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Current Craving fandoms lately. Mystic Messenger or Seduce Me, anyone?
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I vanished for a literal year, wtf is wrong with me. Anyone I was talking to that wants to pick up, feel free to message me :)
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Starting up a Warrior Cats Discord server ^~^ Message me for an invite!
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Step father changed the wifi password. I won't be around much until I get get stable internet connection. GG
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Ended up busy; getting back to people as soon as I can


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Danger Room


Heidi, Matthew, Veronia, Daniela

Jasper was the last of the three to leave the room. Against the wall she had paused, reaching into the walls to grab hold of whatever residual electricity she could from Daniela's attacks. There wasn't much, and she could likely ask Daniela for a boost, even if it meant exposing another one of her powers. She didn't trust any of them of course, and knew that their goals likely wouldn't align in the future.

The technopath pushed off the wall after Matthew walked passed her after Heidi. One of her hands landed on Delia's shoulder, electricity buzzed inside the girl and funneled into Jasper. Jasper made no outward signs of the consumption of electricity, the energy stored within her. In the moments she touched the girl, she managed to store a fair amount of power that she might need later. "Good work." Dark eyes found Veronica, who she'd so far deemed the most useless person in their group. "Being bitch doesn't make you strong. It makes you pathetic." Even with her lack of emotions Jasper's voice held notes of pity and disgust, and a clear distaste for the other girl. Without caring if she had a response, Jasper turned away and walked down the hallway with Heidi.

She'd heard the banging upstairs while she was with the others but hadn't paid it any mind until she caught up with the others looking for a way up to the second floor. "Too bad we don't have super strength. Could've just gone through the floor." An offhanded comment meant to be more humorous than serious, though her voice didn't convey that. Her attempts at jokes were often lackluster at best.

Ashfords - Danger Room


Heidi & Veronica
@Silver Carrot@Fallenreaper

The slightest start of a headache throbbed at the back of her head. The dull pain radiated around to behind her eyes, temporarily blurring her vision. Regardless of the stress she managed to find what she was looking for and memorize the origin location before she was kicked from the system. The coding that had risen on her skin flickered, dimmed, then vanished altogether, leaving the girl looking like little more than the average troublemaker. Her gaze flicked over the situation half a moment later, the electromancer engaged with the mechanical dog inching closer to her. Inside the others rushed about the room, with only her room mate stilled. The girl was likely still thinking.

Jasper liked Heidi because she didn't bother her, thus leaving the technopath to do what it was she did best.

A hand raised to her face, brushed over her cheek and her forehead only to come to rest with the heel against her temple. Fingers curled slightly, one foot moved and she turned to step inside the lobby. Another half turn and she put her back against the wall beside the still-closed door. Daniela wasn't far behind her and she could only assume they busied themselves shutting the door behind them. A moment of disorientation later and Jasper lifted her head to look over at Heidi.

"Third floor. Something else on second."

The least amount of words possible to get the point across, in typical Jasper fashion. Her gaze flicked away from the genius again to move to Mathew and Veronica interacting not too far away from her. There wasn't much to be gleamed from the conversation from what she'd heard so far, but it was the spark of recognition on Mathew's face that she found most amusing. She made a point to scan for mutant incidents at least once a week but she remembered seeing this one within minutes of it going online. It took long enough for someone else to clue in just who this newcomer was - assuming that was what the boy was thinking about.

"Just get really pissed off at the thing that tried to kill you. Should work by the sounds of it."

Should she be antagonizing someone? Probably not. Would that stop her? Not even a little bit.

Danger Room


The Robot Wolf, Heidi

With every glitch of the mainframe came another step. Jasper's eyes opened, the irises and pupils blown so wide her sclera didn't exist. Her heels touched the ground, rubber against concrete. Mind still firmly lodged inside the codex of the robotic animal that intended to assault her temporary team, her used it's moments of weakness and allotted enough focus to her body to move. The closer she got the easier it was to stay connected, until she was standing in the first doorway leading into the room. Dark bangs hung in her face, half obscuring inky black pupils. A hand flexed at her side, the other touched the doorframe beside her.

Flickers of images. Matthew with Heidi. Daniela. Electricity. Anger. Herself.

One virus after another. Intrusion after intrusion. It took little of her concentration to move and to listen, record everything she saw and heard for review. The majority of her processing power was thrown into combat with the AI. Foreign programming that worked just as fast as she did, adapted. Jasper took to repetitive patterns for several repetitions before changing her attack pattern so drastically it should have been someone else. Computers were her life; there wasn't one she couldn't master.

