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'D-dammit!' Thomas cussed, jumping through another tree. though his defensive spell did harden his muscles, it wouldn't be enough to stop a bullet in his abdomen. Thomas took out his Spell book in search for a primary healing spell. a few moments of jumping later, he found it.
'Diarama', A Healing spell which heals any pain for a long period of time. however, traces of the wound would still be found.
"This would do. . ." Thomas stopped on a tree, coughing blood. "Gods of Healing, hear thy plea. . . Remove thy pain, set thee free. Allow me to cast the spell of Healing. . . Diarama" a Green light emitted from his hand as the wound began to close. the bullet is still inside, but it wouldn't matter until the end of the fight.
"That robot's Craftier than i thought. when did technology reached this breakthrough?" he sighed, snapping his fingers. an invisible protective barrier now shields him. It'll keep him safe from any surprise attacks. "I doubt any spell i shoot can break through him. But the crystal is hard enough to break it. . ." he thought, looking at his mage's contract. his physical affinity is rising slowly, but would be enough to substitute as bullets. Thomas jumped from tree to tree once more. his plan is dangerous, but could judging by the robot's Arm Breaking, a couple of spikes would be enough to impale him completely. now he has to find a clearing.
Thomas drew his pistols as he analyzed his opponent. he tried to look for his 'mage's contract', but failed to see the point for he might be a much powerful mage than he is. As his foe drew his blade, rainbows of light reflected upon it. It would truly be spectacular. Truthfully, his only goal is to get his guildmembers home, who were unrightfully sent into this world and signed a World's Contract.

Nevertheless, Thomas aimed at the rock above his opponent. He shot it once,causing the rock to fall and the gunslinger strafed to the side. his pistol which thunder spells were to be casted upon, were aimed at his foe, whether or not he decided to escaped the debris
As soon as thomas regained his sight, his neck is now being held by the machine. chocking him as he tried to breathe.his defense isn't gonna hold long until it utterly crushes him. Only raw spells cannot be casted at this point. what about spells that doesn't require chanting? Thomas aimed his gun at the ground, focusing his mana on one spell that usually save him from a situation.
'Phasic Spike' he whispered, firing a bullet. as soon as it hit the ground, it emerged and sliced off the machine's Arm with a large Purple Crystal, letting him breathe again.
"Garula!" He casted, as a tornade covered him as he jumped to a tree and another to get some distance.
A loud thump was heard in front of the tree in front of Thomas, as he noticed the tree in front of him about to fall down. He drew his golden blade, slicing through the trunk and landing above it.
"Hold still!" Thomas fired a barrage of Light-infused bullets towards his opponent. he would then perform a flip away from his opponent.

"SO! Judging if you're from back home, you'd probably thought Mages exhaust if they multiple cast spells, no?!" He Shot the Ground, as Purple-Crystal Spikes up from the ground, piercing the Trunk all the way. "Well you're wrong. I'm Thomas Minlors, leader of the Void Guild! you probably knew that already." He fled back, into the forest once more.
"Makarakarn!" Thomas chanted as he heard an even louder gunshot. The Offending Bullet Exploded right in front of him, but the holy barrier protected him saved him immediately. The problem is, the tree's now on fire. Smoke rising from it. He jumped down from it, landing on his vigil.
"Rakukaja" He chanted, he felt his muscles grow harder, a defense boost that lessens the damage of Formidable attacks.
"Okay, Okay, Show's over." Thomas Snapped, as a massive gust of wind surrounded him. Causing the fire that he caused to be extinguished. He pointed his gun at the direction where the shot came from.
"Kama Turno!" He chanted, as he chanted as a ray of light fired out of his pistol.
It would surely make him come out.
@notdeadyet Care for a 2v2?
Thomas stopped at the last tree he stepped, that's when he began searching for his opponent. however, he notice a tree growing in a matter of seconds. Not even life magic can do that. an illusion, perhaps?
"So it's THAT sort of robot, huh?" he cussed under his breath as he fired a vigil onto the ground. he leapt to the next tree, firing another vigil below it. this spell requires activation. hence, a trap card of sorts. he now awaits the machine's arrival.
Well,I don't feel like it being ranked anymore. Let's do it.
Thomas was taking a lone stroll at the forest on his day off from the guild. the air was nice,the trees were also nice that it could almost make him lazy! upon finding a place to lay down, he saw the animals around scatter. as if an impending threat is near.
"Thomas Minlors" The Voice called out. It sounded as if a machine is nearby. It knows his presence, and wants him out. chopper sounds were also heard. which is impossible since Threa doesn't have technology such as that.
"If you really want me that badly. . ." Thomas Sighed, drawing one of his pistols up in the air. "Then find me!"
He shot a Thunder Spell up in the air, which would surely attract the machine's attention.
"Sukukaja." he chanted, as his body began to feel lighter. more quicker, to be precise. he quickly jumped from tree to tree, awaiting for his foe's attack.
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