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In ArcRift 2 yrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

The puppet would have been grateful for the compliment were it not for the building above them crashing faster than the stock market. The cat himself seemed to have many a fancy title, it made sense. He was purple, everyone knew purple people were important. What was strange though was this cat was friends with a dog, or maybe a fox? An unlikely pair, like socks and sandals.
Despite these thoughts, he was far more concerned with the world falling apart in front of him, being burned like a CD by some flying pyromaniac. "I'M TOO YOUNG TO [Cancel subscription]!" He yelped as Hershel saved himself and the others. Everyone was fighting for their lives and others. Even the once scrawny now muscular man was ready to fight.
The puppet could only gawk in awe as fists went flying. What could he do but watch.

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In ArcRift 2 yrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

As the man pushed his luck by making a move to touch him, he leered over him with a look of contempt mixed with amusal on his face. He practically dared him to the metal.
Unfortunately or rather fortunately no more would come from this as an unfamiliar maniacal cackling began, though it's owner became obvious on appearance. Firefly had come back to finish the job, and he did, quickly dashing Mister Combustible to pieces on the pavement.
The fight was predictable in that there was no coordination, just a cluster of bees swarming a wasp and stinging it to death. Despite all the ongoings the robot found himself uncaring of the fight, the cluster would only make him less effective in combat. "This is beneath me." The machine said to himself.
He swiftly took a step out of the crumbling building and let gravity pull him down before flipping and righting his body and flying to a more stable building. Before Firefly's inevitable death he needed to test something. It would serve well as a distraction if he was wrong.
Ultron was trying to get in that helmet the pyromaniac wore, or rather any of it's communication devices. If the AI succeeded he'd take the opportunity to say just one thing "Firefly..." But not in his own voice, he'd use Lex Luthor's and gauge what little reaction he'd provide to further his theory.

The drones would have been unbothered by the flames but it seemed as though Hershel had it covered with his magic. "Impressive." The dominant drone remarked. The others looming over survivors and protecting them, like a flock of sheep. They were soft and pitiful, they needed the protection, but Ultron himself was keeping his distance elsewhere.
Watching as the hero went off to save the day the drone looked at the way the fight was going "Well this could be troublesome.." An ominous remark as it looked toward the sky as it began to rain. The drone raised an arm as if ready to blast Firefly but with a subtle shift in it's footing it went wide causing a blast that was more of a distraction to those fighting the pyromaniac. The machine didn't need him alive he just needed an answer.

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In ArcRift 2 yrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

It seemed each person took his information as they would. He also got his own answers as to who the guy with the lightbulb for a head was, not wanting to be uninformed. "He's telling the truth, he's just your run of the mill thug with more interest in petty theft than murder." He looked at Mister Combustible directly switching to refer to himself. "Though, considering you work for a Mister Oswald Cobblepot I have to wonder why you're working for some manic pyro, let me guess. He took a liking to that shiny head of yours." Between his 'face' and his name he took it like Firefly was a moth to flame, so keen on getting burnt. Maybe the next time he saw him he'd finish up that ten percent that wasn't crispy.

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The drones watched as All Might handled Voss, still staring at him eerily before a few broke off in favor of focusing on the hero and the diplomat. Though his insult toward them had not gone unnoticed... The dominant drone made a sound of exasperation. "I already told you what I found and I brought back these two idiots. The third one was shot after he failed to prove his use to the group. Now they're interrogating a 'Mister Combustible', guy has a lightbulb for a head." He gestured to the two cocooned thugs. "Initially I thought they might have different info but they're probably useless." The drone quickly took the watches and looked at them. Then began the process of partial disassembly so he could check around for any sneaky kill switches or bugs in the devices.
A new drone took dominance as the other worked, upon hearing the sound the puppet had made a few drones looked at him. He reminded them of Pinocchio, pitifully. Quickly they returned to treating the wounded. "If there's anything I've learned in my rather brief existence it's that people don't like being lied to.... So if people figure Luthor's been lying I think they'd have a bone to pick." Initially sounding forlorn the AI's tone became matter of fact. He himself was eager to put the businessman in his place if he'd crossed him to fight in a battle he wanted no part of.

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In ArcRift 2 yrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

It seemed as though the purple cat monster in the area would be the one treating him. His nose already hurt so the cat monster's implication of more made him slightly more nervous. Especially with the scarf now wrapped around his nose. "NO PAIN NO [gains] AM I RIGHT?!" He deflected the question and started thinking about crypto, dogecoin, sales, nice glasses. "I'M SPAMTON G. SPAMTON YOUR [Number one rated salesman1997] OF CO-" Before he could continue his intro the cat monster gave a sharp yank on his nose setting it back, but not before the puppet let out a pained cry. Which to some might sound familiar.

