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@EliteCommander, @Zarkun

As Samus lazily swiped her finger across the screen to view another star system, she would see a particular looking alien approach her table from the edge of her visor. It was a reptilian-based character, akin to prehistoric non-avian raptor dinosaurs found on Earth, with small patches of feathers situated on its head and elbows while still being mostly covered in battle armor. It looked as if it could fit in with the space pirates - with even its snout vaguely resembling to that of a particular space dragon she so despises. The bounty hunter didn't seem to recognize the character initially, but she was soon quick to recognize it as one of the aliens involved with the Sangheili group. Did it want to speak to her?

Samus titled her arm away as the holo-map turned off, allowing her to get a good look at the alien creature.

"May I help you?" the armored bounty hunter asked the alien bluntly.

The reptilian asked if she was indeed the bounty hunter, Samus Aran, in which the latter responded with a nod.

"I am." she affirmed, "And what would you want from me?"

"Shipmaster has an offer for you. How would you like to trade for tech?"

Samus pondered on that offer for a quick moment. For starters, she truly wasn't expecting that kind of response so early on. And the fact that they were trading with their own unique tech instead of credits was... an appropriate offer. Considering that they too were not part of this universe, it wouldn't make sense for them to pay her with their world's worthless currency in this universe, let alone having enough of this world's own credits anyways. It would most certainly be tech that Samus wouldn't be 100% keen on, however she suspected that their tech couldn't be that different to what she was used to. She should hopefully be able to adapt to them rather quickly in the best case scenario.

Still, there were questions that the bounty hunter had to ask.

"My bounty hunting services for your tech?" Samus asked cautiously to be sure as she shifted back in her seat, "That depends. What kind of tech can you guys hook me up with? And what kind of jobs do you guys offer?"


@EliteCommander, @Zarkun

The situation aboard the Resurgence had grown to be much more complex in nature, especially with the revelation of two malevolent forces - one native, one outsider - working together to potentially conquer multiverses. This concept was not particularly new to Samus, but this would be the first time she'd hear about tit outside of the grand fighting tournaments she partook in, only on a far greater scale. While the Smash Tournaments focused more on the personal skills of the fighter, having the combatants duking it out against one another fist to fist until someone achieved a KO, this instance was much more at home with her own universe. For one, her ship will play much more of a role like in her own universe, not only by simply transporting her to different locations to and fro, but perhaps even getting the chance to properly utilize it in space combat and stealth missions. The enemies she'll be facing would be both alien, yet familiar, with similar weaponry and what not. It was a nice and welcomed change for Samus.

Waiting impatiently for her next assignment, Samus found herself aimlessly roaming the halls of the Resurgence. It had already been four days since the briefing and the bounty hunter had heard little from Jerus regarding the first job offer. She was ravenousness for some action and at this point if she doesn't hear something back soon, she might as well abandon ship just to scour the galaxy alone. She's only staying due to protocol and the fact that she's too unfamiliar with the current universe to confidently proceed, but even then it wouldn't matter unless she wanted to bore herself to death. She was somewhat excited if she had to be honest, despite what her exterior features may tell anyone.

Eventually Samus found herself at the south entrance of the mess hall. Her stomach didn't growl with discomfort yet, however if she lingered here she could potentially muster up an appetite for something to eat. Until then, she decided to sit at an empty table and pull up a holo-map display on her arm. With a few light taps, a blue holo-screen would pop up as the bounty hunter proceeded to look at the nearby star systems for the 15th time since she arrived.


@mattmanganon, (Everyone Else)

"So, can I have my Emeralds?"
Doctor Eggman

"There are no emeralds." Samus declared as she stepped up to challenge the lanky scientist. "Considering how we're all in an alternate universe, the likeliness of them existing here are slim. And even so, it's even less-likely that they would be in our nearby reach."

The bounty hunter would then proceed to slowly walk towards Eggman, as her armor thumped against the cold metallic floor. She had already assumed a more assertive stance on this matter... almost as if she's confident with her information.

"Besides," she continued as she got closer to the scientist, "Who would trust such beacons of power to a person being friends with a genocidal robotics engineer and a tyrannical turtle king?"

Samus would stop just inches from Eggman's face as she glared him down with a cold and commanding presence.

"I may not not know everything about you Doc," the bounty hunter said in a lowered voice but still audible enough for nearby neighbors to listen in, "But I know enough. And what I do know is that giving you the emeralds would be a grave mistake for someone as power-hungry and hypocritical like you."

