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Levels: 4 (23/40) | 2 (28/20) ---> 3 (8/30)
Location: Peach’s Castle
Word Count: 789

(Mario: Level Up!)
New Ability: Cape - Mario pulls out a cape and swings it in front of him, reflecting projectiles and spinning foes around. He can also glide for short-distances and to break his fall.

(Mario: Super Mushroom Active)

Direct Mentions: @Lugubrious, @DracoLunaris, @Simple Unicycle

Mario's mega fireball hit its mark and with the combined might of everyone's firepower, they were quick to bring Megadragonbowser down to his knees. He laid down on his hands and knees, seemingly begging to his doppel-ganger to take his spirit and claim everything for himself. Their koopa-pounding nemesis was not pleased in hearing it and was ready to throw down if their Bowser went berserk over his newfound power he'd so ominously utilize all for himself. His fist was raised, burning brightly, as he prepared to engage.

However, he didn't need to do anything as Tora and Poppi were fighting over who'd get the spirit besides Bowser himself. Mario remained silent, his burning gaze never leaving Bowser's while he plotted his own methods to settle him down. But out of all the people who'd get the spirit, it was the Centurion who'd take up the offer. Courageous and loyal only to his 'God' (or so he said), his point was soon made across and he was given the spirit to carry for himself. However, it morphed the warrior slightly to fit more within the tyrant's persona, along with the Centurion's personality.

Mario could've theoretically have taken the spirit into himself - considering he had once possessed Bowser's own mind during his recent great odyssey - but he currently had no intentions in risking his own sanity with the Koopa King's filth. Meanwhile Geno was indifferent regarding the turn of events, although he was also admittedly thankful that Bowser didn't harness the Boss's spirit. He came to the aid of the fallen Spyro as he helped the poor dragon get back onto his feet.

"Are you ok?" the doll asked concerningly.

Spyro grunted as he fluffed off his wings.

"Y-Yeah... I'm ok." he groaned, "A little shaky, but I've encountered worse."

Geno would then frown upon realizing how the young dragon got to be where he was.

"It wasn't wise to engage him head on you know?" the warrior would say somewhat sternly, "You could've been killed."

"There was an opening for me to attack!" the purple dragon replied with a slight whine, only to regain his senses, "Or uh... I mean, I thought there was an opening. But you're right, I should be more careful."

"For your own sake, please do." the star warrior agreed with a simple nod.

Before they could continue, they could see the entire castle come back to its original form - revealing the original grand majesty of the beautiful interior of Peach's castle. Mario's nostalgic feelings came rushing through him as his sense of tension seemed to immediately become mute to the calming aura that formed around him.

And then, he saw her.

His eyes widened as he saw the love of his life, Princess Peach, - in the flesh - emerge from the great doors, with her toad servants to see the victory that had transpired. His heart hastened, relieved to see her alive and well. From her depressive frown of dread, her smile blossomed like the flowers in Spring as she congratulated everyone for their efforts in combating against the tyrannical Megadragonbowser. She'd then offer them a great feast and would soon retreat back to her quarters.

Mario would waste no time in following her as he proceeded to rush of the great flight of stairs and follow the Princess. He was unusually bigger than he would've liked - being how he wasn't able to properly utilize the Super Mushroom and how he didn't get hit back to normal - however, he believed that it wouldn't matter much at all.

He didn't even seem to notice Bowser looking at her in a lustful expression... probably for the best as well.

"Peach-a!" he called out to her excitedly as he attempted to keep his emotions in check, "Oh thank-a-da star road that you're alright-a!"

And as he awaited for her to respond, Geno also emerged from behind, where he also had the idea to meet up the the Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom after a long awaited hiatus.

"Your Highness." he affirmed politely.

Meanwhile, Spyro roamed amongst the cast of fighters while waiting for food to arrive in his belly. He was absolutely starving, considering how much he had to deal with in the last couple of hours since he was here. He'd then notice the newcomer that entered the room, he being a tall, white-haired, man who looked much like a proper fighter, engaging in a brief argument with Bowser himself. He'd approach him cautiously before he found himself looking up at him.

"And who are you?" he asked the man curiously and in a way nicer way compared to the Koopa King, "Looks like you've found us all in a tough pickle, I'd say."

In life, she was amongst the largest of her kind to take to the skies. Within the hour that it was born, the newborn female dragon would've been considered to be one of the grandest warriors that would've ever served in the Flame God's conquest. She sported the grandest set of horns, the sharpest of teeth, the sturdiest of scales, the longest pair of wings, and the fieriest of spirits.

