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@floodtalon, @The 42nd Gecko

"Yeah, though we might find a Roc try to prey on some elephants, or possibly you if you size yourself around elephant size. Finding them in the actual mountains might be a pain as they're rare and like being near the top. For rarer, more secretive predators with out of the way hiding spots, a lot of times it's easier to track and find their prey than the creature themselves. Then we make it show us the way to it's nest after we beat some sense into it!"

Titanica pauses as she looks towards at the mountains in the distance and then to the great open grasses of the Savannah. If her judgement is correct, Zayata believes that they should find the big bird down here first before going towards their original destination. It makes sense. But of course, these top predatory birds are noted as being rare specimens and it's not quite guaranteed that one will just so happen to swoop down today. Of course, there's an equal chance of luck that one might be seen and they can track it towards the mountains right to its nest.

"Then show me." orders the Vassal bluntly as they go a random direction. Of course, it wouldn't take no more than thirty seconds before the Cat Lady had another question.

"So, you chose to grab this stuff for Hoho instead of anything else. I can understand you not being into girls for the kissing, but.. Still, it seems like you're letting her get one up on you and all. She's like, supposed to be the Alchemist of Genesis right? Even if she did need this stuff, couldn't she just magic it up? She's summoned way more magical stuff out of thin air before, from what I saw in her lab/dungeon/maze thing. And her willingness to go with a kiss, well, it's obvious from that she didn't really NEED the contract, she just wanted you to dance for her."

"And you're telling me this as if I'm not aware." Titanica growls annoyingly as she turns her head to Zayata with her white teeth glistening brightly in the sunlight, "Of course the slutty whore is doing it for her amusement. What's new? In fact, I don't expect her to tell me what I seek... and even if she does, it's not like it matters... I bet every other damn Vassal would send someone a similar quest just to~"

Before she could finish, a dead Griffion just so happened to plop down from the sky a few meters in front of the two. Titanica freezes as she gazes at the dead creature for a second before looking up... and seeing a figure soar overhead. And it looks like it was heading towards the mountains. Yet while most people would simply ignore it, or be somewhat intrigued at what it is, Titanica's primal instincts hinted that something was wrong...

Something about that figure seemed as if it will be detrimental to this mission... and it's appearance seemed almost seemed too uncanny to be considered as a mere coincidence.

So while Zayata seemed oblivious enough to want to eat a dead Griffion, a guttural growl escapes Titanica's jaw as she turns towards the mountains with a squint of anger. Zayata would quickly notice her tensed stance of worry and maybe ask what was wrong.

"We're not alone..." Titanica would reply as her tail sweeps down an arc of savannah grasses, "Change of plan... we're going for the goat first."

With that, she opens her mouth and unleashes a beam of blue atomic energy at the ground. She makes a rough circle as she opens a portal below her. When Hoho asked Titanica if she learned to teleport, little did the alchemist knew... she actually can by conjuring the forces of the nether to her own will, bending it to form a stable portal to wherever she wished.

"Follow me." the vassal orders bluntly as she drops down into the portal.

And the next thing they'll know, they're right on top of the mountain range, standing near a small cliff overlooking the entire savannah-jungle ecosystem that laid below. They were rather low in terms of height, being only roughly 650 meters above the base, but unless the figure was already up on the hill, they seemed to be ahead already. But for the Vassal, there was no time to waste.

"Keep moving." Titanica barks as she begins to ascend the mountain, eying for the elusive black goat. Hopefully she'll be able to find it before the other potential rival does.


Lucifus hears the faint sound of a gun firing, alongside faint vibrations in the water, as he is quick to jump into the water as the torpedo explodes underneath his feet. The archangel recognizes the culprit as he sees Utada not more than 20 yards away. Looks like he let her get a little too close while looking around. No matter though, this fight should be quick as long as he's wary of any possible tricks. It's something he's learned over the years when fighting other Machina units.

Lucifus unsheathes his twin "Blades of Centauri" as he heats the blades up and unleashes a twin strike of solar energy towards Utada. He follows up immediately by using his wings as flippers to help him "fly" in water as he begins circling the gunwoman like a shark as he prepares for the next move.

