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Current Ugh... Summer Semester is surprisingly exhausting. Still trying to get used to the whole thing. Posts will come out as soon as I can...
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Hooooolly shit KOTM was NUCLEAR!
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But are you brave enough to chop off his sausage?
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I'm seeing an early primere tomorrow - CANT WAIT!
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Remember. Bowser was just made CEO of Nintendo. This could be his ultimate plan to finish off Mario for good...


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The catch up game is real.

I'm back!

Geno: 4 (29/40)
Mario: 3 (17/30)

Location: Peach’s Castle
Word Count: 1,091

(Mario: Super Mushroom Active)

Direct Mentions: @Lugubrious, @Genon

"Mama Mia!"

Slamming his naked fist upon the deafening ringing of the alarm clock, Mario leapt from his bed as he hastily grasped for his overalls. Yet as soon as he planted his foot on the wooden floor, he could feel the toll of yesterday nearly crush him to the ground. His entire body ached from head to toe - a side-effect from the double role he played yesterday. Despite being beaten by Geno as a revenant before his old consciousness was resurrected to battle Megadragonbowser, the usually acrobatic plumber believed that he would be able to shake it off as usual. After all, he fought stronger and deadlier battles with the Koopa King, so no doubt Mario believed wake up more invigorated and ready to go.

And yet, here he was in such a crippling state.

It was such an alienating feeling - one he was not used to as of lately anyways - yet excruciatingly familiar - a reminder of his mortality and growing age.

Once he was able to get his clothes on, the plumber proceeded to stretch his body to the best of his abilities - hearing every bone and muscle pop into place - before straggling out the door.

"Hello-a?" Mario called out drowsily as eyes darted from one place of the castle's interior to the other. For a minute, his head was shrouded in the stratosphere of World 9, before suddenly realizing that he was alone. Very few souls roamed the castle square, mostly minor toad servants and other miscellaneous figures. The royal table was left abandoned, no doubt the place where the plans of the day was discussed. The plumber sighed in solemn shame.

Yep. He definitely overslept.

Seeing a piece of chocolate cake by the corner of the table, Mario proceeded to slam the whole thing in his mouth as he began to survey the plans on the table - which included what appeared to be a map of the entire world around them.

"Looks-a-like you overslept as-a-well, huh bro?" a familiar voice called from behind him.

Mario cocked his head back to see his brother walking towards him.

"Oi?" the senior plumber muttered confusingly, "You didn't go with the others?"

Luigi shook his head.

"And-a-before you ask," he replied assuringly, "No, it wasn't my choice."

Mario would eye his brother carefully, making sure if he was lying again or not.

"What do you mean?" he asked again, desiring much of the context he clearly missed.

"I was to stay with a bunch of the others here, while a selected few were to go on two-a-different missions on behalf of Peach." the younger brother explained, "In addition, a Pokemon trainer of some kind was also here to explain the concept of Pokeballs and what not, along with a bunch of other things~"

Luigi then explained about everything else - from the loot boxes, spirit-meddling, and the 'Land of Adventure' quests that had been debriefed - most notably the 'Convoy' mission. Mario listened to most of what was said, but his mind was purely focused at the mission at hand. After reading the notes, Mario rushed to the front of the Castle. He hoped that there was a cart or some other kind of vehicle still left in the driveway. Lucky for him, there was one. And not only was it a standard cart, it happened to be Mario's own cart from the most recent Mario Kart tourney. He was surprised that it was still around, let alone having survived Galeem's onslaught.

"Well," the red-cladded plumber breathed as he proceeded to enter his kart. It was a tight fit considering his size, but it was manageable. He then turned towards Luigi, "Looks like I'ma off then. You still wanna come, bro?"

Green stache slowly shook his head no.

"I'ma good bro." he replied before patting his brother on the back, "But please be-a-careful out there. I heard it's gonna be one hell-ova tussle."

Mario smirked as he tipped his cap.

"Good." red stache replied cockily as he looked forward confidently, "Then it's-a-off to the races."

While Mario was trying to rush and catch up, Geno was fortunate enough to join up with the Convoy group on time. And even if he was late, he would've still been able to fly and catch up anyways. The doll stayed in the air for most of the early fight, picking off the weaker vehicles and pilots with his wooden cannon. Things looked to be in their favor, with Geno concentrating fully on the last two vehicles in front of him.

Unfortunately for him, tunnel vision caught the better of him, resulting in his failure to assess the incoming enemy reinforcements that were barreling towards him. Before he could get a good look, the doll felt three solid shots rattle through his wooden frame. Wood splintered and cracked as two hit his torso, with the third ripping through his cannon arm. Stunned by this ordeal, the star warrior found himself briefly falling to his doom and skidding across the rough soil below...

