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In ArcRift 3 yrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Name: Delsin Rowe (Good end)

Age: 24

Gender: Male


Main Thread or Sandbox: Sandbox

Starting location: Wandering the streets of Metropolis for fun.

Personality: Delson is a person who believes in doing acts for the good of all involved rather then just the good for himself. Whether it's thinking that the person he hates most should just be exposed and thrown into prison, or that someone who's misguided just needs a push in the right direction to get better. With this comes a bit too much of an ability to trust, making him feel betrayed but also enraged at the fact someone would take his chance at help and just throw it into his face, but even then he tries to keep up some sort of kindness. He is a figure of both conduits and normal people that shows the two can coexist, acting as a hero to both and helping solve both sides' problems. As well he cares about those he thinks of close enough to call his tribe, especially those he decides to take under his wing to help them better themselves and their actions to others. This also makes it harder for him to try and let them go when they decide they can't continue or keep going, being a bit stubborn in that regard.

Equipment: Chain

A simple chain delson has wrapped around his arm, he uses it as a sort of focus for using his powers in melee

Smoke manipulation:

Delson starts his arsenal with his smoke manipulation, he's able to use it to hover, dash, and even shoot out smoke. His primary uses for this ability is using air vents to either lift himself into the air, or go through them to sneak his way into buildings. He can shoot both condensed smoke and as well charge it up to shoot out a shotgun burst of it. He can also make use of it to throw smoke grenades that block the sight of those caught in the blast, letting him easily move up and take them down peacefully, the smoke holding them down. Finally, when he has enough energy stored, he can use it to fly into the air, dropping down and causing a giant smoke explosion that more so disorients and locks down all enemies.

Neon manipulation:

Able to do the same and more as with smoke, the differences here being his dash allows him to take on a neon form for as long as he wants, allowing him to run up buildings and at enemies to quickly throw them off balance and knock them unconscious. As well with Neon time seems to slow down for delsin when he takes aim, letting him aim at weak points on enemies to quickly pin them to the ground or deal with them quicker. By gathering energy for his super attack, neon seems to distort the area around him as his enemies float in the air, unable to resist as he then shoots balls of neon rapidly in the area in front of him, surrounding and wrapping them in neon as they then fall to the ground, unable to move.

Video Manipulation:

Delsin can drain this power from television monitors to computer screens on satellite dishes. When using Video, Delsin can shoot out a stream of pixelated projectiles in a rapid-fire motion. Also gaining the ability to transform himself into faint pixels, becoming invisible to enemies for a certain time period. When using melee attacks, Delsin doesn't seem to use his chain. Instead, depending on his karma, he creates a digital sword to hack and slash. Furthermore, when dashing he can create wings for himself to fly over obstacles and directly up walls. Dashing into satellite dishes will cause him to launch higher up in the air. Delsin can also mark and summon three Bloodthirsty Blades. When the blades are summoned, they then seek out the target that has been marked. With Video power active, Delsin can use his special Video Karma Bomb called Hellfire Swarm: in which he summons both angels and demons, from the game Heaven's Hellfire, to swoop down and carpet bombing enemies. When over, the Karma Bomb will subdue.

Concrete manipulation:

Delsin can drain this power from any loose pieces of concrete. What also makes concrete separate itself from the other powers is that while using it, Delsin automatically takes less damage from enemy fire. While using the power he can shoot out shrapnel of concrete in a burst fire manner. Delsin can also fire off slabs of concrete. Like Video, Delsin doesn't seem to use the chain either when using concrete. Instead, Delsin smashes his hand on the ground, creating a miniature tremor that knocks enemies back. When dashing Delsin is covered in concrete wearing it like armor, making himself a living boulder. Delsin can also travel around using concrete thrusters, where stones are surrounded under him. Every time the thrusters are used, they initially lift him higher in the air, causing him to glide even farther. He can also use a miniature boost to push himself into the air which leaves no trace of damage from the launching point. When used while climbing a building Delsin will simply Launch himself vertically up it.

Superhuman Strength: Like all Major Conduits, Delsin possesses greater physical strength than a normal human. An example sees Delsin effortlessly pulls his brother's arm off of Abigail Walker, to the point where Reggie shows physical pain. He has also displayed being able to send others flying several feet through the air with his kicks, was also able to effortlessly pull a chainlink door off a cage.

