted no time. As soon as the door opened, she rushed inside and made her way to Pierce's desk. She leaned against it and covered her face with both of her hands, trying to calm her breathing. She was shuddering and her breaths were shaky. "I can't... I can't stay here. I can't stay here, I have to leave. I have to leave before someone gets hurts. I don't want to hurt anyone Professor Pierce." Her words came out in a rush, and when she finished, she finally removed her hands from her face, looking up at him. It was then, that she noticed he hadn't had a shirt on, and when she realized she had been staring, she quickly averted her eyes. "I'm sorry, I must have woke you. I'll go," she said as she began walking to the door, keeping her eyes on the ground.

Adam Pierce:

She was clearly panicked. Something must have happened. Adam listened to her words with a calm, but questioning concern on his face. Once she was finished speaking he let out a thoughtful sigh and replied. "Hey...take a breath Ms. Hendricks." He put on a calming smile. "Tell me what happened and we'll figure this out. I assure you there's no better place for us than here at the Institute. Whatever's going on I'll find a way to help. He remembered that he was shirtless about the time that Sally noticed she had been staring. "Wait right here and I'll go put on a shirt. It'll take me like ten seconds and then we can talk...okay? Adam jogged back into his private room and returned with a plain white tee-shirt. "So what exactly is going on? What is making you feel like others are in danger?


Pierce's words stopped her, but she remained turned around as he ran to another room. It had been only seconds before he returned, a shirt on. It was horrible that she was slightly disappointed, but she quickly pushed the thought away and sighed heavily. After a moment, she finally turned, unshed tears in her eyes. "Me! I'm a danger to them." Sally motioned to herself with her hands and laughed sarcastically. "Things have been going on with my ability that have never happened before, and I'm scared to death I'm going to hurt someone, or worse! Do you wanna know why I'm here," she asked as she began pacing around his office. "I'm here because my ability seems to have a mind of its own. I was sleeping, dreaming... And when I woke up, i was... I was literally levitating above my bed! Sally stopped pacing and looked up at Pierce. "When I woke up, I fell back onto the bed. Things fell from the air onto the floor. I just... I'm so... scared."

Adam Pierce:

Adam could sense just how afraid she was to see her powers evolving and coming into their own. He, on the other hand, was ecstatic. He had witnessed the shock wave that she produced during the day's incident, and it seems that her mutation has been active in her subconscious ever since. She was clearly more powerful than they were initially aware of. Adam's eyes broke away from hers as he pondered how to respond to her concerns. He wasn't always the best when it came to moments like these. Honestly that was more the concern of Ms. Everose, but Adam was who she came to...and so he would do what he could to help her with her fears. "I understand that all of this can be frightening. Especially when things are out of our control. He paused for a moment to gather his thoughts before continuing. This was a delicate situation and he feared that he would fuck the whole thing up if he wasn't careful. "What's happening to you is's intense, and weird, and not the best part of life here but I promise you that we can all work through it together. This place is designed to have powerful mutants living within it. Myself and the rest of the staff know what we're getting into with all of this. Things are going to happen, but that doesn't change the fact that this truly is the safest place for all of us to be. His eyes met hers once again. " woke up floating in the air stuff levitating all around you. There is no way for me to make that feel normal, but what I can do is tell you that I am here for you. Kaylee, Dr. Ashford, and everyone else. We are all here for you.


Sally knew that he was right. She knew he was right, but that still didn't stop her from being afraid. It wasn't so much that it scared her because it wasn't normal, no. She knew she wasn't normal, and had come to accept that. Even so much as embrace it, but it was starting to terrify her. Sally shook her head and gave another sarcastic laugh. "Yeah, are y'all gonna be there when I let loose another... whatever the hell it was I did earlier... in my sleep and hurt Khloe? She felt terrible for being kind of an ass to him, when he was trying to help her, but she couldn't help it. She also felt bad because he was clearly not in his element in situations like this. He was their defense professor, not someone who dealt with teenage girl's emotions and raging abilities. Sally drew her lips into a thin line and let her head sag, a silent tear rolling down her cheek. After a moment, she sniffled and angrily wiped it away with the back of her hand. Looking back up at Pierce, she took a deep breath. "Who do I talk to about getting a dorm change? I think it would be best, if I stayed, that I have my own room. At least until I can get this under control."

Adam Pierce:

She lashed out at him. He knew that he didn't have the right words to comfort her. His head lowered as he considered her request. It made sense. They didn't have many empty rooms but he was sure that they could figure it out. He looked her in her eyes, seeing the tear before she wiped it away. He remembered what if felt like when his powers were first growing. It was the scariest time of his entire life. He'd seen combat all across the world and had taken lives on the battlefield, but the most afraid he'd ever been was when he didn't know what was happening to him back when he was around her age. Adam swallowed deeply.

"I bet we can make that work. If you're going to stay that is. We would...I would hate to see you leave. Inside these walls you are surrounded by people that can help you. I'll get with Ms. Everose and see what I can do about the room." He let a smile cross his face. "It's going to be okay Sally. I promise."


It greatly relieved her when Pierce mentioned trying to get her, her own room. At least that way, she couldn't hurt anyone while she slept. That was assuming something like this happened again. She was sure it would, just unsure of when. And then, he said something that caught her off guard. He had said that he would hate to see her leave. He had begun to say that they, everyone else, but changed it to, him. As quick as the thought emerged, she pushed it away. It didn't mean anything. Other than he would hate to see her leave. That's all it meant. He mentioned getting with Ms. Everose to see about getting her room changed, and couldn't help but let out a relieved sigh. His smile was somewhat contagious, in that she couldn't help but let a small smile grace her own lips. Sally looked down and nodded her head in response to his last comment. Swallowing hard, she looked back up and chuckled, scratching the back of her head. "Thank you, Professor Pierce. I'm.. I'm sorry I bothered you. I was just... It scares me knowing that theres a chance I could hurt someone without even knowing it." She wanted so bad, to go and give him a hug, simply because her words just didn't seem grateful enough. "I'll uh... I'll go ahead and go now." With that, she turned and let herself out of his office, gently shutting the door behind her. Sally crossed her arms over her chest and, with her head down, began walking back to her room.

Adam Pierce:

He listened to her words, and was ecstatic to see a smile on her face. He nodded as she thanked him, though he felt like he honestly hadn't done much other than listen to her. Sometimes that's all someone needed; to be able to talk through their issues and just have someone there to truly listen. Adam watched as she turned and walked out of his office. He let out a long sigh of relief realizing that he didn't entirely fuck things up. That surprised him, but he was grateful. She came to him instead of the other staff members. Adam wasn't sure how to feel about that. He just simply smiled, closed his door, and got back to work. What a fucking day.

@The Mad Hatter Sorry for just getting back to you. I had a bit of a family emergency. Feel free to submit a CS :D. We'd love to have you join the fun.
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