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In ArcRift 2 yrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
--Penny Polendina--

"Under normal circumstances, I would not. However...!" Penny said as she attempted to reattach her severed arm onto her empty left hand. With a wince, one could see her arm twitch, though it felt rather numb and lifeless. The wires also felt a tad loose, almost as if they would snap off if she moved around all willy nilly. Without proper repairs from her Father or anyone that's good with machines, really. "Considering that most of us in that plane were taken from our homes, some of which are more bizarre than the average world, I am inclined to believe you." She nodded, as if gleaning a lot of things from that question alone. "I'm Penny Polendina. Thank you again, for finding my missing arm. My father would be furious if I returned home empty handed." She introduced herself with a nod, grateful despite the man's earlier protest. Managing to sneak in a joke, she waited a bit before asking. "...I'm sorry, was that joke in poor taste?"
In ArcRift 2 yrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
--Sougo Tokwa||Penny Polendina--
Interaction: @thatguyinastore@WhoTao@marc122

"Eep!" Penny shuddered as she felt a familiar hand brush through her hair, prompting her to turn around to see a white haired teen clad in casual green hood and a white shirt. He looks out of place, although there's something about him that stands out to Penny. Well, aside for her arm he's holding. "Oh! Thank you!" Penny thanked the young man, reaching towards her severed arm to take it from the teen as she stared at the man's somewhat dead eyes. "That's strange. I don't remember seeing you on the plane before we were hit... Are you perhaps from around here?" She asked, tilting her head in curiosity.

Sougo meanwhile, approached the newly awoken dapper looking man and girl. If he had to guess, those two were partners. Listening to the man introducing himself and his partner as Roman and Neo, he declared that like them, they seem to be trying to find a way home.

"Well, I guess if you're trying to get back home, then Luthor-san brought you two here, too." Sougo guessed, extending his hand to both Neo and Roman. "I'm Sougo. Tokiwa Sougo. Wanna work together for the time being?" He introduced himself to the mute girl, though Sougo himself didn't know that.
In ArcRift 2 yrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
--Sougo Tokiwa || Penny Polendina--
Interaction: @Thatguyinastore @WhoTao

Sougo was still in his Fourze Armor trailing behind the Jet when all this happened. The jet was struck by a missile seemingly out of nowhere, which caused the jet to spiral out of control. Before Sougo could even try and move out of it, however, he was hit by the jet wing that was blasted off, causing the Rider to detransform as everyone fell to the deaths.

However, in a stroke of luck, it seems everyone mostly survive. Albeit a tad wounded. Cuts and bruises, though strangely enough, no broken limbs. Yet.

"Ugh...Y-yeah, barely..." Sougo nodded, groggily standing up, rubbing his head. Combined with the strain of detransforming mid-air, it seems that Sougo's having a hard time standing up, wobbling as he checks his surroundings. They seem to be in some sort of amusement park. Well, not exactly an amusement park, but rather, an old factory sloppily renovated as one? The bumper cars are one sign. However, there's no sign of any debris from the plane crash..."Oh god, did I drink the tea again?"

Penny's systems booted up moments after the others had woken up. Running diagnostics, everything seems to be in order. Except for the fact that her left forearm is missing.

"Oh dear." The brown haired robot girl gulped, proceeding to hide the clearly robot-like detached arm stump behind her back, looking around for her missing arm.

Meanwhile, somewhere near the hooded white haired boy, the young teen would find what seems to be a severed arm on his feet. Well, not exactly a flesh arm, but rather, a robotic arm--made to be eerily human. One could even see wires poking out of where the elbow would be. Who could this belong to?

In ArcRift 2 yrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
--Sougo Tokiwa||Penny Polendina--
Interaction:@Thatguyinastore Sougo@FlightGroup, Penny@ShipGroup

As the flying arsonist was finally taken down by the effort of the group, it seems that Negan's final strike was interrupted by the appearance of the caped menace, crashing onto the road as Sougo stumbled off of his graph rails.

Before anyone could even do anything, the figure whom was identified as Superman himself, shot lasers from his eyes, beaming down onto Firefly's visor until the criminal's body went lemp. After which, he simply flew away.

It was around that time that Luthor came to them on a futuristic looking jet, asking those who can fly to simply fly out there, and those who can't to enter the jet. Their task was now to chase after Superman.

"Right." Sougo nodded, switching out his Build Armor for something more suitable for flight. A white Ridewatch with an orange ring. Its face appeared to be that of an astronaut. Giving the Driver a whirl, the Build armor dematerialized and in its place was a white armor with orange trims that has a rocket Motif.


Transforming into a literal rocket, Sougo blasted off with the group that opted to fly after Superman.

Penny, meanwhile, decided to enter Luthor's ship. Despite being able to fly, Penny felt the need to conserve her energy until they're close enough. Not to mention due to the abrupt nature of Superman's arrival...It seems that they might not actually catch up for a while.
In ArcRift 2 yrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
--Sougo Tokiwa || Penny Polendina--
Interaction: @Thatguyinastore@Crow@Attesa@VsFireFly

Sougo snapped awake as soon as the Hatter Business was all done, stirring through the sound of a thunderous clap. Was he dreaming? Or was all that real? Either way, as the young Time King rubbed his head, a fellow brown haired child sporting a unique looking watch approached him, asking if he's fine.