Superhuman Agility: Delsin also possesses incredible agility and grace, allowing him effortlessly scale buildings, and land on his feet from several stories. He has also shown to be able to easily balance himself on any surface, no matter how narrow, and run across it as though it was a large strip of road.

Superhuman Stamina: Like other Conduits, Delsin is able to exert himself for far longer periods of time. He is seemingly able to run for an endless period of time, and is able to scale buildings without any hindrances or exhaustion. Despite this, Delsin is still capable of tiring, as it seems using his primary conduit(power absorption) can cause him, and whomever he uses it on to pass out.

Superhuman Durability: Delsin is far more resilient and enduring than a normal human being, he is able to fall from almost any height and land unharmed. He has also been shown to be able to withstand numerous gunshots while showing only slight discomfort.

Accelerated Healing Factor: Delsin has shown to be able to rapidly recover from sustained wounds and injuries. Throughout the game Delsin is shown to be able recover from any form of harm he receives, so long as the damage isn't fatal, and he is not harmed again before he has a chance to recover.

Parkour Skills: Delsin is physically able to climb up any kind of buildings, having the same free running and parkour abilities as Cole. He is described as not being a very experienced climber, but if he sees something he can climb, there's nothing stopping him from trying. Sucker Punch co-founder Chris Zimmerman has gone on record saying that Delsin can parkour two times faster than Cole.

Spray Paint Skills: Throughout the progression of the game, Delsin has shown to be a competent spray painter. He paints on various walls and surfaces to mark his presence within Seattle and drive out the D.U.P. In the Good Karma ending, he completely paints over the billboard of Reggie that he vandalized at the beginning of the game as a memorial to Reggie, complete with a portrait of the two brothers together.

Delsin's power absorption does come with a few drawbacks:

Firstly, when he acquires a new power, he is unable to switch to his other powers until he develops his proficiency with said new power.
After absorbing an ability from another conduit, Delsin is temporarily knocked unconscious due to the amount of stress and strain it puts on Delsin.

Delsin cannot switch powers on a whim; he must switch powers by absorbing energy from a different power source. For example, if Delsin currently has Smoke but wants to use Neon, he must absorb Neon to replace it.

For this same reason, he can't use multiple powers at once.

Other: A loading screen tip indicates that Delsin only uses environmentally friendly paint in his artwork.
In ArcRift 3 yrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Upon exiting the building and seeing a crazy guy with a jetpack, the fire being shot down to the ground had date quickly diving for cover. After he flew up, he watched as all the others tried to attack the madman, some even jumping at him to try and physically attack him. Between the times that there wasn't anybody on him, Date fired shots from his evolver at firefly, being careful as to watch if the flying bastards attention went back down to the ground team.

interacting: @Thatguyinastore
In ArcRift 3 yrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

He listened to combustible as he talked about how Lex and Superman didn't have a good history before the hero went crazy, which had him thinking. That would mean this would fall perfectly for a reason for Lex to get rid of the used-to-be hero...maybe he had something to do with Superman losing it and then him pulling these people from their homes to fight and finally get rid of him. He ignored combustible's question back to him as he noted the other things he said, how he mostly the only thing he did know was he was brought here for management skills, and when he refused he was locked in the closet. As well it seems it's only been around two weeks that superman lost it and started to turn into a villain, but with ultron's info he also seemed to have been missing for a few weeks? It was all set up in a way that worked perfectly for Lex. He turned to the elevator to look at the young girl as she threw her...odd question out, making him a bit confused but he turned back to combustible and decided to ignore her. When combustible had made mention that lex was being stopped by superman, he realized it had to be true that this was the perfect chance for lex to have superman out of the picture, and as a supposed hero called villain himself, he didn't completely like the idea of having someone else experience it, crazy or not. Then, as combustible was about to give some people that could help them.

Hearing the laughter he quickly went for the morning star and his sword, keeping his balance as he watched some flying madman appear through the hole in the top floor as he grabbed combustible too quickly for him to react, then he flew out near the building but under their floor. Others who had much better-ranged options then himself were already attacking the madman, he himself grabbing some throwing knives and tossing them at the flying man. However, the man seemed to deal with the attacks mostly, as well he threw something into the building itself, shit. He was quick to move like Ciri, dashing out the hole as the bombs blew behind him. Quickly he threw his morning star out so it would wrap around the flying man. He used the momentum to swing himself upwards, close enough to grab the flying maniac, throwing a punch right to his face.