She would then point her metallic finger and jab it firmly into the doctor's chest.

"And in this universe," Samus growled, "You are no longer the top boss."

A light sheen would brush a sliver off of her visor, vaguely revealing an outline of her left eye hidden in the artificial green.

"So Know. Your. Place."


@Zarkun, @mattmanganon, (Everyone Else)

As Samus waited for the meeting to begin, he would be approached by yet another armored figure. She perks her head down to see the figure come up to her, only for his voice to give out his identity.

"When this is done, I've got a couple of bounties for us to take care of. You up for some work?"

The bounty hunter nodded in approval before giving a subtle thumbs up.

"Always." she simply responded.

Just then, the doors opened to reveal an oddly-shaped figure enter the briefing room and announce his presence. To everyone else, most would seem to care little for this egocentric egghead, however Samus happened to recognize him. He definitely didn't fit with her universe of intergalactic stragglers and cutthroat pirates, but she had seen and heard of Dr. Robotnik during the legendary Super Smash Tournaments from a certain blue hedgehog back in her day. Finally there was someone that Samus could confidently identify, although granted he'd be the last person she expected to pop out into this universe.

However, she couldn't tell if this was the actual Doctor that she was familiar with, or rather an alternate-universe incarnation. Still, it didn't truly matter as she kept silent and continued to listen in on the meeting. Perhaps if she didn't pay much attention to him he would simply gloss over and ignore her.

But that's when Samus soon found herself locking eye-contact with the very Doctor himself, who seemed to have also caught eye of the bounty hunter's identity as well.

"You know, I have the STRANGEST feeling that I have seen you somewhere before... You're not friends with this annoying blue rodent I know, are you?"
Dr. Robotnik

The bounty hunter's green visor glared towards the Doctor with a silent authority.

"I may know of him." Samus cheekily replied while retaining her blunt expression, "What's it to you, Doc?"

Dr. Robotnik wouldn't say anything more as he proceeded to his seat, leaving Samus to silently listen in on Commander Hammer's briefing for the time being.


@Zarkun, @EliteCommander, @DisturbedSpec, (Everyone Else)

Compared towards her fellow peers, Samus Aran seemed to be primarily keeping to herself over the past few days. She had been rarely seen outside of her quarters - which that in of itself is unusual - only getting out either to grab nutritional supplements or to inspect her gunship, all within her cold, hard, carapace of armor. It'd been repaired just a few hours after their last conflict with the Imperial regiment, however data logs would show that she hadn't even piloted it outside of a simple test flight the very same day. The bounty hunter claimed that the engines were in working condition and that she could sneak into light speed whenever she wanted. Even as the fleet took refuge in the cloudy nebula - or officially stated as "ionized space" - known as the Transitory Mists. After all, she wasn't normally the type to just sit and idle around.

But there Samus was, sitting in her room looking aimlessly out from her window into open space. She was a still as stone, her face blank and her breathing stable. There was still a lot to take in regarding the turn of events that had taken place and she needed time to plan her next method of assault. She had begun researching and inspecting the nearby sectors for any sign of a potential job, along with other places situated far into the "Outer Rim" portions of the galaxy. In addition, while she barely talked to anyone, she had been occasionally listening in onto current events, such as the addition of two more stragglers and vague rumors of new missions popping around the corner. So she wasn't simply sitting there and doing nothing productive, rather simply being that she had nothing better to do.

All but glaring into the twinkly void that encapsulated her mind...

But even that will have to wait. As for the first time in days, the bounty hunter was finally summoned by the higher ups for an important meeting. She got up from her seat and made her way to the Bridge. She was one of the last individuals to arrive, finding herself standing next to Eri and close to a squad of five armored figures, as she crossed her arms and listened to Jerrus.
Ok. That is just my prototype CS. I will make a good copy sometime later.

Sir, this is a monster-GIRL RP, not just your average run-of-the-hill monster RP. Yes, beast forms are definitely a thing, however if you take one look at the CS sheets, you could see that the characters primarily revolve around a human specimen - in this case one of the anime aesthetics.

Just a little heads up from me.


@Zarkun, @EliteCommander, @Enalais

Samus was solemnly relieved when she found out that they weren't flying out into the vacuum of space. Or as it turned out, it was mitigated by the appearance of another allied member, who'd threw an air-locked shield to stop them from doing so. However, despite what her heroic intentions, her knee-jerk reaction seemed more to be unintentionally in vain than she realized. The bounty hunter glanced over at her distraught allies, seeing Eri snarling at her in discontent.

