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In ArcRift 3 yrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Location: Metropolis - Metropolis Park
@Thatguyinastore, @Starmaker, @Midle1998

The figure draped in black slowly began crawling out from the rubble as civilians fled the block in terror. Once back on her feet, she grabbed her axe and prepared her own assault against Nautica. However, while all this took place, she'd pause to hear an unusually distant voice that was different from all the rest of the screaming, panicking masses. For a moment she laid eyes on the man responsible - a dark-skinned man who looked like a mere bozo on the street. She couldn't help but scoff. If this was his attempt to cease the fighting to an end, then he was doing an absolutely pathetic job at that.

Yet her distracted thoughts would be soundly interrupted as she looked to see the approaching Nautica charging straight into her! The robed woman had barely enough time to dodge, digging her heels into the ground as she collided with what felt like several tons of sheer force slamming into her body! She felt herself struggling against Nautica's sheer might, finding herself skidding further into the building! Then she forced out two long hook-like appendages from her back, gaining more support before using all of her strength to push Nautica back several feet and quickly leaping over her opponent to strike at her backside!

Her blade managed to slice against Nautica's back, even ripping off traces of scales in the process to produce a significant gash. The atomic titan roared in pain, swiftly reversing course to unleash yet another atomic breath at her assailant. But this time the masked woman was ready. With a powerful strike, she swung her axe down on the ground to cause a powerful shockwave that could be felt up to several miles! It was successful in dissipating the atomic beam, causing Nautica to stagger back as intense ringing course through her head. This strike was no mere shockwave - something that became quickly apparent to any in range who relied on any form of technological gadget or electrical ability.

It was an EMP blast!

More incredibly, it was even effective in weakening Nautica's own beam attack, to the point where it was nearly nullified completely. Nautica understood this; and she knew she was too late to end the battle quickly. She was now forced to fully rely on her physical prowess and strength to win the day. And with the droning still coursing through her head, she was feeling a bit disoriented. Still this wouldn't be nearly enough to put her out of the fight.

The axe-wielder took advantage of her opponent's temporary weakness by issuing a powerful kick down on Nautica's chest, punting her to the ground to eat lawn and dirt herself. It was relieving to take her anger out on her mortal enemy - and far more enjoyable to see her opponent being battered by her own hands. Yet in her sadistic episode, the mask woman's focus would be concentrated solely on her foe as she continued stomping on Nautica with her heels and hooked claws.

It would be the perfect opportunity for someone to intervene if they so dared...
In ArcRift 3 yrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Location: Gotham City - Gotham National Bank

As the officers in front of the bank were overseeing the situation, they would be surprised to see a blonde man wielding a sword offer his services in quelling the madness within. One of the officers - a middle-aged male with a bushy moustache - glanced over to give a bewildered look.

"Sir!" the officer barked with relative annoyance, "You're not supposed to be here! Step away and~!"

Before he could finish, he'd soon see the familiar face of Harvey Bullock come onto the scene, allowing the man into the fray. Just then, one of the Skullcrawlers rammed through the front doors and knocked several guards down the steps with a horrendous screech. Ky would then sprint towards the conflict, leaving the exasperated officer in the dust.

As the Skullcrawler attempted to latch its prehensile tongue onto one of the fallen guards, he would be thwarted by Ky's intervention as his electrical blade sliced a long portion off his tongue! The hideous beast cried out in pain before attempting to lash out at the defender with his long toothy snout!

As the skullcrawlers carrying the stolen funds barged out of the emergency exit, flanked by several armed thugs, they would find themselves stunned by someone crashing from the glass roof behind them. A boy descending from a yo-yo string? The thugs would be the first to point at the kid, followed by the growls coming from the reptilian beasts staring at his sudden appearance. After hearing a cocky remark towards their ego, Tandem would utilize a yo-yo trick to snatch two of the moneybags from the Skullcrawler's maws!

One of the yo-yos would be unsuccessful, where the teeth would rip through the leather bags and spill out a volley of dollar bills onto the floor; but Tandem would successfully retrieve the other bag with little effort. The Skullcrawlers roared in rage as they snapped their jaws in rage. One of the grunts points at the kid, yelling "HEY! Don't let him get away!" as the other grunts attempted to shoot Tandem.

As one of the thugs quickly tried to scoop as much of the money as he could, the two Skullcrawlers scuttled after the kid with ravenous intent, rapidly gaining on his location! One would try to lash his tongue out to grab the boy and pull him into his mouth; attempting to make a morsel out of his insufferable presence.