Even within the opening chaos of battle beginning to unfold within the city, Unit-T continues to swim through the streets while attempting to avoid the conflict that has just started. Tina decided that she must be focused at the goal at hand, stopping for nothing unless it’s actually blocking off her progress. It’s probably what Tobayashi or even Karizawa would’ve ordered if they were still in contact with her. She keeps Unit-T low as she attempts to scan every building for any signs of the staff, slowly getting closer and closer the center of the city as she does so...


As Unit-T continued to descend even further down the narrow cavern, the hole below suddenly opens and gives way to an impressive view of the ruins below. This place was massive, spanning for several miles with large buildings dotting the area. Who knew what existed here before everything went to hell, but it must've been rather advanced... yet ancient. Regardless of the countless of theories one can erect in their heads, it didn't truly matter now. Tina carefully pilots the mech down to the surface of the ruins and lands softly near what may appear to be a ruined tower.

Now at the bottom, the pilot observes her surroundings at ground level as she prepares to move out. Before she can do that though, Tobayashi began to contact Tina through voice comms, yet the signal was beginning to become weak...

"Congra-*shhh*-tions on making i-*shhshhh* the bottom." the scientist congratulated through the static, "Unfortunately the -*ssssshhhhh*- is becoming very weak and *sssssssh* be hard to continue *sh* communicating to you down *ssssh*. You're on your own for *shhhh* now. Just remember *ssshhhhhhh* the prot-*sssh*-al like we mention*sssssshhhzhrhzh*"

And with that, the comms released nothing more but the sound of static. Contact with Tobayashi at this depth was now nearly impossible. Tina was now officially alone and cut-off from High Command. Yet she knows what her objectives are, loud and clear no less. Find the staff and return it to the throne room. Avoid all other hostiles and keep them from taking it. If she can achieve victory for the Machina, it'll most certainly give them a powerful advantage/victory.

Suddenly, the mech detects vibrations alongside a muted "booming" sound, as if an object made landfall with the ground and not an explosion. Tina needed to move quickly in order to beat the incoming tide that would sweep the battle. With that, Unit-T once again reignites his thrusters at low power as to be able to traverse the watery landscape much more efficiently. Tina considers that the staff may be found near the middle of the ruins, but at the same time it could simply be the throne room. Regardless, that's where she's going to investigate first. However, she must also look out for any hostiles in the nearby area and make sure that she either avoids them or be able to fight/stun them for enough time to escape and continue the search.

@thewizardguy, @The 42nd Gecko

Lucifus touches down in the underwater ruins only 100 meters away from where Antaeus and Cydone landed, using his wings to swim elegantly to the bottom. The archangel landed near a ruined church that is still mostly in tact, minus the exposed roof, and had almost completely-bleached out windows that still vaguely sported their original colors. He can only wondered who they worshipped, whether it was Heaven or some other deity figures. There didn't even seem to be any symbols that hint to whom they looked up to. It was intriguing to say the least...

Of course, he shouldn't be admiring destroyed buildings during a battle... but at the same time he knew very little about Lenuria and its history. After all, he occasionally browses at history books during his free time at the library yet still has much to learn despite his increased knowledge.

It can wait.

He needs to find that staff and return it to the throne room to achieve another victory for Heaven. Two victories in a row will please the Angel greatly... combined with his status as an Archangel, alongside Captain Saef's elite troops, a gunslinging mercenary, and even a giant rock monster known for his great size. The chance for victory looks rather high for them. Of course, they must still be cautious and to make sure they keep focused on the objective at hand.

@KoL, @The 42nd Gecko

Titanica swiftly cataches the blue crystal in the air with her left hand, clutching it tightly as she places it within her breast pocket. The Vassal then turns around with her new partner to find these new materials. Despite leaving without another word towards the pompous Hohenheim, of course this would leave the alchemist the last laugh.

"By the way, I hope that you finally have learned how to teleport. Otherwise, it will be a long walk to get all of this. Ehehehe!"

Titanica growls as she slightly turns her head to glance at the alchemist before walking off into the brush with Zayata following beside her. God did she hate the Alchemist...

"And I hope you're ready for my fist to ram straight up your ass you imperfect midget..." the Vassal growls quietly as she continues walking off.

Like she hates Iona and Helena for having her force to be in the war, but Hoho is just one big little spoiled gremlin whom she just can't stand talking to. But if she can possibly lead her into the direction in which her target is, the generosity may make her more attractive for a mutual friendship.

But then again, it's a very, VERY low chance that this may happen...

As the two walked, Zayata begins to explain what she knows and where to find these animals.