Interacting: @Thatguyinastore
In ArcRift 3 yrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Location: Gotham National Bank

Ky had found himself in this odd city for not that long, a week at most, maybe more when he was unconsciously brought to this odd world with black tech everywhere. But there was one thing he was sure of, and while he wasn't officially an officer here, he still believed in bringing justice to those that needed to be reminded of it. So hearing the bank had been attacked, the young man approached the cops with a wave. "Hello there officers. I know this may be a bit out of nowhere but, I'd like to help with the situation." A determined look came on the young prince as he looked to the bank, noticing after a bit that the advancing force was having trouble dealing with the creatures. Drawing his sword, he took a deep breath, then sprinted towards the beasts, the blade in his hand seeming to be charged with electricity as he protected the surviving officers from the onslaught of beasts.
In ArcRift 3 yrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Name: Ky Kiske

Age: 30

Gender: Male


Main Thread or Sandbox: Sandbox

Starting Location: Gotham city, wandering the streets for crime.

Personality: Ky is a religious man, the adjective describing both his devotion to God, as well as his commitment to the ideals of justice, order, and honor. Of a straightforward and serious personality, Ky is kind-hearted, charismatic, honest, diligent, polite, and believes in fair play. He is also chivalrous, being known to hold back against female opponents, and is utterly dedicated to protecting the weak. On the other hand, Ky can be notoriously inflexible and is easily disgusted by those who disturb the peace, having a complex about freedom even if he doesn't realize it. He is also a "hot-blooded fool", prone to taking rash actions when angered. He has the determination to live life according to what he believes in. His dogged pursuit for justice and fairness has upset more than a few in power, as he is willing to confront his superiors if he believes them to be corrupt.[25] Ky himself knows that his idealistic dreams can never come true, but he will try regardless.

Equipment: Thunderseal

His weapon of choice is the Thunderseal, an instrument that concentrates and amplifies lightning magic, but requires tremendous physical and mental stamina to be wielded.

Attributes:He has enhanced strength and as well can quickly heal wounds at will. As well he's a talented swordsman and uses Lightning magic primarily which is the most difficult magic to learn, making him an experienced spellcaster and as well allows him to wield the thunderseal sword because of his strength and as well ability to use lightning magic. While he was raised in an order where fighting to win was the most important thing, he holds honor and fairness more important than fighting at his full strength, however he will go all out if it's to protect those from monsters or creatures that can't be reasoned with and as well is a very skillful fighter. As well, he has a special ability called dragon install which allows him to boost up his strength, speed, regeneration and magic power.

Biography: Born circa 2157, Ky lost his mother to the Crusades at a young age. Half a year later after her death, during a Gear attack Ky decided he would no longer run and told Commander Kliff Undersn of the Sacred Order of Holy Knights that he wanted to join. As Ky had no fighting skills, Kliff told the young Ky to survive for five years and to come back then if he really wanted to fight. Ky did as ordered, but he officially joined the Order in 2167 at age 10. By age 15, Ky was recognized as a "prodigy swordsman". He became a source of inspiration to other knights, such as Leo Whitefang, and often challenged his comrades to duels to hone skills together.

Around 2172, Ky was made a battalion captain, with Sol Badguy assigned under his command. One day, Ky challenged Sol to a duel; aware of Ky's battlefield prowess, Sol was prepared to go all out, but Ky fought Sol fairly—thinking he was human—and lost. However, Sol interpreted it as Ky not taking him "seriously". In turn, Sol's personality and usual disregard for Ky's orders led to a growing tension between the two.

In 2173, sometime after the Battle of Rome, Ky caught Sol during the act of stealing the Fireseal, but Sol defeated him once again and got away. Ky was to follow suit, but Kliff stopped him, leaving Ky with a score to settle. Entrusting the future to both Sol and Ky, Kliff decided to retire and Ky, aged 16, was given leadership of the Order. As a symbol of his new status, Ky was granted the Thunderseal by Kliff, in acknowledgement of his numerous heroic feats in service to the Order and to humanity as a whole.

In 2175, Kliff challenged Justice to one last battle, and Ky stepped in to save him, pushing Justice to retreat. Ky pursued her trail only to find her weakened amidst flames (Sol's work). Ky then ordered all support units to engage and seal Justice in a dimensional prison—thus bringing the war to an end. The Order was soon dissolved, but Ky continued his life of public service by entering the International Police Force, where he was promoted to the rank of captain.

