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Interested. Either going with something Welsh or Japanese.

The calls of the crowds outside of his tent were calling for more, pushing and shoving past each other to try and get a glimpse of him and his show. Cries of 'encore' and 'we want more' were clearly audible but he had finished his show, for the time being at least. He moved towards the back of the tent to his small trailer from which he lived. He slumped down onto his suprisingly comfortable bed and stretched out his limbs as far as he could. The satifying feeling of each and ever fibre of his muscles stretching was followed by loud sigh. For a moment he continued to stare at the ceiling before returning to his feet.

Moving to a nearby desk he took a seat and began to delve through one of the desks drawers. Items he had accumulated over the years and with some meaning to him were left to roll around loose. However what he wanted was something much more edible. Eventually he came across what he was looking for, a wondrous and most delightful childrens treat, a Kinder egg. Such a simple treat but something that Connor had become slightly addicted to. The egg shaped combination of white and milk chocolate along with the surprise gift inside was a welcome treat after a long days performance.

He slowly peeled away the foil wrapper until it was left in a pile on the desk in front of him. His mouth began to fill with saliva as he moved the chocolate egg towards his mouth. He raised the chin of his mask to reveal his mouth beneath, opening it wide ready for his first bite. Then, before he could bite down, he was disturbed by the cawing of a Raven behind him. He slowly moved his hand away from his mouth, his free hand clenching tight. "One little chocolate egg...that's all I be able to eat a damn chocolate egg after a hard days work." The raven cawed once more. "I will be there soon, just let me eat my damn egg in peace." A third caw from the raven pushed Connor over the edge and he squeezed both fists tight from frustration. He slowly opened his right hand and looked down at the crushed chocolate and destroyed toy from inside. " have until I finish speaking or I will be eating you." Connor turned to find the raven gone. He tried to salvage what he could of the egg, taking small satisfaction from the remnants that weren't crushed into his gloves. He rose to his feet once more and made for the Ringmaster's tent.

Upon entering the tent he found the Ringmaster with his...well whatever Jay was meant to be. "I honestly hope this is good. I just broke my last egg!" Pointing at his chocolate covered glove in frustration, Connor continued on. "Speaking of which, double my order for next time. They are the literal definition of happiness in my life right now." Lowering his hands and placing them on his hips he got to the point. "So what is it we are dealing with?"

Location: Celadon City / Gym
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"Noibat use heat wave!" The flying pokemon responded to Corbin by launching a furious wave of flame at the Whimsicott opposite it. The flames enveloped the fluffy pokemon and licked at it with menacing fury, a cry bellowing from within the small creatures lungs. As the flames dissipated Whimsicott was left unconscious on the floor, before a red light drew it back into its pokeball. "Whimsicott return!" The voice of the short statured Aunt Flora commanded respect as she threw out the last of her pokemon, a freakishly large Chesnaught. Corbin was taken back by it's size for a moment, towering over his almost exhausted Noibat.

The battle between the pair had raged for a while with Aunt Flora making effective use of the terrain to take an early lead. Some poor typing choices made things even more difficult but Corbin's most loyal of pokemon Noibat had managed to tear through the majority of her team using it's fire based attack. The biggest issue for the young trainer however was the clear signs of exhaustion taking over his Noibat. His next move was a simple one for him.

"Noibat return! The bat like pokemon returned to it's pokeball. With a launching throw Corbin sent Riolu out into the field. I need you to hold out as long as you can...just long enough for Noibat to catch its breath. The thought and plan was a simple one, he just needed Riolu to last long enough to give Noibat enough of a breather so that it could finish off Chesnaught. "Riolu i'm counting on you!" The pokemon turned and gave his trainer a look of determination capped off with a menacing grin. Turning it's glance back to it's towering opponent Riolu took it's fighting pose waiting for instruction.

"I have to say Sully I have truly enjoyed this battle. Whatever happens I hope you'll stay for dinner afterwards." Corbin laughed at the suggestion, his stomach was still full from the three course meal she'd prepared prior to the battle. "While i'd love to take you up on your offer I don't think I could take another bite." Flora looked slightly dejected by the turning down of the offer. "No matter then. Let's finish this...Chesnaught...Hammer arm!" Her pokemon immediately sprung into action, closing the distance towards Riolu quickly. "Riolu use the trees!"

