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I've been meaning to ask, actually, do you have a group or something you should be with who might be looking for you?

Ash’s face fell slightly at the question, her eyes going slightly dark and her gaze falling to the floor once more. “I don’t know.” Rather than crying or getting upset though her voice had gone relatively deadpan. She wasn’t sure exactly how much she should tell them and how much to keep to herself. She didn’t think these people would hurt her friends, but you could never be sure anymore. “We were heading north when a large group of the dead separated us. The plan was to follow the river until we reached the lake. I was waiting for them when the dead started to swarm me. I don’t know if I missed them or they just hadn't made it to the lake yet.”

A long pause, her resolve seeming to weaken for another moment before she let out a long breath. “I don’t know if they’d look for me if I wasn’t there. I don’t even know if they’re alive.” There was a little shake to it, signifying underlying emotion she was not allowing to break through. She felt like she should be more upset about all of this, like there should be more of an outward reaction. But she had seen so much death. She had lost so many people. Maybe she was just too tired to cry anymore right now.

Thankfully dinner proved to be an excellent distraction, the mood lightened and with the attention of the room not so solely on her Ash felt herself start to relax a little. And the food was good. It had been a long time since she’d sat down at a table and had a proper meal but it was nice. It reminded her of before the world became such a horrible place to live and she felt herself feeling full and satisfied for the first time in a long time.

Though it could only last so long. Once the meal was over she was escorted back to the room and left alone inside. It could be worse, realistically. But just something as simple as a door made the isolation feel so much worse than it was. She should have had the best night’s sleep she’d had in months, a proper bed, blankets, a pillow! But it was well into the early AM before she managed to doze off. All the shouting and banging from downstairs had finally quietened down and there was no more movement from outside. Every now and then she had gotten up to look out the window, just in case a familiar shadow was moving around in the darkness outside before exhaustion finally claimed her.
@Jarl Coolgruuf @SantosGabriel77
Feel free to work on and send me a character sheet and we can talk about where we can slot you in ^_^
It’s been over a year since the world went to shit. It came fast, it hit hard. No one saw it coming. The day the dead started getting back up. Many lives were lost, families torn apart, civilisation imploding in upon itself. Yet, as ever, humans are resilient. They adapted, they survived, however, they felt needed. There is no cure in sight, the government, military and any sense of formal authority have crumbled. For some, hope has been lost. Those are the ones who fail to survive. It is only those who persevere, those who adapt, who make it to tomorrow.

Winter is heavily upon you, though is on its way to easing. A soft blanket of snow covers the ground most days even in the thickly wooded forest that surrounds the cabin. The thick, condensed trees mostly bare of their leaves these days, save for a few pines and the evergreens. The hunting game has grown scarce, though the river nearby the cabin you have all inhabited for the last few months is still fresh with fish, though even their numbers are fewer than in the spring and summer months. Food, water and supplies are not in a dire situation right now, most days you’re all comfortably fed so long as you keep up semi-constant trips out for food.

The lake, a little further down the river from where your usual fishing traps are has mostly frozen over. Trips across it are possible, though the ice is thin and it can be an unnecessarily risky trip on warmer days (for those who are knowledgeable about frozen lakes). Walkers are certainly present, but mostly your caution and knowledge of how the dead behave by now have given you the tools to mostly keep the place defended and off their radar. There are fences around the cabin and sound traps set up at set locations to draw their attention away. Every now and then trips are required to lure them in a different direction.

This is one such day, and not an entirely unpleasant one at that, being close to unseasonably warm for this time of year. The walker presence is strangely thin today and those you do find all seem to be heading in the same direction before they take notice of your presence. Following them would take you to the mostly frozen lake nearby.
Am I alright to post my CS?

You go right ahead :)
***Please Note because of the weird way I run this: fill out the whole character sheet and send it to me via PM for approval but only post what other characters will know about you.***

Also you guys can also use your own formatting for the character sheets as long as they have the same info (since some of you went to so much trouble and they're so pretty)

A year into the outbreak is starting to define how survivors are going to approach this new world. What kind of world do you want to live in?

Of course :) just pop into the discord server and say hi, get a character sheet and fill it in :)
Is this something where I would need to know A LOT about Walking Dead to join?

Not at all :) you don't really need to know anything about the walking dead were not using any locations or characters from the series. Mostly just the zombie rules.
Okay guys let me know if this worked or not haha. For tonight I'll just leave it up there for people to look at and think about if they want to play multiple characters or what group you'd maybe like to be a part of. I'll also post a character sheet skeleton for everyone to fill out and send to me and we'll hopefully get to sorting in the next couple of days :)
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