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6 hrs ago
Currently feeling like I may possibly take on another RP under my belt - meaning I'll be in two. I think I can manage that - which depends on what RP I find interesting.
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3 days ago
Welp, Happy Birthday to me, I guess... For I've ascended into my 20s.
5 days ago
Dunno when/if I will enter another one again, but first I need to concentrate with myself and regather my bearings before committing again. Think of this as a "semi-break" if you will.
5 days ago
BTW, just a default reminder - I am on a RP hibernation (being only in 1 RP as opposed to being in several). Said this a month ago but I felt like I couldn't keep up with those I previously was in.
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5 days ago
@Omega Man - Shit, that sucks. So damn sorry for your loss man. :( Really hope you feel better
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And posted! I'm taking this fight a little slower to allow for those involve to act or try to do something.

"When Legends Collide"

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@13org, @AzureKnight, @Restalaan,

With the smoke continuing to swirl around the unsung members, it may have seemed as if in that moment the titans were gone. One moment they were fighting in the flesh with raw destructive potential, and then the next they vanish into the smoke as if these ancient beings had never existed at all. However, these heroes wouldn't have to wonder much more as a semi-morphed Rodie burst through the silent cloud with a ravenous fury.

"*CREEEEEEEAWWWWWWW!*" the titan screeched at the top of her lungs as she lunged at her foe.

Her body was already beginning to slowly morph her body into her titan form. Her arms had transformed into fully functional wings, having a dark crimson hue and oozing with magmatic aura, while her feet had turned into monstrous jet-black talons that extended outwards. She was rushing into attack position, readying herself to grapple onto her foe's flesh. Within a matter of seconds, Rodie seemed to have found herself grappling onto her opponent, feeling her talons sink into something meaty, however she couldn't see her opponent within the thick blanket of smoke. She was quick to note that her talons had trouble digging into whatever they gripped onto and tried as she might, they wouldn't drive further then a few inches.

That's when she finally saw what she was perched onto... a massive scaly charcoal-black arm. Then it was followed by the unmistakable raising hum. Rodie's eyes widened as she witnessed a bright blue flare pulsating through the fog not more then a few feet away.

"Shit..." Rodie muttered lowly, realizing what fate lied in store for her.

However, the blue light would never reach her face. Instead, she felt a powerful explosive force smack the right side of her face, catching her completely off-guard. Titanica's powerful "atomic punch" met her mark, unintentionally launching Rodie straight towards the guild members, who'd have to act quickly in order to dodge the flaming hot mess that barreled towards them. At the same time, the heroes could see a semi-changed Titanica emerge from the fog - looking eerily similar to the time where she threatened Bart two days prior.

@13org No worries, just wanted to be sure. I'll have a post out this weekend.

Oh, gotcha. I'll touch that up when I get a chance.

This might also apply to you @13org as well I believe.
Btw @AzureKnight, the battleground would still be covered in the thick smoke as they arrived. Just letting you know.
Still waiting on @AzureKnight and @13org to post before I can continue.
Anyone available to post soon? (minus those who mentioned their difficulties?)
Annnd posted! Clearly there's gonna be more to this battle, but nonetheless be on your toes.

"When Legends Collide"

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@13org, @AzureKnight, @PaulHaynek, @Restalaan,

As the guild volunteers tried following the conflict as fast as they could, they could hear the roars of battle echoing in the distance...



Fist and heel collide as a powerful shockwave rocked the entire forest with their extraordinary might. The leaves rustled violently in the wind, with the resident creatures hastily fleeing the scene with their lives. Everyone could feel the brutal force of the ancient rivalry at work, one the world had not felt in countless millennia. Titanica fiery glared towards her winged adversary, who's heeled foot had collided with her front knuckles. Rodie quickly retracted her left foot before spinning around and utilizing her other foot to kick her face in. Titanica ducked, narrowly missing it, before swinging her own weight around and whacking her tail straight into Rodie's side.

The flying titan cried out in shock as she was tossed from the thick woods and into a large clearing surrounded by trees. Skidding onto her feet, Rodie cockily glanced at Titanica who emerged from the forest with fiery rage steaming from her eye sockets. Even facing in such grave circumstances, the flier simply chuckled and wiped away the spit off her mouth.

"Hngh," she growled in a playfully mischievous manner, "Not bad for someone having been asleep for a few thousand years. Still, yer' quite rustyyyyy!"

Suddenly a flash of blue erupted from the saurian titan's maw as Titanica unleashed a blast of her atomic breath. Late to dodge, Rodie's rose her arms to defend her face, as the beam collided with her. It pushed the winged titan back, however as the dust settled, it became clear that her arms had changed into something more. Her arms were no longer like those of a human's, and her flame-engrained flaps were no more. No. Her arms had transformed into fully shaped wings, dark reddish-obsidian in color that steamed from the cracks and pores. Her wings were like those of ancient pterosaurs of old, only coated in hardened lava and much sturdier looking. Rodie's grin intensified as she released a childish uproar.

"Hahahaha!" the winged beast cried out in laughter, "Is that really the best you got?! You're not the only one who can bring in the heat ya know!"

The fiery woman quickly lowered her form, crouching as she kept her balance, before launching herself towards Titanica with a powerful burst of power. As she accelerated, she too began to issue flames from her mouth - this time a more traditional fiery-orange aura - as she prepared to fire. Within mere seconds she closed the space between them and slammed into the grounded Titan with her head. Titanica prepared to retaliate by going in to grab Rodie's back, but the speedy flier was just a bit faster. She unleashed her fiery beam, causing a massive explosion upon impact with her opponent's skin as she back-flipped out of the impact.

The explosion cloud could be seen by the heroes - unleashing a volley of smoke and debris throughout the forest - as they made their way to the battlefield. Once they reached their destination, they could feel a strange eeriness that blanketed the area. Not a movement could be seen, for the air was still as could be. What's more, they've seemed to loose sight of Morgan.

Where could she be?

In this case, as everyone seems to have made their decisions, I'll go ahead with my post soon (save for BK although he can join which ever - like if he wants to join the Titan Mission, by all means he can)
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