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Current I vanished for a literal year, wtf is wrong with me. Anyone I was talking to that wants to pick up, feel free to message me :)
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Starting up a Warrior Cats Discord server ^~^ Message me for an invite!
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Step father changed the wifi password. I won't be around much until I get get stable internet connection. GG
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Ended up busy; getting back to people as soon as I can
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I remember why I hate the free section xD


Since when do I use my bio for anything?

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Avalon - Nocturne


What a surprise; Professor Everose made an appearance with Coleman St John, a man she'd never spoken to, only to make an attempt at a threat. Jasper, being the danger-craving self-destructive, snarky girl that she was, flashed the teacher a smirk and a wink before turning back to face the boys as they stepped up to the car.

They were hesitant with her, but urgent to get to their friend. Understandably so, as she was a stranger and Una was missing. While Drake carefully placed Aya in the car, Jasper turned her gaze to his explosive friend.

“I have to say; I am curious.”

She understood the severity in the two men, and the monster she’d seen before the video feeds cut out. With a glance at the two, she climbed into the drivers seat and crossed her legs so she wouldn’t get in her own way. Jasper looked over at Drake, and for a moment she appeared serious, as she nodded her acknowledgement of his statement.

“Of course.”

The doors locked, engine revving to life. The electricity powered motor was quiet, in comparison to the loud rumble of the motorcycle, and Cole who had taken off not long before them. She could feel it, for once, the urgency accompanying the adrenaline. Her heart thumped in her chest. A moments pause, with an inward breath. She blinked, opening her eyes linked with the system. The glow that had been dull earlier now shone, a deep emerald on usually storm-grey eyes.

“Better hold on.” The speaker of the car spoke, in a voice that was pieces of others to create a frankenstein whole. Then the Tesla kicked into drive and shot forward, gears shifting inside the motor. Her passengers, hopefully, were buckled in. Jasper moved a hand to splay it across the center of Aya’s collarbone, making sure she didn’t jolt in her seat. It was the only movement she made, that she could make without breaking her concentration. The corners were close, the light’s changing just barely in time, as she watched them while not watching.




Jasper wasn’t entirely sure what happened, and had to flick back through the security footage just to figure out that ‘Aya’ had tricked the monster and used her power on it. What happened to her though was entirely a mystery for the girl who only knew computers. Ocean-coloured eyes glowed dully, the light fading as she turned her attention back to the pyrokinetic as he shouted at another boy she vaguely recognized. She’d had to brush up on who these people were later tonight it seemed.

“Oh hey. I got one of those.”

She practically jumped from excitement. Should she be afraid of the man radiating heat? Probably. Was she? Heck no! Jasper was an adrenaline junkie; put her in danger and she was more likely to do it again rather than run. Turning on her heel, she waved for the others to follow, sparks dancing off her onto the ground and between her fingers. How exciting

As she stepped out of the club, the Tesla skidded to a stop at the curb, all the doors swinging open. The young woman had walked passed Drake by then, planning on just climbing into the drivers seat of the hatchback. Her back still to him, she wasn’t sure he’d care, but she looked over her shoulder at him anyway. Dark hair falling back out of her jacket as she moved, ocean-blue-green watching him unblinking.

“Do me a solid and don’t touch anything. Don’t want to crash before we get to Una, eh?”

He probably wouldn't know her, neither would the others, and she was fully prepared for hostile responses. She welcomed it, her lack of fear evident in the little half-smirk on her lips.

@Juvvie I've got a couple plot bunnies, should I PM you?
What were you thinking for SAO?
So I'm back, and seriously craving vampires, if anyone is interested.

Ashfords - Avalon

Jasper wasn’t one to often leave her room. Heck, she barely made it to classes some days, though she was always watching them. Interacting with others had never been her strong suit, and often kept interaction to a minimum. Which is likely why she hadn’t been invited on their evening out.

The technopath lay on her bed, eyes closed while she browsed the web. Up until she flicked passed a random Facebook post. Avalon? That was a nightclub wasn’t it? Her eyes shot open, the neon green glow dulling slightly as she split her focus. Something was actually happening! Grabbing a pair of jeans, she yanked them on (nearly falling several times in the process) while she cast her connection out to find something. She managed to locate what she was looking for just in time to throw her jacket over her shoulders.

Without waiting, Jasper sprinted out of the school, shoving passed anyone still in her way. The short brunette wasn’t about to miss out on the first action she’d seen since getting here. And stealing a car was a lot easier when you didn’t have to hot-wire it. Right? Maybe. Well she was about to find out! A simple command and the door of some poor strangers car flung open, no alarms, and just waiting to do. Good thing she’d done this before!

On her way to Avalon, Jasper was speeding and ducking through traffic as much as she could. Not easy considering she’d never gotten to her G2 test. Not impossible, since she drove it like she was playing a video game. She could do that well enough to make it a block from the night club. Leaving the care behind, she headed towards Avalon on foot.

From what she could see on traffic cams and social media posts, some of her classmates were inside and outside of the building. Classmates who probably wouldn’t recognize her. Classmates that wouldn’t be expecting her. Classmates she’d never even spoken to.

A deep breath and a silent wish good luck to herself, and she ducked through the crowd of fleeing humans. Her smaller body let her weave though unnoticed, until she got to the door and pushed her way through. Inside she was greeted with some Eldritch horror fighting several of others she vaguely recognized. Jasper was frozen in place just long enough for the dry heat of fire to catch her attention.

Sparks jumped across her fingers as adrenaline rushed through her veins. This may well have been worth the wait.


Jasper Rae Phoenix


Glitch; Jas; Phoenix

X-Men Code Name






Physical Description

Jasper stands at five-foot-three, and weighs in at a measly one-hundred-thirteen pounds. She sports a soft build, curvy and lacking in muscle. Her finger tips are calloused from hours of typing, and she has a plethora of scars she prefers to keep hidden.


manipulation of technology
remote network access
Minor electromancy
can 'charge' and sustain off of electricity for brief periods of time
manipulate electrical pulses, static, shocks (nothing stronger than a cattle-prod)


Glitch is sarcastic, snarky, and seems to lack remorse. Her moral compass is broken beyond repair, and she makes a point of having everyone thinking she doesn't care about anything. As far as she is concerned, the world can burn. But for those who manage to get passed the walls she's put up, she'll go to the end of the earth for. For them, she's different. Sarcastic still, but not as bitter and cruel. It's almost like she cares.


There's nothing special about her background. Abandoned as a child, foster care, shitty schools. Nothing too notable ever happened in her life. Apart from her love of computers and how often she managed to hack her way into something. Rarely more than some poor saps back account, but she wasn't evil, she never took more than she would need and never from the same person. Then she Awakened and woke up here.


Typical night surfing the net, typical storm going on outside evolved into a lightning storm. The warning on the radio in her ears. Jasper had been getting ready to shut down and ready for the night. A flash of light, the sting of a shock, and a string of code later, she woke up here.
@EmmaSAME. I liked it so much ;-;
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