"You're welcome." the bounty hunter mentally replied as she faced the giant hole in front of her.

There she could see their getaway ship just outside waiting for them to board with their precious cargo. She would be the second to last to board the Phantom, with the laser-sword wielding bounty hunter being the last person to get on. Still the bounty hunter couldn't help but to glare at the Unggoy, only being shielded by the green visor separating her emotions from reality. Samus considered scolding him for his reckless and oblivious behavior, but it looked like Eri had this taken care of.

She just hoped it was enough to prevent him from accidentally killing everyone again.

Now heading back to the Resurgence, Samus couldn't wait to tend to her ship, if it hadn't already been repaired yet that is.


@Zarkun, @EliteCommander

Eri was the first to suggest a way out from the bridge, noting specifically how their ships would blow the front bridge and pick them up from here. If Samus' gunship was operational, then it was a plan she too had in mind. She was about to respond when Jerus spoke up, while looking disapprovingly at the armored bounty hunter.

""Not quite that simple. That's not glass, that's transparisteel, combat grade. You'll have to blast it open with some high grade explosives. Hope you brought some."

Samus considered utilizing her super missiles as potential candidates - considering they were stronger then her regular missiles - however she was considering on saving them up for later. But before she could mention this, one of Eri's troops - being a tiny armored alien - volunteered to do the job instead. He ran over to the edge and planted what should be an explosive device of some kind. She could hear the timer start to slowly tick down; with three seconds having passed before the alien warrior had to ask the obvious.

"Jarraj, what timer did you set on that charge?"

Six seconds.

"Oh, ummm, ten seconds!"


Without a word, Samus suddenly cocked towards her allies and proceeded to tackle them - Jerus, Eri, and the Admiral - towards the back of the ship as fast as she could.



@Zarkun (And everyone else who's with him)

As the lift doors suddenly opened, Jerus and the rest of the allied crew would stop to see a volley of dead clone marines lying everywhere on the bridge. Many were laying on the bridge walkway or near the windows of the ship, with some having fallen into the sunken pits, all either suffering from plasma beam wounds or broken bones. And there, standing in the middle of the walkway with her arm cannon pointed directly at the fallen admiral, was Samus Aran.

Once she noticed the doors open in the back, her gaze would pay attention to the new arrivals who entered the bridge.

"Well, that explains where you went."

The bounty hunter straightened her posture as she lowered her weapon and faced Jerus, who was now wielding an orange beam of plasma energy. It was a... unique choice of weaponry, especially for someone of his stature as a bounty hunter coming out of retirement. However, this wasn't much for her to be concerned about compared to the announcement she received on her comms some time ago.

"I suppose you have an escape plan ready?" Samus asked curiously, "It appears that your ship had demanded for us to return back. Unless your plan is to take the long way down by backtracking our way to the hangar, I'm afraid we might not make it in time. And I'm not carrying your precious admiral back down all by myself."


As Samus quickly eliminated one guard after another, the bewildered admiral began to go into a panicked frenzy as he tried to assume control of the situation.

"Don't just stand there, men!" the admiral barked out annoyedly as he backed towards cover, "Find and blast that intruding scum!"

The bounty hunter's dark silhouette would occasionally become barely visible, enough so that the clones would open fire on the enemy's position. However, she would vanish as soon as she appeared, disappearing into the smoke. Suddenly a clone would find himself blasted straight in the back, while another nearby trooper would be kicked straight off his feet and have his helmet caved in by the incoming arm cannon slamming into his face.

One trooper took the opportunity to shoot Samus, however with varied results. Two of his shots were able to hit the heavily-armored bounty hunter - one hitting off her shoulder pads and thus reflected upwards, while the second was successful in hitting her mid-rim. Samus flinched as she could feel a light burning feel in her abdomen before turning around and blasting the culprit.

Eventually, all the guards would've been compromised by the bounty hunter's hand, with only very minor damages and injuries. As the smoke began to clear, Samus searched around for the admiral using her thermal vision. And there, hiding in the control center below to main deck, she could find the admiral attempting to hide from the ensued chaos. He would suddenly turn around and attempt to shoot Samus with his blaster pistol, missing twice but hitting her left shoulder-piece once. The bounty hunter retaliated and blasted the gun out of his hands, completely wrecking it. Now backed into the corner, the admiral would have had no choice but to surrender.

"Don't move." Samus boomed towards his defeated opponent, "And retaliate one more time and I will break both of your arms and legs."

Now all she had to do was wait for the others to get to her position and extract the admiral.
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