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Post characters HERE!

The multiverse is a vast collection of timelines and universes. Each one different, yet sometimes so alike.

I once believed my eyes could see into each and every dark corner of the multiverse. But I failed to think of the possibility that there was more beyond the confines of the multiverse. That this multiverse, expansive as it is, was not the only multiverse to exist.

Listen closely. The world you now reside in is not your own. You will soon realize that. It is under siege by forces beyond any of this realms' inhabitants can fathom. There are heroes here with similar abilities to yours. But they alone will not be enough. Even those I once assembled to save this multiverse cannot stop what is coming. Though I don't know exactly what you are, you are our only hope of saving all of existence. Because what evil is lurking- once it destroys this reality- it will come for yours next.

Many inhabitants of the omniverse are invading this world, through their own will or otherwise, much like you. You are the only few I managed to intercept. I cannot track all of these converging rivers woven from the fabric of time and space. I am... unfamiliar with their structures. Please forgive me. I understand this is all so very sudden. I wish I could interfere myself, but a force I cannot identify is preventing me. Please- for this universes' sake, and for yours, defend this planet you are soon to arrive on.

The fate of all existence rests within your hands.


Hello, and welcome to Omniversal Collision, a crossover RP with the Marvel Cinematic Universe as its foundation! Here, you will play as any character you like, whether they be a canon character from a series you like to an original character of your own creation, in an Earth ravaged by the merging of multiple universes. Occurring shortly after the events of Spider-Man: No Way Home and Dr. Strange's botched memory spell, you will be thrust into New York City, where beings from around the omniverse, equally as confused as you, meet with the denizens of this strange new planet.

Yet something else lurks within the depths of space, unseen by any civilization in the cosmos. A powerful, evil force- perhaps even multiple- converges upon the many worlds of this universe, seeking to absorb the powerful artifacts that they contain. Should it be allowed to combine itself with the powers that pervade this universe, it will become unstoppable- and it will find your universes next. Guided by The Watcher, an entity that oversees this world you have been forced into, along with the many heroes that exist here, you must find a way to stop the force that threatens your very existence.

This roleplay will be a somewhat linear, casual roleplaying experience, with major story beats that will be influenced by player choices and interactions. It will start with everyone within one group going on assigned quests, though players can create their own miniature groups to tackle different tasks or even go off on their own to forge their own path. Whatever you choose, expect that each individual player will be given the chance to influence the story in their own ways, whether you might be with the largest group in the roleplay or have decided to go off on your own. No matter your decision, all players will be the main characters of their own story, so don't be afraid to discuss different possibilities with me if you'd like to do your own thing!

This roleplay does not require any prior knowledge of the MCU! Despite being based within its story with much additional inspiration from other media, all information that you should have on it will be answered within the roleplay, so all that's needed is a willingness to join a crossover and a character sheet! Remember: as this is a crossover, any character can get involved, so long as the rules of the roleplay are maintained!

Oh, and one more thing: all roleplaying skill levels are welcome!


1. Remember basic roleplaying courtesy! Godmodding, powerplaying and metagaming is not allowed, and if you end up wanting to kill someone else's character, make sure you have permission from their RPer as well.
2. Keep things within a PG-13 rating. This roleplay aims to be accessible to everyone. Some blood is fine. Do not go overboard with it, please! 18+ content is not to be allowed under any circumstance. If you're having second thoughts about posting something, contact me through OOC or PMs about the details and I will happily tell you whether or not you can post it. As a general rule of thumb, though, if you think it's not allowed by Roleplayer Guild, it's definitely not allowed here.
3. The current limit on characters is two characters per player! This may be extended as we dive further into the story.
4. Be respectful to everyone! Making sure every roleplayer is having fun is the first priority here. If you're having issues or worries about someone else, come talk to me in PMs!
5. If your character is a little too strong, I will have to ask you to nerf them or limit their abilities in some way! I will still allow powerful characters, so long as you nerf them accordingly and remain fair to other players.
6. Rules are liable to change. I'm still fairly inexperienced when it comes to running large-scale forum roleplays, so expect frequent updates to the rules as well as the thread as things continue!
7. Have fun!


Appearance: Pictures and descriptions alike are a-okay!

Name: We've all got one, don't be shy. Feel free to include nicknames here, too.

Age: In years old!

Origin: What media are they from? If they're an OC, simply say OC! Include the media that they're based off of, if you have one (a Marvel OC, for example).

Personality: What's your character like? I'm sure they're amazing!

Powers/Abilities: What kind of awesome superpowers do they have? Feel free to include any skills they've got here, too, superhuman or not. Heck, throw in the fact that they're a Soundcloud artist here too, why not?

Equipment: What items do they keep on them? What's their weapon loadout?

Bio: Backstory! Doesn't need to be long, I know how painful it is to write this. If you want, you can even include a wiki link- or copy and paste from it instead!

Other Info: What else should I know about that doesn't fit the rest of these categories?


Information here will be updated as the RP goes on.

Character List
None yet!

