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Current Been getting a little R&R from posting for a bit. Will get back into it by tomorrow.
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I fucking hate Zoom...
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8 days ago
@Ladypug - You'll still be smelling burnt trees and charred animals tho
10 days ago
I sooooo wish for the switch version of DOOM Eternal to be released on launch day, but nooooo it has to be an after thought. I dont wanna wait and watch a walkthrough instead!
14 days ago
Pies are overrated - cakes are better. Change my mind, (you won't).
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I've roughly finished filling out Haagenti's temp profile. I may add more units or characters provided that I can think up of anything else, but he's otherwise "done".
Still a WIP, but this is something I have so far for Haagenti.

@Dead Cruiser I suppose you can also make NPC profiles for our demon's generals, units, or any other characters/things of interest right? Just to enrich the experience and all?

(BTW, when can we expect a CS sheet?)
@Dead Cruiser Then I shall pick President Haagenti instead of the Great Duke Astaroth - I think he'll fit more of what I have in mind.
@Dead Cruiser Fair enough.

Also in the addition of Astaroth, I might even pick President Haagenti as a second demon to play. If so, I might make a demonic minotaur race that would serve him (perhaps alongside animal/creature-based demons too)...

And if he gains enough tech from the humans, he might create those cyberdemon tyrants too...

Edit: Hover over "Haagenti" and you will find that I added another pic of how he could look like - one probably more accurate to the real thing.
Btw does Behemoth have a role in this RP by any chance? Just wondering...
@Dead Cruiser Oh that looks cool! Definitely seems to take more inspiration from the ACTUAL demon itself - with the three heads and all - still, I hope mine will suffice.

@Cleverbird Damn right they are - it's also another favorite of mine~

Two other favorites are "Hell On Earth" which is the theme of the first level:

But one of my other personal favorites is the Final Boss theme because its just metal AF (Spoilers ahead):

@Lmpkio I can actually supply art if needed, I have an illustrated copy of Ars Goetia that I consider to be on-point for this RP's aesthetics.

I'm not going to have specific demands for your demons, only understand that your characters were most likely originally Old Testament angels, and so your characters' appearances may be somewhat, abstract.

An Ars Goetia illustrated copy you say? Well, you certainly are prepared in that front!

Regardless, I think I found a suitable pic for Astaroth and will begin a profile as soon as the sheet is up. Although Im curious about the pictures in your possession - do the demons look like this or something else?
I have played just enough Doom Eternal to read all of this with heavy metal in my head, count me interested.

Which theme is your favorite?
I might be picking duke Astaroth, but still looking for a proper picture for him - although I believe I found one for his mount.

Being as they are metaphysical, can you give us a general concept on how our demons should look like? More human, more monstrous, somewhere in between, or whatever we want?
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