Her destiny was to live her life through the hardship of conflict and to be rewarded to live the rest of her days in peace. In time, she would be able to mate with a strong, handsome dragon - one deserving of her grandeur and provide a family for them to take care of. Her life ahead was brutal, yet bright. Violent, yet hopeful. Fate seemed to have taken her side as a survivor.

Yet it had only came to pass as disingenuous wish...

As she lied motionlessly upon a rocky mountainous riverside, coating the pure waters red.

Scarlet trails of fresh blood steamed down her burgundy scales, finding their way through the gauntlet of smooth rocks towards the smooth-going river proceeding downhill. Her left, back leg was completely twisted at an unnatural angle, snapping the joints and ligaments that would forever lame her had she survived. Her wings were tattered and torn, with one of her forearms being fractured up to her second long finger, and most of her upper ribs were broken. Her throat suffered from brutal trauma as well, with a purple bruise signifying the point of impact - no doubt her windpipe was thrashed as well.

But the worst of the damage could be seen at what was left of her face. Her skull was beyond repair, caved in by repeated blunt trauma, making her face nearly indistinguishable. Her exposed eye socket has been forcedly smashed into her skull and her snout was fractured. Nearly all of her teeth were shattered from her jaws, including her two long fangs that lied inches from her mouth that were now coated in her blood.

She was broken and battered...

Bloodied and beaten...


Beside her, a boulder coated in scarlet laid to the side - a solemn reminder at how the grand beast died. The angels were brutal in their efforts to save themselves from her wrath, not understanding the creature that was in front of them. The dragon had put up a great fight against them, but it otherwise proved worthless against three powerful warriors of light. They were not wrong to defend themselves, but in one's animalistic fury, one of them became the very beast they sought to destroy for that very moment. One minute of unhinged savagery.

And in the end, they didn't even bother to clean up the mess they so ruthlessly wrought.

She may have been the first to fall, but she would definitely not be the last. And for the angels, their atrocity will not go unpunished.

But even in death, there was one last thing that she could muster - one final push that could accomplish in preserving her traits in a certain form. But it would not stem directly by her cold, deceased hands. Her own pool of bleeding ichor was not pure. Mixed within, small portions of glowing blood from the wounded angels had dripped into hers, providing a unique essence that had drifted upstream into their host's source. Her blood was now tainted by the winged holy-men, which provided an unexpected reaction to take hold. For a brief moment, the ichor began to glow faintly, even illuminating the insides of the scaly corpse.

Animals nearby would stop to glance at the oddly glowing body, having never seen such a phenomenon happen in their lives. They'd look upon it curiously, some tilting their heads in visible confusion. And then the glimmer would slowly dim until there was nothing radiating from it. With this unique event over, most the creatures in the forest highlands moved on to go forth with their lives, almost as if they'd forgot they'd seen anything.

But those who continued to stay would proceed to spot an odd spectacle.

Something began to stir within the stale carcass. Her thick skin was contrasting in and out, as if she was starting to breath again. To the animals, it would look as if she being brought back from the brink of death and that it would be back on her feet at any moment. Yet aside from the movement in her side, nothing else moved. The dragon didn't batch an eye or move a muscle, not even issuing a simple flicker of her tail.

No. The dragon was forever destined to remain dead. Nothing could revive her at this point, not even with the help of a god's lazarus.

Something was alive within her. Something wanted to get out. And it was struggling so valiantly, so desperately, to claw into the world beyond the womb. It pushed and pushed, until suddenly~


Reaching for the sky, the outstretched figure of an arm pierced through the tough draconic skin with its sharp claws. Blood covered its muscular pale arm, but coated upon its forearm were patches of dark-red scales - the same ones found upon their draconic mother.


Soon after, another arm pierced from the carcass, its arm looking more smooth and dainty. It clearly didn't match the previous arm that bursted prior. Then, in a sudden motion, both arms slowly descended back into the body till only their claws remained outside. And then they both began to carefully carve their own incisions through the squamous flesh like butter, until two large gashes were formed.

And from the mangled corpse of the great beast, bore two magnificent forms who rose slowly from their mother's tendered flesh.