Her gaze lifted from the dog when Heidi shouted, the robot leaving her vision for half a moment while she looked at her room mate. The girl was the only one at the table who knew what she could do. The task given to her was a simple enough one, which could be more complicated with how hard the Danger Room fought against her. The only outward acknowledgement of Heidi was a single blink and an almost imperceptible nod of her head. Jasper continued to violate the system before her, now searching for information she knew it had. A proper tracker, a radio. The signal that moved the fabricated machine in front of her. As far as it was aware thus far she wasn't even there while it faced her temporary team.

Sparks flew off of it as it was blasted again. If it was thrown or destroyed, great. If not, it didn't matter. Any stray offshoots of electricity that would have landed near her were instead dragged towards her. They dissolved into her skin, adding to the growing store of power within her. Daniela would make for a good power supply if she ever needed it, though she could just as easily rob the power from a local transformer.

Danger Room


The Robot Wolf

Amid the consistent buzzing of electrical signals inside the Danger Room, Jasper fed on the energy. The lines of code just out of reach where she hadn't drawn to grasp them. The Room would lock down if she wasn't careful, but the things it created inside should be well within her abilities. She very rarely stopped using her abilities after all, and in the four years since she awakened them she likely had more practice than many of the students. The Danger Room was simply the most intricate piece of technology she'd come into contact with since she began her journey. One day she'd be in it without a problem, and then it would be onto the next thing.

The door swung open while she was barely paying attention to more than was needed to record the scene she watched in front of her. She switched focuses as the door opened and something else caught her attention. The different signal, the snap of electricity. Daniela and Heidi moved before she did, the mechanical attacker on the other side of the wall gaining speed even as they did. Jasper stayed rooted in place unlike then, her eye closed, basic lines of binary code floated to the surface of the skin on her hands and cheeks. She cast her mind out, the signal reached the robot a moment later. No matter what happened with the electrical charge from Daniela, or with Heidi moving towards the commotion, Jasper was intent on taking over the robotic wolf.

She was strong enough, and fast enough. She knows that.

Let me in.


Heidi Williams@Silver Carrot


@Chev@Brioko Jobe@Fallenreaper

The technopath could feel the buzz around her as the Danger Room sprang to life. The intricate piece of technology would always leave the computer nerd in silent awe. Those who watched her may have detected the slightest hint of her pupils widening, the slight vibration of her entire body, or even the sharp intake of breath. The energy that no one else in the room could feel was nearly overwhelming, every fiber of her being screaming to be unleashed on the system. The first time she’d hacked into the Danger Room had ended in her enrollment here, but she’d never even told Ashford about what happened there.

The terrain changed around them, evolved, then settled with the group of them still standing there. Several of the others moved around to the lockers. She made a step towards her own when her roommate spoke up. There hadn’t been a screen for Heidi to read and no one had explained to her yet what they were doing. The technopath sighed and walked over to the girl instead, and raised the now blank white screen of her phone up to her. The words spelled out, sentences short as they always were from Jasper.

Capture the flag. Group exercise.

Knowing she wouldn’t need to keep it up long, the message vanished mere seconds after appearing, the screen blackened and dark before her arm fell back to her side. She cast her gaze over the others around the room and gauged from what she remembered from their files. Matthew; contact illusory memories. Daniela; electromancer. Veronica; paper manipulation. Heidi; perfect recall, among other mental augmentations. Jasper; technopath and electromancer. They could easily have made quite the team if they dared to get along long enough to do so.

Jasper only cared about the goal.

The means didn’t matter.

“What do you think, Smarts?”

Danger Room

9:00 AM

The following days were fairly uneventful for the technopath. The morning after there had been some gathering she didn’t care to remember and a bunch of students whose faces she’d catalogued away in her list of ‘maybe find a use for this’. As far as she was concerned, she had no real reason to interact with any of them. Half were trouble and the other half were uncontrollable messes pretended to be functional. She at least was a fully functional technopath, even if she had no clear direction she wanted to go. As of yet her only ambition was growing stronger and remaining off the government's radar, along with mild amusements that fell within the traits she knew belonged previously to her personality.

On the second day since the incident, Jasper was alone again. Heidi was sleeping and the technopath needed fresh air. In the earliest hours of the morning she had stood in the middle of the field with her eyes on the stars. Her reach wasn’t yet far enough to find a satellite without connection to their monitor systems but one day she would get there. One day she would be able to hold that power and that influence to achieve whatever it was she wanted. There was something but she hadn’t a clue what it was. Purposeless programming. In the middle of her musings she’d met a girl from the incident. The blonde was also out and about for one reason or another - she never asked - and the conversation they shared was short. Much of their time was spent simply watching the stars. Something though, was vaguely familiar and had Jasper questioning just who Cleo looked like. It was an old memory, one from far before her awakening, and was more difficult to access. She spent the remainder of time before her Danger Room session combing through every face she’d ever seen with a fine-tooth comb to find where she knew her face.

