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Also Fire Emblem: Three Houses may or may not be taking a few ideas from Harry Potter... hmmm.
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I can unfortunately say... that the Wii U is now officially dead. Super Mario Maker II looks fucking phenomenal!
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My finals are today for Winter Semester - wish me luck!
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I'm done Poo.
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I could have Morgan attempt the apothecary mission, but even I believe that she should eventually join a main quest mission at some point. I think the "Huwana" may be a bit too easy for her to decipher (being an expert in that field) - unless she could go with the newfound twins perhaps.

Titanica's choice is obvious - obviously being the Ravager's Nest quest considering her involvement.



Levels: 3 - (23/30) | 1 - (4/10)
Location: Castle Bridge
Word Count: 2,356

Geno Boost Cool-Down Time (T-4 Posts)

Henry watched all of his soon to be opponents as they seperated off to deal with his ‘allies.’ That term was loosely used in the boys mind because he knew none of these people and none seemed particularly interested in cooperation. Some of the foes seemed to be in emotional turmoil over who they had to fight, others seemed unaffected, but almost all of them were preparing to fight. In fact there was one who seemed to be aiming at- OH DEAR NAGA. Henry was almost caught completely off guard by the wooden creature that had aimed his arm cannon at the dark mage. The first of its attacks hit him square in the chest before Henry moved out of the way of the other shots. Oh hey, he could move again. And he could fight. The smile on his face crept higher into a much more sinister look than he had before.

The magic user took his first good look at his enemy and already found the wooden creation fascinating. “Your body can be a weapon?! That’s so cool! I’ve always wanted to do that but replacing your hand with a sword never really ends well. Trust me, I’ve already tried a few times on those Risen.” It seems like usual Henry didn’t understand the gravity of the situation or the fight he was involved in. “If you manage to actually live through this fight you’ll have to teach me how to do that too!”

With a quick wave of his hand after talking to his opponent, Henry initiated his own attack. A visible spark of dark energy occured at Geno’s feet, an indication of Henry’s spell ruin. Unless the puppet moved from the area he would be caught in a small explosion of dark magic centered in the area he was standing.

Immediately, Geno proceeded to dodge the incoming spell as he rolled to the side. With his jet-boosters compromised and out of fuel, the puppet was forced to face him on equal-footing. And everything about his opponent seemed strangely sadistic. From his aloof attitude towards the match, to past somewhat disturbing-experiences about the “Risen”, everything about him seemed deceptively off. Even the magic that he used was very sinister in tone.

And yet such childish naivety lead into such wonder about how the wooden puppet worked. Geno couldn’t blame him for asking that, but simply scoffed at the latter part of wanting to be like him.

”I’m afraid that’s not how humans work,” the puppet responded in a slightly joking matter, ”You’ll find it to be an excruciatingly impossible challenge in your state.”

Still he had to focus on the battle at hand. Nevertheless, Geno will treat this like every other battle. No emotional bars are set against him this time - for it was just him and this stranger.

Still the Star Warrior proceeded to open fire on his opponent as volleys of blaster shots threatened to put holes into this delicate-looking fellow, all while keeping himself mobile by running around him. He’ll need to see what other things he can pull up his sleeve before engaging further.

“Is that so? Aww that’s unfortunate, looks like I’ll just stick to magic for now. At least until I can figure out something like that for myself.” Henry taunted his opponent as he tried his best to dodge the attacks flying his way. Several stray shots managed to hit him, he certainly wasn’t the fastest out there, but the attacks weren’t doing as much to him as they normally would. It seems whatever strange force summoned him here gave him a good bit of extra power and toughness to get the job done. It was very much appreciated to say the least.

The young mage was keeping up to the best of his magical abilities in launching a counterattack as well. Any opening he got from the attacks of the wooden doll were used to attempt another attack, he tried leading his attacks to keep up with his opponents superior speed. Unfortunately each attack had a small giveaway with that signature spark of dark energy before the explosions.

