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Current It's Terror Time Again
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I've been roleplaying for 10 years, most of that time being right here on the guild. After countless 'fun' RPs I've finally taken the serious journey into writing my first novel.
7 mos ago
Finally watched striking vipers and it's really putting my 1x1 RPs into context.
1 yr ago
Stan Lee was able to create superheroes on the pages for us as kids, so we could find the superheroes in ourselves as adults.
1 yr ago
Heat stroke be damned, i'm doing all my responses today.
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This Three Houses game is going to end up being the 'Skyfall' of the Fire Emblem series.

Limited amount of classes, awful maps, no beast units, no weapon triangle, laughable difficulty, and a fairly wack story are not erased by the couple of things it does well. But hell hath no scorn like a weeb who's found a waifu with a decent voice actor, so it'll be a couple months before this is acknowledge by the 'community'.
It's a Shotlock, by the way, not that you care.

What a surprise, I don't.

But on to RE6, didn't you accuse me of fishing for daring to share 'hot take' opinions, such as saying RDR2 was fucking boring (which you later agreed with). You could have just said RE6 was your favorite but you had to state it as being the 'best' because you wanted a response.

So have you changed your position on hot takes and fishing or is this a Fabricant double standard thing that wont ever be fully explained?

WOW! I wonder which single button is used to trigger that cut-scene attack!
the best Resident Evil game is 6.

The character designs in Indivisible are baiting a little too hard for me to actually pick it up, it's like Shantae all over again.
Kingdom Hearts is the perfect video game narrative, everything makes sense and nothing is plot hole.

EDIT: Sorry wrong thread.
@Bluetommy@Delta44 I know this isn't my RP but can I say I've missed both of you :)
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