Both forms took a humanoid appearance, but bore features much related towards their draconic womb. Both sported predominantly greyish-white skin, however the patches of dark-crimson scales not only covered half of their forearms, but also their shoulders, their entire legs, upper back, and even a slight touch just below their amber-colored eyes and on their foreheads. They had long red hair, with curved horns sticking out of their heads, as well as abnormally long ears. Their feet were miniature replicas of actual dragons, each sporting four claw-tipped toes and a small hallux situated inwards. And both sported a long spiny whip-like tail, with a pearl-white pattern just underneath.

But their physiques compared to one another were quite different. It was clear that they were of opposite genders, with the male sporting a more robust figure, with larger horns and a hairier chest, while the female was more delicate, with elegant curves, smaller horns, and a slimmer posture.

The two beings took a moment to glance at the new world they've found themselves in before slowly turning to face one another. They were both covered in blood and gore, steadily dripping down their fresh faces and their nude forms. They locked eyes with one another, examining each other from head to toe, while looking at themselves in wondrous curiosity. Both weren't afraid to touch each other's body to feel their essence pumping into their's, with the face, arm, and chest regions being their instinctual first choices.

The male sighed softly as he caressed the female's soft and delicate cheek. Once he removed his hand, he tilted his head before he finally broke the silence.

"W-Who... are you?" he asked with a stutter while trying to grab ahold the language of this world.

The woman didn't reply back at first, with her large eyes pointed down at the ground, as she thought about it for a brief second.

"I..." she began, "I don't know. But I... also ask... who you are?"

He silently shook his head before he took another glance at the environment around him.

"And where... are we?" he asked again as he shaded his eyes from the bright sun. He then plucked his leg from the dragon's flesh and set it upon the rocky surface. She also proceeded to follow along as she stepped onto the ground and began to look around, before finding her gaze back at the dead dragon. She knew fully well that they came out of her body, however she couldn't help but to inspect the wounds not caused by their hand.

But the more she rubbed her essence upon the corpse, the more her feelings began to swell. She felt her connection with her and the past suffering she felt just minutes before her untimely demise. This proved to be too much for her fresh, delicate mind to handle and she proceeded to break down in anguish. The man immediately heard her sobbing and proceeded to run over and comfort her in his burly arms in a gentle embrace. He too felt her grief, as well as the connection they had to her, yet kept most of his emotions to himself.

But even then, he couldn't help but let two silent tears slowly drip down his cheeks.

The two cuddled together for awhile, settling down next to the body till the woman finally began to calm down. She sniffed before facing Him with reflected eyes that shined amongst the sunlight.

"I'm... sorry." the male slowly replied sympathetically, "There is nothing we... can do."

She nodded understandably before slowly rising. Her eyes gleamed into his as she watched him get up, not saying a word before he finally looked back on equal footing.

"But who are we?" the woman asked again, "What should we... call ourselves?"

He took a moment to think about it. Then he was suddenly hit by something. It was a name... but one he had trouble pronouncing.

"M-M-M...Meh-Mich...uh..." he stammered strugglingly, "M-M-Michal... Mich... Mich... al... is."

His mind switched on like a lightbulb the minute he successfully pronounced his newfound name.

"M-Michalis!" he answered excitedly before reclaiming his composure. He cleared his throat before he too asked her, "And yours?"

It took her a bit to grasp her name as well, stumbling and stammering over her own syllables, before she too found her chosen name.

"Minerva!" she exclaimed with the same level of excitement and a smile of accomplishment, "We are... Michalis and Minerva."

Michalis chuckled at her jolly realization and happily flared his bone-white grin.

"Yes." he replied satisfyingly, "They will suit us... just fine."

With their identities now confirmed with one another, the two set their eyes upon a path that lead down the mountain where they situated themselves upon. Michalis then pointed down the path with his clawed finger.

"Come." he beckoned towards Minerva, "Let us explore this... new world... together."

She looked upon her partner and began to follow. However, no later than three measly steps, she found herself once again looking back at their fallen mother. Her attitude towards her seemed mournful, as if she was not satisfied in leaving her the way she currently was. Minerva looked back at Michalis with worry, signaling to him that they must do something to honor her giving life to them. This was something he fully understood and he nodded in agreement.

"Very well." he acknowledged, "Let us do something... for Mother."

For the next half hour, they erected a small monument of stone that surrounded the entire perimeter of her body. Granted it was not much to look at, but for the time being it will suffice. Perhaps one day, the two will come back and build something grander for her bones to rest. For now however, they must keep going. The two would begin to finally walk down the mountain and proceed to walk westwards towards the forest.

What lies in wait for them upon their journey? What sights will they encounter on their way? What foods will they try? And what allies will they forge?