"Yeah...I feel a bit weird, though." Sougo groans with a sigh, maybe that's what it feels like to have the belt just forcibly yanked out like that. It was then that Grey approached the two, handing him his Driver and the Zi-O watch. "I'll be fine. The strain of being forced out like that should be gone be by the time I need to fight again." He nods as he stands up, with the brown haired child approaching the locked door and transforming into a being made of pure green crystal, smashing it open.

The gang would move through building just as an explosion shook the very building, causing Sougo to stumble a bit as everyone was leaving to fight the very villain behind the building's destruction--some guy in a jetpack?

"Wait, I thought we were fighting Superman?" Sougo asked, soon shaking off that question with a growl. "Ugh, whatever!" Once more, attached the Driver onto his belt, sparks of electricity combing through his body, the strain being recent enough to still affect him. "I think...I can do this...!" He groaned, taking out the Zi-O Watch once more, along with another watch--this once being a red and blue one, depicting a rather asymmetrical looking helmet with a blue and red visor--the blue one shaped like a tank, and the red one a rabbit's head.


Timing his entrance to the fight with Diamondhead's punch, Sougo, once more wearing his suit with two bottles protruding out of his shoulders and a noticeably large drill grinded on rapidly appearing and disappearing dashed lines similar to that of geometry charts, sliding in towards Firefly's wings, intending to bring him down using his comically large drill.

Penny, meanwhile, attempted to the same. Launching her swords towards Firefly's bombs, attempting to detonate the incoming bombs by using her swords' laser functionality, hopefully to prevent further damage.
In ArcRift 2 yrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
--Sougo Tokiwa--
Interaction: @Thatguyinastore@Second2Last@Attesa@Crow@Midle1998@Starmaker@Jeff Jones@TheElenaFisher

Seizing the chance, Grey lunged in at the opening provided by the distracting Shantae Monke and grabbed the belt with its bare paws. Undoing it is the hardpart, though. There doesn't seem to be an opening for the belt to be removed from, all that's left though, is the buckle. And is a whole other story.

Sparks fly and lightning seem to course around the buckle as Grey attempted to remove the belt directly. It seems to be latched in place--some mystical force keeping it there. Although the watches on the sides of the belt were different. During the struggle, they appear to shake, slowly sliding themselves off of the buckle itself. Before they can do so, however, Grey had indeed, managed to remove the belt by just yanking it off, causing Sougo's suit to explode as Grey and the Monke was sent flying. Sougo's armor glowed pink as it dematerialized, returning Sougo into his civilian form, now unconcious and laying on the ground.

On Grey's hand was now a large white belt buckle with 2 watches slotted on it.
In ArcRift 2 yrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
--Zi-O OOO Armor--
Interaction: @Thatguyinastore@Second2Last@Attesa@Crow@Midle1998@Starmaker@Jeff Jones@TheElenaFisher

Whilst airborne, Sougo struggled to get the pesky monkey off of him, soon falling onto the ground doing so. At the time it took for him to fall, the rest of the group had managed to take care of the Hatter's goons--except for Sougo, who had now started to swing his claw wildly, hoping to shake the monkey off of his body.

Although Sougo's movements are now more obvious, almost as he's purposefully trying to miss everyone else whom he's supposed to be fighting. . .
In ArcRift 2 yrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
--Penny Polendina--
Interaction: @MorgueofCrowz @QizPizza @SomeMekBoy @TheElenaFisher @Thatguyinastore @Crow @FactionGuerilla @ClownTown @Yamperzzz @BoltBeam @XeroUltra

After ensuring that the Hostages were safe down at Spider Man's web, Penny returned to see quite the scene. For one, there seems to be a gaping hole on the ceiling now, along with the appearance of a blue haired feminine figure, who had summoned a cute looking black creature, reminiscent of a snowman, in order to assist Cole.

Still, with that remaining thug lying dead on the floor, Penny could only assume that their interrogation went well. Not that it was a method she could've approved of, but...She wasn't able to stop it. From what she heard while flying back up, it seems that this blue haired fellow expressed that feeling for her. A life snuffed for the sake of justice is still a life lost.

Regardless, there was one thing that can be heard in the aftermath--a thumping on a nearby closet.

"Could that be anyone else?" Penny asked aloud, heading towards the closet that seemed relatively unharmed, using her thermal vision to check for heat signatures.

In ArcRift 2 yrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
--Zi-O OOO Armor--

As he was restrained by both the Monke and Grey, Sougo struggled to move, trying to shake the two off of his body. However, it seems that the source of their hypnosis is revealed--it's the mask. However, the problem with this is that Sougo's mask isn't something that can be removed easily.

"B...Belt..." Sougo's voice strained, as if struggling to fight against the tea's hypnosis. "Take it...Off...!" He groaned, but with a sudden sharp breath, his will was once again silenced. They may have restrained his arms, but they didn't restrain the one part that makes a Rider strong--his legs.

Crouching, Sougo soon launched himself onto the air using the OOO Armor's Hopper legs, taking the Monke with him as Grey moved onto taking off the minion's masks. Airborne, Sougo attempted to shake off the monkey clinging onto him
In ArcRift 2 yrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
--Zi-O OOO Armor--
Interaction: @Thatguyinastore @Second2Last @Attesa @davefromdiscord @Paper94 @Crow @TheElenaFisher

Sougo's assault was directly interrupted by the sudden blinding attachment of a purple monke on his visor, which caused him to trip on his lunge, dropping his weapon as he stumbled, grabbing and pulling at the monkey, trying to get her off of his head.
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