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Current If you see me in your profile visitors. You are lucky since I'm too lazy to do so
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I am back! Time to host more roleplays!
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Five weeks.wait no a month..wait..A MONTH LATER I GOT TO BUSY FOR
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Pirates.....I want martimine/naval RPs! Or imma rewatch Rick and Morty!


The One You Call Santos

Good evening, afternoon, morning! To whoever you are who chose to wander to my Profile
Okay so let me tell you a bit about me. I'm a Essay Writer and I'm here to expand my
writing knowledge! Can you go away please?

  • Project Exodus by Wildman13 (On-Going)
  • ~Winds of Fate- A Thief's Adventure~ by Arkitekt (Dead/Inactive)
  • Star Reach: Mercenaries ~ new players always welcome (Dead/Inactive)
  • Guild of Dishonor by KatherinWinter (On-Going)
  • Lost in Paradise by codex (Dead/Inactive)
  • The Elder Scrolls (TES) RP: "Tamriel in Turmoil" (Being Configured)

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I din't place it on Nation Category, my bad
The Final Frontier: Space Colonization Roleplay

You are the owner of a colonization company. The United Nations and her colonies of Mars and Titan is content with their three planets. Colonization seems impossible without funding. However a mysterious organization has given you ships, money and resources. Using these you will colonize the Milky Way. Maybe you plan to even make your company a multi-planetary nation? The choice is up to you
(This do not use the real Milky Way Map as I do not want to study it, except for some systems the whole milky way is revamped. Some logic also does not apply)
We have given you what we can. You and a select group of people now have enough resources to colonize and maybe seek your fortunes. Look out for the United Nations, they will see you as criminals. I suggest leaving Sol and heading for the nearest system. Alpha Centauri. We will be giving you further instructions soon.

Looking for interest
I'm interested.
I believe that in roleplay that there is no simple 'two' sides
The Land of Telos

As stated by the Telos Chronicles Volume 2: "The Land of Telos is a vast continent filled with numerous nations, after the fall of the Telonic Empire due to the Telonic Wars. Now different kingdoms big and small trade and fight with each other for their own survival. Maybe one day the Telonic Empire will be restored and the lands of Telos unified but that is a story that is left unfinished.

Welcome to this roleplay check, I'm not sure this will get enough attention to even be a roleplay. If it does it will become a roleplay
Placing my interest
I am gonna make a character
A suprise to be sure, but a welcome one
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