For their journey has only just begun.


With his minions setting course to their respected locations, Sartravius could finally rest and watch how it all played out. He returned to Muspellheim and plopped upon his makeshift throne of charred rock and hardened obsidian. He cocked his head back and surged his giant hands into the throne, providing his body access to the magma floating throughout the world. So much time was spent on his preparations for conquest, that he hadn't had time to explore the worlds beyond the Twin Dragon Islands. A deep trance devoured his conscious as he began to attempt in catching up with the current circumstances. He could feel many great and terrible things rush into his mind like a torrent of magma, listening upon what all had to say and mention.

But upon half an hour into his deep thoughts, he sensed the Phoenix's imminent arrival to Muspell. Sartr awoke with a snarl of annoyance as he glanced up at the magma-fall leading to the volcano summit. From the molten stream, the Phoenix emerged into the inferno and proceeded to land at his Master's feet. Sartr simply scoffed at his return.

"You're late!" he grumbled as he adjusted himself within his seat.

The terror bird could only bow his head in guilty submission. "I apologize for my delayed arrival, Master." he replied politely, "But I've already explained to you as of my reasoning."

"Doesn't mean that you're still late..." the fire god grumbled as he stroked his beard, "Alas! Did you at least find anything else upon your return from the conflict with our local Iron Giant?"

The Phoenix shook his head. "Nothing worth mentioning, Master." he simply replied.

Sartr would then eye his Avatar carefully, almost as if he expected something out of him. "Are you certain?" he inquisitively asked.


"Baah," Sartr scoffed as he threw his hands in the air, "Even I have already heard things happening... and I didn't have to get out of my seat!"

The avian's head cocked sideways questioningly. "May I imply what you've heard?" he asked cautiously.

"Many things!" the fire god blurted out, "Already a goddess had recently been deceased from the realm of Galbar - with her soul already having left the premise of this world..."

He coughed before the Phoenix asked again. "And who might she be?"

"Seihdhara." Sartr responded, "The same one you've encountered after you've INCOMPETENTLY FOUND YOURSELF CAPTURED BY SHE AND ARAE!"

The Avatar flinched at Sartr's sudden violent reaction and took a step back from his Master's wrath. Thankfully, his anger was quick before he found himself level-headed once more.

"Y-Yes," the Phoenix responded hesitantly, "I unfortunately remember that... humiliating experience."

Another annoyed sigh stemmed from Travis before he found himself fit to continue. "Well she's dead," he spoke composedly as he punched his flaming forehead, "Yet the essence of her powers have been scattered across the realm. Where they are situated I do not know, but even if I did know, I assume they are currently within the hands of other gods by now, if not already having disappeared into thin air entirely. Ugh... how her expertise in combat would do nicely to help with my conquest."

The Phoenix nodded at his explanation. "I see."

"And there's a million other things going on regarding the other gods!" the blazing god furiously remarked as he swiped his hand across his throne, his face contorting into one of anguish.

"May I inquire to what~" the avian put forth.

"CEASE YOUR PETTY MEDDLING!" Travis roared pre-maturely before it began sub-siding once more. An awkward silence filled the room before he continued. "My thoughts do not concern you, Avatar. If I request your ear on such subjects, I shall demand it."

He stiffened his posture upon his throne and continued looking down at his subordinate.

"For now, there are more important matters to discuss." he continued bluntly, "The first stage of my glorious conquest has only just begun, yet I continue to need eyes and ears elsewhere as I focus upon the Twin Dragon Islands."

The Phoenix could only nod towards him. "And where would you want me to go?"

"Our neighboring continent of Kalgrun looks ripe for the pickings," Sartr explained, "Unlike the heavily developed twin islands, much of it is still unclaimed by the other gods. So while the gods are busy with the eastern portion of the realm, few ought to be left in guarding the west. Still, it and her neighboring island must be investigated for any potential resistance that can oppose me. Go forth and see what you can find and report back to me once you find something of interest. Understand?"

"As you wish, Master." the avian bowed respectfully before he proceeded to turn back and prepare to fly towards his destination.

But before he could do so, Sartr quickly bellowed towards him. "And another thing!" This prompted the giant pterosaur to turn back to his master as he listened to what he had to say. "If you encounter anything upon the whereabouts of Dhara's essence may be found, contact me at once. And if you find any of it out in the open, you will return them to me."

The avian nodded carefully, bowing once again, before finally taking off to the continents up north. Thus his next journey had just begun...

