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Current Craving fandoms lately. Mystic Messenger or Seduce Me, anyone?
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I vanished for a literal year, wtf is wrong with me. Anyone I was talking to that wants to pick up, feel free to message me :)
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Starting up a Warrior Cats Discord server ^~^ Message me for an invite!
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Step father changed the wifi password. I won't be around much until I get get stable internet connection. GG
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Ended up busy; getting back to people as soon as I can


Since when do I use my bio for anything?

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Still looking for fandom cravings!
I've updated and added Dragon Age: Origins to my list.

I am currently only accepting fandom roleplays, preferably from my craving list.
Still looking for fandom roleplays!
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Assuming Alm likes him, Marcus and Jasper should be buddies lol. They had very similar childhoods and are rebellious teens lmao @Sanity43217
Good morning and hello! It's been a while, I know. I'm looking for partners again! Feel free to comment/mention/DM me if you're interested!!

I also put my current cravings in the opening post :)

Ashford Institute for the Gifted



Nikolai Markov

Jasper hadn't slept much, other than her required two hours out of trance. She hadn't slept through the night in years, and even stretching her mutation hadn't been enough to make her sleep long. Her eyes blinked open to stare up at the ceiling of her room. She could hear the other girl still sleeping not far away, though that was normal. It was just before dawn after all. The blackette rolled out of bed to grab something to wear today before heading for the shower. When she was done with that, she grabbed her coat and headed out of the room.

She was still hopped up on adrenaline, surveillance footage playing back in her mind. On their way back the night before, she had gone through what she could to delete footage of their encounter. Mutants were already half hated and dangerous. Letting people see what had happened at Avalon would just be asking for more trouble. Bag in hand, she did something she didn't often do - she went to class in person. A rare event, and something that she didn't plan to do often. She just wanted to see their faces today.

After classes were over for the day, Jasper had been headed off to take a look at the news and see what the humans had decided to call the damage. Until she heard that announcement anyway. "The fuck. I wasn't even drinking." They probably couldn't see her, but she flipped one of the speakers the bird before continuing down the hallway. On her way she spotted a familiar face, more distraught than angry this time around.

"Hey!" She called out, quickening her pace to catch up with him. "Nikolai Markov, right? We met last night." She paused, looking over at him. A small smirk curled up the corner of her mouth. "Hungover or just trying to hide?"

Avalon - Nocturne


What a surprise; Professor Everose made an appearance with Coleman St John, a man she'd never spoken to, only to make an attempt at a threat. Jasper, being the danger-craving self-destructive, snarky girl that she was, flashed the teacher a smirk and a wink before turning back to face the boys as they stepped up to the car.

They were hesitant with her, but urgent to get to their friend. Understandably so, as she was a stranger and Una was missing. While Drake carefully placed Aya in the car, Jasper turned her gaze to his explosive friend.

“I have to say; I am curious.”

She understood the severity in the two men, and the monster she’d seen before the video feeds cut out. With a glance at the two, she climbed into the drivers seat and crossed her legs so she wouldn’t get in her own way. Jasper looked over at Drake, and for a moment she appeared serious, as she nodded her acknowledgement of his statement.

“Of course.”

The doors locked, engine revving to life. The electricity powered motor was quiet, in comparison to the loud rumble of the motorcycle, and Cole who had taken off not long before them. She could feel it, for once, the urgency accompanying the adrenaline. Her heart thumped in her chest. A moments pause, with an inward breath. She blinked, opening her eyes linked with the system. The glow that had been dull earlier now shone, a deep emerald on usually storm-grey eyes.

“Better hold on.” The speaker of the car spoke, in a voice that was pieces of others to create a frankenstein whole. Then the Tesla kicked into drive and shot forward, gears shifting inside the motor. Her passengers, hopefully, were buckled in. Jasper moved a hand to splay it across the center of Aya’s collarbone, making sure she didn’t jolt in her seat. It was the only movement she made, that she could make without breaking her concentration. The corners were close, the light’s changing just barely in time, as she watched them while not watching.

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