Chesnaught drew it's thick arm backwards and thrust it forcefully towards Riolu finding nothing but the floor. Dirt and grassed kicked up into the air as the ground shoot from the force of the blow. Riolu had sidestepped the blow and made for a nearby tree, hiding behind it. The Chesnaught seemed to laugh as it charged the tree, swinging its arm once more. The force split the tree across the middle, spitting splinters out into every direction. With an loud creak the tree began to fall to the side, revealing the hidden Riolu. "Bullet punch!" Corbin's shout was acted upon immediately, Riolu launching itself towards the Chesnaught. The small pokemons fist connected against the grass types jaw, rocking it's head to the side. Riolu landed several feet behind the Chesnaught and made for the nearest tree. Shaking its head and looking extremely peturbed, the Chesnaught gave chase. It had taken the attack from the smaller pokemon personally and wanted some semblance of vengeance.

"Chesnaught stop." Aunt Flora gave the command as Riolu took up its hiding position once more. "Use seed bomb!" Chesnaught kept it's distance and instead rounded the tree from range before launching a vicious barrage. The smaller pokemon tried it's best to evade the attack but noticed it too late. It raised it's arms to protect itself but each hit caused an audible crack, the sound of the impact giving away just how forceful the attack was. Soon enough the barrage finished leaving Riolu battered, bruised and on one knee. Not willing to relent Flora gave the order to finish him off. "Hammer arm!"

Chesnaught charged forward, it's bulk shaking the ground beneath its feet with each step. Corbin watched on as his pokemon awaited its fate. Pulling it's arm back once more Chesnaught threw it forward with a ferocity far past anything it had thrown previously. "Reversal now!" Corbin's Riolu reached up and grabbed hold of the Chesnaught. Using the grass types own momentum Riolu launched it head first into the nearby tree. Branches and leaves rained down to the floor beneath as the pokemons head rattled the entire tree. The grass type hit the floor with a thud before rising back to it's feet. A grimace of pain remained on it's face as it rubbed at the top of the head, looking out for a follow up attack by Riolu. Unfortunately for the smaller pokemon it had expended all of its energy to launch Chesnaught into the tree and had collapsed to the floor. A cheeky grin was spread across it's face as it was recalled to it's pokeball having been knocked out.

Corbin looked down at his remaining pokeball, Noibat I hope you're's all or nothing now. Throwing his pokeball, Noibat emerged before it hit the floor. The pokemon had found it's second wind and wave ready to take on Chesnaught. "She looks like she has made the most of her breather. How about we put it all on the line? One last tricks. Last pokemon standing wins." Corbin smiled at the proposal and put full confidence into his small companion. "Ok Flora, if that's what you want." The young trainer and gym leader paused briefly before shouting out their commands almost simultaneously. "Chesnaught, Take Down!" "Noibat, Razor Wind!"

Both Pokemon barreled towards each other with dangerous intent, the entire battle resting on the seconds that followed. Chesnaught let out a roar as it launched itself towards Noibat, it's full weight being used as a weapon against the small pokemon. "NooooooibAAAAAAT! Corbin's pokemon furiously slashed through the air with it's wings launching a strong, cutting gust of wind directly into the Chesnaught's face. As the attack hit the Chesnaught's limbs became limp before it aimlessly crashed to the ground. For a moment there was silence as both Flora and Corbin waited for Chesnaught to rise, but fortunately for the young trainer it didn't.

Flora raised her arm and returned Chesnaught to its pokeball. She hung her head for a moment before looking back up at Corbin with a wide smile. "Congratulations Sully! I have no pokemon left to battle with meaning you are the victor and proud new owner of the Rainbow Badge!" Corbin clenched it fist and thrust it into the air in celebration. Yeeeees! Noibat you did it! Running into the battle arena Corbin headed towards Noibat, a smile stretched across his face. The small bat like pokemon flew to it's trainer and friend, the pair embracing as they enjoyed the victory. However as the pair hugged, the body of Noibat began to glow bright. Corbin could feel Noibat's body growing in his grasp, pushing his arms apart. As the glowing light grew the weight began to push on Corbin before it forced him to the ground. Looking up at the light as it faded revealed that Noibat had evolved into Noivern. It's giant ears flexed, it's eyes shut and it's mouth stretched wide with a smile. Corbin's mouth was wide open, the joy he felt at the evolution making it difficult to think. He wrapped his arms around his pokemon once more. "I knew you could do it!" His newly evolved pokemon let out a soft sound of agreement. "Come on then Noivern let's get that badge so we can get you a bowl full of spelon berries." Almost instantly the pokemon launched itself into the air, the sound of it's favourite berries name more than enough to get it to move.