And posted! About time Morgan has her moment to shine!

(GM - If it's too intense, let me know and I'll scale it down a bit).

As the campers fled the scene, Titanica only watched them flee for their lives into the trees as she stood over their puny tents. A loud snort ruptured from her nostrils as she looked back to see the rest of her allies come to the scene. Forde congratulated her on getting rid of them and for her to keep watch for any other intruders, however the titan barely took notice of him. However, she did not proceed to return to her human form. Instead, she simply plopped down on the snow-covered ground and watched the forest beyond.

As she laid beside the campfire, her mana continued to radiated outwards, providing more warmth amongst the heat that the fire demoness brought with her. But as they continued waited, it became apparent that the interrogation was taking a bit longer than usual. Whatever was taking the creepy grave-digger so long to interrogate this Mordus fellow? At least it confirmed that Titanica didn't scare the person off - which was rather odd considering how she issued a bellowing roar and how the others were yelling to fall back. In the meanwhile, the harpy seemed to have come up with a mischievous plan...

"You know, girls." She began.

Titanica merely turned her reptilian head down at the tiny girl.

"We monsters have this ability... to smell - sense the energy of others. Other monsters, men, especially men. That lets us know that we have... partners."

Another blatant snort rifled from her nostrils as she shook her head as if a bug was flying close to her ear. She didn't seem interested in what the girl had to say, let alone what she was talking about. She might be an ancient titan from thousands of years ago, but she was never too interested in mere gossip about lovers or what not.

"I'll admit though, some monsters are better at this than others."

She glared over at Vãra inquisitively, wondering that the Harpy meant by her statement.

Morgan and the sisters were able to dig a hole to shield themselves from the coming exploding birds that whizzed above them. Yet they needed to figure out how to get out of this nightmare of a dream that they were in. It felt so real, yet at the same time... they knew it wasn't. The question simply boiled down to...

If this was a dream, then surely... surely they could do whatever they wanted right? Or at least whatever they could at this particular time. This is what rummaged through Morgan's mind as the blue hair-pins on the sides of her head continued to glow ever-so-brightly. It would take her a minute of concentration and thinking before she came at a conclusion in what to do. She looked over at the two flower ladies with a calm, yet confident look.

"Stay here." she motioned calmly with her hands, "I have an idea... Pray to the gods that this works!"

Morgan took a deep breath before she slowly began to climb out of their hidey-hole. She felt her world become somewhat slower, as her perception focused upon what was beyond the fog. The birds continued whizzing by her, yet she didn't feel too fazed by them. In fact, in her mind, the birds were going at least a quarter of how fast they really were. She could hear their screeches and squawks whistle by in a slower pitch and see their maniac-eyes lock onto her petite form as they flew past. But the Titan was not phased. She felt calm - eerily calm - against the raging storm beyond.

Morgan then slowly closed her eyes, taking a deep breath as she spread her arms outward. At first, it wouldn't appear as if it would do anything, until she began to slowly float into the air. The wind around her began to shift, circling around like a vortex around her. Any bird that directly flew at her would find themselves engulfed by the rapidly strengthening winds, putting them into a loop around the moth titan. At the same time, Morgan felt herself gathering a strength she hadn't felt in a long time, one which surged through her body.

Suddenly, her eyes open, which were now glowing brightly against the fog. Then Morgan issued an echoing cry, one which extended her wings to their full length and proceeded to remove a massive chunk of the fog around them. Now she could see the slingshots that were in the mere distance, but more importantly...

She was now a huge literal moth.

While her base form was rather short in stature, her wings were utterly massive - easily stretching over twice the length of her body alone. They were coated in a beautiful pattern of light oranges, crimson reds, white stripes, greenish-blue bases, and sported two giant "eyes" around the tip of her wings. It was a form she hadn't taken - let alone had the use - for thousands of years. Even if this was a dream, all of this felt exhilaratingly real. And Morgan was going to make use out of this.

As she flapped her wings in place, she eyed the slingshots and proceeded to hasten her flaps. The faster she flapped, the stronger the winds that she produced. No doubt they would be able to blow both the birds and their slingshots away. However, if that didn't completely work, bolts of holy electricity surged from her wings and proceeded to strike near the base of these wooden structures - threatening to rip their foundations down to their roots.

It appeared that the tides had finally turned in favor for Morgan and her allies... and they will surely get out of this dream alive and well.

@Weird Tales Nothing HEAVILY sexual or anything of that caliber is going on in this RP period.
WIP on a Blessed character! Will continue to work on him a little later.