As the rest attempted to follow after the boy, those still outside - 5 thugs and 1 other skullcrawlers - suddenly began hearing ominous singing lurked within the shadows. Unnerved by the situation, they took up a defensive formation - guns held high and snarling jaws open wide.

"S-Show yourself!" one of the thugs yelled with a tremble in his voice, followed by one of the beasts hissing aggressively. The voice that they heard was unlike anything they've heard - a deep, angry, monstrous tone that oozed maliciousness. The more the thugs waited in place, the more ticked they became. Yet as much as they wanted to commit flight, their inner consciousness told them to stand and fight. After all, they had one of those gnarly beasts guarding them. Surely it was enough to defend them against what stalked them in the dark alley.

Or so they believed.

The jet-black monstrosity lunged at them from the darkness with a menacing roar, bristled with sharp serrated teeth and a tongue rivaling the beast's own! The thugs screamed in terror as they opened fire with their semi-auto rifles, while the skullcrawler howled and lunged at Venom!
In ArcRift 3 yrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Metropolis - Refugee Camp --> Lex Luthor Ship

Despite hyping herself up for a potential ending by her own hands, the heroes would be successful in knocking Firefly from the sky. Samus slid to a stop as her metal scrapped against the asphalt with her hand. This entire operation still took far longer then she anticipated - especially with how many they had against the flying arsonist - but alas the deed was done. She looked onwards at the fallen Firefly, standing guard as Negan was about to cast the final blow...

Only for someone to come in and interrupt them.

As the being landed, the force from the impact caused the bounty hunter to stagger briefly before regaining composure. She immediately rose her arm cannon, already prepping a charge beam to strike directly at the opponent's face. It was then when it would show itself from within the smoke, represented by two ominous glowing red eyes. Still holding her shot, she prepared to engage, but wasn't willing to attack until it made contact first. Thankfully this wouldn't be the case, as his attention was more so directed at Firefly - whom he promptly disposed of with two eye beams to his face.

Samus was taken aback by the sudden brutality, especially since her visor would peer through the smoke to reveal what was simply a man with a cape. A very strong man that is, with unusual god-like powers. She could only watch as Firefly met his grizzly end before the individual slowly turned towards them. Samus stiffened and was just about to fire before he quickly flew off. Samus wondered who that individual was, before she was answered by a disembodied voice coming from a jet that slowly descended on them.

The man ordered everyone who couldn't fly to hop into the ship to go after the individual known as Superman. The huntress couldn't help but give a curious glance - wondering just what was going on here as a whole. She initially hesitated in joining the others, especially considering her situation, but with her ship fully compromised at this point it seemed that Samus had no other choice but to follow suit. Her suit was able to keep a marker on her ship's location anyways, so she can always come back and repair it if it still remained in place.

But even if she couldn't, it wasn't as if this was her first time loosing her ship anyways.

Thus the armored warrior proceeded to hop on Luthor's ship, suspecting the worst to surely follow suit.
In ArcRift 3 yrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Metropolis - Refugee Camp
@Thatguyinastore, @Crow, @XeroUltra, @Flamenami, @cadesmith, @BoltBeam, @Kagebaka

Despite only one missile successfully hitting its mark, Samus had a decent amount of missiles that she could spare. However, it would be smarter for her to save them for more intensive conflicts. She knew that at this stage she didn't have to do much in this stage to ensure Firefly's defeat. Nearly everyone was going after him, racing forth to to see who would be the one to initiate the final blow. And in such a crowd, the chance of friendly fire greatly increased - both regarding her's and those from everyone else.

As Firefly began carpet bombing her location, Samus quickly fired a volley of shots to avoid getting pelted by the bombs. Perhaps she would even spare her nearby allies some damage in the process. Despite their overwhelming numbers, they still had to be extremely cautious against a desperate opponent. And despite her initial thoughts about joining in, the bounty hunter still felt obligated in helping out.

And she already had an idea.

So Samus ran after the pursuing group, running as fast as her legs could possibly take her. Her suit's double thrusters began working overtime and streamed a bright bluish-white, before she was flashing all over. The faster she ran, the more energy that flickered around her. Still she made sure to keep an eye on the battle above, as if searching for an opening to launch her attack. Even if her opening wouldn't shine, Samus was simply acting as back up in the case they needed a desperate spark to action at a moment's notice.
In ArcRift 3 yrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Metropolis - Refugee Camp
@Thatguyinastore, @Yamperzzz, @MorgueofCrowz, @ratKing, Etc

The man plead his case, raising his hands up in submission to show the bounty hunter that the group here was no threat. Samus' stance would begin to slowly lighten up, despite still aiming her arm cannon instinctually. More people would begin showing up to the scene - being both those from within the building and those just coming to her position unrelated to her. They didn't seem like they were there to make trouble, convincing Samus enough to slowly retract her defensive posture and relax to a more neutral posture.

