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10 mos ago
Current Every few months I stop by here "just because". I've been doing so for like a decade. However, every once in awhile something really GRABS me and I stay for awhile. I live for those moments xD.
1 yr ago
The og X-Men: The New Era turns 10 years old soon! I can’t believe how many amazing people I have met thanks to this RP, or the multiverse that has spawned from it since then. I love you all so much!
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2 yrs ago
Coming back to this Guild and reconnecting with old friends is genuinely one of my favorite things in life. Much love to all of you who have been so wonderful to me over the years <3.
3 yrs ago
Professional Wrestling taught me how to imagine. Dave Chappelle taught me how to laugh. George Carlin taught me how to question. Uncle Iroh taught me how to be a man.
3 yrs ago
ShieldsOfWar has been my username for years, but it has been some time since that name reflected who I am. Most of my online friends know me as Papa Oso anyways, so I've officially changed my name xD.


I have always loved stories. It started with reading, then moved to writing, then Role Playing, and eventually to acting. My passion for storytelling flows into my love of various fandoms (X-Men/Comics, Critical Role, DBZ, GoT, Spartacus, Dexter, Mass Effect, Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Star Wars, and so...so many more). This site lets me be a part of bringing stories of these worlds and many others to life and gives me the opportunity to connect with people that love these things as much as I do. In a broken world this site stands as a haven for kindred spirits that are gathered under the banner of my absolute favorite thing in the world; telling stories. I love you guys :D.
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