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2 yrs ago
Current Craving fandoms lately. Mystic Messenger or Seduce Me, anyone?
3 yrs ago
I vanished for a literal year, wtf is wrong with me. Anyone I was talking to that wants to pick up, feel free to message me :)
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4 yrs ago
Starting up a Warrior Cats Discord server ^~^ Message me for an invite!
4 yrs ago
Step father changed the wifi password. I won't be around much until I get get stable internet connection. GG
4 yrs ago
Ended up busy; getting back to people as soon as I can


Since when do I use my bio for anything?

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grandia20 5 yrs ago
Have you seen Boondock Saints? Norman doesn't die in that! Lol
Dolerman 5 yrs ago
we havent RP'd together in a LOOONG while, but do you like racing RPs?
Mordon 6 yrs ago
Well there's Dead Zone, Until We Fall (Not sure if this one's ever going to start), TWD - From the Beginning and Rigor Mortis. And they're just the recent ones, haha. Let me know if you see any casual/high casual Fallout ones pop up! I wold be very excited to join it, probably.
rush99999 6 yrs ago
Contrary to your beliefs, unicorns do exist. You've just never seen 1.
Love Dove 6 yrs ago
You've been creeping on my page too.
Neko Sensei 6 yrs ago
Still busy with school? We haven't talked in a while. ♪( ´▽`)
Jurassic Weeb 6 yrs ago
Unicorns exist! They just gained a bunch of weight and became rhinos. XP
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