As Corbin rose to his feet he was greeted by a smiling Flora. "I haven't seen someone be that close with their pokemon in a long time. Trainers these days just tend to see pokemon as tools rather than the companions and friends that they are." Corbin nodded in agreement with Flora as she continued on. "Anyway, here is the badge." Corbin took the badge in hand and marvelled at it for a moment before placing it on the inside of his jacket. "Thank you Flora. That was one of the best battles i've had. It came right down to the wire." The older woman smiled. "I have to agree, it was exciting to have it come so close at the very end. Anyway, are you sure I can't cook you and your pokemon a meal?" Corbin reluctantly shook his head. "Sorry Flora, I need to get these guys to the pokecenter and I think Noivern deserves a treat. Besides, it's the solstice festival." Flora bowed her head in acknowledgement. "Ok Sully. Well I wish you well on your journey, it truly was a pleasure to meet you. Hopefully our paths will cross again in future." Sully nodded before looking up at Noivern flying high above the arena. "Noivern! Time to go get your spelon berries!" The pokemon turned on a ninety degree angle and shot down towards the ground beneath. Moments before impacting the floor she slowed her descent, landing comfortably next to her trainer. "Goodbye Flora." "Take care of yourself Sully. Goodbye Noivern." Corbin's pokemon politely bid farewell to Flora with a call of its own name before the pair left the gym, heading towards the Celadon City Solstice Festival.

Start with a party...
Saturday 21st June 2042

The world is much the same as it was many years ago. Pokemon trainers still vie to become masters of their art, rangers still protect helpless pokemon and researchers are still doing all they can to learn as much about pokemon as possible. Today is not just any day, across the Kanto region parties are taking place in every city, town and village to mark the summer solstice. A day of parties and celebrations, fairs and festivals, everyone is out and about celebrating in their own way.

Will you meet new friends? Make new enemies? Or just get out there and enjoy yourself? It's up to you.


Chapter 1: New Beginnings [Click Here]
The start of many great adventures...

@Sketcher absolute legend. Thanks a lot 👍🏻

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Leo listened intently to the words that left Marcus’ mouth, wanting to learn all he could about the prospective employee. What stood out to him wasn’t that he was from a small town or even that he was trying to make it as a musician, plenty of people were in Sol for that reason. It was the moment he spoke of his ex-girlfriend. He was clearly trying to put on a brave face but his eyes gave away the pain that lingered within. When Marcus finished his final sentence Leo was polishing off the remainder of his drink. It hadn’t taken him long to finish it but beer and lager rarely lasted long in front of him.

“I’ll be honest with you, this city has plenty of people coming here to try and make it as the next big thing. Very rarely does anyone make it to the top.” Leo placed his glass to the side and continued on. “That isn’t to say that you shouldn’t at least try. You may not make the millions of a famous pop star but you can earn yourself a fair bit just by doing gigs. Decent generic pub bands can get up to two, maybe three hundred for a gig. So don’t give up, just maybe think of a different avenue. Hell, if you’re looking for a band maybe we could start one?!” Leo laughed but was entirely sincere with his suggestion.

As the laughter faded Leo took a slightly more serious tone. “So Marcus…if you don’t mind me asking…what happened with your girlfriend? I understand if you don’t want to talk about it, I mean this is an interview after all. I just like my employees to know that if they are dealing with anything, that they can come to me. I hope you understand what I’m saying. ”

Leo’s phone vibrated on the table next to his elbow, showing Dustynn’s response. A smile crept across his face before he cast his glance back to Marcus. “Look lad, I’m just going to get right to the point. I want to give you a chance because you seem like a genuine person. I’d much rather give someone inexperienced, but who is a good person, a job over some pretentious prick who has worked bars all their life. So if you want a job, all you have to do is say yes. If you accept then we can head out to a nearby place for food to celebrate if you like? On me of course.”

While waiting for the response from Marcus, Leo began to respond to Dustynns message.

Well the more the merrier lol.

I have no idea when we’ll be able to do it, have you seen the forecast? I’m so excited for snow lol. I want to take you to Mount Atlas, the observatory would be a great place to see the night sky. Besides, there are plenty of scenic views with it being a national park. Have you ever been there? x

@Vertigo If you want to be a Gym Leader then feel free. As for being rooted to one place, I don’t think that’d be the case. They’ll have business to attend to in other places and probably have set times/days when people can come along and challenge them.

@Seirei No Hai Thanks for copying with me Lucario Accepted

@Sketcher Oh, another Lucario Accepted
@Sketcherfeel free. Links above if you need it. I would repost but on my phone at the minute
Shameless bump! Still accepting and planning on starting by the end of the week. All welcome! Link in post above!
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