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@Todd Howard I still think Mr Mime in a trench coat while hiding in the bushes could work
So I’m thinking my guy is going to be some sort of park ranger who hears a high pitch noise, follows it and finds an injured Noibat. Nothing special really.
@ItMeGritty do it!
@Prints Avoid @ItMeGritty rival hackers maybe?
Someone needs to run Mr Mime in a trench coat
@Prints Avoid instant comedy gold
@FiroIV as I said I’m feeling the Noibat line.

In terms of theme id be thinking of going with dragon and steel types.
I’m in!

(Dibs on Noibat/Noivern )
@supertinyking I wouldn’t say big hero at all, just really want to visit King Kai and it’s better than getting bitch slapped

@Eviledd1984 Sorry to hear that. Quite like your character so be a shame to lose them.

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Leo and Dustynn had solidified their relationship in his cabin and not just because of the clichΓ©d fade to black scene that often occured in day time tv movies. She had opened up to him about her personal life in a way that affected him deeply. His feelings for her had increased alot and it scared him, falling so hard for someone so quickly caught him by total surprise. However there was no denying the way he felt when they were together, the sense of butterflies in the stomach and the inability to stop smiling. She made him happy and he hoped that he could repay her in kind.

It had been a couple of days since their night together and now it was time for work. Leo entered the club, greeting the security guards as he made his way in. Several patrons were stood chatting in the entrance corridor sharing a story about a recent art show up at the Manor. Before he could hear any decent parts he found himself rounding the corner and entering the bar area. He could see Marcus serving a customer, the newest member of the team had really taken well to the job. As his eyes drifted to another customer Leo spotted Dustynn pouring them a drink from the back of the bar. That feeling deep inside took over once more and he the smile stretched across his face.

Approaching the bar Leo gestured at both with a nod of the head and a smile. He between the two customers they were serving and rested his hands on the bar. Once the patrons had been served Leo spoke, looking over to Dustynn. "Hey gorgeous." He propped himself up onto the bar and leant over to give her a quick kiss. Returning to his feet he turned over to Marcus and reached out for a handshake. "Hey Marcus, hows things?" The chat would be brief, Leo had paperwork that needed doing and he'd be on hosting duties for the majority of the night.

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