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Grey and Eric

"...wow. Neat tech," Grey remarks as he steps inside the cockpit and leans on one of the chairs that may or may not be there. "So, Mister Luthor, about Superman..." The fox's ear twitches as he takes off his visor. "Why'd he kill the crazy flying guy? I thought everyone committing organized crime and grand arson would be in it together. And that Mad Hatter, too- why was he there? I didn't think Superman would be the type to use cronies."

Eric, on the other hand, has less serious matters to attend to. Smiling back, he raises his tail and makes an L with the forked ends, all the while saluting to Negan and mouthing 'hold this.'

In ArcRift 2 yrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Grey and Eric

Grey wasted no time hopping in the jet. Once on board, he proceeds to the front, head still spinning over all the events that have transpired thus far, which all culminated in the confirmation that yes, Superman just killed a guy in front of them all. Granted, Firefly was incredibly dangerous...

The fox, if allowed, proceeds into the cockpit. He brushes off his jacket a little, since it had gotten a bit dirtied from the soot of the fires and explosions he'd been running through for the past fifteen minutes or so. There, he stands at the doorway, looking around for the pilot.

Meanwhile, Eric uses Psychic to fly alongside the jet as instructed. He peers through the windows and knocks. "Nice night out here, guys!"

In ArcRift 2 yrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Grey featuring Eric

Well, clearly, things've gone from bad to worse out here. Clearly Lex either lied or didn't get the full story. Regardless, the fight against Firefly wasn't what had Grey worried. The entire team is more than enough to stop him- I mean, at this point, just having more than two people attack him is pretty overkill. The amount of civilians out here that he'd been endangering, however, is a completely different story. Turning his attention to the medical camp, Grey breaks into a full-on sprint, dodging any would-be explosions, weaving through the street, and dashing from side-to-side to get to the terrified citizens.

All the while, Eric glances back at Fenrir. "Seems pretty self-explanatory, doesn't it? I'll fill you in on the details when people aren't in danger!" The Espeon chuckles as he turns back to the action and notices Joel and Tess, both of whom had went unshielded by Hershel. Darting over with Quick Attack, the Espeon slides to a stop in front of them and puts up a Protect barrier around the three of them. He glances back at the human duo, seemingly uncaring of the explosives going off around them.

"I'm getting all sappy looking at the two of you." He motions with his head. "Get going."

Eric's scarf then unravels itself from around his neck and flies off seemingly on its own accord, wrapping around survivors and dragging them out of harm's way, careful not to touch whatever injuries they might have. The Espeon raises an eyebrow as he sees Grey fly past him. The fox is quick to grab whatever civilians he can out of Firefly's range, with his blindingly-quick dashes making the rescues far easier for him. Following his lead, Eric continues to drag bystanders away and put up Protect shields wherever he can. In the midst of the chaos, he manages to find a moment to make a grand leap back towards Spamton.

"Front row seats are all sold out, sir!" he exclaims with a laugh as his scarf flies in and attempts to grab Spamton by the arm. If allowed, Spamton would be dragged off to safety just like the rest of the citizens.

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The Espeon isn't bothered by the loud nostalgia-triggering sound at all. Thankfully, hearing damage and tinnitus don't exactly seem to afflict Pokemon. He smiles at Spamton's gratitude, obliging him with an approving nod. "Oh, my name? It's nothing special. A rather humble name, in fact." Eric puts a paw to his chest and grins proudly. "I'm Eric Thani, Lore Hunter, Battle Medic, and Professional Explorer, Unofficial Heir to the Purple Throne, Slayer of Eternatus and Dark Matter and Destroyer of Corruption. But you can just call me Eric for short. Nice to meet a sharply dressed fellow as yourself, Spamton G. Spamton. Tell me, does the G stand for Glamorous?"

The cat's ears perk up as he hears a familiar voice behind him.

"...no. Way. I did not just hear what I think I heard. Okay. I'm gonna turn around, and there better not be a Lycanroc behind me."

Eric turns around and his eyes light up.

"Fenrir?" The Espeon puts his paws on Fenrir's cheeks. "Dude, it's been AGES!" He hugs the Lycanroc without any regards to the wolf's personal space. "Last I saw you was on Vast! How've you been?"

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The illusion's gone thanks to the Hatter being knocked unconscious, leaving the group alone with the sleeping Hatter in some dirty old dining room. He'd stop to admire how untouched this place looks compared to the rest of the building, but they still have civilians to save. First, though-

Grey looks over at Sougo, joining Ben by his side. "I was going to ask the same thing. Oh, and, here-" The fox hands Sougo his buckle. "I think this belongs to you. That creep's influence should be gone from it... I think. Are you going to be okay?"

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The fox glares at the Hatter as he scurries away in fear. As the illusion around the group begins to crumble, Grey can feel his head getting lighter and lighter, the influence becoming easier to resist, evidenced by the ease with which he stands up. And seeing as how Date's insane right hook seems to be the cause of this creepy fantasy's destruction...

Grey runs at the Hatter like a speeding bullet, throwing a mean punch directly at the villain that would undoubtedly send him right into dreamland if it hits.

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