Tuesday afternoon Jasper received a message calling her out to the Danger Room the following morning. It wasn’t an unexpected occurrence, though one that didn’t happen often. She was one of the kids no one expected to be a fighter, and rely almost entirely on her mutations. Petite; willowy with long legs. She was smaller than most of the fighters around, and her mutations were nearly entirely recon and support based. Her biggest combat applications were robots and electric shocks. Unfortunate.

Wednesday morning Jasper dressed in a pair of knee length shorts and an athletic long sleeve. The grey fabric was lighter than her typical black and band T’s. The sleeves that wrapped around her arms were loose enough for good movement but tight enough not to get in the way. She’d bought enough of them to last at least the semester if things got rough. She disliked having to show skin, which was likely the reason why she never participated in girlish activities. Her peers seemed to enjoy the normalcy of fashion, boys and makeup. Jasper would likely never understand but the science behind it made sense. Emotions were complicated, and often needed to be placated. The technopath left once she was dressed, short socks in sneakers and nothing apart from a cellphone on her. She even left her favourite leather jacket behind in her room. It wouldn’t be long before she arrived, just barely on time to see who else had been called down along with her.
@RedVII That sounds great! DM me when you're less busy and we can work on a collab :)
I was wondering how you felt about a potential Jasper/Drake interaction? I think Jasper would be very intrigued by whoever he talks to and his inability to fully control his powers. She's nearly entirely in control (unless she's emotional but that has yet to be seen), and the exact opposites would be fun. At least, I think so.

What's your take?

Ashford's Institute - Danger Room

Una, Nik

Basically everyone

Jasper walked the remainder of the way with Nik to the Danger Room in relative silence, the back of her mind replaying over some small details she didn't want to miss. Her offer of a taser had been rejected, though she wondered as she walked if she could manage to do what she'd done the previous night. She'd been hopped up on adrenaline and dopamine from the excitement and her electrical output had been far more than she was used to producing on a day-to-day basis. Perhaps there was more to that little ability than she had originally thought, and she planned to practice it more once she managed to slip away from the group of teens they walked in on.

Expecting punishment, the Headmaster and another of the Professors instead congratulated them on their combined efforts. This came with a warning and caution, though the young technopath was suspicious most about the cryptic meaning behind the old mans words. He was hiding something. Her eyes narrowed, brows furrowed a moment before she turned her attention back to the crowd. There were more here than the other night, though none she wouldn't know soon enough. Whatever records she could get her hands on later tonight in bed she would spend the night skimming through.

Hands shoved into her jacket pockets, Jasper leaned back on her heels and watched the madness unfold. Nik was talking to another girl, Daniela is she'd heard correctly, beside her. She hadn't actually gone far and the group was still largely clustered by the time he referenced one of her favourite movies. "John Bender was the best." Jasper commented, a smirk on her lips as she looked around the room. She didn't quite look at either of the two, or any of the others in particular. She was far more occupied listening than watching, pretending she didn't care enough to really pay attention to anything.

Jasper didn't focus on any of them until the fiery ginger practically snapped the story at their newest electrical companion. It was an accurate, if boring, rendition of what she'd seen on the camera and in person the night before. She was still buzzing with the power she'd swiped from Avalon, the electrical charge sparking from her fingers into the worn leather of her jacket while she listened. She still had footage of it stored away where she could rewatch the spectacle whenever she desired. Her smirk vanished when Una grouped her in with the rest of the drunken teens, and she nearly glared at her. Rather than malice, her eyes betrayed a lack of emotion and a sharp cold that Jasper had spent years perfecting. "Excuse me, I wasn't drinking. In fact, I didn't know you guys were out until that not-so-friendly monster decided to rip apart the club. By the time I got there, you were long gone, sweets."

When Una spoke up and started yelling at a couple of the others - who Jasper had still never actually talked to - she chuckled. There was amusement in every little thing, regardless of what was happening. She might be a pessimist but that didn't mean she could have a sense of humor. The redhead practically dragged a taller boy back over to the group, and Jasper's nose twitched at the stench that clung to him. "I'm all for random and reckless destruction of life, but those are definitely not the way to do it."

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