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Current Wake up, get up, get out there!
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Probably the same look my husband had when my gyno explained to him how IUDs work.
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Noo, don't take away the status bar! Much spam!
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My defrocking days are over. I'm afraid, it's more raisen than grape.
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Two trailer park girls go round me outside


This will always be nothing but cat memes...Never anything else!!!!

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Looking for MasterXSlave in a horror-ish setting. I don't have a set plot in mind, just what I'm craving atm
In Hello! 14 days ago Forum: Introduce Yourself
Hello and welcome!!
Do you believe in love at first sight?
Tired of being alone on Friday nights? Looking to fill that void in your heart and in your life?
But don't want to waste your time with expensive dating sites? Or nights out?
If so Cassandra's Match Making Service speed dating event would be great for you!

As I stated in the title, I'm looking for someone to take on the role of the male.

The two characters meet at this certain speed dating service and a connection is formed. The characters find that when the night is over, the other character is only person they meet that night that they hold any interest for. Through the company that hosted the service, they gather each other's info and decided to try for a first date. First date goes well, so they set up for a second...And so forth.

Now, I know slice-of-life RPs can get boring, and repetitive. That's why I would like there to be parts to the characters that might cause drama later on.

    Such as

  • Bad break-up with an ex that just won't let go
  • A child from a previous relationship (Divorce, or last partner or SO passed away)
  • Age gap
  • Different social classes
  • Troubled past
  • Weird family
  • Lack of Family

Any interested parties should contact me via PM. Please share any ideas that you would like to add to what I already have laid out (which isn't much).


Bump, updated a bit.
Hello! If you need a partner hit me up!
@Drazah That it is! Just glad that it isn't all that different from what I remeber.
@Drazah Before the chat box. The big crash a few years ago is what caused it. It wasn't really a crash. Whatever happened is to be blamed on the shenanigans of the spam forum at the time.

I think my user name was Ikalya. It was the name I used for just about everything back then, so that's the only thing that makes sense to me.
Hello! I, too, took an exceedingly long break (a few years) and forgot my info, so I made this account.
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