But after a moment he stopped and gingerly touched his nose. "WOW THAT [sparked] BUT TH4NKS PAL! WHAT'S [[Your name here]] DOC?"
The puppet quickly moved on to the next thing as he looked at the cat monster as if he'd not just been screaming in agony just moments ago.

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In ArcRift 2 yrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

The AI had some fresh hot information, though it appeared knowledge of Firefly was somewhat present. He could easily clear any other information. Uncaring of the spat between the alien and blue haired woman, though he paid slight mind to the hunter's words, he could share his sentiments to an extent. He also witnessed several things going on below and sent his final drone away to... Manage such, if the Kryptonian wasn't here he didn't need the units by his side. Ignoring further distractions he'd get to the point.
"His name is Garfield Lynn, he's a pyromaniac with burns on ninety percent of his body and still hasn't learned not to play with fire. The explosion fits his MO and the flying figure might have been him, trick of the light, or rather smoke. He's from Gotham and only recently started spreading over here in refent weeks..." He watched as the group huddled around a closet likely looking to kick the head of another goon in, with some hesitation he continued. "Additionally.... I have looked into Superman and... He's also been missing for a couple weeks. Which is all sounding highly calculated to our arrival to deal with Luthor's 'pest problem'." The hulking machine paced as he explained.
Watching as the closet revealed a man with a lightbulb for a head, which the spikey haired warrior was already harassing. The machine rolled his eyes in annoyance before focusing on the strange being. He was locked on his 'face' and trying to figure out who he was as well, though he might be willing to cooperate more than the thugs at least. For his own sake.

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Another drone descended from the sky and into the medical camp where chaos was presumed to be reigning. This one landed behind Voss with a metallic clank. Already with the hero's irritation a few drones were slightly watching Voss. Watching as he refused to hand over his weaponry and clumsily fumbled with it. All of the drones stared at him in unison as they worked. The soft cyan glow of their faces bringing less comfort than the blazing red Ultron himself bore. They said nothing, but the additional numbers and look alone showed the pirate he was on very thin ice and surrounded by attack dogs.
The drone that had been speaking to Hershel and All Might kept focus on Voss even as it's glow turned red and Ultron spoke. "I've completed my little investigation and found that a pyromaniac in a jetpack that goes by Firefly is responsible for the explosion via charges set off, he's from Gotham and only in recent weeks has he been seen in Metropolis..." The machine did not hide the bitterness in it's words as it continued. "Additionally up until now, Superman has been missing for weeks as well. Synchronizing with our arrival and Lex's 'request'." The unit had some blatant bias it wasn't revealing but the information was true.

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In ArcRift 2 yrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Spamton laid a Pipis on Lex Luthor's desk the moment the explosion went off next door. He was too young and beautiful to get a hole punched through him by some caped maniac no matter what baldy said. That said he had to be carried out by staff as he struggled to climb over them back into the safety of Lex lair.
Once outside he froze as he watched a giant dragon fly into the affirmation building. "WHAT THE [!$$!] IS THAT!" He stood in awe practically laying another Pipis. He needed to find somewhere to hide and wait this whole ordeal out. Perhaps this world had better garbage cans to offer. Thus he scampered off in search of one. Which unfortunately drew him closer to the building, but he saw the outline of a dumpster in an alley near it and dashed for it, standing proudly before a fire exit door. "HA! SPAMTON G. SPAMTON LIVES ANOTHER DAY!" He said before seeing a humanoid figure booking it towards him.

He couldn't react in time as a metal door was slammed in his metal face leaving a Spamton patented dent and hole. "YOWCH! I THINK MY NOSE IS BROK3N!" The puppet felt his face and surely enough his nose was bent upwards. He'd track down the nose breaking bandit later but for now he needed to find medical help.
After some searching he did come to find the medical area, it seemed as though a lot were going down between the gunfire and yelling. Not very medic-like the salesman would say. But he walked into the area looking at his good ol' buddy ol' pal Hershel. "HEY SPECIL NON-CUSTOMER YOU WOULDN'T HAPPEN TO BE ABLE TO HAVE ANYTHING THAT COULD FIX THIS WOULD YOU?!" He gestured to his bent nose.

