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Current Apologies to anyone I’ve let down by not being around, had a recent scare with the girlfriend but things are good now.
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Nothing quite like a heavy weekend of the beer to put you behind
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Christmas was great...apart from the death of my PC...
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Does your country's flag have a dragon on it? Didn't think so!


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I love a bit of One Punch Man, from the humour to the character design, the music to the art style. So my idea is quite a simple one:

• Will be based in the One Punch Man universe but years after the likes of Saitama have retired/died of old age. It’ll be much like the anime in that it’ll be a mixture of slice of life and action.

• Characters will be members of the Hero Association and continuing the work of the heroes that came before them.

• Characters can be any class you wish, C right up to S.

• Because of the world of One Punch Man, your characters Powers can be quite “out there”. I’m totally flexible with most things but I don’t want to say everything is acceptable, so please just run your ideas past me before completing a CS.

• Age limit of characters will be 18+ given the level of violence that OPM brings with it.

I’m open to thoughts and suggestions.

@Lmpkio not a problem.
A wild interest appears.
Here is a CS for Draig's nemesis.

@The Muse Leo lives in the Outskirts
I've posted. Not my best work but it's a start.

If anyone wants to consider a fight just let me know.


The scientists all sat watching the screens turning red before them, failed containment warnings pouring forth from other outposts scattered around the globe. More alarming was the number of reports of titans appearing beyond those known about in the outposts. Of the group of five sat watching in Outpost #8, Dr Warren Moss was the one to break the silence. "This is sheer madness," he said out loud to his colleagues. For years Dr Moss had studied the titans and in particular a large part of his study had been about the one beneath his feet, Draig.

"Why are they all waking up?" Dr stepped forward towards the monitors away from the other scientists. He scratched at his head before turning sharply to face the others. "Gary I need you to check on the status of Draig. If everyone is waking up we need to understand how long we have before he cuts short his nap." The man he had addressed pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose before scurrying over to a nearby workstation. He hurriedly tapped away at the keyboard before turning with look of reassurance on his face. "Everything's looking good. We're picking up an odd few signals but there is no sign or indication that he's going to be waking up any time soon." There was a collective sigh amongst the group. Given the position of Outpost #8 in relation to Draig, anyone around when Draig awoke would likely be at risk of being thrown a great distance with the Outpost itself.

Dr Moss scratched at his chin for a moment before addressing the room once more. "Even if the readings say that, I'm inclined to believe otherwise. These things are waking up everywhere and it can only be a matter of time before Draig does to. We have all put a lot of time into our research here but I think it is time we evacuate." The group looked on in disbelief. Dr Moss had put his life into his work, never marrying or having children, his work always came first. They never believed for a second he would call an evacuation even if everything was to go south quickly.

"But Warren..." Before Gary could continue Dr Moss interrupted with a forceful cry. "No Gary! Outpost #8 is to be evacuated. This entire situation is beyond our control now, no amount of technology or weaponry we have will be able to take on these creatures. We need to let nature take it's course and just hope that once it's all done...there's still some of us left." Dr Moss took off his glasses and rubbed at them with a handkercheif from his pocket. A sigh escaped his mouth filling the silence his brief speech had left behind. "You all need to get to the evac station now. It may not be today, it may not be tomorrow...but Draig will be waking up soon. Turning to the monitors behind him Dr Moss eyes a large red button sat beneath a plastic cover. With a flick of his wrist he raised the cover without a second thought, pressed the button. Sirens began to sound in the Outpost, echoing through out.

"Please...all of you get to the station. Dr Moss placed his hands on the console before him and hung his head. Moments later he heard the door open at the back of the room, several muted goodbye's followed before the door shut. Dr Moss slowly returned to standing upright and placed his hands on the back of his head. "At least i'll have the best seat in the house..." A wry smile crossed his face as he turned to take a seat. The smile was short lived as his eyes caught glimpse of Gary. "Jesus Gar..." The roles had quickly reversed from moments before as Gary spoke with authority. "Listen here Warren. I may be younger than you but I care about this just as much as you. This is what my life has led to. Having a family and a house with the picket fence is not something i've ever wanted. To be there when something monumental happens, something truly amazing...that's all I've wanted. There is absolutely no way i'm running, especially if Red is going to wake way." Dr Moss stood silent before giving a solemn nod of acceptance to Gary's wish.

Time rolled on and the pair had made their way to the surface, sat in an observation post disguised as a farmhouse. They had several monitors to watch. One had a direct feed to the sleeping Draig, next to it was a live feed on sensors while a third had live news footage of what looked like a fight between a large polar bear and am amphibious wolf. Even with such a titanic fight going on, the pair could only watch on as Draig slept. The focal point of their research for the last decade was on the verge of awakening and it was all that mattered to them.

As Dr Moss took a sip of tea an unsual beeping caused him to choke, arching over as he coughed heavily. Gary leant forward quickly to the monitor with the sensor information. The beeping signalled a massive shift in the readings. "Holy shit Warren I think this is it." Gary turned to Dr Moss to see him sat, mouth wide open, staring at the live feed to Draig. A giant, yellow eye peered straight at the camera. Gary stood up from his chair, knocking it over in the excitement. "Come on! We need to get outside!" Gary took Dr Moss by the collar and dragged him towards the front door.

Before they had left their room the ground began to tremble violently. The monitors they had just been watching tumbled to the floor, plates in the kitchen could be heard smashing against the tiled floor. Gary was was time. Managing to get the front door open Gary and Warren emerged into the chilly air of the National Park. They stopped at the end path that led from the farmhouse, overlooking where Outpost #8 was hidden below. Gary turned to the man who had become a close friend and put his arm around his shoulder.

Then they heard it, the noise they had waited a decade to hear. Even from beneath the masses of soil and dirt that seperated the pair from Draig, the giant's roar could be heard. Dr Moss' eyes began to well up, everything he had waited for was about to reveal itself. It was then Gary raised his free arm to point. The ground he gestured towards began to curve upwards, moving further and further upwards until eventually a giant red claw emerged. The roar became intensely louder and much clearer. Soon a second claw erupted from the Earth, sending masses of rock and dirt in every direction. Several large boulders fell within a hundred metres of the scientists as they continued to watch on.

"Y Ddraig Goch..." Dr Moss whispered as the full glory of Draig was revealed. With a large thurst Draig emerged from the ground, it's deep red scales leaving the scientists in awe. It's wings quickly spread outwards and began to drive the titan high into the air. Beneath it, the Earth it had displaced erupted outwards like a tidal wave. Warren and Gary looked up as Draig flew up into the clouds before the mass of dirt and rock crushed them and the farmhouse into nothingness.

Draig had awoken...
@alexfangtalon I second that motion. It’d definitely be something Leo would be involved with.
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