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Her hair flowed freely in the breeze like a clichΓ©d moment in a romance novel but unfortunately for her there was nothing romantic about her situation. Her clothing had been reduced to nothing but bloodstained shreds and her lifeless body hung freely from the tree branch. The cable around her neck had been pulled so taut that it had cut deep into her neck leaving her exposed chest coated in her own blood. Her only relief would be that she was dead as her remains showed that living in the apocolypse would have been a hellish torment. A cardboard sign scrawled in an almost childlike handwriting read slut as it hung from her neck like some sort of sick joke.

Robert moved the scope of his rifle onto several nearby corpses, each hanging much in the same way as the unfortunate lady. The corpses of men had been desecrated through dismemberment while the women all bbre signs of extreme torture with hints of unbelievable suffering. Rob gritted his teeth hard as he reigned back his anger, needing to keep his cool. He began to count the number of living people in the encampment that lay before him. From his vantage point he spotted a total of ten men, all donning similar motorcycle style vests. No clear markings or insignia were on the plain, black leather vests to give an indication to any allegiance beyond themselves. Either way, they weren't to be of the world for much longer.

Two men stood guard at the entrance to the clearing they occupied with a further two wandering around the forested perimeter. Four other men sat on logs around a small fire while the final two emerged from a tall, domed tent towards the back of the camp. The pair emerged from the tent each held an ankle of a lifeless female body devoid of any clothing. Her body was cut to pieces and through his cope the satisfied grins of the pair were beyond disturbing. Robert was not a religious man but even if God did exist, there was no way he would wait for him to descend from the heavens to pass judgement. Today Rob was judge, jury and executioner.

Raising his finger to his head Robert began to whisper softly, "Team 1...perimeter guards and the entrance...Team 2...campfire...I have the two at the back...on my mark." In his ear two voices came through, "Got it," closely followed by, "Yes sir." Moving his scope so that the first of his targets was in sight, Rob spoke one final time. "Fire."

Robert wrapped his finger around his rifle's trigger before unleashing his pent up anger through a satisfying trigger pull. The rifle kicked into his shoulder as its bipod rested on a felled tree. The bullet emerged from the suppressed barrel of the gun accompanied by the muted sound the Welshman had become so used to over the years. Before Rob even had time to blink the man in his sight dropped to the floor like a lead balloon. His body fell awkwardly into a crumpled heap, blood pouring from a cavernous hole in his skull. The man's partner looked down in shock as he tried to wipe away the blood and brain matter that has sprayed onto his face. Realising what had happened he began to claw at the inside of his jacket, presumably to draw his weapon. Before he had the chance however the embrace of death ensnared him and he fell dead to the floor with his friend. Without hesitating Rob began to scan the surrounding area through his scope, catching sight of the final pair around the camp fire collapse. Soon the voices returned to Robert's ear and each confirmed that their targets had been taken down, allowing Rob to lower his rifle.

To his left was a bag through which he searched, pulling out a long distance radio. He turned it on and began to speak. "Spectre this is Ghost..." A couple of seconds past before a thick, southern American accent came back to him. "Ghost this is Spectre, hearing you loud and clear." Watching on as he saw his team emerge into the clearing below, Robert responded. "Spectre...the Harpies are down. I repeat...the Harpies are down. The Argonauts are looking for the Golden Fleece." The code names were simple enough but necessary just in case anyone managed to hijack their communications. "Ok Ghost. Confirm on status of the fleece when you know the situation and then get back to Greece. Over and out." Rob returned his radio to his bag before packing up his equipment and meeting up with his squad below.

By time he arrived the bodies that had once hung from the trees had been cut down and carefully placed in a line. The bodies of the raiders had been left contorted where they fell ready to be feasted on by whatever wildlife stumbled onto them first. A middle age woman with camouflage paint spread across her face approached with large rucksack. She opened it in front of Robert allowing him to peer in. The bag was filled to the brim with bottles of various pills. "Good job Rook." The woman smiled, "Cheers boss." Stretching his arms out wide Rob arched his back before raising his voice. "We've got we came for. Let's get back." A chorus of voices followed acknowledging the order before the group headed back into the forest to return to their bikes.