The same wouldn't be said to the blue horned devil-man who came waltzing into the camp with a snarky, pompous demeanor, whom she immediately disliked. She turned to face him, unamused by his rude antics, her piercing glare masked by her helmet's glowing visor.

But before either had a chance to introduce each other, a large explosion came from the refugee building followed by cacophony of rambling laughter. Once again Samus took her position as she aimed her cannon up and saw the individual that emerged. It was a disfigured masked man armed with a flamethrower and was flying around with a clunky jetpack on his back. He hovered around the perimeter, quickly disposing a burning man who fell off the several story balcony screaming for his life, before shattering to pieces upon hitting the ground.

Now everyone around her were trying to take down the masked arsonist, with more individuals now coming to support the majority. So many unique characters were all culminating in this one place; some being more human like Samus, while some resembled nothing like anything she'd seen before. Granted, this wasn't the first time she found herself in a multiversal "smash fest" scenario like this, but this was far more diverse than she was used to. She watched closely as a group of heroes attempted to bring down the masked menace, though it was clear that they were struggling in the process. How strong was this opponent?

And as the individual chucked a couple of bombs into the hole of the building, Samus realized that she was now apart of this fight. And so she began running towards Firefly's direction. She'd then leap into the air with a stylish summersault, before quickly firing three homing missiles at the enemy.

In ArcRift 3 yrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

As Samus entered the camp, her presence would be immediately placed on the spot as one of the "guards" stationed around the perimeter addressed her arrival. Her arm cannon swiftly locked onto his location out of pure instinct, aiming at him with cautious intent. She still wasn't entirely sure if these were members that can be be trusted or not and if not, she must be ready to engage at a moment's notice.

The man wasn't someone to be necessarily worried about, being a roughly middle-aged man wielding a barbed baseball bat. But what about others lurking inside the building? The bounty hunter was ready for an ambush; but would refuse to fire until she had visuals on everyone involved.
In ArcRift 3 yrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

What was once and calm and peaceful local, local Metropolis Park goers would find themselves swarming cautiously around the lake in apprehensive curiosity. A boiling bubbling mass had been consistently bellowing from the lake's center for the past hour, as if a geyser was being formed. The Metropolis Police Department had already sanctioned a perimeter around the lake, keeping the onlookers from getting in too close. Government agents dressed in black were also conversing with one another while keeping an eye on the situation via helicopter. Normally they would call in Superman or any of the Justice League members that were in town to investigate, yet they were all currently thought to be away. Without them, it was now solely up to the MPD's to take responsibility and control the situation.

There was a growing anticipation that lurked within everyone's mind - a feeling that something big was about to happen. Many had aspects of dread, for they knew that this was likely a supervillain threat in the making, yet nothing drastic seemed to be happening. Some believed this was nothing but a freak geological phenomenon, while others thought differently. Such ideologies spread through the crowd, encouraging everyone to come to their own conclusions. After all, no one was truly sure what to make out of this.

Suddenly, the geyser would abruptly cease - where a peaceful moment of silence brushed over the entire park. The crowd held their breath, but before they could properly exhale, a black, humanoid entity suddenly burst from the water at great speed! It looked as if something threw it from the depths! It zoomed past the disturbed crowd and skidded across the grassy field, kicking up a crater of soil and rock. The crowd stood motionlessly with a sudden gasp before erupting into a sheer panic and began to flee from the scene. Security forces rose to action as all available weapons pointed towards the cloaked figure.

Draped in a black-and-red trimmed cloak, an unusually tall woman struggled to her feet - the air knocked out of her exasperated lungs. She adjusted her cloak, which had already revealed her voluptuous chest and mid-riff, and smeared a trickle of blood that trickled from her crimson lips. While her eyes were obscured by a black blindfold with a horizontal red-stripe down the middle, it was clear that her gaze was directed straight from the lake she was casted from. It was one of sheer anger with a healthy dose of dread. For she knew exactly what was lurking beneath the water's surface...

And from the depths, a her opponent emerged from the boiling lake; announcing its presence with a reverberating groan.