Edit: Done!

@Simple Unicycle

Gene and Geno huh? That may or may not get confusing later on... lol


Ball Buster - One of Gene's signature techniques, a simple backwards kick to his opponent's groin. It will stun the enemy for a limited amount of time, allowing Gene to deliver the beatdown on his opponent. However, the attack won't work on females or those without any sort of genitalia. Can only be used once a fight.

I swear, if you don't put Johnny Cage as a Kindred Spirit of some kind, I will throw a big-ole riot.


"The Twin Harbingers of Chaos Collaborate"

Two long hours hung over the great mountain of Eldahverr, as smoke continued to bellow from its smouldering crater. Even after witnessing the conflict settle with the Iron God, the volcano hadn’t completely ceased its dormant activity. Molten lava continued oozing from the cracks within its massive frame, trickling down to the bottom of where the fiery pools collected the bleeding mountain’s essence. The ash above continued to carry their suffocating presence towards the westside for miles, crossing the mild expanse of the blazing desert and over to the lush forests beyond. All the nearby wildlife, within a several mile radius, could feel a disturbing essence radiate from within the volcano. They could all feel the terrible dread that washed over them - a dread that had them fear that the worse of what Mt. Eldahverr had to offer was on its way.

But yet by the time it did arrive, none were ready as to what was about to pop out of that cauldron of fire.

A thunderous boom quickly ignited the air as it vibrated across the iron sands and against the thorny bushes of the western scrubland. This was soon followed by a series of violent tremors that shook the base of the mountain, as a series of additional explosions blew even more holes within Eldahverr’s sturdy frame. When the last explosion rocked through the volcano, it prompted one powerful explosion that sent out a violent gush of molten magma and ash soaring into the sky. Super-heated pyroclastic flows rolled down with rushed haste, gaining more and more mass the father it continued rolling down, burning and suffocating everything that was unlucky enough to be swallowed by the enraptured soil.

And emerging from the erupting mountain, a massive scorching hand peered from the blackened ash and slammed itself upon the rocky rim. Slowly Sartr rose as his flaming appearance began to scorch the very ash and smoke that landed dirtily upon him. He stood upon his mighty creation and looked down upon the virgin lands below. He grinned at the sight beyond, able to vaguely see the distance outlines of the northern mountains and the western patch of faint green peering over the horizon.


Naked earth unmolested by magma ruptured, penetrated by the squirming tip of something evil. Painted brown, buried in layers of veins that pulsated with fluid, the worm-like appendage lazily arose from its rocky tomb. The grotesque herald of an undulating mass of fleshy branches and sunken faces with gnashing teeth. Freedom within its grasp the toothy abomination’s many limbs rocketed through stone and soil, collapsing the land around it. Tendrils slick with phlegm coiled around jagged rocks and splintered oak; despite its colossal size and immense girth the tentacled monstrosity effortlessly elevated itself skyward. Stone and soil quaked beneath the amorphous giant’s attempts to liberate its gargantuan form until it, at last, slithered upon the surface. Tentacles anxiously rubbed themselves into broken terrain, mucus pooling at its “feet” as the abomination reveled in newfound liberation. A victorious roar escaped the multi-mouthed terror soon after.

“So, this is what the mainland looks like? How quaint.”

Nestled betwixt twin heads sat Ekon, fingers, and legs intertwined, he wore an expression of smug indifference. “Well, if the exploding volcano doesn’t get someone’s attention - the shouting man on fire will. Probably…. then again I suppose a shrieking octopus with human heads isn’t exactly stealthy either.” Guttural noises fled the many throats of the horror upon, which Ekon rode, almost as if it were delighted to be mentioned. Teal orbs cast themselves into the multihued landscape, indifferent to the mewling beast. Despite his perpetual air of cynicism and disinterest, Ekon had only known the infinite nothing offered by Galbar’s oceans and his realm. While his reaction to this new world might have appeared tame, he was in fact genuinely interested in what it might offer. It was, after all, a new place to infest with his poisonous touch.

Wordlessly the great horror twisted its form around to face Sartravis. Evidently, on Ekon’s behalf who spoke once, the fire god was within view. “Sartravis, I believe out of the three of us, you’ve had the most meaningful interactions with our siblings, therefore; I think it is only sensible that you “lead” the charge as it were. After all, I believe it was your phoenix that has battled with numerous deities.” As the last of the Architect’s “children” to manifest Ekon was the least knowledgeable of the other gods’ exploits. A fact he knew too well and so despite his snark and overt sarcasm, the god of fear was all too happy to follow someone else’s lead.