Other: According to Answer's System Voice, Ky's approval rating is at 92% as the founding king.
In ArcRift 3 yrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Trevor stood and listened to the questions asked to the...man. As well, his name. He then listened as the man called himself Mister Combustible, as well about this firefly person and how they had wanted the light bulb to hurt people too which he said no. Well then, a thug with a conscious...Trevor could respect that, hell he could even agree with that kind of thinking. However, before anyone else could ask the man another question, Trevor would step up with a finger raised "I may not be much of a person who asks a lot of questions in this way, but this has been bugging me a bit, so if I may ask, what do you know of Lex Luthor?" He looked to the lightbulb man, the thought was bugging him since he also didn't want to work for someone who was throwing them out conveniently to do something for their own purposes rather than for the good of most.

Interacting with Combustible @XeroUltra @TheElenaFisher @Crow @KageBaka @FactionGuerilla @QizPizza @Yamperzzz @Thatguyinastore @ClownTown @SomeMekBoy @Lazaro1505 @BoltBeam
In ArcRift 3 yrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Date watched as the weird plug man turned back into a boy, a bit shocked but berit's transformation was a lot more jarring, and he was getting over all this weird shit. With a nod of agreement to Tess. However, at the door being locked he frowned as he looked towards it trying to figure a way to open it, maybe the hatter had a key on him or something? But then, the boy transformed into some weird crystal guy and his finger turned into a key, oh look, how convenient. As well, the man in the helmet and tight outfit broke the door open too, which only had Date with a look of confusion, but whatever, the door was very open now. As he was going to follow Joel out the door, he turned to the noise that was being caused near the mad hatter. Date couldn't believe it as parts of his body exploded, the body unmoving as it just seemed to be wiped completely clean from all the explosions. Date couldn't even say much, just only as much as a "...Yeah, that's a bit much" He stared at where the hatter was, before shaking his head he agreed with ben and lilith. "Yeah, we should get moving, people to save and stuff." He would quickly walk out the door as to go off and find more people that needed helping in the burning building.

Interacting: Basically all of hatter gang. @Attesa @KageBaka @Thatguyinastore @Second2Last @TheElenaFisher @Starmaker @Paper94 @Crow @davefromdiscord @Midle1998
In ArcRift 3 yrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Location: Behind trashcans in an alleyway in Gotham.
Condition: Well, more confused then scared now?

Suddenly, he started to hear voices, wait was this alley not as empty as he thought? He quickly wiped his tears away while trying to catch his breath as he peeked out from behind the trash cans he found as a hiding spot. He noticed...a weird tall lanky guy with a bag on his head, some pink-haired dude seemed to be shouting about being a villain or something, there was some superhero chick decked out in her costume (woah, that's kinda cool...) and then some lady that seemed to have...horns? What the heck was going on here? He carefully reached for his slicer (actually just a sharp bat) As he watched the interaction among the weird collection of people.

(Watching the others @cadesmith@Pixxieblush@Thatguyinastore@EdyFum0)
In ArcRift 3 yrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

He watched as then, the fox guy ran up and decked him in the face too, Date giving out a bit of a chuckle as the hit landed, then he held his head as the world seemed to flash in front of him. Upon being able to see again, he looked around to a broken dining room, everything was a mess and the hatter was unconscious on the ground. He looked over to Joel as he spoke up about leaving. Date slowly nodded "Yeah...glad to be out of that crazy place" he followed behind Joel, letting out a breath of relief. He turned to Lilith and nodded with Shantae "Yeah, this wasn't anybodies fault. Well, aside from the guy who actually drank the tea, but even then he didn't really know the mistake he was making. Just be happy we're all out of it safely."

Interacting with Joel sorta and lilith
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In ArcRift 3 yrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

He calmed his breathing enough as he looked to the group in time to notice the man with a...what the hell was that? Either way, he seemed to charge at the one who shot lightning from himself back in the room. He watched as another stopped the swing by grabbing his arm, as the man then started to shout at him! Trevor watched in confusion as the 'man' asked for his arm to be let go. The tall metal person spoke about someone named Garfield (must be something foreign) of which he also mentioned how Superman was actually missing for a while, which he had to agree sounded a bit odd considering their arrival was explained as for dealing with the man. Otto then started questioning the lightbulb man, to which he responded and had said he could talk about Firefly. Trevor moved over with Ciri and Otto, placing his weapons back on his belt and crossing his arms as he looked to the lightbulb, guess his kind of 'questioning' wasn't going to be needed here.

Interacting: None really, just moving closer to lightbulb head

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