Standing just over 2 meters in height, Nautica loomed ominously over the cloaked lady - emanating a hypnotically intimidating cerulean aura that trailed her dark toned form. Her yellow eyes fixated on her target, as she gritted her sharp pearline-white teeth with a snarl. The cloaked woman clenched her fists in defiance and yelled at the approaching titan.

"YOU BASTARD!" the woman vulgarly insulted as she took a few steps back. She rose one of her arms to the side, where a flash of light would reveal a large double-bladed halberd within her grasp, "YOU WILL PAY FOR DESECRATING MY BELOVED CHILDREN!"

She lunged at Nautica with her axe risen high, ready to decapitate her opponent. Nautica easily dodged the woman's telegraphed attack, side-stepping out of the way before punching her straight in the jaw. The cloaked figure staggered, only to immediately find herself uppercutted, followed by a tail smack to the face. Her feet skidded across the ground, using the axe to slow herself down. Nautica's tail spines would then begin to rapidly glow blue with an ascending hum, creeping up her back and culminating within her mouth before unleashing it in a powerful beam attack!

The cloaked figure snapped out of her daze and leapt out of the way, quickly advancing on Nautica's position while moving against her atomic stream. She then plunged the bottom pole to hurdle herself towards Nautica with a dropkick, causing the reptilian kaiju to be pushed back a considerable distance. Seizing the moment, the opponent quickly switched positions, dashing behind in the blink of an eye to swing her axe at Nautica's neck! But feeling the sudden breeze on her flank, Nautica turned suddenly and smacked her face with a glowing fist of atomic energy - once again throwing her back several meters in an explosive finish. The cloaked assailant grunted as she'd pummel against a store at the edge of the park.

Nautica gave a deep bellowing roar in response; a mix of a guttural human scream with the intensity of a prehistoric beast's primal bellow. There was no doubt history between these two titans, being one that stretched for eons on end. While it seemed one sided in Nautica's favor, no doubt the tide of battle will be determined who gets to help whom. Nautica' savage and merciless aura may seem antagonistic, but the cloaked woman didn't look the most appealing either.

As their rampage began to transition into Metropolis' concrete jungle, it was time for the heroes to make a careful decision... Should they help one of the titans? Maybe stop the fight entirely? Or let them fight and help those caught in the crossfire?

In ArcRift 3 yrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Location: Gotham City - Gotham National Bank

Chaos erupted through the streets as Gotham National Bank found itself victim to a savage robbery for the second time this week. Multiple masked-assailants had attempted to enter the establishment's front doors, where they would be stopped by four inquiring security officers. When they attempted to halt their advance, two of the guards would be lifted into the air by slimy pink appendages. The other guards would be quickly disposed by the grounded assailants, their horrid pained screams filling the room with utter terror.

The Gotham Police Department was quick to the scene, having multiple police cars and trucks pull up carrying tens of officers surrounding the bank. Helicopters also circled the scene. They assumed that one of Gotham's most notorious and numerous criminals were responsible for the mess, considering the last attempt was made by the combined efforts of both Two Face and his goons, with the savage Killer Croc acting as their heavy earlier in the week. They made sure to bring considerable back up this time, just in case they were dealing with the same cast, with several task forces of elite armored guards in heavy SWAT-like riot armor wielding shields and electric batons. They quickly advanced into the establishment, shielding the officers behind them as the first line of defense.

Yet as they entered, they'd quickly realize that they were dealing with something far more vicious than they anticipated. The main room was an utter bloodbath, with dismembered bodies polluting the white pristine floors. And right in the middle of the chaos, multiple large reptilian entities were seen feasting on their corpses. They were serpentine-like in nature, with long slender bodies of bluish-green color, supported by two massive front limbs. Their heads were like jagged knives of bone-white, riddled with sharp rows of teeth, and had sharp emerald eyes that showed no remorse to their sinful deeds. Their blood-soaked snouts glared at the task force invading their feast, revealing their long forked-tongues that marked their scent.

And with a terrible cacophony of ravenous guttural squelches, they attacked!

The officers quickly opened fired on the savage beasts, utilizing the shields as cover. But the beasts were surprisingly fast and agile, quickly overwhelming the armored units before advancing on the officers. While these skullscrawlers took care of the advancing forces, a few other members would emerge from one of the doors leading to the bank vaults. In their toothy maws, they carried away large bags of cash, a few even adorning their long barbed tails. For such savage and brutal entities, they indeed seemed smarter and more strategic than they looked - but what use did they have for money? They quickly dashed towards the emergency side exit, preparing to make their great getaway with the money in tow.