Indeed, Geno’s speed - despite its current limitation - has still given him the edge in the battle. However, he ought not to get too cocky, as he found himself lifted into the air by a rogue magic projectile that exploded right under his feet. Clearly Galeem wasn’t simply bluffing about their enhanced buffs to their power. He landed on the ground with a hard thump before grabbing ahold of his balance. If he’s going to end this quickly, he ought to get nice and close in order to lay the maximum amount of damage possible. All without getting hit by the powerful dark magic that is.

That’s when he started running towards the white-haired boy. His hands quickly shaped a pair of light disks within their grasp as he threw them towards the enemy. They approached him in a zig-zag fashion - perhaps a way to confuse the opponent - as they rocketed towards him. Yet whether or not they hit, Geno’s second phase would begin as he leapt into the air and continued to pelt the mage with his shots at point-blank range.

The effects of Geno’s attacks were already starting to show on Henry’s body, a little bit of blood starting to show. Thankfully the defense buff and his natural lack of pain helped him power through quite well. After that attack landed as well the high-spirited mage was certain this fight would go his way. That was until his foe changed his strategy in a way Henry could not have expected. He had more weapons like that?! If it wasn’t for the slight worry Henry would have loved to get a closer look at these and any of the wooden automatons other abilities but now wasn’t the these and any of the wooden automatons oth Only able to slightly figure out the pattern of their movement, one of the blades made connection with Henry and he actually felt some pain from the attack. “Why you…”

Before he even had much time to react, the puppet made his way up closer and Henry was attacked by a close range volley. The poor boy rolled away but not before getting hit by a number of shots. Yet his smile remained strong. It was time to launch a counter attack. “Here, have some death!” He called out as he cast his spell once more at the puppets feet.

So intent on blasting the ever living goombas out of his opponent, that when Geno was about to point his weapon at the dark mage, he would succumb once again to his little tricks. Again the explosion blasted him high into the air as he found himself twirling around in mid-air multiple times before crashing back to the ground.

Ah yes, there’s that cockiness that’s peeking out of him.

The puppet slowly rose back onto his feet as he faced his opponent once more. Oh how he wished to have the power of flight once more. He would’ve finished this battle long ago if he still had some juice in him. But he was definitely far from being out of the fight. He rushes back towards the dark mage yet again, this time charing his energy into his cannon. Running again in a zig-zag format, Geno proceeded as he waited for the perfect angle to fire his charged beam. And once the puppet swiftly rolled to the side, his wooden body skidded across the grass as he proceeded to give the mage a taste of his own medicine by blasting a charged blast at his feet!

The attacks were finally starting to wear down on Henry’s body, his movements were getting slower from the damage but it’s not like he minded that much as he continued to persist. There was one major downside to this battle and that while he was definitely hurting his opponent the puppet didn’t seem to be showing much pain. The lack of blood was certainly disappointing. That just meant he had to end this fight soon so he could get to hurting someone else.

As the wooden person started running towards Henry he tried to attack as well, laying down magic spells like landmines at his feet but Geno’s zigzag pattern was enough to avoid the explosions. It was like everything moved in slow motion when he finally realized what the attack was gonna be, Henry had no time to react or move. The smile on his face turned more sinister, “I swear to Grima you will pay.” Was all he managed to mutter before the explosion sent him flying and he hit the ground. “Wow… that one actually hurt! Good job little buddy.” The dark mage started picking himself up from the ground, more than a little shakily, but preparing for the next attack nonetheless.

Geno’s shot was finally able to significantly damage Henry as he watched him nonchalantly pick himself off. The puppet was quite puzzled as to how his opponent was still keeping a mostly straight face and positive attitude in such a dire situation. In a way, he felt a little disheartened to continue fighting him in such a state. Still, this opponent definitely had potential within him - perhaps a fine recruit for the ever growing resistance fighters.

But now was simply the endgame. He must end this now.

Ready to finish this once and for all, he charges up yet another shot within his cannon - only this time he’s going to go full out on this one. With his opponent dazed and weakened, this was his shot to end it all.