“Onwards and upwards as they say.“ As if on command two slightly smaller shapeless wads of flesh, tendrils, and, snapping jaws erupted from behind Ekon’s vile “chariot.”

Sartr’s grin further intensified upon becoming crowned as the leader of the trio of misfit gods. While he didn’t expect to lead such a valiant crusade over Galbar, he surely didn’t mind it either. If it weren’t for his Phoenix having major disagreements with a few other divine beings, he wouldn’t be standing as proudly on top of his proud volcano.

”SO BE IT!” He roared valiantly as he rose his hands into the sky, ”THEN LET OUR GLORIOUS TRIUMVIRATE OFFICIALLY COME INTO FRUITION - STARTING NOW!”

He bellowed as he plunged his molten hands onto the side of the volcano, its valiant energy spreading deep beneath the earth like a raging torrent. Violent earthquakes shook the surrounding area as a large, charred-black, claw bursted out of a large lava pool, followed by a low-pitched guttural groan. The giant hand began to slowly rise - revealing more of the jagged and rocky body - before placing it upon the ash-covered rock below. As it rose, it revealed a massive golem-esque titan, complete with molten magma covering its exposed portions, and had a mighty horned face to boot. Once fully revealing itself to the world, the massive giant of rock roared as blobs of lava escaped its massive maw. It’s height was comparable to that of Sartr’s - if not slightly smaller - but it’s ferocity was even more fearsome and bad-tempered than its creator.

Once the fire titan placed its rocky pillar upon solid land, another violent tremor occurred suddenly as Mt. Eldahverr erupted once again. Large streams of magma bursted into the ash-ridden skies, infusing with it to produce molten embers from within. Such a violent mixture produced violent streaks of molten lightning that rattled within the bleak cloud of death, however the magma released strangely did not fall. In fact, they stayed floating in the sky, levitating lifelessly before slowly swirling within the ash cloud. The lightning within became more numerous, cackling multiple times per second, before a flash of pinkish-red light pierced through the black cloud.

From within, two massive scarlet wings extended outwards, blocking out the harsh light that illuminated behind it. And then, a chorus of hellish screeches and wails echoed from the inferno - revealing seven pairs of amber-colored eyes from within. Upon a single massive body, seven reptilian heads - each sporting an individual and unique look - peered from the cloud with their necks raised high. Some heads sported elaborate horned-crests and nose horns, while others sported more beak-like mouths, or had a mane of hair instead of spines, but each seemingly having a mind of their own as they twisted and turned in a fury of crimson whilst they wailed their songs of death and mayhem. They proceeded to unify their efforts and flew away from the mountain towards the same direction as the titan.

Two giant beasts - born nearly at the same exact time - had emerged upon the command of the great “Tyrant of Fire” with minimal effort. Sartr laughed maniacally upon the creation of his twin marvels as he watched them advance across the desert.


Repulsive things growled approvingly at Sartravis’ “coronation”. “Good. Now that our leadership has been established we just need to..” Words froze in place as the volcano erupted an angry earth shook and quaked.

Mount Eldahverr, full of fire and fury, quivered beneath the scrutiny of a sentinel forged from magma and rock. Colossal in scale and form the fire-born giant’s presence demanded creation itself look upon it. Even Ekon could not deny the beast his notice, though he did little to show it. Right eye at half-mast, the fear god lazily inspected Sartravis’ work with subdued enthusiasm. “Not bad. Very imposing and powerful. You are a quite the craftsman Sartravis.” Honey words wrapped in a casual tone flowed through parted lips, before they closed with a sly smirk.

This alliance was already off to an interesting start even if it was the fear and fire god spearheading the way. The demon god would pursue his own agendas, and so would they in the meantime. Ekon pondered what future promises this triumvirate might hold and how he might best use it towards his own ends. Sartravis seemed all too pleased with the idea of being granted leadership of the duo. Not that he minded, Ekon held no desire to lead any “factions”, at least until he had more of a grasp of the goings on of his deific counterparts. Besides Sartravis knew even more about the surface than he did. Spending all one’s time in a cave deep underground will leave almost anyone ignorant to the rest of reality.