"As far as Rocs and Goats go, we're probably looking for mountains near a savanna to have the best chance of finding both, I think I know a place.

"We will search there first." replies Titanica bluntly as her tail removes some brush behind her.

"Kraken would need an ocean but I'm afraid I can't help with that one very much, Mmm-?"

"I shall deal with it personally..." the Vassal responds again, considering she mostly spends her time in the ocean anyways, "I know where they usually reside."

Then the topics switch to something slightly more personal.

"Vaa-? Do you have a preference on like, polite form of address or is Titanica fine?"

"That's my title, so you will refer to me as so." was all that the Vassal says regarding that subject.

Luckily for them, it wouldn't take long before they reach the edge of the jungle, right into the tall grasses of the Savannah biome. In the distance, Titanica notices a mountain range several miles away. They aren't terribly far, but not close either. The first two supplies should reside in that location if the Cat is correct.

"There's the mountains." the towering Vassal says as she points in the direction of the mountains, "I believe the Rocs and Goats can be found there, yes?"

@Lmpkio A few changes and I think you can mark this as approved.

NECROMANCY - just a note, make sure you get permission before trying this with other people's characters.

BLEEDING BREATH - reword this to "almost anything", as I'm sure there are substances, like holy things, that are especially resilient against this attack.

Due to the number of influence 4 abilities that can potentially be used in conjunction with one another, I think you can safely mark the overall character as influence 5.

MIST TELEPORTATION might also be an influence 5, as that suggests complex magic being able to materialize and dematerialize oneself, during which one becomes largely immune to conventional attacks.

Will do for Necromancy.

Did change the Bleeding Death

And upgraded Mist to Category 5.

Will mark this as approved.

Ik I haven’t been as active on this front these days... and frankly I’ve been reconsidering joining this part of the forum...

But I’ve heard that Tier 5 is finally unlocked. Can you guys revisit my profile and affirm that it is still eligible? Maybe I can restart here by starting up this character and then make new ones or recreate existing ones.


As Unit-T carefully navigates through the Urchin minefield, she suddenly gets a pop-up message on her screen that a fellow ally wants to make contact with her via video connection. Pausing for only a second, Tina willingly presses the button to accept, which reveals Utada, who was also making her way down the same way as her through the sea urchin horde.

"I'm almost through Unit-T, what's your progress on making it to the city?" the sniper asks.

The pilot holds down a small green button as she initiates her response.

"I-I'm still inside the sea urchin field." she responds in a quiet and monotonous voice, "But I should be nearing the exit within~."

Before she could finish though, Unit-T's audio receptors picked up a nearby explosion coming from one of the urchins, which immediately detected several more just a quick second afterwards. Someone must've accidentally hit one of the spines or allowed them to cluster too close together as the explosions produce a gory mess of blood, guts and dangerous spines going in all different directions. Quickly realizing the precarious situation she's in, Tina quickly continues pilots the mech down and away from the explosions. However even as a few spines began to hit Unit-T, the minor shielding was able to keep them from scratching the silver paint and puncture any holes.

"<SHIELDS_HOLDING>" announces the onboard AI, "<DOWN_95_%>"

But even with such minimal damage, the three weren't out of the action yet. The blood and chum churns with the water, attracting hungry predators from nearby. Giant morary eels, up to 6 meters long, slithered from the shadows with mouthes full of razor sharp hooked teeth as they approach the Machina forces in a ravenous frenzy. While Bonesword was deep enough to avoid having the eels get him, Unit-T was right in their sights.

"Eel swarm incoming!" warns Tobayashi from the comms channel, "Take evasive action!"

However Tina wasn't deterred from the hungry mouthes that approached her. Taking control, she fires several laser-guided torpedoes from Unit-T's back that twirled towards the slithering bastards. However, the pilot wasn't planning to stick around. Positioning her mech downwards, she fires off the boosters at 75% max power and rapidly descends down with the rest of the group. Even if several eels try to come for Tina, she would fire off several more missiles to deter them before fully on her way out of the urchin field and into the Ruins.

"Threats neutralized." she responds back to Utada and Tobayashi simultaneously, "Proceeding down to the ruins now."