”Know that what I’m about to do is for your own good,” Geno replied somewhat solemnly to the dazed Henry, ”No hard feelings.”

And without another moment of delay, the blazing blue beam suddenly emerged from the wooden barrel and streaked towards his opponent dead ahead.

It seems that this was the end, not quite how envisioned his death would turn out but at least he’d go out in a blaze of glory. Quite literally with that beam of energy heading toward him. In just mere moments his mind rushed through recent events before he ended up here. Joining Chrom’s army and all the new friends he had made. And Robin. No, he couldn’t die now. He still had his world and his friend to save from the Fell Dragon. In a last ditch effort he aimed another spell in the air a little in front of him. There was a spark, then BOOM. A flash of brilliant blue and purple light as the attacks collided. And Henry was left standing after the effects of the explosion subsided.

“Sorry pal, death is gonna be fun and all but it’s not quite my time. I’ve still got some friends to save out there, people waiting for me, all that stuff. Do your worst cause I’ll certainly be doing mine.” Despite his body starting to fail Henry was ready to fight with a renewed vigor. No giving up quite yet.

The Star Warrior paused at Henry’s statement - still holding his barrel at him with heavy precaution. Quickly did he realize how while odd his opponent may be, he still looks to sport a good heart underneath his possessed form. It was clawing to get out, yet unable to under Galeem’s influence. And with his morality forcing him to consider mercy towards Henry, he quickly had a change of heart in not brutally capacitating him like he did with Mario. And thus he found himself slowly standing down and lowering his barrel.

However, soon after lowering his guard, Geno found his act of kindness rewarded as he suddenly became witness to a heart floating out of his body. In fact, this heart was identical to the one that Courier 6 issued to bring Mario out of his possessed state. Was it lowering his weapons and sympathizing that allowed him to reveal such a powerful item? However accurately he accomplished this, he continued to watch as the heart began to drift towards the mage.

Henry was skeptical as the heart floated toward him. For all he knew this could be another weird attack he had never seen before. After a feeble attempt to dodge from his injured body the heart collided with him. As soon as it did the darkness around him seemed to almost melt away like it did with the hat wearing child earlier. Or at least, it went down to the normal sinister aura that the dark mage gave off. The biggest difference Henry noticed was that he was no longer obligated to fight! Tempted to continue the fight mind you purely for revenge, but he knew how bad of an idea that was. Seems like it was time for him to switch sides once again.

““Wow, now that is a neat little trick right there. I really appreciate the save there! Didn’t wanna work for that dumb hand much longer anyway. The name is Henry by the way, I’m a dark mage from Plegia. Hope you don’t mind me joining you guys cause I have a little score to settle.” Of course Henry didn’t really care about the opinions of anyone else, at this point he was going to join their group whether they wanted him or not. He needed the help and the revenge so it was only natural for him to tag along.

With Henry now revitalized and ready for battle, Geno couldn’t help but to be happy at his accomplishment in recovering another lost soul from the grasp of Galeem. If that can be accomplished so easily, he will do whatever it takes to free as many of these captives as he could - especially regarding a certain big ape and a small purple dragon.

”Glad to have you with us Henry,” the Star Warrior replied welcomingly as he turned to the rest of the battle unfolding beyond, ”And trust me, we all have a common grudge to settle.”

This post took WAY too damn long for me to post again. So sorry about this!

As both titans embraced one another amongst their reunion, it appeared that those around them had taken particular interest in the two of them. Especially considering the aneurystic state that Ozzy found himself, who simply couldn't believe that two legendary figures were within his wake. Yang would ask him for information regarding them, having believed they were myths. This is when he explained what he knew about their history and how they fit in with the ancient world. While he was explaining it to her, Neil would ask the two directly in how long they've known each other.

"We have known each other for a very long time," the moth girl replied as she wipped a tear off her face but still clutching onto Titanica, "Yet we... we hadn't seen each other for so long! I thought she was gone..."

