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Current Five weeks.wait no a month..wait..A MONTH LATER I GOT TO BUSY FOR
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Pirates.....I want martimine/naval RPs! Or imma rewatch Rick and Morty!
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Yay I'm back in this website..... I hope everyone is alive?
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Currently writing a Fallout roleplay! Yay instead of doing something more likely to become nice like GECK mods. BUT HEY who knows


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  • Guild of Dishonor by KatherinWinter (On-Going)
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Happened to fast?
I'm interested, I would love to see my character listening to Diamond City and hearing The
Wanderer then choosing to do that kind of thing.
Kaiden quickly kept his head down, he din't want to be noticed. After all he was trained to not be noticed. He nodded at their 'Tour Guide'.He turned his head to Neb. "Was assigned to another mission, then my superiors and I had an hour of conversation in the holo." He chuckled. He liked Neb's perspective, if it was not for a possibility of being stripped of his rank he would have convinced his commander to send someone else. But he knew another Intelligence rookie would most likely die in this excuse for a planet. He din't listen to what everyone was saying, except for the Drug Den. He was thinking of a better mission, 'Being dipped in Bantha fodder is better than this' he kept thinking. He looked at Twi'lek. Then to Jayce "Ill be joining commander." Kaiden was a man who gave respect.

@Piercing Light @Athol @Riffus Maximus
The City of Crime

"Dirty in the inside and out."

The Hyperdrive monitor sends the message: "Arrival confirmed!". This mission was considered a peace of cake for Kaiden. He pilots his ship to go into the planet's polluted skies. He was happy that he did not have to ride in a shuttle, The New Republic knew Kaiden was not much of a luxury-loving person. He landed his ship at the base with ease. Kaiden drank a bottle of water, he grabbed his rile and pistol. He pocketed his Holocommunicator which was inserted in the ship. He placed his armor on, and opened the door of the X-Wing. "Tatooine can do better." He chuckled as he reaches for his coat and puts it on. He looked like someone who was ready for a Death Star.

He followed what seems to be a Jedi padawan and master. He felt safe knowing a group of two lightsaber wielding people are there. He only ever feared those with the red lightsabers, he never wanted to understand The Force besides it's powers. He listened to the commander. He was amazed by the new technology, he pocketed the device. He turned his head on the lady [color=green] Kaiden Fey, Republic Intelligence." He then turned on Neb. "I bet a lot of people would love to get rid of the pollution by fighting an not, doing that."

@Athol @Riffus Maximus
Colour me interested.

Glad to hear it
I think an RP taking place in history is very cool. What I’d really love is to be able to play a character who went back in time, or woke up in the body of someone in a different time period.

That sounds like Assassin's Creed
The New Frontier

When humanity grew so large we ran out of home so we went south. It happened again, so we went west, then it happened again so we went north then east and finally down. With no where to go we go up, the new frontier: Space. But there's nothing there, no matter to be found. Unless we go to other planets. Planets which even light takes centuries to reach. The Milky Way Galaxy is a vast area filled with mystery and adventure. You are one who wish to experience this, you are the owner of a "Non-Military Interplanetary Colonial Organization" but I suppose you want more than that? You want to take over well your name is long yet or that's what the military calls you. Nonetheless you want money, glory who knows, humanity wants a home I think both of you can get together pretty well. So because planets are miles apart humanity invented "Interplanetary Warping" a method of travelling faster than light.

Since the military and government is too busy fighting space outlaws and doing diplomatic things with other races. You have a chance to become the most well established colonist in the galaxy. Well why don't we begin? You have been given a cargo transport and some basic fighter jets why don't you go set up a colony on Calina or something. Go on! I set coordinates on your ship.

Welcome to The New Frontier a roleplay in which you colonize planets and even go to war depending on what you want. This is a mere interest check
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