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Current Any faster and the tempo would give demons a heart attack. For the Doomslayer... IS THE HORROR.
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@Otterpop - If you like ARK, you might like playing The Isle (Its also getting a great upgrade/recode within the following months too)
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Magic is cool but have you ever fired an M32 Rotary Grenade Launcher?
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Been in a bit of a surprise depressive rut as of late. Trying to work it out


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<Snipped quote by Lmpkio>
Oh wow I didn't notice your edit

Outside of the general question of "how will regular sized characters fight him", I can't see anything wrong with it. I trust you know what you're doing and can figure out how to handle the size issue, yeah?

I did mention how the size will be according to whatever the plot demands. If it's against a few regular humanized-opponents, then he will fight in his human form. If he's facing an army of baddies or a significantly powerful opponent, he can go into Macro if he becomes overwhelmed. And if he's fighting other giant monsters and/or robots, he will go into his giant kaiju form. I'll probably give an excuse in IC as to why he can't cheat the system but alas I got this under control.
<Snipped quote by Lmpkio>
Wow, that's a much better picture than the one I found. Wish I could've found that when making the OP :S

When you're a "Kaiju Expert/Obsessionist" such as I, you will find aaaaaall sorts of godly art.

Btw, is he good or do you have any concerns outside of those that I've mentioned?
@tipssyCalibrator Aaaaand he's done!

EDIT: Dang, y'know what would be really cool is if someone else joined as Gipsy Danger/Mako Mori and Raleigh Becket (main characters of Pacific Rim, for those not familiar). Then we could ACTUALLY have the fight in the 3rd picture in the OP, lol

Probably would look something more like this lol:

A little sneak peak at one of the next characters Im working on. Still a WIP though, should be finished by tomorrow.

I lied, I just finished! Once again, his powers will be used rather sparingly and fairly according to what the plot demands.




<Snipped quote by Lmpkio>
Would it be possible to nerf his mind probing a slight bit? I feel like mind reading has the potential to lead to some metagaming, and I'd like to play it a bit safe

I did attempt to nerf it somewhat (stronger the mind, less it may work) but I get your point. However I would use it sparingly against downed opponents if anything to grab information, not just use it right off the bat. Still, if you want me to get rid of it, I shall definitely do so.

I'm also slightly unsure about the force choke and telekinesis, as I'm just trying to imagine what any given character could do to avoid or break free from it. I won't ask you to nerf it (as I'm trying to not be too harsh, haha), but I would at least try to keep that in mind when playing

No worries - Kylo would mostly utilize it sparingly and if anything I could also add in that if he uses the force too much that it would drain his stamina (at least in this universe).
And here be my first antagonistic character~ I might also add Vader in later unless someone wants to do it (which I welcome because I ultimately want Kylo to meet his grandaddy):

<Snipped quote>
If you were to ask my opinion I think the human form idea would probably be the best just for the sake of convenience, but if you'd rather not play that way and you think you could pull of playing him as monster sized all the time then that's totally legit

This is usually how I go about playing him in non-kaiju dominated RPs (as well as in Monster Gijinka ones aka Kaiju Girls).

(However Godzilla's gender in this RP will remain male and thus his avatar will also remain male as a result)
<Snipped quote by Lmpkio>
Funny, I was actually going to consider playing Kylo Ren as a backup plan if no one else wanted to take the role of villain (I decided against it though cause I haven't seen TRoS and I feel like I'd need to if I wanted to play him)

Kylo Ren was also an idea rummaging around as an evil SW Badguy (the other idea was simply Darth Vader, but I would find it cool if Kylo were to actually meet granddaddy in the suit).

I would make my Kylo Ren pre-ROS/post-TLJ just for the sake of recency but maybe change some things up to make him a little more fluent.

I like the idea of playing Doom Slayer. I was originally thinking about playing Doom Slayer early on as well, but I actually think it would work out better if someone else played him

I've only had the chance to play him once, but it was short lived. Another opportunity to play as him was also suggested in another RP fanon, but also didn't get to that point. So I'd love to have a possible chance to properly show him RIPPING and TEARING in this RP (In his Eternal Outfit of course for MAXIMUM PAIN).

Overall though, as I've mentioned before, I would with near-certainty play a kaiju character (Probably Godzilla from KOTM because GOD do I love that fucking movie) but depending on which direction I could take him, either have a human avatar that allows him to interact with human-sized players but also have the ability to transform into his iconic beast form, or just have him remain as his iconic monster form.

And if he's in, you know I'll have to add in an antagonist for him (Maybe starting out with Ghidorah or some other kaiju from another source).
You have my immediate attention!

I have ideas for both protagonist and major antagonistic characters.

One of such characters - or perhaps a GENRE of characters - may or may not be hinted on my profile picture.

I've also been on a SW spree so I wouldn't mind making a character or two from that genre (I mostly have bad guy players that I really want to play) as well as playing other sci-fi based characters such as Samus Aran (a character Im familiar playing) and DoomSlayer/Doomguy.

Just provide me a CS sheet and I'll get to work with said characters!

Official Edit: Will also comment that the token system seems rather fair. I'll make sure to read it again to see if there might be things to add or remove, but as they stand they look fine with me.

Official Edit 2: The "Balancing" aspect can be a little worrying regarding abuse, but depending on the amount of responsible players we have I think we can also make this work. Like you said, this is probably the best/only way to go about it.
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