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Current Meanwhile it’s actually getting colder where I am.. the hell Los Angeles?
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Cosplaying THOTS!
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Whisky shall be my date. *drinks sadly while sobbing uncontrollably*
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Ah darn, single once again for Valentines. Oh well, I guess I'll go out with myself as I drown myself in sugar to ease the pain of being alone then.
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I wonder how North Korea is feeling about their neighbor throwing an Olympics party without them...
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It's around 20XX, probably leaning more towards 201X. All I can say is it's better to leave it vague imo. This one is an easy fix.

Figures at much. Actually, my human character I am currently developing is from the future, so that also helps with that portion.

I will make Callus' age vague for the time being.

I was thinking that you don't have to change it all since you're going for versatility, heck the character makes me think of the shotoclone archetype in fighting games to a certain degree. And I'm going to run with what you have with a few mild tweaks.

E.g. your character can have access to all your elemental abilities listed now, but not at the same time.

I almost added a similar outcome regarding the whole changing elements separately but with a cooldown to their abilities (as shown with the buffs). I can add something similar to like Shulk in SSB4, where once you choose a monodo buff to him, unless you hard cancel the ability, it stays on you for some time before naturally wearing off. I can do something like this and have a cooldown for each element he primarily uses and finishes off with.

That being said...

Your character could be focused on the environment at hand, using that to temper what element he imbues his attacks with from the start, maybe having him in a default state of Earth? He keeps the element until he changes it, i.e. through some sort of special move that has him focus on the environment around him to "understand" it or something. This allows him to change elements. For example, on a rainy day or by a body of water, he could focus and change it to the water element. On a sunny day or in the midst of a fire or place that is pretty dang hot, he could focus and blam, fire element.

You catch my drift, right?

Pretty much.

It' essentially the mindset I had in mind regarding the whole elemental thing with the different weather and environments.

Although I will say, the meditation is definitely something I can incorporate into him, as if he's communicating with the earth around him and extracting the natural elemental ki his surrounding provides.

While this is situational, it would be up to your character to manipulate the environment and possibly other nomads to his advantage to set up a way so that he can switch elements. Moreover, instead of giving him slashes with different elements, he can have one slash with multiple elements attached on to it.

So if a fire type nomand is nearby, he can harnass his power and transform into said element? I can definitely get behind this, as well as the multiple elements.

I originally wanted to do something with combining these elements as well, but wasn't sure how it would feel with you.

Regardless, it seems you like it, so I will also add a very similar power move to that as well.

And he can keep the ranged attacks if he goes the shotoclone route as well. Another thing to make it unique is that certain aspects of him are bolstered and weakened. Fire would boost his attack but lower his defense, water would boost his defense but lower his speed, and air would boost his speed but lower his attack. Since earth is his default, he would be a jack of the all trades but master of none.

Essentially, the Earth and Air Buffs already do this, but I definitely see where you are going with this. I will surely keep this in mind.

I feel this would improve your character, and not only that, it addresses the final issue I have below of involving weaknesses.

I mean, it's ok to point out things like that (i.e. bad at fighting in the cold), but don't point out the obvious if it isn't necessary. Involve things with your fighting and psychological. You got it down to a certain extent, but I feel it could be improved through the methods explained above. If your want an example of a shotoclone sort of dude and their weaknesses, I recommend you check out this link and look at the character named Justin Haggar.

Yeah, tbh I was at a blank for what notable weaknesses he can have. But like you said, with these elements and their different overall buffs, I can definitely see how I can naturally impliment and original weakness for Callus.

(I will make sure to check Haggar once I get the chance too.

That's all hope this helps and I hope I did not drastically deviate from what you wanted with your lizard wizard.

("Lizard Wizard" lol - you weren't the first to say that. Alas, the first guy who said this wasnt referring to this character lol it was a different one)

But no, you actually enhanced and balanced him quite well. Thank you for your help! I will make sure to add all the necessary changes to him soon.

