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Current NANI SORE?!?!
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Tf when you think up of a brilliant RP but remembered your last RP failing so you are extremely torn on wanting to start another one again or not.
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Happy 18th Birthday to me. Time to become a respondible adult


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Now I know my character isn't quite the talking type... but I wouldn't mind pushing him to talk if anyone wants it too lol
Yeah, Ghelgath kinda deserved that.
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Fuck. Ok. They won't see anything regarding her.
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That's the sensible thing to do since there's no way that he could have gotten that information.

Right. Once I get home I'll change it. But I can't have TEP know by just word of mouth or?
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If they weren't mentioned before, then no adding probes and cameras after the battle now.

You want me to delete those then? I'll have to redo the section with karizawa though but again if you want me to I will
@The 42nd Gecko I can have it that probes were originally with Wolf and his team but split up to scout around and showed up at the battlefield, recorded stuff and yeah.
@The 42nd Gecko Endian? She was fake?

Ghelgath Fenrir Calder-Berg
Mephlistrophus Baal Asmodeus

@Lucius Cypher@Lonewolf685@TheWindel

As most the members of Hell came trudging back to the castle, both the Ice Lich and the Phantom Horseman were still within the castle corridors. Both blatantly didn't enter the chaotic battlefield that was within the Chaos Dungeon and perhaps it was better that they didn't. Ghelgath didn't go due to his intense dislike towards Lucille. The recent two leaders, both Lucille and the previous Ira, haven't impressed him in the slightest. He'll eventually join another battle, but for now, he'll just lie lazily on the couch doing... well nothing. Meanwhile, Mephilius was still recovering from the offensive failure that was the Machina Foundry. He doesn't remember why exactly they failed, as he forgot about the late Artoria and how he was transformed into Mephilia, but regardless he does remember that he, Henry, and Fran were basically forced to get out or something something.... erased from existence.

Whatever that mean't.

So now they are here just lying about, with Ghelgath watching Demon TV and Mephilius cooks up some Hell-Steak that he acquired sometime ago after killing a Hellcow that was rampaging in the back of the castle. Delicious. As they continue doing their thing, they suddenly hear the faint muffling of rock music coming from seemingly nowhere. The Lich was the first to hear it and groans as he looks over his shoulder at the Hell Knight.

"Daaaaamnit," he groans loudly, "Mephilius did you leave the stereo on again? I can hear your music from miles away."

Mephilius pauses as he quietly listens to the music being played in the background.

"I didn't for once." he answers frankly, shaking his head, "Whatever is making that noise is~"

He pauses again as he slowly hears the music slowly getting louder... and louder... and louder. His right eyebrow raises up curiously as he places the pan down and turns off the gas stove.

"It's coming this way."

Ghelgath listens and also realizes that the music is getting louder, followed by the sound of burning jet fuel. Was it a Machina invasion force? He jumps up from the couch as his fists glow blue in cold winter energy. As the two enter Hell's throne room, they hear a large crash as if a building was getting demolished, followed by the sounds of engines deactivating.

"Shit! The hell is that?!" Ghelgath asks as he regains his footing from the initial shockwave that rippled through the entire castle.

The two burst out from the large gates to find a giant spaceship having landed right in front of the castle. The Lich's eyes grew to the size of dinner plates while the Knight only raised an eye of curiousness. The ship almost looked like something out of Star Wars... something from Legends that is. Did its hyperspace jump malfunction and crash land itself here? Regardless, as the two watch the landing pad open, they'll be greeted to a very familiar face carrying luggage from the ship.

Ghelgath gasps as he grins like a little boy in a candy shop.


The Lich was about to run up and give the old ruler a nice big hug, until he heard a voice that almost killed the mood just as it spoke the first word...

“What are you doing in my kingdom Rufus,” Lucille said, crossing her arms and staring him down.

Ghelgath's grin turned into an ugly frown. He turns slowly as he sees the "queen" along with the rest of Hell's forces return from the dungeon. Well... most of them at least. Looks like Henry seems to be missing. He must've died and respawned... he should be here shortly.

"YOUR Kingdom?" he responds back to her defyingly, "HA! You think. Isn't it obvious on what's going on here? He's taking back his RIGHTFUL place as the TRUE leader of Hell! The one true leader we DESERVE!"

He points at Lucille while standing by his idol.

"In other words... YO ASS IS FIRED!"

Meanwhile, Mephilius stands on the sidelines as he watches possible shit going down.