Upon finishing his optic ray, he would suddenly remember underwater physics as a large explosion threatened to rid him of his sight. Lucifus growls in pain as he quickly closes his eyes to avoid any traumatic damage to his eyes, hearing the sounds of gelatinous creatures imploding on themselves. He soon realized what went wrong, considering how using intense heat-based powers underwater can be a very bad idea depending on where you shoot at. How foolish he was to forget this! Of course, considering he rarely goes underwater to due battle, this was an experience he won't forget the next time he descends.

As soon as he opens his eyes, the environment was blurry for only a few moments until his eyes finally adjusted back to regular vision. The Archangel soon realizes that deadly tentacles were floating towards him, some of which would only be invisible if it weren't for the light being illuminated on his wings. Lucifus needs to act quickly if he is to remain unscathed. But not to worry... he had the perfect idea.

His hands began to glow blue with an unknown aura as he pushes them out and quickly makes a circular swiping motion from his torso to his back. A low faint boom can be heard as the tentacles began to move the opposite direction, as if they were being repulsed by some unknown gravitational pule of energy. Even the water began to act rather strangely, with several air holes forming and dissolving within seconds at a time from one another. Lucifus' gravitational pulse has saved him from receiving damage too early in battle. He has now learned two things... 1). Don't use his optic beams underwater. And 2). Don't fuck with jellyfish.

With that in mind, he carefully navigates his way out of the jellyfish swarm and descends into the ruins below.

@KoL, @The 42nd Gecko

As Titanica stands over the nude Alchemist, Hoho finally begins to explain the deal to the vassal as she gets comfy on her Chimera.

"To make everything as lawful as possible, we should write a contract. Sadly, I'm a little short on supplies... Why don't you go fetch me three down feathers of a roc's chick, a kraken's ink sac and a patch of black goat's leather so that we can write a proper contract before I begin sharing my wisdom with you, Miss Curvy Lizard?"

The Saurian Vassal's left eye slightly twitched in realization of her first "orders". A gathering mission... all just to sign a contact? The bitch didn't even say anything regarding "Give me a pencil/feather and paper"... but then again this is a girl of "perfection". Why have peasant materials when she can look and feel like a goddess with a fancy pen and writing surface? And why get it herself where she can always send out an "errands boy/girl" to do it for her. Just the thought of it disgusts her. Her shift gazes as if she's about to defy the Alchemist's reply, stating how she should get her own piece of paper and feather.

"Or we can seal our partnership with a more... intimate method. Your choice..." Hohenheim smirked, summoning her cape and wrapped it around her bare shoulders.

Ah yes... the Vassals these days have stumbled to a new low. Sex for ____. Well, they've been always doing that really but it was usually a last resort. Then again, Hoho is a rather frail girl, and it'll be much less laborious then to go out into the jungle just to find those three materials. She's tall and powerful, being completely capable of overwhelming her and has the stamina to keep going for hours and hours. She could totally do this no problem...

If only she didn't encounter that one faithful experience several thousand years ago...

Titanica paused for a second before looking back, and then back at Hoho... and then she made her choice.

"Cat." the Vassal orders Zayata bluntly with a hint of disgust towards Hoho as she turns back into the bush, "Assist me in finding these... materials."

With that, Titanica continues walking into the bush as they head on a quest to get the three items...

No wonder she hates the other Vassals...

@KoL, @The 42nd Gecko

As Titanica begins walking out of the hot springs, she couldn't help but to overhear the pompous scientist sigh in the background in a shot of tiring anger. Clearly the scientist has forgotten about her target's standing within the entire War... well, basically every Vassal member for that matter. She's also lucky that her words would reach upon "deaf" ears as Titanica simply payed the words mentioned no mind, not even saying a word or showing a spark of anger. If anything, the Saurian Vassal feels rather annoyed at this point dealing with the snotty Alchemist.

But before she can enter into the thick brush of the jungle, Hoho raises her voice one last time to acquire her attention.

"You know that there are... more efficient ways of acquiring it, right? Unless you want to do it the hard way, or no way, I can make some arrangements to facilitate your pursuit... As long as you are willing to bargain, of course,"" she added.

Titanica suddenly halts as soon as Hoho finished, slowly looking back faintly as she contemplated her offer. Offered help by the Alchemist to pursue her goal, even though she has no idea of what it is? Then again, this is a supercilious being she will be dealing with and she usually hates being ordered around. And who knows, Hoho might lead her into a trap, not like she wouldn't be capable of getting out of trouble that is. However, the Saurian couldn't help but to contemplate the offer which stood. Perhaps this tree may bear fruit of where she needs to go if it doesn’t turn out to be lies and deception in the end, which may also happen to be fairly true. Even then, she'd probably crush the frail creature later down the line if she fails to keep her barging upon realizing everything would simply be a rouse.

