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26 days ago
Current Christmas was great...apart from the death of my PC...
8 mos ago
Does your country's flag have a dragon on it? Didn't think so!


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@King Cosmos I intend on posting tonight after work.
@Dirty Pretty Lies she wishes
@Altered Tundra am I good to move over with that adjustment?
@Altered Tundra What age were you thinking? Is 21 okay?
@Dirty Pretty Lies excuse me? Would you like to take this outside?! πŸ‘ŠπŸ»πŸ˜‚
I’d like to dibs son of Artemis. Should be able to get a CS up tonight.
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Possible CS

User Details

Name: Simple
Age: Must be a minimum of 18
Gender: Simple
Sexual Orientation: Simple
Height: Easy
Weight: Easy
Appearance: Please use a real persons face. Feel free to expand with text.
Ring Location: Do they live in the slums? The middle tier of the City Ring? Take the opportunity to expand and talk about their local area.
Occupation: What is their job? Do they work a real world job or do they have one in The Universe? Are they literal farmer or virtual resource miner?
Real Life Skills: There are no limits to this really, however I’d much rather see realistic characters.
Likes and Dislikes: Minimum of three each please.
Personality: A paragraph or two on how your character acts.
Background: What has happened in your characters life up to this point?


Username: Your avatars name
Appearance: Can be pretty much any art work within reason (keep to the tone of the RP I.e. It’s going to get dark at times so I’d rather not see Care Bears or My Little Pony)
Home: Provide a picture/description of their private spawn area.
Fame Tier: How famous is your Avatar?
Weapons: List a couple of β€œbasic” weapons. This is standard armaments whether real world, video games or movies.
Armour: What skin/armour does your character have? No super/power armour at this point.
Utility: List some utility items e.g Omni tool, tricorder etc
Steed: A non-flying mount for your character.
Artifacts: Pick one artifact that could be considered rare/high powered e.g Green Lanterns ring

Try to include descriptions for all items so that everyone is aware of their capabilities. If it’s not in the description, it can’t be done. Also, Artifacts, while powerful, have limited time useage. It all depends from item to item. It’s not a use and lose situation, but features a pretty hefty cool down.
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