Two bright spark light up as Zeruel wakes up in the dark and empty Laguna council room. He slowly turns his body left to right as he examines where he is. Is he back in Heaven? He uses his tendrils to touch the desk that was in front of him. He taps on the wall and then the floor. Did the Oblivion dungeon not anchor his soul into the god forsaken hellhole of abomination? It seemed to be that way. He soon realizes that he was back in his human form and that no other Laguna Angel was present inside. It would've been humiliating if he respawned right in the middle of those Angels. It was his second battle since declaring war and he has failed again. Well... failing isn't exactly the right answer. He didn't necessarily fail. But that short little "victory" against the awakened beast definitely wouldn't be counted by the rest of the council. Heresy would surely assume because of it.

For now though, he can white lie to them and keep his power in control. However, he needs to find ways to achieve victory, otherwise his opponents will surely attempt to take his life...



Once everyone left the Chaotic Dungeon, the whole battlefield went silent. It was a chilling silence, almost as if it was unatural. All that remained was rubble and debris, especially the giant pile that was located near the middle of the entire field. However, that silence wouldn't last. The very top of the pile began to seemingly move on its own, with rocks and large boulders slowly sliding off the mound. Suddenly, a hand can be seen, followed by the rest of the body raise from the peak. A low growl can be heard emiting from it as well.

To think that Titanica can be simply crushed by mere boulders and rocky debris is a completely false accusation that is criminally insane as it is heresy. Zeruel's attempt in restraining and trapping her was a futile attempt. Sure she was trapped for a short period of time, but clearly it was not long enough. As the gijinka rises from the rocky debris, one can notice that she's back in her regular human form. She didn't seem to be even injured, minus the black dust and minor bruising on her face and body. The only difference was that she's probably way more angry and wrathful than ever before.

The Titanica that the others saw earlier was merely a construct projected by Fran. Once she stopped, that illusion quickly disintegrated into dusty bits. In a way, it provided good cover for the gijinka... at least for the meantime. Whether Helena would catch on to this trick or not yet doesn't matter at this point. As she looks around, she notices that nobody was around. She is alone here. Heaving her body out of the pile, she slowly walks down the hill and wonders across the barren wasteland.

After what seemed for almost an eternity of walking around, she eventually found a portal that still happened to be active. Entering it, she finds herself back within the Nexus mainland. She's quickly getting more and more involved with this little conflict at hand. Clearly she will not stand for this bickering of factions.

Order will be restored to the Nexus... one way or another.

Doctor Karizawa

Despite their little "demotion", Karizawa's TEP organization was still in effect. They were still able to secure their backup base that was deep within the depths of the main HQ. Of course, they'll probably be visited more by Endian and the Mecha Maid Twins and will have to obey every order given by them, but they still hold a decent amount of independent power. With Unit-T having a more-or-less successful test, they've decided to give it some upgrades to help combat opponents easier, especially when against the Vassals. Of course, more testing is required to make her the ultimate vassal-eliminating machine, but perhaps it'll soon be ready to be on par with these titanic god-like beings.

As Karizawa sits at his white desk looking at the footage, Doctor Tobayashi enters the room and approaches him silently.

"So..." she starts rather nonchalantly, "She's finally at large once again."

"Indeed." Karizawa responds, slowly looking at the doctor, "We didn't anticipate that she'd actually attract her out of her deep slumber this early and quick."

"I already told you," the scientist responds with a sigh and in a slightly more annoyed tone, "It was a possibility that she'd be attracted to Unit-T. It was low, but a possibility nonetheless. Now we've unleashed one of the most powerful vassals in their disposal... and way ahead schedule. Not to mention that the Foundry lab was invaded by a vassal as well so now even those Vassals have a whiff at what we are cooking up."

Karizawa remained silent for a moment before replying.

"They will be addressed in due time. Yes, our time has been cut down to virtually being nonexistent, but we can still win provided we take the right measures and precautions."

"You do realize, the Vassals are basically the strongest recorded beings in the Nexus right? Even with the weapon upgrades we've installed into Unit-T, we'll need some god-killing weapons in order to efficiently and quickly kill any of them. Even Titanica. The mech's armor can withstand blows here and there but a long slug-fest may be dangerous to her... and our pilot."

Karizawa pauses for a minute, thinking about Tina and her safety. Tobayashi was mostly true in her sense. They need more advanced weapons in order to actually stand a fighting chance and actually kill them.

"I know Tobayashi..." he responds with his head down, "I know..."

Another pause enters quickly before Tobayashi bows and heads out of the room, leaving Karizawa alone in his office.
Now that its off time, Ill post for all my characters.
Now Im tempted to have Ghelgath come in and greet Rufus to defy Lucille or something... start a whole civil war.
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