(Also a hint to my next character... he may be slightly story related to that Korean girl in a way... at least eye-to-eye anyways. :P)
@Lmpkio, so far the appearance and personality seem par for the course when looking at him. A minor thing to note comes over when he was born. Could you possibly change it to be vague in that retrospect so we don't have the set date be like 2008 or something? Like say he was born around the time in the Qing Dynasty's decline? I do want to give more leeway to when this whole story kicks off as well, so that's me. Other than that, your story checks out... but moving on to your characters moves.

I don't believe you've told us the exact date on when the RP is taking place. Give me a solid year and I'll edit that portion quickly. I can otherwise make it vague if you so want.

You might of gone overboard with him. He has average elemental attacks here and there that can cover for a variety of different situations while still being pretty strong. For the most part, he doesn't seem to have much flow with his kit. He can effectively rush anyone down just as easily as harassing them at range with a couple of his attacks. Along with that he has a couple of moves that either buff his speed or defense with the main downside of this is when he uses his abilities in extreme environments which comes off as super situational. Along with that, it doesn't even matter if he loses access as other attacks will become empowered in the process. He sacrifices a little bit of versatility for a much stronger attack.

Or maybe two attacks become stronger with the same cost as the one stated above. Currently don't see anything wrong with his supers right now.

What might you suggest here? Should I get rid of the ranged attacks and make them more melee based? I want him to have such powers of elemental manipulation and even then I could've added more in (like ice, lightning, etc), but of course that would've been overkill.

Also, the final portion of weakness is a bit... meh. Powerful magic wielders can also defeat other peoples characters and heavy gun weaponry can cause harm to characters as well. Also, most of our cast is mortal too, so yeah, the final portion of his weaknesses basically can apply to almost everyone else.

There's not much else for me to say there. I mean, at least I don't think there is. I could add in the whole reptilian cold-blooded physic, in which he produces more sloppily in colder environments, or is weaker in cold environments, but even then that would be considered as situational.

If you have any ideas that you think can work, by all means let me hear them.

@Savo Btw, Ive finished the Draconian. I will now hold off until the OCC comes up before making new characters.
We will check your characters out, but when the ooc comes up, please refrain from posting WIP. While it does help for us to look it over, we don't want to congest it at least. If you want to talk WIP over then, shoot us all a pm, we'll do fine there.

I have at least two other character ideas to fit the niche of the robot and myth standpoint (actually 3 if you consider a human - but I most likely wont use them all.

Character idea wise I have ideas a few examples:

This is for a possible heroic Mecha Robot Warrior:

An intelligent alien velociraptor loose from containment:

And a future time-traveling human who was sent to stop something or idk:

Again, these are all ideas. I'd at least use two more and nothing more.

@Lmpkio Calis looks pretty neat so far! My one quibble is that his weakness feels like more of a character flaw, and while what you have there is perfectly acceptable, in the weaknesses section we are specifically looking for weaknesses as a fighter. If it helps, try explaining what an enemy fighter would need to do to beat your guy.

Keep it up though, I'm hype to see the whole thing. ^^

Ah yes. I have a few ideas for that.

And glad you like him so far! :D
I really like your character, and you are a much better writer than I am xD

Glad you like him! But there's always room for improvement - even I have things I should be working on.
This profile is still a WIP, but I just wanted to see how you guys feel about him before I continue on in finishing him. I just need his backstory, in which I may add some Other stuff to him.

(Basically done)

@Lmpkio To be fair I cheated, I had access to the code from the original thread. :P

Still a better way to access it tbh lol
@KaiserElectric (Yeah thats muuuuch better then what I did lol)

No no, I have a much better question...

Why so rude?

(And no KoL it wont be four pages long whatever Im doing)

(Shaved some things off to be more NPC like)
I know I just hopped on in, but just because Im so excited for this RP (this looks REALLY cool) I have created an empty template based from what Savo and Kaiser have for everyone to use! Just put this through the RAW button, copy and paste, and get started!

(Template can be altered I guess... also dont mind how glitched it is, trust me once you fill the necessary sections it should be fine)


Age || Nationality || Gender

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■ (Move Name)
Copy And Paste


■ (Move Name
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