The GCPD were clearly over their heads this time... and with the Dark Knight nowhere to be seen, it was going to take a new group of heroes to stop the carnage.
In ArcRift 3 yrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Mention: @darkred

As Samus proceeded forward, she quickly took note of a middle-aged man approaching her location, who seemed to be wearing a light armored-vest underneath a fine suit. For a brief moment, he reminded the bounty hunter of another individual she once knew during her time in the Galactic Federation academy - one Anthony Higgs - however this man was clearly older and more grizzled compared to Higgs' light-hearted and laidback demeanor. Still, Samus found herself on guard; warming her cannon's barrel in the advent of immediate combat. She knew well not to trust anyone until she had a better idea of the situation at large.

The individual in question would walk up towards the armored figure and offered his hand - before asking who she was - and mentioned if she had missed some sort of briefing. Samus' eyebrow cocked upwards as her head tilted slightly. What was he talking about? Was he talking about the main briefing to her original mission by the Federation? She doubted that's what he was referring to. After all, he wasn't wearing any sort of Federation garments or badges to signify himself as one of their agents. It was oddly suspicious, despite his pleasantries.

Samus' gaze stiffened, before her attention was drawn towards what appeared to be some kind of barricade in the distance. She wasn't sure if it was friend or foe, yet it was the only structure around that ought to be active. Perhaps she could find more answers there? The bounty hunter then glanced back at the man for a brief second, judging silently as whether or not to trust him. Without a word, the silent huntress would turn and make her approach towards the settlement with haste.

In ArcRift 3 yrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay


A sharp inhale caused Samus Aran to suddenly snap back to consciousness. One moment the bounty hunter was flying towards her mission objective - a space station orbiting a massive gas giant - to apprehend a space pirate remanent under the Galactic Federation's orders. Then she unexpectedly lost consciousness and blacked out momentarily, only to shortly awaken to find her ship spiraling out of control while plummeting towards a metropolitan skyline below! The bewildered bounty hunter had numerous questions coursing through her head at breakneck speed, desperately trying to make sense of the situation. Yet now was not the time to dwell on the matter when her life was once again on the line!

Quickly Samus sat up and began scrolling around with the holographic gyrosphere with one hand, while her other pulled back on the throttle to force the ship's landing thrusters upwards to control her descent as much as she could. Her purple gunship wailed as smoke could be seen trailing from its left wing from bystanders on the ground. It was clear things weren't looking too good. And worse still, the landing thrusters refused to activate! Samus tried several times to activate them but to no avail. This was going to be a rough landing; and all she could do now was brace for impact.

The ship was able to swerve past the tallest skyscrapers but her current trajectory wouldn't spare its damaged wing from scraping off one of them. Samus was jolted forward by the collision, as her ship span rapidly before crashing onto the street below. Sparks flew against the sickening screech of metal before the gunship slowly came to a grinding halt.

With an audible groan, Samus rose her head before slowly getting to her feet. She hadn't experienced a crash-landing like this in awhile, although knowing her luck it was bound to happen again eventually. Trouble always seemed to have found her at the least opportune moments. Instinctually, she issued a quick scan of her armor to make sure everything was in place. And indeed her visor would report back negative. She was still in her Varia Suit with all the current upgrades she equipped prior to the mission.

With her ship now compromised, the bounty hunter would have to search around for supplies - if not another way off this planet. At the very least Samus wouldn't have to search for any of her lost equipment. Yet she had a feeling that wherever she found herself in was far larger than she knew. She opened the emergency hatch on the ship's roof and proceeded climbed out, where she would first step foot upon this world. Taking in the sights of the metropolitan environment, she quickly realized that this planet felt familiar to her...

Was this Earth?

Samus hadn't stepped foot on the Galactic Federation's home world since her days in the academy; training alongside those born in the cradle of the human race. That was many years ago. But the more she observed her surroundings, the more alienated she felt all the same. It was a weird feeling; as if the Earth she stood on wasn't the Earth she knew. The buildings here were more primitive then she remembered; and she could hear sounds of unfamiliar origin echoing in the distance. Was Earth being invaded? Surely the Federation would've been the first to alert her if this was the case. But as far as she knew, Earth was protected by a massive defense fleet - ready to take down any alien invaders that dare attempt to wipe humanity off the intergalactic map.

She needed answers.

Leaving her ship behind, Samus made her way down the street to wherever fate would lead her...

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