But they didn't forget about Yang's response - at least not Titanica. So when Ozzy was finished with his explanation, the reptilian titan responded to this rumor.

"We are anything but myths." she responded bluntly as Morgan finally lets go of her leg, "What the little harpy said was true. We are the last of our kind - the kaiju, or otherwise known as Titans - the rest being virtually wiped out millions of years ago as far as I know. I too never imagined to see any other of my kind or those I've known all those centuries ago..."

She then looked down at the moth girl with a curious inquiry.

"How did you find me?" she asked Morgan wonderingly.

Her antanee flicked softly as she began to explain.

"I was in a village to the north when two of the members wanted me to heal someone," she explained, pointing to Neil, "As I was healing them, one of them mentioned about your existence and how you were serving this guild. Once I heard this, I had to join them so I can reunite with you."

She then glanced over at the wrecked entrance hall in the front.

"D-Did you do that?" Morgan asked her reptilian friend worryingly.

"Several thieves were planning to rob this place," she answered bluntly, "Truthfully their rustling prompted me to investigate and I was then forced to fight. Just so happened to wreck their door in the process - where I felt it wouldn't be right but to help pay for the damages I brought upon. Hence my participation here."

"Why that's very kind of you," the moth girl responded gladly, "But if I may ask... what was going on over there? You seemed... furious."

Titanica's soft features hardened upon hearing this question. She looked upon Bart leaving the scene in a fit before issuing a tired sigh to keep her cool.

"We had..." she started, before pausing carefully, "...An argument. Don't worry about it. It's nothing to be concerned about."

Morgan nodded faintly. Perhaps it wasn't the best time to ask about such a raw subject. She wondered what happened that prompted this, however she didn't pursue the topic. Instead she took a handful of herbs from her pocket and presented them to her giant friend.

"Would you like me to make some Huccibi tea for you?" she generously asked her friend, "It can help with hypertension and calm you down... if you want it that is."

The grey-clad titan gave a minute to think about it before responding with a gentle smile.

"If you don't mind." she replied kindly as Morgan set off to make such a drink.
Finally posted at long last!

Levels: 1 (6/10) | 3 (20/30)
Location: Scrapyard | Castle Bridge
Word Count: 1,215

Boost Cool-Down Time (T-5 Posts)

Direct Mention: @DracoLunaris, @CAWs For Alarm

Geno had listened to the other Bowser's explanation as to who he really was. No doubt that the flying one is indeed some incarnation of Bowser, for all of his mannerisms are in place, if not more exaggerated than usual. However, with Mario's reincarnation back from his possession, all the fears that clouded the Star Warrior's judgement had melted away. No doubt with his help, alongside their own Bowser and the other fighters within their rag-tag group, he had the up-most confidence that they could win.

Mario's face didn't falter at the flying Bowser's query on how he escaped his dungeon. The plumber could only imagine what had happened, but nonetheless it didn't matter anymore. And in addition to his courageous and no-nonsense demeanor charging his fiery spirit, he could feel the effects of Din's dance enhancing his capabilities even more! He was ready to kick some major Koopa tail!

Geno could sense this significant power-spike as well, although it was slightly weaker than the "Boost" he used when he knocked the plumber out cold. He attempted to activate his Boost, but unfortunately to no avail. He'll have to wait awhile before he can use it again. So as long as the other fighters could keep him busy, he'll buy his time to gather his strength and officially join the battle in style.

But before everyone could engage with one another, a giant floating white hand descended towards the ground with ominous intent. Both Mario and Geno looked up to witness it hover over the ground - seemingly allied to the flying Bowser as he asked what it wanted. The wooden doll instantly recalled that floating glove to be one of Galeem's pawns that were about to assault Star Road before he got assimilated. What was it doing here? Or more accurately, what is it going to do?