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In ArcRift 2 yrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

The thug was terrified, he'd probably accept twenty bucks at this rate. He would happily dig into someone's bank account to ensure cooperation, but it seemed that wouldn't be needed. It seemed like among them the swordswoman was willing enough to ease up on the thug. But as the alien approached the man and grabbed him he'd seemingly connected with him in a way the AI didn't understand, and after the screaming he really didn't want to. He'd sit back and watch, or he would have if it weren't for the fact a dragon had been crash landed into the building. "Oh you have got to be kidding me..." The robot's tone was less alarm and more annoyance. It looked like that had pushed the man over the edge and he was out cold. But at least with lightning lad's abilities the rubble wasn't going to kill anyone for now. He shook off any debris coating himself and his drones and shot daggers at the rider, accentuated by the red of his optics. "What the hell were you thinking riding a dragon into a collapsing building?!" The murderbot shook his head in disbelief. "I'll take him and the other non-dead ones down to the medical area, they might be of some use, and if not well..." He didn't elaborate further, it didn't seem like he needed to either. The alien had gotten what he'd wanted and shot the unconscious man dead, so long as he'd gotten the information it made no difference to him.
He assumed the alien was referring to him as a MEC. "Well here's what I can piece on name alone, he can fly so there's no reason for him to be downstairs and inside, and he probably likes to light fires. My brief construction time in Gotham has informed me he's some sort of pyromaniac from that area. I don't think he's local and Superman certainly wouldn't need help." He watched as the alien began walking away, why did he even bother? He should have heard him at least, the others as well considering they were still in the area. He didn't need prompting to do research considering the conversation he was having through one of his drones. He would look into both Superman and Firefly through the internet.
He looked at the webbed thugs for a moment, he already had a name which was more than enough, but if they knew anything different than the other one they might be of some use, and if not well...
The drones worked to uproot the thug cocoons, one taking both like a bag of sticky potatoes and flying off, while the other returned to Ultron's side.
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The drone seemed to be staring at All Might, listening to him talk. It shook it's head "I scrubbed the footage Luthor showed earlier and it didn't appear edited in any way." Though rather than rant, the AI seemed more receptive to the heroes tone and request. Another drone flew down with two webbed bundles of thug hot and ready, dropped at All Might and Herschel's feet. This new one had the red glow in it's visor, and the other drone joined the others in giving medical aid. "These guys were holding hostages up top, they're working for Firefly. I'm currently researching both him... And Superman..." Despite not having a face, the drone dripped in reserved resentment for looking to clear Superman of his misdeeds. The drones were taking advantage of the medical supplies after being informed by Herschel. "Honestly I didn't trust him from the start, honestly he's just this world's Jeff Bezos, and I think there's some sort of universal law of bald equals bald, just look at Austin Powers." The drone took notice of the new arrivals and flew closer to All Might and Herschel, the machine lowered it's audio as it spoke only to them "But if your watches just so happen to 'break' or 'get dirty' I can 'fix' them. Honestly I could improve them." The machine accented it's proposal with hand gestures to make up for facial gestures, hoping it's human companions would get the idea.
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It seemed as though a fair compromise was achieved, though it looked as though any further wrapping up would have to wait. A building near Lex own was attacked within moments after Lex gave his warning of Superman's abilities and hostilities, though his weakness was what interested the murderbot most. It appeared as though there was plenty of chaos and organic organic panic.
It was only a short flight to get a better look at the situation unfolding. "I turn my back for five seconds..." He made what was akin to a sigh considering he lacked lungs.
It wasn't the worst situation in the world though, while he'd not gotten a proper beat on Superman, he had found an appropriate facility in a place called Gotham, for drone construction. He didn't have enough time as it stood to evolve himself but he'd made five drones in the short time before getting locked out. They were flying on overdrive to get to him ASAP. He'd use his additional hands to accompany him to the top and aid the wounded if not find more.
It didn't take long before he saw specks on the horizon, it didn't take long for his creations to rendezvous around him. He'd like it if there were double the number, but they'd do for now. As soon as all were accounted for, three immediately split off. While two stayed behind to accompany him, he'd already heard plenty of gunfire echoing up from above, the robots jetted upwards until they entered what was previously a hostage scenario.
The heavy robotic clank would clue in to his approach, though now with the addition of two separate landings. A red glow piercing through the smoke with two smaller blue ones. He didn't elaborate but Otto would likely know what he'd done given he had his own Ultron, and the Mandalorian would have been correct on his initial assumption, though two drones was hardly an army.
Looking around it seemed as though the group had sufficiently subdued or slaughtered their foes. Perhaps he'd not given the group enough credit in their lethality. "Sorry I'm late, but I take it Superman wasn't here?" His tone in part sounded rhetorical but also curious as he and his drones approached closer, minding the bodies littered around. But he also saw the majority of the group was swarming a surviving assailant like fire ants. His knowledge did imply torture was less effective than bribery or reward, so he'd capitalize on that. "Well sure you could shoot him in the knees, chop off his limbs and cauterize the wounds, break his fingers leaving him a cripple unable to even use a phone, fry his nervous system so that all he feels for the rest of his life is an endless barrage of pain-" He continued to go down a list of torture each if not all the group could provide, emphasizing on leaving him alive but horribly maimed in ways the masked man would never recover. "Or he could answer a few questions and live a few say... Million dollars richer."