An earth-shattering roar signaled the conception of Sartravis’ final monster. A many-headed creature covered in crimson scales and born from smoke, heat, and, ash. Ekon applauded at the construction of the great beast, impressed by Sartravis’ knack for creating such destructive entities. “I like you. You are all flashy and dramatic with the monsters and the scary death clouds. I can respect that.” Even the slithering beast upon, which Ekon rode approved of the dragon’s construction. “With such beasts at our command things with certainly be far more interesting.”

“You two, please lend your aid to these noble creatures.” With only a single screech as their reply, the twin nightmares behind Ekon nodded obediently. Wordlessly they plunged their slimy limbs into broken terrain, before submerging into the destroyed earth. Contrary to their appearance they preferred to travel through rock and soil, where it was easier to ambush prey from below.

The flame god’s teeth glowed intensely white upon being complimented by the Fear God. With his monsters undersuit, Sartr could just stop there and have them lead the charge all by themselves. After all, who but the other gods would dare to even oppose them? But even then, the fire god wasn’t finished just yet. For shortly after the massive fire hydra took flight across the barren wasteland, several more draconian creatures popped from the crater of the volcano, or from cracks situated from within. A mass plethora of smaller dragons - most dark-reddish in color - peered over the land with their singular heads. They cackled and bellowed in a cacophony of ominously harmonic cries - each producing a unique variant of different pitches and lengths - as they excitedly began to take flight. These so-called “minions” of the titanic fire hydra proceeded to split up and spread throughout the island, with some following their massive alpha leader in pursuit.

And from the Fire Titan, it’s molten mass continuously dripped onto the ground. It was as if it was continuously “bleeding”, but alas it wasn’t the case at all. For when each of these fiery masses collided with the ground, they would each form a massive arm, followed by a torso, until they would become giant humanoid beings. These would become the lumbering fiery jotundar, closely mirroring their physical forms with that of their god as they groaned and slowly walked behind their creators. They towered roughly around nine to twelve feet tall, making them way smaller than their creator, but still impressively large compared to the ecosystem around them.

Sartr watched joyfully as his great creations marched forth, raising his arms in the air whilst laughing maniacally. Combined with the fear god’s arsenal, surely they’ve made a great head start in their quest for absolute domination. In due time, they might just achieve this goal - but for now, these monstrous bastions will do.

From jagged scars etched into barren earth emerged foul life. Atop innumerable stalks arose a crustacean upper-body from the scars left behind by Sartravis monstrous menagerie. Broken land further ruptured with the emergence of the elephantine abomination. Freed from its subterranean prison the nightmare released a mighty roar. The many tendrils that veiled its face flailed about with each victorious shout. When its plated legs found purchase in new land it awaited its master’s instructions. But this terror would not be the only one to join. More explosions of rock and soil followed suit as similar atrocities erupted from devastated terrain. Roars of accomplishment exiting their collective throats as the horrors stood triumphant. All of whom reached the height of a giant and longed for the taste of meaty prey.

“Excellent. It appears the others have arrived.“ Subdued enthusiasm filled Ekon’s words and escaped his lips. The Black Edifice was already fulfilling its task well, and all on its own. All it cost Ekon was a negligible portion of his own divinity. It would have been fool hardy to waste all his power so quickly. After all, there remained children he’d yet to father, and time was not on the god’s side.

Another bellow signaled the final surfacing of Ekon’s many aberrations. Like before it was a vile parody of a crustacean that shared a primal hunger akin to its brethren. “Very good. Now that all of you are here let’s get started.” Ekon announced from his seat amongst the bulging mass of discolored flesh. Ekon gripped the arms of his “chair” before momentum and chocolate arms pushed him forward. Ekon looked upon the horde with a pride reserved for a craftsman, after completing a great work of art.

“Go forth and serve Sartravis with the same vigor that you would me. Prove to him that you are worthy to stand alongside his creations. And remember, devour, infest, and, spread. Spread your love across, Galbar.” He ended with a chuckle to the cries of the hungry horde anxious to commence their infestation of Galbar. With their directive clear the horde joined alongside the reptilian armada ahead of them.

With their base armies taking shape, the twin gods could now sit back and watch as their precious creations expand across the virgin expanse of the island. The fire giant and most of his jotundar would eventually travel north-west towards the area known as giant's bath, while the hydra and an armada of dragons went for the Qiangshan mountain range. With the other gods being mostly distracted upon other threats, perhaps little would be prepared to engage the new threat that was slowly rising to greet them. Concocted from the fires of Muspellheim and the pits of liquid fear, this combined army would grow ever stronger through the days ahead...

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