When the toad that popped out of the hand rushed down to whisper to Bowser about the events that took place in the castle, the Flying Koopa King addressed the group once more about his departure, beckoning for them to reach his throne room once they were done here with a nasty sneer. Mario's stance tensed up as he attempted to make a running start in order to capture the fleeing turtle. He was not going to let him get away! He ran quickly, shifting all of his strength towards his legs, before issuing a powerful leap towards the flying koopa. The plumber extended his arms towards his tail, however he was nowhere close to grabbing it before flopping back down to the ground.

"COWARD!" Mario yelled with seething rage as he punched the ground in defiance, "COME-A-BACK AND FIGHT-A-US YOU OVERGROWN FLYING MEAT-A-BALL!"

His gaze towards him would quickly shift towards the hand in the sky, with Geno also doing the same. After hovering idly for a few seconds, they could hear a voice pierce into their consciousness.

”Seekers of restoration, you have demonstrated strength. But you do not yet understand the scope of your mission. It will leave you hollow. It will take all you have to give, and then more. And in the end, you will give your lives.”

The Star Warrior figured that this no-doubt came from Galeem's influence - as if it was trying to talk them down and have them submit to the world around them. Still he was curious to look on as the glove snapped its fingers to reveal seven particular objects form right in front of them. They looked as if they were trophies, one Geno didn't remember Mario telling him before.

But the veteran plumber knew all too well what they were. They were assist trophies - each harboring a fighter's soul from within. The third Smash tournament was the first to introduce this concept, as any fighter who picked up these trophies would have a random ally that was within to assist them in battle (hence the name "Assist" trophies). Most of the fighters were picked either solely as honorable guests that didn't make the cut towards the official roster, or solely as a random pick from a selection of different worlds. Amongst the characters of his own universe that had popped out of these collectibles, Hammer Bros. chain chomps, and spiny-chucking lakitus were the most common, each being fairly decent in their respected jobs as fodder.

And of course, no one could forget about Waluigi - nor the infamous controversy as how the higher ups would never allow him ascend to official fighter status for unknown reasons. But that's another story in of itself.

”It is never too late to give in. The light waits patiently for your embrace; you need only turn away. In this paradise, you can live with your friends and families once more. But if you continue, your hearts will be broken before you even reach that King. Behold.”

And just like that, the seven trophies shattered suddenly as they revealed the seven fighters opposing them. Both Geno and Mario couldn't recognize any of the opposers as anyone they recognized, but alas they didn't fight them right away. However, a few of the other fighters did recognize several people from their ranks. Rachet was the first to submit as he reunited with a particular-looking robot, only to reimburse its fate back with Galeem. Even the Master was ultimately taken back by how easy it was for one to become influenced by their ominous aura.

”These spirits will not attack unless you do, but they will not move from this spot. If they do fight, they will do so with three times their usual resilience and power. If you do not embrace the light, you will die here, or be forced to kill them. This is the first toll to pay.”

The rest, however, continued to hold their guard as they were successfully able to recruit the hat kid within their ranks. They may have lost one partner, but they've gathered up another to replace the fallen. Even after listening to the hand's words, both Mario and Geno refused to bow to Galeem. For such disruption of their lives, both would fight until the bitter end. They would fight to save their kingdoms and their friends from this unceremonious lie.

So once one of the maniacs started chunking bombs at the group, both fighters prepared themselves and began to engage into battle. As Mario prepared to advance, the "real" Bowser stomped towards him and dryly remarked on their situation with a chuckle and welcoming him into "his" army. The plumber would playfully scoff at that notion with a vague smirk.

"Like this is the first-a-time," he mentioned as if try to jog his old frenemy's memory, "I'll stay far away from you as-a-possible."

He joked on this premise before proceeding to officially engage into battle himself with hands ablazing.

Meanwhile, Geno's arm cannon sparked into life as he proceeded to lock onto one of the opponents. The first person to have caught his eye was a pale boy holding a purple book in his hand. Something about him seemed even darker compared to the other opponents - which made him all the more worthwhile to eliminate first. Without further delay, the puppet fired several shots towards the opponent from a safe distance.
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