There's only one way to find out however. Turning slowly towards the tiny naked girl, Titanica approaches in a slightly cautious way as she stands over the Alchemist.

"Fine…" the Saurian Vassal growls as she awaits on what Hoho wants her to do in order to potentially gain some valuable information, "I’ll play your little game this time, provided you keep to your bargain as well... What do you want?"


As the creatures of the sea begin to slowly wake up from their slumber, Unit-T's eyes began to flare up slightly as it encounters the same sea urchins that Bonesword made contact with which were falling from the roof of the cave. Tina accesses them carefully from inside the mech and while she was hesitant to fire, one look at the nearest partner prompted her to hold her fire. Sure she can fire off missiles or lasers to disintegrate them on by one... but they were pretty close to one another. One explosion may seem to promptly initiate a chain reaction, leading into a dangerous and gory mess. Even Tobayashi seemed to agree with her silent thinking...

"Don't engage those urchins." the scientist orders concerningly, "They seem to buoyant and close to one another to be harmful. Just swim by them and don't get hit."

Indeed, Tina acknowledges as she carefully navigates Unit-T through the organic minefield. She tries to find passages that are spacious enough to allow her vehicle to pass but is careful not to get too close. Even if they were to explode, the mech's armor is completely capable of mitigating most of the explosive damage as well as the spines that may happen to be launched at her.

But surely this wouldn't be the deadliest things here... especially the deeper they descend.

@The 42nd Gecko @thewizardguy

As Lucifus continues to dive deeper into the ruins, he sees Captain Saef and his troops to his right commencing combat with several giant hermit crab-like beasts and in front of him a large swarm of giant jellyfish that threaten to zap anyone that gets entangled in their stinging tentacles. To his right the Archangel can see that Cydone and the giant rock-creature Antaeus are also entering the swarm as well. They were trying to be careful around them by dodging and keeping their distance while tip-toeing to the otherside. A shame that they didn't wield the powers of an archangel...

Lucifus looks at the jellyfish blocking his way and simply smirks as his eyes glow hot-yellow with intense heat. Despite being underwater, the heat emitted from his eyes were nearly as hot as a star, negating the water's effects to douche the heat. With that, the Archangel fires off two thin rays of stellar energy as he points straight into a jellyfish blocking his path. As it pierces the gelatinous blob, it suddenly explodes after only two seconds of exposure, leaving behind a mangled mess of tentacles and flesh. Pleased with the work his optic beams did, he continues to carve a path straight into the jellyfish horde as he quickly makes his way to the other side.
@AtomicNut Its been 11 days strong without a recent post. I'm bowing out.

Never fear! I just posted so you don't need to drop out! So sorry for the wait though, I should've posted sooner! Forgive me...

Within the unstable rage of his subconscious, Taro suddenly hears Misato scream in panic about the arrival of a blinding flash of light. Indeed, an N2 missile was launched and it made direct contact with the ground. In an instant, the boy's sensed returned to earth and he proceeded to take cover under one of the bus' seats. In just a few short seconds, the explosion hits the bus and almost rams it over to one side.

"Shit!" Taro cursed as he finds himself getting tossed around by the shockwave as his vision became severely distorted once again for a brief momentary instance.

As the blast subsides, all the boy can hear was the sound of an intense ringing. Life seemed to slow down as he glances at the others who where struggling to get up. Several cries can be heard within the vicinity, but they sounded muffled... almost as if they were actually far away. He hears faint laughter echoing at the back of his head... something evil-sounding. He wanted to go back into a rageful fit, but his body was too rattled to regain another adrenaline boost. However he does hear the concerning words coming from Misato, asking if everyone was ok. Taro raised his hand slowly as he slouches over the seat, breathing heavily as he slowly regains his composure and the laughter slowly disappears into the void of his mind.

Within another seemingly long minute, his senses eventually went back to normal. He gets up and coughs twice, ridding his body of the harmful smoke that was stuck in his parched throat. As Misato took control of the bus, Taro remembers hearing the voice of the callous, almost ominous male voice echo through the communications radio. It felt cold... calculating... yet also familiar. Was this the man his mother called her "boss"? It didn't matter anyways. Still having control of his body, he slowly approaches Misato as he hangs over a railing.