"Spectre, we have the fleece. I repeat, we have the fleece. We are heading back now. ETA thirty minutes."
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Right so my completed CS is below. If you need anything changed just let me know.

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Hey there, below is my CS. I was in a bit of a rush writing it as i'm just heading out will need to finish it tomorrow.

Personality and history are bullet points but I will change to paragraphs when I finish the CS off. If you want me to change anything about the personality or history beyond fleshing it out, then just let me know. I have no issue changing things to suit.

As for the CS appearance, I'll spruce it up when my character has your approval.

Would I be good to use my character from your R6 RP?

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Dustynn's question caught him a bit off guard but given the way she had put her phone away, she assumed that she was having a few familial issues of her own. "Well to be honest my parents weren't very happy when I first decided to move to the US, but after that initial upset they've been fine. I mean I've got a good life for myself out here..." He paused for a moment before glancing over to Dustynn with a smile. "'s gotten even better in the last few weeks though." Returning his gaze back to the road Leo continued.

"Then theres my brother Alex. Typical younger brother, annoying little shit as a kid but then he hit eighteen and suddenly turns into someone not entirely unbearable. Jokes aside, we are really close, well as close as you can be being a thousand of miles apart." Steering his car into the approaching turn, Leo and Dustynn found themselves moving down a road flanked by a spattering of log cabins. Leo's was towards the end of the road so he continued on. "The one thing that always makes me laugh is that when Alex came out, my parents were much more supportive of him than when I said I was moving away." Leo laughed as he remembered the memory of when Alex told his parents. "Alex had been so worried, especially after seeing their initial reaction my parents had to me wanting to move. Then when he told them they didn't bat an eyelid. My mums exact words were, 'So what? Just get in the kitchen and clean the dishes!' We always joke about it, but that moment just summed up our family...i'm lucky."

With his cabin coming into view Leo took a moment before turning to Dustynn. "Well there it is." Gesturing with his head towards the large wooden structure, Leo was already looking forward to getting more comfortable, he felt like he was soaked through to the bone.

Turning up the driveway and bringing the car to a stop, he paused. Warmth and comfort were mere metres away but he didn't want to leave the car, he had to ask Dustynn about her family. He turned to her and with a solemn voice spoke, "So what about your family? Is everything ok?" Before she could answer more words left Leo's mouth. "I just mean...the way you put your phone away and then asking about family out of the blue..." He looked her in the eyes with a loving gaze and gave her a soft smile. "...I'm here for you if you need me to be." Reaching over he took hold of Dustynn's hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze.

Friday, 25th September, 1998
Room 102 - Motel Dere

Connor stood still in shock as Ana wrapped her arms around his neck. It took him a moment but eventually he put his arm around her, pulling her body close to his. The pair didn't say a word for the entire embrace but words weren't really needed, they were both happy to just be alive. Her face said as much as she moved away and gave Connor a smile.

Soon enough Ana reminded Connor that half his faced was caked in blood from their recent accident, he could be forgiven for forgetting given the circumstances. She suggested she clean his face, it was the only option that made any sense. While he could no longer feel the blood running down his face there was always the chance that the cut could need the touch of a doctor to sort out. Moving over to the bed Connor crouched down and began to push it towards the door.

"If you're not going to sleep on this then we may as well make use of it somehow," Connor said with a smile on his face. As the bed approached the door he began to lift it, using his legs to power through the lift. With the bed upright he carefully let it lean forward until it came to rest on the door. "It won't hurt having it there." Looking around as he spoke Connor spent the next few minutes moving what he could to reinforce the door. A cupboard, a couple of bedside tables and even the table the TV was rested on were moved to block the entrance. Rubbing his hands with satisfaction Connor turned to Ana, "I think that'll hold if anything comes looking for us, not that anyone knows we're here."

Connor removed his jacket, carelessly lobbing it into the corner of the room. He approached the door to the bathroom turning back to Ana. "Do you think you could take a look at the cut now please?"
So below are the trainer cards I have done for those who wanted them. IF anyone wants one just chuck me a message on Discord or PM me. I'll get to it whenever I can.

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