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Current I am back! Time to host more roleplays!
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Five weeks.wait no a month..wait..A MONTH LATER I GOT TO BUSY FOR
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Pirates.....I want martimine/naval RPs! Or imma rewatch Rick and Morty!
7 mos ago
Yay I'm back in this website..... I hope everyone is alive?


The One You Call Santos

Good evening, afternoon, morning! To whoever you are who chose to wander to my Profile
Okay so let me tell you a bit about me. I'm a Essay Writer and I'm here to expand my
writing knowledge! Can you go away please?

  • Project Exodus by Wildman13 (On-Going)
  • ~Winds of Fate- A Thief's Adventure~ by Arkitekt (Dead/Inactive)
  • Star Reach: Mercenaries ~ new players always welcome (Dead/Inactive)
  • Guild of Dishonor by KatherinWinter (On-Going)
  • Lost in Paradise by codex (Dead/Inactive)
  • The Elder Scrolls (TES) RP: "Tamriel in Turmoil" (Being Configured)

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Advanced Roleplay.
Basically a roleplay that uses stuff like materials and ships and inventory.
Not sure if people are interested
Seems good, we should wait for more members

Takes places 4 years before Fallout 4. In this roleplay Courier 6 ruled Nevada with Yes Man. The two turned it into a paradise with them making peace with the NCR.

The Wasteland, a scarred land filled with mutants but most importantly, relics of the past. The Northern Wastes of Canada is filled with secrets and for The land before the war was annexed by America, today it is filled with government vaults and bunkers. Many scavengers from the south came to the Northern Wastes to find technology and salvage to sell. But of course, many factions rush for the control of Canada. The Brotherhood of Steel has a chapter in Canada, they will kill anyone who dares take technology. The NCR from California after their lost on Hoover Dam needs to find a way to make sure they don't lose more land. The Northern Wastes was also filled with small and large settlements, bandit crews to a whole army of them. The month is December, the snow lies thick and now..well. It's all up to you, whether you may be a bandit or a settlement leader...the Northern Wastes' faith lies on your hands!

Hi! Santos here! I have finally returned to this website and I want to come back with a bang! Common rules apply (Seriously I don't even need to list them)
I'm not sure if this gets enough support. If it does ill works on it!
Happened to fast?
I'm interested, I would love to see my character listening to Diamond City and hearing The
Wanderer then choosing to do that kind of thing.
Kaiden quickly kept his head down, he din't want to be noticed. After all he was trained to not be noticed. He nodded at their 'Tour Guide'.He turned his head to Neb. "Was assigned to another mission, then my superiors and I had an hour of conversation in the holo." He chuckled. He liked Neb's perspective, if it was not for a possibility of being stripped of his rank he would have convinced his commander to send someone else. But he knew another Intelligence rookie would most likely die in this excuse for a planet. He din't listen to what everyone was saying, except for the Drug Den. He was thinking of a better mission, 'Being dipped in Bantha fodder is better than this' he kept thinking. He looked at Twi'lek. Then to Jayce "Ill be joining commander." Kaiden was a man who gave respect.

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