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6 hrs ago… - Nope, looks like Monster Hunter: Witcher 3 so far. Can't wait for the expansion though!
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6 hrs ago… - So Monster Hunter: Elder Scrolls?
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Here's one everyone should know - if you are a LOL fan anyways. -*breathes in*- You know who it is - Coming 'round again - You want a dose of this - Right now It's K/DA, uh!


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Also, considering this heavily focuses on indie comic characters, there is one character I would like to add in. Now, he's technically from a certain tokusatsu series - but this version of him comes from a manga several years ago that has recently been announced to make it into a TV series/movie. While I know you guys usually don't accept Manga characters (save for Sailor Moon) I can easily modify this character to fit within this sort of realm.

And who am I talking about?

Also regarding the Big G himself, I also would like to introduce Dr. Serizawa from the recent Monsterverse series (he's also been in the Godzilla 2014 prequel comic Godzilla: Awakening - and presumably the upcoming Godzilla: Aftershock comic - so he technically counts)

Edit: Last question - which incarnation of Godzilla are we using/what he looks like? The original 1954/Showa era? IDW's incarnations like those in either: Rulers Of Earth? The Half-Century War? Cataclysm? Gangsters and Golliaths? Or even Legendary Godzilla based off said comics I mentioned?

I have been summoned.

And my god why haven't I seen this earlier. (I'll tell you why, there's another kaiju RP that recently caught my attention, but here looks to be like there's more people)

Can you play as a monster in this RP? Because if so I'm ALLLLLL in!
Ima just leave this here:

@A Lowly Wretch - The Spire | @Legion02 - Arch-Dragons | @Duoya - Hayim (In Presense)

As the swarm of ice dragons began to engage the Arch-Dragons and their forces, they'd bear witness to an angry Lira bellowing towards them.

“Three heads yet no brains at all! Do you not see we have a common enemy here? Do you not see the power that will strangle all of us?”

Thunder would soon began to rumble followed by streaks of lighting that rippled through the clouds above. Even a few would begin striking towards her direction, almost as if they were attempting to put her in her place. The Weather God knew all too well of what's happening, but within the midst of their bitter rivals flying in front of them, they wouldn't hesitate to eliminate them for their own pleasure and satisfaction.

“I propose a truce, hydra god! Wherever you hide! A truce for as long as this green monstrosity remains. So that we may destroy it and the hold it keeps on the land.”

The lighting storm would begin to cease its fire upon the female arch dragon before moving to assault the spire once again. However, that didn't just mean the three serpents were going to accept this proposal just yet. Slithering down from the heavens, the three long bodies of golden began to descend upon her, their cackles echoing through the storm. They would then encapsulate her within a make-shift ball, circling around Lira in a fury of glowing light as they finally began to speak.

"A truce you say?" Rós hissed cautiously, "Such bold words... yet spoken at a worse possible time. We've seen what the spire can do. Your flames and our flames - your physical forms, and our physical forms - everything that remains within will be assimilated into its ever growing form. Even when you damage it, it'll only regrow larger and stronger than ever before."


"Silence! Both of you!" Dra barks in annoyance to his bumbling idiot-heads before speaking to Lira, "Enemies we may be, yet, as you've said ,we face a common enemy. Perhaps on our lonesome we are powerless against it - and even if it's not the case, the fate of this realm is at stake. Know this, Pawn of Ragnagedon. Despite the hostilities between us, we will aid against the spire on behalf of your wish. But once this is over, business shall be as usual. This warning will not be repeated."

With that, the serpents broke up the swirling ball as they screeched for their units to mobilize with the enemy for one last hurrah against the spire. They'd either bring it down together or die trying...

@Dealdric - Dirka

"No! I was hoping to ask how do you control your angels so well so I can teach when and where to open his infernal mouth."

Hyperion eyed the mad magician curiously as he shifted his weight.

"They are of my blood." he answered with indifference in his voice, "From my blood, I have given them new life as units of Terratora. Fierce discipline and training, have kept them in line for centuries. And their code of honor prevents them from leaving forth my side, less' they risk vowing treason."

Of course, he couldn't finish without cringing to himself about a particular angel having recently betrayed his honor to devilry and attempting to lure others to his cause. Thankfully, the black void of his helmet prevented his real feelings from public view, but dare he does not reveal weakness to such a madwoman. Of course, most angels still call to him upon his beck and call, but the traitors were something he'd have to deal with himself and himself alone.

Nevertheless, Hyperion continued to listen to Dirka's pleads for help. According to her, the demigod had been cursed out of it's magic by Anu, and her master had been asking everyone else for help, but they refused due to certain circumstances. The armored god couldn't help but to feel pity for the mad magician, even as she attempts to make herself look the sanest he has ever seen her.


Another long pause deafened the throne room.

"Very well." the Light God confirmed, "I shall help you~"

He'd then lean towards the Mad Magician after remembering something she said.

"But under ONE condition." Hyperion mutters, "I want to utilize part of that holy magic of yours. There is something that will benefit... greatly from it. Give me said usage of this power and I will help you tame this creation of yours. Do we have a deal?"

Btw, Nerplaguis is currently open after the whole Jimbo incident. If anyone else wants to interact with him, by all means go ahead!
Here's another kaiju I whipped up - this one being a rather sinister one if I may say so myself.

Quick post for Hyperion done.

@Dealdric - Dirka

The god of light was silent for a moment, thinking upon these implications.

"A demigod?" Hyperion asked with blunt curiosity before sighing, "Why am I not surprised..."

He was already getting a headache just from listening to all this information. And now with a mortal being having been granted divinity - for some reason - it's already going from bad to worse. He'd definitely yell at Dirka for this insolence, but he already knew that he simply can't control the Mad Magician. He'd shift his weight to the other side of his seat as he leans in towards her.

"And where do I fit in this, Dirka?" Hyperion asked reluctantly, "If I had to guess, I suppose you want me to eliminate it, yes?"
@Lord Zee I will get a post today - or until @Legion02 does.
I'm seeing a lot of these Lovecraftian "demi-god" based kaiju. That's cool and all...

But am I literally the only one that's creating traditional-based kaiju in this RP currently?
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