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The drones that split off flew down to attend to the wounded. Seeing the scrawnier hero and medieval diplomat were already at the safe zone with wounded civilians. This would be Ultron's first time healing people but he already knew what he could do without actively having materials on. Unlike Ultron these drones didn't appear nearly as malicious as their optics were a simple cyan without him taking control. They quickly landed, two already observing the wounded, while the third approached Herschel and All Might.
"I told you that wouldn't be a problem." The expressionless drone's lights turned red as Ultron spoke through it to Herschel, seemingly referring to his initial offer. "I can cauterize and sterilize wounds with heat and set any dislocations that might have occurred, though without proper tools I'm rather limited." The peacekeeper stated with his attention to Herschel and All Might.

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He had a feeling the web slinger would have something to say. The robot smirked after he said his piece. "I think you're forgetting I'm not your Ultron, but, if you see such a need feel free to try and humble me. I also think you're forgetting when you asked me for information it was instantaneous, I already have the city's information at my fingertips. I could already start tracking down Superman's latest location while still enduring your empty threats." True to his word he'd begin doing so.
The robot could get into security cameras with ease, checking surveillance on stop lights and local businesses would be child's play.
While doing this he'd heard another set of complaints from the Mandalorian, given lack of reference for the man's language he couldn't quite understand his insult but he could piece it together from his tone and subsequent insults, the soul one in particular gained his enmity. "As I just said I'm already looking for this Superman, or would a simple trick like reading off the entire wikipedia be more impressive to you? Also I should add in some cultures any living thing with sapience could be said to have a soul, but given you appear to be lacking in that category it's safe to say yours must be rather lacking. With or without a soul I can still work, but I assume if you didn't have one you'd just be dead."
Both the spider and the soldier were right about a few things though. Given what Superman showed he was capable in that short amount of time it was quite apparent he'd be able to tear into his core if he weren't careful. So it meant he needed to even the odds...
It was then the man he'd initially looked past in his rant spoke up with further reasoning and diplomacy as his weapons of choice. But upon hearing his offer the AI smirked "A nice offer, but that shouldn't be a problem for long." While ominous sounding unlike his previous speaking, he didn't express any innate hostility. He was in fact tracking down a facility appropriate for him to build drones, including anything under LexCorp itself. It was the least Luthor could do for him considering he dragged him into his fight.
The smaller hero also appeared to be more reasonable than he had given him credit for, though he did remind him of Captain America quite alarmingly... Especially the heroic speech. Perhaps hypocritical of the AI considering how lengthy his previous rants were. His own multitasking aside though, he fell silent, he was processing.
"Alright you'll have my aid on request. Not. Demand. I'm capable enough to help in any and every situation and that's what I intend to do. But I'll do so on my own accord, I don't follow orders." Most of his ire was now further narrowed down the web slinger, but after hearing from the other two, the robot seemed far more compliant if not incredibly petty for an 'emotionless automaton'.

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In ArcRift 2 yrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Suspicious attitude aside, Luthor hadn't appeared to have altered the footage of the so called hero. His opinion hadn't changed in the slightest, his additional wording actually made him more spiteful of the bald man. Was he seriously using blackmail to ensure his success, of course he was. He might not have been to inclined to assist out of the goodness of his heart, but he did want to return to his world "Touché." He mumbled.
Seeing as people were beginning to form a plan he was attentive once more. So the plan revolved around their grouping and cooperation he supposed, he looked at those heading the movement. He had no real gripes with the man in the medieval gear.
However, he was already butting heads with the web slinger earlier, he wasn't about to follow his orders. The same went for what he assumed was another hero, he hadn't noticed him before he transformed but he could already tell he reeked of justice. From the outside looking in, this looked as though the robot was slowly scanning over them with his crimson optics. Finishing his personal analysis as the hulking heroic man shrunk again, his stare deepening upon seeing this and hearing the level of injury he'd endured.
That was his biggest problem, they were all human, breakable in both body and spirit. "If I may interject, good talk and all but uh why should I listen to any of you... People?" He let out a dry chuckle. "All those teams, sub-groups, and other convoluted nonsense you've come up with is just a step above everyone collectively trying to swarm him like ants. Given you couldn't even stop one girl from being taken, what makes you think you can lead people to keep an entire city full of people safe?"
The latter statement seemed personally bitter as the rogue AI looked at All Might and Spider-Man. "I'm a walking supercomputer, I can do everything in each of those teams and more, provided I find the right facilities! Trust me I know you mean well, your type always does. But why should I follow under any of this or provide you aid for that matter?" He opened his arms as if displaying his prowess as a machine, paired with a look of defiance with a level of seething in his eyes as he spoke.
Though his attention was slightly caught by the entrance of another mechanical being entering the room. His build was fascinatingly smooth compared to his own, it made him curious. Potentially he'd found an ally amongst the flock, but he wouldn't bank on it. For now he wanted answers about this alliance.

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