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4 days ago
Current Finally watched striking vipers and it's really putting my 1x1 RPs into context.
8 mos ago
Stan Lee was able to create superheroes on the pages for us as kids, so we could find the superheroes in ourselves as adults.
11 mos ago
Heat stroke be damned, i'm doing all my responses today.
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12 mos ago
A local hairdresser was arrested for prostitution last night. I'm shocked. I was a customer of hers for years, and I didn't even know she was a hairdresser.
1 yr ago
Inspirational Quote: "Friends are a lot like potatoes, if you eat them, they will die."

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@LTDarksin Hey I'd like to do a fantasy dark romance if possible?
@Ruby Can you change my name to 'Dolerman' no quotes, one word.
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@Anime_Freak I'm craving a Knight/Samurai x Apprentice/Squire pairing.
@Pfroggy1 I'll PM you.
@Pfroggy1 Would you be interested in doubling to play two characters?
@Cascat I have a few cyberpunk ideas I'd love to run by you.
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