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Plus Alan Rickman... No one plays the bad guy like English or maybe Russians.

How many of the Russian bad guys in movies are ever actually played by Russians?
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A better euro, US balence already!

I'm often the only europeen or rare one!

I do like running a Brit I won't lie. Just sounds better in my head when they then turn round and call someone a twat in RP
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First one in the CS door :)

With new and improved gradient headers
Fear not for I am here!


The girl tried to hide her giggle but Sully could hear it, the embarassment escalating to a whole new level. She politely introduced hereself, "He's so cute! I'm Viviene Nexan but people just call me Ivy." Corbin reached out and took hold of waiting hand. He had always been brought up to be polite and courteous, manners cost nothing costantly drilled into him as he grew up. He shook Ivy's hand gently, he was much taller than she was and didn't want to come across as a clumsy oaf...even if he had just fell face first onto the floor.

He watched on as she turned her attention to Piplup, saying hello to the small water type while introducing her own Cyndaquil. A grin forced it's way onto Sully's face as the two pokemon played human and exchanged a handshake. The cuteness of the sight was too much for even him to handle. He tried to compose himself, stretched his mouth open wide as if to fake a yawn. You're eighteen, start acting like it, he thought to himself.

"A few years ago, these pokemon were extremely rare in Kanto, you know? I'm so glad to have my own Cyndaquil!" Sully responded with a somewhat excited tone. "Well you have got yourself a winner there it looks." He cast a glance to the small fire type and threw it a warm smile. "I've spent quite a bit of time looking into the Institute and the work they have done for pokemon conservation is amazing Like you said, you couldn't have ever dreamt of getting a Cyndaquil in Kanto until the last decade or so. Pokemon being specific to particular regions is no longer a thing." Pausing for a moment Sully sighed, looking Ivy square in the eyes. "I cannot wait to see them a..."

Before he could finish a loud monotone sound came from the TV. Grabbing his attention he turned to see Professor Oak's face on the TV. Without hesitation the professor began to speak.

Welcome everyone, i'm Professor Arianna Oak! Unfortunately I cannot be there with you all due to some important business but this pre-recorded message should cover everything! Let me start by saying congratulations on winning the Oak Institute Trainer Program lottery. At this time each and every one of the twenty winners has completed orientation which means that it is time for you all to begin your journeys. You will explore the Region of Kanto, for some of you that will be home, others an entirely new place and experience. Whatever is the case, this experience will change your lives and give you a new perspective on our world. I could go on for hours about what you should do or what you may encounter, but where is the fun in that? Each and every group will now receive a message on their Pokedex explaining what your first task is. Once that is out of the way you'll have an opportunity to do whatever you like, whether it be a case of challenging a gym or just hunting some pokemon. So with that I bid you all farewell and goodluck!

Professor Oak's face faded from the TV and simultaneously each and every person's Pokedex, no matter the room, pinged as it received a message. The messages we're unique to each room and laid out what she wanted them to do. The destinations were clear but how the groups would get there was entirely up to them. This was to be their journey, their story and it would unfold through their own actions and decisions. For Sully he looked down at his message and began reading.

"I'm not sure how comfortable I feel about this but I guess we have to do it. What do you think?" Sully looked to Ivy to see what she wanted to do.
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Your BB code is godlike. Beyond this earthly realm of incompetence in which I fit in perfectly...

Honestly it’s not all that hard once you know how. It’s just about making sure all the code starts and ends, line up properly.

Sorry about that, something about switching between pages while tagging people causes problems. I'll have to add your locations to the map too.

Not a problem mate I kinda guessed you were referring to me as well given only three of us posted CS’ so far.

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Got em on the OOC and code shows no errors.
We good to go when time comes.

Also i must compliment @CaptainSully on your insanely well laid out BB code. Its a masterpiece..

Why thank you kind sir.

Sully shook violently as he awoke, falling off the couch onto his face. As he tried to push himself up Piplup came crashing down on the back of his head letting out a cry of it's name. With a muffled voice Sully spoke. "What the hell was that?" Piplup rolled off his trainers head and caught sight of the new trainer who had joined the pair. She looked at them with an inquisitive gaze, before taking several steps foreward. From the corner of his eye Corbin could only make out his pokemon wandering out of view. With his face still firmly planted on the floor the young man pushed himself up and back onto the couch. For several moments he rubbed at his face after receiving some mild friction burn. As he lowered his hands he finally saw the other trainer in the room.

He took a moment to register the girl in front of him, still reeling from his impromptu nap. He bashfully lowered his head and rubbed at the back of his neck as the embarassment took over. He tried to speak but lost his voice in the sudden onset nerves. He cleared his throat, stood up and tried to fight back the overwhelming feeling of stupidity. He forced a smile against his reddened face and reached his hand out to the girl. "Hey there. My names Corbin Sullivan but more people just call me Sully." He felt a tug on his leg and looked down to see Piplup pulling on his trousers. The pokemons eyes were wide open as it said it's name, pointing towards the girl. "And this is Piplup." Piplup let out a happy wail at being introduced, not wanting to be left out.
@PrinceAlexusIll be Photoshopping a Welsh flag and pole into the picture I've linked to for his house

If you need me to adjust anything at all just let me know.
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