But luckily, this terrible fate wasn't preordained. As if Star Road granted him a second chance, he found himself surrounded in a mysterious green mist - unaware of the person who casted it. Yet he found his wounds quickly regenerating to the point where he was good as new. Quickly, he was able to steady himself as his thrusters barely allowed him to avoid hitting the ground that was just inches below him.

The star warrior wanted to find and thank the person who helped him, however he won't be able to do it now. Yet as he prepared to fire upon the giant monster truck that entered the battle, he would suddenly witness it reeling out of control as the others were able to successfully take it down. Yet it came at a steep cost, as the Bowsermobile was soon compromised as well. And then, in a blur of chaotic fury, Geno would find himself face to face with a giant bot... forged from the same ice cream truck that attempted to rip the star warrior to shreds.

As his allies assembled to combat this newfound threat, Geno proceeded to finally take action himself. He rose his hands towards the heavens and from the clouds above a volley of rainbow stars proceeded to bombard upon the clownish robot without mercy. It was time to get down to business...

And little did he or the others realize, a lone kart was speeding towards the battle at great speed... with a certain mustached plumber at the wheel.
Apologizes for my absence - Summer semester has started for me and thus I have my hands full. Rest assured, I will have reviews ready for @Archangel89 @CaptainSully ASAP!
And posted!

Haley's initial response did little to cease Titanica's curiosity. She continued to gaze at the little harpy, giving a look as if silently knowing that there was indeed more to all this. It was not a look of anger or disappointment - but perhaps a hint of sympathy. Only then did Haley respond, causing the titan to fall into silence as she patiently listened to her story.

When Haley was finally finished, Titanica's nostrils exhaled a faint light of blue mist as she reflected on what she was told. An abhorrent look was present on her for a brief second before her face reverted back to nullness.

"Humanity will never fully recognize the folly of their actions," she muttered bluntly, "No matter how many times you tell them. When backed into a corner, they will always blame others for the messes they've created to save their guilty hide. Not everyone perhaps, but the majority of them, especially those who hold power. It is in their very nature. All the atrocities they've committed, all the wars, they blame the things they cannot understand rather than cooperating with them. If you are not one of them, then you surely 'must' be against them. They have a desire to control everything, an indomitable will to grovel all who oppose them onto their knees while raping the lands around them. They are the real 'monsters' - the parasites upon this once pure world. And they will not stop until nothing remains..."

Her ranting would suddenly end as she finally remembered Haley right beside her. She shook her head briefly before looking down at the little harpy with her warm amber eyes.

"I pity that you've had to go through all this," the titan replied more reservedly, "It's not easy when your own home is struggling with controversy and lies. Rest assured, they will eventually get what's coming to them. It's only... inevitable."

Morgan's sudden rush to get Neil's clothes off had caused her to rip all of his clothes from top to bottom. One would expect for the moth shaman to recognize her 'error' in such a prudishly public environment, however she was not fazed by any form of nudity regarding the practice of medicine. After all, in this instance if the boy wasn't decontaminated off of such nectar, his hormones would've caused him to go on a horny rampage having intercourse with everyone he could get his hands on.

It would be truly a disaster that Morgan wouldn't handle to dread upon.

So when a guard patrol came and arrested all who were involved, Morgan attempted to persuade of them the situation. However, she couldn't formulate her words fast enough for them to shut down the situation and escort them to the nearest guardhouse. Confused yet unaware of human customs, she had no choice but to concede and go with them.

Once they were taken to a very exhausted-looking Guard Captain of Ambran, he attempted to explain why they should keep their urges in check and for them to get a room. Morgan would be the first to counter his statement.

"I'm sorry," she began politely, as her hands were clasped together in front of her, "But I'm afraid you've mistook the situation. We were not projecting intercourse with the boy - rather we were preventing him from undergoing such lewdish actions!"

She then proceeded to explain about what had happened prior; regarding how they were from a guild, the job they undertook, as well as the 'doctor' and his hallucinogenic 'anesthesia', before finally mentioning how Neil accidentally smeared himself with the highly erotic nectar and how they tried to get it off him before the guards showed up to take them away.

"And that's everything that lead up to this moment." she finally finished, being nearly out of breath from all of that explaining.

@CaptainSully Looks good! I don't see any problems with it.

Let my other GM @MsMorningstar take a look to make sure I didn't overlook anything and if she's fine with it, you may post it in the CS.
@CaptainSully Well we definitely lack in the traditional dragons category - so having one would be nice for a change of pace.

Looks fine so far. We will await the finished product.
@RisingSun You're fine now. If you'd like, consider joining the discord! You should find it on the first intro post in the OCC.

@CaptainSully Still a good amount of room!
<Snipped quote by MsMorningstar>

Gotcha. Anyways, I’ll change what you stated about plasma. While I’m fine with removing one of the two manipulations, would you be fine with instead of manipulating electricity, that my beast simply is able to conduct it. As he’s able to exert it through its body but defensive purposes only but not really use it offensively.

That's alright. You can have him utilize this.
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