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Christmas was great...apart from the death of my PC...
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Does your country's flag have a dragon on it? Didn't think so!


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@Danelaw I like the idea of D and just being close to the North in general. Also like the idea of A.
@Danelaw preferably high casual, never really stepped into advanced.
I’m really interested in this. In terms of regions I’d be quite happy with either of the three you’ve suggested.
Name: Korvus
Race: Android
Ki Colour: █████████████
Power Level: 910
Location: North Capital Outskirts
Tags: @Weird Tales@King Cosmos@Double
Korvus question was met with a simple response by a young person who couldn't be close to eighteen. "Oh nothing really. Just some genocidal alien menace who wanted to murder millions of people and blew up a city. You know the usual." Given the devastation around them it was a surprise to hear someone describe the situation in such a relaxed manner. Even so, in his few years Korvus had become somewhat used to human humour and laughed. He replied, retaining a smile. "Well I guess I need to be quicker next time so I can join the party."

It was then a man spoke up, offering for people to follow him to hospital. “Is anyone hurt? Does anyone need a doctor?”I need to take my Master to the hospital; anyone who is hurt should come with me.” Korvus was obviously not in need of any attention and so the idea of a hospital was pointless, that was until the man mentioned his Master needing medical help. Korvus was about to offer his services when a third person arrived, this one holding the body of an old man. The aged fellow was barely conscious and it was clear to Korvus that he was close to death.

The pair spoke loud enough that Korvus was able to hear every word. The android picked up on the younger mans pain and anguish, a direct contrast to the older persons acceptance of his fate. Whether the old man was genuinely not scared of dying or whether he was just trying to be brave for his apprentice, Korvus couldn't decide. The thought was a moot point because almost as soon it entered the mind of Korvus, the old man took his last breath.

Speaking after his Masters death, the man addressed those around him. "I'll help take whoever needs to go to a doctor, but I'm going to that temple after that. Anyone who wants to can accompany, but make your decision soon because I'm leaving within the hour and I don't plan on waiting for anyone to catch up." Korvus took a brief moment before approaching the man and solemnly placing his hand onto his shoulder. He had only just met the man but the android was full of compassion. "I don't know you and I didn't know your master...but I can see that the bond you shared was strong. I am truly sorry for your loss." Returning his glance from the bereaved to the man who had suggested the hospital, Korvus spoke up. "My name is Korvus. I have a capability to move from one place to the next quicker than any of you would be able to by flying. I can take one person with me without risking burning myself out. If you can take me to your master I can ensure that nobody else perish today."

Korvus returned his arm to his side and looked down at the old man. Addressing the men stood near him he spoke once more. "If you would wait for me to help this persons Master, I would be interested to see what is at this temple you spoke of. I don't get the opportunity to visit such places and I am always wanting to learn." While Korvus' voice and mannerisms were all very visibly human and appeared natural, sometimes his words would betray that he wasn't quite the human he appeared to be.
<<< Begin Transmission >>>

In the attached file are your potential operator logos. Feel free to use them or not. It's entirely up to you.

<<< Transmission Terminated >>>

I posted just to get Korvus to the scene.

Name: Korvus
Race: Android
Ki Colour: █████████████
Power Level: 910
Location: The Moss Estate to North Capital Outskirts
Tags: Anyone interested
The sound of Dr Moss pacing back and fore was the first thing Korvus heard when he awoke. While for all intents and purposes he was a robot, the way he was designed meant that he had to sleep like the majority of biological life forms. The rest allowed his core to fully recharge which was always important after a big fight. The day prior he had been on the other side of the world helping to stop an armed siege that had lasted for three days.

"Doctor? Why are you agitated?" Korvus spoke in a way that hid his true nature, another master stroke of Dr Moss' genius. If you didn't know he was an android then you would swear he was a human, such was the convincing nature of the doctors work. Hearing Korvus' voice Dr Moss stopped in his tracks, his head snapping towards Korvus.

"Ah're awake." The doctor scurried to the bed and began to hurry Korvus from his bed. "You must hurry. There are reports of a battle on the outskirts of the city. Details are scarce but the power some of these fighters are showing could be a cause for concern if their intentions are impure. You need to get out there now and discern the nature of the fighters and do whatever necessary to protect the city."

Korvus immediately elevated himself into the air and moved towards the door without so much as a goodbye. Leaving his bedroom he emerged in a fairly large hall that acted as a training area. It was here that he honed his skills and techniques utilising his fathers technical prowess. Robots created and programmed in the every known martial art, projectile firing drones and various other pieces of kit had served Korvus well to get him where he was currently in terms of his skill. Even so, the technology could never compare to actual battle and to think otherwise would be naive.

On the back wall of the hall rested his attire that he was most known for. It allowed for free flowing movement and the weighted nature of the robe meant that he was always training, even against weaker foe. It took a few seconds for him to get changed before Dr Moss appeared. "The fighters are on the outskirts of the city opposite our location." Korvus turned to the doctor and nodded. The air around his body began to distort and bend, cracks seemingly forming in reality itself. Then in a blink of an eye Korvus was gone.

He reappeared close to the battlefield, just in time to see what looked like a large bull barrel into the ground. The light show that followed was pretty for sure but whoever was on the end of it was surely dead. Korvus made his way closer to see several people all peering into the crater. It became clear quickly that they had been working together to defeat whatever had been in the strangely shaped crater. Korvus landed and approached it, seeing a large, mountain of a man peering into it. He scratched at his head and looked at the others who had clearly been in a dangerous fight before speaking.

"I guess I am late..." Korvus paused for a moment before continuing, trying to gauge the people around him. "...can anyone tell me what happened?"

Location: Table in the Ballroom
Tags: Anyone listening

Leo listened intently as people took it in turns to introduce themselves to the group. With beer in hands, one of the few luxuries he was allowed with the rugby season over, he smiled as he started to learn the names of those he'd be getting to know. Things got off to a rather strange start however. With her pretty smile and looks that would turn the heads of most men, Noemi introduced herself to the group. All seemed normal until she announced her profession. Leo did well to keep his mouthful of beer in his mouth, swallowing it before spraying everyone around the table. It wasn't disgust or anything remotely like that, it was just the shock that she was a mortician. From his limited experience of morticians they were old and rather creepy men.

The rest of the group began to introduce themselves around the table: Barbara the cashier with dreams of photography; Gaia the archivist; Yvonne the teacher and self pro-claimed failed artist; Naoko a choreographer and dancer who had danced in a video of someone he had never heard of and then at the end was Lee the actor. A wide range of people and occupations, some more fanciful than others, but none any less important than others. Everyone had their place and here they all had a chance at happiness.

Next it was Leo's turn and the rugby players decided to stand. Pulling the jacket of his suit straight, he smiled as he spoke. "Hey everyone. It's a pleasure to meet you all." Making sure to make eye contact with everyone he turned as he spoke, trying to be as positive and upbeat in his tone as he could. "My names Leo Moriarty. I come from the lovely little country known as Wales and i'm a professional rugby player." His Welsh accent was thick and probably quite exotic in this part of the world. Although there is likely no record anywhere of someone calling the Welsh accent exotic. Leo picked up his beer from the table and raised it to everyone. "I look forward to getting to know you all...cheers."

Leo sat down before taking a drink and wiping the foam from his upper lip. His smile soon returned as he began to listen once more as the introductions continued.
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