"What the hell was that?" he asks firmly with a hint of raspiness to him as he tries to shake the minor grogginess that still hangs over him, "What the hell was that... that THING?"

"Unit-T and pilot Tina, Utada and Bonesword, you have been selected to lead the Machina's effort in the next main battle. All of you as well as any other units that desire to join the skirmish, report to the nearest dispatch bay. You'll be briefed on the objectives and conditions on route to the battlefield in order to preserve crucial intelligence,"

Tina was sitting on her bed quietly looking at her phone when the announcement blared over the comms. Her only reaction was a simple pause as she looks up at the intercoms speaker for a brief second before putting her device away and exits the door. She didn't need any additional persuasion from Dr. Karizawa or even from Tobayashi to get her going. Once out the door, she exits her room and skips down the hallway to the briefing room. However, she won't be going alone as when turning around the next corner, she bumps into someone by accident as she falls flat on her butt. Tina looks up innocently to see the gentle Tobayashi looking down on her with a surprised look.

"Awww, sorry Tina." she apologizes gently as she helps the girl get up, "You should be careful running around these tight corridors like that. I take it you've heard the message, right?"

Tina nods lightly as she looks into her eyes.

"Right..." the scientist replies to herself quietly as she fiddles with her pen with one hand before talking to Tina again, "Ehm, come then. Follow me to the briefing room. I would hate to loose you in such a large and complicated building like this one."

The pilot's cheeks puffed up slightly in disappointment that she can't go by herself... but then again Tobayashi does have a point in getting lost. After all, both she and Tina know very little about this place anyways. Without anymore hesitations, she follows the scientist to the briefing room.

Lenuria Depths - Undersea Cavern

Unit-T stands on the edge of a short cliff overseeing the crystal-clear water just a few meters below. The mission in what to achieve was clear. Find the Staff of Okeanos and bring it to Lenuria's Throne Room in order to achieve victory, all while doing combat with the undersea monstrosities that lurk beneath the ruins. The mech has recently undergone some modification to her arsenal, alongside the addition of undersea modifications such as retractable fins and special fuel canisters to propel it underwater. Karizawa believes that this will be the perfect opportunity to test out its underwater capabilities.

Back at Hyperion, both Dr. Karizawa and Tobayashi oversee her deployment as Unit-T prepares to dive.

"Just test out the new equipment and abilities and we will see how they react." the scientist explains to Tina from her comms, "Everything should be fine, but if there are any malfunctions with the mech, you must return to the cavern surface immediately. We will have a small repair team access the damage and attempt to fix the problems you might be having... if you are able to return that is. But whatever you do, don't leave the battlefield unless there's an official call to retreat. We don't want Eos knocking down on our doorstep again like last time... understood?"

"Yes, Tobayashi." Tina replies bluntly as she grabs her hands on the handlebars.

With that, it seems like she's ready to go. Dr. Karizawa slowly looks at Tobayashi and nods.

"Unit-T." she announces loudly on the speaker, "You are clear to dive."

With that, Unit-T's fin flaps open on her back, arms, legs and tail and the mech dives into the water below with a splash. Once in the water, the mech's boosters burst to life as it pushes the mech deeper into the depths of the unknown...

Shortly after the little chat at the Library, Lucifus was summoned by Zeruel to partake in the next battle.

"An underwater battle?" he thinks to himself as he emerges in Heaven's Undersea Cavern, "Hmm, this ought to be interesting."

While he has rarely fought in underwater environments before, let alone being equipped for it, he has a small passion for swimming during his free time. Not only does it provide a healthy dose of physical cardio and exercise, but it also helps him prepare for any of these circumstances. He already has mastered land and air combat, so why not master submarine combat to achieve his experience. His master also recognizes this and thus he has no quarrels with it.

As the spell renders the angel capable of breathing underwater, Lucifus feels ready to descend into the depths. After doing a quick stretching routine and seeing Cydone dive first, the Archangel takes one deep breath of air, as a force of habit, and dives in as well. His wings begin to be rendered smooth and waterproof as the sunlight reformats his wings for a more aquatic lifestyle. They've basically have now turned into flippers. With that, he continues to dive deeper into Lenuria's depths.
*drags corpse back in*

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